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Review #1, by AnnachieHide and Seek: Dancing with Dishy Denters

7th August 2009:
Hmm, not sure about Liam. I think he might be a player.

I must admit, I had half a desire for Jane to send Oliver an apology owl for the lipgloss, with a slight twist of " and learn how to duck!"

I like the dance club. Sounds so elegent. Reminds me of a little I've read of the Austrian ball events. linky.

Anoying though Amanda is, she might become fun. Especially if Mr. Perry ends up having to spill the wizarding beans to Amanda and her mother. :)

and fun and games will ensue at the fundraiser no doubt lol

Excelent, but then I've seen nothing less from you.

Author's Response: Skeptical about Liam, huh? I'm not surprised some people are considering the way I write haha. i think if it was anyone other than Jane, there would have been some sort of remorse for throwing a display at Oliver's head, but seeing as it's Jane not so The wizarding beans should be...interesting, that's for sure. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #2, by AnnachieA Year-Long Love Letter: July

3rd August 2009:
Nice to see them getting back towards normal.

Great chapter as usual, and I was starting to wonder how, or when, you were going to slip a letter in. lol

A tattoo huh. Not quite sure how I'd react if it was me. But I'm sure Harry will like it.

Author's Response: Yeah, there has to be at leaast one letter, I guess!

I thought a tattoo would be great - especially since Ginny is sort of a rebel, and also that it would be a way for her to show Harry how she feels "permanently."

Thanks for sticking with the story - the wedding is up next - I hope you like it...

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Review #3, by AnnachieBreaking the Quidditch Code: Preposterous Pink Puddifoots

3rd August 2009:
I will never think of a broom polishing kit the same now.

and, ffs James. Wake up and smell the bird cage!

(Ok, he has to grow up first)

Author's Response: He's getting there, fortunately haha. He has already made quite a lot of progress :) As for the broom polishing either :) Thanks!

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Review #4, by AnnachieAfter the Horcrux: Twelve Hours

3rd August 2009:

What a great chapter. One of the best Quidditch sequeces I've read in a long time.

and those two dillberries at the end, what were they thinking. Well they know better now.
I wonder what the repercussions will be, if any since after that game Ginny could demand they're heads on a silver platter. And probbly get them lol

Surly they'll get it together soon, though I'd bet it will be in the penultimate chapter lol

Great work.

Author's Response: Thank you! Greta and Zelda are two people who have no concept of what a relationship is. They are all about satisfying their physical needs.

There will be repercussions from everything in this chapter eventually.

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Review #5, by AnnachieThe Regrets of Ella Malfoy: Hogwarts Dropout

31st July 2009:
“ So your kid will be my second cousin, right?”

LP will be Roses first cousin, once removed.

I'm curious about what Scorpy and James where fighting about, really.

Great story.

Author's Response: I'm pretty sure that it's second cousin, but thanks for the input.


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Review #6, by AnnachieAll That Follows: Chapter 26

31st July 2009:
Here was me thinking that you were starting to write yourself into a hole of some kind. But silly me forgot about dragons, and drunken hunting accidents lol

Author's Response: Yeah, no need to fret :-) I guess it was looking like they would never get together but soemthing has to spark at least them talking to each other or being in the same country. Hope you are looking forward to the next update x

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Review #7, by AnnachieAll That Follows: Chapter 24

31st July 2009:
Honestly, I don't know if you're taking Ron out of character, or developing his character beyond what I normally see in my prefered Harry/Ginny stories.

It's just strange seeing Ron being the mature, adult one.

I like it though. Well written.

Author's Response: That's fair enough and I agree that it is weird to see Ron like this, being more mature but I think at times I still bring him back to his more normal levels. I figure though that losing Fred and the war and everything means that he's been kind of forced to grow up a bit. He's no longer in that school environment and I've liked exploring that. Hopefully I haven't moved too far away though xx

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Review #8, by AnnachieAll That Follows: Chapter 21

31st July 2009:
Long is good. So is short. But them withing my bounds, I'm easy :)

Travelling nicely, but I think chap 16(?) might be your best work.

But I do like a chapter you can sink your eyes into.

I kinda like the way that Molly went off at Ron, though for a bit there I was like Ron in not understanding why.

I also like to think Ginny was listening in and sniggering :)
(Yes, Diehard Ginny worshipper)

Keep up the great work :)

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you liked Chapter 16 - it was a good one to write so it's nice to know that it was worth it.
Aww, I love how you love Ginny. I must admit she was never one of my favourites but since writing this story I have really grown to love her as a character.
With Molly I liked the idea of having the reader in the dark so you could be as confused as Ron so I'm happy that that came across.
Thanks for reading and reviewing so far x

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Review #9, by AnnachieAll That Follows: Chapter 9

30th July 2009:
Don't fret. It's an excelent chapter in a wonderful story :)

Author's Response: Yay! I'm really happy you liked it. Thanks for the support x

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Review #10, by AnnachieThe Bobble Hat: The Bobble Hat

29th July 2009:
You can never have too much fluff.

Well, maybe in the dryer, or stuck on your clothes. Come to think of it you should see the quilting machine after we've done a big one. ... but hey.

I love fluff.

Great little story, as usual.


Author's Response: Fluff! It's a good word that. :) Not cat fur though, because that's fluff that really sticks to EVERYTHING. :D

Anyway, moving on, thank you for your review and rating! Glad you enjoyed it. :) :)

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Review #11, by AnnachieHarry Potter and the Winters After the War: The Plan

24th July 2009:

Great chapter. What is Harry thinking?

Makes me wonder though. Was anyone standing in front of "that bloody wall", and what did it show?

(Oh, to go back to your MTA, Seeker68 was the first author in my favorite list :) )

Author's Response: Annachie,

Hi. Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter.

What do you think the wall would show for something like this? And what do you think was going through Harry's mind with Laura? Any thoughts?


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Review #12, by AnnachieThe Regrets of Ella Malfoy: Tension

22nd July 2009:
“ She’s only mad because she couldn’t reach her toes.”

“ I’M FAT, Selena. What do you expect?”

Ah, memories. Hauling my wife up when she sat in the wrong couch. Having to tie her shoes up. Being swon at as it takes her 5 minutes to get out of bed. Memories lol.

Not to depressing really. Ending on the first felt movment can't be bad. Don't think I tried to speak to any of them though. lol

Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad this could bring back some fond (?) memories. Thank you for the review :)


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Review #13, by AnnachieLearning to move on: The third funeral

19th July 2009:
July 31, not July 30

Boy is the emotional content comming over. Then again I'm an old softie :)

Author's Response: didn't i put 31? I thought I did O.o o well, thanks for correcting me, the emotional stuff eazes up soon I promise :) thanks for reviewing

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Review #14, by AnnachieElf Hats: "Spew again..."

19th July 2009:
Quirky, fluffy, slightly silly. Great story.

But you don't knit do you?

Author's Response: I am terrible at knitting, despite many tried and failed attempts. :D Have I made an incorrect use of knitting terminology somewhere? lol it's the type of think I would do.

Thank you for your review! Nice to hear it's quirky. :D

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Review #15, by AnnachieLike Being In Love: like being in love...

12th July 2009:
I've said it before, and will no doubt say it again.

Fluffy and sappy are becoming two of my favorite world.

Great little story :)

Author's Response: I agree. Sappiness is something to be embraced, not shunned. :) I\\\'m glad you liked my story. Thank you for the lovely review! ~Manya

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Review #16, by AnnachieThe Regrets of Ella Malfoy: Boom

12th July 2009:
Ahh. I love Rose, but honestly never thought of her getting the worst of the tempers of both her parents. :)

Looking great so far :)

Author's Response: Rose is one of my favorites, too. I had fun making her a big (w)itch in this story.


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Review #17, by AnnachieThe Regrets of Ella Malfoy: Fighting of Many Different Natures

11th July 2009:
Towards the end, the scene changes get hard to follow.

For names:

Stephanie-Lee/Stephen-Lee (Steevie)

Still good :)


Author's Response: It shouldn\\\'t be, something went very wrong when I posted out and a hefty part is missing. I thought I fixed it, but I\\\'ll try again.

Thanks for the suggestions :)


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Review #18, by AnnachieThe Regrets of Ella Malfoy: Quick and Painless (Right...)

11th July 2009:

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading. After all, I'm a simple fellow. Malfoy == bad.

So colour me surprised, and entertained. :)

I'm starting to like Ella a lot.

But honestly, this isn't the scene I'm waiting for.

It's Ginny and Molly being told that could be fun lol :twisted:

Keep going it's fun.

Author's Response: Haha, and usually I would agree, but I like Ella too. Boy Molly would be an interesting one. Thanks for the review :)


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Review #19, by AnnachieHallelujah: The Game

11th July 2009:
Nice story so far, but then I'm a Harry/Ginny tragic.

One thing. Harry and Ginny are just over a year apart in age, 11 days or so over.

Author's Response: Really? I never knew Ginny\\\'s birthday, they never meantioned it in the books, thanks for reading and reviewing, I hope you keep reading


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Review #20, by AnnachieAlice In Weasley Land: One Weasley Short

11th July 2009:
Nice story.

Keep up the good work.

Nothing really stood out to me as being wrong, so well done there too.

Can't wait for the next update :)

Author's Response: thank you sooo much! ^_^ next update should be very soon!

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Review #21, by AnnachieAlice In Weasley Land: Just Alice.

11th July 2009:
Great title.

Don't know much more than that yet, but a great title is a blessing.

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #22, by AnnachieThe Time for Theory is Over: The Time for Theory is Over

10th July 2009:
This might be even better than the other half of the story. :)

Again, excelent work


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Review #23, by AnnachieHis Best Source of Comfort: His Best Source of Comfort

10th July 2009:
Nice, sweet, soppy.

Lovely story. Thanks for writing it.


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Review #24, by AnnachieUnder the Cloak: Under the Cloak

10th July 2009:
Wow, what a nice little story.
Great concept too ;) I love the idea of Harry and Ginny having a hidden dance at Bills wedding. :D

Author's Response: Really glad you liked it and that you checked out my other stories too. Thank you :)

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Review #25, by AnnachieAn Improved Life: Chapter Thirteen

10th July 2009:
Honestly, it peters out.

It really feels like there should be more.

Nice story but ... :D

Author's Response: Yeah, I know what you mean. it was one of my first ones, though! That\\\'s my excuse and I\\\'m sticking to it! :P


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