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Review #1, by tovsyDecoding the Tutshill Tornados: The One with the New Code

20th December 2012:
Omg you are evil... JAVERY ah this is great haha. Hope all goes well with your micing and that you'll come back to us soon with an update hehe :D

Author's Response: Ah, yes, that tiny little detail ... whoops!

Thanks :)

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Review #2, by tovsyBreaking the Quidditch Code: King Henrik

20th December 2012:
Ohmygoodness! I absolutely adored this from start to finish. Awesome plot, perfect execution and WICKED characterization. I'm in love with all the characters ep! And everything was so well-planned and well-thought out too! It's clear you spent heaps of time working out all the minute plot details and the sequence and whatever dovthst it all cane together and made sense. All the secrets really kept me on my toes, and ngl some really caught me by surprise haha! But my favourite thing about this story is that it was so realistic! I mean, James is AN ACTUAL TEENAGE BOY! He wasn't irrevocably in love with Avery, even though we all ship Javery 5ever haha. He had other suitors and I was seriously waving the Jaley flag for a bit. I love that you didn't get James and Avery back together since reality is, life doesn't just become perfect in one chapter :P (and of course that means more Javery in the sequel haha) speaking of, I'm going to wrap up this review so I can read it!! So congratulations on such an epic story, and thank you for sharing it with us. You're amazing!

Author's Response: Haha, you give me so much credit :) you're so nice. And I'm thrilled that you liked it .Seriously. I am very fond of the characters in this story, especially james, and very proud of the way he was able to grow through its chapters.

I'm also glad you don't mind they're not together in the end. I want to pump as much realism as possible into each story I put on here just because sometimes that's what happens. You have to let someone go and try to go back to normal...and see what happens.

Thank you and I hope you like the sequel!

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Review #3, by tovsyBreaking the Quidditch Code: Moving Foward

27th September 2012:
What is so striking about this story is that James is actually a boy, not a fangirl's dream guy. He's so real and very nuch a 17 year old, hormone striken, teenage boy That's so rare. I love that he has interests in other girls not an unrealistic unrequited love for just one person. Can't wait to keep reading!

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying my take on James. To be honest, I'm with you. I wanted to write James because I was very sick of seeing him in so many ways I didn't think he would be...of course, it's just my opinion. Thank you so much!

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Review #4, by tovsyLet Me Count the Ways: Let Me Count the Ways

18th August 2012:
that was so beautifully written, amazing job!

Author's Response: thanks so much

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Review #5, by tovsyNo Solid Ground: Can't Make It Through It But I'll Try Anyway

18th August 2012:
AH so you know the feeling you get when you read a really good novel and all you can do is go OMG the whole time? This is what this story is doing to me, it is that incredible. Please update soon! I hate unfinished stories :( (I actually tend to avoid WIPs because I just want to read a story right through, but THIS is worth the agony of it being unfinished so PLEASE) great story!!!

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Review #6, by tovsyNo Solid Ground: Try To Speak But Nothing's Coming

17th August 2012:

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Review #7, by tovsyNo Solid Ground: Caught Between Who You Are And Who You Want To Be

17th August 2012:
Omg so I suppose that this chain... The only way to get rid of it is to SEND THE SIGNAL. so even if she wanted to stay with the potters... That chain. OMG

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Review #8, by tovsyNo Solid Ground: You've Got Something, Call It Anything Thing You Want

17th August 2012:
I CAN'T STOP. Sorry no time for a proper review - must keep reading!

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Review #9, by tovsyNo Solid Ground: So Full Of Doubt And Needing Proof

17th August 2012:
Omg this is so good, I seriously have not read anything like it on hpff. I'm hooked, which is somewhat unfortunate considering I'm in the middle of exams... Ah must keep reading, so much suspense! Great job!!

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Review #10, by tovsyNo Solid Ground: I'm Only Trying To Help, I'm Only Trying To Make It Through Another Day

17th August 2012:
Wow I love all the mystery going on here! The slow unravelling of the plot is very well set out, and well written too. I'm finding this story very unique from typical hpff, in the best possible way. Great job!! (woo next chapter here I come!)

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Review #11, by tovsyAfter the Storm: Just another Keeper of Secrets

3rd August 2012:
beautifully written. I especially love the 'we' and the different drinks Remus has to mourn for his loved ones. exceptional 10/10

Author's Response: Ack, thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it :D

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Review #12, by tovsyWhat It Is To Burn: Stuttering

12th July 2012:
AH I can hardly contain my excitement. This entire story was beautifully written. Absolutely in love with Ellie, she is adorable. I just wish we knew a little more about how Sirius felt for her, other than that, it's one of my favourite stories ever, no joke!

Author's Response: Oh wow, that's a huge compliment to pay someone. I wrote this when I was a lot younger and wasn't as familiar with what made a good, fleshed-out sorry, so if you could forgive me for that!

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #13, by tovsyAccidentally on Purpose: Of Weddings and Black Dogs

3rd July 2012:
the last few chapters had me in tears. please please please, come back and update soon! xxx

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Review #14, by tovsyOh, boy!: Day Two: Part Two

19th October 2009:
bahahahaha i love this
update soon!!

Author's Response: Hahaha! Thanks I'm glad you do! Day Three: Part One in waiting, so stay tuned!

XOXO WildFlower!

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Review #15, by tovsySusie Q: Halo

12th October 2009:
that was great hahaha
this story is so good
update soon!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you :)

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Review #16, by tovsyWasting Away: Wasting Away

29th September 2009:
bro, you KNOW this is amazing
i still think it's a bit repetitive at times (even tough you say its for a reason)
but anyway
keep writing ^_^
you're brilliant love (no matter what your mother says. dw, i understand. been there done that rofl)

Author's Response: thanks rica!!
ilysfm -glomps- you know the drill ;)


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Review #17, by tovsyThe Art of Breathing.: Insignificance.

25th September 2009:
lol omg i love you
this chapter made me l-o-l so many times
and i really love marlene's character
(at this point i really wanted to type "she's the ___ kinda person" and describe her, but i think i'm just too dumb to find the words :P)
hehehe, update soon :D

Author's Response: THANK YOU!


I know what you mean though! How do you describe her? Except amazing - I love marlene.

Thank you very much

As soon as it's written ;)

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Review #18, by tovsy(Big)Head Boy: Invitations Abound

20th September 2009:
omg i just read you entire marauder series in about, 2 days
brilliant omg i love this
why dont you update anymore? :(

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Review #19, by tovsyEleanor Digby: Let It Be

17th September 2009:
That was brilliant. Wonderfully written. Loved it.
I also love how you portray Peter, too. He's actually a Marauder and you make the reader almost like him as a character. That, is some achievement. Three thumbs up!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! It's fantastic that you enjoyed this story! :D It was a great one to write, trying to mess with all the cliches of Marauder stories and make readers see those cliches in a different light. Making Peter a sympathetic and significant character was foremost on my list of things to do with this story. He's so often neglected and treated horribly, yet he was a Marauder, too (no matter what he did afterward). :D

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Review #20, by tovsyThe Grimm Truth: Chapter 1

13th September 2009:
woah tom riddle is EVIL

you got me hooked.
brilliant :D

Author's Response: aw, thanks so very much!

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Review #21, by tovsyWhite Rose: White Rose

7th September 2009:
i was going to say gorgeous, but a word like that is reserved for your graphics hahaha. the story is... sweet
love it ><

Author's Response: 'course I will, hun ^_^ I want to see ur stories here to.

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Review #22, by tovsyThe Perfect Plans of Padfoot and Prongs: The Perfect Plans of Padfoot and Prongs

6th September 2009:
omfg. that was hilarious
james/sirius = HOT

Author's Response: Haha, thanks!

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Review #23, by tovsyMirror, Mirror: Mirror, Mirror

6th September 2009:
that was dep
love the ending

Author's Response: Thank you :D

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