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Review #1, by death_to_umbridgeGame: O Captain, Not My Captain

26th October 2010:
Okay, I feel bad because I don't think I've reviewed this story before and how else will you know that I really like it! You've created this weird complex web of stories and it's so good to read. Anyway, Rona and Oliver seem to be figuring themselves out for the time being but based on previous chapters I'm sure this wont last and I can't wait for the drama! Putting two great strategists together is certain to equal trust issues :) :) :)

Seriously though, this was a great chapter, and I laughed so much when the team met Oliver. It's like when my dad meets a new boy, it's like a job interview and I want to drag him away as soon as possible, but I kind of feel that if I try to prevent it the whole family will start to argue and then the boy will know how crazy we all really are and run away. Wow this got long winded but the point is AWESOME this story is so cool and yeah I'm going to leave it here because it's turned into a rubbish review and I sound stupid. The end.

Author's Response: Hello there former lurker reader! Weird and complex is what I do 8D Good to see you enjoy it!

You don't sound stupid, you're exactly right! I've never really had to do the whole 'introducing to my parents' thing, but with my friends, we always judge any new love interests amongst our group (a tad more subtly and deviously of course). And dear Merlin, we're definitely crazy 8D Random bursts of singing, anyone? Our cache of inside jokes is downright intimidating!

Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by death_to_umbridgeThe Art of Breathing.: Luck.

25th October 2010:
I sneakily read this at work and I was trying not to laugh so much, because my boss was in the room and I was trying not to get his attention so he wouldn't fire me. But it had to be done. Still, that bit where Mary and Sirius were counting out the letters was so funny, it made it quite difficult!

James and Lily, ooh la la! I want to read more about them too please because they're such great characters and I want all the sordid details of their love life like the creep I am. So yes. Amazing and I want more.


Author's Response: Ahha, I'm always reading whilst my parents are in the room and mum's always like "Why are you smiling so much? What's so funny?" although I suppose it's a bit different when it's your boss :P

James and Lily, I was possibly thinking about doing a sort of sequel from Lily's pov, but I don't knnoooww. You don't hear much from then in here, I'm afraid.

Anyway, thank you for reviewing :D

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Review #3, by death_to_umbridgeBreaking the Quidditch Code: Falcon Cat

28th September 2010:
I have a question. Did you name your cat Sparta so that when you introduced it to someone you could be like "THIS IS SPARTA!" Because if you did, that's freaking awesome.

Anyway. Funny chapter. I love how deluded they Avery and James are about their situation. These things never work! One will start to realise they have feelings for the other soon enough and I can't wait! I am loving the fact that they're snogging though. And secret snogging is so much more exciting. It's like reading really good gossip.

And what's with Twitwards? He's up to something fishy, I know it! And please write more about Meta; I swear she is exactly like this girl who broke my best friend's heart and I'm convinced that everything Meta does, this girl will do. So I want to know if my friend Tim will ever get over her. That doesn't make sense but I'm going to go with it anyway.

So the point of this rubbish review was that I thoroughly enjoyed your chapter. Yeah.

Author's Response: hahaha no, but that was a perk of the name. Actually, I named her after the Mean Kitty song. Google that or "Hey Little Sparta" and watch the video. Fiance & I watched it years and years ago and agreed we'd name our first kitten Sparta and I named the Facebook album full of pictures of her, "THIS IS SPARTA!" with a zillion A's on the end.

Anyway. I digress.

I like secret snogging too! Especially when Twitwards walks in. I think things are really progressing between both of them.

He's always up to something fishified. What a jerk butt.

As for Meta, your snippets are coming! I have some I believe in the next chapter or the chapter after. I think it's this next cahpter though. And that's really interesting. If you get a chance, feel free to PM me on the forums and tell me more about this girl because I'm really intrigued by this.

thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the chapter! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Review #4, by death_to_umbridgeThe Art of Breathing.: Humiliation.

26th August 2010:
Yay fast update!

I hope all went well for your results, there is nothing worse than waiting for them. But I'm glad you put your efforts into getting this chapter out because I loved it.

Sirius needs to quit being such a jerky mcjerk because Mary is DYING and she needs people who support her not jerky mcjerks. I never thought I'd see the day where Mary was so open with her emotions and someone else was closed off. But it was very cool, I hate when things are too easy and it's definitely not that! I felt so sorry for Mary in this chapter the poor little thing. But I had to laugh when she was saying all those things to McGonagall :)

Excellento as always love love love it!

Author's Response: Yes! For once! There was a time, long ago, when I was never without a chapter in the queue... oh how things have changed.

The results went pretty good! Right this second I am eating my 'well done Helen' chocolate gorillia which is exciting to say the least!

Well, Mary was being awkward for a very long time, and now it's Sirius's turn for awhile... He is being a jerk though, but I guess that's life :)

The McGonagall bit was a bit of an unplanned extra to the story, so I'm glad you liked it! :)

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Review #5, by death_to_umbridgeBaby Steps: Warm.

3rd August 2010:
Oooh I liked this one. Albus is fast becoming one of my favourite characters, this is the first fic that I've really enjoyed with him as a main character. You write him well, and I love Bryn. You should totally write a chapter using something to do with the Vampire Weekend song "I Stand Corrected" because I'm obsessed with it at the moment. And write more details about James and C.C. And definitely more between Albus and Bryn.

I hope I wasn't too demanding. I'm sorry. I'm just really getting into this story.

Great work!

Author's Response: Oh wow, that's a really excellent compliment! I'm glad you enjoy his character so much. Haha, I Stand Corrected is definitely a good one. I'm still working on the next chapter, so we'll see what song (if any) I choose. Thanks for the review! (:

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Review #6, by death_to_umbridgeLOVE & BROOMSTICKS: Men, Women, And Hickies

21st July 2010:
Ooh la la, James and Lily! Loved it!

Also, I live for Jessica and Frank, and I want details about their snogging sessions please! I've said it before but Frank is a sexy (albeit fictional) beast, and I want to get in his pants.

Loved the ending too, lol at "Homeboy, how thee be?" And even the way the boys are around each other, I think its well written.

So yeah. Loved it, thanks for the update.

Author's Response: Oh, no, it's okay. I have crushes on fictional characters all the time. James is down right sexy. And so is Frank (in my story, that is :P). So don't you worry about feeling weird; it's normal. At least for us ;P

I'm glad you like how I write the boys! They're so fun to write ♥ thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by death_to_umbridgeDéjà Vu: Self-Inflicted Comas, Flying Boogers and ‘The Attic Guy’

18th July 2010:
So, I have this list of all the men that I potentially want to marry (which is weird, I know, my friends have mentioned that before), and you know who is number one? ATTICUS FINCH! Yes, he is a fictional character, but I totally agree, he is the coolest guy ever. I am so glad that someone out there agrees with me. Also, when Gregory Peck played him in the movie he was pretty damn sexy. Oh, I feel like I've found a kindred spirit in you!

Anyway, onto the rest of the review: APOLLO IS BACK!!! I'd forgotten about him then BAM he pops up and shocks me. I'm totes glad Artemis's friends didn't care about her little secret, and I am continuing to hate James stupid girlfriend. And James for having a stupid girlfriend.

I'm quite curious as to what happens next, and I'm glad that you updated before the queue closure but update again as soon as it opens again because remember, we're now kindred spirits because we both love Atticus.

Apologies for the rambling review, I'll sum it up by saying amazing job and can't wait for what happens next.

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Review #8, by death_to_umbridgeThe Art of Breathing.: Closure.

13th June 2010:
Loved it! I'm so glad that she told Sirius (well, sort of). I hope they don't fall apart. I really liked both of their reactions, you did such a great job! So,
1. Good good good good good and realistic (well, I assume, I for one have no idea how I would react in that situation).
2. My favourite character... um... Mary, or Sirius, although I do have a soft spot for Marlene too. They would be my top three.
3. Least favourite character is Snape for being such a slimy git, although I was pretty ticked off at Kate's big fat mouth this chapter!
4. Favourite chapter is a hard one. Maybe even this chapter. I was waiting for it for so long and it did not disappoint.
5. I'm most annoyed at Sirius, for acting like an asshole. No, Mary, because I don't think Sirius was that bad, considering what he just found. Don't screw him over more, Mary!
6. I have no idea what is going to happen next. As much as I don't want them to, I imagine that Sirius and Mary will drift apart to try and not get hurt.
7. Favourite quotes from this chapter:

"If I were you and I'd snuck someone up here in the middle of the night - which I vastly disapprove of - I would try and hide that someone as quickly as possible and put your dress on as soon as my nosy best friend had left the room. Round about... now."

Classic Lily, I laughed out loud at that.

8. Of course I don't hate you, I love you for the update and will love you even more if you update again soon!

Author's Response: Thaannkk yooou. You would not believe how worried I was about the whole big reveal thing, after all the build up,and I was really scared you'd all hate me and stop reading in protest.

I hope you don't mind that I'm not going to like, talk about all the answers to your questions. It's taken me five months to get as far as answering so if I do that... we might get to the six month mark.

Not to be bigheaded, but I loved that quote from Lily :)

Thank you for still loving me :D

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Review #9, by death_to_umbridgeLOVE & BROOMSTICKS: Hospital Beds

3rd June 2010:
New reader, first time reviewer. So I meant to review a couple of chapters ago but I literally couldn't stop reading until I ran out. So please update more because now I have nothing to read!

So, first off, congratulations because at first I thought this would just be a little fluff piece but you've actually given the characters some real complexities. That's a real reason that I genuinely care about them nearly thirty chapters in.

Second: um, Frank, please be mine. No, seriously, Frank and Jessica are the best thing I've ever read. The characters are so funny together, and sometimes hate is more interesting to read because it is more obvious than love... and we all know thats what they're hiding! But when Frank was introduced I thought I would hate him as a character and I didn't want to read him and now I simply love him. Like back in chapter 21 when he and Jessica have that fight then kiss! Oh it was so cool! You know what was even cooler? This scene:

"It takes Frank one cool second to reach behind him and place his hand next to the chessboard. He taps it and mumbles something incomprehensible from my distance from the sofa, and moves his queen in to a position that makes him nearly unbeatable.

"Check mate."

He doesn't even look behind him. All he's doing is watching Jess, who is watching him back; she's a bit aggravated at his badass-ness. But I know secretly that she finds it incredibly sexy. Frank, on the other hand, looks completely satisfied, smirking with out having to smirk, know what I mean? His smile isn't even fully genuine but he is directing it at her, with his eyes twinkling at my best friend."

Dude. That was epic. Frank is such a babe. And I love him and Lily together. So sweet.

I should probably stop talking about Frank. I also love how Sirius is becoming Lily's friend and how good to her he was after the whole Amos incident. And James is frustrating, but I love him anyway.

So, all in all update please and sorry for the long and belated review.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you love Frank :] he's a crow pleaser. And hey, it's never too late to review! I'm very happy to hear that you enjoy my characters just as much as I enjoy writing them :P they are a part of me now, I think. They change a bit through out my story, giving it a shape, no? I like having all the characters face something ^__^

thank you for your great review!

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Review #10, by death_to_umbridgeBreaking the Quidditch Code: The Aftermath

27th May 2010:
CONGRATULATIONS! On graduating and moving and getting a job and getting ENGAGED! I almost forgive you for the wait, how exciting for you.
Yes, of course I'm a little frustrated with James, but you can't help but love him all the same. I love the end, when we got a glimpse that James and Avery's relationship is already on the mend, which is great even if they're not together. I think their relationship is so special and fun to read, that it's a shame to be without that.
Anyway, as usual, update soon, can't wait to read what you've got in store next.

Author's Response: You almost forgive me? Aww.

I do hope you still love James all the same. He's a wonderful boy. Just needs a little shove in the right direction here or there. I will definitely update as soon as possible! Thanks!

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Review #11, by death_to_umbridgeThe Art of Breathing.: Acceptance.

5th May 2010:
Ok, ok, here's my guess: as much as I hate it, I think Mary will try and be all noble and independent and sever all ties from Sirius and Lily. Even though she shouldn't. Because we all know that she's a bit silly sometimes, albeit ultimately lovable. OH OH OH I just thought of an epic way for it to happen- she should kiss James. That's like two birds with one stone. Lily will be mad and Sirius will be crushed. James probably won't be all that happy about it either.
Anyway, I probably a million miles off but UPDATE QUICKLY anyway because I love this story times a zillion. The end.

Author's Response: That is actually a brilliant way! Kiss James... why didn't I think of that? Wow... well you'll have to read my version of events and live in the knowledge that your way was better... ;) Thanks for reading and predicting. It makes me happy so thanks. Update should be soon :D

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Review #12, by death_to_umbridgeAccidentally on Purpose: Of Weddings and Black Dogs

2nd May 2010:
I really really really really need you to update soon. Like, right now.

Janelle and Sirius are just the loveliest little characters, I adore them. I love this chapter, poor Janelle, I wouldn't know what to feel if I was her. Hence why I need an update to find out what happens. I love her, she's actually a very complex and interesting character and you don't always see that.

I love it, and I will love it a squillion times more if you update soon!

p.s. did I mention I wouldn't mind an update soon?

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Review #13, by death_to_umbridgeBreaking the Quidditch Code: Flashes (of Reality)

5th April 2010:
It's funny, I have a friend who was exactly like James, he doesn't realise when someone likes him until they spell it out, and then he freaks out. Ohh James, I hope you realise that you love Avery soon, how on earth can he not! I loved the chapter, I thought it was very true to James' personality, and I was honestly surprised when Avery made a move! Update soon please!

Author's Response: I think Avery should have just made a huge sign saying I FANCY YOU and then held it in front of James. That way he had time to react. Try that with your friend. See what happens. I'm going to assume something funny. Thanks so much!

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Review #14, by death_to_umbridgeHow to tame a Marauder: Cataclysm

10th March 2010:
Woah. Mind. Blown.

I was not prepared for this! Poor Mary. And poor Laura. Everything was going so well for her and Sirius!

Please update soon, I must know what happens next.

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for the review! I do love getting reviews from new people ... actually, I love all reviews, but you know what I mean. *beams* And I must say I adore your username :D

Anyway, yes, I'm sorry about that. Poor Mary. She was a great character and I was very fond of her, but unfortunately it had to happen for my story to work the way I wanted it to. But yeah, things were going so well ... which was one of the reasons we needed a calamity, I'm afraid. Everything being peaches and cream doesn't make for a very interesting story.

Next chapter will be up on the weekend, once I've had a chance to give it the edits it needs.

cheers, Mel

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