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Review #1, by dream_BIGetc. etc. (and life goes on): A Vivid Imagination

2nd August 2011:
oh my god, albus potter is so hot. i fell in love with him more every chapter and just...and just...GAH.
i am in love with your characters, they're so brilliantly written. this story, in general, is brilliantly written.

Author's Response: Haaay~!

-quiet- I write Albus to be hot and intellectual, I'll admit that right now.

But ahem. Much thanks! ♥ ^__^

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Review #2, by dream_BIGWho Needs Sanity Anymore?: Of Kisses and Crying

14th March 2011:
aha, this is good so far! there's nothing wrong with it grammatically (i hate when people do that, it irks me), and the plotline is going great. your humor is also really funny, and your characters are definitely relatable. i just thought that maybe you could expand more on the other characters - like her brother, lyte, james, simon, louis, even. include them more, because it almost seems like i don't know them as well. also, the whole scene with the drunken kissing moved a bit fast...and...yep :)
you've done a great job!

Author's Response: Hi! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have a ton of character devoping to do :) but it's moving along (slowly...) My humor is funny? Really? Thanks so much.

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Review #3, by dream_BIGFailure By Design: Letters Again

6th January 2011:
"I love you too, you know." He said, "I always have."

this story is brilliant, i love reading it!

Author's Response: James is just such a hunk. He doesn't even have to say anything to make ME melt.
Thanks for the review!! :)

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Review #4, by dream_BIGContours: Chapter Twenty-Seven

6th January 2011:
AAH. it's done! i'm both sad and happy, since i almost never want this story to end, but i'm so glad that it's done and no longer agoninizing to wait for ;)
it was a great ending. my face was literally like O_O when i saw the 'THE END', and then i burst out into half-hysterical half-relieved laughter (which made it even more hysterical) when i saw that you weren't finished yet. it was sweet because it wasn't perfect, but i guess that's just the beauty of draco and hermione's love :)
this was PERFECT ;)

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Review #5, by dream_BIGCosmic Love: Cosmic Love

5th January 2011:

Author's Response: Awe ^_^ Thank you! I honestly don't like how I wrote it, but I changed it a million times and decided to stay with this version :) I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #6, by dream_BIGMoments of Light: Moments of Light

2nd January 2011:
so. i'm abnormal.
it really was so well-written and beautiful. i loved it.

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Review #7, by dream_BIGLove Goddesses, Overprotective Brothers, and James Potter: Finnigan Boys, Wotter Family Meetings, and Demonic Cats

24th December 2010:
your story makes me laugh :) and aphrodite is pretty much as insane as i am, haha :D i absolutely love it, great job!

Author's Response: Alright, you have NO idea whatsoever how much I flipped when I saw that you reviewed my story. You are seriously my idol. Oh my God. I need to stop spazzing.


But yeah, anyways, YAY! I'm so happy that you liked it and that you thought it was funny! Aphrodite is kind of a more outrageous and less-afraid-to-be-herself version of me. :)

Thank you so much for reviewing! Happy New Year!! :D

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Review #8, by dream_BIGThe Pretty Lights: I Looked At You Like The Stars That Shined

23rd December 2010:
well...since you begged. and told me on facebook to check this out ;)
it really is so cute, totally not something i would expect coming from little miss "i pretend to be cynical but i'm really a softie". don't think i don't have you all figured out ;)
great job katie-boo!!

Author's Response: I didn't beg! I asked, I think, once.
And if you want something incredibly creepy, I'll email it to you, since I'm not sending it all on Facebook. Will you make a banner for that?
I am cynical. LOVE SUCKS BLAHBLAHBLAH!!! You have nothing figured out, Mrs. Shah.

Gr...thanks, Savally-Wavally Grumpy-Wumpy Boo-Boo-Bear! *is innocent*

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Review #9, by dream_BIGSeducing Teddy R. Lupin: Best Friends Don't Forget Each Other

22nd December 2010:
hi, there :) where did you run off to? this story is great, and i can't wait to know what happens next. in fact, i've even almost fully forgiven you for being MIA for such a long time.
update soon, and maybe i'll fully forgive you ;)
this story is absolutely brilliant, and the way teddy and victoire are portrayed in this is unique and fresh. i love it!
update sooon!!

Author's Response: I'm sorry :( Life just has a habit of getting in my way... I could make a MILLION excuses for why exactly I didn't update BUT instead, I'll promise a super speedy update! :D Right after the queue opens, I SWEAR!

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Review #10, by dream_BIGLOVE & BROOMSTICKS: Hogsmeade Camping Trip, Part One

15th December 2010:
i loved this chapter :) there was something so incredibly simple and sweet about the two of them talking and laughing in front of that cabin. and they were so unsure, but at the same time, so completely comfortable and it was just perfect.
i'm pretty much in love with james for being adorable and also sirius for being so utterly insane :D
update faster! your stories are absolute LOVE.

Author's Response: hahaha everyone in this fic is insane.. idk how it happens... but they turn crazy :P thanks for the great review and i'm so happy you like this story so much! ^_^

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Review #11, by dream_BIGThings Unforeseen: The Year

8th December 2010:
hi there :)
so... i was looking at your author's page because i love some of your other stories and i found this one! it's fantastic!
i'm writing a seer story right now, too, but yours is, hands-down, MUCH better. please continue with this, regardless of how many seer stories are now out there -___- it's both flattering and annoying that seer stories have become a trend and therefore not very original anymore (but yours was published before mine so i have no right to be pissed. ps i promise i didn't steal the idea from you! it was late-night muse strike after i read twilight and wondered what it would be like to be a seer...just thought i should clear that up because today i saw a story that was plagiarized word for word from another story and it literally made me so mad even though the original wasn't even my story! i'm a weird person)
so i just want to're brilliant, and please continue writing this :)
i'm sorry if my story is one of the reasons you stopped writing this...i don't want to seem like i stole the idea from you...

wow, i think i just made myself come across as really awkward. sorry about that. it's just that i feel kind of like a terrible person after reading this and realizing that i'm writing a james2/oc seer story, too, and you started yours before mine. even though i didn't take the idea from you, i still feel like i violated your rights to write the story in the first place.

...and i'll shut up now.

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Review #12, by dream_BIGBoyfriend: Sisterly Affection

8th December 2010:
so...when i first joined this site, like two years ago, i was in LOVE ( L O V E ) with this awesome story called boyfriend by molly raesly, right? and she used to update her chapters every friday and i was a happy little freshman, reading this awesome story.
and day...IT VANISHED.
i was, understandably, a TAD miffed. in fact, i kind of yelled at my poor computer for a little while. i mean, we were just getting to the GOOD part, you know?! i was dying to know more more moreee!
AND THEN, last week, i happened to go on fanfiction . net just to check it out since i was bored, and i found it there! i was thrilled and stayed up till three finishing it off was just brilliant. i also read the sequels. both of them.
...and i forget the point of this.
but i'm glad you're back with this story, it's absolutely fantastic!

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Review #13, by dream_BIGLady Malfoy: Behind the Glass Doors

6th December 2010:
i have to tell you - you've got me absolutely captivated. this has got to be, by far, one of the most well thought-out, intelligent stories on this site. you provide more than just entertainment. there's twists and new discoveries and most of the time i'm waiting breathlessly just to get to that next sentence and see what new surprise you have in store for me.
it's brilliant. you've probably heard this before, but you're honestly a genius for coming up with something as intricate as this. it makes me think so hard, and what i'm finding is that most of the time, i'm not even right! and says a lot, because i'm able to figure out Dan Brown plot twists before they happen.
i'm you're brilliant.

please update soon, i'm absolutely dying to know what happens next!

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Review #14, by dream_BIGGame: A Sugar-Induced Revelation

14th November 2010:
god, so cute. and rona's being a sneaky little slytherin! wonder what all that oliver psycho nonsense meant. hmm... can he be trusted? of course he can be trusted, he's hot and sweet. and hot sweet guys can always be trusted. they're like...perfection.
i wish my mom would hurry up with dinner. i'm starving.

anyway. this chapter was really good :D it made me laugh out loud in some parts, which is always a plus since people loling means that you've done humor well ;)

this is the end of your brilliant prize (or at least a part of it), so i bid you a farewell until next time i read your story!
i might even review, too! and this is huge, because i never have time for reviewing. i don't review much, at all.
great job! you're a great writer :)

Author's Response: Ohohoho, but hot sweet guys don't really exist, and thus they're deceiving you because they're lieees. All lieees. I hope my boyfriend doesn't read this 8D

People find me funny? Le gasp. I hope I've gotten funnier because sometimes I go back and I groan and think, I THOUGHT THIS WAS FUNNY?

Yaaay! Thanks for reviewing :3 And if you leave any future reviews! I know how busy you are.

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Review #15, by dream_BIGGame: Happenstance Happens Entirely Too Often

14th November 2010:
siggghhh. cuteness. makes a girl's day happier. oliver and rona are so cute it's like...great.
^that was lame. i forget where i was going with it. i tend to do that a lot.
it feels like everything's falling right into place for them (: which is nice, but leaves me wondering when things are going to go wrong. well, i KNOW now, know. back when i read this the first time i wondered.
it's kind of sad, but that's how i view any sort of happiness. wondering when i'm going to lose it.
which is stupid, really, since i happen to be quite an optimistic person. but when things start really working for me, i get a little wary. life tends to hate on me - just like Rona.
i love her name, btw. your writing is awesomeee :D

Author's Response: What is it about karma that targets people right after their utterly cute moments? Cruel cruel writers, I suppose 8D I suppose that's the thing with Rona and complications. She knows how to deal with complications but happiness? No, she won't settle for easy happiness! SHE NEEDS DRAMA!

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Review #16, by dream_BIGGame: Fortune Takes a Holiday

14th November 2010:
i remember my dominant emotion at this was 'OMGWHAAT'. Roger sucks, but we've established that before. jeremy is adorably funny, and hannah sort of annoys me a bit, to be perfectly honest with you. i like penny and edie the best :D
i wish i had an oliver :( instead i have someone who barely notices my existence/doesn't care enough to acknowledge said existence outside of our forced hang-outs. thank you mother, for being best friends with his mother. i owe you one. really. -_-
it's very sad, i agree.
anyway, i digress again.
rona and oliver are cute together, but there's definitely something and i like how you highlight that in a subtle sort of way during this chapter. rona's afraid to trust why..

Author's Response: Everyone loves Jeremy. Everyone! Hannah *is* supposed to be sort of annoying, that nosy friend that you can't quite get rid of but you stop minding after awhlie, but every so often does something incredibly stupid that messes things up. But we can't have perfection. Clearly with the next two chapters.

Aww, Oliver sadly must stay to the confines of fiction. Your situation sounds boundlessly awkward. You should write fic about it ;)

They haven't really had the time to get to know each other yet. They have the attraction, the interest, and the impulse, but they haven't got the foundation. Rona's inability to trust people, it's sort of a subtle quality of her personality. It's not obvious when one meets her, and most of the time it doesn't matter, until say, a relationship is on the line. I imagined it as a consequence of her line of work and her competitiveness. I made Quidditch sort of shady in Hogwarts (and it WAS shady in canon!).

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Review #17, by dream_BIGGame: No One Plays to Lose

14th November 2010:
hello, winner! because i'm a wierd person, i've decided that i'm going to start with the last chapter and then go back five. and that's how i shall review. i'm awesome, i know.
oliver and rona are so dysfunctional it's making me want to cry/scream/strangle something.
so i screamed into a pillow. and then strangled it. wasn't in the mood to cry.
i love how they're both such drama queens; it's actually kind of hilarious, if you look at it in a sick, twisted way (which, of course, i would do since i'm a psycho).
i feel like if they both just talked about it, and if Rona tried to explore the emotionless void she believes is her heart (but there actually is something real and girly and deep in there), they'll somehow fix themselves. :/
i worry for oliver and rona.
can't wait to see oliver's kicked puppy emotions! i sure do love me some over-emotional males. they're especially fun to write.
update soon!

Author's Response: Woo, last chapter first! Sadly, they are flawed people who are exceedingly stubborn and fail to do sensible things. Like real life, I suppose. And that's why I love them. Hehe, I love them angsty males too. The funny thing is that Oliver's far more emotional than Rona, when usually it's the other way around for gender stereotypes.

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Review #18, by dream_BIGShakespere's Story: Romeo and Juliette

10th November 2010:
hiii!! this was ubelievably cute! and i loved the way you used the line, as usual. you guys are all really coming up with such unique scenarios and it's brilliant! great job!

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Review #19, by dream_BIGHeaven Can Wait : Heaven Can Wait

3rd November 2010:
dedicated to ME?!! awww -blushes- thankss!!
i loved this, it was very well written! and no problem about the length; it really helped you to develop your story a bit so it didn't seem rushed or anything. great job!

Author's Response: Of course it's dedicated to you! You're the reason it got written at all :D

I'm glad you liked it! I was really nervous because I could tell you were quite attached to the pairing and I really didn't want to muck it up, to be honest :) I don't know how it got so long and draw out but it didn't feel right rushing it, like you said, so I'm glad you're okay with that!

Thanks so much for the review! You're a rock star :D

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Review #20, by dream_BIGDear Cupid: Fights and Friends

1st November 2010:
you're allowed to mentally kill me. in fact, i'll take groveling up a notch:
i have a million and one excuses (school, friends, school, tests, school, AP Bio - aka my severe lapse in judgement - but i doubt you really care.
i'm seriously so very sorry i haven't been beta-ing up to my usual suckish par, but i can definitely go back and look this over for you, if you want? i completely understand if you want a new beta, though.

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Review #21, by dream_BIGLove, Damned Love, and Statistics: I. The Girl

31st October 2010:
it was so cute, and very well-written. it made me smile and giggle :) great job!
now i must go and hand out candy to the miserable creeps intent on taking all my sugary happiness because of some overrated costume-dress-up-night.
nah, just kidding. i love halloween :) i just don't like giving away free candy.

Author's Response: THANKS! 8D Cute and smiley happy is what James II does. He lives to please. (P.S. Take some sugar! I feed one of my friends sugar all the time--cake, ice cream, honey, whatnot 8D She subsists solely on it.)

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Review #22, by dream_BIGFailure By Design: Jealousy (Part I)

26th October 2010:
i have a tendency to..erm...not review too often. comes with the whole 'overacheiver + social life = no time' BUT. because today is your birthday, i will make an exception.
i lovee this story. your writing is fantastic, and, seriously, if you could just keep james and lily together without any drama i would love you forever. because drama sucks, and i'm sick of it. because guess who everyone comes to for drama problems? me! ME! i mean, hello?! i'm just the girl over here who's been pining after the same boy for freaking ELEVEN YEARS; what makes you think i have any expertise in this field?! for god's sake, my reaction to the words 'go out with me' is to run away screaming! or laugh really loudly until i realize the dude was serious! then it just gets really awkward.
um, anyway.
i do love me some fluff every now and then :) and you've got some brilliant stuff going on up there ;)

Author's Response: OH GOOD LORD. don't even get me started on this. i hate it when my friends come to me with dating advice. i mean really. the last person you go to for dating advice is the schools goody two shoes MORMON whos life slogan is 'modest is hottest'.

erm . . . yeah.

i think lily is just a little too dramatic for there not to be any drama . . . the writing for this story kind of thrives off her dramatic tendancies . . . erm. sorry :)

thanks for the birthday wishes! thanks EVEN MORE for the review. it made me happy. glad you're enjoying the story! :)

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Review #23, by dream_BIGThe RSVP: The RSVP

26th October 2010:
this is brilliantly written! the pick-up line was used in such a unique way, and i loved it :D great job!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate your time!! :)

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Review #24, by dream_BIGYour Place or Mine?: Your Place or Mine?

20th October 2010:
aww, that was cute! i really liked it, and the pick-up line was used in a very unique way - definitely not how i was thinking. but i like that, because that's what made yours different! great job :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for being the very first reviewer! I'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #25, by dream_BIGTempting Fate: Chapter One: Of Unfulfilled Promises and Horrible Sisters

13th October 2010:
this is great! it's original and interesting, and i'm already hooked (:
guess who's failing her AP Bio test tomorrow?! MEE!!

haha (:

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