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Review #1, by vengeanceLunar Phases I: Waning Moon: Regret and Ambush

26th November 2012:
Eep, how have I forgotten to review the last few chapters? They were all wonderful, of course.

And wow, I just love your writing style. It's excellent. It flows so well and is just perfect, for lack of better words. (You're the writer, not me!)

The story is going really well, and i'm intrigued as to if Remus will remember - or if seeing Myra will jog his memory.

I hope your NaNoWriMo went well, and I hope you can get the surgery if you need it. I know i'll struggle with one update a month, but that's okay. It'll be a good part of my month ;)

Thanks for sharing your fabulous work x

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm so glad you liked them!

NaNo went to... Well, you get the picture. Cats and work and life just got in the way... So I haven't written anything worthwhile in ages, but I'm hoping to turn that around while I have some time off at Christmas.

I sent the next chapter to my betas a couple of days ago, hoping I can get it up on the 24th. But because of the queue closure it will hopefully be out around New Years.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by vengeanceLunar Phases I: Waning Moon: Revelations at Hogwarts

4th August 2012:
Excellent chapter, as usual. I love that Myra and Remus are partners for patrolling, and I love the little chat that Sirius had with her. (And the snogging line!)

The sneak peak for the next chapter has made me awfully curious, so I look forward to seeing how that conversation goes.

And the september first thing makes complete sense. I never understood it either. Maybe they just go back and start on whichever day of the year it is - even if it's a friday! It wouldn't make sense, but yeah.

This is definitely one of my favourite Remus/OC stories. Thoroughly enjoying it, thank-you :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter! And that you're excited about the next chapter, because I am too :)

Yeah, it does make sense that they go back and start on wichever day September 1 is on, but, if I remember correctly, I've read that it's always Sunday when they're rushing for the train... Maybe the magical world is nice that way, the days and dates never change...

One of your favourites... Oh, you make me all tingly inside :)

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #3, by vengeanceMy Not-So-Imaginary Friend: XVI: This Has Been in My Family for Generations

28th July 2012:
In a way, I'm super excited that Marta and Remus are finally together - however, I'm so worried that something else with Benjamin is going to happen, or there will be some sort of plot twist or something. I just hope Marta and Remus can be happy together, finally!

Author's Response: I was also super happy when I wrote this chapter! But you think I'm going to have a plot twist? Really? *whistles* Well, I'm glad you liked it and thank you for reviewing!

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Review #4, by vengeanceFate, Maybe: Chapter Ten

28th July 2012:
I'm so, so, so excited to see this story updated. I honestly love it so very much. I think the whole concept is super interesting, and I think the way you have the characters reacting is perfect. Oh gosh. I really want to see Prisoner of Azkaban to see Sirius and Remus' reactions about themselves! (I know, I know, I'm getting a bit ahead here :P)
But honestly, I love this so much. Your characters are excellent, this is excellent. Please keep going :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review! I'll be honest, the idea of them reading Prisoner of Azkaban is one of the reasons I wanted to do this story :P I just think it would be so interesting to write!

I'm thrilled you're enjoying the story and thanks again - reviews like this are what keep me going :)

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Review #5, by vengeanceLunar Phases I: Waning Moon: Of Firewhiskey and Freefalls

19th July 2012:
Hestia's home sounds amazing, and oh gosh, thankfully Myra didn't spill Remus' secret under the influence of firewhiskey!

You write so well. You seem to be able to write any situation perfectly. This is definitely one of my favourite stories. It's interesting, it's marauders era, it's exceptionally well written. It's just excellent :)

I'm very intrigued to see the next chapter. I can't wait to have some more Remus! Even Remus-themed thoughts ;)

Author's Response: You're too kind :) Thanks for making my day with that review :D

The next chapter should be out within two weeks :) It got sent to the betas yesterday. And it does include Remus :)

Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by vengeanceMy Not-So-Imaginary Friend: XV: One Would Say It's a Family Business

13th July 2012:
Just wanted to say that I adore this story. It's so well thought out and interesting. I'm thoroughly intrigued and can't wait to see what happens! Also, your characters are excellent and I love them all. I promise next time I review it'll be better x

Author's Response: It's always good to hear words of praise and appreciation! I do my best to plan ahead. I hope that when the next few chapters go up, I won't be the only one thinking they're still good. Thank you so much for reviewing! Anything is good in my book!

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Review #7, by vengeanceLunar Phases I: Waning Moon: Blue Moon

11th July 2012:
Just a quick review to say I enjoyed the chapter. I swear I'll leave a better review next chapter when I've got more time. Of course, the story is excellent. I adore it. x

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the review, and I hope to hear from you again! Chapter 16 should be out this weekend :)

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Review #8, by vengeanceBrave New Hope: The Way Home

26th April 2012:
Okay, so I spent all yesterday and the night before that reading the entire 'Brave New' series. I can't remember everything I wanted to say last night (by the time I finished reading, I went straight to sleep) but I really love what you've done.

I love the way the story has developed through the generations. I love how what Harry does goes mostly along with the books. You write your characters excellently, and I feel like you've done them all justice.

I love Izzy finally realising how she feels about George, and i'm glad Ginny knows. I just hope George and Izzy both realise that they like each other. Mia and Sirius are wonderful, as are Tonks and Remus. And i'm honestly hoping that you don't follow the book with Tonks and Remus... I don't think I could handle that.

Before I start writing a story as a review, I'll end with: Everything is perfect. I love your twist on everything, and i'm glad I found the series and spent so long reading it all. I look forward to seeing what happens :)

- Jaid x

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
It's always lovely to get new readers, especially ones who like your work :D
I'm so glad you like the characters - I'll have to confess I have excellent critics that stir me back into the right direction when I show signs of going out of character or writing them in a "bad" way. Sticking closely to canon also helps.
I'm very happy that you like Izzy's relationship with George - they're slowly growing into their feelings but it won't be a whirlwind thing. I find having them taking it slow makes it all much sweeter.
I'm glad you find the fic perfect, though honestly I very much doubt it actually is. Hope you keep on reading it even though my updates aren't as often as they probably should...

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Review #9, by vengeanceThe War: Bittersweet

15th April 2012:
I'm loving this story. You've captured each character so perfectly. Your writing style is excellent. You've brought Hermione back! (I love Hermione/Remus) This story is just a massive combination of everything Marauder Era I love. I can't wait to see me. To see Lily with James again, hopefully :)

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Review #10, by vengeanceDawn and Dusk: A Promise

6th April 2012:
One of the most perfect stories. I love it, and wish it had been finished. I wish I knew how this story went :)

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Review #11, by vengeanceThe Best Medicine: Irises and Lilies

5th April 2012:
Aw, George and Hermione are just so perfect. Such a shame that their evening got cut short :( and Harry and Ginny, yay! I couldn't help but smile the whole way through this chapter, well, until Hermione had to go back :P
As always, I look forward to seeing the story updated :)

Author's Response: aw, I know! It's those Slytherins!! all over five points, when they would have been better off leaving it be, but they had to complain! haha, yep, Harry and Ginny! I didn't want them to sneak around Mrs. Weasley, I don't think it was respectable considering she's basically letting Harry live there for free. Thanks so much for reading and for leaving a review!

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Review #12, by vengeanceLunar Phases I: Waning Moon: Invisible

1st April 2012:
I have spent my day reading this story, and I absolutely love it! I love your Remus, I love each of your characters, everything is just perfect

Author's Response: I'm so happy to hear that you're enjoying it! And that you like how I portray the characters :)
Thank you so much for the review! I expect chapter 11 to be out within two weeks!

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Review #13, by vengeanceA Building Love: Chapter 12

31st March 2012:
Please don't abandon this story, I adore it!
Your characters are great, your story-line is great, everything is just great :)
I'm not very good at reviews, but I do adore your story and I look forward to seeing it updated :D x

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! Don't worry after all th feedback I've decided I am definitely sticking to the story and by the way your review has definitely contributed to that decision so thanks a lot! Trust me there's no such thing as a bad review... (unless you tell me you hate the story) but I actually am so happy with the review and it's honestly made me very happy! Thanks and I hope you continue to read and review! Jenna :) x

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Review #14, by vengeanceFate, Maybe: Chapter Nine

27th March 2012:
I was a bit hesitant about reading this story at first, but my gosh, I absolutely love it! You write wonderfully! This story is amazing, and I'll keep my eye out for any other updates :)

I hope uni is going well! Uni work drove me absolutely crazy, never any time for anything else :P

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Review #15, by vengeanceThe Best Medicine: How to Fix It

25th March 2012:
I loved seeing that this story has been updated, it's definitely one of my favourites - ever :D

I can't wait for some George/Hermione :) I'm also intrigued about her scar, I hope somehow it can be healed, oh and I love that Dennis Creevy is the new keeper, that is definitely a good thing after losing his brother :)

As usual, you write wonderfully and I adore this story :) x

Author's Response: yay, thanks! This chapter gave me a lot of problems so i'm greatful to hear you liked it! favorite ever!? I'm honored :)

haha, George and his conditions making Head Girl Hermione sneak out! We'll have to see how things go for the couple.
The scar... yep, it'll be a bit of mystery thrown in the fluff!

Thank you! I'm so glad you are enjoying the story! more is on the way soon!

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Review #16, by vengeanceThe Best Medicine: Building Bridges

13th March 2012:
Just wanted to say that I adore this story. I only found it yesterday, but just sat and read it from beginning to end and now I finally have a chance to leave a review. I was strictly Fremione only before this story, but now I love George/Hermione even more I think!

I love each of the characters, I think you've done a wonderful job with them. I even love that Narcissa is a Professor at Hogwarts now. The part about Harry coming back for Ginny was lovely as well, I definitely liked it!

Honestly, this story has brought tears to my eyes (Hermione's parents :[) and many, many smiles to my face. I absolutely love it :) x

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a lovely review! Seriously, this is making me grin from ear to ear :p I love both Fred or George with Hermione, I think it can be such a wonderful ship when written well. I chose to write about George because I see less of them :)

It's fantastic to hear that you like my characters as well! I try to stay as true to their canon personallities as possible. I really wanted to give Narcissa a good chance at a new life after she helped Harry in DH. And, good to hear. I was a little uneasy about it because it seems too "harry-angsty" but it seems to be going over well.

Aww.. Well *hugs* don't cry! Just remember, George got to be there to help Hermione through it! Thank you again for such a fantastic review, this really brightened my day a lot to hear you loved it so much!

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Review #17, by vengeancePlay: Six Months is the New Practically Forever

19th February 2012:
Okay, so I just sat here and read Game, and now Play. Sorry for not reviewing as I read, but I just had to read this story without stopping. I have loved every part of it. I think Oliver is wonderful, and the same with Rona. The story has kept me glued to my laptop (thus late to work) but it's been great :) I'll keep my eye out for an update and look forward to more glorious work from you :D

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it! ^__^ Game's super old now, but it's where my writing began. Thank you so much for your review :)

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Review #18, by vengeanceAll they want for Christmas...: Planning

20th July 2011:

The dresses all sound gorgeous, and I'm so intrigued to see what the wedding is like! (But I'm so worried about Lucius!)

Hermione's spell is wonderful, hopefully it'll come in handy when Lucius/A Parkinson appears ;)

I love how the wedding will be muggle and magic and that both sides can attend :)

I'm looking forward to everything! :D


Author's Response: The wedding is still 2 months away!! Calmmm yo self!

I'm obsessed with Wedding dresses. She actually tried on the exact one that I want. See if you can guess which one it is?

I had a lot of trouble coming up with the spell. I had a major brainstorm moment. The spell translates from latin to "love shield" :)

I'm excited for everyone to read the ending!

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Review #19, by vengeanceAll they want for Christmas...: Proposing

27th June 2011:
Just wanted to say the chapter was absolutely lovely. I love how Draco proposed the first time and Hermione was just thinking about work, heh. But the chapter was so nice, and Hermione and Draco are so wonderful together :)

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! I'm glad you think they're good together! I'm very excited for the next few chapters! They shall be epic!

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Review #20, by vengeanceAll they want for Christmas...: Living

14th April 2011:
Narcissa and Draco in this chapter actually bought tears to my eyes. However, I am glad that Narcissa will always love Draco - even if he's with Hermione.

I do love that Hermione got a job, and it's a job that sounds very interesting.

You're a great writer, and I enjoy this story very much :)

- Jaid x

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love that you had an emotional response to the chapter, because I know I did! And I wish I had Hermione's job! I thought it sounded so much more exciting than something dull in the ministry.

I hope you keep reading and enjoying!

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Review #21, by vengeanceJust Dance: Scavenger Hunt, Part Two

14th April 2011:
I just love Fred Weasley!

Hopefully their plan works out, though I can just imagine something going wrong x]

Looking forward to the update! and, I hope school gets better :)

- Jaid

Author's Response: Oh, with Fred you can imagine the many things going wrong ;P Also, thank you for understanding about the school thing. I hope it gets better too!

♥ thanks for the review, Jaid!

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Review #22, by vengeanceTrapped.: Cinderella

11th April 2011:
It's been so long since I've logged onto this website, but I'm so glad to see this story updated :)
I love it a lot, and i'm loving the Regulus/Ivy action :D

I look forward to seeing what happens in the next chapter :)

- J

Author's Response: I just updated! Thanks for the review.

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Review #23, by vengeanceThe Courage to Change: Heroes

26th October 2010:
I just respect Draco so much, and even Lucias appears alright to me in this chapter. I'm really glad he helped his son, and I really dislike Bellatrix! I am so glad Draco found Hermione, and even Harry! I imagine Ginny will be very pleased with Draco when she finds out. However, I do hope that Draco is okay. Bellatrix truly is a psycopath! Haha. I do also hope that Lucias is alright! Actually, that everyone is alright, haha!

I cannot wait until the next chapter is updated :)

Also! This is my 100th review! Yay! -dances- :)

- Jaid

Author's Response: Thank you so much for all your wonderful reviews! And congrats on your 100th!! :)

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Review #24, by vengeanceThe Courage to Change: Pieces

26th October 2010:
Firstly, I loved Bill and Ron's little chat!
Secondly, I loved Snape in this chapter and I loved that Draco was able to attend his mothers funeral safely thanks to Snape and that he was able to save Luna and Ollivander!
Thirdly, the whole mutual break up thing made me sad :(

But still, it was a great chapter :)

- Jaid

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Review #25, by vengeanceThe Courage to Change: Discoveries

26th October 2010:
I felt I should leave another review :)
I'm loving this story very much as I read along and this chapter was nice - I love that Luna helped out and asked about the Diadem! I am also glad that Hermione found it and destroyed it. Your Hermione and Draco are great!
I felt so bad for Ron, finding out the way he did but I suppose it was time for him to find out!
Time for me to continue reading :)

- Jaid

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