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Review #1, by theRandomSlytherinLove, Not War: |Chapter 23| A Way Out

18th August 2010:
Good lord, I've missed reading this story:)

WHOOOHOOO! OUR FAVORITE CHARACTER HAS ESCAPED! :D *victory dance* Poor, brave Lucas. Ughugughugh. Stupid Percy. If anyone had walked in on me while I was reading this chapter, they would've seen me growling at my computer screen. XD I hate him that much!

Hmm. Draco and his dumb pride, which was strangely in character, kind of stood out to me. It was odd. I don't know why :P I like how Harry is trying to have a calm and peaceful conversation while Ron is being rude on the background; it's exactly how I would've pictured a conversation between the three of them would turn out.

This review's not very long cause I'm really anxious to get to the next chapter, so NICE JOB DEANNA :D

Author's Response: AHHH!!! MICHELLE! *Glomps*
Good Lord, I think I've missed you reding this story even more, lol!! (((HUGS))) It's SO GOOD to FINALLY have you BACK! =)

Now that my freak-out moment is over... I'm glad that you found Draco's "dumb pride" to be in "strangely" character for him, lol. And YES, Ron was definitely acting like a total but-face at the end there, lol! But I'm wondering if perhaps you can guess why he was being so "moody" here...

Don't worry about the length of the review. I'm just glad you came back to review!!! I'VE MISSED YOU! I cannot wait for you to read the rest either, haha!!! =)

*gives a bar of chocolate*
Come back soon, ok?? *hugs*


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Review #2, by theRandomSlytherinBecoming Molly: Hurricane Dominique

18th July 2010:
You know you don't need to bribe me with cookies for me to read this story! This is my favorite one :D and awwah, no, I just gave you the idea, Tanya, but you made it happen. I love Chapter Five:) agh. Now I'm craving some calamari. At half past three in the morning. Yay.
But anyways. I expect to see chapter six soon:)


Author's Response: I LOFF YOU, MICHELLE. ♥

Calamari is good at any time of the day -- even half past 3am ;). I'M WORKING ON CHAPTER SIX BUT I DON'T THINK I'LL MAKE THE QUEUE CLOSURE /heartattack

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Review #3, by theRandomSlytherinStardust: stardust

21st March 2010:
Baha. I have to admit, I came across this story while lurking and I clicked it because I thought the banner was pretty XD.

But. omgomgomogmgomgomgomgomgomg. askdjfa;lkjdf;lakjdf. *fangirlfangirlfangirl* This was...indescribable. Fantastic. Amazing.

I love how the muggle was such a pushover, having a sort of twisted hero complex, being drawn in by the (ahem, excuse my pun) wicked witch.

The MuggleMan just sits back and relaxes, while the witch goes on with her wicked deeds, having this quasi-relationship that both befuddles and intrigues me. That innocent quote about her wanting the star=brilliance.

When he came home to find her gone and an empty apartment, I thought I was going to cry. And when they Obliviated him. Oh sweet Circe.

It was tragic.

IT TOTALLY MAKES SENSE. Ha, see, I knew randomness was awesome!

Loff you. :D

Author's Response: MICHELLE. ♥



Poor, pushover Muggle boy with a twisted hero-complex, indeed. Falling for a witch was not a smart thing to do. Especially one as wicked as her. :P


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Review #4, by theRandomSlytherinLove, Not War: |Chapter 22| Betrayal

11th March 2010:
Ooh, this is getting so good.

Alright, I might overuse the words awesome, brilliant, and love, but you deserve it :P

I love this plan that's a-brewing! Suspense is flippin' awesome! In that scene with Percy, Roxi, and Draco, I saw hints of the story name. That's brilliant!

I can't believe Draco would fall for that wicked plan, even though Percy made him doubt a little. Be strong, Draco!

And Roxi. Ohhh, Roxi. She's made a right mess of things. But then again, other characters have too.

Eh. I'm stating the obvious here. This chapter was awesomely brilliant and I loved it! Update soon!

Peace, love, and chocolate,

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Review #5, by theRandomSlytherinLove, Not War: |Chapter 21| The Stranger

11th March 2010:
I missed out, didn't I? Haha!

That first part when Roxi was roaming around? It was insightful, suspenseful, and just plain awesome! I knew the stranger had to be some kind of werewolf because of the 'wet dog' smell.

Draco seems to given up hope...oh noes! The poor boy is starving himself! The story must go on! I love love love the plot so far!

Voldemort is one sick, twisted, cruel...being. I mean, paralysis? Blindness? *shudder*

Ew. Fenrir Greyback! The characterization was right on, and it definitely showed. I can describe him in one word: creepy. I wonder what part he will play.

Awesome chapter, I loved it so much! You're absolutely brilliant!

Peace, love and chocolate,

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Review #6, by theRandomSlytherinDraw, O Coward: Draw, O Coward

29th December 2009:
GINA. Gah, Merlin (yes, I am THAT obsessed), you've really...oh gosh I can't say it. If someone asked me if you've Rowling herself, I'd answer yes. Gosh. I read it normally the first time, my eyes just keep getting bigger and bigger. Then when I read it backwards, my jaw just drops. Both versions are amazing; they're beautiful, eerie, and just plain FANTASTIC.
I can't believe this rating thingymabobber only goes to ten. It's..unjust. You deserve...billions.

Peace, love, and chocolate,

Author's Response: :o MICHELLE! This is way too flattering!

Thank you so much, hun! I really, really appreciate everything you've said. And I'm so glad you enjoyed this! Oh my... billions?! I'm not sure I deserve a rating like that... but THANK YOU.

xx. Gina

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Review #7, by theRandomSlytherinCross My Heart: Halloween Thrills

29th December 2009:
I liked it!!! :D it was funny! Especially the fake Voldemorts. "I kill you." that's hilarious!

Hope you keep on writing.

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you liked it! Haha I love the fake voldemorts too XD

Thanks so much for your reviews!

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Review #8, by theRandomSlytherinCross My Heart: A Quidditch Quail

29th December 2009:
Hi! I'm so sorry I didn't leave this review sooner! Bad Michelle, baaad. XD

So anyways. This story isn't bad for your first fanfiction. It's pretty good. You introduced the characters a bit too fast for me, but I think it's alright. They are quite entertaining, and Albus' inner monologues make me laugh.

Nice job!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! Sorry for bothering you about the review, I'm just really impatient :P

I'm happy its' not horrible, and that Al made you laugh XD. When I wrote this chapter, I didn't think I introduced the characters too fast, since most of them are canon anyway. But now that you mentioned it, I will add that to my list of things to consider improving when I re edit this chapter.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

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Review #9, by theRandomSlytherinUnrighteous: End Scene

18th December 2009:
Nooo! Why? There is so much tensionnn! Ahh! This chapter was just outrageous! I guess it was worth the wait :D

Ooohhh, you HAD to leave it on a cliffhanger, didn't you?

Well, that was brilliant anyways, and I'm glad you updated! This made my day! Or, er, week, I guess. :P


Author's Response: *evil cackle*

I'm the Queen of Cliffhangers, remember? ;)

Thanks for the review, Michelle. I really appreciate it. You're such a loyal reader, and I couldn't ask for more!


I'll be updating soon. Really, this time I mean it. Haha.

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Review #10, by theRandomSlytherinLove, Not War: |Chapter 19| Lies and Deception

29th November 2009:
Wow. Even though he's fictional, I still want to strangle him.
This is a sad example of how obsessed I can be with fanfiction.
Sigh. Every time that git told them lies I felt like saying, "You fools! Of course that's not true! LIES!"
The chapter title DEFINITELY fits.
I'm surprised at how gullible Draco and Roxi are being (no offense, that's just how it looks like)

But still, this was a fantastic chapter, Deana!
(and yes! I got Review #200! Go me! *victory dance*)

Peace, love, and chocolates,

Author's Response: You got the 200th spot!! Yay Michelle! *does a happy dance & throws some confetti*
And my precious... Where on earth did that come from? 0_o' Lol!!

LMAO!! Who doesn't want to throttle him?? He. Is. So. Annoying!!! And not to worry, not to worry, you're not the only one who can be obsessed with fan-fiction at times, lol! Oh, and you're right, they are being gullible right now, they both are...

Chapter 20 is up now (has been for a while now) and Chapter 21 is on its way! It should be up here any time now, so I will let you know when it is posted! Thanks for always stopping to review hun! *hugs* You are Awesome!!! =)

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Review #11, by theRandomSlytherinTake My Hand.: Take My Hand

27th November 2009:
Hello there! Michelle here with your review!

Well, first of all, I think this experiment had fantastic results; raw intensity of battle, and the confusion accompanying love made this story frighteningly realistic and enjoyable.

Characterization was awesome! I really mean it; I felt like Luna was written just as she was in HP (and possibly better) and Dean's thoughts and reflections were very insightful.

The story flow and transitions were subtle and added to the story in a positive way; I thought it was great!

The present tense and First Person POV was excellent, because I feel that First Person is very difficult when you have to capture the exact emotions and thoughts of a character, and you pulled it off brilliantly!

The unique pairing of Luna/Dean appealed to me, and I'm glad you requested it, because now I'm going to put it in my favorites :)

Peace, love, and chocolates,

Author's Response: Michelle, Thank you!

It's wonderful to know that you found this to be a successful experiment. The juxtaposition between the romance and the action was jarring and so made me slightly nervous to put out there.

*Doing a little happy dance* Characterization is one of the most important things to me, and to I am always exstatic when readers appreciate it as well. :)

I'm glad you didn't have trouble with the first person pov. For some reason, it never seems to read as smoothly as the past tense.

I'm a self-proffessed canon-freak. That being said, Luna/Dean is the only non canon pairing that I can really enjoy. I'm glad that they appeal to others too.

Peace love and Chocolates?!?! What could be better. This was a wonderful review. Thank you.

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Review #12, by theRandomSlytherinHouse of Cards: Hearts

27th November 2009:
Hey there! It's Michelle with your revi- wait a second there, have to add this to my favorites *adds*


I have a lot of "wtf" and "omfg" moments, but when I read the, er, killer bride moment with Rose, my face looked like this ---> O.o

Seriously, this confused-Scorpius twist intrigues me, mwahaha.

I guess he seemed confused and everything was so twisted, and the transition between his dream and reality was so good I had to read it over and over.

Bottom line: This story=LOVE and I can honestly say that I can't wait to read more, I'm just about dying in anticipation! :D

Peace, love, and chocolate,

Author's Response: Well, sheesh! Thank you so much!

PERFECT. HAH. Even when I was writing it, I was like, " this too much?" I'm glad it turned out right, though. In reality, my Rose is nothing like that. She's a little high-strung, but she's a relatively sweet human being.

He's going to figure out what's going with himself in the next chapter or so. The first chapter was kind of the thing that really made him realize that something was wrong.

Thank you so, so much for your kind words! I'll hopefully be able to get a new chapter up soon, but it might end up being a couple of weeks when I'm on break again.

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Review #13, by theRandomSlytherinThe Potions Project: The Prophecy Is Made

27th November 2009:
Hi there, Onna! It's Michelle here with your review!

I don't think this is too cliched, or flufftastic (awesome word by the way :D). As the Head/Girl storyline is overused quite a bit, I was a bit hesitant in reading this, but it's written very well and it is believable.

Oh! Is the quote: "For the brightest witch of our age, you really can be a dumbass."

Is it? If it isn't, well, now I would feel like a dumbass, hehe.

The prophecy was brilliant! How in the world did you come up with it?

Well, anywhoser, this has the potential to be a excellent story, and I can't wait for the next chapter!

Feel free to re-request on my review thread.

Peace, love, and chocolate,

Author's Response: Michelle,

Thanks so much for reading my story :D!!

Flufftastic is one of my favorite words to use in reviews. Hee hee. And yes, I wallow in agony over using the lovely 'headboy/girl' plot. But it was the only way me ideas would work! Silly me.

Yes, indeed it is the quote! I love that line, and really I think it's perfect for Draco. ( : ) COOKIE FOR YOU {{That deformed thinf up there is suppose to be a cookie :D}}

Prophecy = weeks of agony, and an english to swedish translator. Don't ask. Lol.

Next chapter should be up soon! Got rejected cause Draco was a meanie butt. *sigh*



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Review #14, by theRandomSlytherinLove, Not War: |Chapter 18| The Loophole

26th November 2009:
Grr. That's right.
Grr. Rawr.
Voldemort and Percy are absolutely infuriating. At first, when Roxi and Percy had their encounter with Voldy, I was thinking, "Oh yes, Go Roxi! Go Roxi!" and then...hmphh. Weasley Crucio'd her. That is so NOT fair. And Voldemort HAD to find a LOOPHOLE. Grr. Poor Draco.
On the bright side, though, aren't Draco and Roxi the CUTEST COUPLE ever? That part when they were was fluffyyy! Like cotton candy, hehe!

Hurry Deanaaa!


Peace, love, and Chocolate,

Author's Response: Ohmygoodness Michelle, you crack me up, you know that?!? :)

Of course we all know of Voldemort is... He's just not satisfied unless he is making somebody else's life miserable, hehe! And yeah, Percy is just a little bit on the impatient side, lol! What he did do - no, what he IS doing - is so not fair! But I don't wanna go and give too much away yet, haha!! ;)

Ok, so when I read the second part of your review, the part about Roxi & Draco's kiss being light and fluffy, I'll admit that I had no clue what you were talking about, lol! So then I went back through the whole chapter to find that part... and OMGosh, you are SO right!!! I almost died when I re-read that scene, and not in a bad way, lol! I was like: "Ohmygod, I wrote that? This is REALLY good!!" Lmao!!!

So yeah... I guess I still surprise even myself sometimes, lol! ^_^'
Thanks so much for the reviews, and for your continued support hun. It really means a lot to me!! =)

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Review #15, by theRandomSlytherinWaiting on a Whim: Sixteen.

24th November 2009:
Hello, it's RandomnessisinmyNature with your review!
Whoa, that WAS short. What it lacks in length, however, it makes up with the description. Really, there is more description in this short little bitesized story and raw, intense emotion than most novel/novella length stories I have ever read, and believe me when I say I have read a LOT of stories :D
It doesn't seemed rushed at all, rather, it seems slow, and when one chapter ends and another starts, there are so many things I feel have gone unsaid, but in this case, it seems perfect.
Wonderful job! 10/10!

Oh, and this is going into my favorites :D

Peace, love, and chocolate,

Author's Response: the shortness was a real challenge, and actually in most of the chapters I failed to keep it to 500 words, which was my aim. But there we are, I'm not perfect. Thank you so much for reviewing! ♥

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Review #16, by theRandomSlytherinBlinded by Hate: New and Improved?

23rd November 2009:
I love it!
I'm not a fan of NextGen, but this seems interesting.
The way you twisted and mixed up the family, er, feuds is really interesting. It seems a tad bit cliche but I love it! (Did I mention that?)
I'm glad they carried on the Malfoy/Weasley banter. It's quite amusing.
When you talked about Rose and Dom being compared to someone else, I really felt sympathetic towards them, and that part was well-written.

8/10! It was brilliant! I'm adding it into my favorites and I can't wait to read more!

Signing off,

Author's Response: I'm glad I managed to make you like NextGen :)
I'm really happy you liked it and that it was amusing in the right parts!
Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by theRandomSlytherinPurified: Falling Through

22nd November 2009:
That was...interesting.
I've always wondered what went on in Regulus' head in his final hour.
The memories of Sirius and Regulus were very intriguing and were very insightful.
You wrote very well from a male's POV, and for me, it is very difficult to write from a POV of the opposite gender, so great job.
It wasn't confusing at all, it was easy to understand, and I loved it.

Brilliant work!

Signing off,

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you loved it! :)

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Review #18, by theRandomSlytherinFlowers: Lily

29th October 2009:
Hey sorry for the long waa-...
*is mesmerized by story*
That's beautiful.
I feel all the pain and emotion, and I'm seeing in Petunia's point of view..
It's amazing.
I loved the last line.

I can't even describe how much I love this.
It's going in my favorites!

Peace, love, and flowers,

Author's Response: Oh thank you! I'm glad to hear you faved my one-shot! *dances*

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Review #19, by theRandomSlytherinWith a Flower In Your Hair: With a Flower In Your Hair

17th October 2009:
Hey there!
Sorry for the long wait, I've been busy.
But anyhow. OC/OC story..
Well, yes, there isn't much info on the past, so it seems a bit vague to me, but it's a one-shot, and the description was beautifully written, so I'll let it slide. Haha, I'm joking.
The last paragraph felt rushed, but that's it.

Nice job.

Peace,love, and chocolate,

Author's Response: haha...i love the end of your review!! :) thank you so much for the lovely review. i am glad that for the most part things seemed alright and that my description was very nice. thanks again.

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Review #20, by theRandomSlytherinHeat: embers, all that will remain

15th October 2009:
(excuse me, need a moment. That was effin' amazing)
Inferno. You were given the word inferno, and pull THIS off. This wonderful, fantastical, brilliant, freakin' amazing story! About 820 words and it's probably better than some 50 chapter stories I've read. Sigh. That's just...awesome. The secrets, the HEAT..It's all too much.

Into my favorites this story goes.

Peace, love, and chocolate,

Author's Response: *does a happy dance* Thank you so much for this review! It totally made my day. Argh, I'm speechless. Just... Thank you, Michelle ^-^

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Review #21, by theRandomSlytherinRemember Me?: Confusion

15th October 2009:
Hello there!
I'm here with your review!
I'm so sorry that it's so late, I've been busy.
But I'm not here to give excuses, so I'll get on with the review!

Generally, the plot, characterization and pretty much everything else was excellent. Characterization was spot on and very realistic. The plot sounds mysterious enough! There were some mistakes I saw:

"Harry and Ginny's son James Sirius Potter, who was proving to be handful and living up to Sirius's name, is three now, and Neville and Hannah have Alice Elizabeth Longbottom who is four. Hermione was even Jamesís God-Mother and she spoiled him and Alice rotten. "

The tenses changed up a bit but that's fine, everyone makes mistakes :)

There was just the right amount of dialogue, so don't worry about it.

You're doing a wonderful job, keep it up! I'm here for you! Feel free to re-request on my thread, unless you don't have the patience for my procrastination xD

Peace, love, and chocolate,

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing my story :)

I really appreciate all your feedback, I have such a problem with tenses!

I will probably re-request when I get a new chapter up :)

Thanks again!

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Review #22, by theRandomSlytherinMacabre: On the School Grounds

14th October 2009:
It's Michelle, here with your review! :)
And yes, that comment did seem a bit harsh.
Hmm... The word macabre really does fit.

This was very well-written, and that's the understatement of the year.
The way Pansy and Draco's relationship was portrayed was different than what I usually read, but I liked it anyways. The wave of emotions was so overwhelming and I was close to tears.

You did a wonderful job on this story.


Author's Response: Sorry I haven't replied to this review! I did appreciate it. I could have swore I had, because this is one of those reviews that make your day! Thank you a thousand times over for the review Michelle!!

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Review #23, by theRandomSlytherinTorn Between Ice and Emeralds: The Beginning of Regret

10th October 2009:
Michelle here with your review!
That was very action-packed for a first chapter.
In many stories, it's hard to pull that off, but you did just that and so much more.
The characterizations are absolutely brilliant, and I like how you added that quote from the book so the reader can understand where the chapter starts.
I'm sorry if my reviews are posted so slow..I'm working on this little by little, so..yeah.

Peace, love, and chocolate,

Author's Response: Argh, take two for my response! Computer trouble. :-P

First off, thank you for picking up my request! I'm so glad we're off to a good start! I've been told before that this chapter lacked dialogue, but I don't really feel it needs it, and I'm glad you think the action was well-written. And the quote was definitely the easiest way to place the reader exactly where I wanted them to start off!

Please, take your time! We're all busy people! I look forward to your next review, and thanks for the chocolate! :-)

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Review #24, by theRandomSlytherinWinging It: We're Back

10th October 2009:
I'm calm now.
That was hilarious!
I usually don't read Marauder stories, but this one is awesome!

I loved this quote:
"You damn Marauder-folk are all very jumpy today," I informed him, still on his back. Oh, the jokes that come to mind at that thought, I thought to myself.

And this one:
" 'Zlinski' (what the hell kind of name is that?)" Hehehehe.

Funny. Alex is awesome. Period.
The humor is DEFINITELY not too over the top. It's perfect. Keep it like that. Please! For the sake of all people who need a laugh! xD

Characterization is fine, no CC coming from me todayyy!

Awesomeness, thy name is Miss Lily Potter!
Feel free to re-request on my review thread anytime.

Peace, love, and chocolate,

Author's Response: Thank you! :D I'm so glad you liked it. Awesomeness? I'm so honored. :D

Thanks for the lovely review! And I'll probably take you up on that. (:

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Review #25, by theRandomSlytherinDemented: Well, I Have to Eat Sometime

10th October 2009:
Hey there!
Michelle here with your review!

This is a very unique story.
I've seen stories about werewolves and vampires, but never dementors.
This is cool.
The description you use for Elaina's hunger is just...really really good.
I don't really like Marauder Era stories, but I think I can definitely make an exception for this story.
Awesome job.
Feel free to re-request when the next chapter is up :)

Peace, love, and chocolate,

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks for the review, you did an awesome job! I'll be sure to re-request...and the maybe re-re-request haha.

I'm glad you think this is original and are willing to make an exception. Thanks again.


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