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Review #1, by marciabarciaRose Weasley's Guide to Life: On: Snow

25th December 2015:
Glad to see you back! Poor Rose, all her cousins give her such a rough time. Excited for the next chapter

Author's Response: thanks for not giving up on me! haha. i'm glad you liked it! and i hope you got a chance to check out the next chapter :D

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Review #2, by marciabarciaHard Questions: Questions

25th December 2015:
Great job. I love how you managed to integrate all the parts of the challenge. :)

Author's Response: Hi Marcia,

Thank you for the review! I'm so glad you liked how I worked in the challenge prompts. I was worried that it would e a bit too much.


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Review #3, by marciabarciaTurning the Tables: This Won't Stop, Till I Say So

4th March 2012:
I love how Coco supported Slytherin, makes my life, and also how they won.
I was happy to see that Chaise and Dom returned back to "Normal" until she started snogging someone else of course.
Strange because Coco hated him, but adorable because you realize that James may not be as bad as he seems and that he actually is sorry for what he did.


Author's Response: OF COURSE Coco supported Slytherin! I love that house too much for my main character to not support it.

And yes, it was funny to have Dom and Chaise normal again, if only for a little while.


I'm really happy you liked the chapter and thank you for your lovely reviews :)

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Review #4, by marciabarciaTurning the Tables: Take Me Down Like I'm a Domino

11th February 2012:
I love how they all returned to normal after getting a good laugh at how ridiculous they all were being.
Also, I'm really glad James is still friends with Chaise and Tyson. He seems all right.

I hate how Bailey is trying to turn things on Coco. To be totally honest, they both made mistakes, but in the end Bailey abandoned Coco long before Coco abandoned her.


Author's Response: OF COURSE THEY'RE ALL FRIENDS AGAIN! How could they not be? I missed them all together again too much to have them remain mad for too long. :)

I just needed the fight in order to get James more in the picture for the story, since you know, I had the bright idea of making him kind of a terrible person and now I have a huge ditch to dig him out of.

I hate how Bailey is trying to turn things on Coco too. She really is manipulative. But I think she thinks she's right, which is kind of sad.

Thanks for your lovely reviews!

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Review #5, by marciabarciaTurning the Tables: Let's Get It On

11th February 2012:
Happy Birthday Coco :D

First off, congrats on winning a merit scholarship! You must me so excited.
Second off, I really liked this chapter, it was loads of fun to read.
Frannie is just a genius for forcing them to confront each other. I'm glad that they're finally going to get back together because I like it when they're all friends :P.
THE JAMES AND COCO SCENE was just so casual and normal that it amazed me. Maybe there is hope for future friendship between the two. It was really well done, in my opinion.

And Tyson and Chaise... I think that they're obviously going to become biffles with Dom and Coco por seguro!


Author's Response: Yes, Happy Birthday to Coco!

& Thank you! I am definitely VERY excited about the merit scholarship :) In march I'm going to NY and taking a creative writing class with a Pulitzer prize finalist which I'm kind of freaking out about.

Frannie is a genius. I quite like her as a character and wish she could somehow go to Hogwarts too but that would be too much of a stretch for the story I think.

I'm glad you liked the Coco and James scene! It was actually really fun for me to write because I love writing scenes where the characters are just toeing the line of awkward. It makes things fun :)

Thank ya for reviewing!

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Review #6, by marciabarciaTurning the Tables: Now This Looks Like a Job for Me

11th February 2012:
I think that Tyson was right to side with Chaise because Dom and Coco did take a bit too far. Especially considering the fact that James isn't that bad anymore. Overall I don't think that anyones really being selfish, Coco and Dom are just overdoing this whole hating thing. Well atleast when it comes to James. They can continue to hate Madison/Elise/Fred as much as they want :P


Author's Response: I agree with you about agreeing with Tyson, but at the same time I agree with Coco too. I think they were both wrong, which is why I wrote it like that. Coco definitely could have reacted differently and Tyson didn't have to be so mean.

I think though that Coco was being the TINIEST bit selfish. You know with the whole controlling her friends thing and making everything about her. But maybe that's because I was getting sick of writing her at the time.

Thank you for another lovely review!

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Review #7, by marciabarciaTurning the Tables: Been a Long Time Since I Came Around

11th February 2012:
I absolutely love the idea of Roxy and Wyatt being friends/maybe even something more ^-^"
They seem like they'd be really cute together.
The whole McGonagall thing was just wow. Honestly, as headmistress she should've realized something was up right after Coco left or maybe tried to figure out why on earth she would leave. I'm glad Coco didn't tell McGongagall but at the same time. McG should know that Hogwarts isn't all that lovey-dovey.
It's kind of sad that Chaise is choosing Quidditch over his friends and such. At the same time I don't think its fair for Coco to get made at Chaise for befriending James. I mean when your on a team with someone, you just naturally get closer.

As usual, fantastic job!


Author's Response: So it brightened my day to see a review from you! I gotta say you leave me some of the sweetest reviews ever :)

Yes the idea of Roxy and Wyatt is something I really like too. I feel like they could kind of balance each other out in a way.

And yes the McGonagall thing was very shocking, but I have to say that in normal schools most principals don't quite notice/care about bullying much, which is where I was drawing that from.

Chaise definitely isn't doing a good job with choosing Quidditch over his friends, but you're right, Coco is expecting a lot from him. It's just something she's not used to and will have to deal with.

Thank you so much for reviewing! You're awesome :)

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Review #8, by marciabarciaTurning the Tables: Don't Let Them Say You Ain't Beautiful

26th November 2011:
Okay so as usual, fantabulous job :)
I personally feel that Coco should cut James just a bit of slack, I know what he did to her was wrong, but he's kind of trying to help... right...??? There is honestly no way that he would help the cows (Madison and Elise).
Roxy is such a cutie. I'm glad she and Coco are somewhat gettin along. Roxy's a good kid. I'm proud of her for standing up to Madison and realizing that she was nothing but a tool to Madison for the past 7 years. But anyways, WYATT AND HER ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) They should definitely get together. FOREAL.
I absolutely adored Dom's plan it was beautiful ;)
I'm sending my prayers to you and your family, I hope that you are able to overcome these obstacles that lay in the path before you. I'll be cheering you on :)


Author's Response: and as usual, amazing review :)

Coco should probably cut James some slack but one when have teenage girls ever really done that. She definitely needs to see the error of her own ways soon in order for this story to progress the way I'd like it too though. So slack shall come eventually :)

I'm glad you like Roxy! I like her too. She's very fun to write and I love developing her character. And it's good to know you approve of Roxy and Wyatt. :)

I'm glad you liked Dom's plan. I thought it just showed how powerful and good of a friend Dom could really be!

And thank you so much for your kind words about my family. Everything's gotten much better than it was a few months ago!

Thank you for your lovely reviews!

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Review #9, by marciabarciaTurning the Tables: You Can Take Everything I Have

26th November 2011:
I would just like to say that I'm back from where ever I've been for the past 2 months, although you probably didn't notice xD
But anyways-- Review Time :D

This story is so insanely good that I feel happy whenever I read it :D Thank you so much for writing such a master piece :D
Anyways- I love how everyone thinks that Tyson and Coco are in love with each other, because they totally act like loers in front of everyone else which I think is completely hiliarious. I also have to agree with Tyson though, that James is probably in love with Coco after the 'incidentthatshallnotbenamed'
I feel that he was justified in saying what he did to Dom about Chase. I mean I know that they're together now, but he's right, you should still try to chill with your friends, boyfriend or no boyfriend. But I love how Coco is still faithful to Dom until the end :)
Speaking of which, Dom's cousins are arses for being all oh Dom doesn't spend anytime with us -whinewhinewhine- do they try and spend time with her without being losers? I don't think so...
OH GOSH THE JAMES ENCOUNTER. I love how James had no frikkin idea what he did... oh well atleast now he knows the truth.
Rose and Aiden say what???
Overall that was a really really good chapter, I mean so many things developed. Good job! I'm looking forward to reviewing the next few chapters now. :D


Author's Response: Aw hello! I did notice you were gone and I missed you very much, so I'm happy your back from your two month departure :)

I'd hardly call this story a masterpiece but I am totally flattered you think it is. You're honestly the sweetest person ever.

Haha yes Tyson and Coco definitely have that act like lovers relationship, although neither of them would ever go out with the other because they just wouldn't fit... you know? James is probably not 'in love' with Corinne, but he is definitely intrigued.

Yes I definitely hate the girls that drop everything once they get a boyfriend, but I feel most girls do so it was only natural to have Dom be one of those girls.

Dom's cousins are a very interesting bunch. I think they feel like she thinks she's too good for them, since she chose to go to Beauxbatons and is better friends with her mom's side of the family.

Yes the James encounter... He really is a clueless guy most of the time, now isn't he?


I'm so happy you liked the chapter and thankya for your amazing reviews as always :)


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Review #10, by marciabarciaTurning the Tables: Haters in the Building

21st August 2011:
As usual... BRILLIANT JOB :)

I'm glad that there was lots of Dom in this chapter :) I guess what Dom's saying is true, but at the same time she and Chaise could've sat with the Slytherins too so I guess her argument could have been countered. But nevertheless... YAY!

I still feel bad for Roxie. I mean her best friend is pretty much only talking to her because of her family. But yay for CHAISE AND TYLER!!!

I didn't like how Chaise didn't stand up for Dom and Coco... but James is surprising me more and more every time he talks.

Sorry for the short ish review... Schools started again T___T
so I kind of rushed this..


Author's Response: THANK YOU :)

I'm happy there was a lot of Dom in this chapter too. I was starting to miss her. And yeah Dom's explanation definitely wasn't the best. I think it was more of her trying to pin it all on Coco... you know how it is.

I feel bad for Roxy too! Although I don't know if Madison's only talking to her because of her family. I think it's more because Roxy's beautiful and in her year, and was the only other Gryffindor besides Coco, so Roxy seemed like the best bet.

I don't like how Chaise didn't stand up for Dom and Coco either. But don't worry, that will be addressed soon enough. James is a surprising character, so don't be shocked if he has more surprises to come!

Don't apologize for your review length, I love your reviews regardless of size, it's the thought that counts in the end. School starts later for me so I'm dreading when September hits.

Thank you, as always, for your amazing reviews :)

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Review #11, by marciabarciaTurning the Tables: It's Been a Really Really Messed Up Week

7th August 2011:
Fabulous chapter! It was brilliant so don't worry :)
I don't think you've ruined the whole story. I feel like this chapter was very.. normal, in a good way. It shows how Coco is starting to adjust to life at Hogwarts and all which really helps set the whole -OMG SHE'S IN HOGWARTS NOW- mood.

I can't believe James apologized. I mean it was a kind gesture... sort of.. but really he should've known better than to expect her to forgive him. Considering how badly he treated her in the past. He really needs to try harder if he wants to get her forgiveness..

As for that Potions teacher.. well he seems like an interesting character I hope to see more of him in the future becuase being that cheery really is insane xD

Dom and Chaise's relationship is getting annoying. Dom really should remember her friend Coco once in a while. Just in general I don't really like it when girls let relationships get in the way of their other friendships.

But... I think the neglected by her best friend Coco and the also neglected Roxanne will hit it off. ;) At first I was pretty iffy about Roxy but after Wyatt's speech I feel bad for Roxanne. She's starting to grow on me. I really hope she and Coco hit it

I'm looking learning more about Madison and Elise's ploy,Roxanne, and James' motives. I look forward to the next chapter :D


Author's Response: Ah another lovely review from you! Literally they brighten my day :)

It's good you didn't hate the chapter. I thought because of it's normal-ness it would be a huge let down seeing as there wasn't really anything too interesting that happened.

As for James, who knows what was going through his mind with his apology. It'll take a while to figure out what exactly he's thinking, but I love writing his character. Her forgiveness will be hard to get though, might even be impossible to get, let me tell you.

The Potions teacher probably won't make too many more appearances in the story. I haven't thought that part through yet. My only reason for having him in this chapter, was for Corinne to make that small realization.

I do agree with you Dom and Chaise's relationship is definitely annoying for Corinne. But I think that all girls get like that when they get into a relationship.. don't they? I'm actually basing it off of some experiences with my friends that I had to go through, but I don't think it necessarily makes someone a bad friend. I think it also gives Coco as a person breathing room from always following and counting on Dom. Maybe it'll give her room to grow and all that?

Neglected Coco and neglected Roxanne may or may not hit it off. I'm glad your starting to like her now though! I really liked writing Wyatt's part because he really does know so much and is much more observant than the rest of his friends.. at least I think so. He's the guy you can have the heart to hearts with.

Next chapter is done so as soon as BQ's next chapter is approved, I'll post it! & Thank you again for being so so amazing to me, honestly your reviews are awesome! :D


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Review #12, by marciabarciaSirrah Malfoy: Released

18th July 2011:
Fabulous job! I look forward to the next chapter, whenever your able to get it out of course.


Author's Response: Thank you! Funny, I was just backing up my reviews today and noticed your first reviews for this story and was wondering if you were still reading it.

But yes, I am sorry about that. I know I said I'd have it up yesterday, but I had some writer's block and really just started working on it today. Besides, it's probably best I haven't updated considering the site keeps having issues and I believe the queue is closed now. The next chapter will hopefully be up soon though.

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Review #13, by marciabarciaBeauty Queen: And the Winner is...

6th July 2011:
This is really interesting. The plot is super unique and original and I've never seen anyone use the same overall idea before. Natasha is definitely an interesting person, the fact that she gave up her life to satisfy her mom is rather amazing and at the same time as Dom implied, stupid. Natasha's mom on the other had, SCARES THE HECK OUT OF ME. I would definitely not want to be stuck with her. It's almost like once Natasha started winning all these pageants she began to forget what her daughter wants. Then again she probably thinks that the pageant life is what her daughter wants.
Overall fabulous introduction chapter, it was truly captivating! I look forward to reading the next chapter!


Author's Response: Yay I'm glad your interested in this story :) I love love love the plot myself and I'm so happy you like it too!

Natasha will definitely have a bunch of struggles throughout the story with the things you mentioned, and she's a very refreshing character to write because she has a lot of things to overcome.

The next chapter of this I already have completely written so I'll definitely post it as soon as the queue reopens because I'm so excited about this story!

Thank you for as always leaving amazing reviews :)

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Review #14, by marciabarciaTurning the Tables: Be Careful What You Wish For

6th July 2011:
I'd just like to say that I ALWAYS read you're lovely responses to my reviews xD So don't worry you're super long responses aren't falling to deaf ears!! Or would it be blind eyes as I'm reading this... lol...

Well.. As usual, GREAT JOB. I really liked all the byotchy new (or would they be old) people introduced into Coco's life. Oliver, Aidan, Madison, and Roxanne.They all seemed to help make Coco's past seem much more horrifying. As for Roxanne I think that she may have some small amount of regret in regards to the bullying. However she never really did apologize so and all so she's still guilty for silently watching.

I know I've already said this but I love how close Coco is to Wyatt, Tyler, Dom and Chaise. Dom and Chaise are just so cute together :). As for Tyler, I look forward to finding out more about his Slytherin-ness and his lovely cousin. I love how much of a flirt he is. He soo wants Coco...He should really find someone his own age xD I really like his character though. He never fails to make me laugh!

At the beginning I thought that McG was really stupid for expecting Coco to be the same person she was 4-5 years ago. I felt like yelling "People change, now move on woman, gosh."

Bailey still annoys me. She abandoned Coco and she still blames Coco for abandoning her. Which is super stupid on Bailey's part. I feel that she's become even awful-er person because when someone's in pain they turn to their family in support. Bailey ditched Coco first, therefore Coco did no wrong to her. As for their mom, I feel bad that she's still ignorant of Coco's feelings but Bailey could've tried to explain what Coco failed to do. Maybe that would've helped her mom (I'm kind of referencing the conversation Bailey had with byotchy shoe girl).

I eagerly await the next chapter and Coco's first day of classes. After returning back to Hoggy Coco's old insecurities seem to be coming back for obvious reasons, I really hope she gets all of her confidence back. I'm rooting for her :). I also look forward to learning more about James and if he's changed his ways, that foolish boy. Have fun on your vacation. I'll definitely check out your new story when I get the time!


Author's Response: Yay! I don't just ramble for the sake of it you actually read it :) Always a good thing to know!

I'm glad you liked the chapter! All the new characters I was a bit iffy about introducing, because I thought maybe it'd be way too many people to suddenly introduce. But they needed to make an appearance sometime so I just had to include them. Roxy is an interesting character to write and I have a lot of plans for her hopefully.

The friendship between Dom, Chaise, Tyson, Wyatt, and Coco is probably the funnest for me to write. I love all of their characters seeing as they're based off of my group of friends, so I find it easy to write dialogue for them and such. I love how much of a flirt Ty is too! I think it's what makes me love him the most but who knows. And Scorpius has to take after Ty because they're related and it only seemed fitting! I'm glad they make you laugh XD

McGonagall is her usual strict teacher self so of course she's going to be shocked by the change. And anyways, teachers are always annoying about things so McGonagall is probably the same.

Yeah Bailey is a very very complex character. I mean she's totally stupid and annoying for ditching Coco, but I think that's the only way she really knew how to deal with things. It's still super annoying how she ditched her, but that's just how Bails is.

The next chapter is coming along and hopefully I can whip it up and make it good by the time I return from vacation so I can post it right away. I'm just getting a bit tripped up at certain parts but have no fear, I root for Coco too throughout the story so hopefully she'll get her confidence back! As for James and his ways, who knows how he is now.

Thank you for a lovely review as usual :)

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Review #15, by marciabarciaTurning the Tables: Talk About Greatness, Whenever They Speak About Me

26th June 2011:
okay soo pre-Hoggy
I love how everything Beauxbatons does is extravegent (ie being picked up in a beach and all xD). I really like how close Dom and Coco are, their friendship makes me smile-- for instance Dom can get her way with anyone except Coco which is really sweet :) I felt super bad for that poor first year though, Dom doesn't realize how terrifying she truly is xD

At Hoggy-
Their entrance was ridiculously awesome. It made my day! I kind of expected Tyson to be Scorpius' cousin, and that probably explains why he's a Slytherin, blood runs deep eh? Speaking of that I kind of like how you didn't put them all in the same house, that would've just been much to cliche. I think Minny was much to mean to poor Coco I mean she didn't need to introduce her or anything, that was a bit awk. I loved how shocked everyone was when they found out Coco, was Corinne, serves them right...

Now on to James and Fred, FRED TOTALLY DESERVED THAT PUNCH. Coco finally gave him what he deserved. I think that James is extremely messed up considering he pretty much ruined Coco's life and now he's getting jealous over her and... TYSON??? I mean seriously... Tyson of all people? Oh well, you get what you get, and I'm sure Coco will show them both whose boss!

Once again great job and I'm so happy for you! This story is truly wonderful and I am so glad I stumbled upon it! Well actually it's kind of Brendon's fault that I found it. Ever since I've started reading this story I've loved it and you are so very talented, from here on out your story will only get more and more popular, trust me :)


Author's Response: Okay so as usual you have left me one of the sweetest reviews in the world that make me all happy and melty inside because of how sweet it is. You're really the nicest person ever, I swear.

I do imagine Beauxbatons as a very extravagant school. It seems so proper and elegant in the books that I just wanted it to seem the same way in my story. I'm glad you like Dom and Coco! I love them too even though they can be a bit of pains at times. But yeah Coco is probably the only one that can keep Dom in check, that's probably why they're friends in the first place. And yes poor first year! At least he probs got mad street cred with the other first years for having Coco talk to him!

I'm glad you loved the entrance! I was worried maybe people would hate it and it wouldn't live up to the hype. I'm glad you think it seems believable that Tyson and Scorpius are cousins, I really do imagine them as like the same person sometimes. And I didn't put them all together exactly for the reason you said. It would've been WAY too cliche if everything wound up perfect and they were all in the same house all happy and perfect.And yeah Minny was way to mean to Coco, but I think they have such different personalities that they're bound to clash. Coco's not like Harry, so Minny probably won't like her since she's more frivolous and not saving the world.

Yes Freddy was a meanie-poo and deserved some sort of lashing for what he said! I imagine him as the stupider one of the two if that makes sense. And yeah James is a stupid boy... Although I'm not sure if he was jealous or not. Just more annoyed because she goes around and snogs whoever and then refuses to acknowledge him. He's also a bit stupid and probably doesn't understand just how badly he hurt her in the previous years.

As usual I've probably given you way too much incite into the characters but whatever, you deserve it for your amazing reviews that make my days. I hardly think I'm as talented as you make me out to be, I'm more a dabbler at best, but it means so much that you think I'm this good.

Alright I've rambled long enough and you probably haven't read this all but thank you SO SO SO much :)

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Review #16, by marciabarciaThe Dream Team: Missions V. Sidetracks

21st June 2011:
Oh gosh... I love how funny the Dream Team is. It would make my day if Goyle--sorry Max liked a different friend of Rose's that would just be awk. xD I love Rose's rants and find it ridiculously funny that she didn't know his name was Max... GREAT JOB :)


Author's Response: 'that would just be awk'
haha it would awk indeed! I love when people say 'awk'. Just something about the word 'awk' is just awk. Anway, you'll find out soon enough if your day is made ;)
Thank you so much for reviewing again! :D It's weird but I'd been writing Goyle's character for ages until I realised he didn't have a first name! I thought I should probably let everyone know what it was at some point ;)
Thanks again! Seriously :) I hope to see you at the next chappie!

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Review #17, by marciabarciaGold: Past the Point of Return

14th June 2011:
Oh dear.. I can't believe Gold is actually going through with the polyjuice thing. More than that, I'm SO happy Al dumped his girl friend and still won't take her back even if Gold lied about her feelings to help the she-dog out.


Author's Response: Hi again!!

Hahah, I'm glad he didn't take her back either. ;)

Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by marciabarciaDear Cupid: Tears and Surprises

14th June 2011:
Oh my gosh. Things have just absolutely blown up on poor Lex and Scorpius. The people they like have totally ditched them for someone else and they can't do anything about it becuase they're "dating" each other. I look forward to the next chapter :)


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Review #19, by marciabarciaThe Grand Conclusion : History, Shmistory, BLERGH.

8th June 2011:
Omg! I love this. Rose's "novel" makes my day and I absolutely adore this plot. FABULOUS!


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Review #20, by marciabarciaDefenition of Love: Rose

7th June 2011:
This is really sweet and well written! Great Job!


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Review #21, by marciabarciaTurning the Tables: This Place About to Blow

7th June 2011:
Fabulous job! I really like this chapter and I absolutely cannot wait for them to finally go to Hogwarts! I loved the last sentence of this chapter. It was too good. I def wanna see Coco give them hell now. :P
Oh gosh, I love Milo. I wish I had a cat that coool. Bailey is so frikkin annoying. I have this strong urge to maul her. Honestly I can't wait for Coco to show her whose boss. I would hate it if my sister thought of me like that. Also I feel bad for Coco's mom who doesn't realize how hard things were for Coco. Theo.. well Theo seems like he's going to be a riot ;)


Author's Response: I can't wait for them to go to Hogwarts either! I feel like I've been waiting for it to happen forever but I finally wrote the chapter where they arrive, and it has everything I wanted to include in it and more so I hope it'll live up to it's expectations!

I love Milo too! I've always wanted an all white baby kitten and I'm so jealous of Coco for actually getting one. And yeah Bailey is annoying. She's just one of those sisters that you get and you wonder why you of all people ended up with her.

I feel bad for Coco's mum too. She has no idea why her daughter decided her awful exhusband was better than her, and she has to live without her. I think Coco shouldn't have been so cowardly, and should've told her mum what was really going on at school, but Coco's not courageous enough for that yet (despite being a Gryffie).

Thank you for reviewing, it really makes my day :)

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Review #22, by marciabarciaPasacaglia: Theme and Variations

4th June 2011:
Wow! This really well written! I feel so bad for Rose though. I think that Rose should just go for a different guy so Scorpius can feel the same pain that she did becuase Scorpius was an idiot. Anyhow, GREAT JOB


Author's Response: Rose should definitely find someone that appreciates her, I agree, and then Scorpius can see what he missed out on.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #23, by marciabarciaTurning the Tables: All My Life I've Been Good, But Now...

16th May 2011:
YAY FOR EXTREMELY LATE RESPONSES!! WOOT WOOT! I meant to review this like 2 hours ago and then I took a little nap...

Yeah but anyways.. I wish Jon and Ryan hadn't left. There's this hole in the heart that is panic! I am however completely impressed by how far Brendon and Spencer have come :]

Ironically (in regards to the crossword) the moment it said that it ended in S I was like JAMES! :P Also I wish that I could go out and splurged my parents money in fancy French stores *grumbles* But oh my gosh Frannie is soo sweet! I wish I knew someone like her :) AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE USAGE OF THE TITLE IN THE STORY. I don't know why but it always tickles my fancy when people use their title in their work xD
And I'm glad that my reviews make you smile :D


Author's Response: I don't think this is a late response, it's pretty early in fact! And naps are important, they make you like... rejuvenated and such... I think.

Brendon and Spencer have come very far but I just know that the band will never be as popular as it was when there was four of them. My biggest worry is that they'll quit once they realize this, and then I have no more music.

I figured the crossword puzzle might be easy to figure out, Coco is just a little slow when it comes to those things. I wish I could spend my parents money in stores too! It'd be awful though if Coco didn't get to because her dad's never there as it is, so spending his money is like her only saving grace.

I love Frannie, I happen to think she's a really good advice giver, and she's going to be in other chapters as well.

I'm glad you liked the usage of the title, because I wasn't too sure and I thought that it could be a little corny or something.

But now I'm smiling because you left another great review :)

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Review #24, by marciabarciaRumour Has It: Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

11th May 2011:
Fabulous job!!! I greatly enjoyed this chapter and find it absolutely hilarious that Charlie didn't realize she was talking to Potter2 the entire time. I caught on somewhere when Will kept saying F-Charlie... xD I also believe that it is relatively ridiculous how Rose is hating on Charlie despite the fact nothing happened. :P


Author's Response: Ha yeah! i tried to make is as easy as posible to catch on that Will wasn't actually Will. And yes Rose is a super freak when it comes to Scorpius but you know she'll get over it.I hope. :D Thanks so much! :DD

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Review #25, by marciabarciaTurning the Tables: Put Another Ex on the Calender

4th May 2011:
First thing of all... AHHH I LOVE CALENDER!! (so I guess that answers your question on if I heard their new album xD)... I actually own one of their deluxe edition sets :P
This like the first time I've found some one else other then only one of my friends who actually loves panic!
Great Chapter! I really felt bad for Dom with the whole family situation. I think it's sad that her family were total jerks in a way about her choice.. I mean they should have been happy with her going where ever she wants to... I love Tyson's plan, that is so male of him xD


Author's Response: THE CALENDER IT SO AMAZING! I listen to that song at least a million times a day it's so catchy. I love finding panic! fans. I really wish ryan and jon hadn't left though because it just doesn't feel the same without them :(

Glad you liked the chapter. I feel bad for Dom too, I think either way one side of her family would be insulted by her choice. Like her mum's side loves her because she is choosing to go to Beauxbatons, but her dads side is all insulted and takes it as her not liking them which is just ridiculous. Tyson's plan is so typical. The words he says are actually really similar to one of my guy friends who's words to live by are "I just wanna dance and have a good time".

Thanks for your amazing reviews :) I always smile when I see one from you!

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