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Review #1, by sectumsempra666Missing Mummy: Certificate

28th September 2009:
hmm... sounds to me like someones trying to destroy harry and they're doing a good job to. i think first someone killed ginny (couldnt healers easily repair something like a hemorrhage?) and then gotten his kids all taken from him and in the process of all that turned his closest friends and family from him...but i guess i'll just have to wait and see...

BTW, great story and good chapter! keep em coming!!

Author's Response: Well, if you know the wizarding world well enough you'll know about the hemorrhage, that's all I'm saying on the matter. :)

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Review #2, by sectumsempra666After the End: 'It won't be me'

21st September 2009:
wow. very well writen. I love how you are making harry go into this sort of downward spiral (very beleiveable considering the life he's had). i just hope he gets better soon! great job 10/10!

Author's Response: Yes, I LOVE the theme of tragedy, particularly the old conventions of Greek Tragedy that often have this downward spiral of the Hero.

Thanks so much for your reviews!

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Review #3, by sectumsempra666After the End: Suspicions

21st September 2009:
i love this story so far...i cant wait to find out what happens!
btw.since harry was the last horcrux in DH...wouldnt him dying have severed that connection between him and voldemort? just thinking out loud here...
great job

Author's Response: Hello there, thank you so much for reading and reviewing this one, i'm pleased you like it!

Yes, the Horcrux situation, I agree with you that in the Deathly Hallows, both Harry and Voldemort's death would have cut the present ties that held them together.

But I also felt at the time that I wrote this, that all those things Harry could do over the years, the parsletongue, the pheonix feather wand, the mental connection with Voldemort. It must have left a small trace after Voldy died, like a scar perhaps that still causes pain even after its healed, I believe that the link there would always be present, even if its just like a shadow.

But then again... this is a fan-fiction... there are no rules :D

Thanks again for the review!

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