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Review #1, by karinapotterImperium Cognomen: Imperium Cognomen

29th November 2010:
This story was breathtaking, the way that you characterized Rose and Scorpius was exactly on point. My heart stopped when I read the last part, it's always Lucius. I had a feeling that little bug had something to do with it. And then after Rose left...the agony, poor Scorpius, I gasped and ached for the poor guy. But, what is done is done, I suppose. It was a great story, nice twist on the paring, given that they usually end up together and happy. Wonderful job again!

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Review #2, by karinapotterA Tale of Felix Felicis: Of Epiphanies, Smiles and Master Plans

18th July 2010:
This story was AWESOME. Just found it, though while stalking through people's favorite stories I saw it countless of times I finally read it.

SO COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY JAMES-LIKE. Hehe, it was how I pictured Lily and James and Remus and Peter and Sirius and everything was back then. Except the whole James losing his Head Boy privileges, I think Dumbledore would've given him a second chance, he's loopy as you've stated. xP

Aha, well, even though I'd love to go back and pick up EVERYTHING I loved in the story, I'll just say I loved every part of it. So written well and the emotions conveyed perfectly. You are such a great writer and congratulations on the Dobby, you deserved it! Hehe, well fabulous job again! :D

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Review #3, by karinapotterThe Platform: The Platform

16th July 2010:
Oh, this story was so good! It was so sad too, awh, wow, now that I think about it, it's kind of really sad. ): Madison and Aiden seem so good together, and they still love each other!

You should write a follow up one-shot talking about how Adam seems distant from his father, which is evident in the story.

I feel bad for the children, but I guess its for the best, sigh, it was a great story. There are a few mistakes and such and I felt like you could go deeper, but all in all, great job.

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Review #4, by karinapotterPurpose and Priorities: Partings

15th July 2010:
This was a great story you have here. It's deep and wholesome and true, everything that I imagined the trio felt and went through. I'm not a Post-Hogwarts reader because it doesn't seem like it would flow with the end of the story, but yours fit the profile perfectly.

If you're a new writer, then you're a miracle. You are a fabulous writer, you pinpointed every feeling and thought and hope and dream and turned it into reality. You have amazing talent and you have such a presence and hold on your reader, I never pulled my eyes away.

This was a really good way to end my night, I'm about to go to sleep and I'll sleep knowing that Harry, Ron and Hermione is all good and well. Haha, what a corny end yeah? Well, great job anyways, love your attention to detail. Amazing story. (:

Author's Response: "It's lucky it's dark. I haven't blushed so much since Madame Pomfrey told me she liked my new earmuffs."

That is what popped into my head when I read your review. Thank you so much for reading! I am so glad that you enjoyed it so thoroughly. Your review is incrediably sweet. Honestly, it means a lot to me. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again :D

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Review #5, by karinapotterShe Should Have Known: She Should Have Known

13th July 2010:
Wow, this story was amazing! I don't blame Lily, if it was me, I would've followed James and Belle, accuse them and then become shameful and apologetic, aha, but I wouldn't have Mary by me. Great character descriptions of Lily! You helped us see how nervous and human she is around James when she usually was just perfect and poised.

The story's not like usual Lily/James, it's them usually fighting and in the end James winning her over, but it's like Lily truly coming to terms with her growing love for him. I liked how it was from the point of view of Lily, if it was James, he would have been oblivious!

It was addicting and I loved how you threw Snape in there, still trying to win Lily over, yet constantly pushing her away.
Great job, honestly! You are a fantastical writer! (:

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Review #6, by karinapotterCapturing Laughter: Exposure to the Weasleys

7th July 2010:
Oh dear! That was FUNNY! Haha, it was written wonderfully! Teddy becoming a girl! AHA, what a sight! (: I like your twist with Scorpius, usually he's with Rose and they're doing...hehe, other things, but you have him here as the butt of Lucy's joke! I was just wondering about a couple of things, one, is Lucy's camera Muggle or Wizard? Because she wouldn't be able to see the Ron's face changing colors since the film's in Black&White. And two, how old's Lucy? I mean, she should at least be a sixth year yes? Oh details, details.

Anyways, fabulous job! Light and airy, loved it. (:
OH, and great descriptions of all the things Lucy took pictures of, they were wonderful!

10/10 :D

Author's Response: Haha, I think I'm a little bit unfair to Scoroses because they remind me of Dramiones and I'm an anti-Dramione fan. So I do my best to pair Scorpius with anyone BUT Rose. Oh well.

Lucy's camera is a wizard one, but she doesn't necessarily have to capture Ron's color change; his expression probably says it all, don't you think? :D

And I pictured Lucy to be somewhere between fifth and seventh year, if it helps. Thanks for the great review!

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Review #7, by karinapotterMama Do: Mama Do

20th May 2010:
This was, intense, for lack of a better word. So alive and well written, amazing job! (:

Poor Nicola, make another one where she gets Blaise back! >:D She deserves it! Gah, I hate how you made Blaise so evil but so alluring, darn him, I'd have less self control that she. ): It was so real her falling for him and his constant trickery and lies, well there's a Slytherin for you. I really do hope she lives up to her self-made standards!

It was a fabulous plot! :D

OH, and Momma would take a pipe and hit him over the head with it, hehe. :P


Author's Response: Thank you, I'm really happy you liked it. I think you're right about what the Mum would do xD the Dad would be even worse I think haha :P.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by karinapotterv a n i l l a ♥ t w i l i g h t: Funky Werewolf Sexual Urges are Intense, Man.

6th March 2010:
Hi! Back again to tell you how FABULOUS this chappie was!(: GAH how brilliant is Mads? Extreeemely brill(: poor Nick, getting yelled at and amost being assulted by Victoire, though he probably liked how commanding and demanding Maddy was(; I'm just sayng, lesser things have turned on men(x Like how Teddy gets all hot because Victoire's name and sexual urges are in a sentence, but then again so did Victoire 0_0; haha. I had a feeling the whole "Promise me.I'll tell you a secret"
thing was a plot for Teddy&Victoire to make out, cause it's not like they
don't do it enough, right(x haha. Bt the timing *snaps awesomely* was amazing! A FULLMOON PLUS SECRET URGES?! Haha that must've been torture in Victoire, BUT THINK OF TEDDY! O_o haha. I knew Teddy would get under her skin sometime, fantanstic chappie, waiting patiently for the next one!

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Review #9, by karinapotterGood Girls Go Bad: Good Girls Go Bad.

1st March 2010:
Gosh, I haven't read this for a LONG time and I still love it! (:

AMALIA IS SO BRILLIANT! She's so bad and good and dangerous and mysterious, the type of girl that Roger Davies really should get with, because they're just so in sync! I love how this smart, mouse-like, shy, closed off girl has unwound our playboy. Roger is so confidant and accepting of his way of life while Amalia is so unsure about it. Good for Davies, finding a girl that makes him so alive!
Write s'more about some other kind of player, like Sirius (yummy.) or shy but wild soul like Remus (yummier!) or a mixture of the two in a hot passionate god-man :D

You have a freak flag. Wave it.
All quiet girls have that, it's very intriguing(x

I am Roger Davies. And I make good girls go bad.
I love this line, it ties the story up so WELL!

Superb Job again, I would favorite it, but I already have (x

Author's Response: I'm glad you still love it! As a result, I still love you, I found out ;] thank you for all you're wonderful words. I'm so glad you liked Amalia. She's a very original character and I think that I created her unlike any others in my one-shots :]

Those are good ideas! I haven't written any other marauder/oc fics except The Perfect Scene, Disturbia, and Love & Broomticks. But I'll def take that into consideration!


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Review #10, by karinapotterRunning from the Truth: STUPID BUTT-ENHANCING HEELS

1st February 2010:
AMAZING CHAPPIE, as usual, again, sorry for not commenting on all the chappies, too lazy to go back and do them all (x
here are my favorite quoters!:

“Good morning!” I heard a cheerful, sweet voice say. I mumbled incoherently in my sleep. Oh, yes. I am the king of words. Everyone, bow down to me!
YAY, witty men are very appealing, especially ones who have sexy toned Quidditch abs(; ^__^ yes, indeed!

“Right, sorry.” He hastily released it.
“S’all good.”
There was an awkward silence…
“So,” Al chuckled nervously. “How ‘bout them Cannons?”
Nice one, Al.
YAY AL! make it awkward, i laughed so hard (:

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Review #11, by karinapotterRunning from the Truth: Al’S GENIUS PLAN. I SWEAR THAT KID KNOWS SOMETHING AND ISN’T TELLING US.

1st February 2010:
Here are some of my favorite quotes of the chappie. i'd do the whole story, but i can't cut and paste the whole story can i? can i...(:<

I growled. Yes, people, I growled. Like a dog. I give you permission to make fun of me.
LOVE THAT! growling-very IN LOVE evidence.

“Perfect.” He announced. “And now commences the get-back-at-annoying-muggle-girl-and-ex-girlfriend-by-pretending-to-be-dating-each-other plan. The GBAAMGAEGBPTBDEO for short.”
AH! the marauder spirit lives on! YAY :D

He grinned. “I know Rose. Just try. I know she loves you too.”
I sighed. “Alright, I guess...”
Yeah, not happening.

haha, you're making me lag on the immense amounts of homework i have, but it's WORTH IT! (:
favorite and of course 10/10!

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Review #12, by karinapotterv a n i l l a ♥ t w i l i g h t: Waldo the Giant Squid is my Lover

1st February 2010:
Peter, what an evil little creep. o__0
Waldo, the Giant Squid that no one saw coming x]
Teddy, the lovesick playboy (:
Victoire what a poor tortured soul! xD
just like Lily Evans, but at least James won her over, while Teddy hides in the corner and Peter flounces around. (giggle) flounces (giggle) (;
Great plot line so far, i'm wondering how our woman-loving-man will win the fiesty lady, it's amazing!
update please :D
10/10 and i favorited :D

Author's Response: aah, i'm glad you liked it! they're all freakos in their own ways, but you gotta love them. yes, even peter.
he's a vital character. just you wait and see ;)
hmm, how WILL teddy win over victoire?
you'll see :)
oh, i love being sneaky :D

chapter two is in the queue now, so it'll be any day!! hopefully...

teddy will emerge from that corner soon, dont worry.

thanks for the review :)

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Review #13, by karinapotterSparrow: who Wesley William-Anthoney Maximillian Sparrow really is.

27th December 2009:
Your story is so good this far, haha, two chapters in. (x

I feel really bad about Wes-I mean Sparrow (brilliant name!) and the fact that his parents are like the Dursley's, but I'm glad that Harry let him stay in his house, *wink-wink*, I have a feeling Harry's playing matchmaker. (;

I have a few questions though:
1-Doesn't Lily have FIVE brothers, not counting Teddy? I mean there's James, Albus, Alastor&Remus, and little Cedric. Wouldn't that make Teddy number six? I'm just wondering.
2-Is Albus and Sparrow good friends? Because they're in the same year, yet it seems like Lily is more-or-less the only Potter to be bestest friends with him.

Anyways, good job so far (:

Author's Response: thank you for your comments. :)
I'm going to be rewriting this soon and validating all the chapters that never got up, so thank you for highlighting your questions so I can fix them. :)

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Review #14, by karinapotterThe FLB Annoyance: The FLB Annoyance

17th November 2009:
GREAT STORY(: i love how Rose hates him with a firery passion and then he has to go shirtless. AH, that is so, AH xD
no words! Brilliant job!
where's your first story? :o
i can't seem to find it! ):

Author's Response: Shirtless is how I like my MEN. HAHA. I'm just kidding. Or am I? It's good to hear you say my one-shot is brilliant. I'm still a bit hesitant about it, but I tried lol. Thanks for the review! And my first story? What do you mean? The very first story I wrote was Love & Broomsticks, and I have not nor do I plan to continue this one-shot.

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Review #15, by karinapotterThe Morning Waffle: Sweetheart Pants

12th November 2009:
Haha! another chapter is up! YES!(: you should have seen me when i checked your story. i was laughing oddly for a good two minutes before mentally slapping myself for not clicking the button to open the chapter!
GREAT so far! but i was hoping for the slashy-ness. (might as well accept it) i can see there's going to be something interesting with Tibby and the sweetheart boxers (i want you know that i'm personally looking EXTREMELY forward to it).

i've been checking your page for like two weeks straight, hoping to magically see a new chapter!(: well can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: LOL, your review made me crack up. XD

Slashiness is not too far off, I think...a couple more chapters. ^_^

And I can't comment on Fred and Tibbs, but I'm glad you're thinking about it!

Your review is very flattering - thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

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Review #16, by karinapotterKeep Away: Once Oliver Wood, Always a Captain

5th November 2009:
"It’s the legs, Jane. I can’t be trusted"

He leaned closer. “What were you thinking about? About how good I look with no shirt, because I can’t blame you there. I think everyone out there was thinking it.” Oliver laughed.
“I know I was,” said Fred and Angelina elbowed him.

“I’m Captain until this train stops,” Oliver said breathlessly. He stole a tiny kiss. “And until then you have to obey my orders.”
I raised a brow. “Don’t you have someone else to boss around? Fifth year Shrieker girls? Ravenclaw Beaters? The rest of your bleeding team?”
“Kiss me, Perry,” Oliver said hoarsely.
I shook my head. “Oh, it’s Perry now, is it? So we’re back on the pitch, huh?”
He groaned. “I swear to Merlin, Jane, if you—”

^ those lines say it all

I LOVED THIS STORY! (: SADLY THEY DEPRIVE ME OF SLEEP AND PRIORITIES. i think i'm failing my math class because of you (x haha, it's worth it! you're so FRICKING BLOODY BRILLANT :D i love Oliver and Jane. Such a match-made-in-JKRowling-Heaven. The TWINS (couldn't get enough of the Leg comments), and the Angelina, Katie and Alicia, GREAT CHARACTERS!

i LOVE YOUR STORY! can't wait to read the SEQUEL :D GAH, you're amazing!

Author's Response: You'd better not be failing your math class because of me haha! between math problems? That's all I've got haha. I'm glad you love Jane and Oliver. I love both of them. Even more love and drama in the sequel I'm afraid, haha. Can't wait to see what you think of them. As for the twins...yes. They're amazing. Thanks so much for the lovely review! Can't wait to hear from you again in the sequel!

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Review #17, by karinapotterKeep Away: Oh Captain! My Captain!

4th November 2009:
“But that’s not the point,” said Fred. “Otherwise, when we’re not beating away Bludgers and making ridiculously inappropriate comments about the length of your leggies, we’re here for you.”

He put a finger up to silence me. “I want you to know something,” he said hoarsely and I shut my mouth. “I need you to know that I came back here for you.”

The twins! where in the world would Harry Potter be without those two?

Author's Response: I would just be simply lost without the twins. They're the best. Ever. I love them.

Thanks for the review, glad you like Oliver's cheeseballness :)

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Review #18, by karinapotterThe Morning Waffle: Dastardly Dishy Dexter

14th October 2009:
this story so far is amazing! i hate how it's rated mature though, i almost passed it up. THANK MERLIN I DIDN'T!(: haha the banter is to die for. for weird reasons unknown to me i always end up reading good stories late. so like at 11 o'clock at night i'm laughing my head off, trying to be quiet.

you are a brillant evil genuis trying to get me in trouble (:

waiting on the precious hour when it HPFF tells me you have a new chapter.

i'm dying here without Fred! and personally i would date Dexter or Fred (he's pretty dishy himself, verbally wise), if someone was describing a guy and used the word dishy, i would totally be into him. :D and for the slashy thing, as long as it isn't guy on guy, just more like guy HITTING on guy in an extremely (well in your case usual) funny way then i'll gladly keep reading!(:

10/10 because i can't rate higher (x

Author's Response: Oh, sorry the mature rating almost turned you off! I figured that might happen with a few readers, though I definitely don't think this story would be the same if it were rated any lower. But I'm glad you decided to read anyway! The M rating is largely for language, and I'm trying not to overdo the really strong language. ^_^

Brilliant evil genius? I like it. Should make it my official title. XD

I am currently working on the next chapter and hope to have it up soon! And don't worry about the slash -- I think it will be along the lines of what you said. ^_^

Thanks for your review!

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Review #19, by karinapotterHardboiled: Hardboiled

18th September 2009:
That was such a good story(: haha, at first i thought Ron lost his memory, that would be so sad): but then i read it.


but what i don't get is how Ron didn't know he was being played, i mean obviously if he were sleeping with Hermione i think he'd know. (x

and CONGRATS on the whole Dobby-Award thing! this story had some very funny wits about it. keep on writing!(:

Author's Response: Ron was just staying in character. XD

Thanks so much for your review! The Dobby win was very exciting. I had a lot of fun writing this fici, and I'm glad you enjoyed reading it!

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Review #20, by karinapotterCluedo: Cluedo: Mass murders in Malfoy Manor

23rd August 2009:
That was great!

Wow, i didn't know that Pansy was so vain that she'd want to kill just to get attention!

I like how forward and human-like Beady was, especially when he commented on the people's looks as well as the fights he had with Harry and Ginny.
It gave him a real, strong personality, something that most House-Elves don't have sadly.

But i felt sad that you killed Ginny. i love her!

But good story all in all! You should continue stories about Beady, i believe i would enjoy them immensely!

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Review #21, by karinapotterwith birds in her hair: The Sun Also Rises or; the Epilogue

17th August 2009:
my dear evie doherty, that was beyond brillant.

i think i've fallen for Vienna, she's just so beautiful and graceful even in the way she's quirky.

Sirius has amazed me, especially how all the teachers knew he'd grow up, doing all he's done for Vienna. i hated how he burned her books (i wanted to slap and kick him over&over for it), but i loved how it was HIM that replaced them and gave her flowers!(:

i loved the simplicity of the story, i mean of course you had the beautiful metaphors and meanings of life, but you put it in the way where it was the most beautiful heart-wrenching love story, brillant!

i loved the humor and the witty responses, especially from Remus.
i loved how awkward some situations were, i.e. the group hug and the man kiss!
(and i loved how Vienna just laughed at it!)

and i loved how Vienna lived her life according to what she learned it books, but not like the Hermione type (though i love Hermione) but like the hopeless romantic, that doesn't understand what romance is.

you've created a priceless character, and i applaud (heavily) for it.

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Review #22, by karinapotterStupid Boys: The Masterpiece

14th August 2009:
hey, i added this to my FAVORITES because it's just plain GENIUS!
(except you missed some letters)
but other than that, I LOVED IT!

I loved SIRIUS' plan, I SIRIUSLY love SIRIUS at the moment(:
well him and REMUS. but obviously, Remus is easy to love.

I loved Sirius's plan NAME: "Get-James-To-Admit-To-Fancying-Lily-Then-Asking-Her-Out-Successfully-While-Simultaneously-Making-Sirius-Look-Fantastic".
BLOODY BRILLANT! (if i may be so bold)

i loved the way that lily and james had to fight and GAIN the passion untill it outpoured!

i loved SIRIUS and his stupid but extremely clever plans that worked in the way you never thought they would and i just loved the custard, which regrettably is making me hunger for some at the moment.

so i added it to one of my favorites(:
thanks for a FABULOUS story

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Review #23, by karinapotterThe 30 Points Plan: Boys will be boys...

13th August 2009:
hey, this chapter was SO funny, I loved the comment about James' grandmother.

but i loved Remus' comment as well,
"your grandmother was never a boy."
haha, priceless. i love the witty banter between the guys, it's so clever and funny.

Author's Response: Haha you're not the first to point out that part. I'm glad you like the banter and such and thanks for the review!

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