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Review #1, by AraxiaOf Secrets and Roses: Chapter 19

4th October 2016:
Argh. Was really hoping it wouldn't end up being Draco. Hermione must have really been in a bad place to sink to the lows of being with Draco.

Curious to see how Ron handles all of this. Clearly it won't be well, but I hope it's something they can work through. At least at this point since we don't know all the details of Hermione sleeping with Draco. Hermione hasn't shown the slightest good will towards Draco, so I can't see her magically wanting to leave Ron for him.

I have to say that Rose comes off as being a bit of an ungrateful brat. Her attitude towards Ron after realizing he may not be her father is horrible. This man has lovingly raised her and now all of a sudden she seems to show disdain for him.

Well can't wait to read more. Update soon!

Author's Response: Ah sorry to disappoint! I promise that everything will work out in the end and you will see what will happen with Ron. Next chapter you will find out more details about what happened that night, as well as how everyone will react.

I am very well aware that Rose is being an ungrateful brat. I actually planned for this. Lol I wanted her to react in this way that I imagine any teenager would: being rebellious and thinking she knows everything. Her character has shown growth from the beginning of the story to now, by showing more kindness towards others, but she still has her flaws. Many people write their main character as being perfect, with minor flaws, but I wanted Rose to have a few major ones so her character can grow. She is quick to "jump ship" from relationships (Ron, Andrew) and can have a bit of a temper. I promise, there will be a moment between Ron and Rose after even more information gets out.

I'm still trying to work out if I am going to do a sequel or not, but I know regardless of whether or not I do a sequel I will make sure there is a happy ending for all parties. :) Thank you for your review!

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Review #2, by AraxiaFallen Redemption: Pensieve

19th August 2013:
Really good story you have going here. Portraying Hr quite well I think. Being smart enough to go along with this plan. Little odd reading Dr being humble and good when it is completely out of his nature. Killing Astoria did seem more his style. Tough luck on the child though.

I have to say I am hoping that Ron is still alive. Seems a waste for Vold to have killed him for practically nothing. Be more useful alive to keep others in line. Imagine Ron thinking Hr is dead and running into Hr while she's polly'd as Astoria.

Well I can always hope.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review, and the constructive criticism! Hermione's always been easy for me to write. Draco's a little tougher, but I hope I can keep him believable throughout the story. As for Ron, his execution was public, so.

Again, thanks for the review, and I hope you'll keep reading!

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Review #3, by AraxiaUnforgiven: An Event of Malfoy Proportions

27th July 2012:
Loved this chapter. Hermione finally sees Draco for the snake he is. Draco may mean well, but can't change what he is. He'll always be a snake & a coward. Hermione may love Draco, but in the end I think she's still in love with Ron. Was hoping Ron would find out about the baby not being his. That should be an entertaining scenario. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Ron putting the smack down on Draco made my day :)

Author's Response: Awh, thanks so much! This was an interesting chapter to write! (:
I try to stick to keeping the chracters as canon as possible, and this seemed like him. Hermione may love Ron...we'll see...(: Ron's baby's paternity will be an important topic coming up soon, but not next-chapter soon. There's some Draco/Hermione stuff that needs to be discussed. (:
As much as I love Draco, I loved writing the smack down scene! Lol :)
Glad you liked it so much! Reviews like this keep me writing the story!

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Review #4, by AraxiaNot According to Plan: Peaceful Days

27th December 2011:
Wow. That's about all I can really say. I was wondering how you would split Hr / R up. Ron showing up with divorce papers is complete garbage. You're obviously too concerned with getting H / Hr together too bother coming up with believable storylines for others and they are way too out of character. I do like you're writing style, but this story is too far out there for me to continue reading. Good luck.

Author's Response: Sorry you didn't like it but thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by AraxiaNot According to Plan: Letters, Texts, and Stalking?

5th December 2011:
So I'm curious what exactly you have Ron doing this whole story while Harry / Hermione are running around. The one character that is more about family than the other 2 combined and he's no where to be seen. Kind of odd.

Should be easy for Hermione to leave him I guess if he just disappears. Well we'll see what you have planned.

Author's Response: Sorry, I haven't spent much time on Ron. I thought I mentioned that he was refusing to speak with Hermione and he did tell her not to come home so I figured everyone would assume Ron was being Ron and wasn't talking to them. I guess I should have made it clearer. Not sure about Harry/Hermione, I'm more focused on Lily/Scorpius, but we'll see what happens! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by AraxiaNot According to Plan: Day of Reckoning

11th September 2011:
Glad to finally see Ron show some emotion and go off on Hermione/Harry. They deserve whatever Ron dishes out on them for lying and hiding everything from him. What happened to Hermione is bad, but she really seems to be completely ignoring how it effects the family she does have. You've pretty much having her choose some family that doesn't exist over the family she has. All indications are she is happy and in love with Ron, but because he's rightly pissed off over what happened, she's had enough. Think I can pretty much see where this is all going unfortunately. Ron will turn into some uncontrollable hate monger, making it easier for Hermione to leave her family for Harry.

Few of your characters are definitely out of character, but that often provides for a good story. Story has been well written and has kept me coming back even if I don't care for H/Hr. Even in your story they come off as even more brother/sister than Ron and Ginny do.

Well guess we'll see where this all leads.

Author's Response: I felt Ron needed to show his emotions finally. I agree that Harry should be pissed at Hermione and he will be, he's just overwhelmed right now. I'm going to shift focus soon to LIly/Scorpius, and I have no idea how it's going to end for Hermione so don't give up on me yet:) Thanks for the great review!

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Review #7, by AraxiaA Den of Sin: Filling in the Ditch

14th June 2011:
Oh where to begin.

What a great ending to a simply amazing story. I think it ended just about the only way it really could have ended. Everyone pretty much on their own to live with the mistakes that happened.

I found it very true to Hermione's character that it her that came completely clean with everything including Draco. Like she had stated that could have ultimately been hidden forever. The no more lies really showed she had to get everything out there regardless of what was going to happen. I think I did hit it right on that the Draco betrayal really was miniscule in comparison to Harry's. Sure it made Ron mad as hell, but still not the same.

I did like how Ron at least tried to stick it out, but in the end it was purely just too painful a situation to be reminded of every day. No surprise that H/G split as well. Honestly I've never seen their relationship nearly as strong as R/Hr has been.

The interaction between all the children was something I didn't see coming, but found very realistic. The animosity between the children has got to be no fun for anyone. The "stats" part I thought was actually pretty amusing.

Finally I think you are still putting stuff in just to mess with me and give me hope. The last interaction with Ron I found very enduring. I would look at that and think that even with all the pain, Ron probably is still in love with her. The kids thinking someone is going to be in the "Hot Seat" soon really has me pointing to Ron. She's had plenty of time to be with Harry and nothing. I think given the amount time that maybe R/Hr could fine themselves back to each other. Or at least I can always hope. That would definitely be a sequel I'd be all over reading, even though I've noticed you're pretty much a complete D/Hr writer. *hint, hint*

Well I said finally once, but I still had one more thing. I so think Draco got off easy. Everyone pretty much lost everything and he finds a girl he can love that will love him back. Where's my smackdown? Ron being an Auror so should have hunted his ass down for some "words". On that note I was sad to never find out what "On my terms" ended up being between Harry and Ron.

OK, this is my third finally. It's been a great ride with your story. Through the ups and downs I have found it to be a truly amazing story with a great ending that leaves a little something for everyone. Maybe you'll find it in your heart to write a story with a good ending for Ron one of these days as I do so love your writing.

Thanks for the good reading.

Author's Response: well, i must say thank you for staying with me throughout this incredibly long story with all of its bumps.

to have this story end with any one of them in a relationship just wouldn't have felt right. in my mind they were their significant others, their "one&only" and with that destroyed, who could really fill that void? it just seemed better and even stronger that way.

i also think to have hermione keep silent about draco would've undercut her being sorry about this whole entire mess. to come clean to one thing and deny another is no purification and definitely had to be said.

as for ron, the good man that he is, he tried to do the right thing, but as you said, it was too painful of a situation to look in the face day after day. but the fact that he tried says a lot. which brings me to the fact that you think i've teased you lol.

there are definite subtlties that point to ron still being in love with hermione, which is completely believable. she was his wife, someone he loved more than life itself, and something like that doesnt go away too easy no matter how angry one may be. and as harry said, hermione and ron's son is only ten. a good reason for them to stay in each other's lives. so..there goes the possibilities.

lol..a d/h writer, yes i am though i try hard to explore otherwise. you say draco got off easy? in essence, sure, but as i responded to another review, the woman he's getting married to resembles hermione in every way. did it ever cross your mind that draco, in a way, is trapped? trapped by his love for hermione that the only way he can get by is to find someone to replace her? i think he has one of the harsher punishments. to marry a woman til death do them part who is merely an imitation of what he cannot have.

all in all im so glad that you liked the story with all of its rollercoaster similarities. after all this i really do believe that ron deserves a little story of his own, and it'll come one of these days i promise ^_^


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Review #8, by AraxiaChoices: Chapter 7

5th April 2011:
Interesting story you have going here. I wasn't a fan in the start, but you've since pulled me in. Want to see how this plays out.

I have to admit I'm sucker for R/Hr endings. You've built up quite a few obstacles for Ron to work through. Hopefully it makes him realize what's important and put an end to him being such an ass. He's little out of character, but with fame could be pretty reasonable.

Well keep it up and hope to read the next chapter soon.

Author's Response: thanks :) i have aa few twists still...stay tuned

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Review #9, by AraxiaA Den of Sin: Anxiety Build-Up

3rd April 2011:
Argh! You're killing me! You know what we all want!

Well this was a good chapter without the smackdown. It was good to get some insight to how Harry is feeling in all of this. The sting of Malfoy being picked over him definitely makes sense. You make a good point that maybe Ron does know something is a miss, but was too afraid to bring it up.

I am curious though. If Ron would kill Harry for doing what he did now, what does that mean he'd do to Malfoy? Hmm, what's worse than death? Oh I can't wait.

Let's see the next chapter soon, please.

Author's Response: oh i know! the smackdown has been on hold for quite the bit, but im glad that you liked the chap either way :)

glad that you liked harry's insight on things. someone had once asked me if there'd be some bits on how he feels about all of this, and here it is :) not that i was trying to get sympathy for him, but at the very least make him a less lot of a prick/selfish.

and yes, maybe our little ron hasn't been so dense after all :)

haha, "what's worse than death" oh yes that's a great question.

thanks for reading/reviewing and i hope to have the next chap up soon :)


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Review #10, by AraxiaA Den of Sin: Better Days and Harry's Blonde Problem

7th February 2011:
Argh! This is totally the calm before the storm.

I think you're fueling the Ron fire a little too much now. It's getting to the point I can't see it ending any other way. I mean he's the only option that seems to end with Hermione ultimately being happy. I still want to see how much Hermione does end up paying for what's all happened. I do think it's a very realistic thought about Ron staying because of Jayden and that allowing Hermione to find a way to redeem herself.

Curious about Malfoy still hanging around. I get the feeling he just really doesn't want to accept Ron being chosen over him no matter the circumstances. I could see him being the one that blows the whole thing open hoping Hermione gets hurt enough to only have him as an option. That would seem a true Malfoy tactic.

Good chapter though with some great setup for the "smackdown".

Well I'll be impatiently waiting as usual.

Author's Response: it really does seem that hermione's only happy option is being with ron, but then again, who's says that she's going to end up happen at the end? the only way ron's definitely going to stay is because of his son, and more than likely the only way.

that's a nice little theory about draco you have there! it is a little weird that draco's still around, but we'll see if he has any more tricks up his sleeve :)

thanks for reading/reviewing and i'll post again soon!


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Review #11, by AraxiaA Den of Sin: Friendly Vists and Red Hair with Freckles

31st January 2011:
OH what a good chapter. So there was no evil trickery with the Weasley Baby, yay!

Absolutely loved Hermione rationalizing the loves in her life. Which seems to be just more fuel on the Ron fire. Although sexual desire I don't believe is the "in love" category. Maybe just loving someone or lust.

Your Draco seems to have accepted the fact that there is no future with Hermione. Hopefully even he realizes Hermione would have to destroy her entire world to be with him. Hell she'd be lucky to have the kids in that scenario and no mother would leave her children for any man.

I do agree with the other reviewer about knowing what's going on in Harry's head throughout a lot of this. You've never had him show about any remorse for what he's done. All he cares about is his children and nothing for his supposed "Best Mate".

Anxiously waiting for the "Smackdown" to begin.

Author's Response: i figured that you'd like this chap :)

i agree with you on hermione's take on the loves in her life. that section was a little "iffy" for me and i just might go back and edit that somewhere along the line :)

yeah, draco has definitely humbled himself and its kind of like, why wouldn't he? hermione's actively pushing him away and if he fought, then what? it'd probably only make her do so even more.

as for harry, i definitely agree that harry's imput is completely left out of this, and to be honest its a bit hard to inject it in since this is primarily hermione's "story." though there is a chapter coming where harry's POV takes over for a moment and you'll get some insight then :)

and yes, i know you're waiting for that blessed "smackdown" event :)

until then,

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Review #12, by AraxiaA Den of Sin: Moving Towards the Future

21st January 2011:
Yay, another chapter. I have to confess that every time I see you've added a chapter I get the kid on christmas morning feeling. Had a rough day so it was a nice surprise to see you updated so soon from the last chapter. Thanks for that.

Definitely the calm before the storm feeling in this chapter. You've got me so mixed up and where this is all going to end and I think you enjoy that. You do seem to be shuting the door more and more on Draco or Harry being with Hermione in the end. The fact that Hermione has always viewed them both as mistakes seems to point out that she's never really been emotionally invested in either of them. Harry and Hermione seem to have fallen back into that "Best Friends" mode that does bring out the best in the two of them in my opinion. With the baby "hopefully" being Ron's that pretty much puts an end to Draco. I say hopefully cause I'm waiting for you to pull a fast on me, you sneaky devil.

I think it's kind of fitting that Hermione is going all out for the "Weasley" baby. It's really become her ticket for some kind of redemption with Ron. I do like how you stated she does love "Harry's Kids", but there's no mistake they were "beautiful creations in a sinful way."

You know I'm counting down the minutes until, as the Rock would say, Ron layeth the smackdown on their candy asses. Sorry had a sudden wrestling inspiration. They of course being Harry and Draco. I can't wait to see how this all plays out. Does he hurt Harry and kill Draco? How do the other Weasley's take it? It's going to be so delicious.

Ok Ok, enough from me. Loved the chapter, as always. So hurry up and post the next one. Although I have to admit I am semi bumbed that their may only be 4 more chapters to go. I'll be not so patiently waiting.

P.S.- I'd say you should write a R/Hr story in the future, but I get the feeling this story may be as close as you get. Depending on the ending of course.

Author's Response: aw glad that this chap was able to make your day :) i love it when that happens.

well, you've pegged me right because i definitely do enjoy having my readers with mixed up emotions. it means that you're digging deep and i love it :) and yes, the doors do seem to be closing on harry and draco momre and more as the chaps go on, but of course things do change, not that they will.. or, well, yeah lol. harry and hermione's relationship are as close to being back to friends as possible, and ron will finally be a daddy. im not tricking you i promise!

ah yes, the wonderful celebration for the "weasley" baby :) its definitely overdue and i'm glad that you like what hermione said about isabella and evan.

haha! omg, you're just utterly waiting until the day ron gets to come out on top, arent you? and each chapter is just a lovely step until that happens :)

don't worry, more will come from me as always, though i'm a little sad myself that the story will be coming to a close. as for an r/h in the future, i MIGHT lean towards it lol. i never used to be a d/h shipper, so an r/h fic isn't so far fetched :)


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Review #13, by AraxiaHave I Found You? Or Lost You?: A Safe House

18th January 2011:
That was entirely too long a break. No more holidays or vacations for you.

Well onto the chapter. Was that our dearest Hermione using the F bomb? For shame! I found that pretty funny actually. Didn't seem like a whole lot was going on this chapter outside of some setup for the next chapter.

Good to see Ron show some emotion, even if it was for Harry. Through this all I am still a bit perplexed that Ron has shown concern for other people but absolutely none for Hermione. I know before you said he's staying focused on the task at hand, but even then you'd think he'd show some for the love of his life.

Ahh well. Keep them coming.

Author's Response: I hear ya. I going back and editing some things right now actually. I'd been taking a break from writing but hopefully I can get back at it. Thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by AraxiaA Den of Sin: Lovers and Dual Emotions

13th January 2011:
Had to post this under a different chapter since mine didn't take for the current chapter.

Big Happy Face !

Yes, throw Draco to the curb where he belongs. Now stomp on him while he's down. Well after the painful wait through the holidays I was so excited to finally get my fix and you didn't disappoint.

One chapter closer to a Ron baby and maybe some Ron smack down. While you keep mentioning Ron/Ginny will have their days, I'm insanely curious how Molly/Arthur will react to this whole mess. They are practically Harry/Hermione's adopted parents.

Have to disagree with some reviewers somehow seeing Draco as a good father. My impression of him with kids is like letting a leper raise your children.

Well I hope you update soon. No matter how good a chapter is, the next one is always better.

Author's Response: oh i just knew how happy you would be with this chapter :)

yes, with each chapter we grow closer and closer to ron finally being a father. that chapter i actually already have written *big smile*

lol, i know how you're not too fond of draco, but eh, he could potentially be a good father. i find that children have the most amazing effects on people, even someone like draco :)

well, thanks for reading/reviewing, and i sure hope that i'll be able to post again soon. my internet just suddenly stopped working for me on my laptop where all my stories are, and i dont really have a way of posting right now :(

so, sorry if the wait for the next chap is a little lengthier than usual.


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Review #15, by AraxiaA Den of Sin: Tears and Hard Decisions

13th January 2011:

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Review #16, by AraxiaHave I Found You? Or Lost You?: Game, Set, Match

15th December 2010:
Finally Ron makes a short appearance. Curious to find out who exactly took Hermione. Can't say I feel too bad for Harry at the moment.

Be interesting if Ron has to interact with a kidnapped Hermione as the guy he's polyjuiced to look like. That would be something to see.

Well nothing to stir up the haters in this chapter. Keep it up.

Author's Response: Haha. Yeah this wasn't too big of a stirring chapter, but more will come later and I think I'm going to get a helluva lot of flak for it. Get ready.

It's funny that you say that stuff about it being interesting if Ron had to interact with the kidnapper while he's polyjuiced. I don't want to give anything away, but I find it so cool what readers come up with and what they suppose where the story might go. Some times you guys are right on the money, other times you're not. Some times I think you guys should write the story more than I should because your minds are so fantastical and you come up with more intriguing ideas than I ever could. It's kind of my favorite part about reviews. I love hearing what you all suppose will happen.

Anyway I won't say if you're right or wrong. You'll just have to wait and see. Thanks for the review Araxia! Can't wait to hear from you again.

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Review #17, by AraxiaA Den of Sin: Dinner Warfare

15th December 2010:

Oh you sneaky devil. The roller coaster ride continues. Killed me with the previous chapter and brought me back with this one. I'll mark this down for win #2 for Ron. I hope this goes all the way through so we can see a true bright spot for Ron.

Of course this definitely restores some hope for Hermione staying with Ron in the end. She'd still have to find some way to redeem herself for the things she's done. But no matter who she ends up with, there's going to have to be some form of redemption with that person.

At this point I really can only see this ending one of two ways. Either she stays with Ron or with no one. I don't see Harry as any type of option and with the kids I can't see Draco. You've written that Hermione has questioned everything she's done with Harry and Draco, but has never questioned her being in love with Ron.

On a side note, I thoroughly enjoyed Harry and Draco feeding off each other to harass Hermione. That was pretty funny.

So it may not be much, but my hope has been restored. You sneaky, sneaky devil.


Author's Response: haha, so i hope you know that i thought of you when i posted this chap, and the last chap as well actually because i was saying "oh you're going to be so mad at me, but the next chap will make you happy" lol, so yay indeed!

there's finally going to be a little weasley baby, and this definitely goes down as a point for ron. you're right, it'll either be that ron stays with hermione or she ends up with no one. she really doesn't question her love for ron because she doesn't find a problem with IT, but just the situations that she's been in (constant loneliness/feeling neglected in the beginning/ron enclosing them in a "box" because he's afraid of things going south again) with harry and draco, of course there're questions because they just, happened

i kind of have the idea of how the ending is going to play out and i'll be pleased.

haha, i particularly enjoyed that little tid-bit myself. glad that you liked it and im happy that your hope has been brought up a few notches :)


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Review #18, by AraxiaA Den of Sin: Calling it Quits

10th December 2010:
Ugh. For the love of god please do not have Hermione pregnant with Draco's kid. That would pretty much put this whole story down the toilet. I mean come on. Isn't she the smart one and would be "safe" about anything?

I did really enjoy this chapter since Hermione somewhat came to her senses to drop Draco. That's a move in the "right" direction.

Now the best thing I read I'm sorry to say did come from the reviews. I quote Mitra, "Hope the "slow one" beats the shi* out of the "bastard" and the "betrayer" and spits really hard on the face of the "skank"! I'm sorry but that is just frigging AWESOME. Mitra is my best friend for the day.

Well with the end of this chapter you may have killed not only any hope, but any wish for her to end up with Ron. So hopefully her body just realized it's allergic to being touched by filth (Draco).


Author's Response: i figured that you'd agree with Mitra, and yes, i thought that the whole dumping draco for good thing would've made you happy. i wont say anything about hermione's "sickness" because you'll find out about it in the next chap :)


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Review #19, by AraxiaHave I Found You? Or Lost You?: Not Strong Enough To Break

4th December 2010:
Ha Ha. I do so like this chapter. I know not surprisingly. After all the crap you got for the previous chapter this one should really silence some. Very happy to see at least Hermione came to her senses. Now that's definitely in character. I guess Ron and Ginny haven't been forgotten. I do suspect you have some more up your sleeve though, you sneaky devil.

So I'll keep this one short. Great follow up chapter.

Author's Response: Araxia!

Why hello again! Sneaky devil, eh? I've actually been called similar phrases. One lady on another site called me an evil pixie. Haha.

Anyway I am so happy that you liked the chapter. I'm glad Hermione is definitely in character. Harry's anguish comes much later, you'll see. Thanks for saying it's a great follow up. I was very worried! :)

Can't wait to hear from you again!

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Review #20, by AraxiaHave I Found You? Or Lost You?: Sickle For Your Thoughts?

2nd December 2010:
Wow. Lots of LONG reviews for this chapter. Think I spent more time reading the reviews than the story. Looks like you got your hands full.

Have to say probably my least favorite chapter thus far. I just keep having a hard time with how Harry is reacting. I've mentioned it before that Harry knows why Ron isn't there. If not for the mission to help protect Hermione he would have gone to her that night. That knowledge alone should pretty much stop him cold. I see a lot of people reviewing about betrayal, but I don't think that's necessarily true. Now you've kept them at a "PG" rating thus far, so I can't say it's really that bad. If they eventually cross that line into the "R" rating then I'd say it's full blown betrayal and they both pretty much lost any future with Ron. I can't see how Ron would ever forgive them. Either way please don't play the "Ron doesn't find out" card. That would almost be just as bad.

I do hope to see more of Ron in the upcoming chapters. Seems to get about a paragraph every other chapter. As you've stated he's focused on his mission, but it would be nice to at least know his thoughts.

Well despite me not liking this chapter, I do so love the story. So you get me until the end. We all know the destination and you're providing one hell of a ride to get there.

Author's Response: Thanks Araxia!

I'm glad I have you till the end! I'm sorry you didn't like the chapter. Haha. I am really getting a lot of slack for it. I agree that the reviews are about forty times more interesting than the actual story. It was only a kiss for Pete's sake!

I think I may just need to stop responding to them... they're taking up like half my day! Haha.

Anyway yeah I know what you mean about the whole betrayal thing and about the lack of Ron in the story. Unfortunately, Ron will only appear minimally in the next few chapters. When things start to get heavy is when Ron's character returns which is what I'm writing right now. So about chapter 23 and after you'll see WAY more Ron. That's also where a lot of the discussion of betrayal happens too.

I just don't think a kiss is a betrayal... But yeah you'll hear about all this stuff as it happens. For now, thank you for sticking with me. I'll try to incorporate more Ron but mind you up to chap 22 is already written and it is heavy on the Harry/Hermione.

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Review #21, by AraxiaA Den of Sin: Exposed Affairs and Threats Made

29th November 2010:
Sweet we're finally up to current events. Hopefully this means we're closer to seeing some Harry/Draco beat downs by Ron. (Oh Please, Oh Please) Really am looking forward to see how all of this is finally sprung on Ron and how he reacts (see previous sentence, Oh Please).

I get the feeling you added, ("You deserve someone who won’t hurt you.” She said inaudibly, but no matter how true that was, she wasn’t going to give him up.) Just to tease us two Ron supporters. Although that was the best part of that chapter. Gives us just enough to make us think it might turn out our way.

I do somewhat have to agree with what Hacker007's character summary. Although I view that more as good writing. I'd think most people view them pretty close to that. Hermione is definitely "friendly", Harry is a bastard, Ron's completely thick and Draco is just a complete scumbag. I'd agree too that he's even more so than in any of the books.

Also read you may write a story for Ron in the future. I know I'd be all over that. Unless of course things turn out good here.

Well that's all from half the Ron section for now. Still hoping.

To the person that wrote "Harry getting the Draco taste off Hermione's lips".UGH !

Author's Response: why hello there!

yes, we're finally caught up and i know that you're dreadfully looking forward to the chaps that fall fully into ron's favor and dont worry, i promise you that they're coming :)

and yes, that little line with hermione was definitely for the ron supporters to let you know to STILL have some hope for your dear old ronald, because, like i said before, his time is coming, it just hasnt gotten here yet.

yes, Hacker007's review was pretty much on the mark, and sometimes i think its a bit refreshing (and a bit cruel i think) to write the characters in a way thats a little out of the ordinary; so long as the reasoning behind the reason why they're acting a certain way can be addressed.

and yes, im definitely going to write a ron-friendly fic one day; maybe sometime soon. he deserves it after what ive done to him in this fic :)

thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by AraxiaHave I Found You? Or Lost You?: Paris et L'amour

18th November 2010:
Talk about some heavy H/Hr writing. Good chapter. If I didn't know how this ties to the epilogue I might be a bit worried.

I do find it odd through all this that Harry doesn't seem to be concerned with how Ron will react to all this. I mean Hermione is kind of blind to what's going on behind the scenes, but Harry knows exactly what's going on. While he may be attracted to Hermione now, he's got to realize what a betrayal this would be to his best friend. Maybe it's just me.

Hopefully we do some more of Ron in the future. Almost seems to be forgotten in everything with Ginny.

Keep it going.

Author's Response: Yeah yeah it's reaching a Harry and Hermione high point! I personally find this time very exciting!

You have no need to worry. Eventually this will all tie in together with the epilogue. As far as Harry not being concerned about betraying Ron that is actually something that I've neglected for a reason. When you feel something strongly for someone who your best friend also feels something strongly for you really don't talk about it with them. It's hard to bring up. It's hard to say, "Hey I care about that person just as much as you do." Especially with how the unsaid competition between the two happened during their years at Hogwarts. In the books, Ron was continually plagued by worries over how he fared compared to others, most of all how he fared against Harry. It's next to impossible to admit the true workings of your heart. Harry would not be able to tell Ron, but I don't think he'd be able to deny what he feels either.

The other thing is that it really is just Harry and Hermione. Harry only sees Ron maybe once a month, and so he is in his own little world with her. When things become intense between two people especially when they are alone and around each other ALL the time, it is very hard to resist even with a conscience!

If you really feel something for someone on a very deep level which I truly believe is what Harry and Hermione would feel it would be next to impossible to deny it even with Ron as a reservation. Ron is away. He's gone. It's hard to deny strong feelings when the reservation isn't present right in front you breathing down your neck and even when that reservation is right before you it STILL is difficult to deny what you truly feel. Harry and Hermione would have something so intense and so passionate because of their past, because of what they've been through that even a shimmer of feelings would be difficult to overcome. It would be even more difficult to deny when they are gone.

Don't worry though. All these things will be discussed as we go on. But for right now, he's just being Harry. He's acting before he thinks. You'll see that it is Hermione who is the one that thinks through everything. Harry's thought processes will come after the fact because that is just how he rolls. He's just doing what he feels and right now Ron and Ginny are gone and all he has is Hermione. They are surrounded by one another and he's doing what he finds natural.

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Review #23, by AraxiaA Den of Sin: Changing up Fairytale-esque Routines

17th November 2010:

That about wraps up how I feel about this chapter. Hermione admittedly has the perfect marriage/relationship and now questions it? Top it off with the fact that she won't approach Ron with these fears? That seems quite a bit out of character for Hermione. Even if you do kind of address why she doesn't.

I'm getting the feeling I'm not going to enjoy the next few chapters unless you accidentally slip in a Draco getting his ass kicked by Ron for being alive scenario. Hell I'll accept any reason as a good reason to kick his ass. Come on it could happen. I am surprised that with Ron knowing Draco is around, he doesn't seem to keep tabs on him. Or with how much time Ron spends with the family, Hermione can disappear for hours at a time and Ron says nothing.


Well you keep writing and I'll keep reading. No matter the turn out you've got me hooked on this one.

Still holding out hope for my man Ron.

Author's Response: i can imagine how this chap definitely doesnt fit into your favor. and yes, there are some open-ended questions there and yes, hermione not talking about her problems straight on does seem a bit out of character for her, but that idea, if you can see it that way, kind of flows throughout the story

in the beginning when ron and hermione are going through their issues, sure they talk about it, but its more in a shouting, argumentative, lets not deal with things head on kind of ordeal.

lol, yeah i can tell you want draco beat up pretty bad. its quite possible you might get your wish. and i'll warn you, the next 2 - 3 chaps you (and your other r/h partner) might not like, but there'll be things sprinkled about to tip things over for you :)

glad that you're going to stick with me and i'm sure, ron will end up getting his moment

-WP :)

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Review #24, by AraxiaA Den of Sin: Happy Times and a New Friend

7th November 2010:
This chapter makes me happy. Any chapter with Hermione pissing Draco off by telling him he can pretty much never be what Ron is, is a great chapter in my book.

Although I will give you props for giving him a decent side to see with the friendship aspect between the two. Even if he is a conniving coward. Who would want to be seen with someone like that?

So I'd have to mark this chapter in the one for Ron category.

Still holding out hope. The other Ron supporter.

Author's Response: hahaha, i figured that hermione telling draco off would make you (and the other Ron lover for sure) happy. glad that i could do that for you lol :)

thanks, and yeah, draco was pretty tame in this chap compared to the others. that'll change later on though :)

so yes, go on, a chap for ron it goes!

-WP :)

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Review #25, by AraxiaHave I Found You? Or Lost You?: Interrogation of a Mancini

30th October 2010:
So happy to see you keep this story going. Another good chapter. Cool to see that Harry and Hermoine really do mean a lot more to each other than they really realize. Although I am convinced it's not as lovers. I mean Harry knows why Ron isn't there with Hermoine and I don't think he'd ever encroach on that. Not to mention you've already stated this ends up at the epilogue. Thoroughly enjoying the "journey" you're creating here.

I do find it odd that in all the Ron/Harry interactions you've written so far that Ron hasn't once asked about Hermoine. I mean everything he's doing is because of his love for her. Even if she doesn't know it.

Anyways, keep up the updates. I'll be not so patiently waiting :)

Author's Response: Harry and Ron see each other only about once a month and those times are always very brief. I'm not saying that they wouldn't get around to it possibly, but I think that it would be incredibly hard to hear about Hermione. After a break up it's difficult to hear how the other person is doing. Plus, that information may only act as a distraction for Ron. So I think he'd not really ask about her. Maybe in passing but definitely not in detail. I think Ron would stay focused on the mission. Everything else would just upset him and be a distraction.

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