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Review #1, by MarieBlackKill Your Darlings: Blizzard

17th April 2014:

Man Andie is so brazen or cheeky I guess in this one and it is fabulous. She's just hitting that teetering edge of crazy. I'm loving this change in her.

The ghost's are so mysteriously helpful. I like Reginald's character and I'm glad to see him included. Their love story is so tragically portrayed and perfect to compare to Ted and Andie. I mean, Winnie threw herself off a building to be with the love of her life and Andie won't even risk her messed up family for the change to be with Ted.

The Knights of Walspurgis pact is becoming more interesting, I hadn't even noticed until I was recently doing research for my next chapter that they had once been called that. I love seeing the inner workings of the first Death Eaters, I think it keeps the reader in the mindset of the time that this took place.

The transfusion scene is so INTERESTING. Because they go from being civil to biting to decent to just quiet. They both have a lot of hurt to get over to be with one another, but underneath is all you can see the care they have for one another. I like the shift in Ted too, it makes him seem all the more human. He could come off as this perfect nice guy, but he's not. He's human. I love that quality here.

As always I look forward to more, I nearly check everyday for more of this story, I'm a tad bit obsessed!

And I have failed at not posting my own chapter but I'm simply not in love with anything I'm writing currently. But I'm making some sort of headway.

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Review #2, by MarieBlackPorcelain Hearts : Beginning of an End

14th April 2014:
Literally I can't express my pure joy at finding this story.

I love the way James is written, especially because it's another take on James this isn't common in fanfiction. He's not a playboy, he's a gentleman with a big heart and a love for Qudditch. Beautiful. I love how all of the Wotter's are written, it's much more tempered down and I think that plays along with almost the heartbreaking theme of this story so far.

Hannah is lovely. She's not this perfect picture of beauty like Bell, but she's got something in her that I connect with.

I'm usually not a fan of flashback scenes, but everything has a purpose in this story. I love that. It seems written so intentionally, it's this new twist on the Next Gen that I love finding. You've made me one interested reader! Happy writing!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! I always sort of had this image of James(II) as a gentleman. I mean, how could he not be with as humble as Harry is? But he does have a Weasley temperament. I hope he doesn't get on your nerves in later chapters - he gets a little (okay, a lot) broody/angsty :/

And as far as the rest of them, I wanted to really flesh them out and give them distinct personalities in this fic, so I hope that continues to show.

I'm glad you enjoy Hanner! Hopefully she is someone you continue to connect with. I love her like my own :)

And as far as the flashback scenes, I completely understand. They annoy me most of the time, which is why I've sort of opted to go the minimal approach, but with this story there's really no weeding them out. We need them, not only to establish the Hannah/James/Bell dynamic but also for the plot.

Again, thank you so much for the review! I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #3, by MarieBlackKill Your Darlings: Persuasion

7th April 2014:

I am coming to love this more daring version of Andie, honestly. As much as I hate her giving in to Lestrange and her family, I think it has brought out this bold person in her that we haven't seen yet. And I am so enthralled by it.

Ted's anger is justified, but he's still being stupid to me. I suppose I know Andie's side better than his own so I think he's being silly but looking at Andie's actions I see why he's so angry. And feels so rejected. But the thing about Ted is that there is hardly a selfish bone in his body, which makes it hard for him to truly hate or dislike someone. Not truly.

I love all of the detailed information on the blood bonds, it makes it so believable. Honestly, I think it's one of the best magic additions outside of what J.K. Rowling made in her books. Incredibly believable, I also rather enjoyed the slipping in of last names of old pureblood families. It just adds in that these families have been around for ages.

Andie's convincing of Ted is literally the best thing to happen. I love it, like up and down and all over haha. At the beginning of this story that Andie would have never even done this, but this Andie, this Andie has to prove that she is not superior to Ted and that she does not consider herself to be anymore. She sees so much good in Ted, I just hope Ted can see the good in Andie once more. His heart won't let him give her up anyway. And Ted's dreams, hahaha. Oh man, that's the best because it's so boyish.


I have a feeling he'll come around. ;) Ted is a wonderful man, after all.

I'm looking forward to more chapters, dear! I wish this story would go on forever, I have loved it so dearly!

I'm jumping back into my own writing soon as this semester is winding down, so hopefully I'll have a new chapter up on this weekend, hold me to that!

Author's Response: Heh heh heh. Oh, there is major revving going on. For sure. >:]

You're right: this is a version of herself that Andie hasn't tapped before. It's in her nature to be stubborn and determined, but all this nasty family business has brought out a side of Andromeda that pushes the limits. I'm having so much fun with her development.

Haha, yes, from Andie's perspective, Ted's being an absolute idiot. Despite all of her mistreatment and purism nonsense that Andie spouted off before, it still makes sense for Ted to choose the option that might save his life. He's got an unhealthy amount of stubborn pride, but, as you say, he's an incredibly selfless person. So it really boils down to which part of him is stronger--the selflessness or the stubbornness. Let the battle begin!

Good! It's a relief to hear that you've found blood bonds to be believable. I was nervous about introducing the concept, and I'm still trying to skirt away from making it too hokey. But I really like where I've been able to take the plot with it.

I've had Andie's convincing scene in my mind almost since day one, so it was very rewarding to finally reach this point. She's come a long way from the Andromeda at the start of the school year. And bahaha, Ted and his dreams. Lest well all forget that he's just a teenage guy. :]

SIGH. Ted knows that Andromeda secretly likes being called Dromeda. He's withholding satisfaction because he's silly. But, ahem, maybe he'll get over it.

Thanks for such a lovely review! And YAY. I hope you can get that new chapter up this weekend. Can't wait to read more!

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Review #4, by MarieBlackSpell Damage: Charlie Weasley

6th April 2014:
Your story if so lovely! Seriously. I love Hazel and her quirkiness and her dreams and all of that! Is this the end of the story? Since she has found her reason to keep going again? I surely hope not because Charlie Weasley, what a hunk.

I love the way you write Hazel though, her grumpiness and such. It's intriguing to learn about healers. And despite all of her disappointment in herself you can truly see how much she cares for her patients. Lovely story!

Author's Response: Aw thanks! I'm glad you like her. And yes it is the end of the story. IDK, I might do another story focused on Charlie and her. Maybe because I liked him too and not alot of stories are on him. It's like Charlie is going to be single forever. He deserves love too.

And thanks so much for the review =D

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Review #5, by MarieBlackKill Your Darlings: Blood Bond

31st March 2014:
I was so thrilled to see another chapter when I came on today!

I'm very fond of good ole Georgie now! He's just blatantly himself, and has no need for the manners or airs of being a wealthy pureblood. It's fascinating. In a lot of ways I liken him to be Andie's foil, as he has a good blood status and is well-off but yet is extremely loyal, outwardly very brash, and just very un-Andie. I like the way they compliment one another in their friendships with Ted.

I can see this growing distrust between Cissa and Andie and the ever impending separation of their thoughts. It's entirely believable to me that although they were raised as sisters how they felt about that raising is entirely different. Cissa was doted on and in turn because of the love she felt from those around her sees no issue with their mindsets, and has found value in the pureblood way and the dark arts. But Andie has always felt held back in the pureblood ways simply from schooling and then with the attention from her father, well. She just hasn't always thought like a pureblood lady ought to, and these differing mindsets will drive them apart. I just love analyzing their mindsets as a sister myself because while they are raised in the same atmosphere the way they respond to things and handle situations are very different.

Ahh, blood bonds. I like it. To me it sounds very, ah, like alchemy magic along with such things like the philosopher's stone and such, magic that is old and far less dived into within the Potterverse. I like it! I also like the analogy with the wand cores, just intriguing.


Author's Response: Why hellooo!

I'm ever so glad to hear that ickle Georgiekins has wormed his way into your heart. He certainly is atypical to the Hufflepuff stereotype, but he's loyal to a fault. And yes! I did introduce him in part to serve as a foil to Andromeda. They share several similarities (aristocratic background, dysfunctional family, care for Ted) with some obvious differences. But he can relate to Andie in ways that not even Ted can, and I think they're both beginning to learn some valuable lessons from each other.

Sigh. Yes, there's a rift forming between Narcissa and Andie. Barely perceptible right now, but it's there. You're completely right: Narcissa doesn't have a reason to question certain facets of pureblood belief because she's been lucky enough to never run into a bad experience. I think the whole Nature/Nurture question is a fascinating one. I have a sister myself, and it's pretty ridiculous how different we are, even though we were raised in the same household.

Yes! Definitely old magic. I hope it's not too over-the-top, but after the inspiration struck me, I couldn't shake it. There will definitely be more info building on the topic in future chapters.

Heh. Ted is a stubborn, stubborn boy. -.-

Thanks so much for the read & review!

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Review #6, by MarieBlackOverdue: Unmanageable Mondays

29th March 2014:
This is so lovely and intriguing. I'm interested in knowing more about Sutton and about James as well! I love how Ginny plays in there quite well, most James/OC fics that feature the Potter family tend to highlight on Harry and his going-ons post-war but I like the idea of Ginny as a writer and book store owner. Sutton seems delightful and realistic and while most romance-y fics with James begin with a particular hate for the boy, I like how this one is a tad bit more realistic. I'm excited to see more!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! Hopefully I can continue with the realism as I am prone to being a very 'coincidental' writer to say the least. Thanks again for the review, really glad you enjoyed the first chapter (:

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Review #7, by MarieBlackKill Your Darlings: Emergency

26th March 2014:

I've been trying to leave a review on this for days, darling. But as college is ever crazy I have had no luck, so here I am!

First off. I love the bit between Cissa and Andie, it plays into their personalities so well in my head. I can see Cissa being nonchalant about the whole idea of dark magic, like it isn't this cruel thing but almost necessary, or simply not a threat. And the way Andie's mind copes with Cissa not being revolted by the use of dark magic is genius. Because Andie sees Cissa as this sweet and innocent dove, she doesn't see that her sister isn't just blinded by love but also does not think dark magic is bad. But Cissa is blinded by a bit of love, her love for Lucius has properly influenced how she views dark magic certainly. But I've always been a fan of in my mind a Cissa who makes up her own mind as well on things, so I can see her being okay with dark magic.

I'm excited to see how it plays into Andie's eventual seperation from that world!

In the beginning I veyr much disliked George, but in all honesty he's totally growing on me! He cares so much for Ted and his well being that he hunts down the one person he can't stand to see because she hurt Ted. George is a true and steady friend, one who sees the good and wonderful in Ted and strives to protect that, but also will let Ted have his pride at times. George is becoming a favorite of mine!

YAY MORE TED. but also sad because Ted is in such poor health. I can only imagine the pain that Andie feels as possibly losing a light in her life like Ted. He's too important to her heart, even though she knows she won't admit that. I am ever so curious as to why Andie had this effect on Ted, about why she can help him be healthy without a touch of medicine. I have a feeling that whatever it is that it will bring them back together once more, wether they like it or not.

Ted's reaction when he saw Andie though, ouch. Deep waters of emotion and hurt lie ahead for this pair. I'm just ready for them to fall in love and make out! But I'm loving the increasing detail and mystery of it all!

Lovely chapter, keep 'em coming!

Author's Response: Hellooo! It always makes my day to read your reviews. :]

Yes, Cissa and Andie are definitely beginning to uncover some differences that neither was aware existed before. Andromeda really doesn't give Narcissa enough credit: while her love for Lucius certainly does incline her to approve of his actions, she also genuinely doesn't see the harm in dark arts. And later, as the first wizarding war escalates, I picture Cissa forming an even more concrete belief that dark arts are a necessary evil to attain "good" ends.

Aww, I'm glad that George has begun to grow on you. He definitely has a prickly exterior and his unsavory bits, but then again, so does Andromeda. And they're both beginning to realize how much their care for Ted ties them together. Not to mention, George is so fun to write.

Yes. I guess I lied a little bit. It's more Ted, but mostly sick and unconscious Ted. D: I promise that this particular mystery will be answered very soon--most of it in the next chapter! And like you guess, it's definitely something that will unbalance Andromeda's perfectly crafted plan.

Yeahhh, there are some dicey emotions going on with Ted. It certainly isn't smooth sailing ahead. Haha, and one day they will fall in love and have kissy time. ONE DAY. JKR has basically promised that ending. :]

Thanks as always for the wonderful review! The next chapter will be going in the queue soon.

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Review #8, by MarieBlackKill Your Darlings: Meetings

16th March 2014:
AH. I am on edge okay. from the beginning.

I love the tense interactions between Lilith and Narcissa and Andie. it just proves how unlike herself Andie is truly being! Also, I love the little details about her necklace and the silver-plated brush, it shows the wealth of the family subtly. Very nice. And her having nightmares still just pokes at the sore spot in her heart for Ted. Oh, Ted. I'm excited for him to come back!

And Sirius time, how I do love him in this story most earnestly. He's wild and lovely, perfectly suited to grow up and leave his family and join the right side. Remus is adorable just as I predicted and his crush on Andie! AHHH. That just makes my life, haha. And then Andie's comment on him finding a girl closer to his own age, perfectly fitted. ;) But the last part of her interaction with Sirius is very important. I think her close relationship with him will go very far in his dealings with his family later in life, in a way I think Andie will be a catalyst to Sirius, because if she walked away and made it out alive so can he.

AND THE INTENSE PART. Rabastan, what a pig. A decent looking pig, but a pig nonetheless. And this dark arts, gasp. Andie is just finding out all of these crazy things about the people around her and I feel like I see this as a dividing point with her and her family and her pureblood life. This is where things will come to a point with her, and ultimately may set her over the edge to the good side.

Lovely again! I'll be watching for updates! Excited for more Ted!

Author's Response: I think that when your best friends begin to throw up red flags, it's a sure sign that you're not acting like yourself. It's hard to put Andromeda through such a tense, uncomfortable period with her besties. But I guess it's just a taste of what's to come. D:

Hahaha, I've missed ickle Sirius, so I was chomping at the bit to bring him back. I'm seriously in love with the little versions of the Marauders. I never thought that writing their twelve-year-old selves could be so fun. It's, like, MARAUDERS JUNIOR. Is it completely messed up that I made Remus crush on Andromeda? Lolz. Cos it's a total possibility, and I wanted to only heighten the awkward factor down the road when Remus falls in love with Andie's daughter. Awk awk awk. I think that may be cruel of me, but I don't even care. But yes, I really wanted a chance to show a sort of camaraderie between Andie and Sirius. At least they can both rest easier in the fact that there's at least one member of the Black family who isn't psycho.

Yeeahh, Rabastan isn't exactly a glowing beacon of morality right now, is he? I debated bringing in the dark arts to this part of Andromeda's story, but I do think that it was a very real possibility that she would've started to find out things about future Death Eaters while she was still in school. It's just unfortunate that they end up being people she knows... :(

Thanks so much for your ever-encouraging reviews! Ted is coming soon!

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Review #9, by MarieBlackKill Your Darlings: Adjustment

12th March 2014:
I have so sincerely missed you and your stories!

I love Andie's concern over Ted. Eek. It just makes me so happy and I can't wait for them to actually interact for the first time ever! AHH. Much excitment. Her run in with George is perfect. Because it just shows the struggle in Andie and Ted to go back to not even knowing each other and the struggle for them to do so.

For once I do agree with Lillith haha. Andie is crazy in her plot of marriage with Rabastan! Like what. That's not how marriage is supposed to be! Andie is too good to have that sort of marriage.

The ghost! Ah, I feel like we're opening up a whole new can of worms in the pureblood world to explore with Andie and her reactions and findings on dark magic amongst her fellows. I'm so excited!

Keep writing, I'm always checking for updates! Another lovely chapter. ;)

Author's Response: Hello, hello! I have equally missed your lovely reviews. They never fail to brighten my day. :]

Andie is just a wee bit of an emotional basketcase right now. The trouble is, she isn't willing to admit that to herself. Denial, suppression--she's doing all sorts of damage to her subconscious! If only she'd listen to wise Lilith's advice. Merp.

Yes, the ghost!! I never shirk away from the opportunity to bring in a ghost when I can. Haha. And yes, this definitely starts a whole new subplot to the story, but one that I hope is only going to grow Andromeda's character development.

Thanks so much for the review. It means a bunch to me that you've stuck with the story this far!

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Review #10, by MarieBlackKill Your Darlings: Proposal

26th February 2014:
I love this chapter! Simply because it shows that Andie could truly be related to Bellatrix, that some of her was inside of Andie as well.

Now, I think what she is doing is stupid. She's repressing the side of her that desires freedom and happiness and love for the sake of family and "safety" or whatever. And that's nuts! Because she's going to drive herself mad, she's just going to go bonkers. And I dislike Rabastan, I totally think he's a jerkface. But I did enjoy the Rosier bit, haha. They're a fun family to play with.

I think the way she decides to leave her family, truly in the end, is the day she wakes up and realizes that when Narcissa is married off that she's losing her anyway, and in the end she doesn't want to be alone. Without Narcissa who does she have? So that opens the door for Ted. Ugh. I can't wait to see how Ted reacts to all of this.

AND THAT DREAM. Super freaky. Poor Andie, I feel so much for her.

I'm looking forward to more chapters! I did write much of one for my own story before I got so off by emotional things and swamped in course work, so it should post soon. Have a look when you can!

Happy writing!

Author's Response: Yes, Andromeda certainly has some Bellatrix inside of her, and more than she'd care to admit. However, unlike Bella, she has a better handle on how to turn off the cold sociopath routine. And also unlike Bella, Andromeda wasn't made to put on that front 24/7. Like you and Cissy said, it's going to hurt her. And that makes me sad, but so it is. :(

Ee hee hee. Oh, Rosier. It's crazy what a tight-knit, intertwined community the purebloods have, isn't it?

Eep! I saw that you posted a new chapter to Sunshine. Must read. I really hope I'll have a chance to get to it later today.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #11, by MarieBlackIdiotic: Chapter Six

24th February 2014:
AH. I have fallen for your story. For some reason I am very adverse to Victorie/Teddy pairings but also very adverse to some other Wotter stealing him away or something, so I decided to give this one a try.

And I am in love. Annie is so lively and real, and the setting of the Wizarding World is great. Prejudices don't go away so easily, and everything isn't perfectly fine. I like that. I also like having Astoria and Daphne thrown in as they are hardly ever heard of in the books.

If I was Annie I would punch my sister and go snog the heck out of Teddy Lupin.

It's a good thing I'm not her.

I'm excited for updates! :) Happy writing!

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Review #12, by MarieBlackKeep Calm and Carry On: Twenty-Two

18th February 2014:
So sincerely glad that you updated and wrote more! I have been missing this story in my life.

I terribly love Edie and all of her relationship with Oliver. It's so real and wonderfully messy, I think it's true to life as well. I'm dying to see if Edie will go for Oliver, or the job at The Oracle or just anything. I can't wait to see the masterful ending.

Keep writing! I'm thoroughly enjoying!

Author's Response: Heya! Aww, thanks! I'm so sincerely glad that you've been needing a little Edie in your life :)

"Wonderfully messy" is such an awesome way to describe their relationship. I am taking that as a huge compliment! The ending isn't too far off--I have it outlined all the way up to it. But I keep thinking "Oooh wouldn't it be funny to throw this in there?" and lengthen it a bit more. Whoops! Either way, I don't expect it to go over 28 chapters total (holy crap so many chapters.)

Almost there! Thanks for sticking with it. ♥

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Review #13, by MarieBlackKill Your Darlings: According to Plan

18th February 2014:


Like they kissed and then Andie was all like oh crap this isn't apart of the plan and then she's like I'm leaving and then splinches herself and then Nelson is freakin' fantastic. And then she goes back to say good bye to Ted and so much drama. Like they are finally having this conversation and all of the feelings. And then Ted goes into a fit but HE LIVES. How the heck did that happen! AND CISSY IS HERE.

So wonderfully juicy and captivating.

I apologize for my absence! My school went on break and then I'm going through some emotional stuffz, oodles of fun, I probably won't be writing for a bit. But I will be reading and commenting. Happy writing!


Gurrrl, you don't ever need to apologize for an absence. I'm happy whenever I see one of your reviews, whenever it happens to come along. I hope you're doing better and taking some time just for you, to rest and relax. That's important! When you do start writing again, I'll only be too happy to read on. :] In the meantime, thanks so much for the continuing reviews!

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Review #14, by MarieBlackCareful What You Wish For: A Warm Welcome

8th February 2014:
Lovely chapter! I had my suspicions about Angus and his feelings for Kat! I really do like it all from his point of view, I feel so bad for him and his family. Poor Angus, here's to hoping that he gets the girl. I think him and Kat would make a perfect match, and I'm eager to see him take a side when all of the "war-like" stuff starts happening. Lovely writing! I'm excited for more.

Author's Response: Hey there!

Aw, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Poor Angus:( I basically just feel so bad for him, he's so innocent!

Thanks for the sweet review!


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Review #15, by MarieBlackKill Your Darlings: Answers

8th February 2014:
I am too exhausted to possibly write a decent review. This week kicked my butt.


And I can't possibly wait to see how going to George's pans out for them. Ooh. Mystery.

Once again I am left on edge, dear writer! Good luck writing, can't wait to read what's next!

I posted another chapter if you find a moment soon.

Author's Response: Oh goodness. Bad week! No more butt-kicking! Even so, I appreciate the lovely review, as always. Andromeda is being pretty stupid. So is Ted. It's fun making them be stupid. But yeah, they should probably stop that sometime soon.

Next chapter is on its way!

AND YAY. I can't wait to read the next chap of "Sunshine." I will get to it pronto!

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Review #16, by MarieBlackKill Your Darlings: Christmas Party

3rd February 2014:

There is so much in one chapter, I have no idea where to begin! The beginning is most likely. So let's go there.

Andromeda at a Muggle party is so thoroughly amusing. Okay, Andie at a party with a bunch of Muggles who are not particularly full of manners or I suppose etiquette is MAGNIFICENT. You can feel the awkward tension and uneasiness leaking off of her. AGH. I do adore the two sisters, as they seem to be just opposites but adoring. And being the awkward 5th wheel is just so terrifying haha. I pray that I never experience that, but I probably will. Roisin is just bonkers, but perfectly matched to Nelson. I thoroughly enjoy the aspect that the couples in your story seem extremely well-matched in likes and status until it comes to Ted and Andie. I think it's what makes their love story the richest, because they have so much to overcome. Not that the others aren't lovely, but they are a touch easier because the couples agree on a lot more issues than Ted and Andie at the get-go.

Roisin you sneaky girl! I feel like she is a representative of every person reading this fic WHO JUST WANTS THEM TO KISS ALREADY. But no, Ted had to be all noble and save her from ruining herself with his "Muggleborn diseases" and run off and embarrass her. SHE WANTED TO KISS HIM THO. ANDROMEDA BLACK WANTED A KISS FROM TED TONKS. I'm just so glad we got to see that day come.

I love her thoughts in her room though, about her family and the ones before about Narcissa. Deep down she loves her family despite the twisted-ness they can have. They're family, they give her all of her power in life in her mind. I'm curious to know exactly if Andie's disappearance effected Narcissa, because while I can see the close bond on Andie's side of things it's hard to know if Narcissa will reprimand her and give her a cold shoulder about it or bring her comfort. Just a side thought there.


SO MUCH SEXUAL TENSION. JUST HEAPS DEAR HEAVENS. I was all like "AHHH THEY ARE GONNA KISS" and then I'm all like "AHHH TED TONKS IS DYING!" I am so very curious about his condition, it seems to hurtful and horrible, and I can't make out what it might be.

Andie cares so much for Ted, and he's the first person she's every truly thought of or put before herself. Seeing him hurt turned her from the girl with a plan and cool head to a panicked mess. It's just lovely that love can do that. It can conquer hate and prejudice. And I love that this idea is also in the Harry Potter novels, but that it is present here as well. It just makes it all so easy to tie into the larger story, like this story is a definite thing that could have happened.

Once again, lovely writing. I'm wishing you rest and luck with the next chapter! You're writing is so well, and I love this story. Reviewing for you is not hard or a chore because I love this story!

The next chapter of mine is posted if you ever get a chance.

Btw, I read this all while I was at work and had to stop halfway through to do something and about flipped out in anticipation.

Author's Response: AHH. I'm sorry for playing on your heart strings!! D: But I AM glad that it was a semi-enjoyable experience (?) Haha.

You know, I never even thought of Tedromeda that way, in relation to all the couples around them, but you're so right! They seem like the oddest match compared to the perfect matches around them, don't they? Oh, Teddy and Andykins, you silly, odd kids.

Bahaha. You called it. That is EXACTLY what Roisin is. She is Ted and Dromeda's Georgiana Darcy. :]

I'm happy to report that Narcissa will most definitely come back into the story later on, so I hope that will answer some of your thoughts/questions about how she handles Dromeda's disappearance. I've surprised myself with how attached I am to Cissy, so I'm excited to bring her back in at a later date.

Hear, hear to all your thoughts on love! I'm a firm believer that love always conquers hate, just like dear JK Rowling wrote that it did, so it only seems fitting to stay in the spirit of her books. Love always wins! -gets off soap box-

Thanks so very much, as always, for the sweet review and for the good wishes. I'm hoping to have Chap 16 in the queue tomorrow!

And AHHH. I must read the next chapter of Sunshine!! Expect a review from me tomorrow. Can't wait to read!

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Review #17, by MarieBlackKill Your Darlings: Wensleydale Cheese

1st February 2014:
Again you leave me quite speechless, m'lady.

I love the interactions between Nelson and Andromeda, it's so positively charming. He's so much like Ted, or is it that Ted is so much like him? Haha. He's a lovely fellow, but there are some differences at least. Ted is a touch more serious, while Nelson seems to be more playful. I like them both. I think it's intriguing for him to have a brother, a Muggle brother too.

Andromeda's reaction to the poor conditions that Ted lives in is very accurate. I feel like I haven't lived a very rich life, and yet I see where her thoughts come from. Her whole world is turning upside down in a few days and it's startling. But what I enjoy most is her reprimanding herself in her own head, her nice side is winning out.

When Andromeda finds Ted on the porch scrubbing away at the vandalism it's such a good moment. You can really see the change in her, at her derision of Ted calling himself a Mudblood. Just so freakin' cute because she doesn't consider him that way. It's wrong in her mind to correlate Ted with that word, that word to her has a horrible meaning that she simply cannot now apply to him. Her taking care of it with her spells is just perfect, it reveals how much she does care for him.

AND WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT WHY SHE RAN AWAY. SO MANY FEELINGS. I think Ted's reactions are stunning. Because there is such a heart in him. And I honestly think it is so obvious to everyone but Andromeda that Ted is actually starting to like her. And I think Andromeda is beginning on a road to her own feelings. Ted is just lovely, the perfect balance of upset and caring. AND HE DANG CRIED. HOW CUTE IS THAT?!

Loving these interactions, seriously. You have made me fall in love with Andromeda/Ted while they are on the road to falling in love. Thank you! Keep writing, it is so lovely.

Author's Response: Aw, I'm glad you like Nelson! I've had fun writing him, but then I always love writing goofballs. He's definitely more playful/careless/crude than Ted, but he's a pretty okay older brother in my estimation. :)

Andromeda is definitely changing, and I think she's changing even more than she's able to recognize because she's in such a strange, new environment where she's still processing basic concepts like fixing her own breakfast. Haha.

ALL THE FEELINGS. It makes me so happy that you see all the heart in Ted. Thank you so, so much for all of your encouraging words. I'm tickled pink that you've fallen in love with one of my favorite ships ever, and I just hope I can do them justice. New chapter is coming your way!

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Review #18, by MarieBlackKill Your Darlings: Refuge

26th January 2014:

This chapter was precisely perfect.Just everything.

Andie is being so out of herself from the rashness and I totally get it! I get that, I get that in the face of craziness and you jump on being rash you just become beside yourself. I'm sure being sleep deprived did not help at all.

I just see so much of myself in Andie, it's odd. Just in the way she organizes herself and goes about things.

And I love Ted. He is like my most favorite character of all time life, yes. Everyone needs a Ted Tonks in their life.

I love how she got a hold of Ted though. They didn't happen to meet in Diagon Alley or anything. It was all relatively plausible. Running into one of his friends and all of that. Your writing is just intentional with every character. They all kind of have their own limelight moment.

In a way that reminds me of how J.K. Rowling writes, every character matters in her stories from Lavender Brown to Neville who all seemed rather background.

I just adore this, I'm an avid reader and fan.


Author's Response: YAY. I'm glad you liked!! Yes, Andromeda is not quite herself in this chapter. Like you say, running away from home and questioning everything you believe and running low on sleep can lead to some pretty erratic behavior.

I'm glad, too, that you can empathize so strongly with Andie! To me, it's a nice confirmation that she's well, like a real person. :) Hear, hear! Let there be a Ted Tonks in everyone's life. I like him pretty well, too, but then I'm biased. >:] He's been such a fun guy to write.

I'm also really glad that you appreciate all the "extras." Whether George or Walburga or Nelson, they always surprise me with their personalities/motivations. I love that JK gave so much attention to periphery characters, too, because if she didn't, we wouldn't have Ted and Andromeda to begin with! D:

Thank you for the review and ongoing support. Currently writing the next chapter, so I hope it'll be in your hands soon!

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Review #19, by MarieBlackKill Your Darlings: No Place Like Home

23rd January 2014:

From the beginning yes?

I love the excerpts from the book about Muggles and Muggleborns, it just gives me as a reader so much insight into how lowly they considered muggles and then even muggleborns. The disdain int he voice of the writer, man, you can almost see them with their nose stuck high in the air and scowling. Lovely.

Then Andie's father. That just crushes me. She had held so securely to the words he had told her and fought for them and seized them and let them drive her to this point. And now it seems as if it was all in vain. That she had mistaken what he meant and thus been lead to this point. How terribly heart breaking.

Walburga. EW. I HATE HER SHE IS HORRIBLE NO WONDER SIRIUS RAN AWAY. Albeit, her accusations to Druella are amusing on the other side of things because we know that Sirius eventually leaves them, even her reigns are not tight enough.

I hate how cruel they are to her, poor Andie. She's being forced. I think Rab is the scum of the Earth. Lower than that. The books about muggles and muggleborns should have been descriptions of him. Ugh.

I like Andie running away. It better be to Ted or so help me. I like her leaving. I couldn't figure out if she would concede or what or how Ted would come back into play or if it would wait out until after the holidays or if Rabastan would re-emerge but I like this.

Keep updating as you can, looking forward to writing more reviews!

Author's Response: Yeah, I would NOT wanna run into the author of The Silent Scourge. What an aristo-creep, right? I'm glad you enjoyed reading the passages; I wanted to give just a little more of a glimpse at exactly what Walburga had been reading those kiddoes at night. Scary woman. What amazes me is that Sirius didn't run away sooner. And yes, the delicious irony that she ultimately couldn't control her own kid. Take THAT, Burga.

It was hard to write Dromeda's scene with her dad. She had a lot hinging on his belief and good opinion. She thought he was her one cheerleader out of the family. It hurts my heart. :(

But now she is GONE. And that next chapter FLEW through the queue, so you can find out just where Dromeda went! Thanks, as always, for the reviewww!

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Review #20, by MarieBlackKill Your Darlings: Confrontation & Contraband

20th January 2014:
THIS WAS SO FLIPPING GOOD. Like my favorite chapter, even though there is minimal Ted.

I love seeing depth in the Black family. Like how Andie's mother and Sirius' have similarity. It keys in a lot because while we never hear about their mother in the series but linking her to Walburga often lets us see her personality is similar to Sirius' mother. I love that.

Andie's interactions with Sirius always warm my heart because I feel like they're kindred spirits. Haha. Although Sirius exudes this rebellious side in a different form than Andie, eventually I think defecting from their family was something they both saw in each other when they were younger. I love their relationship, it's much more normal and family-like then that of their other relatives.

Bella scares the wits out of me honestly. I don't know if I could have ever faced her haha. She's cruel though and I'm glad that the cruelty in her is shown. I always felt that a heart like hers was something that was always evident in her. It's hard to hide true cruelty, almost like the trends in serial killers.

I love the little line about Regulus in there, about how he's becoming a goody goody. Plays right into him being his parents favorite son. My story is actually about Regulus and his own turning from his family and the Dark Lord. The second chapter is about to post so feel free to read it at your leisure.

This story is lovely! Happy writing.

Author's Response: Favorite chapter? Even without Ted?! SCORE. I'm glad, because it was a very rewarding chapter to write, even though I creeped myself out while doing so.

Mm, yes, you never really hear about Druella. I'd love to read an obscure fanfic about HER. I picture her as the more subservient, mild-mannered of the sisters-in-law, but she's still got her cruel side and her prejudices, no doubt.

I love writing Andie and Sirius. And yes, theirs probably the most normal and loving relationship that has ever occurred in Grimmauld Place to date.

I had an interesting time working out Bella, because what we see of her in the books is post-Azkaban, and it's hard to tell how much of her personality was in existence before her imprisonment, and how much of it was brought on by psychosis. But then you look at what landed her in Azkaban, and it's clear that she had to be a cruel, sadistic sort of person even before she was locked away. I've had a rough time keeping crazy out of her behavior, but hopefully I can keep up a consistent portrayal.

GASP. NO WAY. I MUST READ THIS STORY. I had no idea you'd posted it already! Regulus is, like, one of my FAVORITE tertiary Harry Potter characters. I've always thought he had such a fascinating, heartbreaking story. I'll be sure to favorite your story and read it soon!

Thank you for the encouragement!

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Review #21, by MarieBlackKill Your Darlings: Discovery

18th January 2014:

But alas, I am also overjoyed because now Dromeda and Ted shall come together. >:)

This chapter is filled with so much, where to begin!

I love Andie when she's with Ted, in a way she makes me think of Dora. Dora seems to be this perfect mix of her parents in the best way. I think that's perfectly lovely.

Ted just makes me think of this adorable guy who I would just be best friends with and then slowly fall in love with and marry. He's perfect. He's perfect for Andie. He sets her free.

NOW, Rabastan is the scum of the earth. He does not even deserve to lick the boot of the muggleborns he hates so much. I hope Andie stands up to him. I hope she breaks him down with her words and lets him have it. She has held back for so long about her proper feelings of him and I hope she lets him have it.

However, I do recognize the possibility of her sticking with him for the sake of her parents and their desire to see her engaged to be married. I do see her accepting it because she considers herself plain to her sisters. I do see the insecurity in Dromeda.

But I hope her firey temper comes out. I hope she rips him to shreds. It would bring me the upmost joy.

Author's Response: Yeah, Rabastan's taken a turn for the worse, now hasn't he? >:( I am sure Andromeda would very much appreciate your righteous indignation. RAWR.

I'm so happy that their interactions remind you of Dora! I loved her character in the books, and it's been fun to develop characteristics in her parents that I think she would have inherited, aside from the obvious ones--like the messiness she inherited from Ted.

DO YOU HEAR THAT, ANDIE? TED SETS YOU FREE. I think he's perfect for her, too, but obvz I am biased.

Mm, I have a pet name for Rabastan that I can't write here but that is a mash-up of "Rab "and that bad guy word that starts with a "b." Heh. BECAUSE YOU'RE A TERRIBLE PERSON, RABASTAN.

As you point out, though, Andromeda's family and her position make this a complicated problem, and you're very right that she has plenty of insecurity. Her response is in the queue!

Thanks, thanks, thanks for brightening my day with your review!

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Review #22, by MarieBlackCareful What You Wish For: The Second Wish

16th January 2014:
LOVE IT. Please don't go away! Write more, I will miss it!

I'm increasingly irritated by Radley, but I can see why Kat likes him and his attention. She obviously thinks he's cute. But I don't think there is much past the surface level honestly.

She just needs to wake up and realize that she loves Oliver by now!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much! Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere! I'm away from home for five months, meaning reviews and updates will be a little unpredictable, but I'll still find time for HPFF whenever I can. I love this site too much to leave it!

Radley is certainly a very irritating bloke. But like you said, she just can't see past what he looks like, and his fake charm.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #23, by MarieBlackKill Your Darlings: Cavorting

16th January 2014:

I now know why I like Andie so much, it's because I relate to her so well! About having things entirely planned out and feeling plainer than her siblings and not enjoying being boxed in by people. I like that I can relate to her so well, it keeps me interested!

I love her and Ted's meetings, in a way Andie seems more free around him than anyone else. I can definitely see Ted is feeling something with her as well, but also he backs off because he doesn't want to be an affair for her.

Rabastan is back and forth for me. There are times where I see his good side, the side that Andie likes. But his bad side is so annoying. He's such a.prat, tool, jerkface. I enjoy that he can be sweet but I think it was right to give him that mean edge.

I'm enticed to see what sort of things will occur over the holiday and how Ted and Andie's relationship will fair with that too.

Lovely chapter again! Please do keep going, haha. I love seeing updates almost daily!

Author's Response: Muahahaha. YAY. I wouldn't want it any other way. :]

I'm so glad to hear that you can relate to Andie. I was a little concerned when I first wrote her that she might be hard to sympathize with, since she's quite capable of being cruel and prejudiced. But I like to focus on her good qualities, one of which is her strong independence and her refusal to be boxed in--just like you say!

ALL the sexual tension between Ted and Andie. WHEE! I think you're very right, though. Ted treats Andie in a way that none of her family does, and she's still trying to figure out how on earth that's compatible with the life she's known up until now.

Oh, Rabastan. He may not be pure evil, but he's a jerkface for sure. A really Jerk McJerkerson.

Holiday magic is coming son! Thank you oodles and oodles for the review.

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Review #24, by MarieBlackTied Together With A Smile: Fake Snakes and Good Sweets

15th January 2014:
Lovely chapter! I so enjoy the increasing mysetery that comes with the Bennetts and Coralie, especially about this mysterious man.

I'm seeing something between Coralie and Sirius but I go from liking to disliking him most of the time haha. But I think that's okay, they aren't similar in the way they interact so I enjoy seeing the rough patches.

Lovely work, even unbeta'ed. If you wouldn't have said it I wouldn't have guessed haha.

I think possibly Coralie may be on the run from a cruel suitor or perhaps a dark wizard, maybe even a vampire who intends to steal her from her family. The possibilities are endless!

I hope your writing goes smoothly, excited for updates!

Author's Response: There's definitely more of that mystery coming your way :)

Oooh, there's definitely something there or rather, there will be. You feel a bit like Cora then!

I love hearing your predictions. It is getting closer and closer to the unveiling of the mystery man! I hope you'll like it.

Thanks for your lovely review again. They really keep my spirits up :D

x Ely

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Review #25, by MarieBlackKill Your Darlings: Rebellion, Within Reason

15th January 2014:

Ted's reaction to her automatic thought that he'll just agree with her plan because she asks of it is top notch. I am increasingly impatient so slow paced romance really can make me anxious, but I think it is so well fitting with these two. Andie has things to get over that aren't just going to be thrown out of the door so easily, I mean she was raised in them! And Ted also has this set idea of her in his head and I don't think he'd readily throw that away either, he has seen too much of the Slytherin in her I guess. They both have a ways to grow in love.

Ted's tattoo. Just Ted. What a hunk of man candy. Like give me one.

Andie's desire to have everything planned and mapped out I can totally relate to. I'm very much the same way. I don't like to do anything that isn't planned out or do anything outside of that presupposed plan. Which I intend to think is a blessing and a curse, as it will be for Andie. I surmise that she won't get caught, but at the same time not everything will go according to plan so getting caught is an option. I just extremely like some foreshadowing and guessing at future events, I watch too many cop shows haha.

I truly adore the turn this is making, that little by little they are both abandoning what they at first impression believed to be true about one another. I think a love like that would last the ages.

I know you're getting on the tail end of all of your already done chapters, but I will always be checking for updates on this. It's one of the constant stories I enjoy and I like being able to come in from the beginning and see the updates.

Happy writing, and I so do enjoy leaving reviews!

Author's Response: YAY. I'm glad that you so do enjoy leaving reviews, because I so do love reading them!

Yeahhh, Andromeda presumes A LOT. All the time. Constantly. Presumption is her thing. And like you say, that's not something that you simply grow out of in an instant. Both these darlings have some maturing to do. But they will mature. Oh, yes they will. :)

Eheheheh. I hate it when authors wax on about how pretty their boys are, but I can't help myself. He's a freakin' Quidditch player; it was just LOGICAL that he be so hot and tattooed and stuff. Also, I thought I owed it to Ted to make him fit in his early years, considering Rowling gives him a belly 25 years later.

Yes! I was a planning baby when I was younger, and for some reason I mellowed out in my teens, but I can still totally relate to Andie's need to plan out everything--even her "spontaneous" adventures. Like you say, it can be a blessing and a curse. But how shall it plan out for Andie? Hrmmm.

Thanks again for always checking in and leaving such lovely reviews! Chapter 9 is on its way!

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