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Review #1, by MarieBlackThe After Before: Chapter Six

19th February 2018:
Finally found the time to truly take in this lovely chapter, and here are my feelings in order of importance:
- Dreams?!
- Scorpious & his lying!

First, you continuously allow me to fall in love with this Ravenclaw/Slytherin bunch that is cheery and friendly and honest. I love the trivia, it just feels so... Ravenclaw.

Second, Corn's dreams I feel are going to be exceedingly important. Especially since they seem to be triggered by an argument of her friend group??

Third, James Potter is an jerk. There I said it. Oh, you write him SO well. He's this brash Gryffindor with some smarts. I just love his ability to see Corn and then her ability to see him as well. It got me all riled up just reading!! I am very curious to see how these two make their way into admitting feelings if it ever comes to that. I think we all root for the main character to prevail in all arguments and situations, but Corn's being hurt is so very real. I'm interested to see the faltering/humanity of James as it comes.

once again I am in love! Happy writing, xx

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Review #2, by MarieBlackA Place Not Far From Here: The Departure

3rd February 2018:
Typically I try to write such a long response to how utterly brilliant I find this story.

You have crafted this entire world off of what JKR has left us in an epilogue and her revelations past that. Truly, bravo.

I'm always extremely excited to find a new chapter of this fic, and to see where Amelia is headed next. I feel like we are constantly charging toward something big, whether in Amelia's past or present. We get to see her both as a young stumbling but brilliant teenager and an unsure and far more intelligent adult. I love it!

I hope your writing goes well because I can't get enough!! xx happy writing.

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Review #3, by MarieBlackThe After Before: Chapter Five

29th January 2018:
I was sooo thrilled to see an update to this! I'm entranced with this story and how it's unfolding. In one chapter you manage to lay out this incredible duality of feelings in our dear Corn. She has this attraction with Kato and this pull with James. I LOVE IT.

I love the thought put into Moose and the other Ravenclaws, they are all fiercely smart but in different ways. I enjoy the difference we see in them and the depth that the supporting characters have. Bravo!

Excited for another chapter, happy writing! xx

Author's Response: I love how you put it as an attraction and a pull, because that is so accurate. She has this confusion for her friend but then this absolute magnetism for her enemy, and it's a lot to feel all at once! Thank you so much for your insightful review and I can't wait to hear your comments on the newest chapter (should be posted in an hour)!

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Review #4, by MarieBlackRumour Has It: Chapter Two: James Potter's Hair

19th January 2018:
I'm enjoying this read! I like the take on a Hogwarts newspaper and the struggle to write to a "new audience" than it's founding. It's going to be interesting to watch Connie's character unfold!

Interested to see what comes next & happy writing, xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I appreciate the lovely feedback and hope you continue to enjoy 😊 xx

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Review #5, by MarieBlackLogarithmic: (17)

13th January 2018:
I was just popping through the lovely recently added section and saw this and my heart LEAPED.

First, the breaking of that tension between them is so perfectly executed. The build up of hearing from Cormac's perspective as he watched Eloise around his family, around his home, and then having Eloise catch on to his ruse of seduction. It's cleverly played to each character's dynamic. Eloise is ever unaware of her charm to him and yet he finds himself so entranced by her subtlety. Cormac is about as subtle as a bull in a china shop, but he does execute his seduction artfully and with smarts. It's endearing to see their perfectly unperfect kissing attempts and Keegan's interruptions.

Though what came unexpectedly was the dragging back of what is actually happening outside this perfect, summer bubble. Because of where this is set in Harry Potter universe time the war is prevalent to every wizarding person in the UK. I think the way you tie not only Cormac's family history into what is brewing but also this beautiful concern for Eloise into how this shapes their world is brilliant. I'm admittedly excited, as strange as that seems, to see how the continue to weave their story into what we already know unfolds in the Potter universe.

I just have to say you are taking on the daunting thing of a story that must exist believably in JK Rowling's world and I think you execute it in a way that is unparalleled to other fanfic writers I have come across. Their writings are brilliant, and good. But it has been so long since I've been able to really feel like a story can stand side by side with her work and shine.

So kudos, and apologies for my long review! Or - not apologies!? Either way, happy writing. xx

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Review #6, by MarieBlackLife Studies: Chapter Nine

13th January 2018:
Oh it's just lil ole me catching back up ~

First, FAKE DATING. It's wonderfully cheesy and such a romantic/logical way for them to recognize their feelings for one another. Be still my heart with all these pet names and hand-holding.

Secondly, the twist with Di. Holy heck. That girl is going through a roller coaster and somehow doing so while pushing everyone out of her corner. I am desperate for the coming together of best friends once again and to hear why Di thought the smart choice was to alienate herself.

Lastly, the new Life Studies assignment. I'm intrigued by what shenanigans will ensue and how it will all fold into the mystery of this class.

Loving it! & Happy writing! xx

Author's Response: hehe thank you so much!!! :)

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Review #7, by MarieBlackA Place Not Far From Here: The Dinner Party

8th January 2018:

I just. This mystery. Bravo.

A couple of personal faves:

- Finally the "I love you" (SQUEE for my little romantic heart)

- The blow up with Aunt Susan and Uncle Michael, inevitable with all the warring going around in Amelia, her anger is finding an outlet

- The following man, so very intriguing a plot point for the future

- Her birthday dinner, WOW, so much unveiled there, I appreciate the comment about the obscurus and how it would come into play in this "NeoWald" future and then her FATHER, ruthless and the worst. Amelia's mental strength is on display here though, she is fierce and brave.

Once again on the edge of my seat for what is next!!

Happy writing, xx

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Review #8, by MarieBlackThe After Before: Chapter Four

5th January 2018:
I'm so excited to see an update to our tale! I know you mentioned this was was more bridge-like but I do enjoy the implications of where we're headed. The continued building of suspicion with Scorpious, Nellie's knowing of how to persuade Al, and even the small interaction of James and Nellie in detention all of it building to some shenanigans ahead! I like how you write your characters, by that I mean their personalities are fully displayed in their reactions and given confirmation through Nellie's thoughts.

I love this story! Please keep updating!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind words! I take a lot of care to write my characters fully so it means a lot that you've noticed! Please review again - I'd love to hear what you think!

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Review #9, by MarieBlackLife Studies: Chapter Seven

17th December 2017:
Trouble is brewing in the life of Shan, in good ways and bad.

First of all, Clark = the worst. Man I hate how manipulative he is. Basically he wears Shannon down until she decides, sure I'll date him. After he has slept with her VERY best friend twice. Never confesses that to her. THEN, he takes her out and is awesome to her and is getting closer and SURE they're not exclusive but Shannon's not exactly running out and getting hickeys on her neck. BUT HE IS. And instead of apologizing, he just decides to "prove him self." Like no. That's not how you win someone back. You apologize and then rebuild trust. "Proving yourself," is just for those b o y s who feel insecure now that they've made a mistake and don't know how to deal with the guilt. So, over him. As you can tell. But bravo on writing him in this way lol.

Secondly, Di is being shady as all get out. Like girl. What is so dire that you have to hide from your closest friend for years. Own up to it, she knows you, she can TELL.

Then the tension of James & Shannon. So perfectly lovely as we see James' feelings coming across as well, even if Shannon doesn't notice it. Which is all the more lovely.

Frederick. Love that kid, he is my sanity in this. He's light hearted and fun, a surprising voice of honesty as well.

All to say, I'm glad this story exists! happy writing!

Author's Response: Clark is a very odd character to write, I've never written one like him before! I'm very happy that he's being conveyed the way I want!

Di is in dire need of a reality check. Maybe she'll get it.

I love writing James and Shannon so much! Shannon is so oblivious.

Ha! He's going to be more prevalent soon!

Thank you so much! :)

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Review #10, by MarieBlackThe After Before: Chapter Three

17th December 2017:
Alright. I'm sucked in. Typically I avoid the next gen pieces because they often don't have a strong underlying story outside of the romance department, but MY this has some depth to it. Specifically I like that Burke's family has some mystery to it, it's not all entirely laid out for the reader. The characters around her have back stories and lives and underlying plots to them as well, it's intriguing.

As I said, I'm hooked! I love where this story is headed and how it started, it's incredible writing.

Hope you are able to write again soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you've picked up on the Burke family mystery, because as the story builds that plot line becomes the main center of the story! I am so glad you like it, and the newest update is now up! Thanks again for your review and I hope you tell me what you think again soon!

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Review #11, by MarieBlackLife Studies: Chapter Six

15th December 2017:


Okay, I know this just posted. But like. Ya girl could use an updated already.

I'm pumped for what comes next, I like the little twist of Life Studies on everything.

Happy writting, xx

Author's Response: the next chapter is almost ready to be posted! :D thank you so much!

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Review #12, by MarieBlackA Place Not Far From Here: Hogsmeade

10th December 2017:
Again, just so deep into this mystery. I have a feeling I'm going to greatly enjoy how all of this builds together at the end. It's like knowing the story is a puzzle, receiving those pieces at different times and putting them together as you can. I have a feeling in a chapter or two I'll need to go back and read it all so I can really revel in all that is later revealed.

I love that we're seeing/feeling more of Amelia's intentions about the NeoWalds and people around her. You can see the shift that Neville's talk had with her, even if she's not entirely undoubtful about herself.

I love Lily, she is energetic, bouncy and very endearing. I'm excited to see her grow and how she interacts with other characters as well. Albus, I do have a soft spot for him. He loves his family even with his difference. I like the "Slytherin corner" bit for James birthday, it creates this bond with Amelia.

Her protectiveness too! It is so sisterly, even from seeing Lily's enjoyment and ensuring Albus stays safe, she truly cares for James' family. SO WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?!

Once again I am on edge but loving it!

I hope updating goes well! Happy writing, xx

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Review #13, by MarieBlackLogarithmic: (16)

24th November 2017:

Super pumped to see an addition to this story, with so much going on and happening. First, I love that Eloise is taking a stand with her family. It's very Eloise of her, to be so head strong and make a plan. It doesn't hurt that in doing so she is growing closer to Cromac and his family.

At the end seeing how Cormac is preceiving her in all of this. They way he notices her and her family, the way she fits so easi;y with them it's wonderful. And then the way he thinks of his attraction is riveting. I'm so selfishly excited to see how Cormac makes her s t e w. Ugh. So pumped.

Ps. that shout out warmed my heart! Glad to be a supporter

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Review #14, by MarieBlackA Place Not Far From Here: A Place Not Far From Here

2nd November 2017:
Again you enrapture us readers in the "BUT WHAT DID HAPPEN?" You leave us on this beautiful constant cliff hanger of -- how does Amelia become who we see in this NeoWald and the Cause war? How does a curious Slytherin mischiefing and falling in love with James Potter become a confused young adult, struggling to make sense.

I love the depth you give to Amelia, she doesn't have it all figured out. She is not this blind hero who always does right, but makes impulse decisions and even horrible decisions in the name of what feels right to her gut. MAN. She's good. I also love the - grittiness - of Neville in this chapter. It's like seeing the Neville hero in book 7 of HP. You can see that stride of determination and the wiseness of growing up far too quickly in a war. Their scene together is remarkable.

As ever, I'm intrigued of how we are where we are with Amelia, how she and James come to be. Sitting on an edge of "What happened to them?" Interested to see how this continues to unfold! Thank you for sharing your writing and talent, happy writing for the future! xx

Author's Response: Thank you for such a lovely review, MarieBlack!

I am glad that you're catching some of the longer themes and plot points of the story. I really enjoy writing Amelia. She definitely does not have it all figured out, and she is trying her best to survive.

I love Neville. I think that Amelia looks up to him so much, and he has a way of jolting her out of herself. I imagine him to be such a great teacher and mentor to all of his students.

What happened to James and Amelia? Why is Amelia the way she is in the present? Those are the questions! And we'll get there. :) Thanks again for your review!

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Review #15, by MarieBlackLogarithmic: (15)

2nd November 2017:
It. Was. So. Beautiful.

Just, the gentle friendship of Eloise and Wayne and how the end of their sleeping together. AND CORMAC MCLAGGEN DECLARING HIS LOVE. UGH, love that kid. AnD tHeN tHe FuNeRaL? Beautiful. In my heart I never want this story to end. Please don't let it end. I want everyone to fall in love and then fight in the war (and no one to die) BUT my idealistic self is willing to settle for MISS ELOISE spilling her feelings.

Please write more. I know, I know. You have a real life with lots of papers and things to do, I understand. But. If you could. Like write more. That would be super duper great.

Happy writing, and thanks for letting me revel in these characters!


Wayne and Eloise's dynamic was, and remains, a very interesting one to write, but it was high time this particular facet came to an end -- especially with Cormac fessing up at last. I'm very excited for you to see what happens next!

This story is nowhere close to ending yet, no worries! I plan to follow everyone through Seventh Year at least (but most likely beyond that). Before that, however, a confession would indeed not be remiss. ;)

The next chapter is in the queue, and I hope you'll enjoy it!

Thank you for being so consistently lovely in your reviews, it truly means the world.

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Review #16, by MarieBlackLogarithmic: (14)

2nd November 2017:
I came back to this RIGHT on time and had two chapters to devour. I must say I rarely enjoy "other perspectives" to the Harry Potter time because they either follow so closely with the original story characters that I'm a bit bored of it, or they seem so "throw in" in a way that doesn't make sense. HOWEVER, these people fit perfectly. I can imagine them on the same train to Hogwarts, in the same great hall, and knowing people who know the people JKR wrote specifically on. I sincerely love the way they fold into the story and contribute. It's marvelous and I have a huge respect for your character development that has made it this way.

The action in this one is rather exciting, yeah? Lots of moving and running for our friends. I like their stick-togetherness that seems to follow this little troop of Puffs. They're always stick it out with one another it seems. I know as the way this one ended that Eloise will certainly need the morale building of her friendships. Loosing Dumbledore was something the entire school surely felt in such a deep way. Also, what follows is the rise of the Dark Lord. I'm interested to see all of this from the perspective outside of the Trio.

You've enraptured me again, on to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hi again!

Squee, that is quite the compliment and it left me smiling like a loon for a very long time, thank you so, so much.

My precious pack of 'Puffs!! You will definitely be seeing them more in further chapters and I hope it doesn't disappoint.

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Review #17, by MarieBlackHow not to be a Woodley: Of Knights in Filthy Armour

19th September 2017:
I'm's fine. I'm not like.crying in my bed.

First, congratulations on all the awards your story has gotten in the time I haven't been able to read it. It's seriously deserves it.

BUT, to the matters at hand. SETH. JAMES. SACRIFICE. I'm excited because I think we're finally getting to see some resolve to the weirdness between them through Al's comments. But also, I really deeply need to know WHO the HECK is HECKING up Seth's life and putting her in these positions. Because so help me.I want to kill them myself for Seth, which just speaks to your ability as a writer over these chapters.

Also, sorry for the life crazies! I hope it's all settling again and that we get to revel in more of these chapters soon!

Happy writing, xx

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Review #18, by MarieBlackLogarithmic: (12)

24th August 2017:
I have to say I love this story! I stumbled upon it not too long ago and have been giving it a look now and then for more. I've finally managed to leave a decent review. I think you have managed the incredible task of writing in the Harry Potter Hogwarts era extremely well. It doesn't have this feel of "not fitting," that some stories may. I can imagine these students shuffled in among the Gryffindors we know so well. And you give such great depth to Cormac in the process. I'm definitely a fan of this story to say the least.

Now, on to specifics of this chapter. One I have to admit Hufflepuff is my favorite house. I have a feeling it is where I'd end up if ever sorted and so seeing all the community and good feeling they experience in this chapter brings my heart joy. Ugh, those Puffs. I like the increasing tensions within the ministry from a perspective with a closer link than in the Harry Potter stories. I'm personally so excited to see how Cormac and Eloise fall back together in some way. And when I say "so excited," I mean I'm going to check back on this story daily until you post again ;)

Faithfully reading and waiting,
Marie xx

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Review #19, by MarieBlackA Place Not Far From Here: The Mistranslation

18th June 2017:
Not going to lie I stumbled upon this story accidentally around 1am when I was decided to go to bed soon, but then I had to stay up til 3am to finish it. AND BOY WAS IT WORTH IT. I think I love stories that have this jumping from a present moment to the past because it leaves you wondering not just how they have come to where they are, in this case James as a Neowald and Amelia in her state, but also in how they will progress past where we see them now. Brilliant. I love the scope of this story and its inclusion of a probably not always expounded on snippet from the HP original series, the Hallows. I'm sticking this in my favorites as I eagerly await another chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing, MarieBlack! I hope you were able to sleep in after staying up til 3am reading my story, and I'm terribly flattered by that. :)

I appreciate your comment about the Hallows. I think they are such an interesting, underlying part of the original series. With the new movie series (Fantastic Beasts) in progress, I am so curious to find out more about Grindelwald, and this story is a chance for me to explore how his ideologies haven't completely disappeared.

There will be plenty more past and present moments interwoven with each other, and I hope that you continue to read and enjoy!

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Review #20, by MarieBlackSleeping Habits : { sleeping habits }

18th June 2017:
This was great, a great read from the viewpoint of someone that sleep is evading. I love the quirkiness and genuine family feeling of this story, thank you for gracing this world with this warm hearted one! :)

Author's Response: no no, thank you for reading my writing and taking your time to review! the point of views were fun to write and I absolutely loved playing around with what the dynamics of the potterfam could be!

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Review #21, by MarieBlackDormitory 2.6A: SEVEN: Secrets and Sins

15th July 2016:
Hullo! I stumbled upon this story in the recently added section that I frequently find new readings in. I think what initially drew me so close to this story was the incredible bond described by this girls and how you as an author drew inspiration for that from your own friends. It's tangible in the relationships with these girls; it feels like they are a group of friends you almost know. I so love that. Each is independent and her own person but meets on the common ground of friendship.

I'm very excited for what is to come, although sad that only three chapters remain in this tale! I'll be keeping up when updates come through, happy writing, xx.

Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much for giving this story a chance. I'm so sorry I don't have much more of it to offer you - it's only supposed to be a snapshot into the girls' lives for reasons I will outline in the final chapter. It makes me extremely happy to hear that you were drawn to it by their friendship because that really was the goal!

Thank you for the lovely review,

Plums xo

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Review #22, by MarieBlackHopscotch: Eight

9th July 2016:
I am often leery of most next gen fics as they all typically fall into some sort of pattern that I have yet to fully engage with happily. However, this take on their Hogwarts years is incredibly fascinating! I love the personality you give each character, there is so much depth and understanding as a reader it's incredible. Fred is more rich in personality in this story than I think I have ever read him. James is more intriguing than I supposed and Toby Jordan is more than just a side character to the Wotters. Lucy is fitting, different then her father but not entirely the rebellious opposite we often see. I do wish to know more about Nick, but his inclusion through Roxie is insteresting, I would be inclined to know more about their history. I love Kelly, I'm sure you hear this often. She is so different, I do wish I could italicize for emphasis here, from a typical pairing for James.

Please do keep writing this, I need some lovely summer reading such as this!

xx Happy writing!

Author's Response: Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you

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Review #23, by MarieBlackHow not to be a Woodley: Rumour Has It

17th June 2016:

I THINK, that all these rumors about her poisoning Albus Potter will do something to drive her back to James in some fashion. Or these rumors will in turn set her on the trail to find out the truth, clear her name, and finally have that awkward conversation with James.

As to who actually poisoned Albus I still feel at a loss. There is a part of me that thinks the whole Sam/Hector situation may play a bigger role in this plot possibly. Sam's questioning is curious, even though it does apply to the pregnancy potion aspects as well. Huh.

PLEASE WRITE MORE. This story is ultimately stimulating my summer and I LOVE IT.

I was worried the plot would tapper out and end here BUT ALAS the end is not near. Brava.

Happy writing, xx.

Author's Response: And I think you definitely got some points here ;) Al of this - the things that are happening - ultimately involve James one way or another ;). Also, Sam was kind of fishy, you're right... but it could also just be a false trail to confuse everybody ;)

I'm so glad you like the story so much and I promise my summer will be filled with writing and plotting :) This chapter was so late because I had my Master's exam last month and then started teaching at uni right away and I was just crazy busy but I really plan on writing more during the summer!

I am glad that you like the plot twist. There is definitely something dark going on and Seth is somehow part of this entire thing... but I don't want to reveal too much :)

Thank you so so much for reviewing, my heart always skips a beat when I see that someone left a review. It just means so much to get feedback and it really motivates me to write more :) Have a great day!

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Review #24, by MarieBlackHow not to be a Woodley: A Woodley Never Quits

20th May 2016:
Consistently in love with this story. Honestly. It's one I can fall back into easily when I finally resurface on here after stressful semesters of course work. I have loved the character development the grandfather, probably one of my favorite touches in the story!

I love the drawing out of how Seth often feels she is everything a woodley is not, only to finally learn in truth she is a Woodley, just not the typical version. I am extremely excited for more to come from this story! Please update when you can.

I also surprisingly enjoy James' character in this story and his character can often annoy me in other fics.

Happy writing! xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you feel that way about the story and, of course, grandpa Woodley ;) He is one of my favourites too.

I promise that I am working on the update whenever I can. I have my diploma exam on Wednesday next week and I'm studying most of the day because I'm a nervous wreck :'D but I really really try to finish the next chapter.

I'm really happy that you like the way I write James - I know what you mean about him being annoying in some fics :)

Thanks so much for taking the time to review, I really appreciate it!!! :)

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Review #25, by MarieBlackYour Hand in Mine: Prognosis

13th March 2016:
For one, Nelson is literally the best brother ever. Like I want him to be my brother.


Ahem. As we know she does live, but I'm curious about the toll it does on them, and what they have to endure to make it to this point. I love that Andy is so freaked about a kid until she realizes the sacrifice involved in this kid. I mean. I think mostly she wants to redeem not only her family but Ted's as well. As much as she had a crappy childhood with abusive parents, Ted has always had to wrestle with feeling responsible for the down fall of his own parents lives. I think Andy wants to redeem the idea of parents and his condition, and by golly those Black girls are stubborn ;)

I'm still hooked in these adventures! Happy writing, friend. xx

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