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Review #1, by TheTenthWeasleyAccidentally On Purpose : The Truth Bubble And The Needle

9th August 2017:
"Every nerve and atom in his body seemed to be bouncing off each other, buzzing with alacrity. His eyes were almost amber, glinting with chips of gold, and they were wide, exhilarated, his cheeks flushed with colour. Even my anger didn't put a dent to his thrill. He was a boy, reborn." - Ugh, this is just such a wonderfully descriptive paragraph, I can picture it so well in my head.

I'm so glad Jenny is being sensible (well, I'm reviewing as I'm reading so she could possibly do something moronic by the time I get to the end, so sensible for now) and isn't forgetting how James treated Flora and herself. I felt uneasy at James's feverish change of mind, so it's encouraging to see Jenny not totally lose her head.

AGH I'm going to cyber punch Dom, she is really grating on me right now. You're writing her really well at the moment; she's being a terrible friend (unless she's obliviated herself and genuinely doesn't know why James broke up with Jenny), but I still like her as a character and find her funny. She's fascinating and it's so fun that your protagonist's best friend isn't one-dimenionsal and merely "sassy", she is quite a morally grey person and it's interesting to read.

Omg the bit when they're discussing their plans for the quote made me cringe - not because of the cheesiness or anything, you just put me so squarely in Jenny's shoes that I actually felt uncomfortable about Luke's suggestion that was essentially a declaration of love for Jenny. "My body burned with a tumultuous flurry of hot and cold; doused in self-conscious irritation." This is such a good line, it's legit how I'm feeling right now hahaha. I don't know why I'm so against Luke/Jenny - I love Luke, I just feel weird about it idk.

I love that Freddie is genuinely intelligent and inventive, he's not just comedic relief. And he's trustworthy and wise - ugh your characters are just all so well thought out and as I said before, so the opposite of one-dimensional. "'Is this a case of repressed memories? Because that is too angsty, even for us.'" hahahahaha.

Woaahah what the hell where did that come from?! That was so intense. Even though I love Jenny and James it's so refreshing to have someone outside of their group tell them that they're /both/ being pretty hurtful to other people, and they're both guilty of being a bit self-centred. ("The wand in my wand", I know you'll catch this anyway but just thought I'd point it out).

Aw I hope this undoubtedly crazy plan of Fred's will end up with Jenny and Flora being friends, I get a weird enjoyment out of unusual friendships forming between people. I'm really nervous about this plan - all I can think of right now is that it'll be something like they try and do in Wild Child lol. Jenny is playing a very dangerous game here, and I can practically see this blowing up in everyone's faces already. So I was totally wrong earlier, Jenny is definitely not being sensible. Oh well, there'd be no plot without her being a bit of an idiot :)

Wow my reviews are just getting longer and longer and more and more rambly. Anyway - what an exciting and dramatic chapter. So many things happened but it was well paced and there was a perfect amount of exposition on everything. Looking forward to next one already, see u soon x

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Review #2, by TheTenthWeasleyAccidentally On Purpose : Many Happy Returns, Judas

2nd August 2017:
AH ugh the tension you created in this chapter was just so perfect. I could feel disaster coming from the very first line - nothing good could come from Jenny and Flora being extremely drunk and friendly. I feel so bad for her: James cheated on her, ignores her in favour of Jenny, is a generally s*itty person... and when she said " 'I would never … No", ugh :( It's a shame that she's getting caught up in the story of James and Jenelle, and she's not even fully involved, just stuck on the periphery. I'm glad Jenny actually stood up for her, even while she was blaming James for the situation at the same time... another example of the reality you bring to these characters; they're not plainly written teenagers with a black and white sense of morality.

I only saw this coming because of TWY but nevertheless it was still exciting to read. The whole last scene was sooo frustrating because even while they're finally being forthcoming they're still communicating terribly. "'You're a f*cking moron,' I hissed back." So funny, so typical of Jenny to do - seeing a chance to insult James even if it isn't the wittiest. The whole argument in general was well written. I feel like if I was reading this for the first time, without any prior knowledge of TWY, it'd be as if I was there as a fly on the wall, watching it unfold in real time, on the edge of my proverbial seat (which I still kind of was anyway), shocked at what you were revealing.

Dom is irritating me - she's so invasive and problematic. I love her as a character and I know she isn't a bad person really, but I don't think I could deal with being friends with her. You can sense that she knows she's messed up and is scrambling to do something about it, I'm unsure if this something is to fix the situation or to cover her own skin so James and Jenny don't hate her.

If I was going to say anything not entirely positive, it would be that this chapter is maybe a little too full? There's a lot going on here, what with Flora and Jenny's first proper interaction, the fallout of Jenny and Oliver, Jenny kissing Luke, Jenny shouting at Dom, Jamelle argument number one, Jenny telling Flora about James, Jamelle argument number two. I suppose that this is reminiscent of how a night drinking as a teenager would go - so much stuff happens and there's not much time to deal with it. But still, it felt a tiny tiny bit rushed. Omg pls don't hate me.

Another suggestion; have you ever listened to Julia Michaels? Her new stuff is good for inspiration - for me anyway - and I thought about her song 'Worst in Me' while reading this.

Anyway, v good exhilarating and dramatic chapter, I can't wait to see what happens next, especially because I feel like this is nearly all new material! xoxo

Author's Response: Urgh yeah Flora so does not deserve any of what's happening to her. James and Jenelle are so volatile with each other when they're not together, all they do is cause destruction to so many people. I feel terrible for Flora too!! But she's going to prove to be resilient and a lot stronger than any of them realise. I mean I think it's still crazy that they still manage to be realistic in such heightened and crazy situations LOL but it's what I'm trying to achieve so THANK YOU!!

Hahaha yes, that question was more for non-TWY readers but I'm so happy it was still tense and exciting! And omg YES, that's exactly what I wanted it to come across as--a frustrating clash that feels like it's going nowhere. Like they're both FINALLY talking to each other but they just cannot get past the points they want to make so it's like they might as well not be communicating at all.

Dom is someone I just constantly feel bad about writing. Like (and I hope this doesn't give stuff away, though I'm not sure how it would lol) it's almost how I imagine Rowling would feel, in a way, writing Peter Pettigrew as he turned traitor. You just feel bad about making someone you want to be good be the person they honestly are. Dom IS loveable and does have redeeming qualities, but if what James says she's done is true -- and Jenny can't think of why James would lie about that even if she has no idea why Dom WOULD do something like that -- then she's set herself on a path that's going to be hard to come back from.

OMG, please don't think I'd ever hate you?!! One of the purposes of reviews is to receive constructive criticism so i genuinely LOVE to read this. And the thing is I agree with you completely! This chapter is absolutely CHOCKED with significant things that are almost written in a very insignificant way. Kind of tossed in there with the expectation that we'd have more time to mull on things but I can say the rush WAS intentional and somewhat needed. All of this was intended to finally PUSH Jenny into action and stop sulking about. I mean I wish I could've written this in the course of several chapters but the story needs to plunge on. And while we do finally slow the pace down again, it's still going to rush forward lol.

Okay ... I just listened to that song and I'm freaking CONVINCED I wrote it about Jamelle and gave it to her to sing lmao. It's impossible and not true but I'm ... shook. It's been added to my playlist, done and DONE. Loved it. I EFFING love song suggestions. idk why but when people say this fic/the characters remind them of a song I lose my mind LOL.

Truly!!! The next few chapters are COMPLETELY new and while they have a few familiar bits, I can confirm like 98% of it is new stuff.

LOVED THIS REVIEW AS ALWAYS. And as always my responses are too much and I'll be shocked if u manage to get through this wall of text lol. But I just love your reviews!! Thank you!!! Can't wait for you read the next chapter. P xx

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Review #3, by TheTenthWeasleyAccidentally On Purpose : Kiss And Don't Tell

23rd July 2017:
Yoo ooo I saw Dunkirk a few days ago and it was so intense and the cinematography was epic and I was on edge the whole time. On a more AOP related note I love the way you integrate bits and pieces from the Muggle world into your story.

I've said it a million times and I'll say it again - your writing really is so realistic and reminiscent of teenage years that it actually makes me feel nostalgic when I'm reading it. It's so easy for me to forget that my way of thinking now - even though it was only a few years ago since I was a teenager - is actually a lot different compared to how I used to think when I was Jenny&co's age. When you're that age and "in love" with someone I feel like your thoughts and actions are a lot more self-centred, and this is exactly how I feel like Jenny behaves. Not that it's a negative thing, it's not a "Jenny's horrible and ruthless and selfish" thing, she just kind of reacts in her own (and James's) moment and doesn't really think about anything (or anyone) else or the repercussions. I'm so rambling but I hope you know what I'm getting at ? No ? Basically I'm saying I find Jenny relatable and that's probably because I didn't make the greatest life decisions when I was her 17/18. Also another thing I love about your writing - it's reflective of actual teenage life, of people who make mistakes and have to deal with them, of people who flirt with each other and actually act like kids. Ugh I don't know why I'm being so deep today.

I think your dialogue is at its best when the group are having little arguments; all of their personalities shine through and it's still funny and insightful.I loved the whole invisibility cloak debate. Also the wee flashback to Dom ranting about her place in the boys' list was hilarious too. I think she AND Fred might be tying first place for best one-liners.

As for the secondary characters - I want more Flora Morgan!! I love that even though Jenny is a feminist and doesn't want people to think that she thinks girls sleeping around is bad etc, she still has this mostly unfounded hatred of Flora because of her relationship with James. It's so teenager of her and it's just a reminder that they are 16/17 year olds. But yeah more Flora please, I was so intrigued by you making her the one responsible for the art and I'm excited for more expansion on the rest of the secondary characters as well.

I don't actually recall where you left off on TWY, I definitely remember the stars and Jenny finding out about Dom... did they go back to school and she was still mad at her? Or am I just totally making this up and should shut up because this has been so long and rambling I'm sorry byethanks :)

Author's Response: Omg I'm seeing Dunkirk next week I'm so excited, I have no idea if what Freddie is true and if anyone dies at all lmao so we'll see!

Urgh, thank you so so so much. That makes feel like okay, maybe this is okay, lol, because I find myself just staring at the words on the screen like is this even realistic or relatable in anyway? It's only been a few years for me too since I was 16 but I feel like it was literally a lifetime ago? My conversations, my behaviour, the way I see the world has changed so much since so to put myself back into my 16 year old self has been like, the weirdest, hardest thing lol. So the fact that it genuinely makes you nostalgic is crazy insane and makes me so happy. ALSO LOVE YOUR DEEPNESS.

Honestly baffled that it's reminiscent of teenage life, like maybe I am still a teenager at heart after all hahaha. Because it's so hard not inject the way I think now into Jenny's head but she IS just a kid and making stupid mistakes without thinking about the repercussions. They all act on impulse at times, thinking there's no greater or important feeling in the world other than what they're thinking right now. Romanticising everything, every look, every word, every relationship.

LOL, I do give Dom and Freddie the best one-liners don't I hahaha. Jenny to me is always so in her own head and slow with the comebacks (unless she's especially angry) and James and Luke are way to laddish and chilled to ever be as crazy as Freddie or Dom lmao.

Yeah Jenny, despite thinking Flora is rubbish for being the person James cheated on her with (with the knowledge he was with Jenny--or at least that's what she thinks), she still doesn't know for sure, but her suspicion and jealousy is just soo overwhelming she does not care at all hahaha. Also we will DEFINITELY get to meet Flora and I think it's going to be quite unexpected ...

LOL, honestly your guess is as good as mine. I remember posting the stars too. But who knows I'll just have to keep posting and when people are like OMG THIS IS NEW, then I'll know hahaha.


(also, sorry I'm so tired still and if this has been the most erratic response ever, then that's why lol)

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Review #4, by TheTenthWeasleyAccidentally On Purpose : Don't Tear Down My Walls, I Just Decorated Them

16th July 2017:
Omg I'm so hungover but I'll do my best.

Hahaha 'navigationally challenged', good one might steal it.

A month is kind of a lot for a trip, do they get any sort of like class credit for it?? I can't remember if you mentioned it in the earlier chapters.

Your storytelling really is brilliant. Your imagery and characterisation is so realistic and refreshing and I can always picture everything exactly in my head.

Son of the Chosen One … The Chosen Son … if I don't find a Dark Lord to kill, I'll be blasted off the family tapestry …' - So damn funny, I always think James as the tortured first born is overkill so it's good to see you poke fun at it a bit.

Ah I want Jenny to ask what she did!!! I am internally shouting at my screen in frustration. AH omg. They kissed!! AAHHH I'm too hungover for this excitement.

"Tyra mail" Oh my god I can't.

I'm unsure about how I feel about the almost flirting between Jenny and Luke, I am an idiot and can't recall anything about the two from the original version and there is a kind of spark between them but idk how I feel about it.

All in all a good chapter, a KISS, so much tension between Jenny and James which I love, a lot of humour (the discussion of the cashier's murder plan was very funny) and just goodness. Sorry for the rubbishy review I'm so hungover you wouldn't even believe it.

Author's Response: HAHAHAHHA, "I'll do my best." Love it.

LOL steal away!!!

A month is a long trip and it does get somewhat talked about in the next chapter. It's not a big secret but this is part of their MS coursework and they're exempt from homework for their other classes (but they're going to still have to catch up the rest of the students -- the trip was also on voluntary basis, they weren't forced to go, but it was implied they should).

Thank you darling! I said this in another review but compliments on my writing from strangers (though I don't see you as a stranger anymore lol) is just so overwhelming. Like you never believe it when people close to you say but, just thank you, honestly.

HAHAHA, agreed! Idk why but I truly don't see James as being tortured by his father's fame and accomplishments? At least not in my head cannons. And so many of my fav fics utilise that cliché and whilst I love how those authors wield them, I just can't do it. Too angsty, even for this story.

Me too!!! Hahahaha yay!!! My favourite stories in general always have likeable characters that are frustrating unlikeable because of their own inactions so internally shout away!

I think Jenny feels the exact same way about Luke's almost flirting ... Hahahaha, I think the spark definitely exists, but maybe only because Luke's turned his charm full on? Who knows? But love the ambivalence.

THIS WAS NO A RUBBISH REVIEW! This was actually great, considering how hungover you are hahaha, and I have a feeling you may relate to the next two chapters quite a bit.

Can't wait to see what you think!!! xxx

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Review #5, by TheTenthWeasleyAccidentally On Purpose : The Midnight Special - Part II

6th July 2017:
"Knocking lazily against my head like a fat, nectar-drunk bee." - This is such a nice simile. (Here I am reviewing as I read again.)

"Some people would never grasp that you didn't have to sign your texts." - I laughed at this; I always see this happening in books or on tv and I'm like ??? What century is this?

"was real a concern." slight typo. I never know if authors hate it when people point out mild grammar/spelling issues, I've seen a few people complain about it but thought I'd point it out anyway seeing as I'm probably the first person to review this chapter because all I do is refresh the recently added page.

I find this whole dream test thing sO unnerving. You did a really good job lacing the scene where she wakes up with creepy imagery and even the conversation with Newton I found quite unsettling; probably because I think that their mental trial was quite sadistic. Maybe sadistic is a bit too strong a word but I don't feel like it's that morally defensible.

"But trust Dom to be sly and coy and manipulate the situation to her heart's desire." This really sums up Dominique as a character - she is manipulative but it's a dangerous type of manipulation because she thinks she's doing the right thing, and here she does whatever she wants with Jenny's trust because she believes she's helping out her friend. It's quite a scary characteristic in someone that is supposed to be Jenny's best friend. I still like her though? It's definitely down to your expert handling of your characters, they don't just manifest ONE type of personality trait, they are so realistic and not just black and white, which I LOVE in fictional characters. It's so much more interesting.

"'What! Stop—stop manhandling me Jenny!'" Freddie gets the best one-liners. Also the whole Scorpius Malfoy Death Eater thing was hilarious. ("going fall down" sorry I'm being annoying.)

"'I escaped, thankfully. Dream me knew krav maga." Of COURSE Dream Dom knew krav maga. Of course she had the most action-filled and dramatic dream of the group (so far).

All in all, interesting and funny chapter yet again, I thought the pacing was just right and 8000 words was actually a good amount for what you covered in the chapter, especially seeing as you included a flashback to Jenny and James's first kiss. "Clotter" kind of gives me the heeby jeebies for some reason... Plarke? Jamelle probably works best lol. Ugh I can just feel the Dom and James revelation closing in... I'm far too invested in this story but my work have cut my overtime and uni isn't back until September and I have nothing else. So, thank you for this! You're filling a void lmao.

Author's Response: Hi!! Oh my god no thank you so much for pointing out those typos! I usually put a chapter in the queue and read it a couple of times to make sure it's all good but they just posted it so fast I didn't even have time! So thank you, I just made those changes and always, always feel comfortable pointing out any errors that you find! Sometimes I miss them after reading it over and over lol, so yeah, thank you haha.

I'm getting SUCH strong reactions to these trials!!! I had no idea they would be so controversial!!! But I get it, there was no obvious groundwork laid out for either the characters or readers to expect it but I think it'll all become clear WHY any of this was happening at all. But nooI hope it wasn't sadistic!!! I think Newton and Fig genuinely thought that everyone's answers were honest and detailed enough to warrant a dream state that reflected it and allowed the students a chance think about their futures and choices carefully ... but I also think the surprise aspect of it just a fun fanfic trope lol.

Thank you!! The one thing I was worried about was losing Dom's initial likability, because a lot of readers already know what's going to happen right, and that makes Dom just plainly suspicious in everything she does--but that's not at all how Jenny sees it. She sees Dom, her slightly erratic best friend who DOES act on impulse and pride (SUCH a Gryffindor ...) with disastrous results but also tries to do the right thing, according to the issues she's already caused, so it's just a mess for her haha. And lol yeah -- I think subconsciously Dom needs a life filled with danger and intrigue hahaha.

Thank you, as always, for your lovely, insightful and well thought out reviews!! I really do enjoy reading them because I LOVE knowing what people found interesting. Also you're right ... Clotter is bad ... sounds like a disease ... Jamelle is probably the best actually!! And omg "I can just feel the Dom and James revelation closing in" ... :O can't say you're wrong on that front! Glad I can fill the void! hahaha

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Review #6, by TheTenthWeasleyAccidentally On Purpose : The Midnight Special - Part I

2nd July 2017:
Ack jeez what a good chapter (sounding like a broken record but whatever), really different from the preceding ones obviously but so interesting and exciting. Is it legal for the professors to do this lol like I feel there should have been a waiver or something that the kids should have signed ?? Serious emotional trauma happening here.

Possibly my favourite line so far: " The Time When We Had No Plan and Almost Died". So funny and so accurate.

I don't know if it's just because I can't fully remember TWY properly but I feel like Jenny's heartbreak this time is way more emotional and harsh -have you written it more blatantly or is my memory just bad? Anyway as always it hits me right in the feels and the buildup to something Big and Bad happening is creating such a tense atmosphere (can there be an atmosphere in an online novel?).

((More brackets) You're right, the weather does f Scotland off a lot, it's doing it right now)

Very much looking forward to the fallout of this, I'm glad she got to go mental at James even if he doesn't know in real life. Can't wait for the next one, as always!

Author's Response: LMAO, we took a sharp left turn into crazy magical waters but i told you after the filler things would go DOWNNN hahaha. And, actually, whether or not this is legal (LOL) does get answered in part 2!!

I think honestly with the re-writes, Jenny's heartbreak is WAY more explicit. Before I definitely underwrote it and I feel like Jenny's decisions didn't make as much sense as they will do now, you know what I mean? I feel like Jen's pain needs to be so intense, vivid and visceral that what she does in the future is comprehensible and not out of the blue you know? But I'm so excited that you feel a tense atmosphere?!?! Yes it can exist in online novels! I'm sure it does!! It does here!!! Apparently!!

Me too!! It was a long time coming for her, all of it brewing in her head and one day it will be real. Jenny is just such a normally chilled out person (something that I hope comes across at some point) but this entire situation has her on this crazy edge and her chill side is always battling this newfound craziness.

Thank you again so so much for your lovely review!! Genuinely get so excited to read them and see your thoughts. Can't wait for you to read Pt2!!

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Review #7, by TheTenthWeasleyAccidentally On Purpose : Spinning Empty Bottles

27th June 2017:
"One can only expect a consolatory bottle of bloody butterbeer after being put through mental hell." Another line that made me laugh out loud. Offering butterbeer as an award is such a typical adult thing to do haha.

UGH the way you write Jenny's heartbreak literally just squeezes my heart, I know I said it last review but it's just SO realistic. Idk if you listen to Lorde but it's like a similar vibe I get listening to her music, really heartachey because it's so real.

Hahaha of course she's wearing a bodysuit - what a great touch. (Sorry I'm reviewing this as I'm reading). Your characterisation of Fred here is so great, of course he charmed the game to give hives to whoever backed out of it, very Fred/George.

Omg you mentioned Love Island hahahaha I just finished watching it (I'm not too proud to admit), I just love that you mix the Muggle world into your story, it excites me for some reason, and definitely makes me laugh. "You giant giraffe" - again, so funny.

I know you said this was only a filler chapter but of course I enjoyed it all the same, even more so because it was updated so quickly and I wasn't expecting to see it! As always, very much looking forward to the next one.

Author's Response: LOL to Newton and Fig that is literally such a treat for the kids hahaha.

Oh my god, Jenny's heartbreak is so close to me so I'm so conflicted -- on the one hand I'm like no one should feel that pain but as a writer I'm like YES!!! Hahahah. BUT OH MY GOD . DON'T EVEN SAY LORDE ... omg I can't believe you think that because I swear to god I've listening to her new album on REPEAT, like over and over because it's literally about Jenny. I have this whole playlist that is just like, yup thats how Luke feels, that's how Dom feels, that is EXACTLY how Jen and James feel and Lorde is all over it.

Hahahah, I love reading these reviews as people read them! And yees, Freddie has a bit of mischief up his sleeve...

Nooo!! I honestly am past the point of embarrassment i LOVE Love Island ... I am obsessed and just had to put it in there hahaha.

Ahhh, yay!!! I'm so happy you enjoyed it :D I'm currently editing chapter 4 so it hopefully it's up very soon!!!

Thank you, AS ALWAYS, for such a lovely review!!! Can't wait for you to read the next chapter! P xx

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Review #8, by TheTenthWeasleyWhat We Did Last Summer: Want to Dance?

27th June 2017:
Oh no I love it!!! What a different vibe, but a good one of course. The wee sneak peek you wrote at the start was a clever move, it very much intrigued me. And your writing is as evocative as ever, I just loved the detention scene. This is a wonderful first chapter, perfect amounts of intrigue, wittiness and plot.

Please continue!

Author's Response: thank you so SOOO much ahh! i've been so unsure about this fic but you've totally given me the confidence to land it. hopefully the next chapter'll be up soon and it won't disappoint- thanks so much for this! appreciate it beyond WORDS. xxx

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Review #9, by TheTenthWeasleyRush: fall

27th July 2015:
Ooh juicy indeed.
I half laughed when I saw that the "pucker up princess" was (seemingly) a joke, and I was very happy with the lovely moment between Al and Josie, then very impressed with the realism with which you write... but the ending! Very exciting - I'm so intrigued.

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Review #10, by TheTenthWeasleyThe Rules Of Law: Knightsbridge

8th July 2015:
Ooooh interesting premise. I love seeing James/OC (I'm presuming) stories that are set in different places other than Hogwarts.
I enjoy your characters so far, and Octavia's sass makes me smile, as does Rei's snobbery.
This looks promising - I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh wow thank you!!! Octavia is the best and omg I'm glad you smile at Rei because she is going to be so awesome
I'll try and get the next chapter up quickly so the story becomes more established and thank you so much for reading/reviewing xx

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Review #11, by TheTenthWeasleybloom.: bloom

7th January 2015:
Me again. I was going to go to sleep (it's currently 4:30 am here in sunny Scotland), but I had to read something else of yours.
Not long after you tell us about Poppy's pregnancy, I had an inkling as to what was going to happen. I'm not sure if you were aiming for the loss of Marigold to be a surprise (nobody would ever assume Madame Pomfrey would have a child in the books, but still), that's not really the point. The point is that it fits. It's a beautifully written, melancholic story, and everything points so stunningly well to Poppy's character that despite the sadness of the loss of Marigold, I'm still smiling at the direction it gave Poppy.
Your creativity is so lovely. (I'm running out of adjectives to use in my reviews.)

Author's Response: omg, you're so sweet! hope i didn't keep you up for too long - you should have picked a shorter one! :P

i wasn't totally intending for marigold's death to be a surprise, no. in my mind, this fic came so easily and wholly presented to me that i almost felt like nothing was a surprise in it, and i was almost trying to get that feeling across to the readers as well. in a way i wanted it to be an account of her life which was kind of untainted by the narrator's view, if that makes sense? it probably just sounds dumb and pretentious but i can't think of another way to phrase it ahaha

thank you so much for these lovely words, this has really made my day to read!

~Maia xx

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Review #12, by TheTenthWeasleynotes on freefalling.: sunbeams

7th January 2015:
This sounds ridiculously creepy, but I was thinking about your lovely James/Lorcan story and thought I'd check out some more of your stuff.
Firstly I have to tell you my somewhat irrelevant love for this line: "I'm obsessed with tea, feminism, lesbians, and minor characters".
Now on to the actual story: again another lovely uplifting piece. Your inclusion of Lavender's scars, resulting change in attitude and Parvati's continued friendship with her was so great.
Your characterisation of Parvati was so enjoyable to read, especially her "perfectly proportioned" nose and Astoria's description of her (I won't copy and paste it all - you know the one that's a big long sentence): it fits well with Jo's canon and you expand it wonderfully into something so intriguing to read.
Brilliant :)

Author's Response: that does not sound creepy at ALL, i am very flattered!! thanks so much for the read and the review, darling *hugs*

hahaa, that's the simplest way to describe me, really, thought it was easiest to let everyone know upfront :P

i usually don't write such uplifting stuff so you've really sought out the fluff here! haha! i'm so glad you enjoyed it, though. I had so much fun figuring out how Parvati could develop from what little we know of her in the books, and how Astoria could come across too, and they merged so well in my head. I am really glad you thought so too!

thanks so much for reviewing

~Maia xx

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Review #13, by TheTenthWeasleyRush: leap

5th January 2015:
There's so many things to say! First of all, I must admit I decided to read this based on the fact that your main character (Josie) has the same name as me, and I find stories with my name in them hard to come by. I'm not sure if it's due to this fact that I'm associating the character and other elements of this chapter to my own life, but there's definitely a startling connection. Of course that could be due to your wonderful writing.
You've got a lovely grasp of timing and dialogue; when to say what and what to reveal at which time. But it isn't just blatant statements, your storytelling is refreshingly just that: storytelling. I love how well you build up tension and manage to realistically write out scenarios.
I am ridiculously intrigued.

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Review #14, by TheTenthWeasleya movement in charcoal.: a movement in charcoal

5th January 2015:
This is wonderful. Truly; your mastery of language is stunning and a refreshing perspective of the world comes through through the story and through Lorcan and James. I adore it.

Author's Response: i literally can't express how much this made my day to read, thank you so much omg

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Review #15, by TheTenthWeasleyString Theory: chaos theory.

20th July 2014:
I am really enjoying this story and the frivolity involved in it. Despite your disclaimer of it being sort of a parody, you're obviously skilled at writing characters with depth and likability - and therefore I've become invested in them.

My favourite line by far has to be this: "I don't need to smile just because d-words like you think it suits me better. And I have better things to worry about." Extraordinarily well put :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you think they have depth and likability! It's great to hear that you're enjoying it so far, and that line was really fun to write, so I'm glad you like it! thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #16, by TheTenthWeasleyDescending: Descending

14th November 2011:
Wowe. Wonderful, again. Really captivating and eerie and brilliantly written - lovely vocabulary and such.

Oh yeah, remember me? You from another dimension or something like that. I was thinking of the tenth Weasley after Ginny, but now there's a whole load of next gen.'s, so it isn't as understandable.

My mindless rabble aside, this was great, 10/10. :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much -- this is definitely one of my favorite stories I've ever written. I love psychological mind-twisters and dystopias and all that sort of thing, and I always thought Harry might have been just a smidge messed up, no?

Your name always makes me laugh! So similar. :D I was thinking of that sort of tenth Weasley as well, and totally forgot about Fleur in the process... Whoops.

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review! ♥

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Review #17, by TheTenthWeasleyExit Wounds: The Banjolin Song

18th October 2011:
Liked it. This is a refreshing story, with well written chapters and interesting characters and entertaining dialogue. Like it.

Author's Response: Hello,
Thanks (: I hope to continue writing in the same fashion.
Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #18, by TheTenthWeasleyThis Ends Today: Perspectives

2nd October 2011:
This was wonderfully written. I can't even put into words how heartfelt and moving it was.
Brilliant job.

Author's Response: Thank you for such a sweet review. So glad you liked it :)

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Review #19, by TheTenthWeasleyLeaving Privet Drive: Leaving Privet Drive

7th September 2011:
This is really sweet and was very enjoyable to read. You've got Harry pretty much on-point, which I was totally relieved to see, because quite a lot of writers tweak him a little.

You should be pleased with how it has turned out; it was lovely.

10/10 :)

Author's Response: Your name caused me a bit of a spasm. Hello! I don't believe we've met, but I'm experiencing all sorts of Twilight Zone sensations at the moment. :D Are you sure you're not me in another dimension, then?

Anywho. Thanks so much for reading the story! And I greatly appreciate your comment on Harry's character -- JK knows him so well, writing him is a bit intimidating, and the fact that someone thinks I've got it means a lot.

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Review #20, by TheTenthWeasleyThe Deepest Scars: The Deepest Scars

28th August 2011:
This is absolutely amazing. Everything was beautiful and captivating and intriguing and melancholy and just... wow.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It took quite a while to write but I'm glad it was worth it.

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Review #21, by TheTenthWeasleyBrief State of Insanity: Visions

22nd June 2011:
So even though it was a little jumpy and choppy at bits, I really enjoyed the dialogue and the dynamics of the relationships of the people in your story.
Why's Dominique there? Just curious.
I liked it, so I'll be back to see how James gets on :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I see what you mean.
Next chapter will tell all to do with Dominique.
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by TheTenthWeasleyPatchwork: Primal

25th April 2011:
"Le"? Do you work for tumblr? :O

Anyway, I loved this chapter too, and even though I haven't known her for long, I'm sad Patch has lost her Patch, it was quite cool to have a realistic reason for her nickname. I love nicknames.
Okay, I'm talking a load of rubbish.
I like the dialogue between Patch, Arisa and Louis, and the way you write Patch's thoughts is entertaining and not boring, which is good, obviously.

10/10! :)

Author's Response: I don't even have a tumblr account, I'm afraid of the procrastination that tumblr is famous for. :)

I love nicknames too, this story was going to be full of weird nicknames like shoe and cash, but then I stopped myself.

Thanks for the review, glad you're enjoying it. :) xx

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Review #23, by TheTenthWeasleyLife Throws a Punch: I'm The Only Broken Hearted Loser You'll Ever Need

14th March 2011:
Dun, dun, dun
The return. Of. THETENTHWEASLEY (aka, Josie).
You mad? :D

Anyway, I am - as you know - very excited to see the return of this story, and I'm really happy about the first chapter. I'm glad you didn't just make Lily say yes because that would be very boring, and you aren't a boring writer, which is good. I loved James's resolution at the end, and I like his perspective.

"I'm going to relentlessly propose to her until she gives in. It worked the first time I did it, right?" That was one of my favourite bits.

10/10 for the first chapter, and I'll be back. Obviously.

Author's Response: I love you. I hope you realize this, because it's true :)
I'm glad you don't think I'm a boring writer! Sometimes I feel I get a little boring haha :P
Thank you so muchh!!

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Review #24, by TheTenthWeasleyLove Goddesses, Overprotective Brothers, and James Potter: Whining, Practice, and Sisters

10th March 2011:
Oooh, Roxanne. That was rather nasty, and I love it. I love how horrible they're being to her, adds drama, you know.
I thought Noah-boy was up to something with her? I don't trust him.
I liked this chapter, despite how nasty it was. Nasty as in nasty to poor Afro.
And I would never abandon you :)

10/10 x

Author's Response: FINALLY! THANK YOU! So happy that someone likes the drama and realizes that the story needs it! (: AND NOAH IS A BUTT HEAD.

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Review #25, by TheTenthWeasleyThe King Of Hearts: King

1st March 2011:
I do very much like it, and it was really interesting and entertaining for your first chapter, which is definitely good. I'll be making sure to read the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad that you enjoyed this! Your review's are always lovely. I hope that you like the rest! :D

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