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Review #1, by UMBlueMusicTwo Left Feet: Two Left Feet

29th April 2006:
Oh Si, this is so cute. :) I think you captured what Neville was feeling wonderfully, as well as Ginny's character with her blunt "Did I dump you when" etc. line. Its absolutely wonderful. ^_^ Made me feel all happy after a horrible time at work.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks Umby *blushes* I'm glad I oculd cheer you up though *sends more happy vibes your way*

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Review #2, by UMBlueMusicSo This Is What It's Really Like: 3 a.m.

24th April 2006:
This was absolutely wonderful! I loved the little bits of banter between the two of them; it was completely the way I'd picture it to be. Ginny ordering him around and all of that. Very very cute. ^_^ Great job.

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Review #3, by UMBlueMusicThe Game of Love: Dream Deferred

3rd January 2006:
Pssh, this is good! I haven't read many Oliver/OC fics that kept me interested, but you made her well-rounded as a character. I'm adding this story to my favorites; I'm definitely going to be reading the rest of this. ^_^

Author's Response: i think I've died and gone to heaven - umby likes one of my fics! Next chapter should be up soon ;)

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Review #4, by UMBlueMusicDos Gardenias: Dos Gardenias

22nd November 2005:
Lexi, I love this story. Its incredibly romantic, but it doesn't have that overbearing fluffy feel that a lot of romance stories seem to have on this archive. I love the way they bump into each other; what are the chances? But its really cute. :) Amazing, amazing job.

Author's Response: *blinks* wah, I am like uber ecstatic that you liked it; I really loved the idea of them meeting like this and well ... I thought it was cute. speaking of chances - the possiblity is always there ;) hehe. anywho. thank you mucho Mary, I really appreciate your reviews and I always love reading them. *hugs and hands yummy chocolate cookie*

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Review #5, by UMBlueMusicPeanut: Miss Genius

19th November 2005:
I love the way you wrote this! I totally used to write in my journal that way. Awesome job, Alex. :)

Author's Response: lmao. xD I'm glad you liked it ^.^ I have to admit, I used to write in mym journal that way as well...besides the fact I could never keep a journal for over a week. ^^; <3

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Review #6, by UMBlueMusicCold as Ice: Cold as Ice

18th November 2005:
Wow. I completely loved this. Your writing flows so well and the narrative was just perfect. I'm adding it to my favorites. ^_^ My banner completely doesn't do this story justice.

Author's Response: *wraaah* *jumps* thanks a lot, girl, it means so much coming from you. *looks shocked* doesn't do it justice? pah, I like it, thank you very much ;) and well, I'll sure be requesting from you again if you're not satisfied :) *mwah haaa* thanks again *hugs* ^^ Lexi

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Review #7, by UMBlueMusicHeart's Desire, Part One: I Show Not Your Face But Your Heart's Desire

17th November 2005:
That is one of the cutest things I've ever read. ^_^ I think the only thing I would change is a small, minor, detail - I would possibly double space a bit more between paragraphs; I'm a little blind (^_^) and had a hard time reading some of it. I love James/Lily fiction; I think its some of the best because there is just so much to work with for those two.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much.. Yeah, I know about the paragraph thing, I'm just too lazy too change it. I think I might have to though, a lot of people have complained about it o__O Thank you for reviewing!!=)

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Review #8, by UMBlueMusicThis Never Happened: Part One

17th November 2005:
Short, and there are some grammatical errors and the word "due" isn't spelled right, but a good start.

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Review #9, by UMBlueMusicChronicles: Portkeys and Panic Attacks

16th November 2005:
Wait, I just figured it out. I need to pay closer attention to titles. Interesting twist, though.

Author's Response: Lol, it happens a lot with that chapter :)

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Review #10, by UMBlueMusicChronicles: Portkeys and Panic Attacks

16th November 2005:
Ooh, how'd she get there? I love the descriptions that you use, Kay; they're really great. It puts me right in her shoes. I think that its hard to write a good second person narrative, and you definitely know how to do it.

Author's Response: Honestly, i find writing second person so much easier than wiritng in the third and dont even get me started on the first. Second person gives you so much freedom for narrative rather that dialogue. You can really write a great monologue when you're writing from the character's point like that :) It can be a little difficult at times when you hit a scene that would be best displayed from a birdseye view but I still wouldn't trade it :)

I'm glad you're enjoying it and it's great to have a new reader :)

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Review #11, by UMBlueMusicChronicles: Mishaps and Meetings

16th November 2005:
Wow; I love the style of your writing. I don't think I've read anything quite like this. You've definitely intrigued me; on to the next chapter. :)

Author's Response: Yay!

Enjoy it!

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Review #12, by UMBlueMusicKnitting For The HouseElves: Knit Knit Kiss

15th November 2005:
Knitting needles aren't sharp; they're blunt at the ends, so one would never have gone through his thumb. I'm not really a fan of stories that change points of view, but I like that you built this on a "What if?" from the books. Cute. ^_^

Author's Response: lol true, ture. thanks

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Review #13, by UMBlueMusicYou Fancy Me Mad - A Rat's Tail: You Fancy Me Mad

12th November 2005:
O. M. G. Trix, this is rediculously good. I loved every second of it. Your description is amazing, the flow of it is perfect, and the whole thing just fits together perfectly. Now I've just got to go read everything else you've ever written; you're definitely going in my favs. You're bloody brilliant. ^_^

Author's Response: Awh umby, thanks so much! It means so much reading all that from someone you admire!

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Review #14, by UMBlueMusicOne Blue Line: One Blue Line

28th October 2005:
Haha, I love this. Very well written, with a great twist at the end.

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Review #15, by UMBlueMusicSnivellus' Sister: Little Sister

25th October 2005:
You're banner is too large; you should fix that before they delete your story.

Author's Response: My banner is within the guidlines thank you.

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Review #16, by UMBlueMusicThe Dark Street of London: The Dark Street of London

18th October 2005:
I can't see either character acting like this.

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Review #17, by UMBlueMusicHarry Potter: The Musical: Oh What A Beautiful Mornin'

18th October 2005:
Cute. ^_^ I got the first review *cheers* Can't wait to see whats up next.

Author's Response: Chapter 2 has already been submitted, thanks for the review, I'm glad you thought it was cute lol

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Review #18, by UMBlueMusicBeauty Comes From the Inside: Beauty Comes From the Inside

17th October 2005:
Thats cute! The only thing I'd suggest is that you switched back and forth between third and first person a few times (In one line you used me and the paragraph later, you were using "her") so that made it a bit choppy at those parts, but its a cute story! I loved the ending.

Author's Response: Yeah, I noticed that but I haven't gone back and changed it. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #19, by UMBlueMusicRedemption: Orders

14th October 2005:
Aw, cute Josh! I love the set up you have going here. And the bit at the end about the broom and his wife...^_^ So sweet.

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Review #20, by UMBlueMusicChanged: Background Information

12th October 2005:
Are you kidding me? My number one problem with this story is that you need to proofread. Its just so OOC for Hermione. And a character named "Magenta"?

Author's Response: remember this is fan fic so she dosnt have to be in charater and i wanted to write a story llike that lol i love the name magenta lol ohh well yeh i no im not very good with my grammer lol but yeh im sorry u dont like it

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Review #21, by UMBlueMusic:

6th October 2005:
I LOVE THIS! You are an amazing writer. *adds to favs*

Author's Response: umby!!! *pokes like mad* thanks! :P

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Review #22, by UMBlueMusicWhich Came First, The Muggle Or The Mudblood: Which Came First, The Muggle Or The Mudblood

3rd June 2005:
You are an incredibly good writer and I am jealous of you. :P *adds to favorites*

Author's Response: No need to be jealous, I have read some of your stuff and its brilliant. Thankyou for the review

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Review #23, by UMBlueMusicClose Quarters: The Dorm

9th May 2005:
Your little moan is very prejudiced. What about using proper grammar and punctuation? This was a nice chapter, but you didn't have to add the bit about Americans at the end. Also, the Brits have more to be proud of than just Harry Potter. Maybe you're just not reading the right fics by Americans.

And thats my little moan.

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Review #24, by UMBlueMusicMemoirs of a Scarlet Seduction: Of Wizengamot Hearings and Howlers

28th April 2005:
Not much happened, but you still gave details that added depth to the story. I like the bit about the howlers not being able to make it out the window. ^_^

Author's Response: LOL, thanks hon ^_^

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Review #25, by UMBlueMusicMemoirs of a Scarlet Seduction: Of Little Monsters and Breaking China

28th April 2005:
Great Chapter...*goes to read next one before class*

Author's Response: Thanks :D

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