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Review #1, by The Forgotten MuseTrapped.: Caught in the Act

2nd August 2013:
As fantastic as you are at making Reggie and Sirius dreamboats, I think you succeeded with James as well. Le sigh. Or perhaps that's just proof old habits die hard..he's a man after me own heart.
HPFF rules are stupid but you made the best out of it. Thanks for including Gran's hat. :*

Author's Response: Dream boats? More like DREAM ROCKETS. Huh ugh thanks for the review wondah brah

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Review #2, by The Forgotten MuseTrapped.: Sandwiches

17th July 2013:
Darling, that point about Ivy's quills being soldiers absolutely SLAYED me. Comic gold, right there.
As for Sirius and Regulus...I like where this is going. If failing a class meant having a boy as delicious as Sirius tutor me I should look into failing all my classes.
I like the bird Harding has. Keep those rascal students from any hanky panky while he's not there.

You are the knight to my dragon.

p.s. didn't read that as "whole" the first time if u no wat i meen

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Review #3, by The Forgotten MuseTrapped.: Giving Up

11th July 2013:
THIS. WAS. SO. TOM. STURRIDGE. (circa 2009)
Like, I hate you so much. No one should be able to still write so well after two years. T.T
But, holy shit, Li, those were some serious Sirius feels up there. THE FEELS. I'm very interested to see where this watch thing is going to go.
Oh. And now that she left servitude? I really didn't see that one coming. Also looking forward to more interactions with Sophie, Reg, and Sirius. Yay.
Hurry up and get that next chapter up. I know it's probably nearly done.
Welcome back.

That was so NOT Tom Sturridge (c. 2013)


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Review #4, by The Forgotten MuseWhite Blank Page: Chapter 1

12th July 2011:
Okay, I'll be completely honest with you, the only reason that I clicked on your story was the fact that Eddie Redmayne was in your banner. I LOVE him and figured anyone else that did (or at least had him portray a character) MUST have had a story worth reading.

So far, I've been right. I really love Next Gen stories and I'm glad that you're focusing more on some of the minor characters. I'd never really pictured personalities for the Scamander twins, but I like what you have. As well as Lily being some what of a wild child unlike the little priss that a lot of authors picture her as.

Well! On to the next chapter!


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Review #5, by The Forgotten MuseTrapped.: Cinderella

22nd March 2011:
'Course you aren't dead! You were having a baby! AH! I jest, I jest. Please don't hit me. Anyway. Love this and love you :D

And you would about medieval monks...Martin Luther, I smell? And I wish there was the stereotypical dress montage in here that we both love so much...but I forgive you :)

I also ADORE the "proud mother" front that James puts on once he sees Ivy. And the Charybdis reference...everyone needs a lil Greek myth in their lives ;D Heheheee. Reggie and Ivy's bantering in formal tones reminds me of us hahaa.


Love always,

Author's Response: Man that baby got me. I was surprised that I remembered all of those references to begin with...

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Review #6, by The Forgotten MuseThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: MVP

19th October 2010:
Another fantastic chapter, but you probably don't need ME to tell you that.

SO glad that they finally had the first game. And it was very well written, very realistic. I'm salivating for the next chapter (which I'm sure will be even better...if possible).


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Yeah, it did take me a really long time to have the first game actually happen, but I hope I did it justice!

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Review #7, by The Forgotten MuseThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Fun with Ouija Boards

28th September 2010:
Yay for all the Sirius/Kylie action in this chapter!

Alright, it kinda freaks me out how easily both of them can just stick a needle into their veins and be cool with it. I've given blood before and I can't even look as they put the needle much less imagine doing it myself.

I like how the Ouija board has a personality of its own and, though I never really thought of it as something that would be used in Divination, I like it there.

Urgghh. Kylie is so stubborn that it makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes. Seriously. Black LIKES you. But I hope this little talk with Matt and Jaz will make her come to her senses.

Great chapter, as always. (You crank these out so fast, I think you should participate in the National Novel Writing Month. Writing a 50,000 word story in November. I think you could do it :D )


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
I thought it was about time for some romantic tension - was I right?
Well, I guess neither of them are very squeemish. I'm not really the best with needles either, but I guess when the choice is between sticking yourself or having a sleepness night before something really big, I would take the needle!
The ouija board deffinately had a bit of an attitude - I know it isn't typically used, but I thought it would fit.
She is very stuborn, and oblivious - it will take her some time, but when it happens it will pretty much explode :)
I'm glad you liked it! I tried NanoWrimo in the past and failed terribly - maybe it's time for another go, though...

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Review #8, by The Forgotten MuseThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: The First Game of the League

23rd September 2010:
Sirius isn't insane, Kylie! He's in love with you! Seriously. He even confessed to you indirectly like twice in the past few chapters...saying that you are exactly his type!

Grr. Sirius. Aw, but I love him. I'm hoping that the whole dog/Sirius saving her thing comes in again later.

And what a curve ball with Matt liking Jaz! I DEFINITELY did not see that one coming. Though he had a thing for Kylie...

Anyway, great chapter, as always. And thanks for posting the picture I did! :D


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Even though Kylie might not see it, everyone else sure does :D
I'm glad that the Matt thing came as a surprise - that was the intention. I threw in the bit about the bracelet as a red herring - I hope it worked!
About the picture:
I posted it, then it was accepted, but then I got another letter rejecting it so I had to take it off :( I'll try to find a loop hole in the next few days if I can - sorry that the validators decided to smash down the hammer! It really was an amazing picture!

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Review #9, by The Forgotten MuseTrapped.: Surprise Surprise

13th September 2010:
I'm liking creepy Carlton. And Regulus is just so dashing in this chapter. So dashing. SO. DASHING.

Anyway, good chapterrr. You keep putting off the party but I'm still waiting. And some more Sirius/Ivy and Reggie/Ivy action. Honestly, I'm not even sure which I want anymore XD Can we do both? A creepy threesome or something, yeah?

Who. Yeah, got to go take that AP Euro test (ALONE) because SOMEONE won't reply to my texts (jk I know you're sick).



Author's Response: Omg i just tested and now i can answer reviews?? Hooraaay lol. Creepy threesome would be INCEST. But, you know... to each his own...
Love you baack

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Review #10, by The Forgotten MuseThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Revenge

10th September 2010:
Awww. Sirius! He saved her :D

But what a little ass wipe that German guy is. Seriously! Taking it as far as sexually assaulting Kylie...

Great chapter (again) and I'm eager for more!

By the way, I tried to put the link to the picture I drew of Kylie in this review but the site wouldn't let me. No links allowed :C


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Haha, yes, yes he did!
Ass wipe seems to be everyone's favorite way to refer to him! This guy is a lot like someone in real life that I know, and it would be just like him to get drunk and try to get revenge in that way, so I thought I should keep it to character!
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Aww, so sad! Too bad, that would have been totally cool! I could have put it at the beginning of the chapter with props to you... if I would have had your permission, that is. Even if you don't want others to see it, have you tried posting it but by putting spaces between every letter l i k e t h i s ? That was how my friend got a banner for one of her stories once.
Thanks again!

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Review #11, by The Forgotten MuseThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Opening Night

30th August 2010:
I see what you mean about this chapter being kinda filler, but not. But I liked it. It was nice and long and it showed some interesting points.

I like how you included those German boys that tormented Kylie. As a girl in a typically all boys sport (hockey, remember?) I know what it's like to often be the target both during a game and after. It's sad and annoying but it's real so I like that. I wish I was as brave as Kylie to stand up to them though XD

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter and some more Sirius/Kylie action.


P. S. The way you dressed Kylie for the opening ceremony was so cool that I found myself doodling her on my Pre-Calc notes XD

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
I'm glad it wasn't too tough as far as fillers go - I know sometimes they can get pretty tedious!
Still rocking the puck, huh? I thought that we needed to have Kylie have some difficulty with the others in the competition - difficulty that will continue in the next one! And maybe next time they start roughing you up you can take a leaf out of her book... though you might not want to slug one of them!
Haha, I wish I could see that doodle!

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Review #12, by The Forgotten MuseThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Tours, Ping-Pong, and Confrontations

23rd August 2010:
I know that I've said it before, but I need to say it again: I frickin' LOVE the plot for this story. I live for international sports tournaments (when the Olympics are going on, I eat, sleep, and breathe them. The Norwegian curling team's pants were AMAZING!)

I really want to hear some joke making hun of Potemkin's name. Like Sirius to start calling him Pumpkin or something...but that would probably be out of line, even for him. But if you could just sneak that in somewhere, I would be so excited. Haha.

Yay for more Kylie/Sirius! It always seems like two steps forward and one back with them...I like it!

And, oh, those Asians and their skills at ping-pong, gymnastics, diving, badminton, figure skating, and badminton. I'm glad you added that scene :D

I eagerly await the next chapter.


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Haha, I'm glad you like the plot! I enjoy the olympics as well, but alot of times I can't watch them as much as I want to... escpecially Hockey.
I was trying to work out a way to make fun of him without it being too bad and him knowing, because if he did he would get angry and all heck would break loose. On second thought, that might be a good idea.
Maybe some day they will just be taking those one steps forward, but not for a while I think!
And yes, Asians always have skills.

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Review #13, by The Forgotten MuseThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Send-Off

23rd August 2010:
Awww. I'm so sorry that I didn't review this sooner! I guess I missed the update.

The whole trust fall thing makes me laugh. And reminds me of Tosh.0 where he did the random trust falls, you know what I mean? If you don't know what I'm talking about, then disregard the previous.

This isn't one of my favorite chapters, but I did enjoy learning more about the trip to Russia (and the pills they take a really interesting) and that Kylie and Sirius patched things up...for now anyway.

Onto the next chapter!


Author's Response: Thanks for the review! It doesn't matter if you're late posting it, as long as you put it up eventually to make my day!
I've never seen Tosh.0, but there is a beautiful thing called Google and Youtube that could change that!
This wasn't one of MY favorites either, and neither is the one that is currently in the queue. I had to figure out some way to have them be able to understand each other, and the pills were the only way I found that could do that. Just wait for those two until the next one - the patches may come apart at the seams!

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Review #14, by The Forgotten MuseThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Broom Closet Brawl

9th August 2010:
Oh. My. Gawd. And here I was thinking that things were improving between Sirius and Kylie! Very dramatic and gasp your writing often is. However, I'm going to take the psychological stand point and say that it was because Sirius was afraid of his feelings and taking it out through his sexuality (my psych teacher would be eating this up lol), which could be taken as progress...I suppose. ESPECIALLY, because I think that Sirius gave Kylie the bracelet.

On another point, I'm glad that you took my advice and threw in some reserve players. It adds another layer of believability to your already incredibly realistic story...well, you know as much as a story about wizards can be XD


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Well, I couldn't let Sirius and Kylie get along so perfectly all the time, could I? That would take away the interest from a romantic direction! You could very well be right about the entire psych thing (I've been thinking about majoring in psych - kind of fascinating stuff) or he could just be an inconsiderate jerk. I'm not saying which one is right, but I'm sure you can guess! Haha, everyone is so convinced that he was the one who gave it to her! It's great!
Yes - every bit of advice from outside sources helps! And I kind of had forgotten about having reserves until you mentioned it! If there's anything else that you see that you think needs to be added, just mention it! Cheers!

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Review #15, by The Forgotten MuseThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Of a Target Practice and a Pep Talk

2nd August 2010:
You update so quickly! I love it.

This chapter was amazing. I like how we get to see the entire team together. And how they don't really work together right off the makes it more realistic. And lots of romantic tension in this chapter!

I eagerly await the next chapter.


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Well, the updates had to slow down for the staff vacation, unfortunately, but hopefully I'll be back to churning them out when the queue gets reopened!
The team... when you have so many conflicting personalities, its basically impossible for everything to be honkey-dory right from the start. Yes, Sirius and Kylie... they are a definate posibility, right?

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Review #16, by The Forgotten MuseThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Weight Lifting

29th July 2010:
This is wonderful!

The realism that you add to your story makes it all the better. Like how James wants his Beaters to do weight training. Most people might overlook that, but you didn't. Kudos. However, I was thinking about this, to make it seem even more real, you might want them to have some back up or reserve players. Just in case something happens to the normal ones. Sports teams usually have a list of back up players that they can bring forward in the incident of injuries. And James sounds like my dad once hockey season comes around again...which is a good thing! And, as an athlete myself (female ice hockey player, yo), I completely understand the loving the sport but hating the conditioning aspect of things.

I also really like your views of Divination. What with the crack leaves and stoners and all.


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
At my school, weight training is a big deal for everyone involved in sports whether they like it or not - the coaches will fight over who has the fitness center during certian seasons. Thanks for the tip about the reserves - I'll be sure to add that in the next chapter I am able to post! (Haha, definate props on being a girl hockey player! That is one of my favorite sports, so you kind of reach god-like status with that!)
Divination is sort of where a lot of crap comes out into the open, and the stoners... well, we have to love them, don't we? Thanks again, and cheers!

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Review #17, by The Forgotten MuseThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: The Choice

20th July 2010:
I'm fairly sure that was equally nerve wracking for the reader as it was for Kylie. One moment you think she's definitely going to get the spot, and the next you're doubting it severely.

Again, fabulous. New chapter soon?


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Haha, thanks! I wasn't sure if people would really be all that worried, seeing as it said in the summary that she would get it, but I'm glad that you still felt a little worried!
Next one is in the queue, and thanks again!

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Review #18, by The Forgotten Muse:

20th July 2010:
This is probably just me, but I was kinda hoping we would actually get a description of the Prostitution Spell as it happened. Sigh. That would be so deliciously hilarious...and sexy.

Anyway. Now you've got me all wondering what's going to happen. And I really like the idea of this Quidditch Tournament. Very clever.

Onto the next chapter!


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Well, I was going to add the scene at the very beginning, but then I figured that we were going to see Sirius in his skivies soon enough that we may as well prolong the moment... For the record, that didn't sound as awkward in my head as looks on the screen...
I'm glad you like it and that you're wondering - that's always a sign that one is doing something right! Cheers!

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Review #19, by The Forgotten MuseTrapped.: This isn't Romantic.

28th June 2010:
Shit, Liana. You didn't tell me you updated...or if you did I didn't register through all the cramming I was doing for finals. Now, I feel bad for waiting so long to review :C

ANYWAY. "'Okay, Ivy. So you're walking-no, strutting-across the floor after a momentous glance at each other's eyes through a swarm of people. Time slows down. You take your hair out of that hideous bun you always put it in and it all falls down your back like little come hither tendrils and you bat those horse lashes of yours and you toss those come hither tendrils like you've never tossed before, and once you get close enough to him, you say in the most sultry, irresistible voice you can muster.' James points a cue to me." I really like that. Especially the come hither hair and horse lashes. I'm not sure why. But I do. And that part about the cougars...for obvious reasons ;] And if Regulus was a crab...he'd be DELICIOUS.

I really liked this chapter. We got the humor we love in the first part and, in the second, a different point of view, which is always refreshing.

Love you more than air.

Author's Response: And i updated like waaay after finals... so... yeah lol.
I would eat regulus EVERY DAY. haha
Except not entirely because that would be... sad.

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Review #20, by The Forgotten MuseAll That Matters : All That Matters

12th June 2010:
So cute!

I'm in love with the way you write. The fact that you can explain things with so much depth and feeling amazes me. And, that you did this in just over 500 words and still got your point across. I think that so many people would have just simplified things to an extreme and you just managed to put a beautiful observation and story together.



Author's Response: :3

I'm glad that you found it cute and I'm glad that you like the way that I write. It really was a challenge to get this just over 500 words and have a plot to it, no matter how simple the plot was. I'm really glad that you thought I could convey all that in this short little piece.

I really do adore this piece even if it's one of my shortest.

Thanks so much again!


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Review #21, by The Forgotten MuseNymph : Nymph

12th June 2010:
This was really, really good. I love all the beautiful words and phrases you used. I'm also very impressed with how you managed to use so little dialogue but still keep the story interesting and alive.

This story reminds me of a Charlie/Tonks songfic I did myself. Only, the roles are reversed and Tonks is enamored with Charlie and it takes place in school. So I'm glad to see another story with this pairing...I adore them together in an awkward relationship that doesn't really go anywhere.


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really glad that you think so. I love being descriptive and I'm enamored with the English language. I like using phrases and words that are uncommon or common just not commonly used.

I adore the pairing, too. I had a friend that roleplayed Charlie and Tonks together. I think that it's a cute pairing. Although in the rp the pair ended up married. . .

I might end up having some Tonks/Lupin fan strangle me for admitting this, but I really like Tonks/Charlie more than Tonks/Remus.


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Review #22, by The Forgotten MuseThe Kill: Accused

4th May 2010:
"Or maybe it was because Kingsley had kissed him and Harry Potter's asses by placing them immediately in the Auror department." You might want to change that him to a his. "Someone like me? The man insulted me right in my face." Fabulous line. "'Of course that scum would. Well, you did good.'" You might want to change that to "You did well". It's just a minor grammar error and doesn't really matter that much but I'm pretty anal about things like that.

Alright, so this seems like a very interesting continuation of the one-shot I challenged you to write. I'm very interested to see where it goes and I'll be keeping an eye on it. I like how we're getting to see more of Stephen's home life and what may have contributed to the cause of his actions...obviously his father for one.

Some things I would take into consideration if I were you: the court hearing and the makeup to cover up the Dark Mark. The hearing wasn't bad, I just think they would go over his case more thoroughly. Remind everyone what exactly he was being accused of doing, getting his take on what happened, etc. This, though not necessary, would help give the story a little boost in the reality department. Also, relating back to making it more believable, I think that Wizengamot might try to view his arm with magic in case they thought him of really hiding it like he was. They would probably cast some sort of revealing spell to make sure it wasn't being hidden in some way. Now, I understand this also puts forward a challenge of how he WOULD hide it, but this is a story about wizards so anything is possible really and you can come up with something.

A great way to spend your first review!


Author's Response: Right, 'his' does read better. Thanks for pointing that out. And I had hoped someone would like that line. :) And don't worry, I like anal people. They're fun.

Yeah, his father is the biggest contributing factor to the what he had done. More of what made him do it should come out once I get around to writing the second chapter.

Hmm, a revealing spell. Didn't think of that. Now you're going to make me go back and make it more difficult for Stephen to hide it. Lol. But yes, anything is possible when it comes to magic. I'll figure out some kind of spell Stephen could use to hide it for a bit.

Thanks for this first review. It was perfect and helpful. I can't wait for the next few.


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Review #23, by The Forgotten MuseDeath's Mask: Betrayed

26th April 2010:
Creepy, creepy. I really like it!

This deviated enough from the quote for you to make it your own, yet you still caught the essence that was meant to be there. This left me handing for more. Is Stephen just going to go on with his life? I assume he doesn't feel any immediate remorse about the murder of little Colin, but will he in the future.

And, my god, Stephen is RUTHLESS. "He was just a kid. Now hes road kill." That part made me horrified and struck me as humorous at the same time...which probably says something about my personality.And the way he tosses one of his own into the line of fire for himself is brilliant for this Gothic inspired story.

On the down side, I would like to have seen a little more elaboration on Stephen's thoughts. Like what caused him to want to kill exactly and how he felt throughout it.

However, I think you did a fantastic job and I love how you used the sexy Chace Crawford as your Stephen.


Author's Response: Yes! Glad you liked it. I rather enjoy writing creepy things now. They're so much more fun.

Hahaha. Hanging on for more is exactly what I wanted to get across. Of course, he doesn't exactly feel remorse since he did plan it all out. He's quite a sadistic guy. Also, I adored that quote, so I couldn't wait to make a creepy story out of it.

That was my favorite line in the story. I didn't even think it through, it just came out and fit Stephen's personality so well. And hey, being horrified and laughing at the same time means that we are perfectly normal people.

Yeah, I do regret a bit by not putting much of his thoughts about it all in the story, but I didn't want him thinking too much in the middle of the battle. Which is what my other story I'm currently writing will be for. I just couldn't let this character go, so I'm writing a longer story on him based off of this.

Thank you for your compliments, my friend. Though, I give you credit for giving me such an amazing quote to work with. And I figured some ladies would enjoy some eye candy while reading a dark story like this. Who better than Chace?


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Review #24, by The Forgotten MuseReminiscing: Reminiscing

26th April 2010:
Oh my, that was sad.

That said, you really played with emotions well. What with the aforementioned feelings of sorrow and then those of hope that were also woven within, you accomplished this plot beautifully. I like how you included the Poe quote directly in the text yet I could also feel the mood of such just reading it. Bravo. You were also quite creative with the setting of the story. It was very unique.

Some things that I thought needed some work: There were some minor grammar mistakes that I think just occurred because of typing errors. I also thought that some of your paragraphs were lengthy and could have been split apart.

Thank you ever so much for participating in my challenge and getting your story in so early (even though I didn't review until now XD)


Author's Response: Yes, sad stories are sometimes necessary, I feel.

Thanks, I'm glad that you thought that I played with the emotions of this piece well. What author doesn't like hearing that about their work? Thanks so much, I'm glad that you thought so highly of it.

Yes, it's possible. I'll look over that, but personally, I think the paragraph thing is a question of choice. Personally, I prefer long paragraphs to choppy sentences.

You're quite welcome, and no problems. I figured you'd get to it when you could.


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Review #25, by The Forgotten MuseViktor Krum: Sex God?: Three

19th March 2010:
Glad to see that you've updated. :D

I really love this story and I hope you continue with it. There was only one thing that bothered me in this chapter...I'm fairly sure that Karkaroff died in the sixth may want to check me on that though.


Author's Response: And I'm so pleased to hear that you're glad to see it!

Well, I adore writing it and I don't see myself stopping any time soon! Oh no, he definitely did die in canon, but I'm taking a few liberties xD. I'm part of a site called TGS and we sort of have an in joke about Igor/Cho :P. I'll probably add in an author's note though, just to clear that up!

Thank you so much for all your feedback! ^_^

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