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Review #1, by sligers118The Morning Waffle: Sweetheart Pants

12th November 2009:
Just a quick note to say how much I'm enjoying this story. It's so well done, and all the characters are really likeable, and funny.

Looking forward to the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Thanks for your review!

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Review #2, by sligers118Monday, Monday: True Colors

3rd November 2009:
I reviewed the previous chapter, but it's always nice to get another one, so here you go.

I'm still really enjoying this story; Louis is a really good character, and because he's so underdone in fan-fiction there's no worry about him being cliched. Also like Dom and Victoire... I love scary Delacour-Weasleys.

Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter... :)

Author's Response: Haha very true, very true. But also - it's just a really good way for the author to know if they're doing a good job. Keeping reviewers is something I think we all want to do :P

Thank you so much! He really is underdone isn't he? I hope he's not the only one who's not cliche - I'd like to at least thinkk I've done something new-ish with the rest of them. Haha I love them too, they're just so much fun to write.

Look for it in early December, that's pretty much the only thing I can promise =]

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Review #3, by sligers118Monday, Monday: Sweet Disposition

20th October 2009:
I didn't think this chapter was boring - I actually found his whole job thing interesting. Really like the story so far. I found the style a little difficult at first, but once I got into it it really worked. Update soon please :)

Author's Response: You didn't? Really? Well I guess I'll be able to throw in a whole lot more job stuff then! It's a pretty different style hey? Thank you so much for sticking with it though, especially as you didn't much like it at first. The update is coming, almost finished actually ^^ Look out for it soon okay? Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by sligers118Al Potter and His Very Epic Plan: Triwizard Related Stuff (chapter titles are hard, okay?)

19th October 2009:
ok, firstly, I really like the story so far - I think it's brilliant. Really eager to find out what happens next.

Secondly - Faith and James. Well, unless James starts pining for her, he isn't mirroring his grandfather - unless you want him to pine for her? I don't know. Anyway, what if Faith, after a lot of ranting, actually sits down and works out a proper plan for revenge? She seems like the sort to do so, and I can't really see Lily 1.0 doing that...

Hope that helps :)

Author's Response: Glad you like it.

Thanks for the reassurance! I don't think James will start pining over Faith - he's the type to pine melodramatically to start with, but it'd be a bit silly doing it over a Slytherin girl who wants to kill his face off. I was mostly just worried it'd look too much like it was going to be James/Lily v2.0, which isn't my plan. (Maybe he'll declare her his official nemesis or something.)

Faith actually is the sort to plot revenge. I'd temporarily forgotten that, thanks for reminding me *edits it into the plan*

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Review #5, by sligers118Into the Gathering Storm: Fate and Failure

6th October 2009:
a good start to the story, quite a gripping opening. well written, lots of description and the characters are realised quite well.
I think it would work well as a two part story, but not any longer than that. I also think you've got the teenage element of Draco's mind mixed quite well with the adult emotions and fear - especially with the petty hatred of Potter, and I like the idea of him keeping the scar

i hope that helps :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

Considering I only have two parts to this story, I'm glad you agree that it's the right limit! Anyway, Draco is very interesting to write - not to mention challenging. It's hard to keep that teenage element when he is put into such an adult situation. Confusion seems to be the element of the day here for Draco. I can't help but feel bad for him, even if he is a jerk a lot of the time!


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Review #6, by sligers118Beat Again: Beginning an ending

30th September 2009:
I like it much better in Mildred's point of view; it gives the story more depth when you see her take on things. I also like how you fast forwarded to seventh year, as the story now looks set to have some interesting plotlines involving the marauders. The idea of Mildred being scared of Lily and her fish is quite funny, and is a good way of explaining why they wouldn't be friends, even though the other two girls are horrible.

I think the marauders so far are portrayed realistically - trust James not to notice that she's in their year. You've built up an interesting character in Mildred and I think her story could be a really clever one - although obviously nothing really momentous has happened yet. Hope that helps :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the reviews!
Obviously, I'm just starting the story and the boring foundations needed to be set before the good stuff can come flowing!
There will be more of the fish and other things to come! Lol!
Thanks again! =D

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Review #7, by sligers118Beat Again: Making Enemies

30th September 2009:
this chapter had a lot more going on, and moved the plot on a bit. I'm quite interested to know why all the kids are avoiding her - it's obvious why the girls in her dorm are being bitchy, and I like the idea that the four boys, (clearly marauders) admiring her eating habits.
also, the gang of boys on the train were a nice touch - presumably they're going to come up again later and make trouble.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it, the slow opening is one of my biggest worries, so I'm just hoping that everyone clicks onto the next chapter! =)

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Review #8, by sligers118Beat Again: Preparing

30th September 2009:
ok, so a good introductory couple of chapters, introducing the story and the main character well. I also like the flashback to Diagon Alley, that was really well done; it wasn't confusing at all. Plotwise, it's fine so far, but I'm wondering if the school would be allowed to just take people without their parents permission. I would think they might go, "if you don't, your daughter may accidentally blow you up." don't worry though, it still works as it is. onto the next chapters...

Author's Response: Lol, good point! I can see how that idea will work too, I might go and change that. Thanks for the feedback!

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Review #9, by sligers118Consequence: A Matter of Consequence

24th September 2009:
Well, you kind of picked the wrong person to review this, as I too watch time travel movies obsessively, and what's more, have to explain them to my family, who don't always understand. "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally" is a regular cry in our house. That said, I think people will understand the story, as it's clearly written - and having the past bits in italics helps. I like the way it reveals itself gradually, and I completely didn't see the thing about her dying coming. Basically, I thought it was really good - and coming form a staunch R/Hr shipper, that' saying something. Hope that helped :)

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch! I was worried that people would get confused when I got into the part about Ron seeing Kendra die when he was 19 then growing up and going back and not recognizing her. "You're not thinking fourth dimensionally," is something my dad likes to say too. :)

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Review #10, by sligers118Do You Need Me?: Of ĎIíve neverí, Some History and the Present Task

24th September 2009:
well, you asked if the explanation seemed to ordinary? I liked how it connected with the bits in the previous chapters, and it was interesting - but I didn't really see why it was significant at that point - I mean, it was a bit random of her father to have called her home, and then told her to go off for a bit. and I think her reaction to them having lied about the Infidel thing was a bit extreme, as she could have found out whenever she wanted to, and they don't really seem to gain anything by lying. That said, it's a good, interesting story, with some interesting characters (I like the father and uncle, form what little we've seen, and generally the Valmonts seem like fascinating people), and I think this story has a lot of potential.

Author's Response: Vichance had to talk with Drogan so that's why he told her to go off... As you may have noticed, Blair doesn't have a very close relationship with her father so... ^^

The Infidels thing...that was just a story about the Valmont family and Blair never gave it much thought, but when the opportunity arose, she just asked the question. And I don't think it was too extreme...finding out that your family isn't what you thought it was and that the stories that were told about your family and respect you got from it...all a lie? Well, to me, that doesn't seem too extreme...But I dunno, different people, different opinions and I appreciate other people's opinions :)

Thanks for reviewing :D, it's really important to get feedback from people so I can improve my writing and my stories :] .

~ Kristina

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Review #11, by sligers118Do You Need Me?: Of Partying Like a Slytherin

24th September 2009:
well, I found this chapter much easier to read than the second chapter, which was interesting, but a little difficult - I think you possibly need to look at breaking up your sentences in that a bit more, and using semi colons and stuff. I see what you mean about the relationship happening a bit fast - I liked how it was hinted at in this chapter, with the eavesdropping thing, but I think you need a few more clues that he likes her in the earlier chapter, as it otherwise seems a bit out of the blue. However, if it's not the main focus, it shouldn't matter too much. Clearly the rings are significant and connected to the end bit, which is interesting, if a tiny bit confusing, because of having to suddenly make the switch to the different story. I'm also intrigued by this wetboy thing, and I like the idea of her family being assassins that stay neutral.

Author's Response: That pesky second chapter wasn't beta'd... *sniff*
So that's the reason why it's so...awkward? ehh...Never mind.

Well, the ring thing is just a small connection between the "present" and the "past", so that the reader knows what the rings mean in the "past". lol, that may be confusing o.O

~ Kristina

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Review #12, by sligers118Do You Need Me?: Of Unexpected Change

24th September 2009:
good opening chapter - it gets you interested in the characters almost immediately, and I like Blair's character - she seems to be a selfish, typical Slytherin, but not inherently evil - I think the idea of her just not caring about the muggle issues is very clever, as in many stories, people are divided into blood traitors or death eaters. One interesting point; the summary gives the impression that it's going to be from Regulus' point of view, which confused me a little right at the start, although it became clear early on that she was a girl. good characterisation so far, and I like the banter between the characters. the italics at the end are also very intriguing. so, onto the next chapters...

Author's Response: Ahh, I should probably change the summary o.O ... I just have to think of sth that's good. The summary that's there at the time seemed appropriate (I wanted to write from Reg's POV but my plot bunny totally changed so...hehe)

Yeah, Blair is just a Slytherin. They're not by default evil but she's...disturbed? Slightly. I mean, I want her to seem disturbed, though that's visible in the next chapters... :)

~ Kristina

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Review #13, by sligers11817 Things I'm Not Allowed To Do At Hogwarts: Rule #3

21st September 2009:
haha. I do Jedi mind tricks on my brother. And he actually listens! It's such fun. Go star wars/harry potter

Author's Response: Haha, I wish I could do Jedi mind tricks on my brother, it would be SO useful. Actually, I wish I could do Jedi mind tricks on A LOT of people . . .

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Review #14, by sligers118Polychromatic: If I Ever Have To Go Through This War, Then I'll Survive

21st September 2009:
ok, I just finished this story, and I think it's brilliant. Well written (apart from of typo things, but we're all guilty of that), really funny, and the different points of view, which in a shorter story would have made it a bit choppy, really just added a whole other dimension to it. I will shortly be moving on with the sequel and parallel stories, which I'm sure will be just as good as this one.
One question, just because I'm an irritating pedant, you know the word "to lose" as in to misplace, or to not win? Well, you kind of spelt it with two o's the whole way through the story, is that how you spell is where you are. (I hesitate to say America, though you're clearly not British). Only cos here, loose means "not tight".

But yeah, other than that, 10/10 :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I never tire of hearing good things. :)

Ah, yes. 'Lose' is spelled with only 'o'. That would be a typo on my part because 'loose' also means 'not tight' here. (In America, you were right. :))

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Review #15, by sligers118What It's Worth: A Lifetime Looking

17th September 2009:
I really really love this story (and it's prequel). It's so well written, and the characters are really convincing. I also like Molly's inner struggle with her reputation - instead of just being perfect and completely fine with giving up social standing. I also love the twins, and the whole weasley family, which are so similar, and yet so different, from the next generation.
Favourite line:
"It's Christmas," said Mrs. Weasley. "Christmas is a time for family love. You may kill him tomorrow."

please keep writing :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's nice to hear that I did the characters all right. The Prewetts seemed to be rather better-respected among purebloods than the Weasleys, so I thought Molly might have had to deal with some reservations about that. It's fun to write this generation of Weasleys while I'm also writing "Just Another Midnight Run" because the two time periods are so different, and the Weasleys have matured through two generations, so there's a lot of differences, but it's still the same core, kwim? Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by sligers118Murder on the Hogwarts Express: The Final Evidence

14th September 2009:
brilliant. I loved it. really clever and well written. :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :D

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Review #17, by sligers118When Silver and Emerald Meet: Silver and Emerald

9th September 2009:
it's good want to hear haryys side of the story / or find out how ginny died.

Author's Response: Glad you like it - you'll find out near the end what went down with her dying =[ Keep reading!

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Review #18, by sligers118Then Shall I Know: Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been...

7th September 2009:
This is a really brilliant story. It's really well written, and very addictive - I can't wait to know what happens next. Hermione's a little different from the one we come to know in the books, but you're explanation of her being perceived differently because they didn't know her as long kind of helps to cover that anyway. I also really like the way Peter is a proper member of their group, bantering with the rest of them, as too often you find stories when he's just pushed to the side and ignored. The bits between Hermione and Snape are really clever too, and the idea of Remus sensing people's emotions.

ok, favourite moment:

("So, do you now know the secret answer to everything?" James asked her with a tinge of jealousy in his voice when she met he and Sirius in the hallway outside the classroom.

"42," Hermione responded, almost on instinct. )

I do the same thing the whole time - although you said in your author's note that that doesn't occur till the third book, and it's definitely in the first, as well as being in episode 2 or 3 of the radio series. sorry for being such a pedant, I just really like Hitchhiker's Guide...

anyway, please update soon...

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Review #19, by sligers118Just Another Midnight Run: You Can't Bring a Baby on a Stakeout!

6th September 2009:
I really like this story, it's so clever and well written. I love the way Victoire isn't Fleur Mk. II, like she is in so many other stories, and putting Scorpius into the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office is a brilliant idea. I can't wait to see what happens next

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I really didn't want Victoire to be like her mom. Besides, I see Weasley genes as being extremely dominant ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by sligers118Tidal Waves: Eight

3rd September 2009:
I actually came close to crying. So well written, and so believable. 10/10

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #21, by sligers118Saharan Lies: The Pomegranate Sirens

3rd September 2009:
I read the other version of this chapter, not realising I wasn't supposed to, but this one is a little bit clearer. That said, I love this story. It's really clever, and well written - with very convincing OC's. I'd love to know why Hugo's been ostracised from his family... there are so many different mysteries, it's almost hard to keep up. It reminds me a lot of the mummy and indiana jones - two of my favourite films. Anyway, please continue :)

Author's Response: Yes, I'd realized after I put up version 1 of the chapter that it wasn't going to segue very well into chapter eight, and that wouldn't do. Clever! *blush* Thank you - and I'm very happy you like my OCs. As for Hugo ... hehehe. Shan't say a word. Thank you so much for your lovely, lovely review. I'm so happy you like it. ^^

XOXO, Kalina

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Review #22, by sligers118PS - Sorry 'Bout All That: Chapter One

2nd September 2009:
i really enjoyed this story. i think it's very clever and funny, and also quite believable

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Review #23, by sligers118Beetles and Butterflies: Beetles and Butterflies

28th August 2009:
this is a really clever little story, really well written, and also quite believable, which is difficult with two such diffirent, difficult, characters. i really enjoyed it, and would be interested if you updated it, though I don't necessarily think it needs it

Author's Response: Thank you very, very much for the review! :D And it's nice to get several different opinions on my ideas at the end, about whether or not to continue, so I really appreciate your input!!

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Review #24, by sligers118Hide and Seek: Cheese to go with that Wine?

25th August 2009:
firstly, thanks for clarifying the whole AU thing, that was really helpful :)

secondly, I really hope Amanda isn't based on anyone real, because she's actually starting to make me appreciate my own sister, which is really saying something.

and thirdly, ok, maybe liam's not TOO old, though I can't imagine my dad being ok with me dating someone six years older - but I do feel sorry for him, when she ditches him and gets back together with Oliver. She is going to, right? please?

Author's Response: Not a problem at all. And yes, Amanda is based on someone very real. So you can see my dislike for her come out through's actually quite fun. I'm not sure Jane should ditch Liam...only joking!! Thanks so much for the review!!

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Review #25, by sligers118Hide and Seek: Dancing with Dishy Denters

11th August 2009:
i've been reading this story after finishing keep away, and they are both brilliant - really convincing and well written as well.

the only thing that was confusing me - you said it was set in an AU where the Golden Trio aren't there - so does Voldemort exist too? Because you mention the death eaters a couple of times...
oh, and if they go to the burrow in the future, which seems likely, then what about ron?

but yeah, other than that, really cool. Oliver's being a prat, and Liam's nice - but way too old for her, and can george please come and sweep katie off her feet sometime soon?

oh and I love Fred. so yeah. update soon please. :)

Author's Response: It's AU in the sense that things are not exactly like they are in the books. By the "trio doesn't exist" I mean they aren't the focus they were on the Potter novels. The mention of Death Eaters could be a reference to a past group or a current threat, but there is no current Voldemort threat. He could be dead already and there are still memories of Death Eaters. Maybe he just didn't get his body back and people know what Death Eaters are, you know? Fred and George still have a little brother named Ron and he still has friends named Harry and Hermione (probably), but I've altered the years so Ron is probably even younger than he was in the Potter novels and therefore has nothing to do with Jane. Ron will still live at the Burrow, as will Ginny, but they will not be the focus. I'm still unsure of whether or not they will be physically there or staying somewhere else. I hope that answers your question!

Twenty-three is way too old? haha, I don't think so at all, which is why I made him twenty-three. Old, but not TOO old I think. :) As for George...I hope so! haha. Thanks so much for the wonderful review and I promise to update asap!

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