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Review #1, by PomPomMuffinRonnie The Fifth: Chapter 8

1st June 2011:
I really like this :)
Oh my, Remus. Oh my god, Remus.
Please make them snog more ! :D

Author's Response: I'm working on it ;)

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Review #2, by PomPomMuffinRonnie The Fifth: Chapter 1

1st June 2011:
Ohh, this is fun. :]

Author's Response: I'm glad. I hope it continues to be fun!

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Review #3, by PomPomMuffinDemented: Just When I Thought Life Couldn't Get Weirder

29th March 2010:
Fun sucker.. P:

When I read the summary, I was mildly skeptical, if not completely unsure of your ability to pull this off.
But you've done a fabulous job. I really like Elaina, she's a spunky, cutely awkward half-ling. (:
And Remus is a adorable as always.
I'm just curious as to why Remus waited all this while to have that chat with her.
Anyway, update soon.


Author's Response: Ugh...please don't judge this story by the summary. I can usually pull a decent one out of my butt, but this one was so hard to do! This has to be the tenth summary I've tried and I STILL cringe every time I see it. (By the way, if you've got any ideas for a new summary, hit up my Meet the Author page).

And I really like this version of my original drafts she was more of a kooky misfit that spoke her mind and was too bold for her own good. Definitely like this one better lol.

Aaaand, I'll cover why Remus waits awhile to have this conversation with her in the next chapter.

Thanks for the amazing review!


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Review #4, by PomPomMuffinPadfoot and Prongs' top pick-up lines: Padfoot and Prongs' top pick-up lines

28th March 2010:
Hahahaha :P
Pure Cheese. B]

Author's Response: Thank you, I know. I had fun writing it.

Thank you for reviewing

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Review #5, by PomPomMuffinHogwarts Confessional: The Ball - Part I

12th March 2010:
OoO :O

Can't wait for the next one!:)
Update soon.


Author's Response: hahaha glad you liked it :) More coming soon!

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Review #6, by PomPomMuffinThe Land of the Fairytales: When it's time

6th March 2010:
Ummm... the plot is good.
But Sirius is gay?
And its dying honey, not dieing.
You could have written this over many chapters, with more detail.

Author's Response: Ohgod, that's my bad english, sorry xD And yeah, I know, but I didn't feel like dragging it along. Thanks for reviewing (: xx

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Review #7, by PomPomMuffinSay Anything: Total Revenge

6th March 2010:
I L.O.V.E. :3
*sends hugs and kisses to the author*

Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter is in progress :)

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Review #8, by PomPomMuffinCasanova's Quandary: The Bet

6th March 2010:
Oi, this is sweet. Real sweet.
Remus sounds like a dad, he needs to live a little. Maybe get laid a bit here and there.:P
Keep the work up.


Author's Response: Hey thanks! I am glad you like it so far. I know, dear ol' Remus always fretting. Like James said, he's to noble to exploit anyone that way o_O And evil Sirius, can you imagine Remus running around the castle in pink boxers for the day? xD

Anyways, thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by PomPomMuffinKnowing James: James

3rd March 2010:
OoooO. Me likey:)


Author's Response: I'm glad you like it, thanks :)

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Review #10, by PomPomMuffinBeautiful Within: Three Years Later

22nd July 2009:
OMG!!! You nearly had me in tears!=O=O That was so frikking good!!=)=) Man I so did not expect that.. But it was amazing=D

Author's Response: Aww wow thank you so much! I'm so glad you like, if you are interested chapter one of my new Draco/Hermione had been validated its called 'wild and free' enjoy :D x

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Review #11, by PomPomMuffinHis Mother's Eyes: The Glimmer in His Mother's Eyes

20th June 2009:
I really liked it=) I guess it gave a whole different look to who Sirius was. But you kinda mentioned that it was a Sirius/Lily?? So I'm a bit confused..

Author's Response: nooo, it wasnt a sirius/lily... dunno when i mentioned that...

But anyways, thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #12, by PomPomMuffinWhat I am: What I am

18th June 2009:
That was fairly good. It was different so i guess i liked it. But ya, I really do like James/Lily and I know its your openion, but I cant help myself- Lily is exactly how people potray her, most people want her to be perfect. So what I'm saying is, since shes not a real character, hating her is quiet pointless=P
If you get my drift. She's actually quiet like Hermione, and we know she's got issues. Anyway, thts just my thought on that=P

Author's Response: no, I get what you are saying and it makes sense. Besides, while it may not seem like it, I am a James/Lily fan too. I just don't like the way people tend to characterize Lily. I guess that is why I chose to be so harsh in this story. Anyway, thanks for the review!

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