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Review #1, by ArdeelLady Malfoy: Into the Sunrise

1st August 2011:
Awww major squee! The end was super adorable..I was smiling the entire chapter. It's been such an honor to read this story; you've been a huge inspiration for me to start writing my own Dramione. Out of all the stories I've read, this one has stuck with me the most and is my favorite.

You've captured the characters perfectly, didn't rush the romance, and you gave us a story. Not just fluffy none sense. The characters earned their happy ending and I appreciate that. =) Thank you for writing such a wonderful story and giving me something to look forward to on this site!

As for the next story, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cassius/Natalie/Draco prequel. I'd love to get to know Natalie and Cassius more through their story. I'd selfishly also like Harry and Ginny's wedding, and maybe even Pansy/Ron action. Or Hermione/Draco wedding. I'm not too demanding, am I? lol You've just done so well with these characters..I just want more! haha

Thank you again for writing this beautiful story..I hope you always keep it on this site so I can re-read it many, many times. Excellent should feel very proud of this. =)

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Review #2, by ArdeelEavanís Wrath: A Prefect's Duty

1st February 2011:
Oh Kylie, this is wonderful so far. You deserve far more reviews. I was chuckling through this..Nathanial the shiny hair! What a title, lol! And Scorpius..I already love him. Especially when he caught her staring. I love the way he drives her crazy by doing nothing. Very amusing. I hope you update this soon!

-Lady Malfoy (from TDA)

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Review #3, by ArdeelLady Malfoy: In a Bed of Needles

19th January 2011:
Sooo good! Omg I'm so glad both Cassius and Draco live. Whew! And dang Draco he better kiss Hermione. lol I'm hoping the next update isn't thaaat long, haha. Thanks for writing..I can't believe this is ending. Truely my favorite story on hpff..well done!

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Review #4, by ArdeelPartners in Crime: The Case

21st December 2010:
Hahahaha. I loved this Susan! I was cracking up through the whole thing. Especially the bit about Scorpius being the prettiest Auror. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next as I can imagine the banter between the two will be quite a laugh. :)

Question for you. Which house do you think Albus would have been in at Hogwarts? After reading this especially, I'm interested in your theory. :P

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm really glad that you enjoyed this and its humour. Hopefully I'll be able to continue it along the same lines (if not better ones, eh? :D).

The Albus in this story was probably in Gryffindor - he's more reckless and courageous, which is why he can't see Malfoy as living up to his standards of a proper Auror. I can also see him as a Ravenclaw as I always imagine him as very clever and on the ball. :D

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Review #5, by ArdeelTrapped On Titanic: Third Class

14th December 2010:
Yay for updates! lol Seeing Draco in third class is hilarious. It's one of those moments I really wish could be seen on TV, you know?

I can't wait for Draco and Hermione's first meeting. I almost hope it ends with Draco having to apologize or something to a 'first class' lady. Bahahaha his face would be priceless. :P Anyway, can't wait for more! I know how it feels to fall behind..blah. I've got 6 stories going..*cringes*

CF is almost ready to be updated though! Just waiting for White Flag to get validated first..hehe. =)

Author's Response: Ardeel! Yay!

I think it's beyond hilarious. You know I was actually thinking, this would be such a good movie! haha. I can't wait either! I just finished writing it, and it's kinda funny:) And I get how you feel with the stories, lol. I'm writing 3, and even though it's not as much as you have, it's still a lot lol.

Yay for CF! I'm so excited. I hope before Christmas! And the White Flag update was so so good!

Have a very Merry Christmas!


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Review #6, by ArdeelWinner Takes All: Rules Must Be Obeyed

24th November 2010:
Oh snap. Favorite chapter by far. You know I have to point out originally I sort of thought Scorpius was going to be the Wickham of the story but as I've looked closer at this and at your Lily one shot, he seems more like Darcy. Where you love him yet want to punch him at the same time? lol He's so..concealed and guarded and proud. Yet underneath, there's more. It's funny though because I imagine Scoprius as Alex Pettyfer so when you describe him, it's so spot on. Alex is gorgeous, no denying it.

And the Dramione bit, made me happy to see as I do love that ship. It made me sad though, because clearly those two have some unfinished business to take care of.

I like Teddy and all, but not for Rose. He still seems a little broken from Victoire. And I like the more difficult aspect of the Scorose relationship you've written so far because it's how I've pictured it. Not an easy relationship by any means, but powerful despite the circumstances. But when Scorpius said, 'I can prevent myself from making the same mistake,' does that mean he hasn't married Lily yet? I was confused for a moment. :P

Again this was a really good chapter full of yummy-ness. Gah I hope you write quickly! lol Especially with that last cruel. I've been waiting for the kiss though so I'm happy it finally happened! =)

Author's Response: Favourite so far? Really? *jaw drops* Now that's a reaction I didn't expect for this chapter!

Scorpius is rather like Darcy, at least the early P&P Darcy, unreformed and highly repressed, cold and proud and thinking himself the best man in the county. :P Not sure about loving Scorpius, but I feel so distanced from his character that it's difficult for me to feel anything for him but a sort of mocking cruelty (how terrible!). I do picture Scorpius as Alex - and all those rumours about Alex's drama-queen behaviour fit the bill perfectly. XD Scorpius is very pretty, there's no denying that, but as for anything else... well... ;)

Haha, I still have to finish my Dramione. Just wish I had the skill to make it plausible. Oh well.

Scorpius does have a strange hold over Rose, and that's something I've never been able to explain, yet at the same time, I like the idea of it. He's one of those charismatic guys who, when you get to know him, you find you don't really like him, but still find him alluring. Oh dear, what a description! By that line, though, I meant that the same mistake of letting Rose go - perhaps he regrets having been so proud to her in the past, in that first chapter of this story when he gives her that ultimatum. Compared to Lily, Rose is the better person, more genuine and even more loving. But is he the best for Rose? Who knows. I still think it's Teddy, but I'm weird like that. For now, Rose is going indie. ;)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing again! It's so wonderful to hear from you, and actually you've helped me understand Scorpius rather better, which is excellent! :D

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Review #7, by ArdeelThe Demon In Me: An End Has A Start

19th November 2010:
Good update! I love the fact that you're taking it slow because like you said, you want it to be real. That's how I feel. Draco and Hermione WOULD NOT fall in love quickly or easily. So thank you for being realistic!

I liked this chapter even if it was a filler. It makes the story flow more naturally, I think. And you introduced Aleron! Lol Draco is so mean..but it cracks me up. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you Ash! I know exactly what you mean, I get so sick of stories in general where character a and character b suddenly get together by chapter 10 with no growth whatsoever.

I know, I can't wait for you to see what else I have up my sleeve concerning Aleron and Draco! Yeah, Draco's little quirks make me laugh too. I mean come on, he wouldn't be Draco if he didn't have a mean bone in his body. And just because there hasn't been much insults flying around DOESN'T mean that he's a nice guy. ^_^

xx LCF

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Review #8, by ArdeelMorocco: CHAPTER ONE

1st November 2010:
Oh this is great hun! I am a personal fan of action/adventure with romance on the side. I like how you placed the grounds for the main plot now so readers have an idea what to expect. It's also very believable because honestly, Muggles do dominate the earth and are highly powerful. I think that's something that should be addressed and I like how you took that and made your spin with it on the plot.

Also, your chapter image is gorgeous. Alex = love. I like where this is going! Can't wait for your update!


Author's Response: ashley!! hello darling and thank you so much for reviewing!

i am enjoying writing this i must say! action has never been my thing so i set myself the challenge. i have no idea if i will pull it off but i am certainly going to try!

you are so right - muggles are the dominant force on the earth and i wanted to explore what would happen in this situation so this fic will be a comment on humanity as a whole, along with other things.

alex does = love

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Review #9, by ArdeelThe Ties That Bind: Trial

28th October 2010:
Wooo that was a good one! I loved the hearing. I've actually never read a decent one on hpff wizrading wise so that was really interesting. =)

I'm a little shocked they don't snap Scorpius's wand but I suppose they have their reasons for putting him back in school. Can't wait to hear about the first day! Hope you get your muse back and update soon! =)

Author's Response: Thanks Ash. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

xx LCF

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Review #10, by ArdeelThe Demon In Me: Something

21st October 2010:
Good chapter! I like the intro to new characters. Well not new, but new in your fic. I liked the chat between Dumbledore and Snape, and how Dumbledore was so casual about it, haha. Very in character there.

I also enjoyed flustered Hermione, with her frizzy hair, haha. You've really done a nice job keeping everyone in character, which I think is the foundation of a story. So kudos hun! =)

Author's Response: Hehe thanks Ash! I do love me some Dumbledore and Snape. :D

And yosh, flustered, frizzy-haired Hermione ftw! Psh, we don't need her all Mary Sue'd! Our bookworm rocks the way she is now!

Again, thanks so much. :D

xx LCF

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Review #11, by ArdeelThe Demon In Me: Feel Good Drag

16th October 2010:
Oh Draco, lol. Oh boy he's a little mess isn't it? You have your work cut out to turn him around to the good side! haha I have to say though I was chuckling through this entire chapter in his POV. Just little things like 'Potter and the Hero Brigade.' lol idk why but that made me laugh, haha.

Now see your scene with Aceline and Draco was perfect. I think some authors must mistake passion for lemon. Idk..haha but I like the detail you put into the scene without going overboard. Very well written..the whole chapter really! I'm not sure I can imagine Hermione swearing like that, but again, like Draco said, she might have picked it up from Ron..who always swears, haha. Silly Ron.


Author's Response: Lol. So glad you liked my little snippets of his EVER SO CHARMING sarcastic and witty humor. As it goes on you'll see he's got a series of names and titles for each of them. :D

And thank you for liking my little snog between them. I'm sure we'll see more of those two before Part I is over and done with(he's got to let his frustrations out SOMEHOW). Oh, I know about Hermione not cursing in general, but I think that since she's a little older and because being with Ron has given her this small dosage of self-confidence she has the courage to spite Draco like that. Besides, I highly doubt that our favorite Slytherin would have imagined something like that to come out of her mouth.

Thanks as always Ash, I appreciate it! Now when are you finishing Changing Fate?!?!

xx LCF

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Review #12, by ArdeelThe Demon In Me: Degausser

4th October 2010:
Woo I finally finished reading!

This was really good! I have to admit it's been so long since I read the original chapter 1 for TDIM. This isn't how the other started, is it? For some reason I don't remember Draco given the task to be a spy but perhaps it's been too long, haha.

I liked how you described Lucius. He doesn't seem as cruel as some people make him out to be. Not that sacrificing Draco is a good thing but at this point I'm not sure how the Malfoy's could get out of their situation to be honest..even if they wanted to. You wrote their pride very well also. Like Narcissa and Draco with the attendent.

Time to move on to the next chapter! NIce job hun!

Author's Response: Hey!

Eh, no worries if you can't remember what had happened previously or no. I started the story a bit further back than the train, adding more of a backstory to Draco before he headed off to school.

Thanks, hon. I try my best with Lucius and Narcissa. I've got a lot planned for those two, but we'll just have to wait and see how they turn out won't we? :D

xx LCF

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Review #13, by ArdeelThe Ties That Bind: Repercussions

24th September 2010:
Yay for an update! This was interesting..being in Scorpius's shoes. Rose should really be pleased with only 6 weeks of a punishment..I was thinking it was going to be 6 months minimum. But then again, she doesn't work directly for the that makes sense :P.

I do have a few questions! One, are they Rose and Al in school as 7th years? Or is this summer..strike that. It's August 23rd lol so school hasn't started yet as 7th years, right?

Okay moving on. Has Scorpius committed a lot of murders? Because at first I thought..yeah it's bad he ran away and attacked wizards but deaht or dementor kiss seemed pretty harsh. I figured they'd stick him in Azkaban for a few months or something. So what exactly are all his crimes?

I liked this chapter very much and look forward to some more Rose/Scorpius action! I was really reminded of Sasuke and Sakura in the first just hit me now. When he leaves and she's really hurt. Yeah, random moment but it came to me just now haha.


Author's Response: Yay, thanks for the awesome review. Lol.

Ok so to answer your questions:

One: This is going to be Albus', Scorpius & Co., final year heading off to school. Remember, Rose graduated earlier that summer and she's the only one who's seventeen, though Al and Scorpius' birthdays are coming up fairly soon.

He hasn't committed any direct murders, but a lot of people died because of him. Remember the argument that Monroe put on about the Malfoy family. That comes into play a lot in the future. As for his crimes... well you'll see within the next few chapters once his trial commences.

I know. I didn't realize that until my friend pointed it out. I was "Ugh, great now I feel like I've stolen or something." lol.

Thanks for the awesome review Ash!

xx LCF

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Review #14, by ArdeelJust Decide: It All Begins

13th September 2010:
Ah so the story unfolds! I'm so ready for the trial and hope Hermione bucks up the courage to speak the truth. I want to strangle her right now, haha.

I like this Buckley guy. I mean, he's funny for a bad person :P. I was cracking up with some of his lines. And I liked Hermione's little hypothetical speech...which are NEVER hypothetical, lol. I'll be looking forward to your update!

Author's Response: Hi Ardeel!

I'm excited for the trial too, but I just have to get there! Haha, it's taking longer than I thought. And it seems that a lot of people are in a Hermione strangling mood. She's in a pretty tough situation!

Ok, i'm thrilled you like Buckley. I tried to add some humor in his lines, and make his character although nasty, a bit funny. My main reason was I wanted someone to battle Barry in the courtroom, and make Draco's odds not look too good. In the end, it's going to come down to Hermione!

Thank you so much Ardeel! And I guess that i'm responding to your response on White Flag, but you should totally add a little Dramione in your story. It would be so awesome!


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Review #15, by ArdeelPirates: Teasing Teasers and Tossing Tossers

8th September 2010:
Greta what the heck! Here I wast..thinking there was an update!!! GET TO WRITING WOMAN! lol I mean that in the nicest way of course =).

Author's Response: SORRY :D

I'm working on it! December 16th! I swear.


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Review #16, by ArdeelThe Ties That Bind: Tempestuous Reunion

30th August 2010:
Baah good chapter! Very intense. I swear you write action so well. I loved the interaction between the characters, especially Rose and Scorpius. I also liked how you had them physically fight..I think that adds to it. By the way, lol you threw in a bit of Sasuke hahaha..

"Suddenly Rose disappeared in a flurry of rose petals. Sasuke blinked as he looked around."

Thought I'd point that out, lol. Ohh by the way, explain the illusion thing. I was confused..probably because it's like 2 in the morning and I'm soo tired. =)

Great chapter by the way! So what does this mean now; their hands locking..what was that? The..whatever they used..against each other?

Author's Response: Oh gosh! Lol. I do that sooo damn much! It gets confusing, especially since I'm writing my Naruto fanfic as well(btw how's that going, liking it or no?) so I tend to mix them up!

Either way, I'm glad that you liked the chapter so much, and I'll message you on TDA to tell you about all my little pieces. :D

xx LCF

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Review #17, by ArdeelLady Malfoy: Behind the Glass Doors

28th August 2010:
WOO! UPDATE! I had a feeling it was coming soon so this made my night. FINALLY GETTING SOME ANSWERS! lol. I'm glad we finally figured out it was Lestrange who killed Natalie, though I'm unsure why.

Can't wait for the next chapter! =)

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Review #18, by ArdeelThe Ties That Bind: To See You Again

15th August 2010:
Gah! This was great! As I've said before, you write action so well and with ease. I only hope my action comes close to yours! The conversation that will follow Rose and Scorpius must be interesting and I'm dying to know what happens.

By the way, the dude with the green hair is freaky as I imagined him in my mind, haha. Can't wait for your update!

Author's Response: Wow. That was a super-sweet review! Lol. I felt like blushing at the action praise, especially since in my eyes your actions far surpasses my own. Lol.

I'm glad that you liked it so much :)

And guess what? The first chapter for The Demon In Me is up for validation! :D

xx LCF

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Review #19, by ArdeelAfter Dark: The Decision

7th August 2010:
This is very enjoyable so far. I'm interesting how you're going to go about with all the characters as their are so many of them. Are there going to be any crossover ships? That would be interesting =).

I also like how you brought Malfoy along. The group needs someone like him =).

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm so glad that you're enjoying it so far! :) And haha, there are a ton of characters, aren't there? But I felt it was essential to have them all included in order to keep it more canon. :) Lol, there may at some point be a crossover ship, but as of right now I'm just keeping things canon (or as canon as possible, lol). :D And I'm glad you like Malfoy tagging along! I'm never sure if I get his character right so I was a little nervous about including him. Thanks so, so much for reading and reviewing! I really appreciate it! :)


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Review #20, by ArdeelWinner Takes All: Always Staying Low

7th August 2010:
Yay an update! I was so excited to see this! I enjoyed the chapter and meeting Vinny. Ironically enough I was going to have a character named Lavinia who goes by Vinny in one of my stories! lol So now I'm debating it! haha.

It's funny because after reading The Name of the Game, I sort of understand what's going on better now. I can see this turning into a Rose/Teddy, but I'm still rooting for Scorpius. I think after reading your one shot with Lily, I can see that he really does care. In this I wasn't so sure but he let his guard down around Lily and she picked up on it =).

I'm a fan of the whole 'first love' thing haha and relationships that don't come easy but are earned and worked for so I'm hoping the wedding doesn't work out. Though if Lily is pregnant, well that sort of complicates things.

And what was Scorpius going to tell her?! That part is really killing me.

As always, wonderfully written and entertaining chapter. Look forward to your update! =)

Author's Response: Go for it with the Vinny! It's a fun name to use, and so wonderfully confusing, but it works better with Lavinia than Virginia, as the sound of it is already in your choice of a name. ;)

It was equally necessary for me to write the Scorpius/Lily story in order to better understand both of them. I wasn't sure when writing WTA whether Scorpius cared or not - he was more of a villain, a cold, calculating young man. In NotG, he's calculating, but not cold. More reserved with his feelings. :P

And now I'm very confusing as to how to end this story. Thanks for that. Maybe I should leave Scorpius silent for the rest of the story. Married bitterly to Lily, but slogging through it in order to live off his parents' money for the rest of his life. That would work, right? *evil grin*

I'm actually very tempted, but we'll see as the story unfolds. That aspect of it is still pretty hazy for me.

Thank you for coming back to read and review the new chapter! It's great to find another of your reviews. ^_^

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Review #21, by ArdeelWhat the Heart Needs : What the Heart Needs

31st July 2010:
Aw poor Tonks =(. I feel so horrible for her and I was too wondering how he went about leaving her. Very good idea to write about!

I have to say the biggest issue for me was the second person pov. It sort of confused me at times, and I think had this been in first person, it would have been stronger from a author's standpoint. There were some grammar errors but I think your concept was great. Thank you very much for entering my challenge! I'll post in the forums the winners in probably the next day or so. =) Nice job with the challenge!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Why I chose to write in second person I have no idea. It was my first time but I'm happy with the results. Thanks, I enjoyed taking part of your challenge!


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Review #22, by ArdeelIrrevocable: Dead Inside

31st July 2010:
Well first of all, thank you for entering my challenge! I have to say I like the raw emotion from Hermione; it makes the story more real, you know? The biggest issue I have is the idea of Hermione falling in love with Percy of all people. It seems a little unrealistic, but I did enjoy the dialogue and exchange between the two of them.

There were some grammar errors within sentence structure but it was still pretty well written. Since the theme was 'break my heart for love,' I do wonder who was breaking the heart. Was it Percy, who erased her mind? Or was it Hermione, for killing him because she cared for him. Wow did I even make sense? lol

Again, thank you very entering my challenge. I have yet two more to read before I make my decision on the winners. Good luck! =)

Author's Response: :) Thanks!

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Review #23, by ArdeelHeartless: Heartless

18th July 2010:
Aw that was sad. Nice job with the challenge! I like the sort of shy character you have; she's oddly intriguing. I find myself wanting to know more about her family like if they were associated with Voldemort, purebloods, etc. To give the options of 'leave him or he dies' is quite a big threat so I was curious how the mother could afford such a threat like that. It would be interesting to have a flashback of the arguement between the mother and daughter =).

Thank you for participating in the challenge! You did a lovely job =).

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Review #24, by ArdeelLady Malfoy: To Hell and Beyond

13th July 2010:
YAY! I was so happy you upated! And this was excellent! Really, really well done! I'm so happy Draco and Hermione finally met up. You kill me with these cliffys! lol

Can't wait for more; I hope the wait isn't too long =)

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Review #25, by ArdeelOn The Sidelines: Chapter One

30th June 2010:
Wow that was really well done! I've never read a story about Regulus but this was such a smart idea. Very creative =). I really like how much detail you put into your writing. It makes me as a reader be able to 'see' what's going on.

This was written beautifully and I was really sad being in Ella's shoes and it wasn't even in first person so kudos on that =). Nice job with the challenge hun! Thanks for participating!

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