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Review #1, by Ilisten2potterwatchHe: He

23rd October 2011:
This is a breathtaking portrayal of Cho, tangledconstellations. You describe her emotions and surrounds beautifully, and it really absorbs the reader into the storm that has overwhelmed Cho. Thank you for posting, and I look forward to seeing many great things from you. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I don't know what else to say. It means the world! I secretly love the Cho/Cedric story, even though in terms of canon it gets in the way of Harry/Cho. I think there was something special there. :) Thank you for such a lovely review xx

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Review #2, by Ilisten2potterwatchWelcome to Mars: A Tortured Brow

10th October 2011:
Yay!!! I'm so happy to see there's a sequel! Can't wait to see what's next for our lovely heroine Rose :)

Author's Response: It's wonderful to hear that you're happy to be reading the continued exploits of my Rose, and I hope that you enjoy the rest of the story (once I write it, of course :P).

Thank you! ^_^

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Review #3, by Ilisten2potterwatchLosing Interest : Lost

13th May 2011:
I really enjoyed this story. It was the most realistic account of James and Lilys relationship that I have read yet. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad it's well received. I was considering extending it... we'll see.

Again, thanks for the feedback!

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Review #4, by Ilisten2potterwatchAn Unusual Last Request: Beginning a new reality

24th April 2011:
You're torturing me! I can't wait to find out who's actually carrying Harrys child. Please update soon!!! =)

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Review #5, by Ilisten2potterwatchHide and Seek: Hostages

3rd April 2011:
Brilliant as always!! I can't wait to tell my friends that Geokat is back on! I've been telling them about this story for months! Haha you have officially made my day! Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: GEOKAT! I love that you tell your friends about this story. Be sure to give them a little nudge and tell them to read it. Because you're my liason :) Thanks!!

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Review #6, by Ilisten2potterwatchOutnumbered: Outnumbered

25th November 2010:
This story is super cute :) and I loved the reference to redvines.

Author's Response: Thank you. :D --Jenna

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Review #7, by Ilisten2potterwatchA man who will always come back: A man who will always come back

18th October 2010:
I absolutely love it! you should write a longer story about ron/hermione, scorpius/rose. you have really captured them well. =) 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #8, by Ilisten2potterwatchOver The Anvil: Came the Dawn

26th July 2010:
WHOA WHOA WHOA!!! this story is finished??? what about Siobhan? and Reid? they seem so lost and unhappy! i cant live the rest of my life not knowing what happens to them! and what about molly and arthur? i was really looking forward to reading about their lives as newly weds as they moved into the burrow. Please dont stop here! i love this story so much! i understand if you are too busy to write or you have other things going on... but if you ever get a chance to write more about molly and arthur PLEASE PLEASE do! i have enjoyed reading your stories so much!

Author's Response: lol. Yes, it was only ever meant to go to this point. Not a full ending of their story, merely this particular chapter. Now everyone's making me paranoid that I should have kept writing, and I'm contemplating starting a collection of one-shots to round out the 60s Unsinkable-verse before I move on to the 90s. I'll think on it over the queue closure. I have to admit, I have a Hattie one-shot set just after this that I'd love to post. Hmm.

Anyway, thank you so much for the review! I promise, this is not the end, I'm still going to write these characters for a while more. They still live in my head and have stories to tell, so I know I can't be done with them yet. And I love Molly and Arthur

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Review #9, by Ilisten2potterwatchFire and Ice: Intrigues

21st July 2010:
I absolutely LOVE this story!!! Thank you SO much for sharing it with hpff! Please update soon! i cant wait to see what happens, and which guy Rosalie will choose! i like them both!

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Review #10, by Ilisten2potterwatchOver The Anvil: Burrowing In

4th July 2010:
lol I love it!!! im so excited for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm hoping to have it up before I leave for Infinitus.

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Review #11, by Ilisten2potterwatchMudblood to Murder: Perils of Conversation

31st May 2010:
oh my gosh!!! that was cruel to leave the story there! haha cant wait for the next chapter!!!

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Review #12, by Ilisten2potterwatchMoonlight: Valentine Birthday

13th April 2010:
! i love this story!!

Author's Response: thank you!! :)

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Review #13, by Ilisten2potterwatchad memoriam: ad memoriam

13th April 2010:
this made me cry! what a wonderful story. thank you for sharing it

Author's Response: Thank you for telling me that you liked it! :D

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Review #14, by Ilisten2potterwatchWould You Want to Know?: Chapter Five - Staying at Number 12

2nd March 2010:
hey =) please please please continue writing on this story!!! i absolutely love it and this wait is TORTURING ME! i hope all is going well with you, and that you continue your excellant writing here soon.

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Review #15, by Ilisten2potterwatchWinner Takes All: Building Me A Fence

2nd March 2010:
whoa!!! is rose gona get with teddy??? im not sure how i feel about that. i really love the idea of her and scorpious getting back together. but im sure i'll love whatever youve got planned. this is an amazing story!! i cant wait to read more!

Author's Response: Maybe... maybe not. There's still time for Scorpius to repent. And there will be some Rose/Scorpius action in the near future, I promise. ;)

Thanks for reading and reviewing! Great to know that you like it so far!

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Review #16, by Ilisten2potterwatchWhat It's Worth: Heart on the Shelf

13th December 2009:
Wow! I love cecilia and Reid so much!! this is an amazing story! Please update soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll try :)

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Review #17, by Ilisten2potterwatchChildren's Crusade: Is One Hermione Better Than Two?

12th December 2009:
wow, this is a pretty cool story! very origional... please update soon =)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it.

The story's already written, although I'm still tweaking the last 9 chapters. My plan is to post at least one chapter every weekend, so you won't have to worry about long delays or the story being abandoned.

Hope you had a chance to read the prequel, Stop All The Clocks. I'd like to hear what you think of it.

I hope to hear from you again!

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Review #18, by Ilisten2potterwatchForgetting Her: Forgetting Her

8th December 2009:
not pointless at all! its beautiful! poor severus!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #19, by Ilisten2potterwatchThe Other Side of the Coin: Her Life in Ruins

2nd December 2009:
this is a awesome story! what a perfect way to say goodbye to fred. the begining of the story made me cry but the end was so fitting... i love the weasley twins and you captured them perfectly

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I figured that crying and saying a few words would never be suitable for a man like Fred, I'm so glad you liked it! :)

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Review #20, by Ilisten2potterwatchAnd Then There Were 4: Chapter 3: Lupin and Tonk's Will

2nd December 2009:
ahhh!!! the wait for the next chapter is killing me! whats going to happen on halloween! i have a bad feeling about this lol

Author's Response: well Ilisten2potterwatch i'll let u kno now...a few things. i just realized while writing chapter 4 that it WILL BE a Twilight/Harry Potter crossover story. there is going to be a few chapters in the story where a few certain cullens will be involved i just got done reading breaking dawn. Halloween will work still not finished with chapter 4 i've had a bit of writers block. but there not only will be the adoption to look forward to there will also be a possible pregnancy. and just to let u kno i am not using the names from the book that are the childrens names. this is my story lol so i'd like to use my names. take care and im glad u like it :D

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Review #21, by Ilisten2potterwatchDefining Moments: Angelina Johnson: Getting Out of Bed

2nd December 2009:
this story never gets old for me. you describe the way she feels so vividly i feel like i am the one experienceing this terrible loss. i cant read it without crying. this story is a absolute masterpiece. thank you for sharing it on this fan fic site.

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Review #22, by Ilisten2potterwatchVindicated: Auntie Erin

2nd December 2009:
awww... this was a good story!

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Review #23, by Ilisten2potterwatchJust Friends?: Memories + Breathe

2nd December 2009:
YAY! this is a awesome story! please please please write another chapter soon! =)

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Review #24, by Ilisten2potterwatchWinner Takes All: The Loser Has to Fall

1st December 2009:
i love this story! i cant wait for the next chapter to come out!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm working on a new chapter now, so hopefully it won't be too long before it's out. :D

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Review #25, by Ilisten2potterwatchLost Before the Dawn: Lost Before the Dawn

1st December 2009:
i liked it! you should write a longer story about norah and teddy and victoire. that would be awesome

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