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Review #1, by KimyaThe Next Generation, like Never--I Mean, Always Expected: The Tragic Lives of Sixteen Unremarkable Teens and their Sorrows

6th August 2011:
Phew! That was quite a lot to take in. Very funny, although I am a little surprised you didn't mention that Dominique is jealous of her perfect sister. (Or did you? Like I said, that was a lot to take in). This story is so purposefully cliche, I don't know what to make of it :D

Author's Response: Haha it was, wasn't it? I mean, it was just so gripping, so full of original, detailed, well thought out plot that just held onto you as you read through the magnificent piece. Not really, but I hope you read some sarcastic tone into that! :) You know what, I didn't actually mention that and I definitely should have! *thumps self on head* Well, I guess you can't get 'em all... And trust me, as the author of the piece, neither do I, but hey, I think it was supposed to be like that so maybe in the end it did what it was supposed to? :D

Thanks for reading & for the review! (:


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Review #2, by KimyaWho is SHE?: Sirius Black's Request

11th February 2011:
Wonderful first chapter. I feel like this story is definitely going upward from here. Update soon, I'd love to hear her response!

Author's Response: Thank you. (: It will hopefully be up soon.

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Review #3, by KimyaThe Sweetest Gin : Chapter 9 - The Rogue Dementors

28th September 2010:
Hmmm, interesting foreshadowing there, eh? Wonder what the dementors are for. Maybe a Death Eater trying one last time?

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Review #4, by KimyaThe Sweetest Gin : Chapter 8 - Polyjuice Potion and Second Thoughts

28th September 2010:
Funny as hell. And sweet as sugar too. You certainly write reality well. It's not like Harry can just forget about Ginny and never think of going back to her. You definitely made Harry a human.

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Review #5, by KimyaThe Sweetest Gin : Chapter 7 - A Candle Gone Out

28th September 2010:
I know it sounds totally lame to say that school has been owning me (considering I'm only a high school freshman, after all), but I swear, it's true! I read this chapter long ago, but never thought up anything to say about it that i haven't already said before.

Again, I like how you started the Harry/Luna plot. It gives a little foreshadowing on what's going to happen without thrusting the issue out there. Good job!

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Review #6, by KimyaIn A Permanent State of Bliss: Pure Bliss

10th September 2010:
Wow! Such an emotional piece with so much truth. This is a real-world problem, so many teens are going through this period where they need to be skinny and perfect, and you gave this so much fact into the story. You basically told us, "This is what happens. This isn't good." without actually SAYING it.

When I was 11, I was anorexic. I constantly felt the need to keep up with my mother, to squeeze in a size two or to have my body to look like a stick figure. Thankfully, it passed over in only seven months, but i realized starving yourself is really a horrible thing to do. It's cruel to punish yourself for being healthy just to get a boy to like you. It doesn't matter that I fit into a size 4 or 6. It's healthy for me.

I have to say this is one of the best stories I've ever read, and you can bet I'm adding this to my favorites. Wonderful job. I think I'll go off and cry now XD

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Review #7, by KimyaInches: Bridging the gap

6th September 2010:
It was 500 words? It seemed you wrote a novel in this piece. But that was because you put so much character in it. Every word was mature and poetic, and yet, it was still Ron. I can't believe you actually pulled that off! Congrats.

Even though it was so short, you managed to write a story with a past, present, and future in it. Amazing. You didn't cram in the plot line like most authors would (okay, like I would), but rather you spread it out smoothly. It takes amazing talent to do what you did, and I for one am envious of your writing ability.

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Review #8, by KimyaThe Sweetest Gin : Chapter 6 - Going Back to Normalcy

6th September 2010:
Like I said in my last review, I think it's very sweet how everything is perfect for a moment in time. This chapter probably will be my favorite, because I love how we get to see the interaction between Ron, Hermione, and Harry. I've always gotten the fuzzies in my stomach whenever i read those scenes

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm really glad that you're taking the time to review such an old piece of mine. I'm pleased that this chapter will probably be your favorite. I like them, too. :)

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Review #9, by KimyaThe Sweetest Gin : Chapter 5 - An Uncomfortable Eavesdropping

1st September 2010:
Luna and Rolf always were one of my favorite couples...but that's okay. I liked this nice chapter. It was as if everything was right in the world, if only for a few seconds

Author's Response: Yeah, I like them, too. This point of time, though, I was very anti-Harry/Ginny so I had to do something to split them up. I'm still anti-Harry/Ginny, but I do tolerate them more than I used to. I'm glad you're continuing to enjoy the story, though. :)

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Review #10, by KimyaThe Sweetest Gin : Chapter 4 - Speculation and Mungo's

22nd August 2010:
Glad to see Ron and Hermione's points of view. Most authors can't help but focus on one opinion, and that really doesn't give much to offer a reader. Great job.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad that you liked the dual opinions. I noticed that myself. Thanks so much, again. :)

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Review #11, by KimyaStill Delicate: Arrogance

17th August 2010:
Tom/Rose would be an interesting pair...

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Review #12, by KimyaThe Sweetest Gin : Chapter 3 - A Broken Heart & Ale

16th August 2010:
I liked that brush with Luna. You really eased her into the storyline, instead of randomly popping up with a new dilemma for the heck of it. I'm very interested to see how Harry will interact with her in the future chapters. I've never read a Harry/Luna before.

Author's Response: Thanks again! I do like when people are eased into the story rather than cropping up for convenience's sake for some sort of plot-line. Thanks. :) I've never written one since this, but at the time - I enjoyed writing it.

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Review #13, by KimyaThe Sweetest Gin : Chapter 2 - August 20th, Doomsday

16th August 2010:
I loved how you mentioned Stan near the beginning of the chapter. In most post-Hogwarts stories I've read, everyone always seems to forget the minor characters. Especially ones like Stan who actually had a committed part in The Deathly Hallows.

On another note, I also appreciated the fact that you didn't rush through the ceremony and jumbled up Harry's feelings. Sometimes explaining those things are hard to do, you let his emotions out slowly with precision.

Author's Response: Hey, thanks. Yes, most people do forget about him. I haven't written about him in ages, honestly. I think it's his cockney accent coupled with the fact that most people write romance - so they don't know whom to pair him up with, if anyone.

Thanks for that comment. I do feel like some people rush about too much - especially when it comes to regret. Either that or they draw it out far too much. I try to get a good balance somewhere in between.

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Review #14, by KimyaThe Sweetest Gin : Chapter 1 - The Aftermath of Goodbye

15th August 2010:
*sniff* poor Harry. The chapter really gave an insight to the trio's feelings, as well as explain the aftermath of their actions the previous chapter. It was really well brought out.

Author's Response: Thank thee. I'm really glad that you thought so. I haven't gone back and looked at this story in ages, so I'm pleased that you liked this chapter so well. :)

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Review #15, by KimyaThe Sweetest Gin : Boulevard of Broken Dreams - The Prologue

14th August 2010:
I am continuing this story with faith that Harry WILL end up with Ginny, and Ron with Hermione (I'm sort of protective about canon).

This chapter reminded me of the fifth book, when Harry was getting mad about all the people who believe the Daily Prophet over him, and then Ron and Hermione come in to give him a reality check. I like that you don't really change the characters, but rather you bring them back into J. K. Rowling's level.

Author's Response: Egads! Well, I'm sorry to ruin any hopes that you may have, but this story isn't canon. It's a Harry/Luna story as indicated by the pairings. I like the Canon, too, but I wrote this on a whim.

I'm really glad that you thought that this brought the characters back to J.K.'s level. It's the highest amount of praise that I believe that anyone's given me. So thank you very much!

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Review #16, by KimyaJust One Kiss . : Just One Kiss .

14th August 2010:
When I looked at this story and the other (Bittersweet), I curious to understand why you are (or used to be?) fascinated with this pairing. I had always thought that your penname, LindaSnape, showed that you were...not protective, exactly, but careful...when writing about Severus.

After reading these, though, I saw the tenderness you felt towards Snape's character. It wasn't very blunt, and put out there, but it was there, nonetheless, tugging at the corners of the reader's brain. I have to say, after reading "Just One Kiss", I'm kind of scared of writing about Snape myself, lest I ruin his character.

Author's Response: I'm not fascinated with it, I assure you. I've always hated Lily/Severus, but it's something you can't avoid getting some plot bunnies for.

I'm not really sure what you're playing at, but I think that I characterized him quite canonically. When he was around Lily he wasn't as harsh as he was around other people.

He can be challenging to write, but I've always found that he comes easily to me.

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Review #17, by KimyaBittersweet : Bittersweet .

14th August 2010:
That's it. I am on a mission to review EVERY SINGLE one of your fics. And sure, there are college leaflets piling up on my desk, and okay, I should really call back my parents after my sudden hangup, but I WILL have fun this summer.

I thought the entire story was bittersweet. The characters, the was as though behind every single action, there was a shadow. A shadow with a different perspective on each person. Like Lily's feeling towards Severus, or Severus's motives behind the kiss. It was basically two stories in one. Great job!

Author's Response: Goodness! That might take you as a while as I'm constantly uploading and adding chapters to fics. But, do so at your own peril! Ha ha. Yes, having some fun is quite necessary, sometimes.

Thank you. I'm really glad that you enjoyed the story so much and found it to be cleverly written. Thank you ever so much!

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Review #18, by KimyaThe Revenge Plan: The Revenge Plan

14th August 2010:
Very cute. I'm glad it wasn't an all-out, crazy, let's-blow-the-house-down prank that you'd find in a mediocre Marauders fic. I felt that the story played itself out. Good job.

Author's Response: Thank you for this kind comment! I'm happy to find you liked it this way; just a simple, not even magical payback! I'm just like you and think that most marauder-like stories exagerate most of the time, making it very unlikely and kind of a joke actually.

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Review #19, by KimyaChimera: whispers

12th August 2010:
I wanted to tell you what my favorite parts were, but then I realized I had just copied and pasted the entire story in the review box.

Was this a story? It seemed more like a poem with tasteful metaphors. It wasn't overdone at all, but the metaphors you used were obviously carefully selected, handpicked and treated with care. You have no idea of how incredibly beautiful this piece was.

I loved the title, Chimera. From what I remember, Chimera was a female, fire-breathing Greek monster of sorts, but (and my memory is a bit foggy here) I think it also means something hoped for, but impossible to reach (right?). I really appreciate the story as a whole, great job!

What the heck is wrong with you? Why don't you work at a literary magazine?!

Author's Response: Thanks for the amazing review, Kimya! I am so glad you liked it. And you're right, I did actually spend a lot of time on the wording of this piece - more than I usually spend in writing my other fics - it just seemed that, because this piece was so out there, I had to be extra precise in expressing what I wanted to say.

I LOVE that you caught on to the double meaning of the title! You're the first person to bring that up, and it's EXACTLY what I had in mind when I created the title. I agonized over the title for probably a week, until Chimera hit me, for exactly the two reasons you stated. It is a mythological beast - a female one, which is important to my rather dark and bitter and twisty view of Lily here - and it is also a wild, fanciful unrealistic dream or illusion. It makes my week that you saw that!

I would love to work at a literary mag. :-D Fingers crossed that it will happen someday!

Thanks for another wonderful review!


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Review #20, by KimyaDocument X- The missing marauders story: DADA notes, Minni

10th August 2010:
Hahahahaha hilarious. I especially like the part when Lily makes out with the air. Update soon!

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Review #21, by KimyaCrucified Through the Heart : Crucified Through the Heart

2nd August 2010:
the story, which would have been wonderful in first person or third person, was twice as powerful when told in second person. And I admire you for that, because that has always been a struggle for me :P

I like how you've kind of thumbed through Narcissa's life, yet gave it a depth that normally is hard to do. You didn't take forever explaining every little detail, every little feeling, but you certainly let the reader know what was going on.

This is my last review to you today, as I am sure I'm scaring you.

Author's Response: Thank you for your admiration. I really enjoy this piece, and I'm glad that someone else could find some enjoyment from it, as well.

Again, thank you! I'm really pleased that you thought that I did such a great job with this piece. ;)

Oh no! Takes much more than that to scare me. ;) I don't scare easy.

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Review #22, by KimyaThe Artist : The Artist

2nd August 2010:
Yes, I am just as much afraid of it as you are...I think I'm stalking you.

On another (less embarrassing) matter entirely, beautiful story. I've seen Lily portrayed in many ways, but never something so true, and so real. I don't know how to really explain it, but you definitely know that the best characters can't be put into a single category, so kudos to you!

I have to say that I feel that Lysander and Lily are somewhat similar. Both two people whom nobody bothers to see their true colors, one longing the familiar company of someone as himself.

Great story again!

Author's Response: Ha ha, well, at least you're a friendly stalker. I think. . . xD

Thank you! I'm glad that you found this story to be beautiful. To be honest with you, I was a bit unsure about this one, so to hear that someone liked it makes me smile.

I'm really pleased that you feel that my characters are real. I try my best to portray them as more than simply characters in a story, but as people you may really know.

Ah, yes. I can see why you think so.

Thank you so very much!

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Review #23, by KimyaBoys Will Be Boys: Boys Will Be Boys

31st July 2010:
*Sniff* this story made me cry (even though that probably wasn't what you were expecting). I actually had a "boyfriend" (young love) exactly like Teddy, and in the summer, my grandmother would babysit us both and he'd jabber on about a whole bunch of bull he thought was real. Unfortunately, he died when we were very young, but this story was definitely one of my favorites that came from you. Absolutely beautiful, and Teddy is such a character! Boys truly will be boys.

Author's Response: Hey there, Kimya! I don't think I've seen you lurking on my author page before. :) I'm sorry to hear that about your boyfriend. I'm glad that you could appreciate the story, though, it made you cry and think of past memories that I'm sure are more bitter than sweet. Yes, boys will truly be boys! Thanks for the review. ♥

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Review #24, by KimyaThe Morning Waffle: Snappers, Creepers, and Other Things That Go Bump In the Night

25th July 2010:
Oh God, hilarious chapter! The scene with Tibbs was amazing, especially when they were talking about her black dress. Fred really gives a new perspective into the most normal things through his wit. I like how Tabitha isn't all girlish or slugger-esqe, but a little bit of both. It gives her a fully defined personality, which you don't find in many fanfictions. Can't wait to hear more about Andy and James as well! I was wondering when that slash warning would be put to use...

Author's Response: Thanks, Kimya! Yep, I definitely didn't want to make Tabitha the cliche girly-girl or the cliche tomboy. I wanted to put her somewhere in the middle, hopefully making her into a character most girls can relate to (except not the cliche "I'm both girly and tomboy, I'm so awesome" kind of character either). And yes, the mysterious slash warning finally makes sense! James has currently locked himself in his flat and is refusing to come out. He's very upset about this turn of events.

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #25, by KimyaRed: Red.

17th July 2010:
I found the romance between these two wonderful, and yet subtle. You don't describe the relationship between Rose and Scorpius, but through the actions and feelings, you manage to explain the predicament to the readers here. This one-shot was absolutely amazing, you are REALLY talented!

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