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Review #1, by frobz91Still Delicate: Intervention

26th January 2011:
Loved Aidan's POV, it was adorable. Loved how he thought mysteries was spelled 'miss-trees'.
But poor James. It's good that everything has finally been somewhat cleared up and that he's getting help.
Great chapter as always.

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Review #2, by frobz91Still Delicate: Slightly Deranged

22nd October 2010:
OMG!! James is addicted to steroids. Geez he's really screwed up this time.
Loved the bit where Rose blasted the door in. It was definitely something I could see Rose doing.
Great chapter as always :)

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Review #3, by frobz91Still Delicate: Turning Tables

19th August 2010:
Oo, Scorpius was an idiot in this one eh? He just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into that dark hole of his.
Wonderful chapter as always. :)

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Review #4, by frobz91The Octane Generation: Heading up in the world

1st June 2010:
Loved this. It's funny, action-packed and Scorpius and Al are friends. An idea that I actually kind of like.
You did a great job with this chapter :)

Author's Response: I've seen hundreds of fics where Al and Scorpius are friends but they never blow stuff up accidently. Hope you enjoy the rest. :D

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Review #5, by frobz91Still Delicate: Cry And Cry Again

27th April 2010:
It was so sad when Aidan was upset that he had to leave and no one could do anything about it. It honestly brought tears to my eyes.
But I am sooo happy that Jenny and Rose made up. Even if it was under horrible circumstances.
One thing I'm dieing to know is, why James is being so bloody stupid? He's been acting like this for ages and I'm dieing to know why.

Please update soon!!! 10/10

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Review #6, by frobz91Still Delicate: Trials and Tribulations

20th April 2010:
The urge to kick Scorpius in the groin has just grown ten fold.
Such a sad chapter for Rose but it was amazing none the less.

10/10! Update soon please.

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Review #7, by frobz91The Morning Waffle: Prologue: Another Show, Another Sickle

14th March 2010:
OMG this was absolutely hilarious. Loved the bit about the biscuits. That absolutely made by day :D


Author's Response: Thanks very much!

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Review #8, by frobz91Red Champion: 6 - Confrontation

19th December 2009:
Wow, Ron and Hermione were acting dumb. Thank god Rose convinced them to stop judging Scorp, whom I love :P. Over all a very good chapter.

Author's Response: Hey there, thankyou for another lovely review!

Ron and Hermione were unfortunately acting like overprotective parents who think they know whats best for their daughter when actually they don't have a clue!

Luckily Rose has got a good head on her shoulders and knows how to try and get them round to her way of thinking - that said, I don't think we've seen the last of Ron's overprotective Dad routine!

Thankyou for continuing to read and review!

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Review #9, by frobz91Red Champion: 1 - The Next Generation

28th November 2009:
Really good first chapter. I like the idea of making the tournament have partners in an attempt to make it safer. Definitely enjoyed the Scorpius/Rose interaction towards the end.

Author's Response: Hey, thank you so much for reading and reviewing.

It seems so long ago I published this first chapter now - I guess it was! I'm really glad you liked it though. I thought the inclusion of partners as well as working well with the narrative seemed like the kind of thing a school would do in response to dangers in previous tournaments.

I'm pleased you liked the Rose and Scorpius interaction, I kept it pretty low key in the first few chapters, my main intention was to ensure there was a foundation for friendship there to build on in the future.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing - it's very much appreciated.

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