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Review #26, by LizaHow Will I Know?: Chapter 32: Head To Head

12th August 2009:
Okay..Woah! Just read the whole thing and i couldn't be feeling more emotions because of it-though just so you no excellent story!. :)
Right now i'm like about to cry AGAIN after all that heartbreak..i just feel so upset at all the stuff going on :( though you've written it all so well and the descriptions and the characters are so good!
But i really really hope that it gets happier cos all this crying is getting to me :P
Please update quick cos it is a really amazing story :)
Ps. I live in Ireland and just wanted to say that if you were talking bout Forget by Ruth Gilligan then that is literally one of the best books ever and you have incredible taste :D

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Review #27, by LizaFlames: Chapter Fourteen

12th August 2009:
I love this story :D
It was such a good mixture of comedy and romance-the mr. Evans and the boys scene was hilarious!
I love how the duel was very original and different.
The chemistry between james and lily is great too and your building it up excellently.
Please update soon cos i really wanna read more! :)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you very much! I was worried that the chemistry between James and Lily didn't have enough steam behind it, but I didn't want them to suddenly come to a friendship after only a month. I'm hoping to keep the energy behind them, but add in all the necessary drama ;)

I'll update as soon as possible!
Thanks for the review!

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Review #28, by LizaPandemonium : A Step Too Far

10th August 2009:
Excellent story!!
Ive been searching for a good Rose/Scorpius story for awhile now and this is exactly what ive been looking for! :D
The plot is really interesting and captivating and the characters are really well-developed and i love how you show each of their personalities as different.
I cant wait for more so please update soon!! :)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! It really means a lot to know that you're enjoying this :) Thanks so much for taking the time to review, especially as it's such a complimentary one :D

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Review #29, by LizaRose Weasley's Guide to Life: On: Begging and Choosing

8th August 2009:
This is a really interesting story!
I like how the characters are more individual and different than in alot of stories and aren't perfect.
Its really interesting and i really wanna

Author's Response: Thank you! I was worried that I was falling into that cliche of Rose's weird/obnoxious family, and all that, but I'm glad you think it's original. Thanks for reviewing! I've just submitted the next chapter into the queue so hopefully it'll be up soon.

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Review #30, by LizaThe Unbreakable Vow: The Despoiled First-Date

8th August 2009:
Really good :)
I really enjoyed it and it was a really original idea for a story!
The realistic aspect of Dom being jealous of Victoire was clever and it added to the story.
Please update soon:)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Liza! :) I'm glad you liked the story and the ideas behind it! I love writing Dominique's character, she's a sweetheart ^^,

I will try and update as soon as I can, but no promises on when that'll be with my busy schedule :(

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Review #31, by LizaIgnorance Is Bliss: Al Has Issues

8th August 2009:
This is a great story :D
I love each of the characters and the plot is shaping up excellently! Its enjoyable to read and i wanna read more :)
Cant wait for an update :D

Author's Response: aw thank you!

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Review #32, by LizaAt the Funeral: Severus Snape

7th August 2009:
I just read all three and there so beautiful..i had tears in my eyes and felt all choked up :(
All three were so good in there own way..showing each mans emotion..your writing was incredible and it truly captured these moments.
I especially enjoyed how you brought in the bit with Peter and the wand. That bit in the books-how Voldemort got his wand back- often baffled me :)
I cant wait for Sirius' so i hope you update soon :)

Author's Response: Wow, thanks Liza! I'm really thrilled that people are reading and appreciating these one-shots, I thought it was an interesting subject and so I'm glad other people agree.

And I'm so flattered that I actually inspired tears in someone, that's amazing, I never thought I could move anyone to that extent so I'm extra pleased right now :D

I've got some other things that need to go in the queue first but the Sirius one should be up within a month with any luck.

thanks for reading!

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Review #33, by LizaThe Line: just a kiss on the cheek and i'm gone- i'll be on the seven o'clock.

7th August 2009:
This is really kool :)
It was so sweet at the end and i'd love to read more!
The characters are great and realistic and the plots brilliant :)
Please update soon!

Author's Response: The next chapter is in the queue- should only be a week until it's up! (:

Thank you so much for the compliments about the characters and the plot- I tried very hard to show some development. I'm glad you find them realistic.

Updates on the way! Thanks for the review!

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Review #34, by LizaHow to lose a Potter: The Exploration

7th August 2009:
I AM lucky :D
That was an excellent chapter!
The cliffhanger at the end is horrible..i have to read more! :) I really wanna find out what happens to Lily.
Cant wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: two reviews from you in less than 24 hours!! I believe i am the lucky one :D
haha, all i can tell you without giving anything away, is that it probably won't be what you expect ;)
thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #35, by LizaSub Rosa: My Sluggish Mind

7th August 2009:
Its good :)
I've never read a fan fic from mollys perspective before.
I think your descriptive writing is amazing but add a little more dialogue in in the more action filled bits :)
I definitely would

Author's Response: thanks so much, there will definitely be much more dialogue in the next chapter

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Review #36, by LizaHow to lose a Potter: The first date

7th August 2009:
I really really love this story!:)
Its so cute and its really really interesting too..i was so disappointed when i saw i'd read it all :( :P
I love all the characters so much and they're all so similar to how i imagined them.
Update soon Please :)
Liza X

Author's Response: thankyou so much!! well, your in luck, there should be a chapter up today/tommorrow (i put it in for validation a weekish ago). and again thankyou, reading this review made me smile :D

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Review #37, by LizaAn Unforseen Relevation: Chapter One : Lost and Found.

7th August 2009:
This is such a good story!:)
I really really wanna find out whats going on!
Hermione and Ron are shown really well and i love their relationship!
Please update more cos i'm hooked.:)

Author's Response: thanks heaps :)
next chapter is waiting for vaildation!

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Review #38, by LizaThe Potter And The Weasley Kids Do Hogwarts: The Boys

6th August 2009:
Good chapter but i cant wait for the action :)
I love this story!

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Review #39, by LizaRed Champion: 16 - Teamwork

6th August 2009:
Really good descriptive writing in that chapter and excellent suspense building :) the new characters are being built up really well and i'm longing to no whats going on with them all.
Cant wait for some more action with the party etc;)
Brilliant work :)

Author's Response: I absolutely love writing descriptions however because of the overall structure of some chapters you just can't fit any in. In this one however I could use it plenty with their surroundings and I'm glad it came across well. I do love building a bit of suspense :P There's plenty to come in the next couple of chapters.

I love working on characterisation whether it's for the main characters or minor characters, it's definitely something I'm going to keep a focus on over the next few chapters so everybody gets their chance to show their own colours.

The party should, hopefully, be pretty immense! Thank you so much for coming back and reading and reviewing, it means so much to me!

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Review #40, by LizaBedposts and Broomsticks: Boys

4th August 2009:
Excellent story!:)
I love next generation stories and this is a really good one!
The characters are shown well and its really easy to get involved in.
This plot is great and i'm really interested.
Cant wait for more!:)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review! I am glad I have you hooked!
Ah, your review is making me smile tons!
Wooo! Thanks again!

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Review #41, by LizaWhen Black Met Potter: September '71: The Marauders Unite

4th August 2009:
Aww thats such a good story! :)
Its really well written and i love how you describe the characters so well :)
Really kool story :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :-)

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Review #42, by LizaFamous Last Words: Head Girl, Head Boy

2nd August 2009:
Love it!! =)
Really got me interested and id love to read more!
Characters seem good and i like where this is going!
Update soon =)

Author's Response: Thank you soo much. I''ll update soon.

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Review #43, by LizaToujours Pur: Chapter Six: Torture

1st August 2009:
Wow that was amazing!! I think yo really captured the moment spectactularly and it brought tears to my eyes.
I was distinctly more than impressed actually-that was a fantastic display of writing. Please dont quit writing!!! Im adoring this story!
Cant wait to see the Rosier girl. :)

Author's Response: Wow, I'm glad I captured the emotion of the moment, I was worried I hadn't done it justice!
The Rosier girl will definitely be in the next chapter. I haven't completely developed her character in my mind yet, but I'm thinking she'll resemble Narcissa in a way.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #44, by LizaRed Champion: 15 - Unexpected Happenings

1st August 2009:
As usual..absolutely excellent! :D
Its nice to see all the accurate and well written descriptions and the suspense of whats gonna happen next is killing me!
I like how youve introduced new characters for Roses group and i really wanna see what happens..especially with the upcoming party!
I was so happy when i saw you had updated and i cant wait for more! This has definitely become one of my all-time favourite stories that ive read here without a doubt.
Cant wait for next chapter! :)
Liza X

Author's Response: Hey I'm really glad you enjoyed it! The suspense I think is always needed just to liven up a story a bit, there's definitely some mysteries rising up in the next few chapters! I love introducing new characters and there's more to come from the other schools next chapter - there's two who I particularly like and I'm really hoping to use a lot in future chapters.

People seem pretty excited for the party and I'm glad because I have plenty planned for it! I love writing new locations and anything new really, I think it mixes up the story a bit so you don't just have the same old characters and places.

Thank you so much :) You really have made my day! I'm so glad you look forward to the new chapters, the next should be up in a couple of days as per my 5 day update routine :P I'm very proud to be writing a story you think so highly of, thank so very very much for taking the time to read and review it does mean a lot to me! :)

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Review #45, by LizaA Lion Amongst Snakes: A Lion Amongst Snakes

31st July 2009:
This is a really great one shot!! Very interesting and nicely written.
You really captured Regulus excellently- Well done! :)
10 out of 10 :)

Author's Response: oh yay. you have no idea how glad i am after reading that. thanks so much for reviewing and i'm happy that you didn't hate it haha.

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Review #46, by LizaWho Knew : Chapter 1

31st July 2009:
Really good :)
You write very well and its a really good story!
I definitely wanna read more soon so keep updating :)

Author's Response: hey
thanks so much for the review its really appreciated
i actually have the next few chapters to post up so they will be coming soon lol
thanks for the review lol

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Review #47, by LizaShakespeare, Magic, and Me: "Women may fall when there's no strength in men;" Friar Lawrence(2.3.85)

30th July 2009:
This is really cool :)
The characters are all great and the story line is pretty interesting.
I really wanna see where its going and its very funny too :D

Author's Response: thank you!!! i was afraid ppl would think the plot wasn't original, even though i've never seen anything else like thiss..

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Review #48, by LizaToujours Pur: Chapter Five: Reflection

30th July 2009:
Defo got more than conversation :)
Its so interesting to get an insight into how the death eaters work and its so realistic and well written. I love how you describe everything so intricatly and accurately too.
The characters are being developed so well and i love where this is going.
Cant wait for more :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad that you like it! It's quite a challenge to look into the Dark side of things, so I'm glad you think it's working.
The next chapter will be up very soon.

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Review #49, by LizaThe Potter And The Weasley Kids Do Hogwarts: The Slytherin

29th July 2009:
Wow this story is great!!
I love it!
Its absolutely hilarious and all the characters are brilliant and how i imagined them. All the different situations that there in makes it so interesting too.
Its actually such an amazing story and it really made me smile..:)
Write more asap!

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! I shall definitely try!:)

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Review #50, by LizaRed Champion: 14 - Baring All

29th July 2009:
This story brings a smile to my face :D
Every time i read it i just want to read more!
Love how we see a bit more of characters like Hannah and the lake scene was brilliant!
Keep writing-i cant actually wait for more!:)

Author's Response: Your review brings a smile to my face - absolutely genuinely!

I'm really glad you like the story and each chapter makes you want to read more, I try to make it as interesting as I can because I like the reader to feel involved in it.

I like working on background character a lot because they all have personalities too, Hannah especially is really amazing to write. I do love her and we'll be seeing plenty from her in the future.

Thank you so much for reading and for taking the time to review, it means so much to me :)

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