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Review #1, by criscatloverAnd Then I Died: And Then I Died

29th July 2009:
I never expected that I would ever read a story about Myrtle, but I assure you that this first time was a good experience :)
You made an extremely well done work with her character! She's so weepy at the beginning, but it really fits her well (how else could our Myrtle be?). Oh my God, I felt almost as miserable as Myrtle when I was reading her moanings! And then, when she finds she's dead and she realizes that she could use that fact to haut Olive... "Hello Olive. I've been looking for you." Scary. It seemed like I'll turn around and see Myrtle behind my chair (that wouldn't be good, I guess). And about the banner (I had to mention that banner), it is gorgeous (may I just ask you what font did you use on that "M"? It's awesome!)!
Congrats ;)

Author's Response: Your first Myrtle story! :D I'm glad to have been able to provide you with that good experience. It's hilarious that reading her moanings made you feel depressed - I never expected that reaction, but it's a good one. ;) It's great how you looked around after Myrtle's last line - it shows that her voice turned out strong enough, as though she was actually talking. That's wonderful to hear. ^_^

Yay for the banner! I've been feeling off with graphics lately, so I'm glad that you liked this banner. The M is in Jellyka's Endless Voyage. :D

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and review! I really appreciate it!

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Review #2, by criscatloverForgive Me: One

26th June 2009:
I didn't knew this song, but I went search for it and I found it really amazing (by the way, do you know where on the internet I can listen to a good version of the music? I found one on youtube, but I can't hear the instumental very clearly... Only her voice - which is so powerful and beautiful! -. If you do know, I would be very thankful!!).
So, about the story in itself... Wow, you do capture Remus very well! I can almost see him destructing the vase and throwing the glass against the wall while he listens to that voice in his mind telling him he's a coward. I love the way you make him realise he must go after Tonks and ask for her forgiveness. Very well done. It seems so realistic and it really fits with JKR's original story. Congrats ;)

Author's Response: I know you can buy it on iTunes. I think Playlist and Blip might have it to listen to, I haven't checked though. Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm really happy that you liked my portrayal of Remus.

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Review #3, by criscatloverDelicate: Desperate Times

23rd June 2009:
I am so glad your parents had sex all those years ago! I'll use this one on my day-by-day, if you don't mind. You're a genius!

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Review #4, by criscatloverDelicate: An April Fools Prank Gone Horribly, Horribly Wrong

22nd June 2009:
Have you ever been told that you have a big, BIG talent for writing?

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Review #5, by criscatloverDelicate: Red Rose

21st June 2009:
"Oh yes, the ill-timed erection curse." LOL
Where do you get the imagination? This is realy funny xD

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Review #6, by criscatloverDelicate: Prologue: The Test

21st June 2009:
Oh my God, this is hilarious! I just can't stop laughing xD
Great chapter, I really loved it. Can't wait to continue reading and know more about this story :D

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Review #7, by criscatloverGreen and Silver Bells: Green and Silver Bells

21st June 2009:
So original! Loved the title and the whole story! It is a completely different way to look at Malfoys, but so realistic, at the same time! Congrats ;)

Author's Response: Thanks very much! :D Seeing the Malfoys, not only at Christmas, but in a comical situation, was irresistible, especially if Dobby could be involved. It's great that it still sounded realistic - Lucius and humour aren't a natural combination. ;)

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Review #8, by criscatlover Contrition: Contrition

18th June 2009:
Breathtaking. You made me cry and that had never happened before while reading a fanfiction. I'm without words, really, I can't say anything.


Author's Response: I? Made you cry?

Wow, thanks. Thanks so much. I've never been told that before.

Thanks again.

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Review #9, by criscatloverThe Fires Within: Prologue : Broken Vow

16th June 2009:
Forgive me for reviewing twice (I had already done it on the last chapter) but I forgot to say something that must be said: the chapter images are simply amazing!! ;)

Author's Response: Haha, thank you very much! They were a challenge to make, but after finishing them, I definitely knew how to make chapter images the right way. ;)

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Review #10, by criscatloverThe Fires Within: Twenty-Six: Ending of a Story

16th June 2009:
I should be studying because I have exams tomorrow, but I couldn't help but read this amazing story...
Believe me, you have a talent for writing!
I must confess when I first started to read this story it seemed to be completely different from what it turns in the end... But what a pleasant surprise it was :)
This last chapter, specially the very end (Snape's funeral), is my favourite ever! So sad yet so beautiful.. *.*
Congratulations :D

PS: back to study.. *sighs*

Author's Response: Uhoh, fanfiction is horrible for procrastination. :P So many times I've done the same thing as you - reading/writing instead of studying. Good luck on the exams!

Anyway, thank you very much for taking the time to read and review this! It's really quite awesome that you enjoyed this story. A lot of the plot got out of hand for me, but I was pleased with this last chapter, so I'm really glad that you liked how it turned out. :D

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Review #11, by criscatloverThe Dream of One Night: Epilogue - Avrille

25th May 2009:
First of all, I must congratulate you for the wonderful story you've wrote!
I was caught by it since I started reading and I had serious troubles to make some breaks, because I couldn't get my eyes out of the text. I must confess, there were days when I missed some school work... and other days when I stayed wake till around 3 a.m, barely keeping my eyes open, but still unable to shut down the computer and go to sleep... You have an amazing talent to make me addicted to your words! :)
I loved the way you wrote. You are very creative, from the very first chapter to the last one.
What more can I say... I can't wait to read the sequel!!
Very well done ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Wow, I always have trouble finding words to say in response to such a nice review :) I'm glad you liked my little story so much and hopefully your school grades won't suffer too much XD The whole sequel thing is still very up in the air. I'd love to write one, but don't know if it will ever actually happen. So hopefully just this one story was enough for now. Thank you again!

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Review #12, by criscatloverMissing Moments: The First Meeting

9th May 2009:
Filling in some missing moments from Remus and Tonks history, you had such a good idea! It was exactly what I've been wondering about!
I've only read this first chapter, but I swear I'll read the others. It completly captivated me and I have nothing to point out. You know how to write a story! Congratulations :)

Author's Response: Thank you, criscatlover.

Hope you enjoy the rest!


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