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Review #1, by Ayume MatsumotoFluxweed: Fluxweed

12th May 2013:
This story is great! ^-^ I really love your characterisation of Malfoy, and you didn't make Padma too advanced for her level of magic which made it more believable. The story was a great insight into moments which may have happened at Hogwarts while the books focused on the trio's travels.

I really enjoyed reading it and it was the perfect length too (quite often I get a bit bored if the word length is too much and there isn't much action in it.) This, on the other hand was very much to the point and had a good balance of description and action.

Author's Response: I was so worried about this story because I thought it would seem very unrealistic (the challenge prompts were kind of difficult) so it's very reassuring to hear that you enjoyed it!

I wanted this story to seem like a plausible explanation of some of the things that happened at Hogwarts in the seventh year, and I'm pleased you think it was the right length and had a good balance of description and action.

Thanks so much for leaving the first review on this story!

Sian :)

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Review #2, by Ayume MatsumotoA Memory : pansy and draco short story

26th June 2012:
aww this is so short & sweet. It's heart warming. I always saw their relationship as one-sided, on Pansy's side, but this comes across as believable. Also, I love the way you wrote Draco's relationship with his son. Like he knew where his father went wrong, so he's making sure he does it differently with his son. ^^ Love it!

Author's Response: Ah thank you so much for the lovely review :) appreciate it!!

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Review #3, by Ayume MatsumotoDer Magische Krieg: Chapter Four

7th April 2010:
I can't explain how AWESOME this fic is~!! I'm half-german, so it's really great that you chose to write the german-parts in german. lol.
I find anything Dumbledore-history related interesting and I'm so glad someone decided to write about the war time. ^-^

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