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Review #1, by riverainQueerditch Marsh: Chapter Two

20th July 2009:
Oh, this seems like such a sad story. It would be no fun to be a squib in the wizarding world. You've definitely come up with an interesting idea here, and I'd love to see where you take it. Can't wait for the next chapter. ^^

Author's Response: Thank you so much for giving it a chance - I know oc/oc stories aren't very popular, and I know stories set around this time period are even worse! No, definitely no fun to be a squib, I think! Especially back in those days.

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Review #2, by riverainThe M Word: Epilogue

15th July 2009:
First off, it took me several days to come up with something coherent to say about this. Directly after reading the last line of this story, I could be heard shouting "oh my god!" several times in succession. This was definitely one of the strangest fics I've ever read, but still it was nothing short of amazing.

I read this story in two days, and one of the reasons it kept my attention was because of the way you captured Hermione and Draco's confusion about the place they'd ended up in. Every little thing that happened to them seemed to create another mystery, and with every new one I was compelled to read even more.

It was also a nice break from that typical fanfic that places all the focus on the romance aspect. I think that you balanced the suspense and the romance and everything else perfectly in this fic. This has also made me a definite fan of the Draco/Hermione pairing because you did it so well.

Something else I noticed about this fic is that it reminded me very much of 1984. Not that it seems like you copied any of it or anything like that, but it had a similar tone and dystopian quality to it throughout. Right down to the last line. Speaking of the ending, while a happy ending would have been nice, I don't think that it would have been adequate for a fic like this. A happy ending just wouldn't have fit well with the rest of the fic. I think the ending you gave it ties it up quite well.

Overall, you did a brilliant job on this fic. It was wicked. I've already recommended it to some of my friends. Definitely one of the best I've ever read. Oh, and I'm all for a sequel, by the way. ~.^

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Review #3, by riverainWithin Temptation: Of Deceit and Revenge

11th July 2009:
Wow, this story was pretty creepy and twisted, but I liked it. The development of Hermione's relationship with Luna came in a very natural way in my opinion. And it seems that the whole story has a sort of dark and seductive quality to it. I like your style. I think I'll be off to check out the rest of your writing now. ;)

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Review #4, by riverainWhat shouldn't have been...: For the better.

9th July 2009:
Hey, just read the whole story. Not bad so far. I like your take on how Harry would be different if he had been sorted into Slytherin. And I also like how you did keep his fundamental values, even if they took a while to come out because of him being repressed by his friendship with Malfoy.

There are some parts of it that I find unbelievable, such as how easily Harry became friends with Malfoy in the first chapter. I know you said that the characters would be OoC because the events are different, but at that point, nothing had been changed, and so there would have been nothing different about Harry's character. Later on, it seems like he's just going along with being his friend because they're dorm mates and Malfoy wants to hang out with him all the time, which is much more believable.

I think you could stand to go back and do some proof reading. I noticed some typos and stuff here and there, and some awkward sentences. I think you'd catch them all if you just read your chapters over again.

Well, I hope you manage to update soon. I'll be back to read the next chapters. =)

Author's Response: You do make an excellent point, but I promise you that all will be returned to normal by the end. You've just got to stick with me. I know that right now it seems as though they became friends way to quickly their first year but that will be sorted out in later chapters.

Yeah, I always go back and reread the chapter before I post it but I seem to miss a lot of simple mistakes and such. I'll try and do better with that. :)

Thank you so much for reviewing.

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