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Review #26, by Little_MyFreak: A Pointless Interlude

7th January 2010:
That's about time!
but it was hilarious and the fact that you're back makes it up. But you're not getting a long review this time. Just pleasepleaseplease update faster next time, I've missed Lizzy!!
I'm getting you long reviws and chocolate when you update faster (please say bribing works on you??)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm really glad that you liked the chapter, even if it took me forever. Aww, darn. I guess I don't deserve a long review, anyway. :P And the next chapter is already halfway done. I've decided to just keep it open as I do the other stuff I usually do while putting off the chapter- so now I'm writing bits and pieces here and there, rather than all at once. So it might be terrible, but I'm hoping it gets done faster. I might just have to turn off everything else and type for my life, though, if it carries on much longer. Thank you, again! (Yes, bribing works!)

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Review #27, by Little_MySympathetic: Vera Clarkson

17th December 2009:
This fic was reallyreally good, and I'm sad to see it end. I'd loved to see an epilouge but on the other side it is really good just to end it that way as well. Sort of fits with it all. Really got me to think and it was beautiful done, even with a diffecul subject. Love it:)

Author's Response: Thanks very much! Yeah, I agree with you. it sort of ends there, and an epilogue would seem out of place. It was written to make people think! haha. Thanks for the review!

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Review #28, by Little_MySympathetic: James Potter

24th November 2009:
Oh my God...
This is awesome.
I really don't have any other words for it.
Keep up the good work, I'm here to read more

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much! :D

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Review #29, by Little_MyA Bittersweet Song: Remus Lupin is a Chocolate Loving Sadist

23rd November 2009:
Yey! You really are writing again! I love it:) and finally jess is comming back! Keep up this story, i'll be here reading!

Author's Response: awww, thanks! and yes, i am :) sorry, this semester has been kicking my butt!

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Review #30, by Little_MyHide and Seek: Missing You

23rd November 2009:

Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I had a lot of fun writing this one. Thanks for the review!

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Review #31, by Little_MyA Reason: Frank Sinatra

23rd September 2009:
Ah, you have no idea how much this chapter made me smile:) You write beautiful and funny, as always, and I absolutely adore it! Keep uo this brilliant work please, and Peter's right; Stars is pretty.

Author's Response: I'm glad to have brought a smile to your face, thank you for your compliments, and the review!

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Review #32, by Little_MyA Bittersweet Song: Shreds of a Shadow

13th September 2009:
Yey:) Keep on, I want to see Jessie comming back to herself. Heartbreaking seeing (or, uhm, reading) her in that stae. But good she still have some fire in her.
Can't wait for next chapter!

Author's Response: yea, don't worry the insane queen of denial and violence we all know and love will be back shortly... next chapter has been submitted!

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Review #33, by Little_MyA Reason: 1972

7th September 2009:
Seriousely, I've fallen in love with your story. It's brilliant! Funny and great, and some bits of seriousness.
Please continue, I really want to read on:)

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #34, by Little_MyPractically Royalty: It's...Nice to Meet You

6th September 2009:
hmm, not bad:)
Update the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for your feed back!

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Review #35, by Little_MyFreak: Artichokes and Lame Jokes

6th September 2009:
Yey, another update:)

So I know I said that for every chapter you posted I'd post longer and longer reviews. What I didn't think about was the fact that the last review was over 400 words long, so if their getting longer and longer, I'm a bit suspicious that there might be quite some rambling... (Yes, a warning label might be necessary! Except for the part that I love this story so much, that I will continue reading, no matter how much rambling I get...)

So Frankenstein was pleased, Frizzy snapped out of her guilt, and Scary Mary thinks the Claw did it. This is going to be interesting :) Can't wait for the next two parts of the 10th chapter!

"Make mine oatmeal please"... hahaha, that one was good

By the way, go totally deserved the Dobby nomination, I didn’t send it, but I wish I did, ‘cause, as I said you deserved it. Your story is hilarious!
I’m really jealous of how you can write this brilliantly funny and also write serious and beautiful in the Fancy Bread story. I mean you’re not just good in different genres, no you freaking awesome… Gosh, some people just have it all.

So, if I throw in a bunch of virtual chocolate chip cookies and some chocolate, then it’s okay that this is the first review, and they’ll get a bit longer after every time? Otherwise, I’ll make an extra long review next time;)

But for now, I’ve got birthday parties to go to, and cakes to be eaten!

Keep up the excellent work:)

Author's Response: Yay, another Little My review!

Yes, well, this was a long wait, thanks to the closing of the queue. xD So you didn't even NEED this specacularly long review! And... drat. I'll have to remember that warning label for the next time. Though, with my memory, I doubt that'll happen.

Oh, it WILL be interesting. The plot is really running away from me now. It's a good thing I gave it some basic structure back in the beginning, or we'd be completely lost now. As it is, there's a very big chance of it straying far, far, FAR from the path before we reach the end. I keep getting new inspiration!

Thank you so much! I really can't say I deserved the nomination... honestly, there were much funnier stories that got more than I did. xD And I'm shocked to find that I'm not being completely blown away by 'The Puzzling Prattlings of a Pulchritudinous Potions Professor' in the votes! I thought it'd be 1:450 by now! And really, you give me far too much credit. But thank you, all the same! If my ego suffocates anyone within the next few hours, I'll be sure to blame it on you!

Of course, virtual chocolate chip cookies and chocolate make absolutely EVERYTHING better! Even when this was already a perfectly wonderful and long review! Thank you so, so, SO much for taking the time to write this! You have NO idea how much it means to me.

Save me some cake!


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Review #36, by Little_MyPast, Present And Future: Prophecy

5th September 2009:
I like it:)
I must say I was a bit sceptical when you first brought in the book and all, but you've managed to pull it of!
And I love the way you picture Katie, George and everyone, so keep on writing:)

Author's Response: Thank you :)

I was really worried about it coming across badly once I introduced the book, so that means a lot!

And I'm glad you like my portrayals of the characters!

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Review #37, by Little_My3,302 Pages: Return to Hogwarts

24th August 2009:
A good introduction, maybe a bit short (or me just beeing too demanding;) ), but as I said, good. I love the title, very creative and brilliant. It fits to the story!

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Review #38, by Little_MyHide and Seek: Cheese to go with that Wine?

24th August 2009:
So, I was right, Oliver!! ah, he picked red wine...
Wow, Jane do get around, fancy pansy dinner, I would not have fitted in... Btw, I love her dress!

Ah, Dodger! He is so cute, please let the girl he like be nice, and make them be together! He deserves it!

And Liam is nice, put I feel really bad for Oliver! But he was a git! but so was Jane, Gaw, I care to much for your characters and writing, and you're making this complicated! but of corse, I wouldn't have it any other way:)

Possible to chose all three of them??

Good luck with the training, you totally deserve a Dobby, and take your time, as long as it's as good as this I don't mind waiting,(but please, as quick as possible, I'm not that patient...;))

Continue beeing awesome, and write amazing storys!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked her dress. It was very...Jane. I wouldn't have fit in either, poor Jane lol. I agree about Roger, he deserves to be that everyone likes him haha. Sorry about the character complications! I like to mess around with people's heads of course, and yes, you can totally pick all three. I will allow that, no point deduction.

I will definitely get the next post up when I'm allowed to post again as a TA. Breaking the Quidditch Code will go first though, since I flip flop, but I'm excited to see what you think! thanks!

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Review #39, by Little_MyFreak: Of Bad Deeds and Evil Plans; Part II

24th August 2009:
Ok, your getting a bunch of chocolate chips cookies (virtual, as they probably would turn bad if I'd tried mailing them, and then I would have to ask for your address, which would seem very stalker-ish, and I don't like stalkers… Love freaks, or at least Frizz (some might say I'm a bit freakish some few times as well, but that has nothing to do with it), but do not like stalkers. They are creepy. Seriously, reading Lizzys thoughts is not good for me. It wears off on me. Just look at this review…) because that was BRILLIANT! and fast!! Continue please:)

But I must say that I feel incredibly bad for poor George ... I like him, and now he got all humiliated, in a really bad way. No way Lizzy could make it up to him??
Anyway, The Giddy One went DOWN Baby! and that was awesome!! Except for that little guilty feeling... Gaw, make it go away! I want to enjoy this! I have no problem disliking Alonso for leaving Liverpool for Real, nor Ronaldo, hoping he'll do really bad in Madrid... Why do you have to write so good?? Well, you know I love it.

Volleyball?!! I also had a teacher who were obsessed with that sport. We didn't do anything else in his classes for 6 months. Seriousely... If it had been soccer it would have been okay, but nooo he had to be obsessed with volleyball. Meh.

Both the banners are great, but I must say I like the old one better. It was just... more fitting? I don't know, but something about it was really really good... But the new one is great too, did you make them?? How do you do that, my attempts are lame… Thank God for TDA!

So this was a long and unbelievable brilliant chapter. Dad was really wondering what I was doing, because he heard me laughing so much. I’m upstairs at my room, with a closed door. See my point? You almost made me fall out off my bed.
Frizz distraction mission with Slughorn was epic.
As were her usual rambling of coarse…
I want more! I want more! I want more! And son! (Don't you love how demanding I am??) You have really spoiled us lately with quick updates, and I really hope you'll continue.

Which leads me to my next point at this review (yes, I have points in here as well, telling in my own unique way how splendid you are and this), I have a proposition for you!

For every chapter you post, I'll post longer and longer reviews! It's a cunning plan actually, if I can say so myself. Unless you think these reviws are filled with nonsense and hate to read them. Then my plan will kind of backfire… But, I hope that will give you some inspiration to write a lot, fast, because this is so good, and I’m pretty sure that I have the rest of your readers with me when I say that we’d really love more. And now you have spoiled us with long and nice chapters and quick updates!

So keep up this amazing work, looking forward reading more about Frizz, who we love, the irresistible hot and stupid Stud Muffin and the always lovely Frankenstein, which by the way reacts how to the love potien outcome?, journy, and I think they should bring down The Claw, the manipulative cow, and Scary Mary at least! Because they are mean! and I think they should at least give little miss perfect a small lesson...

Keep rocking!


Author's Response: Eek! Long review! And cookies! It was definitely the cookie bribe that kept me typing, you know. I'm only human, after all. Yum. Oh, and sorry about the Frizzy rambling wearing off on you. Should I put a safety label at the beginning? Anyway, I surprised myself with the two-day wait between chapters. I'm hoping I'll be able to keep it up, but I don't want to jinx myself! Knock on wood!

Yes, poor George. I hated to do it- okay, that's a lie. I'm a bit of a sadistic author, unfortunately for my poor characters, so I enjoyed it a bit. BUT it had to be done. Frizzy needed to learn that fighting fire with fire might mean that innocent bystanders get burnt! Or... maybe I just needed an outlet for my anger. I meant to make the readers feel a little bad for everyone, too. Guilt is good!

Yes... that little volleyball thing was a true story. :P It took all my self-control not to lecture during that 'volleyball is a life skill' lecture.

Well, it seems more people like the old one. I might change it back, then, since I really can't decide. XD I'm terrible with decisions. Yes, I do make them, but I'm not very good. I'd be better off requesting... but I'm far too lazy to do that. For now, anyway.

I'm thrilled that you found the chapter so funny! I was afraid it'd be annoying, since there's actually a bit of seriousness in there. But I guess not, for you, anyway! And pssshhh, be demanding if you want. It swells my ego. I'm planning on having the next chapter ready for when the queue opens again, since even TA aren't allowed to post until it is.

Ooh! How can I refuse? Very, very cunning. And of course I don't think these reviews are filled with nonsense! I love them! Very good bribe, indeed! Throw in some virtual eggnog, and I'll love you forever.

Frankenstein's reaction will be in the next chapter, don't worry! We'll see whether the plan is still on... though I don't think the plot would be easy to work with if it wasn't. ;)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this amazing review.


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Review #40, by Little_MyFreak: Of Bad Deeds and Evil Plans; Part I

22nd August 2009:
Yay! An update! You have been good at those lately! :) Thank you! So, I guess I have to stick to my deal, and give you a looong review!

Haha, The Giddy One is going down, the giddy one is going dooown, the giddy ones going dooown, okay enough singing.
But I most say I'm impressed by Lizzy, she made an excelent Evil Genious this chapter! Frankenstein must have an impact! But how did it go with dearest Frank??

What a prat Toupee is! Wouldn't mind some embarrassment for him as well. Can't wait for part 2, and don't worry, this was a hilarious chapter, as always!
"You are going to die", wait for it, "today!" got me really laughing! So mean, but so well deserved!

By the way, where is Baboon #2? Haven’t seen him lately... Nor the other Marauders...

Naww, Sirius got reunited with his comb. How nice Lizzy is. But of corse, then he owes her, and maybe she'll actually get to snogg those pouty lips she's so fond of. But she actually thought that... Is she starting to fancy him, or just wants to know how his lips feels?

Anyway, keep on writing, give me part 2 son!! I want to see them al go down (even though I do like Scary Marys nerve), it's not mean wanting fictional people to be brought down, and smirking when I get served evil plans is it??
SO update soon, Pretyypretty please?? If you do, you'll get a review AND a virtual cookie? (Yes I know, aren't I just incredibly nice today?)

Author's Response: Woot! You kept your promise! And I've been making myself write on a daily basis- even if it's only a few random lines thrown in. :P And, just so you know, your little deal was one of my big motivators! Woo-hoo!

Yep, she is! And then the other three shall follow! And Lizzy seems to be taking to this 'evil planning' quite well, doesn't she? Perhaps she really has found a new career option. Frankenstein is a fabulous role-model, of course. Well... depending on your definition of the word 'role-model'... The next chapter shall have much more about Frank! Remember, they still have to do the love potion!

Well, we'll see what's going to happen with Toupee. After all- he DOES have to leave at the end of the year... I'll leave that up to your imagination. For now. Part II will hopefully (hopefully) be up tonight. I'm going to work on it as soon as I get the chance, but I might have to pick some crab apples, because we're making jelly. Yum, but not so good when I want to get things done. But I have tomorrow off from soccer, so I'll hopefully have free time then, too! I'm definitely aiming to get it up before the queue closes, though.
Yes, Frizzy is evil. Poor first years. I wonder who that little girl's older sister was...? I'll also leave that up to your imagination. For now.

Yes, I've neglected the other marauders somewhat terribly in this. But the story isn't really about them so much as just Sirius and Frizzy. There will be some more of them, seeing as they'll probably be wondering where Sirius is, but very limited Remus and Peter, until I can figure out a way to worm them in there. I really WANT to get them in, because I hate those cliche stories where they leave out those two. There will definitely be more James, though. He'll play a big part later on.

Oh, of course she's nice. As for her wanting a snog, it's not so much that she fancies him... she's just human, and he's incredibly good-looking and the first remotely attractive boy to ever look at her twice. So it's not really a strong emotional attachment or anything. He's just... hot.

Like I said, Part II will be soon! I have the rest of the story all planned out. You won't be disappointed! Well, not entirely disappointed. Hmmm... nah, not mean.
Thanks SO much for this review. It really made my day! Ooh! Virtual cookie! Make it chocolate chip and I WILL have it up tonight! And yes, despite wanting to bring down fictional characters, you are very nice today.

Thanks, again.


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Review #41, by Little_MyBlue Bird of Happiness: Blue Bird of Happiness

22nd August 2009:
naw, a cute story:) I liked this Pansy;)
I liked the way you wrote it too, which scenes you chose and so on. And the ending. A very nice one-shot.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked my Pansy! She's always sort of been a rather interesting character, I think. Thank you so much for the compliments & the review. :D

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Review #42, by Little_MyThe Funeral: The Funeral

22nd August 2009:
This is good. I like it:) uppdate soon??

Author's Response: Cheers. I'll try.

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Review #43, by Little_MyAdore You: 4. Puddlemere United and Shady Slytherins

19th August 2009:
It pretty good, you got me interested.
Now, keep on and post another chapter, I want to know what's going to happen!

Author's Response: of course! The next chapter is nearly finished! thank you for reviewing xx

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Review #44, by Little_MyFreak: To Smirk or Not to Smirk

18th August 2009:
Yey! Uppdate!!!
Funny as always, and now we have some action as well! They're going down:)

ah, and foodfight! Those are so much fun...

Smirking always feels good. Especially when you have a pink, glittery comb clutched in your hand. This ought to be interesting!

Sorry, this was a short boring review, but I don't have time for a longer one..., but when you update, I promise to write a superlong one! Deal? *updateupdateupdate*
keep up the good work:)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I'm really glad you enjoyed the chapter. Yes, foodfights are the best. Every good story needs at LEAST one. And having a pink, glittery comb clutched in your hand makes you feel good, smirk or not. ;) The review wasn't boring at all! Thank you very much for taking the time to write. But that is a deal I certainly can't refuse. I think I'll just go off and work on it a bit more right now!

Thanks, again, so much!

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Review #45, by Little_MyHide and Seek: Dancing with Dishy Denters

18th August 2009:
Liam. Dishy! What's up with Jane and hot Quidditsh players? She's one lucky lady on that front!

Well, Liam is hot, but I'm not sure if I like him or not. He's either the nicest sweetest guy, or he's a jerk playing mindgames with Wood. I'm not sure...

Amanda. I love that girl, and the same time I want to throw her off acliff with really sharp rocks she can land on. Still, her first comment "are you looney Jane?" sort of melted my heart, and the bird-flu was really funny. I'm having a love-her-still-want-to-give-her-a-painful-death-for-beeing-so-annoying-relationship with her. Ok, that sounded weird. Her crazyness seems to have rubbed of on me...

Anyway, do I sense some drama in the next chapter with the Woods at the fundraising? Could be really interesting!
I miss Oliver, make sure we at least see him soon would you?
And Fred! I adore Fred!
And while we're at it, can't George just show up with some fancy napkins, and make Katie understand that napkins are stupid (unless they're planning to have really greasy food at the wedding, then it can turn in handy), and make up? I want them back together!

Anyway, uppdate son, pretty please? :)

Author's Response: I'm very jealous of Jane with the Quidditch boys. She has no idea how she got herself into it either. One day she was hating Quidditch and Wood and the next day she's in an article in Quidditch weekly and going to fundraisers!

I'm just going to throw her off the cliff if that's okay with you.

I think you'll be happy with the next chapter, but that's about all I can tell you. Thank you SO much for this amazing review. I appreciate it SO much!

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Review #46, by Little_MyA Summers Afternoon: A Summers Afternoon

13th August 2009:
Cute story:)
Love the ending:P

Author's Response: Aww! Thanks! I wanted to show that Ron was a bumbling idiot even before he grew up. lol. Only kidding. :)

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Review #47, by Little_MyFreak: Liars and Whiners and Gossips- Oh, my!

12th August 2009:
I love this story! got me laughing so much. And I CAN'T wait to see how they're going to bring them all down...
lol Frankeinstein has to put up with some really freaky people. Well, she seems quite uniqe herself, so she'll fit right in.
Aha! Always knew there were something funny with the shampoomakers, put I did not know they make old people. They way Lizzy's telling the first year in a prewious chapter is priceless.
Anyway, love your long chapters, and really want to read on, so write some more and get it up! (does me nagging help? Or shall we just stick with reverse psychology, and I'll keep my moth erm, writing? shut?)

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch for the fabulous review! I'm really glad that you enjoyed the story. I know I have WAY too much fun writing it. Yes, poor Frankenstein. I feel for her, I really do. She's one very brave Slytherin to volunteer for this. She doesn't really know what she's getting herself into, though. After all... she doesn't know about the Brussels sprouts, now does she?
Thank you, again, for the great review. It really made my day! I'm posting the next chapter within the hour, and the eighth should follow within the week, I hope. Don't let me jinx myself, though. Thanks, again!

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Review #48, by Little_MyCommitted: Day Four

10th August 2009:
This is pretty good:)
healer Mitchell seems to have, er how put this nice, some really big bitch tendencys, or do I just have the wrong impression? Lindsay seems nice though.
And I love Hugo. He seems cute.
Keep on, I want to meet the lunatics in the story summary!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm happy to hear that you think it's good. And yes, it does seem like she does, but she's really one of those people who will do what she wants when she wants to do it, which is both a good thing and a bad thing in Hugo's case. I'm not sure what to make of Lindsay just yet and I'm the one who created her, lol. Hugo, on the other hand, is my baby. I love him to little itty bitty pieces. I'll keep on, I promise! Thanks for the review.

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Review #49, by Little_MyMy Possibly Crazy Neighbours: Observations

10th August 2009:
I love your story. Just found it and read the whole thing (well, okay it's only 6 chapters, but you see my point, right?), and it's brilliant. I actually laughed out loud several times. Particulary at the cleaning part and her mum comes in, because that's what I'm supposed to do now, exept I'm laying on my bed reading this instead. What's up with mothers trying to get people to clean their room, just because it's really messy?
Sorry, traced of here... Sorry 'bout my rambeling... er, anyway.

Saw the Half-Blood prince, loved it, but was very disappointed about them cutting out the Fleur and Bill part! The "I am good-looking enough for both of us, I theenk!" quote is so great!

So yeah, love your charachters, (Melanie is awesome!(as is Sirius and James when I think about it)), and the idea of the story, so uppdate as much as you can, so I can keep on reading this story!

P.S. The why-don't-you-flush-the-toilet-for-running-water-sound-comment made me laugh so hard.
(As did alot of other comments here, I just can't take them all, as it will be an ridiculess long review...

Author's Response: I love long reviews so feel free to keep rambling ahahhaahha! Ya, I don't understand why mothers care, it's not like they have to sleep in there, right? Oh, and I love that quote it would've been awesome! Thanks for the review.

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Review #50, by Little_MyGreatness: Lily

4th August 2009:
I like:) this can be good.

Author's Response: can be good? i was hoping it already was lol

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