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Review #26, by soliloquyIn The Black: 9 Dustund Way

6th August 2012:
"You must look suspicious." HAHAHAHA. oh, Sirius. You will always forever be the suspicious one.

The earlier (later?) it gets, the harder it gets for me to make sense of spellings so if I sound a little know why. :) That, and your story is SO intoxicating. ;D kekeke, you see what I did there? XP oh, man.

He loves her! He loves her! I love how sure he is, and how his friends are like wot? I can see why they're a bit surprised, though. After all, he's been saying things like he fancies her/loves her/etc so many times that they've all sort of accepted it as part of his fanaticism of Lily. Except, well, er, James is sirius (keke) now. Much to Sirius' dismay.

Again, Sirius is a bit selfish. But we all are. He's so used to James being his best friend that now that a girl is seemingly pushing her way through, it sucks. I can see how he's a bit disappointed since he definitely thought the order would be a "our group" thing and not adding the others.

I love how you've written their friendship, and that you've sort of excluded (not entirely) Lily from the group because, it's true, she hasn't really been acknowledged as being part of the group apart from being James' girlfriend. Which is something I like. They shouldn't welcome her so willingly. :P I'm elitist like that. HAHAHA. :)

Author's Response: You poor thing -- for some reason, in responding to these reviews, I always forgot how late you stayed up in leaving them! ♥ I am so pleased to know how intoxicating my story is. :3 As weird as that sounds...

James loves Lily! ♥ I love writing their relationship -- and it actually ended up being much more fun than I thought it would! I really just love how much he does care for her, you know? I think he's always loved her, and there's something sweet in that. :)

Sirius's motivations and mindset actually do become really important, especially in the next book (and the last one, too, though of course I haven't started writing it yet). BUT NO SPOILERZ ~

It totally gets on my nerves how much some people write Lily into the Marauders like she's had 7 years of history with them. -___- Or how people write Lily to have a nearly-identical set of friends who just happen to pair up with all the Marauders? NO, SIR. I have a lot of beef with some of the Marauders cliches... even though I write one. :3

ANYWAY, THANKS. ♥ That word encompasses a lot of my feelings, but you should know them by now. :) You are the best.

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Review #27, by soliloquyIn The Black: A Few Truths

6th August 2012:
OOoOOoOOooHHhH James Potter ~* moving faster than lightning, that one. :) Of course, he'd always known that Lily was "the one" but...if she feels the same way at that current moment...

But still, how sweet and romantic. :) I really enjoyed that little touch! AND SEV HAS BEEN CREEPING AND STARING AT THEM. (at Beth, I am hoping with all my shipper heart) and JAMES HAS NOTICED. I love how accepting he is of it, even if he doesn't quite feel at ease with the whole thing.

But still, I want to know why he told everyone about Beth's crush. (You might have mentioned it. If you have, I'm sorry. I'm stupid and might have missed it or forgot in my half-asleep half-obsessed with this story mindset...)

But why is she also so hesitant about talking about it? Is it because she's...embarrassed of liking him still? Or is it him? Or is it just Beth being awkward? I dunno. Maybe opening up to her guy friends is harder for her. I know it was awkward for me whenever I told my guy friends about my crush because they were usually right (the losers -_-) -- the guys I liked were never good enough for me. :3

JANECHEL, YOU'VE TURNED ME INTO SUCH A FANGIRL OF THIS STORY. I will ship until my shipper heart fails to beat any longer. :) I love this story and I love you and thank you so much for writing it so I can love and obsess over it. :3

Author's Response: Ahh, and he's taking such a plunge, wondering if Lily DOES feel the same about him, you know? Especially because at this point in their previous year, she kind of hated his guts, no big deal. Ha, Lily, and you ended up marrying the guy! Life's funny sometimes (even though this is fiction, but really, are they so different?).

SNAPE. You know he's just spying on Beth, ofc. ;) I sometimes want to just be like KISS and smush their faces together, but alas. As for James telling on Beth's crush -- well, I think it's just a sort of guy thing. He didn't realize how much it meant to her, how /secret/ she wanted it kept, so he blabbed it to all their closest friends because his brain turned off temporarily. ;)

Her reluctance is definitely more embarrassment than anything else -- especially after the way Sirius reacted, you know? He certainly isn't the most forgiving of friends, and liking someone like Snape... ultimate betrayal. (Again, love/hate the man.)

I AM HAPPY TO HEAR OF SUCH A LOVELY FANGIRL. ♥ And I /promise/ that someday, all your fantastic reviews will have responses of them! And we'll party that day. :3 It will be glorious. Thank you so much for all this!!

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Review #28, by soliloquyIn The Black: Christmas Boys

6th August 2012:
Aw! Beth should've awkwardly rambled on about the presents she got! And those heirlooms do sound heinous and ugh. It would be terrible being a pawn to parents. :z Oh, Sirius. What would we do without you? I have such a hate/hate/love/love relationship with you (it doesn't make sense to me, either...) but I really wanted to see what her dad got her LOL and if it would top the ugly jewelry her mother got her. kekeke. I'm weird like that...

I'm really glad that Sev came over to talk to her. I was squeeing the whole time because it was so cute and awkward and I just love awkward way too much. It's probably inappropriate how much I adore awkwardness. Heh.

But I do love Christmas. You wrote it so lovingly, I could tell that you adored it too. ;) You darling person! I need more Sev/Beth time!! They're too freaking cute.

Author's Response: Beth's rather talented at awkward rambles -- I'm sure she could have talked about them famously. ;) And no worries, because Sirius and I are all hate/love like nobody's business, so there's that. :3

Gahh, I love that scene. Is that weird, to love one of your own scenes? WHO CARES. If any scene ever needed mistletoe, it would be that one, but as I've said before, Severus would be the most awkward thing ever around mistletoe. ♥ The poor dear. I TOLD YOU BETH AND SEVERUS WERE AWKWARD, I /TOLD/ YOUUU.

I love writing Christmas chapters. :3 They're so festive!! You are fabulous, Tanya, and it's kind of inappropriate how long I'm taking to respond to your reviews. Forgive me, dear! ♥

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Review #29, by soliloquyIn The Black: The Map

6th August 2012:
Hm. I have only one qualm with this chapter! And with probably, your entire story. Kekeke. I, personally, think it was a bit quick, the making of the map, that is. It all seemed to happen so quickly and I don't doubt that they knew a lot of pretty complex magic by then...but I dunno...I figured it would take them a bit longer. A few days at the least? Idk. That's my only issue. XP Sowwy!

But besides that, I loveddd the various creative ways you used to help them invent the map and I love how everyone contributed. I think it's super awesome that you thought of how and why and what was used to create the map and that it could almost fit into canon! :D I really admire you for tackling this particular part of the Marauder story. Sigh.

I envy your writing. -_- but onwards, to Christmas! -gladiator roar-

Author's Response: Ahh, yes, we have addressed the map issues. :3 But I did write this chapter so quickly, just because the map was something I hadn't addressed in the story up to this point (got to love those plot holes), and if I could go back and integrate it a bit more seamlessly, I would not hesitate at all. Don't be sorry -- I totally agree with basically everything you said here!!

All those inventions were basically... desperation. :P I'm glad you enjoyed them, though! It's amazing, what my brain can think of under pressure (if you can read that comment without thinking I'm arrogant, ofc).

Onwards to Christmas, indeed! -roars alongside you- I love holiday chapters. They are so fun and festive, especially when, like now, it's a million and two degrees outside.

Thank you for being you. That is all. ♥

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Review #30, by soliloquyIn The Black: Conversations and Catalysts

6th August 2012:
AHH. MORE AWKWARD MOMENTS BETWEEN SEV AND BETH. I LOVE IT. They're so awkward, just like Nuna Lovebottom. I can't get enough of it. :) So sweet.

BUT HOLY CRAP. HOW DID I READ TO CH. 14 ALREADY?! GEEZ. Your story is such an easy read. I'm breezing through it and loving it SO FREAKING MUCH. How do I even begin to count the ways? I love your characters, your descriptions. I always feel so involved in your story, not merely just a reader, but like I was actually there.

Ironic because a Christmas song just started playing on my shuffle. He. It's a sign. :3

also, this is my 200th review and I'm so glad it's on your story ♥

Hm, Lily's drifting farther from his mind and Beth is taking over? Me likey. It's like you've addressed my fears! YOU'RE A SER! :)

And holiday goodies. I hope you have something good up your sleeve ;) MISTLETOE?! I don't care how overused that is. USE ITT. Need more awkward Beth/Sev time. They're my favorite. Sigh.

I want them to be friends. To slowly start and then like a snowball, tumble into something more. (You see what I did there? ;D)


Author's Response: AND MORE AWKWARDNESS ENSUES ~ I seriously think people must underestimate it when I tell them how much these two thrive on it. Like, it's pretty much all I know how to write. :3 I cannot even begin to tell you how happy it makes me that you were able to read this story so quickly, though. Like... that takes dedication, and you've got it, man. I want readers to feel involved in these stories, to want to keep clicking next, because I want that in turn out of what I read. So to hear it happened with you -- it's indescribable!

I am honored to have your 200th review. ♥ Bahaha, can you imagine Severus around mistletoe? He'd probably just grab it out of the air and mumble about needing it for some potion, and slink away like the oversized bat he is often compared to. ♥ (Hello, midnight, you're showing again.)

SNOW PUNS! Gahh, Tanya, there are only so many ways to say thank you. But honestly, you'll never know how grateful I am that someone's like something I wrote /this/ much. You've just reinforced my confidence in this story like a millionfold. U da best ~ ♥

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Review #31, by soliloquyIn The Black: Joining Up

6th August 2012:
Oh my goodness. I am so excited for them to join OOTP. Except, well, I know what happens to them all, which makes me oh so sad. :( I just want everyone to be happy! And have rainbows and cakes and everyone to be happy!

Sigh. I wonder how Beth fits into canon, or how you're going to make her fit into canon. :3 It really excites me what this plot can become. Especially at such a crucial time in their life. I can relate with the whole not really knowing what one's going to do after school. I think it's a problem most people face (as my OC faces in my own story ;D) but yeah.

LOL. oh, Bethy. A romantic, maybe? It does seem romantic that only the two of them have a secret. Also, I keep imagining Conor Oberst as Snape so it's perfect because his voice in my ears, the lines are just too good.

It doesn't help that while I read this chapter and write this review, Usher & Alicia Keys' song "My Boo" is playing and it is just ironic. :P Kekeke.

(you owe me sleep, love. or lots of coffee ♥) -- or not, because I'm lame and decided to forgo sleep because of how FREAKING ADDICTING this story is!

Author's Response: That's sort of the pitfall in writing in the Marauders era -- it really is so sad, and I hate to get attached to all of these characters and know that I'm basically just leading them to their deaths. Even though they're totally not mine, sometimes it feels that way, you know? Fan fiction is hazardous territory.

Lulz, Sarah and I were talking about this the other day -- we've both really never written anything but AU stories, inserting original characters into canon and whatnot. And sometimes I forget that, just because I could have had Beth do so much to alter the plot, you know? But for this entire series, I'm trying to stick to the canon events as much as possible, with certain obvious exceptions.

Haha, Conor Oberst's voice! Still will never recover from having his band sneak-attack me that one time. Because Severus, you dear boy, you should not sing. ♥ I OWE YOU SO MUCH COFFEE, IT IS TRUE. Because you are cray. :3 Remind me, I'll pay you back someday! Except I owe you loads more than that for reviewing this story in one night, holy cowww. Have I told you how grateful I am? I'll say it again. THANK YOU V. MUCHHH ~

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Review #32, by soliloquyIn The Black: A Chance Meeting

6th August 2012:
I forgot to talk about it in the last review. D'oh. But, I have to say that Lily warning her about Sev and his interests in the dark arts...and now this...I'm a little suspicious.

Because even though I bet Lily is doing this with good intentions to protect and whatnot, I still feel like it could stem from something a little more selfish. Do you think so? I bet you know so :P And I bet I'm just spouting gibberish. But I'm not sure I trust Lily completely yet. There's just..something about how...quickly she jumped on Beth to tell about Sev's dark side, you know?

True, she might actually be caring and worrying for Beth because she's a good person...but don't you think there might be a tiny, tiny, selfish reason of her wanting to be the only female in Sev's life? Idk. It just seems flattering to be the one being obsessed about and loved all the time, you know? Like, even though she shunned him and claims not to be friends with him anymore, it's still flattering that he wants to be her friend. That he just, wants her, flat out. And now that her 'position' I guess you could call it, is being threatened (even though Lily admits that she doesn't want to be friends with such an evil person/etc whatever)...she's willing to use his love of the dark arts to drive Beth away.

Like, killing two birds with one stone? 1) she remains the only one in Sev's life (as a female, I guess, both friend and love interest) and 2) she protects Beth from well, creepy dark arts stuff.

I don't know. Maybe I'm not making sense. :) It's just what I feel is happening. :P But I LOVE how you've written Dumbledore. It is very Dumbledore-esque, and very much true to canon Dumbledore from the books. :3

LOL. SNAPE WAS LIKE, THIS IS SO AWKWARD OMG. WHAT DO I DO. i can imagine that passing through his mind (because my imagination is crazy and I come up with the randomest thoughts...) and then bumping into the group like oH MY GOD. SHE CAUGHT ME LYING. -HIDES-

Too cute. :) I really love this story, Janechel. I'm getting way too invested. This can't be healthy. :3

Author's Response: I think your fears about Lily having any feelings for Sev can be quickly put to rest. :3 She might have some of that sort of, "Oh, he's not hung up on me anymore, what's that about?" sort of thing, but I don't feel like it's genuine, you know? And again you go with making me examine my characters in ways I haven't before! I love how you're analyzing Lily right now, because you're putting her in lights no one else has in 400 reviews. And that's something that's just pretty awesome to see. :)

Gahh, Dumbledore! He's fun to write, and at the same time, he's /difficult/. Although I do admit that I have a much, much harder time writing Voldemort (probably because we see so much less of him), and would write Dumbledore over Voldemort any day.

DID I NOT TELL YOU THAT SNAPE THRIVES ON AWKWARD. :3 I am honestly just so happy that you enjoyed the story this much. Like, I wrote the thing, so of course I love it... but it just makes it that much more awesome when other people do, too. ♥

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Review #33, by soliloquyIn The Black: The Letter

6th August 2012:
My fingers...they tingle!!! Well, my hands as well. The whole time when you were describing how nervous she was and how quick her heart was beating -- I suddenly got very anxious and my heart started beating very fast and then I started reading the text a lot faster because, well, I don't rightly know.

Also, I'm now using the light blue skin to read and I have to say that Sarah and everyone else was right when they said that it was better for reading. :) But that...has nothing to do with the story -_-

ANYWAYS. Oh, Bethy. D: It's not a surprise...but yet, it's still a surprise when you've gotten used to your parents constantly fighting. You're used to that sort of chaotic atmosphere and you're used to them being together, fighting, so the idea of them being apart is definitely one that has been thought of before...but always dismissed as being impossible because you've gotten so used to it. It's one I understand (my parents aren't divorced, but they fight a lot so I can sympathize.)

And aw, she has a secret with Sev. That's really sweet. And it's okay, Janechel. I have an Oliver/OC but it's chapter 26 and they're still not together. Whoops. :) It's okay. For me, it's more about the character development and the furthering of an actual relationship rather than immediately jumping ship onto a romantic attachment. It seems more realistic that way, and better developed. :D Plus, I like Beth a lot! (I mean, I call her Bethy -_-) so it's okay for me that all these chapters are just her and her relationships and her friends rather than solely focused on Snape because well, it IS a Snape/OC but Snape isn't the main character -- Beth is.

It's natural that there's so much time invested on her and her surroundings. :D It makes sense to put Snape in later on, when he's more involved. Kekeke. ♥

Author's Response: Ooh, I could never get into the light blue skin. I'e tried it several times, and each time I miss the nice, dark background. I wonder what that says about me. ;) I'm so glad that you're able to sort of feel what Beth is feeling, though! Emotions are so important (for me) in writing a story, and to have my readers experience those emotions to some degree is a huge goal of mine. Gahhh, you are the best. :3

My parents don't fight a ton, and aren't divorced, so I'm not sure where that idea came from... but somehow, I like it. I think I've had a reviewer or two say that divorce isn't very common in the wizarding world, but MEH. And, of course, it's kind of important to the plot, too, so haters gonna hate, and we'll leave it at that. (Oh my gosh, it's past midnight, I am so sorry for the quality of these responses.)

I definitely agree with you -- although it's all good and well to have your characters get together and snog and all those things, sometimes the other route, though difficult, is more believable. Although 26 chapters is a laughable amount compared to, like, two books, but ahem. :3 I'm so, so glad you like Beth, and you recognize that these are HER books before they are Snape's, and just dlfjdlf, you are a confidence boost. ♥

HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY HOW AWESOME YOU ARE. Because these reviews are perf examples. Thank you once again for being a doll and reading all this fic for me! You are astounding!!

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Review #34, by soliloquyIn The Black: Just Words

6th August 2012:
I'VE GOT TEARS IN MY EYES. DARN YOU, JANECHEL!!! I'M LIKE AHHH. And my heart is beating so fast. Oh my goodness. When Sirius was teasing her about it and when she realized that James had mouth just about dropped to the floor. I was like, WHAT DID YOU DO? at James (as he cowered from me suddenly growing to be 10ft tall).

And then when she was talking to Severus and thinking and all her emotions. I WAS FEELING THEM, TOO, OH GOODNESS. MY FACE TURNED RED AND I COULD FEEL MY CHEEKS GETTING HOT AND HOW DID YOU DO THIS TO ME? My hands got all shaky as I recalled the first time I told a boy I liked him (even though Beth didn't do it, but I got the same reactions xD) and then I thought about like, all the times I really liked a boy in class and we had to do a project together and the whole time I would be bumbling and awkward and red...

and when your friends find out that you like someone that you always said you wouldn't like and how you're semi-embarrassed and don't know what to do and god. How do you make me feel all the FELS? I'm literally like, still, like, oh my goodness.

And he said her that way. My hands are heart is racing. I can't believe James told. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT, JAMESSS? (-ten foot tall tanya shakes him- even though he'd be like .. a penny in my giant hand...)

Dude. I can totally see Sirius' arrogant smirk. -_- that's what I was saying about being too much. Always taking things too far, even with teasing. He meant to just tease her a little, joke a little but NOPE. HAD TO OVERDO IT. Though even with a joke, she would've still known that James told her. WHY, JAMES, WHY (-continues shaking tiny james with @_@ eyes-) Lily disapproves? Even though she ended up with James, I always felt that Lily did harbor a little, tiny bit of affection for Sev. Maybe she's jealous like HE WAS MY FRIEND FIRST. I WAS HIS ONLY FRIEND. HE'LL ALWAYS LOVE ME FIRST. but she's a good person so she'll eventually get over it?


Author's Response: BOYS WILL BE BOYS, AMIRITE. Sirius is kind of a pill in this chapter, but I love him for it all the same. Actually, it's really James that's the pill, isn't it? I so, so agree with you and his "too much" thing, because he clearly cannot even comprehend how much it hurts Beth to be teased about something like that. Sirius, you don't tease people over long-term crushes. -whacks him upside the head- AND JAMES, SPILLING SECRETS.

I think all that oh-Merlin-how-do-I-act-around-Severus-now is totally taken from real life on my part. :P I am forever awkward around people, especially people of the male gender, and I am literally just so glad that you experience basically all of Beth's emotions here. Because they're very real! :D You are making me roll about on the floor with feels of my own, I swear. You are glorious, that is all. ♥

I think Lily's disapproval mostly stems from the fact that she knows what Severus is, and what he's capable of. She, more than anyone, knows his fascination with the Dark Arts, and how nothing -- not even a girl -- can really yank him from that, at least not at this point in his life. You know? Except I kind of wonder, too, if she's maybe a little jealous, at least at the onset... I like the way you think, Tanya! I adore it when readers can make me see my own stories in different lights. :3

TANYA YOU ARE THE BEST. ♥ I'm thrilled you liked this story so much!!

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Review #35, by soliloquyIn The Black: Concession

6th August 2012:
ANGST. ANGST. ALL THE TEENAGE ANGST. I sort of miss my angst phase. Sigh. But that's a discussion that's already happened in the land of Raverpuffs. :3

God. I know that feeling where it hurts more to be ignored than acknowledged with mean words. It sucksss. You're just like, TALK TO ME. SAY ANYTHING TO ME. BE MEAN TO ME. JUST AS LONG AS YOU ACKNOWLEDGE ME. Poor Bethy. D:


God, I have my new OTP and it hurts so good. Teenage angst is always good for fic. kekekekeke.

And I can only imagine how weird overly nice Sirius always talking to fill in the awkward silence but I did love how mean James was to him because of how angry he was. And what did James mean when he was talking to Beth about going along with it? Argh. James, you have a personality and I need to know how to get to know you better.

AND HE KNOWS. OH MY GOD. And he didn't give her crap about it. Me likey. I always thought he'd be the most understanding :3 outside of Remus because Remus is mah crush and I would just...flail myself at him...cough. I don't even make sense. :z I'm sorry for this crappy review @___@ I'm just so amazed at how great this is. It just keeps me reading and reading and I said I'd go to bed like, two chapters ago but nope. You just reel me in.


ruv you ♥

Author's Response: Oh, this story is probably my angst phase. :P Except no, it's not, because I've written so much angst into my old stories like you wouldn't believe. Covetous looks and misunderstandings and drama and love triangles like you wouldn't believe... But Severus did acknowledge her, yes! -clutches them to my heart- Poor Beth, all filled with woes and angst. She does not know what's going to hit her. :3 Teenage angst is da best ~

James is such a character, and I just really, really love writing him. I think it's going to slay my poor heart in the end, you know; I'm getting attached to all the characters I'll have to say good-bye to. :( He's such a good brother-figure to Beth, though, especially at the times when she needs someone like that most.

SORRY IN RETURN FOR THIS CRAPPY RESPONSE. I've literally answered like 8 or 9 reviews today, and my brain is just fried, but I honestly just cannot even tell you how much it means to me that you liked this story enough to marathon-read it, you cray woman. ♥ Thank you so, so, so much for doing this for me!!!

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Review #36, by soliloquyIn The Black: Rescue and Revelation

6th August 2012:
Ohmahgah. This is a reoccurring phrase. My memory really sucks, gah. I need to go reread that bit. :z I always thought that Snape got attacked by the tree and was hurt, but I guess not. @_@ Idk what my mind makes up when I read, sometimes. But James is right! Bad things could have happened. Sirius, that was not funny. -lectures-

But I think that's what I'm talking about, with how he always makes fun of cruel and terrible his family are when he doesn't consider his own actions? It's just ironic, and very hypocritical. But I think Sirius has always been too...much. I don't know how to explain. He's always been, you know, too good looking. Too into his pranks. Too into his own feelings and thoughts. Selfish.

I mean, he's a good guy, but he's too selfish to think past himself, I think. Whereas, James does like to mess around, but he's not as selfish. He doesn't like Snape, but he can think past that. He can think past his dislike and think about what it'd mean if he was killed in that prank.

And Peter is just Peter. I don't like him so I won't comment on him. LOL But he does seem like a good friend, which I am happy about. :3

Oh, Bethy. Why couldn't you transform? The nerves? The adrenaline? The worry about what you would find? @___@ I'm sure I wouldn't be able to transform in that situation, too. :z

Author's Response: Ahaha! ♥ You are hilario, Tanya. :3 I love how you've analyzed Sirius, though, because I definitely think you're spot-on about his being "too much." So many times he's painted in fan fiction to be very... perfect. And he was, if anything, the least perfect of the four Marauders, and VERY hypocritical and condescending -- at least some of the time. He acts on impulse, and even if he thinks he's doing the right thing for his friends, well, he can't always see past his own ego. And that hurts him sometimes.

ENOUGH OF THE RAMBLES THOUGH ~ Lulz, Peter. It's been challenging/fun to write him into a somewhat good light in this story, but I did try! Poor bloke. :) Beth's transformation was a kind of... emotional thing. Yes, I'll call it that. But then, you've read the whole story now! :P

You are seriously the bee's knees, my friend. THANK YOU for reading this entire story and leaving me all these amazing, wonderful, fantastic reviews! It means more to me than I can tell you! ♥ ♥

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Review #37, by soliloquyIn The Black: Panic

6th August 2012:
Your pace is great! Moving things quickly without dawdling on many filler chapters. I like your thinking, darling. ♥

OH, GOD. THIS SCENE. THE ONE WHERE SNAPE WILL FOREVER FEEL INDEBTED TO JAMES. -panics- Except I knew this was totally happening. I was thinking to myself like, I bet this will happen while Beth is out on watch -- but I had no idea it would be this soon!

I can't even wait for what you have planned, plotwise. I love your characters, so obviously I'm going to love your plot, too!!! CANNOT WAIT.

But how did Sev find out about it? He followed them, right? God my memory sucks. Man, man, man. I'm freaking out so I'm hitting the next chapter! ♥

Author's Response: Ahh, I'm so pleased to hear you like the pacing! That was something I was worried about with this story -- that I'm worried about in all of my stories, actually. Hearing that you like it is actually really reassuring. :)

Yes, this scene! I'm actually so happy at how many people anticipated this scene, because I remember in the very wee planning stages totally forgetting this ever happened. :P And actually... you've sparked more inspiration for further plot points, far down the road! You amazing person, you. ♥ Plot is all kind of linked together in all three books, so nothing's really resolved in the first two. Poor planning or brilliant move? You decide!

FLY ON SWIFT WINGS ~ Thank you so much for being such an awesome sleepless reviewer!! ♥

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Review #38, by soliloquyIn The Black: Seeking Refuge

6th August 2012:
Me ruv this story. How many ways can I come up with to say that I adore this? And the fact that it was from Sev's point of view was even better.

But I'm afraid that, if later on, he does develop feelings for Beth, that they'll always sort of be overshadowed by feelings for Lily. And that prospect just makes me so so so so sad because I've been in a relationship where like, even though the guy was with me, his mind would always go back to that first love ~* you know? :z So naturally, I am worried for dear Bethy.

You write in such a fashion that, even though I don't know much about Beth, I want to be her friend. I'm protective of her. I relate to her. I want to keep her happy. IF I WERE A BOY, I WOULD DATE HER! kekeke. :D I'm obviously a bit crayyy, but yeah. I'm just worried for her. REASSURE ME, JANECHELL. REASSURE ME!


Aw, he's like, er, I'm not anti-social..okay, maybe a little bit. But Sev, it's not like Rosier and co are exactly great friends. Don't worry! You're perfect just the way you are. Even if you are're awesome too! ♥

Author's Response: I've said this before in review responses, although about something different... But it kind of works here too! I'm trying to keep this as canon as possible, except where Beth interacts with the storyline, so just keep that in mind. If you took Beth out of the story and reinstated Severus's love for Lily, that should be the only thing that changes. And now I'm talking in circles... so I'll stop. :3

I'm SO glad to hear how you feel about Beth!! That is just. Gah. ♥ I feel like that's something that every OC should have, and the fact you feel it with mine really just makes me so, so happy. Let me love you?

Erm, yes, he's quite anti-social, our Severus. He's got a few of his author's traits, too. ;) And yet we love him all the same! ♥

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Review #39, by soliloquyIn The Black: Unsuspected, Unexpected

6th August 2012:
THREE BOOKS WORTH? You are crazier than I. :D But I love you all the more for it. ♥

What to say, what to say... HAHAHA. I WAS GOING TO SAY THAT JAMES KISSED HER, CONSIDERING HER RESPONSE. But yes, any girl would have recognized the signs. Regardless of whether or not it was a kiss or James asking her out (and her saying yes), any girl would've known the signs. Keke. The eager rushing in...the grabbing of the friend and dragging them to somewhere safe where they could OMG and !!! over all the details...Yup. But of course, the boys were like wot. Wot is happening. Eh? James? What? Where did you go? And Beth is like. HA. I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. I'M A SEER (only not really.)

Sigh. Yup. It's getting late. My brain is running away.

And poor Sev. :( Was this after the Mudblood incident? Sigh. I can't remember the order of events, so you'll have to refresh me. @_@ But she was so cool (or cold) to him. Like, whatever you have to say, you can say it front of all these people who hate you. Poor Sev.

I can't wait to get to know all of your characters better. That's one thing I love about this story so far -- all the characters. Already, you've established sort of their own little personalities. Especially the group. James, Sirius, Remus and Peter are all individuals drawn together by friendship. I love how you've written them that way rather than making them all sort of the same. (if that makes sense...)

And Beth. I love that she's sort of an outsider looking in, but also a part of the group. Being an observer definitely works because she gives us the little details that I like to know. :D

Author's Response: Three books indeed! :3 But as I said in the previous review... I don't question it. This story kind of writes itself!

Bahaha, James and his friends really kind of did make a huge deal out of that, didn't they? Then again... we just talked about Beth freaking out about nothing, so. But of course it would be her to spot James's deception!

This was after the Mudblood incident, yes. :3 And I really don't know why I'm answering all your questions like this since you've finished the story, but humor meee. ♥ And also -- thank you for accepting the boys as individuals!! That is something that, to me, is lacking in fan fiction, and it always makes me sad to see it.

Okay. So these responses really kind of suck. And you must forgive me for them because I love you for writing them THAT much. Glad we had this talk. ♥ Seriously though, Tanya -- I can't ever thank you enough!! :)

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Review #40, by soliloquyIn The Black: The Confrontation

6th August 2012:
I FORGOT TO MENTION THIS IN THE LAST REVIEW. OOoOooOhHhH~* Lily's smiling at James without malice ~* That is quite the development. ;) I trust you'll get into why she finds him more appealing now than previous. ;) Keke. And ugh. Does that explain Sev's look of hatred to James? D: Poor Sev.

But omg. he knows. HE KNOWS. WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. HOW CAN HE KNOW SO SOON. HOW??? You are most cruel to leave this at a cliffhanger, but not cruel because you've finished this novel so I can move on without having to wait. >:D Bwauaha.

Is Beth making mountains out of molehills? I wonder. But I would be freaking out, too. She wants to protect Remus and doesn't want to be caught, either. Right? (idk. i might be pulling things out of my butt...) But either way, she's freaked out and doesn't want anyone to get into trouble. I can see why she's making a big deal, but I can also see why the others are so nonchalant about it.

Ugh. You slay me. Also, your chapters are the perfect length! Not too long that it puts me off reading, but not too short in that I feel like you're leaving things out. C'est parfait! :D I likey.

Author's Response: I love the idea of Lily and James actually having a decent courtship before, you know, they get married right after school. :P So many people go the route of Lily still hating James through their seventh year, but it's like... they marry so young, that's not really realistic, is it? Not for me, anyway. :P And yesh... Severus is rather a jealous boy here.

Ahh... but what does Sev know? :3 That really is one of my favorite cliffhangers from this book. Because it can also very much be assumed that Beth is freaking out over nothing, because she is very much like me in the sense that she DOES freak out over nothing.

-slays- ♥ I'm very pleased with the length of these chapters! And it was really natural for me to cut one off each time, too; this is going to sound a bit stupid, but this story really has almost written itself. :D Anyway. Thank you very, very much, Tanya, as always, for leaving me all these reviews!! ♥

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Review #41, by soliloquyIn The Black: Unforeseen Suspicions

6th August 2012:
Ohmahgah. Peter, I am suspicious of you. You bring up such a suspicious plan. D: What are you planning, you silly boy? I'm glad you're writing Peter as part of the group. I am part of the large group of people who dislike him, but I think it's ridiculous to exclude him from the group considering well...he was trusted enough to be made into secret keeper in the end. Cough, anyway.

SNAPE'S BEEN WATCHING HER? Wait, does he mean her or like "you" meaning the group?! AH. I want him to be watching her! And I love her reaction to the crush. You've described it sosososo well! The flushed face, the favorite was the description about how your heart beats in your ears. That is dead-on! I just never thought about it before! :D Keke.

I love how James is all eh about his duties and then OMGAH. LILY IS THERE. -flocks over-. I love it. So much.

It also makes sense how Sirius was wondering why she was talking to Sev. Except, it's a bit strange that they all meandered up to Gryffindor Tower without her. Did she slip away and they didn't notice she was missing? I can imagine them like, all wrapped up in their conversation and like, talking to her as though she were there and not even realizing that she had stopped to have a talk with Sev. Kekeke. But that's just my imagination going cray. :3

-draws sward- ONWARDS!

Author's Response: Lulz, you reminded me of Sarah in that first sentence. :3 Always wishing Peter out of existence, which, frankly, I wish too. BUT HE'S SO IMPORTANT TO THE MARAUDER STORY. I thought it was v. important to include a bit of his merits here, because, well, James and Sirius had to have seen /something/ in him. And as much as I dislike him personally, he needed to be here. (More preaching to the choir, because we are totes on the same wavelength there.)

Bahaha, I think I confused a few people with that line. -ducks head- He's been watching the GROUP, mainly, because at this point he's still thinking all Lily, all the time. Aaand any/all crush reactions come from real life, ahem. I'm such a mess. :P

Okay, so. When I started writing this story, I was still clinging to the vestiges of my former fan fiction self, which is prominent in LO and basically did not adhere to canon for all the fluff that was necessary to include. And you have to understand, I was this person for YEARS. So things like the meandering up to Gryffindor Tower... yeah, no, that makes no sense. xD We'll just go with your explanation!

♥ You are fabulous. Did you know that? Because it's very true. Apologies once more for the mess I am making of leaving coherent responses to your reviews, and I'll be back in a jiff to try and tackle more of them! I AM LITERALLY JUST SO GLAD YOU LIKED THIS STORY. :3

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Review #42, by soliloquyIn The Black: Gossip and Guilt

6th August 2012:
I love that already, we're sort of getting into each boy's (and Beth's!) personality more. Especially the comment where Sirius says that Severus "isn't even a person, really."

Also LOL James keeps his Head Boy badge in his shoe and Remus is like @___@ WOT ARE U DOIN. But of course, does all of this silently.

Keke. I think Beth and I have common traits. I also rub my nose when I have nothing better to do. It gets everyone else rubbing their nose, too, because then my friends think that they've got something on their nose and I'm trying to tell them to rub it. Nope. I'm just trying to be preoccupied. :P Keke. And I definitely relate to her parents fighting. -_-. Happens to the best of us, I'm afraid.

And this line: She tried to convey some sort of compassion over the distance, but it was evidently lost.

I think we've all tried that before, and failed because looks always get lost when not accompanied by words. D: Poor, Severus. God, Sirius was such a bully, wasn't he? Ironic that he hated his family so much because they bullied non-Purebloods but he does the same thing. D:

On to the next chapter!
(just realized that I only analyze Sirius. XP I'm not biased, I swear)

Author's Response: I hate it when people try to portray Sirius as a martyr. Because, well, he was kind of nasty as a teenager. :D He was! And so I like, you know, emphasizing the not-so-nice portions of his personality, just because a lot of people seem to kind of gloss over them. He really is a mess of contradictions, that boy, and very hypocritical. /rant But ooh, I like that connection about blood purity you made at the end there! You are smart. :3

(Also, the best place to keep a Head Boy badge is in your shoe, everyone knows that.) DO YOU RUB YOUR NOSE TOO. I am /always/ doing that! I'm a little self-conscious of mine, just as Beth is, so that's where that comes from. ;)

I know you're not biased! To Sirius, anyway... Remus is a different matter. :P As a heads up, these review responses are probably going to be kind of a mess, because it is hard to process your loveliness. Fact. OKAY. Thank you so, so much, Tanya -- I really can't say that enough! You doing this for me completely made my entire week!! ♥

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Review #43, by soliloquyIn The Black: Same Old Secret

6th August 2012:
I'M HERE. I'M FINALLY HERE. And I am amazed. How are you so brilliant?!?! I'm loving this. And I'm glad that Beth doesn't have a big fat crush on Remus or Sirius. Because, well, that's already been done and you're far too awesome for that. (Though, I have to admit. Even if you did make her love any of the group, I'd still read it because you are THAT fabulous of a writer!)

I love Beth's personality already. The way she does things. The way her hands always have to be busy, twiddling with something. That's how I am, too, so I can relate to that very well. And oh, God. What would they do if they DID find out it was Snape? D: Those lameo boys. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. :)

Their personalities, too, are done very well. I love the laziness of Sirius, but I love how, at the same time, he needs to be the center of attention. How Beth brings up her family, and instead of just nodding and going along with it -- even though they know that it's a sore subject -- he has to almost one-up her with something about his own family. :)

THIS IS AWESOME. I'm moving on to the next chapter. :3

Author's Response: AND NOW I AM HERE TO TRY AND TACKLE A BIT OF THIS BACKLOG. ♥ It might take me a while to respond to all of these, but I will try my very hardest. I plan on having them all responded to before August 16. HOLD ME TO IT ~

Ooh, yes, I made sure that Beth wasn't going to be crushing on any of the Marauders in this -- and that none of them were going to be crushing on her, either. Mostly because I have a hard time getting into stories like that. ;) Beth's personality is, I think, a lot of mine wrapped up into invented traits, all at the same time. Like her need to always be doing something with her hands! :D

I worked very hard to make each of the boys distinct in this, instead of just lumping them all up into one sort of mold. Because they ARE distinct, and we can see that in the books even between how Remus and Sirius and Peter act as adults. I want to create them, not just have them stick around as background characters, you know? But now I feel sort of like I'm preaching to the choir, because of course you know all this stuff. ♥

I'M LITERALLY SO, SO, SO HAPPY YOU READ THIS STORY FOR ME. It's my baby. ♥ And crazy lady you are, you read it in /one night/! Do you know what that means to me?! (Hint: A lot.) Thank you so, so much, Tanya, and I'm looking forward to sort of reading alongside you in answering these reviews! :3

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Review #44, by soliloquyStarving Artists: Hedonism is our Middle Name

18th March 2012:
julia, you are doing a terrific job of distracting me from my homework. ;) i'm liking this better than writing this stupid paper (which i still have to read one other article for...heh) but yes!

i'm loving these characters. gwen/raven seems pretty legit. and hilarious. and they're welcoming and nice to lucy! who, when the poem came up, i imagined her reading it in cassie's voice -- with her jumping on stage and everything. hehe. DONE VERY WELL. TANYA ENJOYED A LOT. (that's what i've been meaning to say.)

god, i really loathe open mics. my school is full of hipsters so when we go to open mics, there are like ten thousand "singer/song-writers" with their acoustic guitar like, strumming away, singing songs that sound like every other song and i'm like -falls asleep-

i do really like beat poetry, though. or spoken word. those are fun. omg. i'm rambling again :/

anyways. LUCY IS LOVELY. also, you've probably gotten people wondering but i always thought molly was older? though, not that it matters, really keke. :D

LOVE YOU, DARLING. now i really have to get back to homework but i'll come back and read the remaining chapters. I SWEAR THIS

Author's Response: OH HEY TANYAR. ofc i am more important than your schoolwork *preens*

cassie's voice! aahh. yeah, that's about right.

maybe we should swap schools. you can hang out with all the srs and normal academic people at my school and I can go hand out with your hipsters. except you know we live on different continents, sad times, i'm not crying it's just raining on my face etc

yeah, molly is older, i just...i just really messed up my family tree when i copied it out lolol. too late to change it now, haha!

anyway. thank you for the review, dearest! ♥

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Review #45, by soliloquyStarving Artists: A Dark Room

18th March 2012:

okay. that photo-developing lingo was pretty amazing and written in a way that was easy to understand and and humorous. your art teacher must be hilarious. "this is an enlarges..." thank you, sherlock! hehe :)

and these chapter images are fancy, smanshy! i like them!! i really want to find out more about rose/scorpius and why his hair is brown and LOL lucy's blue hair.

also, the dean reminds me of the dean from community. idk if you watch that show, but idk why, he reminds me of that dean. ;) kekeke

so far, the development of your cast of characters is amazing. i want to know moar. no wonder there are so many spin-offs ;) IF THIS WAS MY UNIVERSE, I WOULD NEVER STOP WRITING SPIN-OFFS!! it would be too fun :D

AMAZING job, julia! going forward to read moar ♥

Author's Response: TANYA. HI.

yeah, legit how I learned photography. it wasn't very serious. once he told us this really gross but very very funny story when we were in there, and I was laughing so hard I had to pretend to tie my shoelaces so I could hide behind the developing bath and cry with laughter because I didn't want him to think I was immature. he thinks i'm immature anyway.

his hair is brown because he's allergic to life. trufax.

COMMUNITY~ I wish I'd watched it before I wrote this but, alas, this story was well and truly finished before I befriended the study group.

lolol I'm like shoving my universe onto hpff like EVERYONE. MUST. READ. IT. I feel bad. I'm going to stop after sequel and prequel. but then no doubt I'll spin off on all my other fics~

thank you lovely! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #46, by soliloquyAnd Capers Ensue: Choose Wisely

26th February 2012:
YOU POOPY. Honestly, I was expecting Albus to be in his corgi-form, riding that broom and leading the charge of bludgers. THE IMAGE WAS TOO FREAKING PRECIOUS.

Throughout, I just really wanted to coddle Albus and just love him FIVE-EVER.

Also, I just love learning about Scorpius. The very fact that he picks Bea over Anjali -- and not in a romantic way, as we discussed last night -- but in a manner that's like, I just...really need to do this. For me. And I hope you understand...

And I wonder how Anjali feels about that. Though, I can imagine her feels.

I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET JAMES POTTER. YOU'VE MADE HIM SOUND SO FREAKING AWESOME. I just want him to be my friend and be cool and everything I wished. ;) Kekeke.

You've done such a good job with this chapter. Definitely all the feels and entanglements. I can't wait to see further romantic (and non-romantic) entanglements. They're hilarious.

I definitely squee'd like hardcore when Scorpius called her "spunky and offended" and then described her nose crinklyness and I just died. But a part of me still loves crazie Rose/Scorp because I am craycray and you know it. :P


-succumbs to the avalanche of feelings-

Author's Response: lololol CORGIS CAN'T RIDE BROOMSTICKS, TANYA. Their legs won't let them. That's why they're adorb though. Funnily enough, Albus is probably the second tallest out of the characters, next to Fred.

:3 yesss. Hee, I think that's what I love about Bea and Scorpius' partnership. *cheese alert* They get support from their friends, but no one really believes in them. Once they realized that they both share the same goals, that's when they begin looking at each other differently.

Anjali will put on sunglasses and be perpetually cool.


Teehee, AND HE GOT HER SPOT ON TOO. SHE /IS/ SPUNKY AND OFFENDED. 50% spunk, 50% offendedness. You and your Rose/Scor. Poor Rose, I've neglected her ._.


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Review #47, by soliloquyHelp Wanted: How to Succeed in Lying Without Trying

25th February 2012:

i'm so in love with what's going on and everything flows so smoothly and i can't wait for everything to get rolling and omgahhh.

why are you so freaking incredible? the chemistry. the description. girl, this is too good. TOO GOOD. ACTUALLY CAUSING ME HARM.

need...more...details...about other...aurors...a;lbkh;ra


loff you, girl. now update this. :P ♥

Author's Response: HEYOOO


Heee, I am really excited to really really get the ball rolling here. I wonder if anyone really understands that the first five chapters were really just to get Frankie this job at the Aurors with David. SUCH A TRIAL. But now all the intros are almost done (we still have to meet the Auror peeps, but they're fun and confusing so) and now we can get the show on the road!


I think it is becoming more and more true that kdrama!fic is the best thing that ever happened to either of us haha.

Promise I'll update soon. Just because I loff you 2.


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Review #48, by soliloquyAnd Capers Ensue: Hogwarts, A Mystery

25th August 2011:

and socremlins. so freaking hilarious. WHY IS IT ALWAYS RINGLEWARD WHO CATCHES THEM. for some reason, i always imagine him to resemble that actor that plays slughorn in the movies. because idk. i just do.








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Review #49, by soliloquyetc. etc. (and life goes on): Marginally Better Than a Broom Closet

19th August 2011:


CLEMENCE, YOU HOA- only, not. i suppose. but DAMN. that was a great kiss scene ;) was very dirty. HAHAHAHAHA. but you know, just the right amount of dirty.


i can't even imagine what the future chapters look like. btw, clearly, i'm still loopy from my painkillers because i'm legit, like, @_@ at this.


and the fangirls explode.
this is why i love you, gina ♥





♥ so much loffs to you.

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Review #50, by soliloquySo, Listen...: February 1996

19th August 2011:
and that this is extremely well-written and i might be in love with this and i've never read a fred/george weasley story before and oh my goodness, i'm loving this.

distracting me from my updating and whatnot. THAT'S ALL IN YOUR MASTER PLAN, ISN'T IT? excuse my absence from skypeland. tons of painkillers and lack of wisdom teeth keep me away because staring at the computer screen for too long makes me nauseous D:

SO NOW I GO BACK TO SLEEPS. and then i read moar later. ♥

so good.


Neville must've left it lying around somewhere...

Awww I'm sorry about your painful lack of teeth. :(



So much love. Thank you so much for reading. :)

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