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Review #1, by WeirdSisters DuoThe Complicated Love Life of Isabelle Green: Of Kings and Trains

20th June 2011:
This is really interesting so far! And suspenseful! :) Looking forward to the next chapter! You're a good writer as well.

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Review #2, by WeirdSisters DuoConquest: Fear Conquerer and Broomsticks

23rd May 2011:
Haha I really liked this one! It was so cute! :)

Author's Response: haha, i liked it too. though my fav chaps are towards the end ;)

glad that you like it so far! hope you enjoy the rest ^_^


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Review #3, by WeirdSisters DuoAgainst the Waves: The Anniversary Ball (or Lack Thereof)

14th May 2011:
EH MA GAWWWDD! I'm giggling like an idiot... this was SO GOOD!!! Finally, man... and this chapter totally reminded me of going to school dances. Dressing up and doing each others makeup! I can't wait for the next school dance now! AWWW... new chapter!! Update! Update! UPDATE!!!

Author's Response: Hahaha thank youuu. I really wanna go to a dance now too... I'm updating as fast as I can!!

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Review #4, by WeirdSisters DuoThe Nightmare Before Victory: The Nightmare Before Victory

9th May 2011:
I loved this so much!! I love the Nightmare Before Christmas too, and I love Tim Burton, and when you used the lyrics from Sally's song, it really showed me some comparison between Harry Potter and that movie. Like how Sally had the omen about Jack's plan of taking over Christmas and how it would go terribly wrong, Ginny had the the gut feeling at the Battle at Hogwarts. And how Sally sang for Jack, Ginny was thinking of Harry!! This was so good and so romantic, and at times I actually felt like crying because it was so sad but at the same time so beautiful. Because it's Sally's song (I love Sally)! Ginny and Harry are meant to be like Jack and Sally are meant to be!! :') Happy tears... great job! And you write so well! I absolutely loved the ending when Ginny and Harry were sitting together. Awww. :D

Author's Response: aw thanks so much! yes, i love tim burton and i love the music and everything from nightmare, and sally's song is pretty much my favorite on the soundtrack. thank you so much for the awesome review! :)

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Review #5, by WeirdSisters DuoAgainst the Waves: Of Narwhals and Icy Encounters

8th May 2011:
Awww how sad! :( Haha but I still LOVE it! And I'm still looking forward to the next chapter! And I loved the line "If my heart was a candle, he'd definitely be a flame." It made me "awww!" out loud and feel all warm and fuzzy, bahahahaha! Keep it UP! :)

Author's Response: Yayy I'm glad you liked it :) and although things are sad now, the next chapter is going to make you veryyy happy!

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Review #6, by WeirdSisters DuoAgainst the Waves: Locked In

1st May 2011:
EHHH MAA GAWWD!!! They are locked in a broom cupboard together! SOMETHING IS BOUND TO HAPPEN. Aggh, I'm so freakin' excited for the next chapter! And I'm so glad Scorpius asked Helena! OMG I'M SO EXCITED!!! This story is so good! You have the greatest character development!! Anyways... apart from my usual excitement... I am most definitely looking forward to the next chapter! I love this story so much! 100/10 (And no, that third zero is not a mistake.) ;)

Author's Response: Bahaha I love you and your awesome reviews. They make me happy inside :) I appreciate everything you're saying and the excitement makes it better. Next chapter is in the queue! Thank you so so so so so so sooo much!!

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Review #7, by WeirdSisters DuoChanges Like These: The Last Time

27th April 2011:
Whoa that's weird! I really, really want to see what happens next and see what's going on! Haha, keep it up! I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter!

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Review #8, by WeirdSisters DuoSomething Secretive: Recruit

26th April 2011:
Something's obviously going to happen between her and Harry! And I'm really excited to read the next chapter! Haha, keep it up!

Author's Response: *shifty* Mebbe.
-castaspell :D

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Review #9, by WeirdSisters DuoSomething Secretive: Enigma

26th April 2011:
I love how you're speaking to the reader and asking the reader questions!! It makes me open my mind and say "Yeah... or wait, nooo. wait, yeahhh..." Haha, I like the mystery to it so far!

Author's Response: Haha thanks! That's my initial goal 'cause with most fanfics and mainly anything you read, you just get lost in the story and only make minor speculations. I'm glad you like it! :D

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Review #10, by WeirdSisters DuoWho'd Have Known: Prologue

26th April 2011:
Heehee... whoa, that was HAWT. I'm curious about Ginny's decision... of course she'll go with Draco! She has to! Haha looking forward to the next chapter! :)

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Review #11, by WeirdSisters DuoHow To Watch Your Soul Die (And Not Care): Prologue

26th April 2011:
Interesting! I like it so far. You've got me curious now, plus you're really good at writing and describing stuff! Looking forward to the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: Thank you!! :D Usually i have a tough time giving good description, but I'm glad you liked it... I can't wait to finish the first chapter :D

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Review #12, by WeirdSisters DuoAgainst the Waves: Celebrations

23rd April 2011:
Aggh, a BALL!! If I was in the Great Hall at that party, I would've stood up and been like... YEAAAH! Haha, I'm sooo excited to see if Scorpius is going to ask Helena! I mean he is, RIGHT?! He better!! Haha, keep it up! I love it!! And awww, I love Scorpius so much. I'm picturing him as Alex Pettyfer because you used him as Scorpius in your banner! Omg, I LOVE HIM! xD

Author's Response: Hahaha I would've too! I just absolutely had to throw a ball in there, I mean seriously who doesn't love a ball?? Scorpius definitely = Alex Pettyfer. I cannot possibly see him as anyone else. I love him too, thank you :)

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Review #13, by WeirdSisters DuoAgainst the Waves: Electric Snogs and Unwanted Advances

18th April 2011:
Oh, electrifying kiss!! That was hawwwt. I can't wait till Helena and Scorpius officially get together, because, obviously, they will, right?! Right?! And Al, what a sweetie-pie! He kissed her on the forehead before they went to sleep. Awww!! Liam's nasty, he's just like Cormac McLaggen in the books. xD In general, I LOVE IT--as I have said before, and will continue to say. And I will also continue to say to KEEP WRITING and to KEEP IT UP! :) 10/10

Author's Response: Hehe I will reveal nothing :) I totally love Al, he is just sooo adorable. I'm definitely posting a story more centered around him very soon. Liam is definitely just a mini-Cormac ugh. But I'm glad you still love it and I'm glad you thought the kiss was hawt. Thank you very much! :)

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Review #14, by WeirdSisters DuoAgainst the Waves: Stupid Plastic Bottles

13th April 2011:
OMG!! I got so excited when I saw what your wrote in your author's note!! My heart swelled up a little bit... Aww, I'm so glad that my reviews are you making you happy!! When I saw that the third chapter was up I read it immediately! But I read the chapter summary first and was like... WHAT?!? so I dove into it right away. Ugh! Louis annoys me! What a nasty pig!! I hope Helena doesn't let him get in her way... but I know, I KNOW something's gunna happen with him and Scorpius involved, riiiggghtt??? Some sort of strange love triangle?? Anyways... I really, really, REALLY like this story. It's because you're a good writer that makes it good too! And I'm SOOO excited to read the next chapter where Scorpius and Helena will hopefully get it on in spin da bottle!!! Keep it up!! :D

Author's Response: Aww no problem, of course your reviews make me happy :) Hopefully more people start doing it too haha. Yeah, Louis is a little jerk, but I sorta have a soft spot for him that I can't explain or justify. It's weird. Hehe. You're totally right about the love triangle prediction, but it might not necessarily be with who you think muahahaha.
Anyways, I'm so glad you like it so far! It makes me feel good that you think I'm a good writer too so thank you :)
Next chapter coming soon! Thanks again!

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Review #15, by WeirdSisters DuoDeception, Drama and Draco Malfoy...: Chapter 3

10th April 2011:
Whoa, I was waaay wrong guessing that it was Pansy! Lavender hadn't even been on my mind! Anyways, I like the suspense. Good job so far, and keep it up! :)

Author's Response: ha ha ha!!
im glad i surprised you!
thanks for reviewing again:)
u dont know how much it motivates me

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Review #16, by WeirdSisters DuoDeception, Drama and Draco Malfoy...: Chapter 2

10th April 2011:
Is it Pansy who came through the door?? Haha, interesting story so far! I can't wait to see what decisions Draco will make in the future, whether to side with the Death Eaters or Hermione... who he is falling for!

Author's Response: i have a pretty twisty plot line planned in my head...
it doesnt entirely make sense to me, but i hope it satisfies you!
thanks for reviewing :)
(immense gratitude)

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Review #17, by WeirdSisters DuoAgainst the Waves: Potters and Prejudice

9th April 2011:
Omg, this is so good!!! Haha, and I love the name Scarlett!!! I used it in this HPFF story that I've finished so far but haven't decided to post yet, anyways... I'm so glad you made them 7th years!!! The last chapter I was like... "what?? They're 11?? How are these kids gunna hook up??!" Haha but, nooow, they're 7th years!! I am so excited for the next chapter! And you have amazing characterization!! And I love how Helena says to the reader "But don't you dare repeat any of this to him." I love it. Keep it up!!! :D

Author's Response: Haha Scarlett is a great name, I might bring her in a bit more later as the crazily similar daughter of Lavender Brown hehe...
I really appreciate what you're saying, believe me it helps! I'm trying to keep Helena personable in everything I write, so hopefully she doesn't stray from that as I keep writing. Let me know if she does :)
And Chapter 3 is in the queue so it should be up soon! Thanks again :)

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Review #18, by WeirdSisters DuoAgainst the Waves: A Dangerous Friendship

9th April 2011:
Hey!!! Aww, I like this story a lot so far!! It's so cute, and I love how sincere and nice Helena is, and Scorpius too! I know these two are going to be compatible!!! And you make great chemistry between the two of them! You got me curious, I really like it so far!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yeah I really love Scorpius but I felt like the whole Scorpius/Rose thing was being done so much that I wanted to change it up a bit :) I'm glad you like it so far!

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Review #19, by WeirdSisters DuoHistory Repeats Itself: The Head Girl

4th April 2011:
Haha I like James!! He's more easy-going!! Well, kind of, haha. I like it so far! :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #20, by WeirdSisters DuoHistory Repeats Itself: The Head Boy

4th April 2011:
I have a feeling that there's going to be a love triangle between James, Morganne, and Tyler!! Haha, but don't tell me... ;) I like it so far! Nice writing!

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

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Review #21, by WeirdSisters Duo...nargles?: ...nargles?

15th March 2011:
Woohoo!! "Tell Pansy she can wait!" That got me excited. Draco liked Luna!! Aww, I love those two as a couple, and I really liked this story!!! :D

Author's Response: Cute ending, isn't it? :D I'm glad you liked it and that it wasn't too silly (I personally think it's too silly). But they make a great couple anyway :D Thanks for reading and enjoying!!

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Review #22, by WeirdSisters DuoFrozen: Don't Let Me Get Me

15th March 2011:
Ahh! I got so excited when he said Molly was his sister!! And how she wanted a daughter!!! She's going to get a daughter! And I loved how Sirius was kind of hitting on Araminta. XD That made me laugh.

Author's Response: Oh, Sirius, he's a naughty one :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by WeirdSisters DuoFrozen: We All Sleep Alone

14th March 2011:
Oh I feel so bad for Gideon!!! :( I like it a lot so far! You've got me curious!! :D

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #24, by WeirdSisters DuoBeautiful Complexity: To Mourn

14th March 2011:
Oh my God, I nearly started crying reading this chapter. You did a great job making everything so melancholy--it's a good thing!!! I think what killed me the most when reading the seventh book was Fred's death. I hated that so much!! Not only because he was dead, but because George had lost his best friend, his twin brother! It was always Fred AND George!! I really like it so far! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! The first chapter of this story is really sad, but it's probably my favorite of the bunch :)

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Review #25, by WeirdSisters DuoLily: Discovery

12th March 2011:
I love the relationship between Severus and Lily! If you think about it, something could've happened between them if Severus hadn't gotten all snippy being in Slytherin, and if James hadn't really come into the picture... unless you change that in your story!! Haha, nice writing! Keep it up! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, you're officially my first review for this story :P lol although, really, I'm planning on doing this story by the book (if you'll excuse the pun :P) and just telling the story of her life, because I just love Lily as a character and that shes the actual hero because without her sacrifice Harry would have died.. and i just felt like it should be told:P Thanks again for the review :)

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