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Review #1, by Marauder StalkerIdentity: Distractions and Decisions

28th August 2010:
A new chapter!!! :D I was so excited to read it! I adore your writing style and your storyline is really good. I really hope you don't abandon this idea of yours because I can see you taking this story in a really cool and creative direction! [well it's already heading there but I know it'll get better] I hope you can update again soon! :]

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm responding far, FAR too late to this, but I do hope to continue this story eventually.

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Review #2, by Marauder StalkerTo Bloody Your Hands: They Lied When They Said You Always Have A Choice

24th August 2010:
This is a really great chapter! I've never actually heard of this "Hunger Games" [is that what it's called?] but it seems interesting. I love this idea of yours, and I would definitely encourage you to write more. :] I'm craving more after your second chapter. Great job!

Author's Response: Aaaawww, thank you! ;D
Yup, & it's a great book, so if you ever happen to come across it in a library. ;D. The third book's coming out soon. :)
Thank you! The third chapter should be up in a few days time, & I added something to the second chapter, (which should also be up in a few days, XD).
But thank you for the review, & I hope you'd like to read more! :)

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Review #3, by Marauder Stalker101 ways to set up Four Eyes and Carrot Top: Of Attempted Cutting and Almost Spilt Beans

6th July 2010:
Ahhh! It's been so long since we've posted. We planned for this chapter to be up weeks ago, but unfortunately life kept getting in the way! Sorry guys. But now that it's summer, we're hoping to be writing and posting more! :]

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Review #4, by Marauder StalkerDear Harry: Dear Harry

24th July 2009:
awh! that was so cute! i loved every minute of it! =D

Author's Response: :) I'm really glad you liked this fic. Thank you for your review.

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