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Review #1, by pirette08Have I Found You? Or Lost You?: Game, Set, Match

23rd December 2010:
I'm still amused at how many people are upset because it's not going their way. Guess what darlings? the series is done, it's over and YOU got your bloody ending the way you wanted. Let it go!! if you want to read canon go read the series!! this is FANfiction!!

All right, now that that's out of my system, I can review the story. Sorry I hadn't reviwed yet, I was waiting to see if perhaps the next chapter after this one would go up. What I like about this story is that no matter how touching the romantic moments are, there is still more to the story. There's another major plot alongside with the thriling couple plots. I really wish I had the talent to pull that off, all my stories tend to end up melodramatic, romance heavy ones.

You left me in complete suspense. I am so anxious to find out what happens!! I really hope the wait wont be long!! keep it up and don't let those irrelevant reviews get to you. You have something good in your hands and I am so eager to see it what it concludes in. =)


Author's Response: Thanks once again pirette! It's good to hear from you. I am doing my best to take everything with a grain of salt and just write the story that I intended to write.

It's funny that you say that I have this major plot coupled with the romance. I find myself switching off and on. If you look at the chapters you'll see major romance for like three chapters and then two chapters of heavy suspense/plot. I don't know if I have the two woven together necessarily. I think I just get tired of writing one for a while and then I slam back in the other.

I think it's a definite art (and I am by no means saying that I am perfection, if anything I think I just proved the opposite). But yeah writing is a constant learning process especially with ironing out a good story arc filled with equal amounts of humor, drama, suspense, and action. I think some of the greatest movies/books/tv shows are those that know how to hit both the heartstrings and the gut. They make your heart pound with the romance and your hands clam up from the suspense. It's a very fine line. The biggest thing you can do is to honestly brainstorm. Write outlines.

Besides that the next best thing you can do for yourself is to keep writing! Always keep at it. Keep writing and keep reading. Soon, you'll find that your writing has grown and you are that much better than when you started. I feel like that all the time. It's an ever-changing process and the best thing you can do is to keep trying.

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Review #2, by pirette08Have I Found You? Or Lost You?: Not Strong Enough To Break

3rd December 2010:
Oh...My...God. my heart! you are breaking my heart!! I loved the beginning because it was so easy to feel the longing they had for one another. But when i got to the end, I was in tears! I am not one to easily cry but this! oh my god. In a way it makes sense this WOULD happen. I do think that since this is epilogue related, yes she naturally does love Ron (more so then she ever would in my own stories lol) but I like to believe that she loves him in some other indescribably way. and yes, she would be very vulnerable if her first love doesn't end well. I know her fear all to well.

As for Harry, oh my goodness. why can't he be real?! why can't I have a male friend like this? he is so sweet and really like how imagine he would be at this age. JKR didnt get the opportunity to develop his romance intelligence due to the war but somehow I do picture him behaving like this if he fell deeply in love. so sweet.

I just hate that I have to wait again to see what happens. I am on the edge of my seat! If you do end up making this epilogue compliant, which you have said you will. I don't know how I'm going to handle them not being together. Please just promise that in your next fic, you make it up to me and end with a harmony ending =)


Author's Response: Pirette, gosh I love it when you review!

Thank you for actually talking about the freaking story!

Anyway yeah so when I wrote that last scene I cried too. Who wants to jump head long into something knowing that your heart is just going to get broken again? I just... I don't know. I just have been in Hermione's shoes and it just seems like the realest thing to me.

As for Harry, I think he wants to do the right thing. I think he wants to avoid what he feels because of Ginny and Ron, but another part of him just can't. He knows he's not ready. He knows he can't admit or offer the things that Hermione needs. She needs assurances from him that he can't give and the funny thing is she can't give them either. But what I love about Harry is that he follows his heart, he follows what he feels and right now the one thing he knows is that he has feelings for her. So he's trying to follow them, he's trying to have courage and do right by Hermione, but he just can't make promises. He knows they'll both get hurt in the end.

I will seriously have to think about the next story that I plan on doing. I have two in mind and both appear to be deep epics like this one where they will be many faceted, many chaptered novels. Right now I don't have the energy to knock them out! Haha.

All my ideas of course involve H/Hr, so I can always promise that. Anyway... thank you pirette for your enthusiasm. I love reading your reviews and seeing your reactions as you go along. It's the greatest reward!

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Review #3, by pirette08Have I Found You? Or Lost You?: Unhappy Endings

1st December 2010:
Okay, this isn't really a review about this chapter or your story because you already know I love it. I am simply writing because I do not understand all the crap you are getting about the last chapter.

I love how H/G and R/Hr shippers are so fast to say that we Harmonians are delusional and crazy. But honestly reading the reviews those shippers have left about this story is firing me up. To say that Harry and Hermione getting together is preposterous, it is easy to see they wouldn't now love if it danced naked infront of them and slapped them. Now, i'm not necessarily mean the romantic type of love they DO have the potential for. I am talking about the platonic.

Here are two people who love each other dearly. I get so annoyed when people mention the "they're like brother/sister" crap. Guess what? they're NOT! as much as that makes you feel secure in your canon ships, they COULD've explored beyond that. they are human, they are a man and a woman who care for each other deeply. they have been together through thick and thin and to say that you can't see them exploring, well then you obviously haven't really lived or been in a deep relationship.

Meg, I am really proud of this story because it really answers so many things JKR left unsaid. I do believe they would eventually give in. they're human and yes even though they love Ron and Ginny, they're not exactly happy with them completley are they? I say ignore all the haters condemning our ship, they don't know what they're missing out on. continue on with this amazing story and know that there are people here who think you're doing a great job. =)


Author's Response: Man, this is getting CAH-RAZY! Hahhaa. Pirette08 I do happen to love you right now! Haha.

It's like I get ten reviews from H/G shippers and now all my H/Hr fans are firing back! I love it! Haha. Oh my gosh I can't tell you how thrilled all this discussion is making me!

Now here I go about to get all philosophical again... be prepared!

The reason people are so inflamed with this story and with the pairings is because I am attempting to ultimately massacre an ideal! I'm butchering a fairytale. Now, I know that seems quite harsh to say, but I really do believe it's true. The story pulls into question true love, first love, puppy love, soul mate love, friend love, girl-guy friendship love... just so many things are up in the air!

Indirectly because of that we are getting themes of betrayal, infidelity, lies, truth, lust, boundaries, etc... All the major themes that we battle day to day, week to week as average humans. These reviews are a supreme example of the human condition. They perfectly show what people buy into and what people come to believe wholeheartedly that they are willing to fight to no end on a random website!

I find this completely fascinating!

Dear readers one and all! Please continue to review! Continue to feel these emotions! Continue this discussion! Although I will remind you all that everyone comes from a different background, from different experiences. People are entitled to their opinions.

Anyway thank you for being proud of me Pirette, but I do have to say that I in turn am so proud of everyone reading the story and reviewing. I wanted to write a story that made people think and feel and question things that they normally wouldn't. And look it! Here we are!

I appreciate your passion and defense dear Pirette for the story, me, and for our ship! I will say that I do agree with you... Harry and Hermione are so tangible that it almost seems disturbing that others don't see it too. Maybe one day...

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Review #4, by pirette08Have I Found You? Or Lost You?: Sickle For Your Thoughts?

28th November 2010:
OMG! I love you and I love this story lol. Finally!!! I was so stoked when I saw there was a new chapter!! this is a ten for sure. I love Luna's advice, she's so blunt about everything. I often find myself using that in my own stories. Also, I too thoroughly enjoyed the dancing scene in Deathly Hallows.

If it interests you, you can read my version of it called "Dancing" the funny thing about this is I wrote this 3 years ago, way before Deathly Hallows was filmed, and when I heard they added this scene, I went nuts! awesome work! like always. can't wait for the next.

Author's Response: I'll make my way over and see how yours fares. I'm going to warn you I may be picky!

Thank you for the compliments by the way. I love Luna as well. She is definitely one of my favorite characters in the series. She's just so honest and yet light as a feather. She's like brutal honesty sprinkled with a dash of crazy, the perfect mixture so that it comes off as endearing. I just love every second that she's on screen or in the books.

Glad to hear that it's a ten! Yay! Thanks so much!

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Review #5, by pirette08Have I Found You? Or Lost You?: Paris et L'amour

22nd November 2010:
loved loved loved this chapter!! After seeing Deathly Hallows part 1, I needed more of my Harry/Hermione fix. it was worth the agonizing wait for this new chapter. I really loved Harry's curiosity it is so real! to hell with that Brother/sister feeling. What normal guy would not ever see a potential with a female friend as close as Hermione? As much as I love JKR, she sort of failed with that. I am so looking forward to the rest.

and on an unrelated note, I just realised you have reviewed on two of my stories a while back. I feel so honored! lol keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Yeah I know! After that movie, I was like, "Damn I really really wish they could be together!" Although I do have to say I loved every freaking scene that Ron was in. They all have such amazing chemistry with each other.

I completely agree with you about the whole J.K. thing. I totally think she gave their relationship the short stick. I think she made their friendship far too ideal.

Anyway thank you for your review and you're welcome for mine! Haha. A new chap should be posted soon! Be on the lookout for that!

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Review #6, by pirette08Have I Found You? Or Lost You?: Interrogation of a Mancini

31st October 2010:
I love how you have such a major plot but at the same time add that hint of romance. I am a fun of this story as I'm sure you know. However, I am worried when reading your comments on reviews saying it will end R/Hr. Though I am hooked on this story regardless of pairing because it is THAT good, I really hope it ends H/Hr. I love that pairing, and always will and though Ron is deep down a good guy, I just never saw him as an equal partner to Hermione. Awesome chapter nonetheless, looking forward to more!!

Author's Response: Yeah I know how you feel. I am a huge H/Hr shipper myself and as I write this story more and more I find myself wishing I wouldn't bring them together to only break them apart, but I think I needed a way to comprehend the epilogue. I feel like Harry and Hermione are too close to deny it, so I think it's very possible for them to have a real and fulfilling relationship.

I'm glad you love the mix of plot and romance. That's awesome because that is exactly what I'm going for. Anyway thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by pirette08The Dividing Line: Chapter one

18th October 2010:
I discovered this story on PortKey first and loved all of it. nice to see it here. you have an intriguing stoy in your hands.

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Review #8, by pirette08Have I Found You? Or Lost You?: Pressing Encounters

4th October 2010:
I hate how long validation takes. Both as a writer and reader, the wait is torture! anyway, I loved this chapter so much. There is something so beautiful when an author writes a subtle but so intimate moment between Harry and Hermione! needless to say, this story is on my favorites list and I am eagerly waiting the next chapter!

Author's Response: Pirette you are my subtle Harry and Hermione fan and I love it! My favorite type of build between the two is one that. I like bringing them together closer and closer until it can't be denied any longer. Thanks for favoriting my story. The next chap should be coming soon.

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Review #9, by pirette08That Feeling: That Feeling

1st October 2010:
Lovely! I always thought it was so unrealistic that Nothing happened beween them when Ron left. I was even more shocked that they never even disccussed the "You choose him" comment. I mean really? I had to write about this scene as well so I love to see other's also get inspiration from that chapter. I really loved it, the descriptions and everything was skillfully written!

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Review #10, by pirette08Have I Found You? Or Lost You?: Dusk

14th September 2010:
Aww I've been waiting for the next chapter and was dissapointed in seeing it focused around Harry/Ginny. I really hope all the other shippers havent made you jump ship because Harry/Hermione are amazing. still, I love your writing style and I'm looking forward to the next chapter because Ginny will be gone *insert evil laugh* though her chracter is much more likable in your story than in canon, I still don't really like her lol. hope you don''t mind.

Author's Response: Haha I don't mind at all. I know most H/Hr shippers do not really enjoy her, but I just can't find the will in me to bash any Weasley. I love them all. I do think it's funny that I'm getting all these reviews about how people want it to be a Harry/Hermione story... when it is a Harry/Hermione story. There's a logical progression and apart of that is tearing Ginny away from Harry. I can assure you some goodness between the two will happen soon, especially in the next few chapters. Get amped for that. I evilly laugh with you when it comes to Ginny being gone! While the cat is away the mice will play!! And play they will...

Anyway thank you for the review! Come back again for the next chap and let me know!

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Review #11, by pirette08Have I Found You? Or Lost You?: Lies

2nd September 2010:
I am so enthralled into this story. as a fellow writer I admire your style, it's very descriptive in a way I try so hard to be. I love the story so far and the originality of it. as an H/Hr shipper I love stories that subtly build up to them and still keeping their amazing canon frienship. I have ofcourse favorited and I am looking forward to the next chapters


Author's Response: Thanks pirette! I'm so glad you love the story. It's really starting to pick up and become something so I'm super excited for that. Thank you for saying that I keep the originality of the characters because I feel like that is every fanfic writer's dream. And yes I am a fan of the subtly built H/Hr story too. That's partially the reason why I wrote this story. I had to somehow put into words what I thought in my own personal opinion what other fics were failing to do. Thank you for reading, reviewing, and favoriting my story! I'll have an update as soon as the validation times allow! Thanks again!

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Review #12, by pirette08The Flood: His Perspective

13th December 2009:
amazing!!! the wording, the emotions Harry makes you feel. I really love this!!

Author's Response: thanks much. i wrote this after the review you left me for the first chapter. I was really inspired, and am thankful to you for getting me out of that rut. I've written a third chapter. Posting it now.

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Review #13, by pirette08The Flood: Her Perspective

7th November 2009:
This is a really good start! unfortuatley i know all too well what Hermione (is it Hermione? i might have gotten it wrong) is feeling. you wrote this really well, it made me feel like i was her, i felt the pain.
I think the next chapter should be Harry's perspective, feeling confused and hurt Hermione is being cold with him. i think that because Hermione is hurt, she's try to keep her distance from him and not be his usual self because she doesnt want to keep her heart hurting.
You should also probably include Ron and Ginny's perpective to the whole thing as well. like show Ginny feeling insecure because she's sensing tnesion between Harry and Hermione. I hope that helps, and i look foward to reading more

Author's Response: it does help. thanks alot. i plan on including harry's perspective. it was meant to be abit ambiguous. it's a series of emotions, that i too know well. thanks again. i'll need some time, but i'll update.

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