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Review #1, by MarzipanPost Scriptum: Catalyst

10th September 2012:
Oh, another exciting chapter!! The beginning felt a bit slow to me, but by the end of that first scene things started picking up and then wow, did you ever make up for it with the rest of the chapter. And then the ending! I won't lie, I've been looking forward to Lily getting that note pretty much since I made you your forum set - such an intriguing message, just reading it makes me want to know more!

I really loved Sirius' reaction to learning that Lily had met his brother. The antagonism is still there, but it is very resigned. His relationship with Regulus is obviously a sore spot with him. Its heartbreaking how matter of factly he dismisses the possibility of his brother sending a greeting to him.

And another potential friendship for me to fangirl over! Regulus and Severus are both quite parasitic in this scene, but I think the potential is there for this to become a proper friendship. Poor Severus, though, he just can't help himself when it comes to Lily can he? Purposely putting himself in the line of fire just in the hopes of catching a glimpse at her.

I wish it wasn't so late, because I'm very anxious to read on and learn about Lily's mysterious meeting! But I'll be back to finish reading and reviewing this story. Oh, jsyk I plan on reviewing all eight chapters since I've been so slack on getting these reviews to you on time. Not that its a sacrifice to me, mind you, since I'm really enjoying this!!

Author's Response: Hi again :)

Looking back on it, I can see how the beginning could have been a bit slow. I didn't want to just throw everyone into the action without dealing with what happened in the previous chapter (particularly since I tend to leave large gaps between chapter updates), but I could probably go back in and work those details in some other way at some point. It makes me smile from ear to ear that you've been waiting for this little moment between Lily and Regulus ever since my forum set request. I'm glad it didn't disappoint!

Sirius makes me sad every time I write him in this story :( I'm pleased that you find his reaction realistic, though. Unfortunately, his relationship with Regulus is going to get worse from here on out. Eventually Sirius is going to have to deal with those feelings he avoids.

Regulus and Severus's friendship is one of my favorite things about this story, even more so than my Snape/Lily awkwardness. I once read a Snape-centric story that I really loved that played up that friendship, and it's been head canon for me ever since. I'd love to explore it even beyond this story. Anyway, yes, parasitic is a good way to look at it, at least right now. Severus's desperation to get back in Lily's good graces is rather heartbreaking, too.

I do hope you return and read on! Again, I'm so sorry that these responses took me ages!


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Review #2, by MarzipanPost Scriptum: His Other Home

6th September 2012:
Hey there, back again for more reviewing!

Maybe its just because I don't read Regulus' POV often, but I find I'm really enjoying his chapters! You are doing such an amazing job of creating such a multi-faceted character. He's got such a dark side to him, which is all the more frightening because it is so unthinking. But at the same time your Regulus is someone I really want to like. The scene where Regulus finds out about the attack on the hospital is an excellent example of this: his cavalier attitude about the hospital being targeted, and the fact that one of his school mates was involved is a bit chilling. Yet he does show remorse at the patients also being attacked. And then there is his use of the word Mudblood - I honestly have no idea where you are going to take his character, and I really love that uncertainty!

Another fantastic chapter! Can't wait for more :D


Author's Response: Hello again!

People seem to enjoy reading things from Regulus's perspective, at least so far in this story :) I do think he's interesting to explore, since he can sometimes be a bit underloved. His naivety could certainly be construed as a kind of darkness, in that he could be really dangerous especially if he's not thinking. I hate the callous way he throws around comments about blood status, in particular.

However, as you mentioned, I do like trying to explore a more likeable side of him, especially in that scene with the other Slytherin boys and the attack on St. Mungo's. He's still young and he has enough sense to know when something doesn't feel right. Unfortunately, his upbringing might make it tough for him to actually translate that into action later on.

Thanks for another fantastic review :)


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Review #3, by MarzipanPost Scriptum: Autumn Reds

5th September 2012:
Ah, I'm totally on board with Lily's love of autumn! I'm really enjoying your characterization of Lily, she seems very sure of herself, but at the same time she also has this dreamy,whimsical side to her too. Nice to see her interacting with the Marauders, especially separately - I'm sure the four boys weren't attached at the hip all the time, after all! I especially enjoyed her and Remus' conversation about Sirius - it said so much not only about the Blacks, but about Remus and Lily as well.

I love how you ended this chapter, with the run-in between Lily and Severus. Poor Severus, he doesn't sound like he's been doing well at all. I really hope he and Lily can work things out - and from the sounds of it Lily might hope so too, even if she is currently too angry with him to admit it to herself.

Another great chapter, Amanda!


Author's Response: It's so lovely that you like my Lily! (Way too much alliteration in that sentence, oof.) Not everyone has been a fan of that whimsical-ish side, but hopefully you can see that those traits are only one side of a more complex character. It's also good that you liked her conversation with Remus; I was a little worried when I was writing it that it seemed too much like filler, but I did intend for it to show that canon-based friendship between them. I would think that in the initial stages of Lily's friendship with James (and certainly before that), she wouldn't just dive in and get close to all of the Marauders, especially not after years of chastising their behavior.

No, he really hasn't. He's my favorite character, and it hurts my heart a bit to treat him this way, but I've been using this story to challenge myself to really explore his dark side, the parts of him that Lily could never really have loved. At this point, though, there does still seem to be some hope there :)

Thanks for another lovely review!


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Review #4, by MarzipanPost Scriptum: Eggs and Bacon

4th September 2012:
Hey there! I'm here (a little late, but here) for the TGS review exchange! First off I just want to say how glad I am that I got your story for the exchange, because you've been on my reading list for a while :)

I love how you've portrayed the Black family dynamics here! There is everything we know from canon, but its all very realistic. We get to see the wedge between Sirius and the rest of his family, but you've done it without hitting us over the head with the conflict, which is something I too often see. Sirius and Regulus' relationship is exactly what I'd expect from two teenage boys, and the difference in politics is more an extension of their opposite personalities than a true hurdle between them at this point. The fact Regulus doesn't even consider his answer to his father shows that this is just one more instance of him being the responsible son, doing as is expected of him without really thinking out what that will mean for him.

I also love Kreacher here! I always found him such an interesting character in the books, and you've continued that here! He reminds me very much of the head butler running his household. I've never really thought of house-elves having their own internal hierarchy before, but I really like the idea of it now! And his relationship with Regulus - just, unf. The mutual respect and affection between the two, hidden behind their roles and servent and master is really lovely.

I've really enjoyed this first chapter, and I can't wait to read on! Great job!


Author's Response: Hi Mary! Thank you so much for coming by, and I'm sorry that my responses are so slow! :)

It's great to hear that you feel like my portrayal of the Black family fits into canon well. Although I struggled a little initially with trying to figure out how to show that distance between Sirius and the rest of his family, I knew from the outset that I definitely didn't want it to be blatantly abusive. I think the subtlety works better, and I'm glad you agree! I also think you said it well when you talked about how Regulus and Sirius are still pretty normal and have normal brother-to-brother disagreements. Regulus is definitely a bit more reserved and agreeable with his family, whereas Sirius is louder and very bitter.

It was fun to play with the idea of a house elf hierarchy. I could definitely picture Kreacher keeping the "junior" elves in line :) He knows Grimmauld Place and the Black family better than just about anyone, I think, so it seems to fit to have him always there in the background. It's great that you like seeing his sort of warm relationship with Regulus, too.

Thanks for this wonderful review! :)


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Review #5, by MarzipanHelp Wanted: How to Succeed in Lying Without Trying

18th June 2012:
David made a mental note that his fake-boyfriend had latent vindictive tendencies.

David made a mental note that his fake-boyfriend had latent vindictive tendencies.

his fake-boyfriend



that's all

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Review #6, by MarzipanHelp Wanted: The Adventures of David the Eavesdropper

18th June 2012:

I seem to remember you locking lips with some strapping, red-headed man? Said he was there visiting his brother?


OMG, David so hearts Frankie here. He is thinking about their kiss and how soft her lips were and he still doesn't even know she is a she but now he wants to get her a job so they will work together everyday and be luvahs 4 lyfe. I am dying. I CAN NOT SPEAK ANYMORE. OR READ OR WRITE.

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Review #7, by MarzipanRun: Like Dreaming

3rd June 2012:
Okay, so as per usual I have nothing constructive or really intelligible to say. But I really am kind of maybe falling in love with this story so I thought I would write you a little review to tell you that.

So, so good so far - I can't wait to see what happens with the races and get all suspense-y like everyone else who has already read this and knows what is happening. Also, my creys for Remus and Tonks. Go ahead and kill me, why don't ya? Actually, don't, because then I might end up at Cliodna's Clock and have to enter the races. And don't know if you know but I'm not very good at races. Co-ordination issues and such.

That's all for now. Will probably manage to spew out another nonsensical review at a later date when I manage to reign in my attention span and read more. Until then, remember ILY && keep thoughts of me competing horribly in the races at the front of your mind!

Author's Response: Mary!! (hug)

Suspense-y things are eons away because I am slow and before anything fun happens, I have to stab my readership to death with tedious descriptions of what people's eyeballs look like when they're in bad moods. Also, I feel for your coordination issues (quit the volleyball team in middle school after one week but never gave back the T-shirt so that I could wear it and look like I was all involved with sports, what uppp~). We will be uncoordinated together.

I look forward to more nonsensical reviews. Until then, I will keep the image of you competing horribly in the races if you keep the image of me grooming a lizard who is wearing a wig cut in the pageboy style.


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Review #8, by MarzipanThe Steep and Thorny Way to Heaven: Act I

15th January 2012:
-blink- -blink-

Okay, um, wow. What is this? How is it sooo good? ARE YOU THE DEVIL OR ARE YOU AN ANGEL? Teach me your skillz. Etc.

I've actually wanted to read this for a while now, but I'm a horrible procrastinator and have never gotten around to it >.> BUT then I say your post in review tag and knew that it must be a sign to stop being lazy and finally get to reading this and I am so, so glad I did. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this was, except by spewing forth rambling bits of incoherent thoughts.

I read Hamlet ... oh god, 7 years ago now (how old does that make me feel :P) so I'm a little fuzzy on the story but, from what I do remember, I know that you've already done an amazing job of capturing the story. The Black family is such a perfect choice of casting, being so twisted and broken already. Cygnus is beyond creepy & pretty much the perfect villain - I already hate him, but at the same time I want to keep reading about him! Your Sirius already is very recognizable; the bit about the goblins fits so well with the Sirius we know from canon. And the short interaction between him and his father tells us so much about the relationship between them. Even the like five lines you have on Dolohov and Carrow give them such distinctive and clear personalities. Pretty much, your characterizations are flawless && I can't wait to see more!

I am so glad you wrote this, and I am SOOO glad I finally took the time to sit down and read it. This is going right onto my favourites list & I can't want to get caught up!!


Author's Response: Hahaha. I've heard some great things about your writing too so I'm not sure where this praise is coming from, but thank you.

I'm glad you're finally coming around to read my baby and that you actually like it! I'm constantly blown away by the response to this fic and it makes me squee like a five-year-old girl overloaded on sugar and unicorns.

It's probably been 6 or so years since I've read Hamlet too so I totally feel you. I don't remember a whole lot from the play which is why I'm only using it as inspiration and not the basis for this fic.

The Black family is perfect, and there was never any other question as to who would fill that role when I started planning this idea. Cygnus is a great villain and I'm having a blast writing him. Sirius is perfect too and I love how everyone brings up the talk about the goblins because that's the perfect example for how different Sirius is from his family.

Hah, Dolohov and Carrow are fantastic and I love writing them as well. They try so hard to please Cygnus but they aren't exactly the brightest bulbs in the bunch.

I am SO glad you read this too, and reviewed it! Thank you for such a fantastic review, it totally made my day. Thanks!

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Review #9, by MarzipanBuilding Dollhouses In The Sand: Prologue

29th December 2011:
Interesting start here! It's always nice to see a story about lesser seen characters, and I especially have a soft spot for the twins. There isn't a whole lot to say here, as this is just a set up chapter to the story itself, but you've given us a mystery and some interesting characters - who is Katherine, and how is she connected to both the Weasley's and the Death Eaters? In technical terms, there wasn't any spelling errors that really stood out to me, but there were a few sentences that seemed to be a bit bulky and hard to understand. I had to re-read in a few spots to get the meaning, but that might just be because I'm tired. :P Anyways, like I said, this is a good start to what should be an interesting read! Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you Marzipan! :) I love the twins and Katherine's connection to them is seen later on.

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Review #10, by MarzipanVoldemort and the Epic Recession: Voldy's New Job

17th November 2011:
This was just brilliant! Poor Voldie, he's really having a tough time of it and everywhere he turns is Harry Potter to rub his nose in it . aannnd I just realized what a horrible choice of wording that was. Aahaha. I really loved this, and will definitely have to check out the sequel - can't wait to see wait lies in store for Voldemort and his 'flair for the dramatic'!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for the review, and lol great pun! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #11, by MarzipanThe Colour Wheel: The Colour Wheel

13th October 2011:

I defo agree with Lucy about Wednesday - it's quite a useless day, being right in the middle there like it is. It's tricky and deceitful, because you think the week should be almost over by them but IT ISN'T and also it has that "d' hidden away in the middle trying to trip you up.

Erm, Lucy doesn't even know about the color wheel? That's pretty elementary stuff there - and I mean that literally. Pretty sure I was first introduced to the wheel in elementary school. She really is quite hopeless, but luckily she has dear old Scorp to guide her through treacherous paths of complimentary colors and stay up all night coloring pictures for her. I actually think I might like one of my own - a Scorp, not a color wheel, that is.

And I'm going to end this with a confession: I've no idea what a Satsuma is. I'm seem the word float around before, but I haven't even got a clue what it could be and I'm always too lazy to look it up. From this I take it to be both fruit and pastry related? Maybe? It's a thing that goes with blueberries, at any rate.


Author's Response: AWH HEY

Wednesdays are lame. Slap bang in the middle, hard to spell (if you carn't splel like me) and, well, just generally a bit mehhh. Woo for Wednesdays.

Lucy does not know about the colour wheel, affirmative. I'm not sure I even knew about it until I got to secondary school (either I'm thick or we never had art lessons at my primary). Plus Hogwarts don't do art (which is a travesty) so...maybe she never came across it. Or maybe she did and she's thick like me and forgot. Who knows (I should, as the author, but, hey). And, yes, lucky she has Scorpius...

Satsuma: a small orange, like a clementine or tangerine. Delicious. Sort of goes with blueberries if you're mad like me.

Thank you for the lovely review! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #12, by MarzipanThe Seer: Seize

26th August 2011:
Hi there, Drue! Here for review exchange!

As a first chapter this is really promising. It was slow in places where you gave a lot of background at once, but that is to be expected in most first chapters so there isn't really a lot you can do about that. Other than that I found the storyline flowed fairly smoothly, and the action moved at a natural pace - not too rushed or too drawn out. The characterizations, for the most part, are well done too.

You seem to have a firm grasp on each of your characters and have taken them beyond the cookie cutter version of each that is so common. The only one I had a slight issue with was Albus - you seem to contradict yourself once or twice in regards to him. For instance, you mention that he spends most of his time in the library working but then a few paragraphs later say he gets top marks without trying. Not sure if this was just something you missed or if its a result of James' admittedly biased opinion of his brother? Though I'd mention it either way. The family relationships you have portrayed where well done though - coming from a large family I can tell you that all their reactions are very believable.

I'm interested to see where you take this. Haven't really read any Seer fics before, so you definitely have my attention! Cheers!


Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much for that review, Mary!

That was so helpful and so beneficial. I will definitely take all of it to heart.

I'm glad I could show you something new, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much, hun! :)

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Review #13, by MarzipanStarving Artists: Breakfast Epiphanies

25th August 2011:
Western ridge at dawn? I'll bring some diet coke and snickers bars. I'll be the one with the Mickey Mouse ears and the hot pink tube socks.

Scorpy! You tricky little devil. Perhaps I am not as mad at you as I had been. You do like my Plan, I just know it! You just had to be a bit BRAVER. Work on that, yo.

'Don't take him from me,' the words came out in a rush. 'Please, please, please don't take him from me.'

This probably should not give me such an intense feeling of glee. It probably means I'm a horrible person that I take such joy in the suffering of others. BUT SHE DOESN'T DESERVE HIM, SHE'S MEAN. So there. Glee wins out =D

Author's Response: Good. I'll be the one with the tea and custard creams, masquerading as a bonsai oak tree, except one that's got a faux-morrissey quiff. (um...if that's not cracky, I don't know what is).

Also, heehee. The reactions this fic get amuse me so. Thank you for reviewing, lovely! ♥

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Review #14, by MarzipanHelp Wanted: Liar, Liar, Table on Fire

24th August 2011:
"Hardly. Nothing I haven't seen before anyway. I was gay once. For a while."

This = Easy A = Stanley Tucci.

David's father is Stanley Tucci. He just became like ten times hotter than he already was. HE SHARES GENES WITH STANLEY TUCCI AND HE IS KOREAN AND HE IS A REALLY, REALLY, RIDICULOUSLY GOOD KISSER.

Life is not fair. I want a David of my own, please?


David is all the good things. And also so idiocy mixed in. And the awkward.

And if there are any David's around in this world, I've already called dibs -__-



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Review #15, by MarzipanHelp Wanted: The Irony of Closets and Curtains

24th August 2011:

That was the sound of my brain exploding from the sheer awesomeness of this chapter. You should see the mess of the place now. Luckily, however, I don't need a brain to leave reviews or even type. So you shall receive a review, yay!

Um, so I've already told you that this is awesome. But have I told you why? Here are a few reasons: hot Koreans pouring out of chimneys, hand down pants, closet comment, Umma is still scary, Jocelyn knows.

... her brother was standing there along with another, much shorter man, and David was looking down into his dark hair, expression unfathomable as the other man's hands fiddled gently with his tie. They looked like - Jocelyn wasn't exactly sure what she'd been anticipating, but the two men in front of her actually looked like a couple.

This legit made me ship David/boy!Frankie. Like, a lot.

Awww you mentioned me!! ♥ ♥ If you were any saner I don't think we could be friends anymore :P CAN'T WAIT FOR THE ACTUAL DINNER PARTY. THIS WILL BE EPIC, YO!

Author's Response: lol Mary the brainless reviewer I LOVE IT.

I love how you get that Umma is scary even though she's barely made an appearance. I wish hot men poured out of all the chimneys :(((


Of course I mentioned you! And if I'm acting too sane, just give me cake. mmm caaakkkeee. GOD I HAVE BEEN PUTTING OFF THE DINNER PARTY FOR SO LONG WAT DO D:



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Review #16, by MarzipanStarving Artists: Everything is Lovely

23rd August 2011:
Julia, what is Scorpius doing? What is wrong with this boy? Why does he feel the need to ruin my life?

I had a Plan. Lucy was in on it. Everything was perfect. Even Rose seems to think my plan has merit, based on her mutilation of a perfectly good photograph. And then along prances Scorpius, acting all weird and messing it all up. Why is he with nasty old Rose? This is completely unacceptable.

On an altogether different note, I love Tarquin and Gwendoraven. I want to be part of their group. I need to build a time machine, go back in time to when I'm eleven, move to England, and get into Hogwarts. Then I can go to art school and be a super awesome duck. All will be right with the world. Except for, you know, the fact that Scorpius is being completely foolish and ruining my Plan.

Author's Response: Scorpius is being Scorpius. It's a hazardous profession. It involves a lot of prancing, tripping, moping and messing up of lives. He's a funny one fo sho.

Whether he un-messes things up or just messes them up further is yet to be seen. Watch for my owl. We meet at dawn on the western ridge. Bring a torch and some snacks. Etc.

The fact that I can't build a time machine, be eleven, get into Hogwarts and be friends with /any/ magicfolk is a severely depressing one. This is why pottermore need to email me right now. (please, jkr, if you are listening, let me iiin).

All will be right with the world. All we need is some puffins and some bourbon biscuits.

/mock-serious tone.

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Review #17, by MarzipanStarving Artists: The Pear-Shaped Iceberg

23rd August 2011:
Okay, so maybe I've been reading along and got lazy as I am wont to do and kind of stopped reviewing for a couple chapters. MAYBE/ But I can't not review this chapter even though it is almost three in the morning and my eyes are occasionally closing and I have to work tomorrow because Lucy is finally on the same wave length as I am!

LUCY LOVES SCORP AND ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD. And he obvi loves her too, even if he doesn't know it yet and is still pining away over stupid Rose because that is what he's used to doing.

Bwark. That is all.

Author's Response: So...maybe I got lazy as I am wont to do and left tons of reviews unanswered for an age O_O sorry! But, here I am. Now. RESPONDING. Gaaasp.

Eeeheee ♥ I thought this chapter would...certainly provoke...some...thoughts. /fail. Infinite Bwark. Thank you for another lovely review! ♥

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Review #18, by MarzipanStarving Artists: Thus Spoke Scorpius

22nd August 2011:

Lucy is kicked out and living on Tarquin and Scorp's sofa and so my grand plan of Lucy/Scorp falling madly in love is one step closer to fruition. Basically everything Tarquin said in his rather odd outburst is in their future - he's a bit like a seer, and a mind-reader that way. Tricky young lad.

Lucy is the very picture of Hufflepuff decorum. I fully support her actions. And yay, back to blonde! Now I don't need to feel like a complete dunce every time I forget that she has blue hair and he has brown.

Looove you, and soo sorry it took so long for me to catch up on this!! How could I have stayed away so long? I shall never do it again! And now, because I just today learnt how to do it:


Author's Response: MARY...BARY, HELLO!

Your grand masterplan, oh most evil mistress Mary, is one step closer to fruition. Plot thickening, thickening like oatmeal.

Blonde FTW! Yeah, the more I thought about it, the less I felt I could picture them with blue/brown/sludge-coloured hair. So, erm, drastic plot change.

Thank you for another lovely review! Have some more hearts: ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #19, by Marzipanhoney.: draco

31st July 2011:
Grr, Draco. Do not like. Didn't like the relationship in the first chapter, don't like it even more now that we get to see if from Draco's perspective. His cold, callous attitude towards the whole thing it a little disgusting, and kudos for not making him all I LOVE PUPPIES AND KITTEHS AND AM A CHANGED MAN, LOVE ME MIONE. He is still the Slytherin we know and love, making everything into a game and struggle for power so that he doesn't have to FEEL THINGS. I also like that you are running the honey metaphor through each chapter, adapting and changing it to fit each person. With Hermione it represented her being ensnared in the relationship, and with Draco it represents the sweetness of his maintaining control of the relationship and her. I'm really looking forward to see how you connect it to Ron, and to see his perspective on the whole thing.


Author's Response: Draco is /kind of/ horrible in this. Very manipulative. I don't know why I like writing manipulative characters so much. And you're right, I didn't want him to at all be some sort of reformed man in this. I think it's the impossibility of it all that makes it all the more rage-inducing because it's just like HERMIONE WHYY? U SO STOOPID. It's weird because the honey thing was like, completely inadvertent at first. I mean, once I began it, it was easy to let it flow through the rest of the story, but it wasn't necessarily planned. Thanks for the amazing review, hun!

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Review #20, by Marzipanhoney.: hermione

31st July 2011:
Erica, why do you have to be so awesome? Not even fair :@

Your writing is just flawless. This is such a short chapter, but you've put quite a bit into it with making it feel crowded at all. You're descriptions just flow so smoothly and naturally, I'm pretty jealous. I love how you've choosen honey to associate with this mystery man (who I assume is Draco) because it relates so well to the way Hermione feels about the whole relationship - the sweet charm that keeps pulling Hermione back when she plans on leaving, the stickiness that keeps her trapped. You're such a freaking goddess sometimes, you know? Way to make the rest of us look bad :P


Author's Response: Flawless? You are way too nice. I'm probably going to explode from too much niceness being sent in my direction. I'm glad you chose this story to read and review, I haven't really thought about it in awhile, and I'm now reminded of how much I enjoyed writing it (even if that makes me sound like a sadist, lolol). Thank you so much for reviewing this, Mary. You're an absolute doll. (h)

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Review #21, by MarzipanMy Iniquity : Not Enough.

31st July 2011:
What is this even?

This has such a major creep factor to it. After reading it I have that tight, uncomfortable feeling in my chest that comes when something really hits you. Ron's pain, the confusion and incoherent thoughts, the anonymity of it all, that last burst of inadequacy at the end where, even in death he still was holding himself up to Harry. It's all so powerful and unnerving and really lands home and leaves me feeling a little breathless.

Great job ^_^

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Review #22, by MarzipanRite of Passage: A Necessary Ordeal

31st July 2011:
BAWWW SO FREAKING CUTE! I can just take a minute and roll around in a ball of deliriousness and kittens in appreciation of this one-shot?

Mort is so wonderful - a Slytherin, but not a horrible evil one. He's actually hilariously melodramtic, and rather clever (although clearly a horrible navigator) and altogether a rather normal lad; well normal as far as Hogwarts goes, at any rate. And then he just gets lost for days, and no one is at all bothered by it because Slytherin first years disappear ALL THE TIME.

This was all just so adorable and magical and wonderful, and I love it to bits!! Great work!!

- Mary

Author's Response: Can I take a minute and roll around in a ball of deliriousness and kittens in appreciation of this review? It's brilliant! Mort is melodramatic, yes -- I suspect most eleven-year-olds are. Slytherin firsties have a habit of disappearing so no one cares, because that's just the sort of place Hogwarts is and I love it. XD Thanks for the review! xx

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Review #23, by MarzipanDomino Effect: One

26th July 2011:
This is such a wonderful little gem! It's filled with so many elements I don't come across to often in my reading: Fudge, second-person POV, political intrigue. None of it really my go-to when it comes to fanfiction, but I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this regardless! I think what I like most about it is that Fudge's thoughts and actions seem so real here - this could so easily be any one of countless disgraced Muggle politicans. The ability to take something magical and make it so relateable is part of what makes this so good. That and, you know, the flawless writing and wonderful imagery that you use to paint the story with. Well done!


Author's Response: Hi Mary!

As I've read these reviews, this fic has a whole long list of components that are rarely seen, minus the second person aspect. I'm glad you enjoyed it in spite of it all.

That's what makes this so relateable to so many people. It can be easily applied to the lives of many politicians put in a similar situation. Especially the chief ministers/presidents of nations. I'd like to think they had this amount of remorse after their time in office when they sit alone. Even if they don't show it in front of a camera. It's one of those things that makes them human.

Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #24, by MarzipanSomething To Fight For: Something To Fight For

26th July 2011:
Oh, holy chocolate frogs card!! This was just incredible!! I've never read anything about the Prewitt twins before, but I've always been curious about who they were and what they would have been like. I can't imagine a more perfect characterization for the two. They fit so well with the rest of the family - I can see some of each of the Weasley children in Fabien, which is so lovely to see. Even though they lost their uncles and never had the chance to know them, a piece of them both lives on in each.

"If we don't defeat him, our children will."


Loved this so, so, so much.

Author's Response: aww, thanks :) When I was writing this story I realized the older Weasley kids (Bill, Charlie, Percy) would remember their uncles well even if the younger ones would not -- that made it doubly sad for me for some reason! I'm really glad you liked it!

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Review #25, by MarzipanLittle Red: two sisters, dark and light, red and white

21st June 2011:
Gina, this isn't even fair. You skip along all day, "lalala, i'm so awesome at graphics, and action/comdey, and LIFE" and I curl up in my little corner and console myself with the knowledge that there must be something in the world that you aren't good at. AND THEN YOU WRITE THIS AND I DIE. Because you are now offically good at everything.

Because this is awesome. I don't even have words (not that I ever do) so I will just flail around madly and hopefully hit some keys that form some words that make some sort of sense. This is creepy beyond belief. I'm not a super genius, so meaning-wise I'm just sitting here going >.< but by stalking your review responses I see you are in the same boat so I don't feel that bad about it.

I guess that is one thing you AREN'T good at - understanding your own fics. This makes me feel a bit better. FRIENDS AGAIN, EVEN THOUGH WE ALWAYS WERE ANYWAY.

Author's Response: I'M ERMM, well I'm very bad at consoling people or calming them down, if that makes you feel any better. Like, I literally freeze up and have nothing to say -- and thus, I have nothing to console you with as I skip along merrily. I'm a bad friend.

It's odd because I don't think I really made an effort to be creepy! I mean, I wanted horror, but when I was actually writing it, I was more concerned with the characters themselves and what they would do... and it just sort of turned out that way on its own. Does that mean people are scary?

...clearly, I am showing how little I understand my own fic yet again.


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