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Review #1, by CelestieFineshrine: Fineshrine

19th October 2014:

You finally finished my little challenge and you definitely rose to the occasion. :) This was a beautiful one-shot and your ot3 was characterized wonderfully. I loved Astoria's musings about the stars, about a God who watches over from space, about Draco's own indifference. It contrasts well with Luna's ability to see magic and wonder in everything. I love your characterization of Astoria/Luna. Astoria obviously doesn't think of her as a phase and instead sounds thankful for their time together, S or not.

There's some obvious quiet tension between Draco and Astoria, though I don't think religion has much to do with it. I wonder if some of that empty space is Luna -- Astoria's fondness for her, and Draco's unease of her.

I also loved the star and religious imagery scattered throughout:

"When Astoria was younger she had mistaken the drawing of the aurora borealis in her astronomy book for the hem of the robe of God, and grew up believing in a man in the sky, who lived in the thermosphere, from which he watched them all."

"(Like in the souls of stars, or in Nargles, or that certain flowers and colours and charms brought good luck and happiness and peace.)"

I think my favorite line was: "Astoria liked to watch the stars flicker from their attic window on the cold, clear nights when neither of the Malfoys could sleep".

I could picture them lying down together on some cold, dark night, in complete silence. This oneshot left me curious about a bunch of things. Is this in your headcanon where Draco/Luna was somewhat of a thing (I'm remembering your Draco/Luna Malfoy Manor oneshot)? Was some of his unease because of his own rather muddled thoughts about Luna? It also left me curious about how Astoria/Luna became a thing in the first place, since she was likely a Slytherin and Luna was (in my mind) always the dreamy, zany Ravenclaw. Funnily enough, when I first thought of this ot3, I thought you meant Astoria/Draco/Luna. But I think I prefer this combo better. I've missed your writing. Beautifully done, Julia. :)

Author's Response: Celeste!!

Ahh, thank you for challenging me! It's rare to see me getting out of my comfort zone. Except I only really put a toe outside of it for this, because I still wrote about Luna, Astoria, and Draco, who I never shut up about anyway.

I'm so glad you liked the characterisation!! It was interesting, thinking about wizards & religion (it was actually a prompt Hattie gave me and Gina when we'd just set up our headcanon blog). I don't follow an organised religion, but I think I'm quite spiritual, and fascinated by the infinity of space. So I tried to conceptualise some of those beliefs in this with Luna and Astoria. Draco is just pessimisstic.

Yes, I'd definitely say the tension between Astoria and Draco is Luna. You know I love Draco/Luna as a ship, but I think it's most interesting when written as a non-romantic pairing (if that makes sense?). I think that after her stay in Malfoy Manor, Draco would never have been able to forget about her. I think he'd project a lot of his guilt and suffering onto thoughts of her, because the people he actually did harm to (like Katie Bell) - he never knew too well or saw much in person. But I figure he would have seen a lot of Luna that winter, and I see him feeling very responsible for her pain. Especially as she's a Pureblood; by his logic, I think he would have struggled to justify the hate he was taught to feel towards her. If that makes sense? And, bigot as he is, I don't see him being able to fully acknowledge his wife's sexuality.

Wow, that was a lot of rambling.

Ah, I think I answered your question with that big paragraph. His unease does come from his muddled thoughts about Luna - having been taught to hate her, but feeling responsible for what she went through, and knowing she wasn't too different from him. I see Astoria as a Ravenclaw, actually, and the Greengrasses as not wholly involved in the war. I usually characterise Astoria as being very separate from Draco's gang of Slytherins, given she's two years' younger, and being a bit of a quiet, observant type. Being spiritual as she is in this fic, I think she would have admired Luna from afar, recognising some of their similarities. It's a weird headcanon and I don't know where it came from!

Thank you so much for your review, Celeste!! I promise I'll speak to you on skype again soon!! ♥

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Review #2, by CelestieJostling: trundling

30th June 2014:
This was a lovely one-shot! I have a huge soft spot for Cho, so pretty much anything on her tempts me. I'm glad I read this!

I really like the simple but kind manner in which you've written Cho. You've done her the honest favor of sympathizing with her and it shows. I also enjoyed the parts with her on the train where you know she meets her future husband. I was a bit surprised to see the 'you' popping up, but I actually really like to see it used in conjunction with the first person. It gives it a nice air of nostalgia here.

My favorite line was: "Boredom is a fungus, and it festers in the soul, sucking all color, all light, all life."

Thank you for the lovely read :)

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Review #3, by CelestieThe New Pride of Portree: Colour-Coded and Perfect

24th June 2014:
Oh no :(

I mean, we all saw this had to happen eventually. I personally thought Fitz or Molly would pick their careers over their relationship (and I honestly would not blame them; a lot of people would make that choice), but it sucks even more that Fitz would actually prefer her over his job. Urgh. It's one of those angsty character moments where I see him walking away, leaving her alone in the rain or something in a movie.

I really hope Molly doesn't misinterpret all of this as him not actually caring that much for her, even though he's trying to come off that way. And Mariah -- I wonder what her motive was for being so nosy. Does she resent Fitz or Molly at all? Are there any lingering feelings or is it just one last territorial move? I mean, she'd been pretty quiet lately so I assumed she was behaving.

Drat, I hope the angst doesn't last too long. Thanks for the update and update soon :D

Author's Response: Yeah, it was kind of inevitable - and honestly, they likely both would pick their careers, when you're doing sports at this level, it'd be hard to choose another way. In face, Molly's POV next chapter... Well, you'll see tomorrow ;) And yeah, he would prefer her but is afraid to ask for that kind of commitment.

Molly's POV - and more on Mariah - coming soon! I'm going to post chapter 15 tomorrow morning and 16 next Saturday :) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I really appreciate it.

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Review #4, by CelestieThe New Pride of Portree: Spiralling Self-Control

5th June 2014:
Hi there! I've been following this story for months now and I figured it was finally time to review! I love that you've been filling out your Next Gen universe so well -- Rose, Molly, Lucy, Victoire and Roxanne have all gotten their own time to shine and your headcanon just seems like it's been filled out so well.

First Perry, now Fitz. I like your male OC's a lot and always end up shipping them with your leads. This story is kind of on the steamier end of what I've read of yours, but that has me shipping Molly and Fitz pretty hard. "Professionalism" is always a good and natural conflict...and I'm interested to see how you'll resolve it. Also interested to see if physical therapy or even surgery will help relieve Fitz's shoulderache.

All in all, I've really enjoyed the ride so far. Just like Roxanne and Lucy, I also find myself liking and rooting for Molly. I'd love to see Molly interact with her parents too -- and Percy's reaction if he knew what his daughter's been up to. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for leaving a review, I always love to hear what people think of my stories :D I didn't really intentionally set out to fill in the Next Gen group but it's sort of happening anyway. I'm definitely enjoying writing them all though.

I liked Perry a lot. I did like Hilarion too, but he's not my type of guy ;) This story is a bit steamier, which I think suits Molly better - she's more hard-edged than her sister. Lucy's story is more fluffy and romantic, like her.

There will be more Weasley family interactions, including the parents :) I'm about to post the next chapter this morning. Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm glad you're enjoying this story.

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Review #5, by CelestieDevil's Snare: Beyond the Pale

16th August 2013:

I've missed your writing so much. And this is such a dark, haunting (god, what an overused word to describe anything Horror, but still) and well-written story. I generally don't like reading stories about Voldemort as Voldemort because a lot of the time, I think he comes off as cheesy more than evil. And I don't like reading stories about Voldemort as Tom Riddle because fanfiction tends to romanticize him waaay too much just for being brooding and handsome (and everyone pretty much ignores that he was a soulless psychopathic serial killer).

Anyway, you did really well on the psychopathic front. I got a bit wary when I saw you writing just Riddle without Sprout and occasionally having him sort of voice his thoughts. But you did so, so well! Your descriptions were beautiful and your Tom Riddle, like so many other canon characters you've written, came off believable. Waah. I loved Pomona's innocence and how she honestly thought that he was sweeping her off her feet. And this entire idea of him trying to find out what's so great about love is brilliant; it maintains him as a psychopath incapable of many human emotions but still allows you to explore a romance with him. Such a brilliant premise! Because I've never been able to reconcile Tom Riddle the lunatic with the brooding Tom who has a lover that I see in fanfiction but you somehow sort of did and I'm green with envy!

There were one or two points in the story that I caught myself wondering over. I think in this last chapter, Pomona tells Tom that she doesn't actually love him and such. Which had me a bit confused because 2 chapters ago, I think you said during that night she stayed over, she fell more in love with him than she ever had before. Obviously some sort of backtracking took place, but I guess it wasn't as blatant as I needed it. And also, the whole turning her into a begonia thing was very full circle, though it did leave me wondering why he would do that. I appreciate that he has a sense of irony, but didn't he desperately want to kill her? I mean, he did entertain some extremely morbid thoughts and turning her into a flower seemed so...tame. And not to mention that he still left her alive as a flower and didn't - I don't know - trod on her or crush her for a potion or something. I think he did seem to detest her for being so girlish and naive and for also playing along with his farce (which bored him, I guess?), so him just leaving her as a flower didn't quite seem as believable to me. I am curious though, because you mentioned than an alternate ending was her getting away -- how would she have gotten away?

As always, I'm in awe of your writing; your descriptions and your characterizations are stellar, but I think now more so than ever, I've realized why I gush over your writing so much. It's so original. You take an idea that's been done a million times - a Tom Riddle romance, a Fred/OC and you write it so well that I'm practically unwilling to read any others because I know they won't be as good.

Anyway, I'm done rambling. I haven't reviewed anyone in ages, so I'm glad it could be you. :D We haven't talked in forever, so I hope you've been well!

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Review #6, by CelestieRun: Newcomers

6th September 2012:
Of course by now you must know how much I adore this story and your writing. Honestly, Run and So, Listen... have been one of the only stories I've actually kept an eye out for updates on and been reading continuously. I got my roommates to read it and would gladly yell from the roof-tops for the rest of HPFF to do so.

Anyway, there was not much to be said about this last chapter that I don't think I already said before. It's interesting you chose to end it on the perspective of a random character, but it was fitting. Though at one point, you swapped Anne Marie's name for Marlene and that threw me off.

So Colin and Orla came back for the rest of Cliodna's Clock, eh? I read on wikipedia that Cliodna was some sort of Irish druidess, so I knew she was pretty ancient. And by the last chapter when Witchery was introduced and there were lots of doors, it became apparent she was some kind of deluded lunatic.

With all these people running off to different afterlives, it truly seems that Cliodna's Clock will be getting so empty it'll basically just be made of members of the Grotta. I wish you'd've been able to fit in the whole Fred delivering Tonks's letter into the actual storyline because it's so sweet and would've been a good natural resolution for Tonks, though.

I do wonder though: whatever did happen to Slytherin's obsession with Ravenclaw? Or was it resolved somewhere and I've just forgotten? ;__; Cedric reached resolution with his parents arriving, Fred with swapping places with George for a year, Tonks with the letter, Colin and Orla with leaving...I do hope that Severus also ran off to Witching and got reunited with his mother. And I suppose I'll have to maintain my own strange head canon on what it must've been like for Merope in Cliodna's Clock. And on what Cliodna looks like behind that veil.

It's been such a good story and a wonderful plot. I congratulate you on such an accomplishment and look forward to reading more of your work in the future, Sarah. I definitely hope to be putting some of it in my bookshelf someday too and I've got absolutely no doubt I will. :)

- Celeste

Author's Response: CELESTE. ♥ I have oodles of reviews to respond to but I'm starting with yours because I wanted to tell you that Fred delivering Tonks's letter was included! It showed him putting a thick envelope in Andromeda's mailbox in the previous chapter. ;) Narcissa made a cameo, as well.

I didn't tie up all the loose ends because 1. I might do a few related one-shots someday, and 2. It just felt more realistic. Not everything can be resolved at the end of a story, I feel, especially regarding Slytherin and Ravenclaw's relationship. They've had so many ups and downs over the past however many centuries that for them to resolve this in a two month time span would be less than believable.

In my headcanon, Severus does run off to Witching eventually; but since I don't explicitly say, who knows.

I really wanted to include Merope because you expressly said you wanted to see her, but the only thing I could ever squeeze in was her in the stands once, avoiding her father's harsh gaze. There simply wasn't room for her in the main plot. :(

Baww. That would be pretty awesome to have something of mine sitting on your shelf. ♥

Thank you for pointing out my Marlene typo - oops. I think I was writing too quickly and just missed it. I decided to use Anne Marie's POV in this chapter because I used her POV in the chapter that introduced Orla, and how she was sitting there at her table with her mug of tea, listening to the blackbird statue crow. So it felt fitting to use her again.

Yeah, Cliodna's a lunatic. She wanted a little piece of power for her own; most of the people living there have no idea that other afterlifes exist, but there are so, so, so many; and if you die in one, you reappear in another.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing and for being awesome all the time! Your support has been endlessly encouraging. (hug)

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Review #7, by CelestieRun: Rules of the Prize

5th September 2012:







Did they concoct some kind of plan to keep switching places every year as they alternately win the races? Or George goes to the afterlife for Fred permanently?

I just - I just

-falls over-

Author's Response: GEORGE. ♥

I WAIT TIL THE END AND THEN ~ALL OF THE PLOT TWISTS~ The end of this story has more momentum than the rest of it combined, I think.

This review made me laugh so hard, Celeste. ♥ I'm just imagining you sitting there going WOT. I've truly enjoyed reading all the reviews in this story where people predicted Lily vs. Tonks or James dying or Vincent dying, and then when everyone was positive that it was Colin vs. Fred, I just whacked you all with metamorphmagus Tonks. Legitimately cackling right now.

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Review #8, by CelestieRun: Evanesco

5th September 2012:
SO MANY FEELINGS. Also, the idea of another afterlife past Cliodna's Clock is fascinating and also makes so much sense. No wonder the depot man was assigning places, I suppose. Witching sounds like a better place already, though ageing doesn't sound all that attractive but after a few hundred years of staying the same age, it might get old (no pun intended)...And Orla's a genius.

I'm really happy Colin got his happy ending. While it got me thinking that in Witching, people are allowed to age and die...where would they go next? Or would they age forever until they turn into crickets or something? But it does seem to cast Cliodna in a bad light...because if it's not really necessary to kill off people, then why bother? Cliodna's Clock no longer seems like an ideal place to live at all. And there was that whole bit about the match being weighed in Fred's favor...

Also, I noticed the appearance of Dorcas Meadowes in Witching. Wasn't she killed off by Lily a few years back? So does that mean that even after being Vanished, it's possible to end up in other afterlives? Perhaps Colin loosing would've gone okay after all, but of course, he wanted Orla with him.

;___; EILEEN'S HERE. POOR SNAPE. He's going to be separated from her forever if he doesn't get a move on.

And that ending with the photograph was a beautiful reference back to ch 19. But defying even time?
And I honestly need to give this story a reread sometime...I feel as though I've missed some details along the way. But for now, to finish it!

Author's Response: FEELS. ♥

I'm sort of tempted to write one-shots about other afterlives, of worlds like Witching. I'd rather like to depict middle-aged Colin... The best part for Colin is that now he knows about all these worlds, and so he's kind of the 'keeper of the keys' in that sense. After he dies in Witching, he'll just go somewhere else. He no longer has to have that fear, because the proof of eternal existence is right in front of him. Cliodna's Clock residents have a worst-case scenario that Colin is now free of.

Dorcas's presence signifies just that - that when you die in one place, you pop up in another. If Colin had just been Vanished, he still would have gone to Witching or to another random afterlife. But this way, like you said, he has Orla with him.

Severus will see his mother someday, no worries!

Yarp, defying time. :3 It's a door to 1970, to the same era where Severus and Lily were children running around the park, playing in the sandbox.

Thank you for reading and reviewing, Celeste! Your support has been incredible. ♥

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Review #9, by CelestieBetween Fire and Water: Fire, Water, and Dust

11th July 2012:

Ooh, I really like this. I mean, I've gushed about my Cho feels to you before but I really like when you write Cho. You infused her with a new warmth in this. I love that it's about dragons but also not really. Because of course it would make sense that Cho would regret not stopping Cedric some way or another. And I love this because it's used this long list of totally random things you had to slip into a one-shot - dragon, Sleeping Draught, random details about the wand - and made it into a personal story about a human being and not just a laundry list.

Also, I love that line about Cho living up to her wand - especially that whole 'timid' line. Eek. Perfect. And Aberforth getting all philosophical on Cho as she was in the Hogshead because the psychology of that hadn't really struck me before - that she would be joining the DA for Cedric's sake. I always kind of thought it was maybe because she fancied Harry now but noo it's CEDRIC. Stop giving me Cedric/Cho feelings this late at night ;___; Forever doomed first love.

I also loved how she feared dragons and drowning - nice allusion to the tasks with Cedric fighting off the dragons and saving her in the Black Lake. But she didn't fear death, which is because she thinks it's quick and feels like the people left behind suffer more. Perfect way for her to rationalize Cedric's death. AND AVADA KEDAVRA AS A SLEEPING DRAUGHT. Urgh. All the parallels between this one-shot and the Triwizarding Tournament are subtle but so well done. And have I mentioned that using Umbridge as a dragon is like the best thing ever? She better qualify as a dragon, honestly. And not just in the metaphorical sense. It was a nice way to tie in something Cho was remembering to something that was happening currently.

Baww. I hope you write more Cho. Or at least that Cho has a nice appearance (or ten) in Capers. I'm (obviously) rooting for Ravenclaw after they had the good sense to make her the House champion, but so far, after Lily's entry and yours, I'm so impressed. :3

Author's Response: CELESTE YOU FINALLY GET MAH CHO even though it is so terrible and rushed ;-;

I had a little list on the side of the doc, and I'd check off all the things as I wrote them in and omg, it was the most satisfying thing ever.

AND AS WE HAVE DISCUSSED, it's so strange because I always thought Cho joined the DA fight for Cedric :3 that is a headcanon that's stuck with me. She's someone who isn't inclined to fight at all previously, which is something she struggled with while in the DA, and her effort despite that is something to be admired. HARRY WAS A TOTAL REBOUND~

I was kind of thinking of all the scary thoughts one might have when a loved one dies ;-; And all the nice-but-not-so-nice thoughts.

Umbridge is a dragon with pink nail polish. Truefax.

CHO DOES SHOW IN CAPERS FOR A BIT, but Bea's PoV most likely, so she'll be Mum /lol/


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Review #10, by CelestieRowena: yet, this is you.

30th April 2012:
Simply lovely, Lily. Not much more to be said than that. I'm so impressed with your one-shots as always. I really should be giving your WIPs a chance once midterm season ends.

Love love love Rowena/Slytherin. And this is so elegant (as all of your writing is). Love the details he notices. Love the fluidity.

Excuse the rambliness of this short review. Just wanted to let you know that I read this, loved it and ahh. You are so talented.

Author's Response: CELESTE. such a lovely surprise! thank you so much :)

my WIPs are fantastically different... you should arm yourself with preparedness for crack-resembling not-crack if you ever do read them.

i have always sort of shipped slytherin/rowena. i think they'd be well-matched. i know most people who ship founders ship rowena with godric but i don't see that working, as it seems like gryffindors and ravenclaws are sort of founded on opposite ideas: gryffindor is act, think if you must and ravenclaw is think, act if you must. in very over-simplified terms. slytherin seems like a broody, angsty fellow, as rowena seems arrogant and distant. they'd still be completely dysfunctional, but better than R/G.

i love the rambliness! YOU are so talented so it means a lot to me to hear your appreciation. (MUCHOS LOVES)

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Review #11, by CelestieEvening: Hermione

2nd April 2012:
Lily, this is so stunning. I've read this before but I just want to sit in this one-shot and bask in how lovely it is.

Recently, I've been reading fewer and fewer one-shots. I think the problem with them is that I've started to find them repetitive and predictable; the same old romantic pairing type one-shots with either cute fluffy moments or overwrought flowery angst that I can no longer stand. But then I remember little jewels like this. It's made perfectly to be a one-shot.

I have so many feelings on the descriptions. -falls over- They're stunning, lovely and perfectly balanced. They're so concise and yet, they're beautiful little observations about the world.


That is all.

Author's Response: HOW WRONG IS IT THAT YOU WANT /MY/ SKILLS THOUGH. I've been pining after yours since--oh, wait, forever.

But I'm so pleased to see your review! I did put a wee bit (okay...a lot) more effort than usual into this since it has to be 500 words for the challenge and I still have trouble with wordiness haha. But I love, love the relationship of a mother with children, because it's different than anything else evar and most people have this idea that is has to be this pure, untouched thing in writing. So I went ahead and tarnished it a little.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this! I agree that a bulk of one-shots I also come across are the fluffy outskirts or margins of what, I think, is a real story. And you know me and my bitterness and ~rage~, I don't really want that haha. I don't know if I'm even capable of producing fluff. My attempts usually turn to something creepy. Anyways, I appreciate you stopping by, and I HAVE BEEN SAVING THE BIR UPDATE TILL TONIGHT SO I COULD SIT AND FANGIRL SHAMELESSLY (h)

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Review #12, by CelestieSo, Listen...: February 1998

10th October 2011:
...Oh my God, Sarah. I'm speechless.

I would put a long line of expletives to express how amazing this was. You're an amazing writer. I hope you know that.

This sounds /so/ canon. HOW do you do it? How do you make everyone stay so perfectly in character? Why does Fred still sound like canon Fred in DH even though this is fanfiction?

And my goodness, Hollis. Look at how much she's changed. This affected me. And that's crazy because things don't affect me. But this legitimately made me feel that kind of chill I always get when I hear of horrible things happening to people. Because Hollis's situation is so desperate and she misses Fred and they've both reached the end of their youth. At this point, I don't really even ship Frollis in this chapter because I just want both of them alive and safe and shipping isn't really important in this chapter. SEE what inner conflicts you've risen in me? I just said that shipping wasn't important!

But it's still touching how much they obviously care for each other. Fred mentioning and writing to Hollis repeatedly...her thinking about him and feeling the firewhiskey effect he has on her...that in itself is so poignant of how much they care about each other. With this chapter, you've transformed this story from a fluffy romantic comedy to a love story. And Hollis's realizations after Alice's death...D: So much sadness, but it was so beautifully written.

You should be proud of yourself, Sarah. This is basically becoming my Fred/OC canon.

Author's Response: ♥ Celeste ♥

I can't even tell you how happy it makes me that Hollis is someone you're rooting for. I know from experience that it can be difficult to feel for fictional characters, and definitely OC's. So allow me to bask in your review for a happy moment, because this feels like a huge accomplishment.

I enjoy portraying different snippets of Hollis's life, and the contrast of fluffy fluff and this time in her life when she's just trying to survive, kind of took it to a different level in my own opinion. I wasn't going to describe anything sad or angsty, originally. That has changed a bit. I think it needs to be here.

So to put myself in the shoes of someone all alone, with the world she knows having turned its back on her, was sobering to write. I thought perhaps readers would be miffed because I sort of flipped a switch here and went away from fluff. So to get a welcoming reception, and to see that this pulled some heartstrings and you guys have any level of emotional investment in the way their lives turn out, just makes my year. And because this chapter didn't result in people saying, "I WANT MOAR FLUFF, STOP WITH SAD THINGS," I will now feel more confident about what remains to be posted.

Your Fred/OC canon? There is no higher compliment. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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Review #13, by CelestieSparks: Obscurity

8th October 2011:
Yay, an update! :D

Ahh, now see what you've done to me? Now I'm all unsure about Roxarion and transitioned to a Roxanne/Perry fan. I think it was the dancing and the obscure musicians that did it. But mostly the dancing. Also Hilarion doesn't seem to mesh well in the least with Roxanne; poor miserable guy. He probably spent half the evening listening to her talk to her friend and the other half fumbling for words. It's kind of a pity because I so wanted Roxanne to work well with Hilarion and it just didn't work out.

I sympathize with her though, but I really see how awkward and strange they would feel around each other. Lucy seems to be kinder and more down to earth with him rather than overwhelm him with her personality. So I suppose I can go for Lucy/Hilarion. Lularion? :)

And PERRY. He's so cute with Roxanne. Especially where he was acting like a gentleman and retracting his attraction for her because she was Hilarion's. At this point, I think I am shipping them because them being together seems exciting and fast paced for both of them.

Ooh, but with all the ship switching, I see some love triangle/rectangle emerging and some misunderstandings appearing. I'm excited for future chapters! ^_^

Thanks for updating!

Author's Response: I love some dancing myself, so I can hardly blame you. And you're absolutely right about poor Hilarion; he's trying to be someone he's not when he's with Roxanne, but with Lucy he can just relax. He hasn't noticed this yet, of course, and thinks they're friends. I do know what you mean about wanting Roxanne's dreams come true, but really, dreams aren't always realistic.

I love the ship names you come up with! XD "Ship switching" is a great way to describe it. It's definitely one of those kind of stories!

Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm really glad you're enjoying the story :)

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Review #14, by CelestieSunday Brunch: Sunday Morning

4th October 2011:
Eeek, okay, I adored this. Adored the brunch and the ending, which was so realistic. Of course Fleur would've flattered herself a bit and imagined Roger waiting all this time to make advances on her. But of course, in reality, people move on and life moves on and and the lack of romance and annoying drama in this really just made it for me. I love the normalcy in this story! It just made it that much more cute and believable.

And I'm happy nothing bad happened with the whole Roger/Fleur situation. :) I actually didn't notice until I finished this that it was 12+ - and a lovely 12+ story at that. Somehow, this was such a relaxing story to read. It brightened my day. ^_^

Author's Response: Oh, you're so sweet! I hope you don't mind, but since you were so ninja and left all three reviews at once, I'll just condense my reply into one :)

I'm so glad this story made you feel relaxed. That's exactly the pace and feel that I was going for here. It really does encompass a normal day in the life of a family and the minor snag that occupies Fleur's mind for the span of a weekend. There is kind of an interesting contrast between her natural propensity for the dramatic and the toned-down feel of the rest of her life and family. I'm so happy that you thought I wrote her well; I agree that she's written too little in fanfiction!

She's definitely got some minor mixed feelings, which mostly stem from anxiety and confusion, but her heart belongs to Bill :) I'm pleased that you found the dialogue realistic and that you enjoyed my writing style!

This was just meant to be a cute piece of fluff, so I'm happy that you perceived it that way, and that you enjoyed reading it. The ending is kind of anti-climactic because Fleur was really building all of it up for nothing, as you said. I'm so happy that you found it realistic, and especially that it brightened your day :)

Thank you so much for all of your lovely reviews! I'm a huge fan of your work, and I was so flattered to receive your compliments!


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Review #15, by CelestieSunday Brunch: Saturday Evening

4th October 2011:
Ahh, okay, now I see a bit more of where this is going. Interesting that Fleur still had some feelings (if I can call them that, really) for Roger during the Yule Ball. Their dialogue was realistic - it was spot on of her to be going on about Beauxbatons was better!

And present Fleur...I don't know how I feel about her. I mean, I'm like her too and would probably be sitting and worrying. But it's obvious that she loves Bill more, yeah? :) Your writing is so fluid and smooth and lovely. So far, this's been really cute and enjoyable. On to the last chapter I go!

Author's Response: Thanks for your kind review! :)

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Review #16, by CelestieSunday Brunch: Friday Morning

4th October 2011:
Ooh, this was adorable. There isn't much else I can say past that, but I love stories like this. They're short, descriptive and aren't rushing through and they make me feel relaxed and happy after a long day. :) And the descriptions of food here were absolutely lovely. I wanted to reach through and eat something myself.

I love this time period the most in fanfiction - Post-Hogwarts with all the characters settled down. And I love Fleur a lot too; she's so underwritten and underrated and you do a lovely job of making her likable while still keeping her Fleur.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the Bill/Fleur/Roger dynamic works out! As I remember, Roger mostly stared at Fleur during the Yule Ball, so this should be interesting! :D

Author's Response: Thanks for your kind review! :)

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Review #17, by CelestieSparks: Beyond Reason

29th September 2011:


Okay, now that I got that out, I can properly proceed with this review! For many reasons, I'm deeply in love with Hilarion (who I privately have nicknamed Hilary and occasionally Fishy in my mind) and Roxanne together. I don't know why - maybe it's because I like her so much and I really want her fantasy shipping to work out. I know it's very sad and I make fun of that idea in my own writing, but your writing is so pretty and I just want them together!

My fanfic shippings aside, you could probably convince me of a Roxanne/someone else ship rather quickly because of how convincing your writing is. Roxanne/Perry, perhaps? Perry does seem rather smarter than Hilarion and he also seemed a bit taken with Roxanne at the beginning. I do think their friendship is very cute and I'm interested in how the love triangle(s?) would proceed. I'm not excluding the possibility of shipping them together, but I'm still a bit immature and want Roxanne/Hilarion to work out because Roxy was so determined for it herself and I'm completely behind her! I'm even pondering a proper ship name for them - Roxarion? Hilaranne?

I do like Lucy, though, and am probably more like her in real life. I even like Perry because you mentioned he was witty and that's so promising to me. I am wondering if his name stands for anything longer like Percival or something. Perry reminded me of Perry the platypus and I could hear, "Curse you, Perry the platypus!" in the background the first time he spoke. :D

Er, so, this review has kind of been all over the place with my fangirling. Hopefully I didn't make too much of a fool of myself, but it cheered me up immensely and I'm actually going through my favorites list and reading updates. As always, your minimalist style has me burning with envy. Your characters are always witty and charming.

Update soon! I'll probably be back with ridiculous comparisons whenever you do!

Author's Response: Now Fish would be a fun nickname for him, wouldn't it? lol. Ah you're shipping! I love when people ship my OCs, it makes me super happy XD Possibly this is not what you want to hear. I can't promise you Roxanne/Hilarion at the end, though. They're together for now! They just aren't meshing as well as Roxanne thinks they are. Poor guy, he's trying.

Perry the Platypus! Yes, I love that show. I was just watching it with my kids a little while ago. Never gets old! I didn't consciously name Perry for Agent P, though, I must admit. I wanted a name for him (his full name) which could have a "normal" nickname, and Perry turned up. Sadly, my Perry doesn't have a theme song. But he could write one.

I never mind fangirling, honestly, I find it wildly flattering that anyone would fangirl over my stuff *hugs* So thank you very much for that, and huge apologies for taking so long to respond to your review! I'm normally much faster on the draw than that.

Chapter 4 was posted today!

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Review #18, by CelestieSo, Listen...: October 1995

27th September 2011:
Ive heard you and your genetic match talking before when you didnt think anyone could hear, and I know for a fact that youve got loads of other stuff youre not showing us.

GENETIC MATCH. Oh, Delphine, you're awkward with your phrasing just like I am. Hawkward or Awkwalrus or another mix of awkward/animal. And I love you so. :D

And the use of the phrase 'So, Listen...' got me squeeing. Because it's the title and it's all so clever and adorable and so much fluff. I love it!

It does make me sad, though, to know that the portable swamp discussion happened between Fred and George because that means that the Umbridge incident can't be it far away and then they'll leave Hogwarts. D: It's obviously on Fred's mind too, because he approached Hollis with his imaginary friend who enjoys comparing her hair to vegetables. Or whatever the heck butternut squash is.

Everything's so readable and easy to understand and it flows so well even with the time skips. I'm envious of how easily you grasp characters and seem to know them inside out. Really, I am. And I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: SO, LISTEN MAKES AN ENTRANCE. CLEVER POINTS, AMIRITE? Hee. Genetic match. Sometimes Delphine is an idiot and sometimes she has lucid moments. But she is always a fail.

:( The end of the school year is approaching, yes. FEAR NOT. There shall still be Frijole (right?) moments to come.

Butternut squash love. Fred's finally manning up. Sort of. HE'S WORKING ON IT, AT LEAST.

Boys. ♥

Thank you for your lovely reviews, Celeste. U SO AMAZINGGG.

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Review #19, by CelestieSo, Listen...: March 1997

27th September 2011:

Oh my god, I love this story. This may just be by new favorite WIP. This was so romantic and cute and...I'm seriously melting. You made Fred romantic while still keeping him Fred. And I adore you for it.

"For obvious reasons, I had expected something to explode smoke, a loud bang, maybe a cracker that shouted obscenities when you tugged on the end of it."

This made me giggle so much. Oh, would that I have one of these crackers in real life. I can think of a few recipients I'd love to send it to.

And the dream sequence, guh. It's gorgeous. It really just is so romantic, but not overbearing. You can see the slight awkwardness and doubt they have around each other, but also the feelings bubbling forth. The peck on the cheek was SO adorable, my goodness! I felt like melting right there and shoving both of them together and yelling, "SNOG ALREADY."

Too bad they didn't. D: But Hollis's depression at Fred leaving was so realistic and well done.

And the permanent charm at the end was very clever and interesting. It got me thinking about the angsty possibilities of it - like whether Hollis would go revisit Fred in that Quidditch Pitch even after his death. And whether or not he'd say good-bye to her. Too much angst. I don't want to think about it.

Love this story, as you already know. Chapter 11, here I come!


-endless squee-


-ghost squeeing-

I want one of those crackers, too. I WANT SO MANY MAGICAL PRODUCTS FOR REAL LIFE. The only things I wouldn't want are quills. You'd have to keep re-dipping them in ink pots. And I would probably spill mine all the time. You'd think that with all the things they can enchant to sing and fly or whatever, they could come up with some sort of writing instrument that refilled itself with ink.

Awkward lurve. Hee. I prefer teenage love to be awkward, with reservations and stinted dialogue. I read a lot of fics (both real and fanfic) where teens talk to each other like they're reading from a rom-com script and they're lawyers in their mid-thirties or something. It's like...WHERE'S THE SHOE-SHUFFLING? WHERE ARE THE HAWKWARD MOMENTS WHEN NO ONE KNOWS WHAT TO SAY?

/end rant

Angsty angsty quidditch pitch with Fred forever. Sadness. You may or may not see the answer to that later on.


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Review #20, by CelestieSo, Listen...: November 1995

27th September 2011:
or, you know, Lee went on, you could come over here and take a look for yourself. Ive got loads of orifices that you could examine.


Okay, now that I've composed myself slightly more, I can't decide who I'm in love with more: Fred, George or Lee. Lee got added newly on this list, but anyone who can talk to Umbridge using the sentence "Egglugluglug" or "CAHAHA" is on my list of future husbands.

I'm shaking in laughter and giggling very loudly, which doesn't happen often because I have a heart of stone while reading fiction. I seriously have a hard time finding anything particularly sad - not to say that certain pieces of writing aren't sad in themselves - but I'm just not an easily swayed person. And the only time I've ever laughed reading a book (like legitimately laughed) was the Harry Potter series.

And this also got added on to the list of things in fanfiction that made me laugh. That list isn't very long. At this point, I think it might solely comprise of you, Melanie and momotwins.

Ugh, but I adore Fred/George/Lee SO much. Turning Umbridge's cup of tea into a toad with a bow?! Genius!

I love this story so much. :D

Author's Response: I have a confession to make. When I started this story, I had intended to do the whole self-insertion thing and basically make myself Hollis. But that actually did not pan out because I have a different view of Hollis that isn't too much like me. Instead, I find myself identifying more with George. Poor George, I made him a giggler in this chapter. Because that would be me in such a situation. I would not be able to sit there with a straight face like Lee; I would be falling out of my chair, probably snorting. And his whole thing with trying to get a rise out of Delphine - that would be me as well. I like to mess with people. So. Yeah.

I am SO flattered that you laughed while reading this. I don't normally laugh while reading, either. It takes a lot to crack me up or make me seriously sad. I've teared up more at commercials of homeless animals than stories about people dying, so I know what you mean about being stone-like when reading. SO IT MEANS A LOT TO ME THAT THIS GAVE YOU TEH LULZ.


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Review #21, by CelestieSo, Listen...: February 1994

27th September 2011:
Oh my god. Sarah, I love this so much right now. I honestly don't know how you do it. This IS Hogwarts to me. Too often, people (myself included) get clunky with characterizing Hogwarts; they get too excited and suddenly, there're things exploding and flying everywhere or they forget altogether that it's a magical school instead of a convenient standby for broom closets to house snoggging teenagers.

I love this. I love it so much that I would actually print this story and carry it places to reread because I love it. I love loving it. I love your Hogwarts - there're so many silly but witty lines in here that make these characters recognizable as the ones from Harry Potter. I rarely read Hogwarts Era fics and for good reason. There're poor characterizations, bad spelling, lack of the proper atmosphere and plain old non-canon all around the archives. But this is gorgeous.

Lines that I will requote for no reason other than I love them so:

I already know this, I interrupted, staring nervously at the sky. You dont have to narrate; youre not Lee Jordan.

Ugh, this is so cute for some reason! It's all most self-referential, but it's not and it is adorable!

Because one of them once told me that his name was Fred, and I never forgot. Even when I cant see their faces, I always know whos who.

I SHIP FRIJOLES FOR LIFE. Basically, that sentence kind of epitomizes why I love this ship so. She knows Fred. She knows him instinctively and I absolutely adore that about their relationship.

If something happens, youve all got perfectly decent lungs. Put them to good use and scream as loud as you can. It worked with Ronald Weasley, so it might just work again.

OH PROFESSOR MCGONAGALL. How you amuse me so with your dry wit.

And all the little debates about what Charms to use and who was in charge and some of the boys trying to show off by saying they'd use Crucio and impressive spells was just hilarious.

Also, HPFF is doing something weird to every quotation sign and apostrophe that I requote to you. So if this ends up looking like a blithering mess, that's why.

Onwards I go~

Author's Response: We have reached the point where your reviews have turned me to goop sitting on the floor, and so I am reduced to offering you a poem to represent my emotions in response to such majestic review-ness.


Little moose waves hello
With his little moose paws
he's hungry so he's gonna eat some jello
there is a first aid kit with gauze
straw is usually yellow
shiny lights are shiny


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Review #22, by CelestieNapoleon's Complex: XI.

8th September 2011:
So, I finally finished it and stuff (in one sitting, no less; I've got a vague suspicion it was meant to be read in one sitting), so I feel like someone somewhere owes me a cookie because this is the third WIP I can effectively cross off my reading list.

Okay, thoughts: Albus sounded really mature even during his teenage time, but you've said that this was a retrospective look backwards. For some reason, I don't always prefer a mature retelling of a teenage time and still like the idiocy and immaturity to peek through, but Eugenie and Albus do sound older than their age from when they meet to when they graduate.

I really disliked Eugenie. I know Al said that he disliked telling pointless stories, but she felt like a pointless element of his story. Not that that's anything against your stellar characterization or your lovely writing, but I felt like Eugenie served no purpose in his life. He himself attempted to define why they still had an association and kind of flailed all over an explanation. But I didn't like Eugenie. And through the story, I hoped they wouldn't get together (or even remotely so, really), because she was too aimless for him. There was some kind of void there that Albus couldn't fill even if he tried - which of course, he didn't. Eugenie was too pretentious (without really trying to be)for my taste. She was too all over the place, too unfettered to care. She seemed to have reasons for everything she did and that probably annoyed me more than anything about her.

Not to say that Albus wasn't annoying in his own way. He irksome narrator at times. It felt like he was angling towards something even if he was trying hard not to. For all his rambling about how unattached Eugenie was, he barely cared enough to really try to make anything happen between them. In the end, it's for the best. I honestly don't believe they would've made each other happy. They deserve each other in a way, but they wouldn't've been happy.

Lovely story, Gubby. Really. There were a lot of things - and characterizations - that I would've liked to see more explored, if only because I'm that weird kind of hungry reader. But this story was oddly complete in a way. The concept itself - a story of two people who barely liked each other - was brilliant. I adored it; I don't think it's really been done before. Their relationship seems aimless and it is, in some sense of the word, but it's there for a reason. I don't think I've ever disliked any OC as much as I disliked Eugenie, but that is a testament to the strength of your writing. I kept reading even though I didn't like Eugenie, didn't particularly care for Albus or even really the idea of a them together.

This was so refreshing to read. A story that isn't about love but dances around the borders, refusing to look in.

Author's Response: You and I have discussed this already, but yes, precocious characters pop up more than once in my stuff. At the same time, I don't want to underestimate these characters just because they are a bit young; I would rather they be a bit precocious-sounding than totally idiotic, which is much more grating to me. I do, however, think that the point of II. was that there /is/ idiocy and immaturity in these characters.

You're not the first to say you hate Eugenie. But allow me to quote from VIII. as to that 'pointless element' point: "The story of Eugenie and I is not the story of Eugenie and the story of myself." They /do/ maintain a presence in each other's lives, therefore there is a point. From the standpoint of a reader, I wouldn't disagree that Eugenie 'served no purpose' in his life, but Albus as a person wouldn't think that. Yes, he kind of flailed over explaining why they're still together (in whatever sense of together they are), but who says there has to be a point to being with people? I think what a lot of people who've made this sort of point forget is that the episodes narrated in this fic do /not/ make up the entirety of Albus and Eugenie's twenty-some years of knowing each other. There are things that Albus acknowledges (and I acknowledge) have not been shared. We don'€t have their respective life stories, nor are we meant to. This isn'€t Albus'€ story, as you deemed it -€ again, I go to that quote from the end of VIII and say that this is supposed to be the (admittedly incomplete) story of their association. Now, it'€s up to the reader to decide if there'€s a point to a story, which you obviously have, but I tend to disagree with the people who think that they are both hateful people who deserve each other. I do think they deserve each other, but not because they'€re both awful people who deserve lifelong misery. There was a deep-rooted distrust between them both, but there was an even more deeply-rooted affection which accounts for the perpetuation of the association. Of, more precisely and truthfully, I think, the /friendship/.

The '€aimless'€ thing you mentioned seems to contradict what you said about Eugenie '€having a reason for everything she did'€. I agree that she was pretentious and agree that there is a void in her that Albus cannot fill. Not that he hasn’t tried - which is where the bit about him 'not trying hard enough'€ gets me. He has done all he thinks he can to maintain his association with Eugenie. Of course he cares about her; if he didn’t, he would stop trying to be part of her life. He wouldn’t have confronted her about Philip’s impending proposal if he didn’t care about her well-being and his Auror partner’s. But, and this is something I think a good segment of readers do not understand, /Albus is not in love with Eugenie/. He tells her this definitively in X: he’s never had one romantic thought regarding her. He is not heartbroken that she’s said yes to Philip; he’s only nervous because of the repercussions of the refusal he thinks is imminent. Why would he try to push himself on her romantically if the thought of being in love with her never even occurred to him? What could he have tried to make happen between them?

I don’t think the relationship is aimless just because it has little conventional forward motion. There's nowhere to reach (besides perhaps a much more healthy place), there’s nowhere to go. It is what it is. It’s not equilibrium and it's not chaos.

It may sound like I'm being super argumentative and/or defensive in this response, but I promise you I'm not trying to sound that way. I really did appreciate this review and your ideas, Celeste. They really helped me figure out some things I'd been thinking of for awhile. Thank you, dear, as always.

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Review #23, by CelestieMorning People: one

1st September 2011:

I'm so glad that you're back! You haven't updated in ages and I've really missed your writing and this was positively adorable. James/Lily fluff is so hard to write well because it's such an overdone ship, but you write it perfectly and bring something new to it every time.

I love the idea of breakfast together and their subconscious love. I love that it happens gradually and that you can see it happening, but it's done subtly. Lily and James are both in character and the part at the Quidditch game was so cute! And the hand holding and the home address and just everything. I've missed your writing! I hope you write more!


Author's Response: Celeste!

I'm so happy to be back. And with muse, too! It's such an awesome feeling to be writing again.

First off, thank you so much for your compliments! I'm a sucker for fluff and I'm always worried that I overdo it in my fics because, well, let's face it, over half of my fics are fluff and the rest are incomplete, lol.

It's weird how the whole breakfast idea came to mind. Initially, I was going to use the first segment as the introduction to a new L/J, but after a bit of adapting I figured it would work better for a one-shot. And it did! I'm so delighted with the way it turned out, especially since it's been a while since I've written - well, anything at all!

The Quidditch game was my favorite part, too, and it was the last section I added.

Thanks again for your lovely words! They always bring a smile to my face, whether they're in the form of a review or a story. By the way, I've just started 'Bathing in Roses' and I LOVE it!



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Review #24, by CelestieMinx: 9:52 AM

29th August 2011:
Nisha, I love this story!

Okay, I'll admit I was one of those people who was apprehensive about the age difference, but hey, this looks like it'll be a fun escapade through some hilarious moments, so why not? Blaise doesn't really seem like the settling type from what we've seen of him, so I'm not too scared!

And Roxanne. I love her, even if she isn't much of a feminist. Ah, too bad. But hopefully, she goes all girl power on Blaise's creepy harassment. I still find it oddly hilarious that Blaise is the owner of a magazine called 'Witch Weekly' when he's a guy. Not much to say other than that this story and Roxanne are charming and I can't wait for it to pan out!

Author's Response: Honestly, off the bat, I can tell you that yes, the age difference is there but by the end of the story, it isn't really relevant. This is going to be a story that goes full circle. I hope I haven't said too much, I had a really hard time wording this.

Girl power will be in store! Roxanne has her own brand of it. And yes, hilarity and crack all around with that scenario, I have no idea where it came from.

Thanks for the review Celestie! I promise more hilarity is in store.

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Review #25, by CelestieSparks: A Little Madness

22nd August 2011:
I haven't read any of your stuff since about September when you wrapped up the Unsinkable verse and I forgot how much I loved it. Your natural writing style, your lovely characterizations and the perfect dialogue - I'm glad to be back. :D

I was kind of surprised but happy to see that this story is about Roxanne and Lucy, probably the two most neglected female Next Gen characters; they always seem to be outshone by Victoire or someone like that and it's lovely to see them get their own story. They're both well-balanced and Roxanne is hilariously impulsive and ridiculous.

Overall, I already love the concept of this story! I'm off to read more. :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the lovely compliments on my writing! I'm glad you're back to read and review :)

Yep, this is all Lucy and Roxy! It's a spin-off of a Rose-centric story, probably the least-neglected Next Gen haha, but Victoire does feature in those - she'll appear in this later.

Thank you for reviewing!

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