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Review #1, by suziebanana14Defiance: Dates and Dancing

27th April 2012:
cant wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Me neither! ;) Thank you.

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Review #2, by suziebanana14Defiance: As Planned

17th June 2011:
im really glad your writing a sequel to your first story :) this chapter was really good i enjoyed reading it :) update soon

Author's Response: Thank you! I submitted the next chapter before the site started acting weird. :P So, I hope they get it all fixed and validate it! :)

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Review #3, by suziebanana14The story Of James and Lily! : Unsure what to do

5th April 2010:
:O that jerk kk love it next chappie!please! :)

Author's Response: I will upload when I get my laptop working again, shouldnt be so long :D

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Review #4, by suziebanana14Living Life: Chapter Seventy Two

21st January 2010:
:O yay you updated! loves it

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Review #5, by suziebanana14Still Delicate: A Time For Wine

28th October 2009:
hahahhaa i loved the hamster part! that made me laugh hehe

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Review #6, by suziebanana14Living Life: Chapter Seventy One

24th September 2009:
OH NO .fRANK! :(

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Review #7, by suziebanana14Still Delicate: Nuptial Catastrophe

14th August 2009:
wow that was extremely fast!! i love this chappie!! i thought that daisy would walk in, because thats usually wat happens in these kinds of situations but wow loved it!

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Review #8, by suziebanana14How Will I Know?: Chapter 30: That's What Friends Are For

26th July 2009:
yay!!! i started reading your story last year and then i lost track of it, but now ive found it and i cant wait to read more!! loved the chappie.

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Review #9, by suziebanana14Whispering: Chapter Eighteen: Fault

25th July 2009:
:( awww! sad chappie but still good. keep up the updates!! love yas byes

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. And I know it's sad! But things have to get worse before they get better, unfortunately. It's just the way the world works.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by suziebanana14Let's Be Friends: My mind and body

24th July 2009:
do you know when the next cahppie is going to be up?

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Review #11, by suziebanana14Kissing You: Their First Kiss

21st July 2009:
:O! hahahaha really good chappie, next one next one!!

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Review #12, by suziebanana14Cast the Die: The Tell Tale Sign

2nd June 2009:
ya!! u updated!! :P loved this chappie!! hehe lily is so freaking jealous and that is awesomeness, bring on the jealousy!! hehe. cant wait for the next chappie love ya bye

Author's Response: Yay, I updated! Haha. I'm glad you're amused by the jealousy x) That makes two of us. Haha. I do quite like writing drama at times. It entertains me :) Thanks for the review, love!

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Review #13, by suziebanana14Lily's Story: Black Holes and Revelations

26th May 2009:
hahaha crazy loconess. love this chappie. cant wait for the next!! byes

Author's Response: Thank you (:

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Review #14, by suziebanana14Whispering: Chapter Fifteen: Fall

19th May 2009:
aw so swet great chappie!! love ya byes

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for your review!

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Review #15, by suziebanana14Still Delicate: Unwelcomed Changes

19th May 2009:
hahahahahahaha wow!! i didnt know u get reviews like that, thats pretty dumb... anyways i love this chappie!! its really good and yea!! so ill be waiting for the next chappie and pray that it comes soon!! i just love ur stories!! :) love ya byes

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Review #16, by suziebanana14Still Delicate: Confessions

23rd April 2009:
will you plz hurry up and write the next chapter ive been waiting for weeks and weeks and i check like twice a day!! its rediculous how addicted i am to ur story so plz hury :)))

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