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Review #1, by Ginnys_x _heartHow Firewhiskey Ruined My Life: My favourite candy

1st July 2012:
Agreed! I really do like Tab :) I sorta think it would be nice for him to end up with lily but the whole firewhiskey-triangle thing wouldn't be as good then, can't wait till James is back at school for that! Muffin is kinda nice-seems to let you write a different (more insecure?-with the last chapter where he starts to talk about his parents,) side to Sirius, which I think will be interesting to see where it heads. But definitely more Tabitha!!! Can't wait for the next chapter :)
~Ginnys_X _heart

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Review #2, by Ginnys_x _heartWhispering: Chapter Twenty-six: End Part I

9th July 2011:
Great chapter, I like the way you've given everyone's reactions, especially Ron's. I love how the sections flow together, the only thing I noticed is the date on the last section - 'March 2028' should that be '2038'? because the one before is 'December 2037'. Can't wait to read the last chapter! :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. :)

And thanks for catching the typo. I'll fix that as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by Ginnys_x _heartIt Ends Tonight: It Ends Tonight

13th November 2010:
This is very well written. I love the short thoughts punctuated by the lyrics (which fitted brilliantly). I also really liked the non-canon parts, with the Remus/sirius plot and Peters point of view.
10/10 :) - definitely worth the time!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! I'm really happy you liked it :) and thank you for the score and also for reading - and especially for taking the time to review :D

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Review #4, by Ginnys_x _heartThose girls: Fear

8th November 2010:
The Kim/James relationship is so sweet, you've done Kim's POV really well in this and the previous chapter and I can't wait to see what Lily does with the information she's found :P. I hope Rose's baby is OK and I really don't want her to give it up, also I think it's going to be a boy not sure of a name yet though. It was a shorter chapter but I liked it, more soon please! :) 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks! Ah what a good feeling 10/10! I am so glad you enjoyed it :D

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Review #5, by Ginnys_x _heartThe Wrong Road: Doubled Back: Baby Talk

19th July 2010:
Wow, another brilliant chapter, wouldnt it be funny if Dina got pregnant too! Im liking all this twin business with Dinah/Harry, Fred/George, Madeline/Hugo. I am excited to see what goes on in the great hall with dinah and blaise, I look forward to the next chapter!

10/10 and of course I must wish you the hugest congratulations and the best of luck for what the future holds, may it be filled with great joy and hapiness!

Author's Response: I'm trying really hard! I'm sorry I haven't updated. My computer is being difficult.

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Review #6, by Ginnys_x _heartWhispering: Chapter Twenty-two: Give

18th May 2010:
Ah goody for the epilogue, you couldn't leave us with 'friends', although it was a good chapter! Her reconciliation with Scorpius happened quickly but I think I like that because it shows, deep down she knew that if she saw him she'd loose her anger and she didn't want to become not in control, so I think it works! Can't wait for epilogue!


Author's Response: Of course I wouldn't do that! And there is another chapter and then the epilogue. So lots more of Rose and Scorpius. :)

Thanks so much for reviewing. I really appreciate it!

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Review #7, by Ginnys_x _heartWhispering: Chapter Twenty-one: Blind

19th April 2010:
OMG OMG It has to be Scorpius, Oh please be scorpius! Massive cliffhanger, so that next chapter had better be soon! ;)

That list is hilarious! Ooh I just thought it could be a double wedding because cecelia deserves to marry Al too after al they've done for Rose! I hope scorpius gets to explain and whoever is at the alter I want to know why they turned up.

Sorry I haven't reviewed for a while, but your chapters are always brilliant, no exceptions here!
11/10 :D

Author's Response: Well, you'll just have to wait and find out, now won't you?

I am so glad you enjoyed this chapter. It was a long time coming, writing it that is, but now it's written. I'm working hard on the next one, but it's the end of the semester and things are CRAZY!

Rose and Scorpius have certainly been through their share of difficulties, and I am pretty positive a double wedding is not in the works. But burning questions/desires will be addressed...finally. :P

Thanks so much for your review. I really appreciate it! :)

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Review #8, by Ginnys_x _heartThe Wrong Road: Doubled Back: Surprises

19th April 2010:
Loving this chappy :) Of course they were twins! ooh and luna's twins that'll be interesting so will this dina/fred thing, it would be pretty funny if she was pregnant too!

At the end where it says "when I saw reach down and place a light kiss..." Is that meant to be when I saw HIM (as in Fred)?

Anyway great chapter as usual 10/10!!

Author's Response: Oh, oops! You know I've tried to proofread the darn thing a hundred times and I never caught that? Haha yes it is.

Thank you so much for your reviews, you're too kind :)

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Review #9, by Ginnys_x _heartUnexpected Ending: Returning

21st February 2010:
I liked it very much! It iis really good that they have finally fallen into love abit :) ! Fred what is up with him! I like hermiones character more now! Why hasn't Ginny worked it out yet! I cant wait for them too explain the ginger kid when it comes! As you said not your best chapter but very good still. I look forward to the next chapter! xx


Author's Response: glad u liked it, kinda. Fred is just being a heartbroken guy, and seeing as im not a guy, and i havn't been heartbroken, I have no experience, so it wasn't very well written that part. Sorry.
thanks for reviewing :D

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Review #10, by Ginnys_x _heartRegretfully Yours: Epilogue: Enter the New

20th February 2010:
Such a lovely story with a happy ending all the characters particularly hermione so carefully thought out and explored, in the chapter before this one you captured Ginny's emotion perfectly.

When I first saw this story and its pairings I didnt think i would enjoy it as much as others, but you have made me see that although pairings and ideas are obviously main parts of a story, its not so much what you right but how you right it. And all the way through your story has been really very good.

I have looked forward to your weekly updates something I don't think I will ever master! And I can't help but imagine that the sequel will be up to just as high a standard as this. Thankyou for such an enjoyable read! x 10/10

Author's Response: Wow. Thank you so much. I am realy glad that the pairings didnt hinder you from exploring this fic. It is such a compliment to say that regrdless of that the writing kept you in. I hope you are correct about the sequel and look forward to your feedback on that as well.

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Review #11, by Ginnys_x _heartPerfection: Sick In The Head

17th February 2010:
Such a brilliant story, you have written so well about such a difficult topic issue. Hermione is such an interesting character choice for one to spiral off out of control, but yet she fits the role in your story perfectly. I think I like the Blaise/Ginny pairing best and they way he and draco talk, the draco/Hermione pairing is also very interesting to see where it heads. I also thought the way you write hermiones thoughts was very good - all disjointed and going round and round. I put off reading this story for a long time and as it got longer I never seemed to find the time to read it, but I'm glad I finally have and I will defineately be keeping up with it when you add more chapters! Very well done! x


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Review #12, by Ginnys_x _heartUnexpected Ending: The honeymoon

16th February 2010:
oooh interesting it was quite good I thought it was leading up to a climax but it still is maybe nearer the end of the story! you could change the rating it depends if it adds to your story makes it easier and work better, its really up to you. As usual an interesting well written chapter, I bet hermione will be so embarrassed in the morning!x

Author's Response: thanks for the tips, and I'll try to work them into the story somehow. There is still a bit to go till the ending, but I don't want to drag it out too much
thanks for reviewing

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Review #13, by Ginnys_x _heartThe Wrong Road: Doubled Back: Oh, Yes... Introductions.

16th February 2010:
Oh wow! I've been waiting for ages for this sequel! Its made my day! It was a ittle hard to understand at first and it seems like Harry is younger. Are zabini and Dina going out or is she serving them? Oh its all so exciting!x

Author's Response: I think I'm going to put the names for the POV's because idk if i like and Harry's not younger, he's just youthful :)

Dina and Zabini are not dating; she was taken under their wing and raised by them, by yes, basically serving them.

You're a doll for waiting so long :)

Thank you for the review!

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Review #14, by Ginnys_x _heartThose girls: Back

14th February 2010:
Almost definetely a girl! wow! what achapter so emotional so beautifully written, especially the last bit. I so hope they keep it and get together!

Author's Response: Haha I hope so too! thank you for the review love!

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Review #15, by Ginnys_x _heartRegretfully Yours: Closure

29th October 2009:
The george bit was sad I hope wwe get to see a few marriage preposals next time! good chapter I don't want this story to end. 9/10 The draco encounter was also really good the way they reacted.

Author's Response: Thanks, so glad you liked. I know the George bit was sad, but it will not end that way... I am a sucker for happy endings.
There just might be another proposal in their future ;)

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Review #16, by Ginnys_x _heartAfter the Horcrux: The Wedding - Plans and friends

24th October 2009:
spooky! love that you jumped on abit but added all the flashbacks, I'm half worried for Harry, but sort of think it is a one-off I can't wait to see what will happen! I have a theory though, because his deceased loved ones are always part of hi in his heart only he can see them, but because Ginny is so close to him in his heart also she can see them as well? What is she going to do? - brilliant twist! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! I was worried about the leap in time. The flashbacks I wanted to include in the story, but there wasn't enough material there to actually make its own chapter.
Everything will work out for Harry and Ginny in the next chapter, but their wedding will be anything but normal and boring.

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Review #17, by Ginnys_x _heartOf Teacups and Teapots: Symbolism

19th October 2009:
*Puts both hands up and waves madly* finally they realise I have loved this story and now it is coming to an end but it was gr8!! 10/10

Author's Response: Yay!!! Everyone's hands should be raised! :D:D

Thank you so much for your lovely review! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. :)

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Review #18, by Ginnys_x _heartHardboiled: Hardboiled

8th October 2009:
Well, I loved it!-it appears he has lost his memory, but not very long ago as everyone just acts normal like they saw him yesterday e.g. Harry, so maybe we could have a few more chapters like how he lost and gets it back? any way just a suggestion, Well done with the Award! 9/10

Author's Response: Nope, didn't lose his memory. Just acting silly. ;-)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by Ginnys_x _heartAfter the Horcrux: A Christmas together

6th October 2009:
Not another cliffy sounds a bit creepy but nice to have a long chapter! and now she has to go off to quidditch again!! When is the marraige going to be any changes since harrys disastorous mission? Love the present and ginnys reaction, what a shame that harry couldn't get his present!! 10/10 xx

Author's Response: The marriage will be soon, three chapter from this point. Yes, I am evil, but as you will find out there was a reason for the interruption.
I am glad you like the more mature Ginny. She still has a temper, but is more calm and self assured now.

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Review #20, by Ginnys_x _heartRegretfully Yours: Second Half of the Second, First Date

6th October 2009:
quite funny, defineately not an uneventful date, the reynolds part was great I'm now suspecting him as Ron's kidnapper seeing he tried to frame nott but why, would he do it in the first place, ah well, funny molly part and brill bookstore part I hope Ron proposes somewhere meaningful to them like there!! I'm glad that your busy time didn't keep you from writing and I am sorry to hear your loss but writing is such a release that I am glad you had a happy chapter to write, 10/10!! XX

Author's Response: Writing is definitely a release and it keeps me busy, which is what I need to be right now. I am so happy that you enjoyed those parts. As for Reynolds, he was just upset that Nott didnt get a worse punishment, as was mentioned, very much like Barty Crouch Senior in that he hated death eaters and wanted to make sure that they alll went away. Even those that were only associated with Death Eaters. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, thank you as always.

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Review #21, by Ginnys_x _heartRegretfully Yours: Second, First Date

30th September 2009:
i liked the date but i didn't get why reynolds would have sent them out to effectively capture himself? anyway it was gd! :) 10/10

Author's Response: It will be explained soon. I promise. :) Glad you liked the date.

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Review #22, by Ginnys_x _heartWhispering: Chapter Nineteen: Bare

30th September 2009:
yay another cha[ter! yay a happy ending chapter! love it ! really brill! 10/10

Author's Response: Yes, a new chapter! I wouldn't say it was a truly happy ending, but it was a better, less depressing ending!

Thanks for your review. :)

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Review #23, by Ginnys_x _heartOf Teacups and Teapots: Mistakes

20th September 2009:
I love tea and I love your story big mistakee Ron! go and say sorry!! 10/10

Author's Response: :D Tea is amazing! I'm very happy you agree. :)

Thank you for reviewing and for the very generous rating. :D

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Review #24, by Ginnys_x _heartFlames of Desire: Flames of Desire

15th September 2009:
really good story, bit of a graphic ending. the only thing is, the mirror of erised reflects a still or replay of a short image like a wizard photo not a full scene and the real persons reflection only moves if the person does. However we could overlook these facts becauser of the quality and description in this piece!! perhaps you could start off with the reflection in the mirror being still and vincent's imagination replaying ythe rest though i have some doubts to whether this would be as effective especially at the ending where it melts. very good 9/10

Author's Response: Hey!

Thanks for pointing that out. I did not even think about that! :O

Hmm. Maybe because the Mirror knows that it is about to be destroyed it allows Crabbe to see something a little bit more special than it normally shows???

I will continue to think on this matter but for now I shall leave it how it is :-)

Thanks again for pointing that out!!!

And thank you for a great review :-)

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Review #25, by Ginnys_x _heartRegretfully Yours: Finally

11th September 2009:
Hilarious chapter - the authur and molly parts!! Ooh they know how to hit a nerve on each other don't they? - Hermione and ron Lovin' them finally (perfect title) understanding and the 'first kiss'!! You defineately showed Ron's character well with his anger and retorts, and I reckon hermione would slap him with her determination! pure genius as usual!! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I am really glad you enjoyed this chapter. It was a fun one to post and I am so happy to finally be able to post it (hence the title).

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