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Review #1, by soliloquyCosmically Clueless: I. God's Practical Joke

21st July 2013:

You are a Goddess, but of course, you know that by now.

I love James and his guitar playing and Augusta and this story. And the shiny banner.

This is a wonderful first chapter that introduces us to James in a way that's frankly, original. I love the little bits of meta -- I would tell you a cute story about how that happened, but that's played out and annoying, so no.

THE BEST. I'm looking forward to good quips by Augusta because you write wonderfully witty replies (wow, that alliteration. HAHA) and I'm really looking forward to her observations because you definitely have some awesome, astute meta-observations about real life and fiction and popularity and humans and food.

I love you & this story & I can't wait to squee to you about it later and I'm sorry this doesn't make more sense but I love this. (which i can repeat a couple more hundred times if you'd like)

I'M SO GLAD YOU DECIDED TO POST. AH. -squeals and rolls around on the floor and the bed in a blanket burrito-

♥ ♥ ♥ lots of love!!

Author's Response: TANYA! I'm sorry I didn't give you advance notice! This was a spur of the moment deal. I'm not 100% sure it's up to snuff, but I do love it so much, and I love you more. Hehe I do love my meta lines, and being ~original~. If only I was as good at being quippy irl as Augusta is, I think I'd be set.

This review made me so happy, girlie :) I'm so happy to have you as a reader and friend and I can't wait to see what you think! Thank you for stopping by as always!

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Review #2, by soliloquyAnd Capers Ensue: Epilogue

12th July 2013:
;AKLHER;ALKBH9YH4[0ncsp0[khnv z'sboeug


Okay. Now that that's over. Ahem. -straightens self off-

I'm so proud of you, Gina! You've worked so hard on it and it's truly amazing that you're finished. Capers was one of the most original, awesome stories I've ever read. Bea/Scorp made my heart SING (Scrop, even). You wrote them so well and you captured young love so perfectly that ughhh. How do I even make coherent sense?

u write gewd.

I LOVE YOU! Great job! I can't wait to catch up with etc. etc. and all your new rosk and ahhh. You're amazing. I lub you. I'll probably flail more on skype. ~

♥ ♥ ♥


c: coherent sense is overrated. It's all about the singing and scroping. I'm just like, hehehe Tanya, my singular Scorose shipper, look at you now.


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Review #3, by soliloquyAnd Capers Ensue: Open at the Close

5th July 2013:

oh, god. bea and scrop are so sweet it makes me want to roll around in my bed and just ugh.

it was so perfect and so "full circle" - y? IDK. HOW DO I EXPLAIN MY FEEELINGS? i love how you just can ...SEE that bea's a true inventor. how her mind is always spinning and whirling with ideas and ways to go about making her dreams come true. i admire her perseverance above everything.

and scorp/bea is so perfect and ugh ugh. gina. HOW DO I EVENNN.

sorry this review makes no sense at ALL. it's just caps and fangirling and wondering how and why this story is over and how i wish there was more and ugh. albus. albus is so cute in the way he befriends quidditch gear

AND ANJ. how fred's got her down and how he can see through her disguise but of course, she still has the last word in -- in a way that of course, still stumps him somewhat..


Author's Response: scrop hehehe. you know, I never did have Bea accidentally fantasize about Scorpius rolling around in sugar ahem.

c: I was thinking of all the ways to end this and BEA THE INVENTOR was the only way. I don't get to write it too often, but I love when I can dump in a paragraph of spinny magical theory :D

Will Fred ever get the last word? The world may never know. BUT -- I didn't get to put this in the chapter -- BUT Anjali might be heading to Auror training after Hogwarts too, hem hem.


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Review #4, by soliloquyRun: Double-Edged

27th June 2013:
Ah. All the feelings are already swirling. I can only imagine Lily's desperation and the suckiness that is having to defeat your best friend.

Who did Dorcas want to see? Was there anyone specific? And did any other canon characters get killed off?

I have so many questions about this world! So many ideas and thoughts and wonderings...ugh.

If Rowena attempted to run off and was caught, how come she wasn't sent to the Grotta?

Ah. i wish this review could be better but I'm running off to read the next one.

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Review #5, by soliloquyRun: In Plain Sight

27th June 2013:
The complexity of Lily's emotions is amazing. At first, I was confused why she was trying to hide from James. I wondered if everything was alright in their seemingly picture perfect relationship. I had completely forgotten that yes, Snape too would be joining them.

That Snape would also be there. That she would have to encounter him once more.

I can only imagine her feelings. The guilt. The anxiety. The awkwardness. How she probably is feeling everything rushing at her at once and at the same time, this immense guilt that he might have wasted his life because of her. Not the real her, perhaps, but this idolized, idealized version of her that he kept in his memory.

But at the same time, I wonder if Snape does know the real her, still. That his memory hasn't built up this idealized version. That, he really does know that she's still married to James and that he isn't expecting her to give him anything because he did it out of love for her -- that he didn't do it because he thought she owed him something at the end...

God. You write the emotions so well that I'm entranced and lost and spinning. Poor, Lily. Poor Severus.

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Review #6, by soliloquyRun: Like Dreaming

27th June 2013:
Wah. I literally got super teary-eyed just now. I was devastated when I read that the Tonks and Remus were dead in the seventh book, and it devastates me again to have it repeated.

The worries...I love how you've framed their relationship as bickering and lovely and real. I just...gah. Too many emotions right now. I love how they're together and they love it, but they also hate it because they're away from their child -- but isn't that real relationships, too? When you're glad to be just with your significant other but all the while missing the child?

I don't have a child but that's what people tell me, anyway. That there's always this sort of selfish piece of you that's conflicted -- that you want one thing, but also the other, but life is that you can't have both.

Oh, the Lupins. i want to give them a big hug. Again, your details are spectacular. I love the details explained to them and everything having to do with the water and how they cross and the bit with the resurrection stone.

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Review #7, by soliloquyRun: Newcomers

27th June 2013: this. I reread the first chapter to remind myself what on earth I've missed in terms of small details.

And honestly, I quite forgot how well written and amazing it is. Though, I'm not surprised because well, you're Sarah. As in, you're amazing and awesome.

I love the detail you put into this world -- the description is rich and inventive and really allows the reader to imagine what sort of place Cliodna’s Clock is.

And I love the description of Cedric's daily life, as well as all sorts of juicy tidbits about the inhabitants. Everything is so realistic and wonderful. I can't wait to catch up on where I left off...

P.S. I suck at reviews...most of them will be mostly squeeing. I hope you don't mind ;D

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Review #8, by soliloquyAnd Capers Ensue: Bittersweet

26th June 2013:
OH MY GOD. GINA. I CAN'T EVEN. I was going to leave you a review for each chapter but they ate me up and here I am at the very end of your updates.

I can't even. How do I even articulate...hold on. Let me...gather up these scattered thoughts.

Okay. First, there isn't going to be a sequel right? Or is there? I forget what you told me when I asked forever ago. I mean, I don't know! I'm a wreck! I'm a mess! I don't even know my feelings.

Second. OH MY GOD. BEA AND SCORP AND OH MY GOD. I left my Rose idea 5eva ago and thank god. Bea and Scorp are meant to be! I always saw it but I just was being a sloar in denial -- EVEN THOUGH I DON'T KNOW WHY BECAUSE GAH.

Okay, okay. I'm calming down. When I thought Scorp was dead...I literally had a melt down. I paced around my house for like an hour before I could go on. I was like, please tell me you're not pulling a Hitchcock and killing off your main character (okay, it wasn't Bea, but still -- he was pretty important, y'know?). And then I kept reading and RELIEF. RELIEF. RELIEF. I'VE NEVER KNOWN SUCH RELIEF. (except when I found out I passed French ;D).

The slow blossoming of Bea/Scorp was incredible and moving and literally...when she kissed him...I cheered out loud and my parents looked at me strangely.

I honestly had no idea that this kidnapping plot business was happening and oh my goodness, Draco's dead and my head was spinning. I was behind a couple chapters and everything just sort of happened. I love it.


Sigh. Real life just has to get in the way of love, doesn't it? X_X I just want them to be together and to be happy and for everything to be okay with rainbows and biscuits and cupcakes and glitter and confetti and smiles.

I want to squeeze them together in my arms and never let them go.

Wonderful job, Gina! As always ;) ♥

Author's Response: ♥ TANYA ♥ there is no sequel though it's highly likely I'll be posting little ditties about the future because I can't help myself YOU KNOW ME. I have my folder of cute and antics and Julia and Gubby's fic of my fic.

BAHAHA I FORGOT YOU USED TO BE A SCOROSE SHIPPER, I WAS LIKE /TANYA THEY HAVE ALL OF TWO LINES TOGETHER/ but then I think of the multiple Anjali/James shippers -- before James ever had his cameo, mind you.

You're lucky you read it without waiting for updates :'D I think it reads better that way too, all at once, like one big adventure. It's funny because I mention a lot that I like happy endings, but historically, looking back at my stories, I'm actually *terrible* at actually providing that happy ending oops, and Capers is semi-not-an-exception. If I got anyone apprehensive about Scorpius dying, I'm happy *__* but the actual sad part that I wanted to hit people hard with is the one in this chapter. One that kind of makes you stop and go 'oh', because you realize that everyone's growing up and going away and you're proud but it's bittersweet and unavoidable.

~ * ~ * ~ Long-distance confetti! * ~ * ~ * ~


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Review #9, by soliloquyIn The Red: A Year Later

6th August 2012:
Wahh, a year has passed already...I can't even imagine. I'm glad Sirius is generally the same. That makes me really happy. :3 Something unchanged in these changing times. Sigh.

It pleases me so! Poor James, though. :( At least he has Lily! Even though she's not my favorite, HAHA. :D But I'm just a hater. Don't mind me!

I love how Bethy's mind still drifts back to Sev...I'm sure his drifts back to her, as well and what she meant at their last encounter. It's like that. Would you consider him her first love? if so, first loves are often the hardest to forget (as many books and movies have told me. me on the other first love is one I try not to think about because it's awkward that I ever loved someone like him xD HAHAHAHA) anyways...

I want to hear more about Bethy's relationship with Fred&Alice and how they get along and if they invite her over for tea and feed her some cookies, at least. :) Poor girl. Instant noodles and weak tea. MAMA TANYA WILL FATTEN YOU UP. COME HITHER AND EAT ALL THE THINGS. :D

I might love these characters as much as you! (you might love them more, since you know, your brain has spawned their personalities and such...but I do love them a lot!)

Author's Response: Okay, so I'm going to go ahead and respond to your ITR reviews now. And why? Obviously because you are fantastic, and also because it's hard to process all the fabulous ITB reviews. And something I've found to be helpful when people have review-bombed ITB in the past is to respond to every other review as it comes in, and slowly chip away at the others. And thus, here we go!

I feel like out of all the Marauders, Sirius would be the one least likely to change -- wouldn't you agree? Also, you're totally not alone in Lily-hating. I've grown more fond of her through writing this, but there was a time that I definitely didn't like her, either. :3 No worries!

I do think that Severus could be considered Beth's first love, especially considering that she's really kind of had a crush on him since her first year at school. Add that into the fact that there was really no closure when they parted... and it's probably a pretty safe bet that Sev's still thinking about her too. ;) Also, FRED AND ALICE CROP UP AGAIN, I PROMISE. You would be the one to like Neville's parents!

I love you much YOU love my characters. :3 It makes me smile muchly. ♥ Thank you so, so much for leaving me such a huge pile of like-woah reviews, Tanya! I cannot ever, ever properly express my thanks for it, and I am just so glad you like this story!!

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Review #10, by soliloquyIn The Black: The Path

6th August 2012:

I just read all of these chapters in one night and it just sucked me in. The way your write. The elegant descriptions...your lovely characters. I feel so attached to them. Like they're my own friends. And I care so much for them and knowing the looming darkness...scares me more than it does them.

This wedding is one light moment in a future clouded by darkness. And it hurts so much to know what James and Lily and Sirius and Remus and Peter and Mary and Marlene -- what's going to happen to all of them. Dead. Missing. Dead. Sent away. Framed. Barely living. Shunned.

It's like looking at that picture of them from the movie -- the order photo, where they're all smiling and laughing and none of them have any idea what is going to happen to all of them...and just Moody telling Harry what happened. I can't...I love them too much. I've grown too attached...

And Sev. You've written him SO WELL. Better than I've ever read and you understand him so well, it seems. His thought process. What he's he might feel about a certain thing. God. And the reasons for why he does something or why this and that.

I can't even like, convey how gorgeous this is. And this is the first book? I'm so scared and yet, so intrigued. I need to read more. NOW. I can't even. I'm like holding my breath, wishing that the future for them is all a dream...that they'll wake up and all still be friends and still happy and still young -- hopeful about a dark and unknowable future.

Sigh. You are genius, Janechel. My brain...just...too many thoughts. Too many awesome things to say. There's no way a single review like this can convey all the emotions that are racing through my brain and how I'm shaking and I this story. So much. I can see why it's so popular and I kick myself for not reading it sooner.

God. I am so involved, it's not even healthy. HAHA. :) ♥ congrats on finishing this You are an amazingg writer! I wish I could finish something. Congrats! ♥

Author's Response: SO, A MONTH AND A HALF LATER, I AM FINALLY RESPONDING TO THE LAST REVIEW ON THIS STORY. And it's going to suck. And I know it's going to suck. And it'll be full of rambling and hearts. Accept this. ♥

I /just/ mentioned this in responding to your second-to-last review, but do you seriously know what it means to me that you read this story in one night?! That is INCREDIBLE dedication, and for you to have had that toward my story... I'm so flattered. :) It still makes my heart warm, even after all this time (ALWAYS ~) to know that you loved my characters so much, and that you grew so attached to them, and everything. It's exactly the sort of thing I hope to achieve in my writing, even if it's sometimes unable to be named.

Tanya, you're going to make me cryyy. ♥ This is very much the first book, and I'm just so excited to see what you think about 'In The Red' and 'Breaking Even,' and you are just such an immense support system and I'm going all to mush thinking about it. -wipes tears from eyes-

Thank you /so much/ for reading this!! And that doesn't even come close to conveying my true feelings. It really doesn't. ♥ I'm just so, so grateful to you, and you can't ever know what it means to me!

I am an inarticulate mess.

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Review #11, by soliloquyIn The Black: All Fall Down

6th August 2012:
I am literally crying. I am like, so emotionally invested that it hurts. Beth feels so hurt and I'm hurt and frustrated because BETH, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. And at the same time, SEV, YOU'RE MISTAKEN.

And then I'm sad because he's alone, again. And that just...wah. JANECHEL HOLD ME.

The only reason why this is so short is because I'm crying and I need to get to the end because I AM SO OVERWHELMED BY THE AWESOMENESS OF THIS STORY. GAH ♥

Author's Response: I think you were crying because you were up so late, dear. ♥ Have I mentioned how fantastically stupid I think you are for pulling an all-nighter? I appreciate it to the ends of the earth, of course, but TANYA, YOU GOOSE. :3 -holds you- Beth and Severus, man. They really function on misunderstandings in this book, I'm telling youuu.

Don't even worry about the length of your reviews, of /course/. I'm offended you would even mention it. And these review responses aren't even up to snuff, anyway. I AM OVERWHELMED BY YOUR KINDNESS AND YOUR ENTHUSIASM AND JUST ALL THE THINGS ~

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Review #12, by soliloquyIn The Black: Lost

6th August 2012:

I am a bit confused though, darling! Sev was talking about how his patronus had changed, but he then said that his patronus had been a doe since always. I didn't see where there was mention of it changing besides him acknowledging that it had changed? If it made sense? I dunno what I'm talking about. If you could clarify, that would be awesome. :D

but no, bethy! He loves you. Patronus' don't just mean that they love's just...a random animal assigned to them! Maybe Sev is gentle like a doe...there's no other reason...Bethy. -cradles her-

Gaahhh. I have all the feels and nowhere to put them - piles them on janechel-

Author's Response: SNORT. ♥ I love it when you refer to yourself as Mama Tanya, by the by. Don't stop doing it. Cool?

Ahh, I understand your confusion! But, at this point in the story, his patronus has not ever changed since he learned how to do the charm. ;) A bit of confusing wording there -- but he's a bit disappointed, because he's expected it to change. And it hasn't... yet!

Bahaha, of course that's why Severus's takes a doe form, that gentleness. :P Beth does need a bit of cradling, though. Man, if James hadn't said anything...

-is buried under Tanya's feels- ♥

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Review #13, by soliloquyIn The Black: A Question

6th August 2012:

But, ahhh. I'm really dreading the meeting between Sev and Beth. I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY AND ON THE SAME PAGE AND NOT ON OPPOSITE SIDES. I know they won't pull Romeo/Juliet but it's still there...looming and I'm just tearing my hair out because I am so worried.

I've become unhealthily attached to your characters. It's like my emotional well-being depends on theirs. HA. So I was happy and very eager to read this fluffy chapter about James and Lily.

He was so cute and nervous and I was so extremely happy. I don't even know if I can put it into words how it made me feel. I just wanted to pick up cute cuddly things and squish them out of love and just sigh all the time to everything.

You are so good at writing fluff, man! Seriously. If I could write fluff like that I would just dedicate my life to fluff. HA. :D

SIGH. NOW BETH NEEDS SOME FLUFFY TIMES. and tanya will be complete and happy and fulfilled. :D kekekekeke

Author's Response: Full disclosure, even though you've already finished the story and these confessions are now sort of pointless: Severus and Beth are basically never happy in this first book, ever. :D Ahh, they're so awkward. It makes me happy. ♥

I love hearing that you're so invested in my characters. :3 Seriously -- that makes me so happy! This was one of the chapters I was most looking forward to when I sat down to write this book, just because the rest of ITB doesn't have a lot of fluff in it... and up until this, I'd /only/ written fluff. Now, of course, I'm all sequestered away with my angsty!romance, and fluff's a thing of the past. So hearing that you liked this is like... I'm sort of rocking back and forth absurdly in my chair right now. :D

BETH DOES NEED FLUFFY TIMES. Unfortunately, she gets them, like... never. Poor, unfulfilled Tanya! ♥

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Review #14, by soliloquyIn The Black: Remus's Request

6th August 2012:
Wahhh. I wanna keep them in their safe Hogwarts bubble too! Where Dumbledore watches over everything and nothing hurts. I'm so worried for them...going out into the real world and having to deal with things. Now that they're about my age and thinking about what dangers they'll be going headfirst into...I have to say that they're very brave.

Far braver than I. For I am, unfortunately, kind of a coward. I would be terrified. I'm already terrified of growing up, I can only imagine having to grow up and then willingly go into battle and all of those scary things. I barely even want to drive and finish uni and go get a job and all of those things...

I can't even imagine. Which is another reason why I admire them so much, too. They've got such guts and even though they are scared (who wouldn't be?), they don't care. They'll go out and do it and it's okay with them...

I love the progression of your characters. Just within a year, they've grown so much. The most obvious one being James. No wonder Lily fell for him. Who wouldn't? With that demeanor, he's no longer just another immature little boy but growing into a really wise man. I admire you so much for being able to convey that in just 30 chapters. I bet I could write 100 and he'd still be the same with no growth. Sigh. This is why you are the best! :D

And LOL I laughed really hard when Bethy landed on the antler that turned into James' head. That, I imagine, would hurt quite a bit. :) Hehe. She's not called Talons for nothing. ;)

Sigh. I'm so scared for them, but at the same time, your plot propels me forward to the next chapter even though I want to keep them all in my nest like a mother hen and never let them go see the dangers that face them outside the walls of Hogwarts.

Though, I also have to say, Snape, too, has no idea what he's going to encounter. I'd say that both groups, Bethy's & Snape's -- they're all floating on idealistic clouds of romanticized versions of danger and such. They have no idea how scary it is and how dangerous it really can be. Gah.

I also don't even want to know what's going to happen when Snape and Bethy get into a confrontation about which side she's on. :( I don't want that just yet. I just want them to be happy and in love and sigh.


Author's Response: You know, this is going to sound really stupid -- but this is the part of the story that made loss of innocence one of the most real themes of this book. Call me crazy, but I legitimately did not want to send them outside Hogwarts. Not only would it be the first time I wrote a novel outside the Hogwarts scope (though I ended up finishing OF before this), but... it just felt unsafe.

I'm so, so happy (still!) at your comment on how much the five of them have grown, even in the short space of a year. Because looking back on what I wrote here, and evaluating how I'm writing these characters now, it's /so weird/ for me to see how much they really have changed. Even to my eyes, and, hopefully, to the eyes of my readers.

Lulz, I still love that antler/head bit. ♥ And no one else seemed to really appreciate it! That's just the funniest image, in my head -- but then, if I didn't laugh at my own jokes, who would?

Confrontationnn ~ I feel like I should address this, but then, you've finished the book by now, haven't you? You dear, dear girl. ♥ Thank you so much for being awesome enough to read this for me!!! :3

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Review #15, by soliloquyIn The Black: The Malleable Future

6th August 2012:
I'm so glad you've got a one-track mind like me ~* Oh, Train, you play at the perfect time. HA.

I can't believe he thinks Beth is joining the same cause as him. Maybe he's just overcome by wishful thinking? Oh, oh, Severus. I just want to snuggle you. YOU JUST NEED SOME LOVE, OKAY. JUST SOME LOVE. DON'T WORRY. MAMA TANYA IS HERE TO SNUGGLE AND LOVE YOU. THERE'S NO NEED TO JOIN THE BADDIES. JUST STAY HERE AND BE LOVE AND BE ALL BETTER, OKAY?

-squishes him forcibly-

I'm almost sad to see him thinking that Beth's joining the Death Eaters. And I agree completely with his one-track mind and how stubborn he is once he gets set on something. :/ Is he blinded by wishful thinking, do you think? Or what? I don't know. I'm just like, fels, whyyy??? I do admire Snape, though, for sticking to his guns no matter what. That really is admirable, especially in a world full of finicky and wishy-washy people, and even tough what he's set on is not exactly the best of things, sigh.

Snapey, you're da best. -thumbs up-


Things are always nice and fluffy at school. They might be dramatic and whatnot, but still, you're in the safety of school. Once they go out to the "real world," though. I'm scared. What if the real world eats them? ahh. janechel. what do i do about these feels?

-wraps myself in feels and falls to the floor-

Author's Response: One-track minds? Oh, that song is perfect. :D Mama Tanya to the rescue! I think it's really interesting, though, how drastic his inability to see any side other than his own really is. For some reason, when I was writing him like that, that's when I felt most connected to his canon character. If that makes any sense at all...

I think his motivation may in part be due to wishful thinking, and I think another large part of it is just how sorely convinced he is that he's /right/. He is so thoroughly set in the idea that he's going to end up on the winning side that he wants Beth to be there, too; there's no question about it to him.

ALL THE LAKE FEELS FOR YOUUU. ♥ It was so extraordinarily difficult to send some of my dear characters out beyond the Hogwarts bubble. And even now that I've finished book 2 (as of TODAY!), it's weird. I just want to ship them back to school where nothing can hurt them.

-falls to the floor alongside you-

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Review #16, by soliloquyIn The Black: Quidditch Again

6th August 2012:
-rolls up sleeves- I'LL KICK HIM SO HARD HE'LL NEVER KNOW.

How can Remus stay so calm?! (he's Remus. Of course he can stay calm. He just needs to offer me more chocolate and I'm his for life ♥ 4 LYF3)

I can't even. Poor James. :( And Sirius. His actions there, I think, were justified this time. But I'm scared to think what's going to happen later, if Sirius bumps into them, while James is still in the Hospital Wing.

BETH NEEDS TO KEEP HIM IN CHECK. PUT THAT DOG ON A COLLAR, MISS. No wonder Dumbledore set her up with Sirius to hunt bad people. She's much more level headed and even though she might get angry, she's able to control herself and isn't just randomly throwing punches and beating people up because they're bad and mean and hurt people.

Imagine if Sirius was paired up with someone even, stubborn and hotheaded? Even if Beth is hotheaded, she can control her emotions while SIrius is like a firecracker. Once you light him...he's off.

Those Slytherins fight dirty! I kick dem all!!
-prepares copper toe shoes for kicking-

Author's Response: Ahh, I totally forgot, when I was reading all your reviews about Remus-love, that this chapter sparked because of someone insulting Remus. GO GET 'EM, TANYA. YOU TELL THEM WHO'S BOSS. ♥

I do think Sirius's beating someone up would have been justified this time, but then again comes the qualm of whether or not he's going to be able to keep his temper in check once he's in the Order. Oh, Sirius. You are a mess of contradictions. (Also laughing forever at your dog/collar reference, because something like that crops up in 'In The Red,' no big.) Beth balances Sirius out very nicely, I think; it was an intentional trait. :3

Your reviews always, always, always make me laugh. ♥ You can never know how appreciative of them I am. Never!! You are too good to be true, my dear. Thank you so much!

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Review #17, by soliloquyIn The Black: One Morning

6th August 2012:

AND YUP. IT WAS PERFECT AND I FEEL LIKE MY SHIPPER HEART IS GOING TO FREAKING EXPLODE! I am so excited I can't even contain myself. I literally held my breath until I saw your Author's Note. I can't believe it.

THEY ARE SO CUTE. Especially when they said good morning to each other. I just imagined like, staring fondly at each other, like an old married couple who had just watched the sunrise together, cuddling, looking down/up at each other and saying, with a gentle smile tugging at the corners of their lips -- "good morning."

AHH. YOU INSPIRE ME TO WRITE ALL THE SHIPPER CHAPTERS. Now I really need to get my Oliver&OC together. STAT. My readers will definitely thank you, HAHA. :D ♥

I can't even contain my joy. I feel like my heart is going to swell and burst into a thousand pieces. It's beating SO FAST. Oh, my goodness.

Did he watch her leave, as she started to back away..did he stop and just watch her retreat? Because in my mind, he does. oH MY GOD. THERE IS SO MUCH SHIPPER LOVE. I CAN'T BREATHE.

-rolls around in feels-

Author's Response: LOLOL, THIS IS THE ONE CHAPTER WHERE NOTHING BAD HAPPENS, BASICALLY, SO I HOPE YOU DIDN'T FAINT FROM BREATH-HOLDING. ♥ Honestly, though, this really is one of the only chapters where things aren't turned horribly wrong by someone misunderstanding what someone else said. Ah, brain. You are a rather limited scope, aren't you?

Bahaha, Beth and Severus as an old married couple. :3 Not giving away anything to that end, mind you. Shipper chapters really are the best, though, even if they're sort of lacking in this particular story. And the book that comes after it (no, that's a lie -- there are definitely more shipper moments in ITR!).

You may feel free to infer what you wish. :3 Here, have an extra basket of feels for your troubles. ♥ You are the cat's meow, yo. True story.

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Review #18, by soliloquyIn The Black: A Plan and a Patronus

6th August 2012:
I just realized the parallel between Sirius' quick desire to join the Order compared to Snape's equally quick wanting to join the Death Eaters. And their wants are similar and their reasons are a bit, too.

I dunno. That, I thought, was very interesting because of how they're always made to be such terrible enemies. That they have some commonalities, after all, even if their sides are different (not at the end, though. :X)

And how he feels oddly guilty because of Beth. BETHY, YOU'RE GIVING OUR SNAKES A SOUL. YAY! I love how he can't get her off his mind, and yet...there's that desire that he's had for Voldemort's group. That desire that's been bubbling there for so long that no amount of love for anyone would be able to get rid of. :/ Sigh. I love your Sev. He's so complex and broody and awesome.

And all of your characters. But I've said that a bajillion times. They're just so well written and so complex and even though we get brief glimpses of their natures, you still get such a vividly beautiful picture painted.

You do such a great job. I'm so proud to call you my friend! You write amazingly. :D I

Author's Response: YES! I didn't really realize it until setting out to write these stories, but there really is a pretty large parallel in Snape and Sirius. Both want to escape their family life, to join something bigger than themselves, and both are hot-headed and impulsive and stubborn. It's so likely that, in differing circumstances, they would have great friends, for all their similarities. I'm so glad someone else saw that, too!

Ahaha -- Beth is basically Severus's conscience in this story. :P He's sort of at war with himself, really, the angel-versus-devil-on-the-shoulders sort of deal. I'm so glad you like my portrayal of him. ♥ Woe and angst abound!

You are too much. Just... too much. Can I squee again over how fantastic you are for reviewing this entire story for me in one go?! Still not over it, and here's it's been over a month! (And I am so sorry for how long it's taking me to respond to these reviews. I really am!)

♥ Thanks a million, billion, trillion times, yo. You are awesome!

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Review #19, by soliloquyIn The Black: The Order Assignments

6th August 2012:
I know what you mean! I never really understood how young they were until I turned their age. And then I was like, OH MY GOD. I AM TOO YOUNG FOR THIS. HOW DID THEY EVEN -- OH MY GOD. So yeah. They were really young, weren't they? It's hard to comprehend. I think they were still really young when they had Harry, too.

Oh, man. Sirius' reaction. I know he wants to be happy for his best mate but at the same time...that jealousy is bubbling over again. Especially since he thought they would break up. And the majority of couples their age, do break up. But something drew them together. Something that Sirius would never understand because he would never be able to have the same relationship that Lily had with James.

Sigh. I love this so much. I think Dumbledore definitely thought a lot about it. Sirius might be hotheaded, but I think Beth would be there to steady him. She's like an anchor for all these characters. Whenever they sort of start to fly away on some fancy thought, she's there to keep them stable. Their one constant. That's how I like to think of her. :)

Not only for them, but for Sev, too. A constant. Always there. Smiling. Reliable.

But I have a bad feeling that she'll be faced with the conflict of interest as Sev will be on the other side and PLEASE, DON'T GO ROMEO AND JULIET ON ME, BETHY. -rocks back and forth in fetal position-

Author's Response: Getting older is a strange concept, I tell you. You always think of being older as something so far off, something that'll be there but will never happen... and all of a sudden, you're an adult and you don't really know what to do with your life. I was writing this part of the book around the same time I was figuring that out; that's probably why that's in here at all. :D

Sirius is so fiercely loyal that, I think, it sometimes blinds him. He sees James's love for Lily as a sort of betrayal -- which is stupid, but very Sirius -- and it's precisely that that comes back to bite him in the next book. Ah, but no specifics there! :3 It's fun to respond to your reviews here at the same time I respond to ones on ITR, and think of everything you don't yet know... -insertion of evil laughter here-

I do think, though, Sirius got the right assignment for the Order. It's good I think that, I suppose, since I wrote the darn thing, but there you have it. ;) Beth is a sort of constant for him, isn't she? I never thought of her like that before -- I like it!


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Review #20, by soliloquyIn The Black: Forgiving

6th August 2012:
Meh! I got timed out and the review I had written got deleted. -_- lamesauce.

BUT I AM STILL INTOXICATED AND UTTERLY, THOROUGHLY CONSUMED. I can't stop until I finish and start book 2 and catch up. I just...I can't. This is too good. And the plot. And the characters.

I love the insight to SIrius. it really gives me an understanding of why he acts a certain way; and how jealous he is of James and Lily's relationship because for the past 7 years, even though James has been infatuated with her, it has always been Sirius that got the most of his affection and attention, you know? So all of a sudden, here pops Lily and SIrius is happy for his friend but at the same time...can't help but feel left out because they have something that can only be between the two of them. :)

And Bethy. I love her so much. I just want to squish her and protect her. I don't want bad things to happen to her. :( What ever happened to her werewolf scratch? She'll be alright, right?

And all the scenes with her and Sev just make me SQUEAL. Literally. They are awkward and adorable and I want them to be together forever. Screw canon. I like fantasy better. :) I want to know if Sev even harbors the faintest amount of feeling for her.

I mean, how could you not? She's darling and wonderful. :3

I'm still a bit iffy about Lily. LOL. I can't help it! She's not exactly my favorite HP character considering how obsessed everyone seems to be with her. (Sev, James, Harry, Petunia...EVERYONE) and just the mention of her eyes makes my eyes roll. ;)


Author's Response: STILL DISBELIEVING THAT YOU STAYED UP ALL NIGHT TO READ THIS STORY. ♥ You are fabulous. Did I mention that? Because it's true.

I think Sirius is written in such a flat style in most fic (certain ones excepted; some people write him brilliantly) that it really was fun to sort of dig into him in this trilogy, and combine his older-self canon characteristics into a teenage boy. He's so hung up on loyalty that he almost would have seen James's love for Lily as a betrayal of that -- that's very true.

Her werewolf scratch was just that, no worries. ;) No lycanthropic heroine here! She and Severus are forever awkward, and it's kind of ridiculous how much I enjoy writing them together. ♥ Screw canon indeed! This story is as canon as I can make it... unless Beth's directly affected the events. Interpret that as you will. :3

Honestly, I'm not a HUGE Lily fan, either, much for the same reasons you listed. :P Though I do like her better than Ginny -- and writing her in the course of these books has made me like her a wee bit more.


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Review #21, by soliloquyIn The Black: The Row

6th August 2012:
Oh, Sev. Oh, oh, oh, Sev. :// I still love you, even if you're a bit daft.

But I just thought of something. Do you reckon that the way Sev feels about Muggles...also stems from the fact that his father is really abusive? So maybe he just sort of connects all Muggles to that abuse...therefore he thinks they're scum and unworthy? I mean, compared to his Muggle father who beat and rejected him...those cold Slytherin friends of him who kindof??? accepted him...I don't even know what I'm saying. Hopefully it kind of makes sense.

I think you do a really good job of painting Sev in a really sympathetic light. He was always one of my favorite characters, so I'm really loving this story -- the backstory, the insight into his character and to Beth and the Marauders. I love it all. :)

Still love that Lily has her own group of friends and isn't latching onto the Marauders. LOL. I can't help it. I'm so biased against her. xP kekeke. Just like how I'm biased against Ginny. Sigh.

Author's Response: Gahhh, this is one of my favorite chapters of the story. :) I love the emotional chapters, where everyone's just /feeling/ things and slinging those feels at each other, and everybody's mixing up everything. -hugs chapter to self- It's so nearly one in the morning, by the by, so the quality of these reviews is steadily planing away.

Hmm... I'm not sure how I view Severus's father. I know we got the briefest of glimpses of him in OotP, in his memories, but I don't know if I fully subscribe to the theory that he was /abusive/, if that makes sense. I derno... I think a lot of his ideals come from the fact that he was teased and bullied a lot in school, and joining the Death Eaters -- having that power -- would have been a way for him to rise above that and enact vengeance, if you will.

More than (almost) anything else, I wanted to make Severus lovable in this story. Platonic love, romantic love, whatever -- and it's so, so gratifying to hear that people DO like him and sympathize with him. Because it makes me feel like I've done my job. :3 Snape is totally one of my favorite characters, largely for his complexity. I could talk about him for hours. :D

I have told you my opinion on Lily + Marauder friendships, so I won't bother you with that again. :P BUT YAY, I AM REALLY, REALLY GLAD THAT YOU LOVED THIS STORY SO MUCH. ♥

(I'm biased against Ginny, we can be biased together. :3)

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Review #22, by soliloquyIn The Black: Sirius Versus Slytherin

6th August 2012:
PUNCH HIM SIRIUS! BEAT HIM UP! KICK HIS SHINS! GIVE HIM A BLACK EYE! Sorry. I just got too caught up in the moment...

Heee. I love that even with all their hoity toity blood purity talk, Avery and gang will still fight with their fists -- Like Muggles. Even though they've got wands and magic. I suppose there's nothing so satisfying as knocking your first into someone you really don't like's face. >:D I've done it once and it really hurt but I have to admit that I felt better afterwards HA. D: I swear I don't have a violent streak...cough.

I was surprised that Bethy didn't hex the pants off of him, though. And poor Remus! I WANTED TO SQUISH HIM AND LOVE HIM FOREVER. :( What he said just moved me so much. I teared up and almost cried. You've got me so wrapped up in these characters' lives that I feel like I'm apart of them. I'm friends with them. So seeing Avery do and say things like that -- made me so angry. I was so happy Sirius obliged me and beat him up!

But, of course, McGonagall is right too. Regardless, Sirius is still young so he should get his fights out of the way now (preferably shirtless) so he can be all cool and levelheaded later on.

Oh, Remus. I love you so. ♥
and you too, janechel lovely ♥

Author's Response: Hee! I like writing fight scenes. Well, no, I kind of dread a lot of action scenes, but this fight scene was different; the writing of it came very fast. :3 Sirius can just take a scene and run with it, man.

YEAH, FISTS! I think more than anything, Sirius caught them off guard, to be honest, although it is a rather interesting point that they didn't use wands to retaliate. ;) Come on, though -- isn't punching someone so much more satisfying than brandishing a stick at them? I also demand this punching story, no big.

MORE OF TANYA'S REMUS FEELS ERUPT ~ I adore your comment about being friends with my characters. Like... I'm pretty sure I clapped my hands at that. Because it's EXACTLY what I was going for, and to know it happened is like slldfhs.

Tanya is the knees of bees. ♥

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Review #23, by soliloquyIn The Black: Opinions and Omens

6th August 2012:
HA. I love that. Suspense! Action! Sirius! You should've said Remus without a shirt on and you would've had my full attention. ;) I AM TOO BIG OF A FANGIRL. I'M SORRY. I Remus.

-dramatic sobs-

OH MY GOD. SEV CARES. GAHHH. ALL THE FEELINGS -squishes his cheeks- I really didn't want her to lie to Mme Pomfrey :/ What if it gets worst? JANECHEL. TELL ME IT DOESN'T GET WORST -shakes janechel- I am so worried for her. D: I can't help it! I care about your OC so much. She is so fragile and needs to be cared for and I am being so dramatic but I can't help it for all the Beth/Sev feels. FELS. ~*~*~*~ -wiggles arms-

And the arrival of plot! Yay! That's always exciting. :D I can't wait to see it unfold -- though it's bound to be dark. Times were getting darker as I recall them mentioning. I can only imagine how difficult it is to live in such a time -- to want to be young and idealistic and happy but also in a time where fear and bad things are happening at every turn.

And them joining the Order. I'm scared for them. I want to huddle them close to my bosom like a mother hen...

Author's Response: I love that you love Remus. :3 Partially because I'm pretty sure that, as far as all the reviews on this story go, you've got the biggest set of dibs on him. So congratulations, Tanya, he's all yours!

Bahaha, your late-night shakings of me. ♥ I'm actually quite happy, in an arguably sadistic sort of way, that you're so invested in Beth's well-being. Does that make sense? Like... that makes her make me feel she's as real as I want her to be to readers, and that's something not to be taken lightly. MORE FEELS AND INCOHERENCY ABOUND ~

Bahaha, it always takes so long for the plot to get moving in my stories. Awks. -shifty look- The books definitely do get darker from about this point on, and ITR is quite a bit more so, I do believe. I mentioned something once about a "Hogwarts bubble" and it's sort of painful to have had to yank my characters from that -- but, at the same time, was necessary.

ANYWHO. ♥ You are fab. Fabber than fab. And more eternal apologies for how long it's taking me to respond to these reviews. -more shifty looks-

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Review #24, by soliloquyIn The Black: The Unexpected Visitor

6th August 2012:

Okay. Okay. I've come to my senses. Kind of. Only because I went to go make myself a cup of tea. :3

I was freaaaking out when Remus transformed a little bit before they could get him safely contained. I WAS FREAKING OUT. I was hoping Beth wouldn't get biten but I don't know how bad being scratched is. :/ She needs to go to the Hospital Wing! Stat!

But luckily, Sev was there. And he is so freaking cute because I keep imagining him as a broody Conor Oberst and was swooning like mad.

Where was Peter? Why didn't he freak out about her wound? Why didn't he make her go to the Hospital Wing? (though, she wouldn't have gone, I think) but it would've been worth trying to get her to go. :/ I knew something bad was going to happen when she went with Peter! Something always does! Peter is just bad luck xP poor Peter HA.

But at least there were ALL THE BETH/SEV SCENES. And all the feelings. Oh my goodness. I need to just force them together! Just stuff them in a box and be like KISS OR ELSE YOU CAN'T COME OUT. But that's just how forcible I am. xP Is that even a word? i don't even know at this hour...

But, I do love that bit at the end, where Sev smiles in spite of himself. Sigh. You are so swoony and so smart to cast him as Conor! JUST ADDS TO THE ANGSTY SWOON FACTOR. WITH THE SKYPE HAIR FLIP AND ALL. :3

Author's Response: Tea is often the best remedy for late-night venturings into the community of fic. :3 I speak objectively, because a) I fall asleep when reading too late, and b) I'm not a huge fan of tea. But there you have it.

This is, I think, one of my favorite chapters in this story, because it's -- ahem -- one of the only ones where loads happens, you know? Also laughing at your picturing Snape as Conor Oberst, because I always see my characters in uncastable ways. You are fab.

Peter... is kind of a doormat. He would have been watching for anyone who might have been following them while Beth was down there, and of course if she said she didn't need to go to the hospital, he's not going to have much pull over her. :P Also ALL THE BETH/SEV SCENES. Except it's really nothing, in retrospect; I think I've just hyped up a lot of air here. :3

You are seriously like the only person who knows who Conor Oberst even /is/. :D And I love you even more for that. DON'T EVER CHANGE, AND THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE REVIEWS AND STUFF ~ ♥

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Review #25, by soliloquyIn The Black: Nifflers on the Loose

6th August 2012:
HA. It's always the quiet ones. Oh, Remus. I love you so much. -squishes creepy Remus doll to bosom- I love him. I love him. I love him!

But I need MOAR Beth/Sev interactions. I NEED THEM TO BE IN LOVE. -squishes their faces together- KISS NAO.

But oh my goodness. That was definitely a very funny prank. I can only imagine how mad Filch would be when he realizes that he's been had! There are only four! Not five! And that he spent all that time looking for the nonexistent fifth one. Keke. Silly caretaker.

God. How many times do I have to say that I love their friendship? True friendship. And you make Peter, too, very likable, which must've been true in school because I mean -- he did have friends! It wasn't like he was a jerk. He was just...a coward and other things. Cough.

Author's Response: I think you are probably the biggest proponent of Remus in this story. :) Which isn't really a surprise, because I (shamefully) kind of didn't include him as much as he perhaps ought to have been included. This was kind of his shining moment in this story, though. I'm sure he appreciates your love!

Lulz, your late-night reviews. ♥ True story, I actually had to write two versions of this chapter because I had the same idea for the prank both times, but somehow I royally screwed it up the first go-round. Anyway, there's some behind-the-scenes information for you. :3

True friendship. ♥ Hands down, one of my favorite parts of writing this story, and this entire series in general. I'm glad you find Peter likable here, too! That was a challenge, but you know, he's got some redeeming qualities smothered way down deep...


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