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Review #1, by RumorYou Want To Make A Memory?: The Eulogy

19th December 2009:
Ohh... I'm gonna cry...
That last scene with Sirius and Remus was like, so dramatic, and so sad, and so AMAZING... Poor Remus! I feel so bad for him! That thing about him not being able to cry, and then all the pain he kept inside, and how finally, Remus' parents knew how much he loved them, and...
Ugh, I seriously AM gonna cry.
It's funny, cuz I definitely wasn't this sad when James' parents died. As horrible as this sounds, I feel like Harry and Anna were more of a loss (and they were KILLED, they didn't just die). We got to know them better throughout the story and James isn't quite as guilt-ridden over it as Remus is...
The funeral was super depressing too. I can totally see Remus running out like that! Poor guy! The whole thing with Harry, too. I was about to laugh when Remus was afraid he was gonna"break the baby" but then I realized he was actually scared!
I don't know, I guess I was expecting a little bigger reaction out of Remus when he heard the baby's name, but at the same time he was definitely not in the mood to be happy or thankful, so I guess it's alright.
I don't want Sirius and James to start doubting Remus! Make it end differently! Noo!!! It's so tragic!!
Keep writing, and update soon, cuz the next chapter looks uplifting...

Author's Response: I've had that scene planned long before I started writing this story, so you have no idea how thrilled I was to actually get to write it. I can see why you may not be as sad over the Potters' deaths, seeing as the Lupins were more prominent throughout the whole story. James has nothing to be guilty over since they died of natural causes. Remus thinks his involvement with the Order was the cause of their deaths. Yeah, Remus was really scared when Lily had him hold Harry, but he calmed down a bit. I understand that you would expect a bigger reaction. Remus is happy about their choice of name, he just can't bring himself to show it. I can't make it end differently, I'm sorry! Ha, you'll think it's uplifting... Thanks for reading!

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Review #2, by RumorYou Want To Make A Memory?: Old Life and New Life

13th December 2009:
When I saw this new chapter up, I got so nervous! But it was an excited nervous. I can't believe Lily had the baby! I just went back and skimmed all the times throughout the years where Lily expressed her hatred for James, and it made me laugh so hard to think that she was having his son!
But it was a bittersweet happiness, too. Poor Remus...
He's defnitiley my favorite character (and you seem to have the best grip on him in your writing) and it makes me so sad when he's sad... Uggh and his dad was so freakin cool...
I've never had a close family or friend die, so I honestly have no idea what he's going through. I wish he had a sibling or some family member to console with, but he's such a tough can to open, especially when he's feeling down...
And they way they were killed, too. It was so pointless, so nonchalent, almost like it was just in good sport. I can't see Harry not putting up a fight, though. Aww, man, I just remembered--Anna's just a Muggle! Jeez...
Please tell me Remus will go on some revengful streak and murder a whole bunch of Death Eaters with his mad skills. I think it would be good for him.
Now that Harry's born, the only thing you have left to do really is set the stage for everyone to start suspecting Remus and then hit the first dominoe. Poor Remus (again)... his parents die, and then everybody starts hating him!
I can't wait to see his reaction when James tells him the baby's name is Harry. Aww.
Update soon! Again!

Author's Response: I know, it is funny to think she hated him so much and then she marries him and they have a son together. But as long as they're happy... Thanks! Remus is my favorite as well, so to hear that is really nice :) I know... Mr. Lupin was such a cool dad. I've never had someone that close die either, so I had to be really careful to make this realistic. Remus is defiitely difficult when it comes to opening up and the end of the next chapter is Sirius trying to do just that. Harry did put up a fight, because Anna was a Muggle. He knew she wouldn't stand a chance against the Death Eaters, so he fought to defend her and they both died in the professor. Nooo Remus isn't going to go on a vengeful streak, it's just not his character. I'm working on setting the stage for everyone to suspect Remus. You'll see the laying out of in chapter 91 and I'm still working on it. I have a feeling Peter will be involved in it. Thanks for reading!

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Review #3, by RumorRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 3): Troubles with Tea Leaves

8th December 2009:
"It's going to be all over the school. My mother would be horrified."

"My mother would be thrilled."

AHAHA. I laughed out loud. I could TOTALLY see Sophia flipping out and being SOOO happy. Ahh, she's one of my favorites. Poor Remus. ;)
This chapter was a fun, entertaining read, and as usual, it makes me look forward to the next. You definitely capture Lavander Brown in her element--even though she only really becomes a character for a few chapters in the sixth book, I think you did a very good job of relaying that glimpse we get of her into this story. That, coupled with Kerri's sarcastic sense of humor, made it a great chapter.
Yay for Hermione! I just lovelovelove her in this story. I can see she and Kerri becoming good friends in a couple years. And Harry, as well. I wish it was easier for you to put some good Kerri interacting with Harry scenes in there without getting too into the story and breaking the rules but I'm sure you'll find a way around it, cuz you're a good writer like that.
Remus and Kerri are just AMAZING. I can't even realy to you how much I LOVE them together!! It's so sweet. Every kiss is meaningful and they just go together so well...
I can't wait for the next chapter (but what else is new?).

Author's Response: Thanks.

I'm thinking about bringing Sophia back into the story soon, to keep people from forgetting about her if nothing else. I have so many characters now that it's hard to juggle back and forth between canon and non-canon.

I wanted to portray Lavender as being the average teenager girl. Talkative, silly, overly romantic, a bit self absorbed. Going into this I only knew that I wanted to include a scene with her but had no idea what form it would take. I started writing and the pregnancy rumor just sort of happened.

I'm glad you like Hermione. Comments on how I betray her have been all over the place. Some people think she's out of character, others don't. Actually, the reason you don't see more of Harry is because I'm terrified of him. He's the main character in canon so it makes me nervous to write him, knowing that people will probably scrutinize him more than anyone. I'm much more comfortable with the older generation (Remus's generation particularly) than with the younger ones.

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Review #4, by RumorIn My Time of Dying: The Minister of Magic

8th December 2009:
I guess the only thing I can say is that it was worth the wait. I get so excited whenever a new chapter pops up--AAH! It's amazing!
There's not much I can say that I haven't said in past reviews or stories, but I really love your style. It's so easy, so flowing, so smooth... it's a joy to read.
I could go on forever but I have to go so I'll cut this short.
I love Sirius, and Remus, and James, and Lily, and EVERYBODY except Bella, Peter, Lucius, Narcissa, and the Minister. Although I'm sure he's a swell guy, men who smell nasty just don't hit a good note with me.
Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how glad I am that you got this chapter up, no matter how long it took.

Author's Response: ROFL. You're funny :D Well, I am glad you find it worth the wait. I personally think this is one of my worst chapters ever. I am NOT happy with it at all, and I don't know what to do about it. It does technically fulfill the plans that I had for it, so I can't really complain about that. I guess the idea just didn't meet my expectations, and I wasn't that sure of this idea in the first place but decided to keep it. I'm definitely glad you like my writing style, though.

LOL I feel bad that you don't like the Minister. He really is a nice guy (not that I plan on showing that much, I don't think I'll be writing much of him, and I think he's going to retire soon after his scare lol) - it's not his fault he's been forced to sit in a dungeon for weeks! It's... well. Mine, I guess.

You really should like Peter. I know what he did was really bad, but I have some plans for that which I hope will make it seem - not better or excusable - understandable. I'll never forgive him for it myself, but I'll just say that he never MEANT to be evil :)

I'll try to get the next chapter up sooner. This one really took a while because I was so unhappy and afraid of it. But now its over and hopefully the next should be a little easier to deal with.

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Review #5, by RumorYou Want To Make A Memory?: No Longer Boys

5th December 2009:
Ahahaa... poor Remus...
Can I tell you how much I LOVE Harry Lupin right about now? HE'S SO AMAZING. He's like the greatest OC in this story. I don't want him to die...
Big stuff is gonna happen in the next chapter, isn't it? I'm so anxious! Please tell me it will be up really unusually fast. Like, tomorrow. Please. I beg of you.
Once again, you're writing is amazing. I don't know how to tell you how much I admire your efforts and the sheer will you put into this story. It takes a truley strong author to keep this story going for 88 chapters. And it's not even done yet.
As always, I anticipate the next chapter.

Author's Response: I love him too, he honestly is my favorite of the parents. Yep, big happenings in the next chapter. Maybe I'll have it up early next week, but definitely not tomorrow. I posted this today because I'll be helping to take down a set all day tomorrow. I'm glad you like this so much! Thanks for reading! - Yay fatherhood for James!!

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Review #6, by RumorYou Want To Make A Memory?: No Turning Back

28th November 2009:
I don't know whether to dig up Peter's dead body and burn it or to cry!!! That one part where Peter is scratching his arm, I actually gasped and said, super loudly, "NOO!! PETE!!! YOU DIDN'T!!" This story is getting so good... not that it wasn't always, but it's like... aahhh. stuff is happening! The end is nigh!! Run away while you can!
Your writing style is... wow! You can really see how much it's improved over this saga (and I say saga, not novel, because it's covered more than 20 years, step by step, leaving no details out! That's impressive!) It's always really suspensful and intense. The scene where Peter is walking down the street is a good example--it's going through Peter's head, seeing his train of thought, and it gets so intense, yet all he's doing is walking down a street! It's like this for the whole thing, too! I get giddy anticipating the next chapter, every time!
I really do love this story. A lot. And my god, this whole series of chapters (from when they graduate until now) is just awesome! I can barely put it in words of how pumped I am about the tragic end, even though I know how it's going to happen. I just love reading your take on it. YOu put so much detail and care into one scene, it's... really cool. That's lame, but it's all I can think of.
As always, get the next chapter out soon, because it looks intense! I love Remus!

Author's Response: Do it, dig up his body! Ha, I'm glad that got such a reaction out of you. I wanted to smack him there when I wrote it. The end is definitely nigh, I'm so close it's making me ridiculously happy and sad at the same time.

I think that's how it always goes when you write something for so long, you're writing just has to get better at some point. Peter was a nervous wreck walking down that street. He had no idea where he was going.

With these chapters there's so much I can do with them now that they're out of the confines of the school. Ooh the end. I do have to say that, since JKR wrote the actual death of Lily and James in DH, I won't be touching that obviously. Though their story will stop somewhere right before that. Then you'll see the fates of Sirius and Peter, and Remus's reaction to it all before I put up the epilogue.

The next chapter will be up next week, though it may be a little late (or early). School play opening, my usual update day (Sunday) is set strike and I won't be near a computer. The next chapter actually starts a an arch of 3 Remus dedicated chapters, so hopefully you like them. Thanks for reading (and the 500th review!)!

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Review #7, by RumorYou Want To Make A Memory?: Sealing Their Fate

15th November 2009:
Ok, that's it.
Peter is dead.
I strangled him. I stabbed him. I set Moony on him. I set the Dementors on him. I threw him in a pit of dragons. I shoved a plastic bag down his fat throat.
I don't know how, but he's DEAD.

Oh my god. You are CRUEL to leave it at a cliffhanger like that. CRUEL. I can't believe it! The whole time I was reading the part in that room with Ol' Voldy, my mouth was hanging open. That was really smart about the mirrors, though. Definitely something to put in a "Wizarding War Survival Kit".
Ahaha, I crack myself up :)
Poor Sirius! That must've sucked when his best friend, best friend's wife, and future Godson got spirited away like that! I'm assuming it was him who burst in to save the day like that...?
Okay, you really need to update, like NOW.
-Your adoring, fidgeting, nerviously anticipating the next chapter,

Author's Response: Wow... I think it's safe to assume Peter's dead, and you really hate him. Don't worry, I don't blame you. Gone is the adorable boy we all once loved...

I don't put cliffhangers in very often, so it had to be done now. Yeah, the mirrors definitely came in handy and are something to put in your survival kit (which would be awesome if it really existed).

It really did suck for Sirius, luckily he thought fast, as you will see in the next chapter. I'm going to put the next chapter up over the weekend. Thanks for reading!

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Review #8, by RumorBy the Light of the Moon: A Dangerous Secret

12th November 2009:
This is extremely well written. Your imagery is fantastic--especially that opening scene by the lake. You really capture the thoughts and emotions of the characters, and the added bonus of people like Molly make it a fun read.
I really enjoyed this! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading my fic!!! I'm glad you liked the lake scene and the part with Molly. There will be more of her in the second chapter, which I'm working hard at right now! :)

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Review #9, by RumorRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 3): Night and Day

10th November 2009:
"I don't hear any screaming though so it must be okay."
That line literally made me snort into my hot cocoa!
I love the comparison between Luna and Hermione. I never really thought about them like that--really compared. It was entertaining, to say the least.
Ahh... Peter is really pissing me off. That part about Kerri changing into a different nightgown gave me goose bumps because I was imagining Peter sitting up in his safe little cage, watching her with a smile! UGH! No wonder he's been "feeling better"!
I love Isis. She's awesome. What a great way to foreshadow the Peter thing, if it wasn't already canon.
Just some observations--you don't really seem to have a very tight hold on Hermione and Luna as characters yet. Yes, they definitely act the right way and say the right things, but somehow they just seem distant.
Actually, Remus is getting distant too! Have him come back into the story! :'( I miss his awesomeness!
Overall, a great read. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Makes sense...werewolf on the loose...people would be screaming...

I've always thought of Luna and Hermione as exact opposites. One takes everything on faith and the other one only believes fact. I actually think I like Luna better than Hermione. She's certainly more fun. Opinions on how I handle Luna and Hermione seem to be all over the place right now. Some people think I'm doing better and some don't.

Isn't Peter a perv? Kerri will remember undressing in front of him later and be ready to kill him. I'd love to let her but I am trying to stick to canon as much as possible so Peter will die the way he did in book 7. Which just ruins my fun.

People do keep asking for more Remus. I'm working on a chapter right now where he and Kerri go out on a date and end up discussing the future of their relationship.

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Review #10, by RumorYou Want To Make A Memory?: Be At Peace

10th November 2009:
Aww... so sad...
But it was coming, sort of. Ugh, that's the one thing I hate about these kind of stories--I already know how it's gonna end! But it's so worth it... I love this story...
Now I'm wondering when Remus' dad is gonna die. Lily wouldn't name her kid after one of her friend's dads for no reason, now would she? Ahaha, that sounds so terrible...
I can see that the next chapter is gonna be Peter's chat with a Death Eater.
Update soon, so I can break his fat neck, ok?

Author's Response: Yeah that is the bad thing, but at least there were a lot of good chapters with them. Not saying anything about your question about Harry... Yep, that's what's happening. I'll try and edit it so it's up by the weekend. Thanks for reading!

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Review #11, by RumorQueerditch Marsh: Chapter Three

6th November 2009:
Ahh! Please tell me you're going to finish this one as well! It's really good!
I can totally see Finley and Sophie getting together. After all, the Potters and the Peverells are meant to be! Otherwise, how would that invisibility cloak reach Harry? Also, I love Finley's Quidditch awesomeness. He's really cool. But how in the world can a quiet, self-spoken boy possibly be the ancestor of JAMES POTTER?
Ahaha, just kidding. :)
It's really good. I hope you get around to it some day...

Author's Response: I was planning on finishing this, but it's hard to get in the mindset for it when I'm so involved in the Marauder story. But I enjoyed writing it so far and I liked the idea!

You're right about Finley and Sophie. I feel bad for saying that, I hope I haven't spoiled anything for you, but it looks like you already have things figured out and it's fairly obvious anyway, given their last names.

LOL! Hey not all Potter's are loud. Who knows, maybe James got his loudness from the Peverell side :)

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Review #12, by RumorRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 3): Kerri's Patient

3rd November 2009:
Before I get in to the chapter, I want to talk about this story...
The other day in english class, I was doodling on my paper, and guess what popped out? Kerri. And Remus. And I got thinking... really, this story is incredible. The characters are so real, and so original at the same time--I know how hard that can be. But these two (and Kerri in particular) just have a way of sticking... Their relationship always reminds me of a Dave Matthews song. If you haven't heard him before, you should try listening (I recommend "Stay or Leave"). He's an incredible musician--he takes all the different parts and melodies and twines them together into beautiful songs about love, and it's so gentle yet deep... Just like how I see these two. It's a really enjoyable read, and all the elements and side-plots and things just kind of mix to form one beautiful story. :) Also, in that same english class, another thing popped into my head--a quote from the part when Kerri and Remus first kiss. He's describing her hands, "Both a pleasure and a pain..." It just hit me that Remus wasn't only describing her hands. Kerri herself is a wonderful person, but like everyone, has her faults and blemishes, and it just all suddenly seemed so much more REAL to me.
And I'm blabbing on and on.
The chapter was great. It had a hint of humor to it in Ron's obvious-or-not adoration of Scabbers, and the whole thing with Isis and "kneazles acting up around untrustworthy people" really hit home. I'm dreading but looking forward to Kerri's perspective of the Shrieking shack scene (which she won't be at, obviously, but she'll for sure hear of it) and Wormtail's disguise. It will also be nice to see a more inside view of Remus' reaction...
Speaking of, it was really cute how excited he was over Harry's first lesson. :) I love it when he's all happy and young like that!
I hope Basil shapes up soon, before everyone quits on him. He's being such a dork. Oh, and Tonks' Camp Hell sounds great too. I love how she describes it! "it turns out that Hell is not actually underground..."
Ok, I've talkied long enough. Keep up the writing, it's going strong!

Author's Response: Thanks, that's quite a compliment that you think about my story in school and can actually quote lines from way back in year one. I really think that I have the best readers in all of hpff. Some of the compliments I've been getting from you all are so incredible. One person has even drawn fan art from my story.

I've heard of Dave Matthews but I don't think I've ever listened to him. Maybe if any of the songs came up on the radio, but since getting my mp3 player I hardly listen to the radio at all now.

Kerri will be furious when she hears about the Shrieking Shack scene. She'll be kicking herself, wishing she'd been there to do something about it, and then she'll probably want to go kick Snape for causing so much trouble. She'll have an adventure of her own that night though. It's a scene that I've written way in advance. Someone had to go out and contain the berserk werewolf that was loose that night, right?

I imagine Remus probably thinks of Harry in an almost paternal sort of way. Most likely he did get to spend time with Harry when Harry was a baby so he's naturally interested in seeing how the kid has turned out. In canon he certainly jumped at the chance to give Harry a little extra attention when Harry was unable to go with the others to Hogsmeade.

Basil will straighten out...eventually. I've also just finished the scene where Tonks returns from Camp Hell and she's flashing her new Auror badge around.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #13, by RumorYou Want To Make A Memory?: Can't Always be the Hero

1st November 2009:
ARGH! Peter is being positively EVIL! Even more evil than Voldemort! When I was reading that first part, I was so shocked, it was just unbearable! UGH! What a SLIMEBALL! And then to not even show up at the battle!! ROAR!!
Ok... ok, I'm good now. Just.. UGH.
I'm really happy for Lily, no matter how bad of an idea it was to get preggers in the middle of a war. I mean really... it's cute. And the way her "motherhood" kicked in... *sigh*
I'm still fuming over Peter. Please get the next chapter out soon so I can get over it.

Author's Response: You're going to hate Peter even more considering what I just wrote. I'm beginning to hate him too and I've just written his first talk with the Death Eaters, though he has no idea that's who they are, but they've planted ideas in his head.

I'm happy for Lily too, even if getting pregnant was a bad idea. Without that, we wouldn't have the series, would we? Oh Lily's motherhood kicks in a few times.

You won't hate Peter so much in the next chapter, considering he's barely in it. Thanks for reading!

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Review #14, by RumorIn My Time of Dying: Apologies and Proposals

1st November 2009:
Wow, right on time! This chapter was amazing!
Sirius' thoughts on Remus... ugh! I know what's going to happen and it's jsut so horrible! But it seems odd that it's happening so soon--Remus' "adjusting" is going to have to drag out for a while. Past Lily and James' wedding, past Harry being born, all the way up until Harry's a year old! It seems strange that it would last that long when Remus wasn't gone for more that a few months, but maybe other stuff will happen.
Moody... you know, he just got a whole lot more respect in my eyes. I always thought it was foolish and childish how he seemed to have a grudge against Sirius, but now I finally understand, and it's like... wow. I especially liked the whole part where Moody talked about how he would like Sirius, more than anyone in the entire Order (even Dumbledore!) to fight by his side! It's pretty cool.
And finally, James and Lily! Yay! I was so looking forward to the moving in part, but I'm so glad you added the marraige proposal in there too! I think it was alright that you ended it where you did, without Lily's reaction, because everyone reading this (hopefully) already knows what the answer was. But also, even if they had been two completely different characters in a completely different book, it's easy to see how these two just fit together so well, and that it would be ludricrous for her to say no.
I can't wait for the next chapter. Really. This is my favorite story on the site!

Author's Response: Hey Rumor! LOL i have to be on time and stay on top of this if I hope to get as much done as I want to. I have a terrible habit of slacking.

It's definitely a little soon for Sirius to be suspecting Remus of anything, and he certainly doesn't yet. He's just noticed that Remus is a little different, and he chalks it up to the werewolf thing, plus he's probably still mourning the loss of his father. Remus will be back to normal soon, so it won't be some weird long lasting thing :) But when the doubt sets in of a traitor later on, Sirius will remember this time. It won't be ongoing though :)

I'm glad you liked Moody! I think he has good reason for doubting Sirius, and at the same time, really stupid reason. But he is definitely smart, and I thought it would be saying a lot to have him prefer Sirius to fight with. Sirius doesn't fight for any reason but to prove himself, and if he screws up, he would probably be too ashamed to ever show his face again.

Haha, I kind of ended a little abruptly, but I'm glad you agree that it was a good place. I didn't want to go into this whole tears of joy, evening of romance thing, you know?? I am planning on the next chapter to be posted on the 4th (hopefully written tomorrow) and definitely thrilled its your fav. story on site.

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Review #15, by RumorIn My Time of Dying: Conversations

20th October 2009:
Yes! A new chapter! I've been waiting forever, it seems like!
It's wonderful. Sirius' doubts, Remus' return, and now Lily's problem... aah!
I hope Lily moves in with James. I'm really looking forward to him popping the question.
I just realized something... In the third book, Harry stops Remus and Sirius from killing Peter because he "doesn't want them to become murderers". God. That must have been hard for Sirius. I wonder, though... will Remus ever have to kill anyone?
I really can't wait for the next chapter to come out. Really. This probably my favorite story on this site.

Author's Response: It has been forever indeed! nearly 2 months, I believe. I'm sorry! I had such a hard time with this one, both with the content and with buckling down to actually get it done.

I'm glad, after all this chapter has been through, that you liked it :D Especially since its so much dialogue, sometimes chapters like this don't go over very well. I originally had plans for the wedding to be happening very quickly after this incident, but I am thinking I might push it back a little now.

I think it is so fun to try to think of certain things that happened in the books and see if I can get them to match up with what I'm writing. Or try to think of what went through his mind when Harry said some things. I don't know if I'll have Remus killing anyone or not. I've been back and forth on that for all of them. It's a war, it wouldn't be uncommon if he did. It wouldn't make him a bad person. But can we really picture Remus killing? I don't know.

Next chapter, hopefully November 1st :) I've decided to write 50k on this story for NaNoWrimo.

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Review #16, by RumorRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 3): The Start of Term

15th October 2009:
Mmm... break ME off a piece of that hot werewolf...
I have to tell you, I've been excited about this chapter ever since the middle of the second book, when it first started to sink in that Kerri was going to be a PROFESSOR. I mean really... that's freaking awesome! I hope she reaches her goal of helping those kids appreciate Care of Magical Creatures. And it was a really great twist to have Diggory in the class. Next year's gonna be prettty awesome, isn't it?
I noticed something, however. Cedric's in the fifth year Hufflepuff class, but next year he would have to be a seventh year in order to participate in the TriWizard Tournament. Heh, just a tiny slip up, but there are so few mistakes in these stories that I find it hard to put anything useful in the reviews!
Severus' attitude is reminding me of a small child. It's funny, yes, and it's the same way he acted in the books, but even then it felt dumb and just exhausting. He's always complaining about how tired he is and how much he hates teaching, but why make it any harder for himself? He's acting like the very students he despises.
As always, keep writing, keep this story going, and keep up the beautiful work!

Author's Response: Thanks.

I wanted to put some emphasis on the fact that Cedric is one of Kerri's students. He seems to be the kind of person she would like and it will probably hit her very hard when he gets killed. I like to set up little dramas like that. I thought he was a sixth year in book four though. Maybe I'm wrong. I was relying on memory when I put him in the fifth year class.

I think that Snape behaves the way he does because he's very emotionally damaged. He had a hard time growing up and I don't think he ever really had a chance. Then he fell in love with Lily, lost her to James, and became responsible for her death. The guy is an emotional wreck so it's no wonder that his behavior is sometimes a bit off.

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Review #17, by RumorUntamed: Chapter Two: Changes

7th October 2009:
God... this story... is just amazing.
I love the effect of the capital letters. The moon as She, Her, The Mother. The Blood. Her Love. It's all just so... wow.
Fenrir has really gone off the deep end. Or has he? There may be more to this than what is innitially given.
But quick question... how did he get all the way to Transylvania? Where did he come from in the first place? Why did he leave? It appeared that he had plenty of prey back in his home town... but I suppose it would get boring after a while, and of course, he would be hunted. Haha, there I go, answering my own question.
But enough babbling.
This story is awesome. Like I said before, it really digs down deep--into Greyback, into the life of werewolves, into the insanity of the Wild. You have a real talent with words. Your chapters are short but so much happens, mentally, emotionally, and of course, physically, that it doesn't need to be lengthened. His "progression into an animal-like state", his "taste for small children", his awful taste for blood, wolf form or not, are just the first scrapings of this mind that is so feared--and so unknown--to the wizarding world.
I await your next chapter, no matter how long the between time will be.
Keep writing.

Author's Response: -blushes-
Thank youu so much! I'm very happy that you're enjoying it! =D

Hahaa, Fenrir hasn't gone off the deep end yet. Close, but not yet. That's for future chapters. :P

And yesss, he left England because he was hunted after his initial murder of his parents, and of course, other people. (Crazzy little werewolf...xD)

I have great plans for Fenrir...but not enough time to write it all out! Arghh...>.< But I will try and get the next one out ASAP!

Thank you so much for your lovely reviews and support! I reallly, really, appreciate it! :D

snowfallingonroses xx

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Review #18, by RumorYou Want To Make A Memory?: Spreading the News

27th September 2009:
Aww! The little Marauders (+ Lily) are growing up!
Actually, I just went back and reread the first chapter before reading this one and...
Ahh, it's hilarious!
This chapter was great--I love Lily's blow-up.
"Lily felt her cheeks redden, and she was sure her face must be purple because she was certain she was turning blue from lack of oxygen" LOL!
Keep writing, and the fluff was awesome.

Author's Response: *Sniffles* I know! T-they're so grown up! Kind of, physically, mentally some of them are still children *coughSIRIUScough* Wow, there has to be a bit of a difference between the boys then and them now.

Lily's blow up was so much fun to write, just letting her vent at Petunia.

I forgot about that line, poor Lily. She turned purple!

Thanks for reading!

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Review #19, by RumorUntamed: Untamed -Chapter One

23rd September 2009:
Just... wow.
The story is breath-taking. Your imagery is fantastic, but the way you delve into the character's minds is... incredible. Fenrir Greyback has a new life, has been reborn, and I'll never think of him the same again. I'm eager but terrified to continue--please keep writing.
The fact that I got shivers while reading this just shows what talent you have as an author. The effect of the italics and the switching of viewpoints and the falling, destroyed sand... Agh! It could be straight out of a Stephen King novel!
I's begging you to continue with this. It's just... Wow.

Author's Response: Ahahahaa! Thanks so much! =D

I will definitely be continuing with this. Stay tuned for futher chapters! :)

Again, thank you. I REALLY appreciate getting reviews. Especially lovely ones such as your own! The fact that you think my chapter could've come out of a SK novel is extremely flattering, makes me really happy. ^.^

Hahaa, you just made my day. :P

snowfallingonroses xx

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Review #20, by RumorYou Want To Make A Memory?: Motorcycles and Wedding Crashing

8th September 2009:
Haha, yes! I love James and Lily, no matter what. :)
I know this is a little bit late, but I've been wondering for a very long time... How did James end up getting the stag hairs for his animagus? I don't think it was mentioned...
But anyways, as always, great chapter. I'm really REALLY excited for James to pop the question, and for Sirius, Remus, and Peter's reaction!
I think the fluff in this chapter was definitely needed, after that order mission and the whole Peter deal. What is his problem, anyway?? It's not like I don't already know, but still... If I were in his position I would be glad just to hang out with the marauders ONCE. I'm dreading his betrayal. I never really realized how much that scenario split up the four guys--James and Sirius suspected Remus, who suspected Sirius, but it was really Peter the whole time! Argh!
*sigh* anyways, you better get a new chapter up soon, because I love this story!
And you for writing it!

Author's Response: James and Lily are awesome, it stinks what happens to them. Uh... that's a really good question. I can't remember whether I wrote it or not. I guess over the summer James went out and found the hairs. The question popping will be done in chapter 78. You're really going to see James's parents reactions and Petunia's reactions more than anything, though you'll know the others are happy for them. Oh the fluff was definitely needed, considering what happened and what's coming. Peter's jealous, really. And it's all coming out of misunderstandings. It's horrible that he's the cause of the destruction of one of the strongest friendships. I'm working on the next chapter. Thanks for reading!

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Review #21, by RumorYou Want To Make A Memory?: Into the Woods

24th August 2009:
First of all, I would like to thank you. You are one of the only authors I know who can write a decent story and keep it up for SO LONG without dying or going crazy. Your ideas are neverending, your sense of humor would rival the marauders themselves, and your character development is flawless. You have managed to bring the eleven-year-old mischeifers into eighteen-year-old adults. Thank you for an incredible story.
Second of all, I would like to mention that I have been following your story for a while. I had a different account (Fullmoon) a while ago and was a huge fan of this piece then.
Finally, keep up the good work, and keep writing!

Author's Response: Actually I think I went crazy writing their fourth year (hence the whole Greyback situation), but it was a good kind of crazy! I've tried so hard with this fic so I'm glad to see you like how it's turning out. Ooh I remember you! I'm glad to see you're still following this! Thanks for reading!

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