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Review #1, by mizzxpearlThe process of becoming tamed : Starting again

6th January 2012:
I don't know WHY it's taken me so long to leave this review. I actually read this one shot the day it was posted I believe, and I really have no excuse as why I've only gotten around to leaving a review months and months later. Sorry!

But anyway, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for giving us Laura's story. I feel like I've been with Laura and Sirius and Lily and James for so long now and I'll definitely miss them. You're a great writer mel and I'm excited to read more of your work! :)

Author's Response: Oh, don't worry. It's taken me almost a YEAR to respond to this review, so I'm far worse than you are. I am pleased, though, that you did choose to leave this review, and I'm glad you enjoyed the story so much. I know just what you mean - we've been following Laura's story for so long that it was a bit of an odd feeling to finally end it. She's kind of like family - well, to me she is, at least. :)

thanks again, Mel

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Review #2, by mizzxpearlThe process of becoming tamed : Unearthing old skeletons

25th June 2011:
Hey Mel!

I'm so impressed that you're still updating regularly and replying to reviews even though I can just imagine how busy you are now!

I just had to leave a review on this chapter though. I'm not sure whether or not your remember, but I've been waiting for this one shot forever! I was just so curious why there would be one from Hermione's POV. Hmm just wondering, does she ever tell Harry about it?

Also, I remember when I asked when this one-shot was coming out, you replied it would be later, one of the ones closer towards the end. Is it HTM finally ending? :(

Thanks for the amazing read!

Author's Response: Hello!!!

You know what? I did remember that you wanted to see this chapter, and I nearly left a note on your profile page on the forums telling you it was up. But I hadn't seen you around for a while and didn't want to look too presumptuous so I didn't. Glad you found it anyway!

So, I take it you're not so intrigued any more? The Hermione POV really seemed to fit this scene, which was actually the first one I wrote for this collection. (Though, it's had a few edits since then, and Eldy made it readable.) To answer your question, though, no, she never tells Harry about it, which explains why we never see anything from Harry's POV in the canon about the matter. Neither does Ginny, for that matter - not because they don't want him to know, but more because they just don't think of it (and if they do, they figure he wouldnt' be all that interested).

And yeah, this is nearly the end. 2 more chapters and that's it, no more HTM forever. Which means I can move onto my next novel! *grins*

thanks again, Mel

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Review #3, by mizzxpearlThe process of becoming tamed : Mrs Potter: A simple explanation

22nd January 2011:
I seriously loved this chapter, mel. It was the epitome of short and sweet. :)

Author's Response: Hi again!

Yes, this is kinda sweet isn't it? Mrs P is very under-written in fanfic I think, and it would make sense that she would have input in certain situations like this one. So why not put it in her POV? I thought it worked and it sounds like you did too. So thank you :D


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Review #4, by mizzxpearlSecond Chance: Wake up.

22nd January 2011:
Hi there! Mizzxpearl here from the forums to review! :)

Okay, first off congratulations! I really NEVER read Harry/Hermione (after OotP , I embraced the fact that she was meant to be with Ron and suported them, hehe) but I did enjoy this. :) Why you ask? Because you kept them both in character! It wasn't even AU too much; you took the the relationship that they already shared and built your story off of that. Totally realistic. :D Bravo!

As for grammer, you have some run-offs, but nothing totally drastic. I say one good look from a beta can cure it. :) Also, the summary underneath your banner is cutt off. I understand it's a quote from the story, but just give it a look! After all, the summary decides whether or not someone clicks into the story, right?

All and all, I liked this a lot. You have a beautiful writing style. I also loved the POV switch. You didn't have to label the switch, yet it was obvious enough that I was able pick up on it right away. Good job there. :)

Keep writing! You're doing great! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! I hadn't noticed the summary thing! :O thanks for pointing that out!

I'm glad you liked it, it is already being beta-ed and I hope that as soon as it's done it will be better :)


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Review #5, by mizzxpearlThe Human Factor : The One Where It All Begins

5th January 2011:
Wow. It's not often that I make a story a favorite of mine after reading just one chapter. In fact, it's not often that I make a story a favorite in general. But I can say (after only one chapter?!?!) that your story has become a favorite. :D

Author's Response: You being serious? This has just gone and made my day, scratch that, my week :D I'm so glad you like it. You're so kind! Thanks so much for the review, I'll try to update soon! xxx

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Review #6, by mizzxpearlHow to tame a Marauder: Return to Hogwarts

28th November 2010:
Hellooo, I saw that you had 2999 reviews, so I decided to steal that 3000th one. :D

Great story (like I haven't said enough times). I'm just soo busy with school now that I don't have time for anything, but just having a free spot and clicking on any chapter from this story is so relaxing. :D

I have a whole new amount of respect for you now, by the way. I just can't imagine HOW you were able to update a chapter every week. You really are awsome, melian!

Great story, of course! And the one-shots are awsome too. Sorry I haven't had time to review those! I do read them all though. :) Wouldn't miss a chapter for the world.

One million/10

And the rating is for the ENTIRE story. ;) Not just this chapter.

Author's Response: Hi again!

Wow, 3000. I'm still getting my head around that, really. But thanks for pushing it up past the 2999 because there really is something unsatisfying about that number, yet when one has so many reviews one doesn't want to be seen asking for more, if that makes any sense. But yeah, very much appreciated. Thank you!

Ah, don't get too impressed by the posting every week thing, because remember that the story was mostly written so all I needed to do most weeks was a bit of a proof read and an edit before I posted it. Things are so much quicker when writing isn't involved, hahaha.

Thanks again, this really does mean a lot to me. :D

cheers, Mel

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Review #7, by mizzxpearlLiving Life: Chapter Seventy Six

25th August 2010:
I was seriously jumping up and down when I saw how quickly you updated. :D :D :D Thank you!!!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your author's notee. :D

Great chapter as always! I really don't like Dorcus. I'm really glad that Lily changed her ways. And I liked how she's helping Sirius so much! He needs all the help he can get right now, I think.

Thank you for the quick update!! Looking forward to the next one. :D

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Review #8, by mizzxpearlThe Play's The Thing: Act V

22nd August 2010:
Oh. :( Aw.

Yes, you did a great job mixing humor and tragedy. To be honest, I did not see that coming at ALL. Granted, I'm sleep deprived, but I usually do like to guess what's going to happen. But this totally took me by surprise. And that's a good thing.

You're a great author and this was a very enjoyable read. My very short, incoherent reviews really don't do this story justice. But I really hope that you know that I really did enjoy this story!

Keep at it, Penny! :D

Author's Response: I'm very glad to hear that you thought the humour and tragedy blended together well. I've had mixed reviews about that aspect of the story, which leads me to believe that I probably could have done better with it, but it is encouraging to have someone say that they liked it. :)

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the story. Your reviews definitely got that across, so thank you so much for leaving them!

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Review #9, by mizzxpearlThe Play's The Thing: Act IV

22nd August 2010:
Oh no! I must read on!

I really don't like Muriel. But I wonder why she thinks Aria did this on purpose. I guess Act V will hold the answer for me!

Once again, I loved the flow and I loved how you were able to put just the right amount of detail on here. In fact, I loved it so much that if I knew how, I would italicize the right in the previous sentences.


As a side note, I'm sorry if these reviews are sounding a bit incoherent. I'm sleep deprived like no other at this point. Yet, your story is keeping me awake! :D

Author's Response: Your reviews aren't incoherent, don't worry! :) I really enjoyed reading them (and am enjoying reading them again).

Well, I sure don't blame you for disliking Muriel. Here, as in the books, she doesn't have too many pleasant attributes as a character, so that's only to be expected. And I don't think Aria tried to ruin the production, but since she stole Muriel boyfriend, I think Muriel is just lashing out at her a bit. (Just thought I'd give some insight on that, since Act V kind of jumps ahead in time.)

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #10, by mizzxpearlThe Play's The Thing: Act III

22nd August 2010:
Oh my, oh my. I wonder if Muriel is really going into character, or if Aria is just covering for her. I hope it's the first! Although the second guess would just add more drama, and who's opposed to drama in a strory about a play? :P

I love this so far. I love the flow, especially in the beginning of this chapter. I honestly feel like I'm there, running around stage trying to get everything together, but still very excited. You have portrayed that anxious (not sure if that's the word I'm going for, but I'm sure you got what I mean) feeling perfectly.

Time for Act IV! :D

Author's Response: Haha, well, since I'm responding to these reviews so late, you already know that it unfortunately wasn't Muriel getting into character. :P

That is really wonderful to hear that the way I wrote this put you in the middle of the action, like you were really there. I tend to think that I struggle a bit with description (though much less than I used to, thanks to the practice HPFF has provided me), so I always get a little extra-happy when someone tells me my narrative has been written well!

Thank you again for the review!

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Review #11, by mizzxpearlThe Play's The Thing: Act II

22nd August 2010:
Ah, I see where this is going. I thought I remembered The Fountain of Fair Fortune but I guess my memory was a bit rusty, haha. Just went on Google and read it though! So Herbert is trying to direct the entire play! Very interesting...

Once again, a pretty flawless chapter. Granted these chapters are short, but I feel like you're able say exactly what you want to without adding any extra details, you know? And I love that in an author!


Author's Response: It's so convenient being able to read the synopses of the tales on the internet, isn't it? My favourite part about the actual book is all the little footnotes from Dumbledore (from which the concept for this story was taken), but I think the first time I read the tales was on the Amazon website. That was way back when only six copies (or something like that) existed, and I thought I'd never be able to own a copy for myself! :P

I'm so happy to hear you think I'm getting in enough detail in the short space I took up--that was really one of the hardest parts of this story for me. I tend to write long chapters in the neighbourhood of about 5,000 words, so trying to fit all five of these chapters into a little more than half of that was daunting!

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #12, by mizzxpearlThe Play's The Thing: Act I

22nd August 2010:
Ohh, this is SO original! At this point, I pretty much have absoutly no idea where it's going, but it's definitely caught my interest! I'm guessing it's going to bring in the The Fountain of Fair Fortune plot soon.

Nice writing style. You have good flow and just the right amount of detail. No obvious grammer mistakes or anything.

Love it so far!

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks so much for reviewing my story. :) I really appreciate the feedback.

As for originality--it is an unusual story, I'll admit that, but the plot was mostly inspired by The Tales of Beedle the Bard. There was an anecdote that described this ill-fated theatre production that I just fleshed out, so I can't take too much credit for the plot itself. :) I'm so glad you found it interesting and that my representation of the story made you want to keep reading!

I'm glad you like the writing, too--this was tough for me because it was very different than anything I'd written before. I think this first chapter turned out well mostly because I rewrote it countless times to try and cut it down and use my words as economically as possible.

Thanks again!

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Review #13, by mizzxpearlActor: Actor

22nd August 2010:

I don't even know where to start. I've been smiling and chuckling from the moment that I started this. And your first pickup line had me laughing like crazy. In fact, as I was writing you that last sentence, I scrolled back up, read it again, and started laughing againg. LOVED IT!

It was so refreshing to read an Albus who's a bit of a prat. I mean, I love a sweet Albus just as much as the next person, but I'm sure it's not only ever James who gets a stupid plan into his head. Even though this was only a one-shot, you were able to describe the friendship between Albus and Scorpius very well, as well as the bit of dislike I'm guessing Rose held beforehand towards Scorpius. Good job!

So, like I've said over and over, I loved this! Keep at it! :D

Author's Response: AH :D Really?! You LOVE IT? :D

I'm so ecstatic that I made you laugh so much! That's somewhat of a goal with make my readers smile or even better, roll on the floor laughing! Thank you so much! :D For reviewing! And for loving it! :DD


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Review #14, by mizzxpearlNo Coffee for Young Men: Smile

22nd August 2010:
Aw, this one-shot was beyond cute.

I loved how James showed his soft spot for Lily. And I just loved how he waited for hours just to say 'Hi.' Cute. Cute. Cute. Cute. :)

Haha, I loved this part, by the way:

she stomps all over your little stag heart.

I don't know, I just really liked 'little stag heart', haha. The flow was smooth and it definitely kept me attention till the end. And it was great that Lily turned back! :D

Keep writing! :D

Author's Response: This one-shot was definitely something a bit different for me. Normally my stuff is sort of all high drama, flouncing everywhere. Did try and pull it back towards something a bit more cute and normal, really glad it worked!

What I like about that line is the way it works two ways. First it's the whole super clever Animagus reference, second it's that whole idea of stag = freedom/pride/whatever. The more she shuts him down, the more he falls in love with her. I don't know, I'll shut up now :P

Of course she turned back! Lily/James has to be happy, otherwise it's just way, way too sad.

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #15, by mizzxpearlSky: An Epic and Important Quest

21st August 2010:
Aw. This was amazing!

One of my best friends has two younger brothers, one who's two and one who's four. And I think that you've gotten James and Albus' characterzations PERFECTLY. Especially the part when Albus said 'again again'. Haha, that's one of the two year old's favorite words!

Very, very cute and amusing. :D I loved how James finally chose his favorite color!

Great job! Keep at it! :D

Author's Response: Thanks!

I have two younger siblings and a load of friends with little brothers and sisters, so getting the characterisations right was just a matter of writing it all down right, so I'm glad you liked it :)

The favourite colour bit was definitely my fave part of this one-shot too :)

Thanks again! ^^

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Review #16, by mizzxpearl15 minutes: It's all it takes.

20th August 2010:

This was cute. I liked it. I read last week but only got around to reviewing tit today. I loved how James was such a gentlemen and how Lily didn't yell her head off at him the way to the hospital wing. This was different, yet cute. :D

I loved how Lily pretty much agreed to be friends wtih him by asking him to bring her a bag of drops. It was subtile, yet the meaning was still in there and it's totally something I could imagine Lily doing.

Good job! :D

Author's Response: Oh, thanks for coming back to review this! I think of this to be the start if the relationship, as you notice. I always imagine Lily and James to, if they want to, be able to be civil with each other. After all, they were around seventeen at this point, and I think what we've seen of Lily in the books were the absolute worst parts of her. So yeah, no yelling.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by mizzxpearlSugar High: Sugar high

20th August 2010:
This was adorable!

I loved this! This story was just so HAPPPY! Even from the first sentence, I couldn't stop grinning myself. Lily and James were just both so cute. I've never read such a happy Lily before and I think that's what made me like this so much!

Good job with this (I also loved all the little side notes you had, haha). And it was so cute, the way Lily tested him by making him go to Madam Puddifoots!

Good job! Keep writing! :D

Author's Response: Thanks a lot :D

I'm glad you liked the fact that it's a happy story! I wanted to write a somewhat different James/Lily so I guess that's where the overly happy Lily comes from. It's good to hear that you thought they're both cute :D

Thank you, I'm glad you did! Oh, Madam Puddifoot's... I'm glad you liked that too!

Thanks a lot, and I will! Thank you for your review!

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Review #18, by mizzxpearlA Change Of Heart: A Change Of Heart

20th August 2010:
Hahahhaa, I loved Lily's condition!

Ahh, this was soo cute. I loved this to bits and pieces. I loved that fact that even after Lily realized that she was in love with him, they went at a realistic pace. And I loved how Lily knew him so well. This sentence in particular showed that, I think:

He saw me. Stupid Lily, stupid! And here comes that ridiculous smirk.

And sure enough, that smirk came. Haha. Good job!

Keep writing! :D

Author's Response: aw thank you! lily's condition seems to be a popular topic of review discussion haha. thanks a million for such a great review, i'm really glad you liked it :D

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Review #19, by mizzxpearlTurnaround: Turnaround

20th August 2010:

I absolutly loved this to bits and I just adored the end. This is different than so many of the James/Lily one-shots that I've read. What I loved about this is that yeah, Lily realizes that she's in love with James, but they didn't have a crazy snog session after that. Lily still stayed in character. I don't know, I just REALLY enjoyed this. It was different. And it was more realistic.

I love James/Lily and I think you did a great job with this pair!

Good job. Keep at it! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review :D I'm glad you liked it very much and I was able to stay true to the James and Lily ship :D I absolutely adore them, so I'm glad I was able to convey them properly :D Thank you again :D

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Review #20, by mizzxpearlLet Me Count the Ways: Let Me Count the Ways

20th August 2010:

Aww, I loved this one-shot! I think you were able to get Lily's inner battle about James PERFECTLY. This was really cute. I loved how James' hard exterior finally cracked too. It showed that what Lily said about him really affected him.

I also loved the smaller details that you added. Even though Sirius was only in this one-shot for like thirty seconds, you were able to show how much of a true friend he was. And I also liked how you mentioned Peter, because he's someone so many authors forget about.

So all and all, I loved this. Keep at it! :D

Author's Response: thank you so much hun! im pleased you enjoyed it!!

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Review #21, by mizzxpearlOn the Brink of Insanity: The Stars That Shine

19th August 2010:
Hi there! Back again. :D

Once again, this chapter didn't fail to entertain me the entire way through. Hallie is just such a quirky, fun character!

I have a piece of advice though! Sometimes it's just really random when you switch scenes. For example, right here:

There will be unicorns and ice cream on Jade Flockhart and Professor Flitwick Are Hollieís Favorite People Day. JFPFAHFPD for short. Iím already excited for the next celebration of JFPFAHFPD.

One night I was sitting in the common room with the gang when Jade, Channing, Nick, and Wes all stood up.

Like I had to do a double take when I read that. I think even just adding a few ** in the middle would easily fix that though!

I LOVED your astronomy tower scene. When Hallie randomly asked Oliver that question, I had to stop reading because I started laughing. It was just so random, yet the cute effect was still there! :D

Also, Roger DOES like her! I know it! I know it!!! And you probably know it too, considering your the author of this wonderful story. :P

Good job once again, you brave Gryffie, youuu!

Author's Response: Hey there!

Eugh. Scene transitions make me depressed. I hate doing them. I know I should make some sort of divider or something but I really hate them, LOL. I might just start putting extra spaces between lines to help separate them.

Her asking that question was completely spur of the moment. I had been rereading what I had written so far and it just kind of popped into my head, haha.

I'm evil and not telling you if that's true(:

Thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #22, by mizzxpearlA Galleon For Me: A Galleon For Me

18th August 2010:

I just HAD to read this story as soon as I read the summary. LOL I have to ask, where did you get the muse to write this?! It's not like anything I've read before!

I really enjoyed it! It was light hearted and humourous all the way through. Just when I thought the chaos was going to end, something else just happened. Poor, poor Florean, he never even got the chance to proove himself!

I loved it! Honestly! :D Keep writing!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for such an enthusiastic review! And as for my muse... She came in the form of AVPM Lauren-Draco Malfoy rolling across my desk saying "and what business does George have with OUR Florean? Another silly little bet?".
Obviously, the mental image had me writing in an instant. And I myself was surprised by the effects of it! :D
But wait, I feel an odd sensation in my head. It's growing... and growing... and growing...
It's Potter. James Potter.

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Review #23, by mizzxpearlThe Biggest Mistake Of My Life: The Biggest Mistake Of My Life

18th August 2010:
Hey there, fellow Gryffindor! :D

This was a very nice first story! I'm glad it had a happy ending. :) I do have some pieces of advice, though!

I think instead of signaling the flashbacks with dashes, you can italicize them instead. Also, when typing dialouge, the comma goes BEFORE the quotation marks. Like this.

"Hello," he said.

Hope that was helpful! I enjoyed this story and it kept my interest.

Keep writing! :D

Author's Response: Hey there!
Thanks for the review!! :)
Yeah I know...At that time I was new to the site so didn't get much of what I did...I need to make MAJOR gramatical and flow changes...and will soon do that!!
thanks again!


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Review #24, by mizzxpearlOn the Brink of Insanity: Trouble Comes In Many Forms

18th August 2010:
Hey Erica!

So I'm still reading this chapter right now, but can I stop and say the line 'or have us see how far it is from the Astronomy Tower to the ground' legit had me laughing outloud? LOVED IT!

Back to reading!

Okay, I had to stop reading because I can't stop laughing right now. Snape had 'other' things. Maybe he just wants us to think he has other plans or something.
HAHA! I love Hollie's inner thoughts!

Okay, reading again. :P

Alright, finished! I have to say, this was my fav chapter so far. Hmmm..does Davis like Hollie? Oh the questions.

I loved this!! :D

Author's Response: Hehehe. I'm glad you liked those lines! It's a proud moment if I can make someone laugh(:

Thanks for reviewing! As for Roger liking Hollie, you'll have to wait and see. Mwahah.

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Review #25, by mizzxpearlOn the Brink of Insanity: Pepper Up Overdose

17th August 2010:
Hi again!

Hhaha, this was hilarous! It was so fun to read about her when she was Peppered Up. haha, George did it on accident, my foot!

This seems like one of those chapters that the author would say 'I had fun writing it' because honestly, I had so much fun reading it! Always nice to read the main character on a sugar rush. :P

And referring to your author's note - I love George!

Author's Response: Well. I may have enjoyed it. Just a bit. Ahem. *suspicious cough*

Okay. It was way fun. I admit it. You caught me.

Thanks for reviewing!!

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