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Review #1, by jannnnnuGet in Line: Duels and Don'ts

8th February 2016:
I just realized I hadn't left you a review once I read your story. I have to say, it's one of my favourites. I read a lot of stories in this site but there aren't many that I love as much as I do this one. I think I've reread it 5 times at least in the past two months or so, even though I've been an avid reader since the very beginning. I love the little drama, the sarcasm and humor and the friendship between Mose, Fred and the budding relationship between Mose and James. It's adorable how James wanted to defend Mose's honour and was ready to hex Cyrus on her account even though she didn't let him in the end(I would've, probably would've thrown a couple of hexes in myself secretly). I do hope Mose, James and Fred get back at those two for being such d**chebags(did not know that this word is not to be used, oh well) to begin with. Anyways, since it's 3am(I literally couldn't go to sleep before I read the whole thing in one sitting once again, EVEN THOUGH I ALREADY KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. I have problems) I am going to go to sleep now. I sincerely hope that you'll get some time to get some writing done this week because I would love a new update, it would be much appreciated!

OH, and before I go, Lily is adorable! I love how she stood up for Mose as well, even though it was subtle. And I love how Silas loves her unconditionally, not at all what Cyrus and Mitch seemed to think. Those two suck and can go jump off the Astronomy Tower for all I care. Maybe pitch them the levitating Firewhiskey idea? And accidentally forget to add the levitation part?

I'm not usually violent, I swear.

Right, now I'm off. Cheers and good luck! Hope to hear from you soon!

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Review #2, by jannnnnuSurvival Instinct: birthday pt.2

10th January 2016:
I was JUST thinking about this story the other day - actually managed to reread it aswell. I can't even describe the feeling that overtook me when I saw you had updated. You rock, dude!

The sexual tension between Potter and Ness is incredible and so well played-out, makes it all the more special once they finally kiss. Loved the humour and Potter was so incredibly cute while freaking out over the concert tickets! I hope he winds up bringing Ness with him.

Anyways, happy this year(my mom once told me that after the 6th January, you cannot wish a happy new year anymore without a bottle to go with it, so there) and I hope to get a new update soon, even though we just got one. Cheers!

Author's Response: Aww, you rock too!
Jarley is the highlight of this story, no doubt. I'm always excited to write Jarley scenes.
Happy this year to you too! The next update may be sooner than you think *winks not-so-subtly*
Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by jannnnnuA Study in Silver: Epilogue

8th November 2015:

Author's Response: Yas! I have a bunch of stuff written, so it's all about squishing it into shape now :) Hopefully I'll have some stuff up soon! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing this ♥

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Review #4, by jannnnnuSurvival Instinct: birthday pt.1

25th October 2015:
I LOVE James and Marley. They're just perfect together. Jillian is beyond infuriating but without her their dynamic wouldn't be that perfect. I've always loved a good drama when it comes to fictional relationships. I hope you'll still update soon-ish, not leave us hanging for another two months, but well, school is school so it's completely understandable. Hope all is good and well, good luck with your education and am kindly waiting for the next update :)!

Author's Response: VERY MUCH ALIVE
Jillan seems to fit and I sort of really love her. I know it isn't even a little soon-ish, BUT UPDATE COMING SOON!
Thanks for the patience. It shall be rewarded. Much love. :)

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Review #5, by jannnnnuSurvival Instinct: How to: Quidditch

23rd September 2015:
Hey, you alright in there? I was rereading again and noticed you commenting over a month back that the next chapter was coming out soon and since it's been long, I got a bit worried..
The story is brilliant, as always, love the humor and the style of writing, the plot, the relationships, THE CHARACTERS. OH, FITZ. AND MARLEY. AND JAMES. AND FRED. AND JUST EVERYONE. Right. It's 3am, I think I should try to sleep now. Hope all is well :)

Author's Response: College. I have literally no other excuse. I have a bunch of holidays coming up though. Stay tuned!

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Review #6, by jannnnnuA Study in Silver: It's Time to Go Now

23rd September 2015:
I'm not usually one to leave reviews but here goes. I thorougly enjoyed your story. I haven't stumbled upon another Sherlock Holmes-themed fanfiction that is written to my satisfaction before. I do hope you continue writing the story - involving a different case, clearly, but still. It was fun and interesting to read and I would love to see more of it! The humor, investigation, everything was on point. I've been a fan of Sir Doyle "Sherlock Holmes" for a long time and seen every tv show and film there is, and though it kind of reminded me of "Elementary" at the beginning, it was still a good read and I hope you at least consider the possibility of writing a sequel(of sorts). Sort of like minibooks, heh. Again, thank you for writing it, it was a pleasure :)

Author's Response: ! Yee! Thank you so much for reviewing, it makes me all giddy to hear that you liked it!

GAH! ELEMENTARY! It hadn't even OCCURRED to me because I hadn't seen the show, then I went and did and was like... Crap... I wanted to avoid being to similar to other adaptations and kind of go another way (so while I love Sherlock, I didn't want it to be too Sherlocky, you know?) But yeah, the genderswapped Watson definitely screams Elementary. And then by nature of making the Watson female, I think there was a similar impulse to do a stronger interpretation of the character. But I hope you thought it was original enough!

I'm polishing the edits for the epilogue right now, so that should be up really soon. And then--well, YES. There IS a sequel in the works, but I don't know how long it will take me to post it (I find that for mysteries, it's really helpful to pre-write the whole thing before posting so you can go back and tweak things and avoid getting painted into corners). But I hope to start posting it by the end of the year, so I guess, WATCH THIS SPACE.

Seriously though, thank you so much for taking the time to review! I sort of forget that people might have liked, or even READ a story unless it gets said in a review, and it makes spending all that time writing/editing/revising all worth it!


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Review #7, by jannnnnuSurvival Instinct: How to react to public humiliation

29th July 2015:
I'm rereading again. Don't judge.

Author's Response: Not judging. None of the judging happening. Read away and enjoy!

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Review #8, by jannnnnuSurvival Instinct: How to survive the aftermath

21st July 2015:
I literally screamed out loud when I saw that you had updated. That's how happy your story makes me. I think I've re-read it like five times now just to not get bored while waiting for a new chapter. Yes, that's exactly how sad my life has become. I blame you.
Can't wait for the cracker chapter tho'! You better upload it within those few days you promised, I'm going to hold you to that, you know. Just saying.
Carry on, girl, I'll just be here, waiting...
:D Hehe.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks!
Five times? FIVE?? Okay, now I simply HAVE to start keeping up a better updating schedule! I am just going to post the chapter after I finished reading through all the lovely reviews. Promise! :)

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Review #9, by jannnnnuSurvival Instinct: How to save the day

13th April 2015:
I sincerely missed this story. Good as always, although awfully short - or maybe I just devoured it all and didn't notice it was actually long? It's possible but I'll never admit to it.
I love Fitz and his awkward dorkiness and dry humor! These two are the perfect best friends in my books. And Potter and Marley! God. I live for their interactions. So, thank you so much for finding the time to update and I hope that you won't ditch us entirely for uni. Until next time :)

Author's Response: Honestly, I don't think I could get through uni without something else to do, and writing adorable Fitz-y is the most fun thing I can think of!
I'm so, so glad you liked it. Its so fun to read new reviews. Certainly a nice change from uni kicking my butt!

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Review #10, by jannnnnuSurvival Instinct: How to lose friends

9th April 2015:
You alive there? Just wondering. Still loving the story, just reread it and am patiently(lol, not) waiting for an update :) you go girl!

Author's Response: Yes, fully alive. And just updated! Look for a new chapter in a few days :)

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Review #11, by jannnnnuSusie Q, Where Are You?: 34. The World's End

7th October 2014:
I am so deeply, utterly, completely offended that I'm
not even gonna write you a review. Also, I so know
which parts are from your own life, so there.

Author's Response: Hehe, give it a rest, woman :D

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Review #12, by jannnnnuSurvival Instinct: How to make friends

20th May 2014:
One of the few new stories I've thorougly enjoyed
reading. Your grammar and story-telling capability
are on-point, characters are sarcastic and
violent(just how I like them, rawr).. Alright,
kidding. Say no to violence and all that.
Looking forward to you updating it once again!
Make the next one a long one, yeah? Cheers. And
whatever you do, don't lose the humor and sarcasm!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much! I'm always worried about grammar/spelling. And yeah, I promise to make the next one longer. Scout's honor!

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Review #13, by jannnnnuSusie Q, Where Are You?: 26. Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

20th January 2014:
So I waited that long for this chapter and it's that
That's cruel, Lily.

Author's Response: HERP! It wasn't THAT short... well, yes, it was, BUT WHAT DID YOU EXPECT!? xD But no - won't give you the Sirius Love, nuh-uh!!

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Review #14, by jannnnnuSusie Q, Where Are You?: 24. Trust

27th March 2013:
NOOO. I don't like this Marcus guy. Don't make them hook up, please!
...and I'm pretty sure I was asleep yet again the last time you tried to talk to me. I LOVE MY SLEEP, LILY!!!
Right. Miss you :(

Author's Response: My compy has been crashing a few times - something about hard drive failure, which has "nothing" to do with my poor maintenance skills xD Anyway, I'll have to email you at some point, but right now, I'm on a full-on writing spree :D

Also, Marcus is a good guy.

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Review #15, by jannnnnuSusie Q, Where Are You?: 23. Under Pressure

10th October 2012:
Oh, you sneaky little...
come on, you got to update now. Like, right now.
This very second. Yes, I'm demanding you.
Bytheway, I was asleep last night. I do love my
sleep... :: Anyways, amazing as always. I want
Sirius back now. Thankyou honey::

Author's Response: Why, yes, I am sneaky ;D But still ridiculously loveable!

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Review #16, by jannnnnuUnwell: 12. What Should I Do?

7th October 2012:
You know, to get a hold of you, I had to come here and leave a review. Please come to MSN once in awhile :( And just so you know, I am so happy you updated the story. But if I have to wait so long for another chapter, then I will send my ninjas after you. Or maybe I'll come after you myself..hmm...loveyou::

Author's Response: I've been on MSN, and you've been there, and sometimes you haven't xD Miss you, love you, talk to you soon! :D

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Review #17, by jannnnnuSusie Q, Where Are You?: 21. Family

28th March 2012:
Oh, and how was Sweden, btw :P ? I just got back from Portugal ::

Author's Response: AH! Sweden was awesome :D How was Portugal!?

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Review #18, by jannnnnuSusie Q, Where Are You?: 20. Imagine

19th February 2012:
I love you. That should be all. Thanks.

Author's Response: I sense sarcasm, no? :D ARE YOU TRYING TO BE FUNNY HERE, YOUNG LADY!? Such a short review :( Lily so sad!!

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Review #19, by jannnnnuSusie Q, Where Are You?: 19. Time

12th February 2012:

Author's Response: Well, that's not possible. If you get Sirius, then Susie is left without :D SHARING IS CARING, MAN!

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Review #20, by jannnnnuSusie Q, Where Are You?: 12. Unexpectedly Perfect

1st January 2012:
happy birthday honey. i miss you :( where have u been? you're like, what, 80 now or smth? OLDIE :: and this was beyond amazing. can't wait for the next update. also, WHEN, tell me WHEN are you gonna move that lazy butt of yours to msn, huh? HUH? yeah, that's about it. happy bday, merry christmas and awesome new year :) oh and i'm so gonna visit you in NY in a couple of years. just a heads up. you promised to teach me how to mix coctails in that bar of yours, remember? REMEMBER? OH and how is your hubby and your little guy? still want to make him act like a girl? :: OKAY THAT'S IT. I PROMISE. TALK TO YOU SOON, I HOPE? missyou ::

Author's Response: I did go to MSN, dude xD

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Review #21, by jannnnnuSusie Q, Where Are You?: 10. Precious

15th November 2011:
and please, for * sake, update faster. A LOT FASTER, LADY. or i will go all ninja on you. oh, and where have you been? we haven't talked in ages, i miss your lazy butt. also, i loved this chapter. BUT ME WANNA SEE SIRIUS AGAIN. LIKE, NOW OR SO. oh and it would be awesome to see the look on her dad face when she tells her that HEY, MISTER, YOU'RE GONNA BE A GRANDPA. OH DID I FORGOT TO MENTION THAT YOU'RE MY DAD? OH, I DID? OKAY, BYE

i'm not random at all.
okay, bye

OKAY NOW IM GONNA GO, SHOWERS TO GO TO, CITY TO WALK, ETCETERA ETCETERA. you, lady, go and start writing. pronto. and updating, while you're at it ♥

Author's Response: YOU ARE RUINING THE ENTIRE STORY FOR EVERYONE, DUDE! And I'm not a TA because - AND I AM NOT TRYING TO BE ARROGANT OR THINK THAT I DIDN'T DESERVE THIS, BECAUSE I KNOW NOW THAT I DID WRONG - I can't follow the rules. I've never been a rule breaker, not a hardcore one, anyone... so really, I literally got all into the crying mode when I saw how horribly I've done so far :( So yeah, consider yourself lucky - AND CORRUPTED - for ebing one of the few unlucky ones to read the unedited, uncut, unceonsored chapters... -.-

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Review #22, by jannnnnuSusie Q, Where Are You?: 7. The Job

24th August 2011:
And don't you dare to kill Anna. I will send ninja warriors to your house and you have no idea what they're capable of. :)

Author's Response: Go ahead, I dare you - and I have pirates as my bodyguards, FYI xD They will ruin your pathetic ninjas :D

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Review #23, by jannnnnuSusie Q, Where Are You?: 4. I'll Be Right Back

3rd July 2011:
iloveyou. and your banner is coming along, i promise! my computer was broken for a while and it just got fixed and i'm not home much and..yeah :P

Author's Response: HA! THERE YOU ARE, MA JANNU :D I was about to get worried about you xD I even considered to make a public request on tda for the banner... but then I thought that I should wait a week or so - and then I got lazy :D So... no worries, I suppose I deserve to wait a little longer, since I've been really really really sluggish about updates xD

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Review #24, by jannnnnuSusie Q, Where Are You?: 1. Weddings, Deaths & Truths

5th June 2011:
HEHEHEHEHE :D Well, someone had to ::

Author's Response: Oh shut up xD

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Review #25, by jannnnnuSusie Q: Firework

3rd June 2011:
i love you. i love you. i love you.

Author's Response: I love you too, Jannu :D ...LET'S ELOPE TOGETHER! xD

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