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Review #1, by MeropeMaternity Woes: Changing World

10th July 2014:
Awww I loved it. Your writing is beautiful and the way you portrayed Neville was (in my humble opinion) spot on! Never really imagined I's read a story about him in this situation, but now that I read yours, I am almost certain it's exactly how he would have reacted.

Keep up the great work!

Merope :)

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Review #2, by MeropeThe Hidden Malfoy: 3 months later

2nd September 2011:
Once again, a great chapter. Very interesting to read, quite generous and quite memorable. I do hope you will continue this story, as I think it has potential.

Perhaps focus a little more on describing setting and place? Your characterization of the Malfoys is quite strong and so is your dialogue, however, I do think you could make your story more vivid if you add a little description of Malfoy Manor and all the other places you will use.

Other than that, it's a wonderful story. Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to reading more.

P.S. I can't remember if I gave you a 10/10 for the first chapter. If I didn't, then let me just say I meant to. :)

Merope :)x

Author's Response: Hi there thanks so much for reading and giving such thoughtful reviews! I'm just working on the next chapter now so it should be up soon.

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Review #3, by MeropeThe Hidden Malfoy: Where it all began

2nd September 2011:
This is a very interesting idea and your writing style is quite good. I particularly think your dialogue is strong and the way you portray the Malfoys is very believable.

The idea you have with the Dark Lord allowing his Death Eaters to have only one child is rather interesting and I can totally see Volide imposing such a thing on his followers--it's puerly evil and the reasons are believable.

I've always been attracted to stories about "the other Malfoy" and I think you did a great job with this one.

Keep up the great work.

Merope :)

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Review #4, by MeropeLast Kiss: Last Kiss

3rd May 2011:
*hides behind sofa for a while and hopes no tea cups fly in my direction*...well...I guess I deserve them. I am so sorry I fell out of the habit of reviewing. It's horrible on my part, considering the work that goes in every single one of your pieces. I'm trying to get back on track with reviewing.

This was great. Your portray emotions brilliantly and I loved the calmness of her character even though she knew how close she was to being kissed. Truly wonderfully written. If I were in her shoes, I'd have probably gone made by now. I like the strength you show in her...even though she did all those things it still makes me feel terribly sorry for her. I never really liked Pansy, but...I never hated her either.

I really like the clearness of your writing. I don't know how else to put it, but the way your write is very "clean". The structure is perfect and the way the story reached its climax and then ended was perfectly in place. Whenever I attempt to do something like this I end up all over the place. So...really well done!!

Once again, I'm sorry I haven't reviewed for ages and thank you for this story-it is brilliant!

Merope :)

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Review #5, by MeropeBlackest of Occasions: Blackest of Occasions

23rd April 2011:
LOVED the ending. Actually, LOVED the entire one-shot, but the ending was particularly strong. But first things first: Hello (hugs). Since you always leave me such amazing reviews for RGAMM, I thought I'd return the favour.

I loved the way you portrayed Narcissa! And I love the way that you included Lucius and young Draco. I was reading a Dramione fanfic half an hour ago which portrayed Lucius horribly! I always loved Lucius, so I wanted that horrible characterisation of him to be erased from my mind. Just reading that bit that you wrote with father and son having a lovely moment in the gardens, made it all perfect again. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that (like you said to me) I am glad you like Lucius too and that you portrayed him in a sweet fatherly light in this fic.

I never read many stories about the Black sisters when they were young...but this seems so real and appropriate. Love the way Andromeda was rather quiet and Narcissa...well...childish and at the same time elegant. But Bellatrix...Merlin you did an amazing job with her characterisation. She was always mad but she wasn't always mean and horrible. I LOVED the way your portrayed her. And once again, the ending was amazing. I feel sorry for her anyway, because she is one of my favourite characters, but...showing her mad...was wow. You didn't over-do it and you certainly didn't under-do it. It was just perfect.

In a nutshell, this is an amazning one-shot. Very interesting to read and I love the way you portrayed the Malfoy Manor in the opening paragraph.

Keep up the amazing job and thank you for this story. Now I can spend the rest of my evening imagining Lucius like the nice man he really is behind that Death Eater mask of his. :P

Merope x

Author's Response: Merope! Hello! :D

Thank you so much for this amazing review! It's such a lovely surprise, I'm still floating on air, haha!

Naw, I'm so glad you loved the ending! It was fun to write, but also a bit sad. :(

I'm so glad you liked Narcissa!! Oh, I hate the fic's where Lucius is horrible. I like having a softer characterisation for the Malfoy's behind closed doors. Aha, glad I could help, dear! I loved writing them in the gardens; it just seemed so...normal? Necessary? Ah, I can't really describe it, but I wanted to show the Malfoy's in a nicer light. :)

I know! Not many people write about the Black's, and I don't think I've ever read one when they were kids. Which is a shame, really. I'm thrilled you liked them all! In my mind, they've always had different personalities. Writing Narcissa as a child was just adorable :3 I'm so happy you loved Bellatrix! She is hated by so many, so I really wanted to show her more 'normal', I suppose you could say. It broke my heart to write her so mad, but it was fun. I'm so glad you thought it was perfect! That means so much to me, Merope, it really does.

You love my Malfoy Manor portrayal? :O Now that is something that's totally blown me away, haha! Naw, Merope, this review was absolutely amazing and it means so, so much that you took the time to read this. Ah, you're amazing! *huggles* And I'm so glad that you have a nice characterisation to take your mind off the bad ones :P

~Lizzie xxx

Oh, by the your reviews, I speak nothing but the truth ;P

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Review #6, by MeropeBride Of Voldemort: Missing

3rd December 2010:
Since you've left me such nice reviews for Roses Grow at Malfoy Manor, I though I might return the favour. This was really well written and the song, which I have to admit I love, fits perfectly with Bellatrix. I never really thought about it in a Harry Potter context before, but I sure do now, and every time I will hear it, pictures of Bella's love/obsession for Voldemort will come in my mind.

Do you like Bella? Because it comes across in your writing, making this story even more birlliant. I personally love Bella, and I think she is one of the most original characters J.K could come up with. You've portrayed her really well in this story and your descriptive techniques and dialogue are really good.

Thank you for such a wonderful read and keep up the good work.

Merope :)

Author's Response: Merope! This is such a nice surprise (: thank you so much for stopping by to read a story of mine! I truly never expected it (:
I'm glad you found the song fit. It really struck me too when I wrote it (which feels so long ago). I wouldn't say I like bellatrix tho ... When I wrote this it was a test on myself as a writer to see if I could never judge my characters. I'm glad to see it worked, but in all honesty I think Bella is a liar and a cheat. Like you, tho, I love her character - she is a strong personality and figure - but I think she is too driven by ambition, greed and obsession to be anything but bad. Her relationship with her husband was always the thing that got me,, as it was clear that she loved the dark lord more than anything and that she obviously wasn't with rodolphus for a family .. So I always wondered, what was her purpose for staying with him? With Bella, there always seemed to be a purpose.
Thank you so much again for reviewing. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was just starting out when I wrote it, so to hear that it was entertaining and a good read has made my day. Especially from a fantastic author such as yourself (:
Thank you so much,

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Review #7, by MeropePerpetual Nothing: Chapter Three

2nd December 2010:

Sorry it has taken me so long to read and review, I feel as if years passed since I last did this! I was caught up in school work for the past months or so and I literally had no time for anything I had to say "pasue" to fanfiction for a while. But anyways, I shall stop rambling now.

I love the way you "made" Cassie. She is a really memorable character and the fact that she avoids her sister and cousins is even more interesting. I can't wait for the entire family history behind her life to be revealed.

I also love your new trio. You write Scorpius really well and really believably (is this even a word...?). Al is also a memorable character and I don't know if you intended this or not, but her reminds me a great deal of Sirius. I mean, the whole "different from the rest of the family" thing really appeals to me. If you didn't intend for this, then let me just say I love it anyway. :)

Rush amazes me. I love the way you describe his actions, without using his eyes. I mean, you don't just say that he is blind--you show it through your descrpitions, which I find really good. The dialogue is also very "real" has a very creative touch to it. Many of the stories I read these days have really mechanical dialogue--just for the sake of putting it in. But you make it fit in really well, making this story really crative and uniqe.

Anyway, please keep writing, because you are very good at it and your stories are always very original (this story is perhaps the best example for that :) ). I cannot wait for you to update and I can wait for Cassie to meet Rush. I think they would get along well...but maybe I am mistaken.

Great job!


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Review #8, by MeropeAbove the Clouds: Trust

16th November 2010:
Great chapter. Loved every word of it (as usual). I particularly liked Draco's explenation of why he hates's kind of sweet in a way. Sorry, but this won't be a very long review as I'm dying to read your next chapter.

I'll write another one in a few minutes.

Merope :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

It's nice to hear from you again, I've missed your reviews, they're always so nice!*hugs*

- Cathy

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Review #9, by MeropePerpetual Nothing: Chapter Two

20th September 2010:
This was so, so, so,so,so brilliant!! I love the way you have "made" Scorp's character as well as Al, Lily and the Weasleys. But I particularly like Cassiopeia Granger..ah...she is a pleasure to read about--so nice an original and relatable! I do miss Rush, but I have to say you got me back in that womderful Hogwarts senior year spirit I have missed reading about for a while.

So where shall I start? This chapter was amazingly written, it flowed really well and the way you changed the story line is really interesting. I like the fact that Lily and James are twins and I really love your new personal trio. It's almost as if it's a story coming straight fom J.K herself!!! It's awsome.

I also liked how you involved the entire Potter world, with Diagon Alley and all the books and small jokes-I particularly liked the one about the mer people. :P

The ending was awsome. I can try to guess about who Cassiopeia's father is, but I'm probably wrong so I am not inclined to share just yet. I love the crisis in Hermione's family and the clues you give as to Cassiopeia's relationship with Rose and Lily make me mad to read more. Please update soon, this story is really good.

Anything else? I loved every word of it, but I think I've said that before. Keep up the amazing work and I can't wait to read of what shall happen wehen the "kids" go back to Hogwarts and meet Rush!

Amazing work and please, please, please update soon. :)


Author's Response: *squee* :D

Your reviews make my day! They're the greatest!

Anywho, Scor is fun to play with since JKR hasn't had a chance to really mold him the way she wants yet, so I can say "Hey. Be like this. Don't be a snob." if I want to :) Same with Al, Lily, Rose, Hugo, etc.

Like The Woman herself?! Really?! ME?! *dies* thanks :D

As someone who devours books on an hourly basis, I felt it only natural to include stuff about different books. The mer joke was kinda lame, but I guess it was ok ;)

I made Lily and James twins because I need Lily in the story and I think she may be older than James in the way JKR wrote it. So, to fix that I just decided, "Hey. Let's make them twins. It'll be fun." On a side note, Rose has already graduated from Hogwarts in this fic, so she won't be returning to school.

I'm sure your guess as to whom Cass' dad is is correct. In the story, no one exactly attempts to make it a secret, but neither do they just jump out and say X is Cass' father. More on that later.

Rush is like my new obsession ;) He's so much fun to write and experiment with and I can't wait to get back to him!

I'm so glad you love this! I do too. XD Updates will come soon, on both CSI and this!

Thanks for reading, reviewing, keeping up with my work!


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Review #10, by MeropePerpetual Nothing: Chapter One

7th September 2010: should I say this without sounding...crazy. THIS WAS AMAZING! I loved everything about it, every word and everything about Stone! He is an amazingly created character and you trully have a talent for creating unique personalities in the narrative. He's just amazing.

The entire chapter was written impeccably. The opening chapter was very natural and it made me read on. The middle part where you started describing Stone was very, very, very interesting and I especially liked how you set the scene in place. Descriptions were awsome, I almost felt as if I were there with McGonagall.

I loved how you included Severus and Dumbledore through their paintings and how well you have written them--exactly the same as I would imagine them to be like while in their paintings. Great dialogue as well!

I especially loved the way you wrote McGonagall and the way she described Hogwarts to Stone. But not only this, you've also added a bit of creativity with the castle testing you before allowing you to enter. It was very well thought off and it sounds like something which could have easily come out of the book itself.

The ending! OH MERLIN! I loved it! I love the fact that you are going to write about something that the Harry Potter readers don't know about--raw magic. It sound awsome and I seriously cannot wait to read more. You're a great author!

I'm really looking forward to reading more of this and it definitely sounds like a creative and amazing story.

Keep up the great work!

Merope :)

Author's Response: You really thought it was amazing? Wow! Thanks! I wasn't sure how this one would go over considering it's so different from CSI.

I've been playing around with having a blind main character for a long time, and after the release of several rabid plot bunnies, Rush Stone was born. I imagine him as a man that hates his "affliction" and would do almost anything to regain his sight. He's a rather melancholy man, but his students bring the best out of him. I'm so glad you love him!

I actually started with a brand new Headmaster, but I decided to throw him out and rewrite with McGonagall since she would be a little more familiar, and it's one less new person I have to deal with.

How could I write a story without including Severus? I like writing him as the portrait, it's fun :)

Hogwarts is Hogwarts, a beautifully magnificent masterpiece of a castle that I can't even begin to describe properly. Even so, thank you for the compliment.

The testing... I don't know where that idea came from, but it worked, so I kept it. I thought it would be a good opener to the discovery of Rush's magical nature.

Raw magic is another little idea that I had that was a part of another story that I thought up. I just stole it out of that story and meshed it into this one. Rush's magic is highly unpredictable and a little wild. He has some control over small stuff, but if his emotions get in the way. oh dearie.

I'm so happy you like this! I'm almost done with Chapter Two, which introduces my versions of the Next Generation. I hope they meet the public's standards!

Thanks for reading and reviewing, yours are the greatest!


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Review #11, by MeropeAbove the Clouds: Anniversary

28th August 2010:
Great chapter! I loved every word of it and I feel so sad that this story is coming to an end as I got used to reading it for so long! I'm really sorry about not reviewing earlier, but now I'm back on track with fanfiction.

The moment in the cemetery was so good. It was so intense and I nearly cried at George's reaction and Ginny and how guilty Harry feels about everything. You've clearly got a talent for writing character emotions. They're very detailed and true...experiences that so many people can relate to.

I love the way you write Lucius and I'm glad I can read a story where the good part of him is brighter than the bad part (I feel terrible for making him so mean in my story, but he'll be good in my next one :P). The Unbreakable Vow thing was awsome...and how you used money to show that the Malfoys are rich, yet they don't regard money as important as the Parkinsons do.

I liked that you brought the Weasleys and Harry in this's a little like the "old days" for the trio, but there was still that huge pressure in the middle that shows how much circumstances have changed since they were 11. But it's great that Harry and Hermione are getting closer again and like Hermione said in this chapter, the nod from Ron is an improvement to how badly their relationship had deteriorated.

Before I start rambling.this chapter was awsome and your writing skills are really good. I can't believe it's coming to an end...I guess that's sad but then again, I really want to see how things are going to settle.

Keep up the amazing work

Author's Response: Omg, longest review in ages! *does little happy dance*
It's really sad that it's coming to an end, I'm sure I'll weep like a little baby when I have to change the story to 'completed' but I think it'll be a nice feeling, too. I hope that once it's over and I begin writing other Dramiones or Roscorpius, some of the readers will like the new ones, too :)

Aw, thanks :) I do tend to focus a lot on emotions - almost more on emotions and thoughts than surroundings and places. I don't know why, but to me it's more important to feel something when reading a story than to just 'see' it. If you get what I mean xD

Yay for making Lucius good in your next story, haha. Although, I do enjoy reading him as a bad guy from time to time, it makes me appreciate the good Lucius even more, hah :)

It was a little bit like the 'old days' weren't it? That was what I was going for! Glad I got that right :) I wanted to really show the changes that had happened during the last year. Also, yes! The nod was a big improvement :)

Thank you so much for the long review! I always look forward to your reviews, they always make me smile =)

- Cathy

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Review #12, by MeropeCSI: San Diego: Chapter Thirteen: The Elevator, Part II

12th August 2010:
I like the Death Eater scenes too. But first things first. This was an awsome chapter, you had so much going that I didn't even want to stop to go to the toilet (sorry for the details).

I loved the elevator scene (2) and the fact that you included Sev's POV as well. Oh and Quinn nearly was very well written and I could see everything very clearly in my head. Her reaction seemed very real as well..not too little and definitely not overdone. It was great--one of the reasons why I love this story is because you don't over-do it. It seems really real, like something that has actually happened. I love it.

The Death Eater scene--you write Voldie really well, just like in the real book. I'm saying this because I have read many stroies where Voldie was made to sound cheesy and strange and it wasn't good at all, but in this story you write him really well. I would love to read more death eater scenes, they're awsome.

OMG he's plotting to kill Sevy!!! I can't wait for the next chapter to see what happens and I can't wait for Quinn's reaction to finding out Sev's a wizard!!!

Update soon and keep up the great work :)


Author's Response: Being evil is just fun... well, at least writing evil is lol.

I'm glad you like this chappie :D it was hard to come up with something that wasn't just a flop after "the kiss". I was worried that this chappie wouldn't be up to par...

I didn't over do it? Phew *wipes brow* I was aiming for a realistic reaction to an elevator almost coming down on your head, which i guess is pretty freaking scary. I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for the compliments.

Death Eater scenes are SO MUCH FUN its ridiculous. Voldy is also fun to play with, and I'm glad you think my version of Voldy is very real :) And, yeah, Voldemort definitely wants to kill Sev so he can be in full control of the Elder Wand (whenever he finds it). The Death Eater he is sending will be someone JKR didn't really play with too much, so I'm pretty much free to create him myself.

We'll see about Quinn figuring out exactly who and what Sev is... ;)

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #13, by MeropeCSI: San Diego: Chapter Twelve: The Elevator

24th July 2010:
The kiss was awsome!! I mean, it was perfect. Not to soon, not to late, not to fake. Just perfect and it seemed really natural so great job!

I must say, though, that I loved the beginning and how Snape behaved to her when she couldn't get herself together. I don't know if you intended this, but I got the feeling not only of an alpha male, but also a protective partner. I'm not sure this makes much sense, but I love how Snape felt sort of protective over her.

The elevator scene was also great!!! I loved their little moments on the floor and the kisses and the cuddling and everything. Your descriptions were once more awsome and the way Quinn was feeling seemed very real (but that's because it was so well written).

Anyways, I'm sorry this won't be a very long review, but it's quite late and I have an earlys start tomorrow. I hope you'll have a great summer and can't wait to read more in August and I'm sorry i couldn't get another chapter of 6th June up before the que closure, but life's been rather busy lately.

Keep up the great work :)

Author's Response: Thank you! =D

I was so unsure about the kiss, I didn't want it to seem to forced, etc. But since you and the other reviewers have liked it, I guess it was okay!

Severus is starting to see Quinn in a new light, a good, sexy, flattering light at that. He also is going to continue to be protective, I'm glad you picked that up. He's looking out for Quinn while she's unable to.

Elevator :) I rewrote that scene at least a dozen times before I got it how I wanted it. I'm glad you liked it!

And don't worry about the review not being long, I understand! Thank you for actually taking the time out of your busy days to review, despite the fact that you have other things to do! I really really really appreciate it! I can't wait until the next 6th June :D


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Review #14, by MeropeCSI: San Diego: Chapter Eleven: The Second Victim

20th July 2010:
I don't even need to say how amazing this chapter was. You should know that without me mentioning it. But I'll say it anyway: THIS CHAPTER WAS AMAZING!

You know so much on your subject area (CSI) that you are making this story seem very true and very original. You have all the proper vocab for lab techniues and crime investigation techniques, which is one of the many reasons why I love this fic.

I loved the action in this chapter! I loved the way you described the scene, and the criminal, whoever he/she is, is very well thought off! You're great at this--you're making him/her sound exactly like a serial killer which sorts of sends the chills down my spine, but at the same time I love to read more and more about it. I also like the fact that you have a pattern with all the crimes that are taking place. It's described amazingly and I love your details and the fact that nearly every chapter has a climax which leaves us readers, with mouths hanging open. lol.

The Snape and Quinn action...oh Merlin. I loved it. Especially the sentence in which she said she might be falling in love with him. It was very effective!!! You write Snape amazingly (and yes, I know I've mentioned this before :P ).

Memories constanly coming back to him...poor Sev. I can't wait for Quinn to find out he's a wizard! I'd love to read about her reactions.

Anyway, I will stop here. All in all, I loved this chapter, you're a great writer and please keep up the great work and post soon.

Merope :)

Author's Response: I don't even need to say how amazing this REVIEW was. You should know that without me mentioning it. But I'll say it anyway: THIS REVIEW WAS AMAZING! bahaha, but seriously, your reviews rock my socks!

I love all of those TV shoes like NCIS, Criminal Minds, Dexter (not Laboratory, but the one about the serial killer), and the old episodes of the original CSI. I also have read the "Dexter" series of books by Jeff Lindsay, which help me create the structure of the team, and the serial killer's bio. I'm so happy that you think that this is so realistic! I try really hard to make it as factual as possible (besides the magic).

Snape/Quinn: If you liked this chapter, you'll LOVE the next one hehehe... ;P

Ah, the memories. Well, I will say that a new character will be added to the cast role within the next few chapters, and he will spark a whole chain of memories, not all of them good. I'll give you a hint: he belongs to JKR, but he doesn't have much of a part in the books, which is why I'm using him.

I can't say too much about Quinn/Sev/magic right now, but you'll see what happens eventually :)

Thanks for all of your wonderful compliments! Your reviews make my day *that* much brighter! I just sent in the next chapter for validation late last night, so it should be in by Friday or Saturday.

Thank you Thank you Thank you


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Review #15, by MeropeCSI: San Diego: Chapter Ten: Explanations, Stories, Tales, and Tears

16th July 2010:
This chapter was heartbreakingly beautiful. I'm really sorry I didn't read and review earlier, but these past few days have been a nightmare for me...I just found out someone I knew died and I wasn't really able to do anything for a few days.

But anyway, back to your chapter. I loved every word of it and I loved how sensitive Snape was at the end when Quinn broke down. God...there are days when I wish he could really be real.

It was very smart, the way you re-told the death of Lily and James through "guns" and "knives" made it sound really different even though you only changed one thing. And you've still got the humour throughout the chapter which is what I really love about this story. It made me smile.

The last sentence made me cry. I'm sorry Snape is being so hard on himself, but I guess that makes this story wonderful. It is very realistic, especially when you've got questions in the narrative.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I love your writing style. It's like something with many layers, (an onion maybe (that's a good thing) ). If you peel one layer off, you see beyond the words and undertstand the characters. You peel another layer off and you've got the humour which makes the gloom more bearable (in times such as finding a new body). You peel another layer off and you get the main message of the story. It's wonderful and you really have a gift for writing.

Anyway, I shall stop here. I hope you will post soon and thank you so much for such a wonderful story which takes my mind off things. I feel as if I can really escape reality through this story--as if I'm really there with Sev and Quinn.

Keep up the amazing work!

Author's Response: I'm sooo sorry for your loss!

Your reviews are AHMAZING!! They make me smile and feel great about this story!

And Severus can't just leave Quinn to cry like that! He had to do something! But, yeah, I wish he was really real too...

Lily and James Death: I knew that Sev would eventually have to tell some sort of story to Quinn about how Lily died, so I came up with 'guns and knives' because he couldn't say: "The Dark Lord Voldemort blasted open their front door and killed James before he could get his wand, and then Avada Kedavrad Lily while she was pleading with him. Then he tried the same on Harry, but somehow Lily's love for the child saved him and temporarily destroyed the Dark Lord." I can only imagine Quinn's response to that hahaha.

I try to keep the humor going because I don't want this story to be too dark, only enough to keep it a crime mystery. I'm glad it makes you smile :D

I'm sorry it made you cry! Well, I'm glad that it was real enough to spark emotion, but I'm not glad that *you* cried. Did that make any sense? And Sev still can't remember where exactly things went wrong between him and Lily, and that's what's driving him up the wall with guilt and longing.

Thank you thank you thank you!! The onion metaphor makes sense, and thank you for the compliment! And you think I have a gift for writing?! Really?! :D

Thank you SO much for your reviews, they're the best! I sent in the next chapter (The Second Victim *cue dramatic music*) the other day, and it should be up no later than Wednesday.


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Review #16, by MeropeCSI: San Diego: Chapter Nine: Movie Night!

11th July 2010:
OH MERLIN...You have to update soon. This was an amazing chapter and this is an amazing story. The ending just did it for was Brilliant.

I love your writing style. It's easy to follow but it's not the simple sort of writing style. It's rich with description which makes me feel as if I am in the story with Quinn and Snape. Merlin that would be awsome...being so close to Sev. Anyways, what I also like about your writing style is that it contains lots of humour---I love the way you have created Quinn and I love the way she sometimes reacts to her own feelings about Sev: "No. Yes. No. Yes..." This was really funny, I loved it.

I liked how Quinn and Severus got closer in this chapter, especially when watching the movie. It was really sweet and sexy at the same time and MERLIN, you write Sev amazingly. It is still the Severus Snape we all know, yet there is something more about him that makes me smile (that dreamy smile) every time I think of this FanFic.

Interesting movie to choose...I like M:I. And Jim being so why does that seem so familiar? lol. I loved how Quinn gradually went to the other end of the sofa as the chapter progressed. It was funny.

The ending. The ending was awsome! Honestly, you have to update soon, because I don't think I can survive the waiting for the next chapter. It was brilliant how you referred back to Harry Potter through Sev's scar and how he collapses down as he is struck by another memory, because you remind the readers that the wizard world still exists. Personally, I was getting used to Sev being in Muggle world. And I love that Quinn is there...because she's a Muggle!

I would love, love, love, love to see Quinn going into Sev's world and at Hogwarts or something like that with Severus. You write her really well and I would love to see what her reactions would be when finding out Sev's a wizard and there's Voldy and all that.

Sorry for the late review--my computer was jinxed and it took ages for me to open the internet.

Once again, brilliant job and please update soon!!!

Merope :)

Author's Response: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK! Your reviews are awesome!!!

I'm so glad you're enjoying this fic, and reading this made me leap out of bed and dance around my room like a giddy maniac :P

Writing Style: You like the way I write?! YAY! :D I try not to make things too complicated for my readers, because too complicated or too deeply interwoven storylines are a turn off for some people.

Quinn: I love Quinn, too. I know that's a little conceited of me to know that she's great, but... ;) And, Quinn is a very indecisive woman, and has been ever since her divorce, so she's unsure (sorta) about the 'Severus In My House' problem. I'm so glad you think she's funny!

Severus: Oh, Severus. Where to begin... Well, he knows that he loved(loves) Lily, even if he can't remember her name. He misses her a WHOLE lot. But, he's starting to get more and more comfortable around Quinn. Where will it lead? idk... ;P He is very protective of her as we see when he hates Jim without even knowing the man, and only because Quinn hates him. Thank you so much for your compliments on Severus, he and I both appreciate them!!

The Movie: I chose M:I because it first came to theaters in 1996, one year before this story takes place. It was also a blockbuster, and I liked it when I watched it, so Quinn chose it because it's popular and a great movie.

Jim: is a jackass. I created him because I needed a minor antagonist until the major one appears. *mysteriously hints*

The Ending: Another memory! You get to see exactly what it is in the next chapter. Severus is finding it more and more difficult to live as the only wizard amongst Muggles. His magic is itching to be used, and he's itching to use it. And... we'll see about Quinn and Hogwarts ;)

Don't apologize for being late! It's okay! My computer gets 'jinxed' sometimes, too.

Thanks again!! I love your reviews, and the next chapter should be in by Thursday at the latest!


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Review #17, by MeropeWhere Shadows Go: His Father's Son

5th July 2010:
The ending did it for me. I don't usually cry very easily, but the last sentence transfigured me into a fountain.
Great story
Merope :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I know. This is my tearjerker Nicholas Sparks story . . .so be warned! I made myself cry so many times when I wrote it. But the series does have a happy ending and some very humorous moments! Just keep reading!

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Review #18, by MeropeSnow Girl and the Sorcerer's Son: Epilogue--Chasing Rainbows

2nd July 2010:
A sequel would be awsome and Narcissa and Severus together would also be awsome!!!
great novel!

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Review #19, by MeropeSnow Girl and the Sorcerer's Son: Hunter's Sacrifice

28th June 2010:
Lovely story and ...hmm...nice spell you invented there--the one Narcissa used on Luce :P

Great work

Author's Response: I really liked inventing that one! Lucius deserved it after what he did to Holly.

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Review #20, by MeropeMoon Fire: Midnight Summoning

24th June 2010:
O You must update soon! this is really good and I can't wait to see what is going to happen next!!

Thanks for an awsome chapter!!

Merope :)

Author's Response: I have just updated! Hope you like!

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Review #21, by MeropeCSI: San Diego: Chapter Eight: Quinn Hates Men, but Not Rain

24th June 2010:
Hey, this was a brilliant chapter! I loved it and Quinn is funny. You've got a lot of humour in this chapter which makes it great.
OH MERLIN, OH MERLIN, OH MERLIN, OH MERLIN, OH MERLIN to the last "scene" with Snape taking his shirt off. OH MERLIN!!! thank youuu for the description, it was awsome and I felt as if I was standing next to him. watching. smiling. ha...well, you get the picture. Snape is awsome!!

Anyways, can't wait for the next chapter and keep up the great work :)


Author's Response: HEY! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

It took me a while to get back on board with the whole 'Quinn is funny. Write her like that!' mindset, but now it's back and ready to roll, haha.

And...yeah. OH MERLIN. That's all I'm gonna say ;)

Thanks again!


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Review #22, by MeropeMoon Fire: Midnight Sight

22nd June 2010:
Lovely chapter. I hope you will update soon.
I vote for Moonfinder.

keep up the great work :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I should have an update today as I'm just tallying up votes right now. Once I get the name ruled on, I can insert it into the chapter and then post!

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Review #23, by MeropeMoon Fire: Midnight Gifts

22nd June 2010: are one of the most imaginative and creative writers I have ever "met" on this site. Your story is simply amazing and the mythology you bring into it makes it even more special. I just wish the Moon Lady was actually real.:(

Wow to Severus becoming an Endymion. Can't wait to read about that and YAY for Sev for finally being rewarded for his hard work and mended for his broken heart over Lily.

OMG to Hermione having a living relative. What was that all about? You have made me very curious and now I can't stop thinking about it.

Aw to Harry being related to the Moon Lady. Is sweet and once again, it makes the story even more interesting. Can't wait to read more.

Finally, the ending was awsome!! I love that part of Severus who treats Harry like a kid and punished him rightly. I can see that Severus actually cares a lot about Harry and I am really happy that you wrote about their relationship, which I think, should have also existed in the book. Too bad they didn't get on until he died. It's horrible to be regarded as a bad person and Severus had more than his share of bad luck. It's unfair and I am slightly angry at J.K. Rowling for making him suffer so much.

I will end here, because otherwise I could write until tomorrow about how much I enjoy this story.

Please keep up the amazing work and thank you so very much for making it so good. I feel as if I am part of it and I know that sounds rather cheesy, but it's true. Okay. Now I really will go.

Merope :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much! You're really sweet to say that and I love that you feel like you're there with them, because that means you connected very deeply with the way I wrote this and that's what I'm striving for! I agree with you, I think the way i wrote them should have been the way it was in the books too. They were cheated!

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Review #24, by MeropeThe Greatest Gift: The Letter

21st June 2010:
aww...this was so cute. I loved it!! Ever since I started reading your stories, I keep imagining Severus as Harry's adoptive dad, even in the real books and films and I always end up thinking something along the lines of: "Hold on...I swear Harry and Sev used to get along. I remember. That was in the fanfiction!" I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but it's such a pitty it never happened in the real books and Harry was a jerk to Sev up until the day he died. That's really sad. But at least I've got your wonderful stories to feed my desire of a friendship like relationship or a father son relationship between Harry and Severus. It's really sweet what you're doing in these stories and I guess I am just trying to say thanks. So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for "feeding" my Snape and Harry imagination; I am eternaly grateful...and I am glad I am not the only one who wishes they could have gotten along better in the real books.

Keep up the amazing work

Merope :)

Author's Response: Thanks so very much! I agree 100%, they should have gotten along at the end of the series, and would have if I had written it. There would have been a rousing argument between them at first and then Harry would have forgiven Severus and realized that the man had done all he could to save him and together they would have kicked Voldy's arse and Sev would have become godfather to one of Harry's kids.

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Review #25, by MeropeMoon Fire: Midnight Uprising

21st June 2010:
Oh Merlin!!! I don't remembr feeling so happy when I read a fanfiction. You definitely have a gift for story telling. Everything is brilliant. I love this story!!!

Keep up the great work :)


Author's Response: Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the next part of this!

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