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Review #1, by krazyboutharryginny19226: 19226

23rd September 2016:
Hi Sam!

I'm quite impressed with how much you managed to get across with such a small word count. You employed some excellent stylistic choices that made this piece incredibly effective.

First of all, there's the repetition. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure what your goal was with that, but to me it came across like either Ginny was so caught up inside her own head that she would get caught in circular trains of thought and need things repeated, or (the more likely option in my mind, and the one I thought of first) that her days are all mostly the same and sort of all blend together and become indistinguishable.

Secondly, there was the sparseness, which I definitely think contributed to the effectiveness of the repetition. Barely anything "happened" in this, and very few hard facts were communicated, but it all worked beautifully to create a sort of chilly, haunting tone.

I'm not even really 100% of... I'm not sure how to word this... where/when this is set? I'm not sure if you intended it to be a follow-up to CoS, or whether Tom is really in her diary or just a hallucination brought on by trauma... Or maybe it's an AU where Tom was never real and was always in Ginny's head? I personally don't feel like it needs to be clarified, and think it works for any of those scenarios. And honestly I think it's great that we have so little solid information, because we only know (and only really need to know) what Ginny knows - Tom is always with her, and he's not letting go.

Very interesting piece!

(Sorry for the weird, musing review haha.)


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Review #2, by krazyboutharryginnyBarbs at the Tail: The Unprecedented Event

21st September 2016:
Hiya Rose!

Yay! My wish came true! I was so excited when Oscar said he had a woman-story! I almost wanted to skip past Brandon's to hear Oscar's haha!

I did read Brandon's story though. To be honest, I thought that it was going to be a lot more mysterious than it actually turned out to be, seeing as he's an Auror and he said she'd "gone missing". But no, they've just fallen out of contact. Hm. I wonder if that'll go anywhere?

But Oscar and Wanda! How exciting! I love that she's openly asexual - although I did wonder, if they work together and get along so well, why Oscar didn't already know? I guess it could have just not come up, but if she lets people know and Jerry knows Oscar is asexual, it did surprise me that this is new information for Oscar.

Weird little note, but it cracked me up so much when Oscar and Brandon kept talking about ...gory little details. It was such a funny turn of phrase, and very "them", if that makes sense?

Again, their friendship is so brilliantly written - they just bounce off of each other so naturally and you do such a great job of demonstrating how much they care for each other!

I hope there'll be a new chapter soon - I want to know what comes of Oscar and Wanda! (Is that explained in another story in this verse? (Even if it is, I want to read about it here - love this format and seeing Oscar and Brandon's conversations, since they're so natural and funny!))

Great work!


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Review #3, by krazyboutharryginnyBarbs at the Tail: The Interesting Development

21st September 2016:
Hi Rose!

I really like the premise of the story. I think it's really effective to have each chapter set in the same location, with the same general situation, but with different plot points being discussed in each chapter. I think it'll be such a cool way to see the relationship between Brandon and Albus progress. I wasn't sure initially that it would work, but now, having read 2 chapters, I think it's great!

Poor Oscar. It really sucks that he's having trouble finding a romantic partner. I hope we'll get to see him with someone later on! (Not that he NEEDS to have a romantic interest - just that it does seem like he wants one.)

Oscar and Brandon are clearly such great friends, and you've done a great job of showing us that. In chapter one (and a lot of this chapter as well) you have them talking and teasing each other, and we could see that they obviously go way back and fit well together, but in this chapter we got to see the way they play off each other in situations with other people (the way they were winding up Oscar's dad) which is another situation entirely.

(That bit cracked me up, by the way. Definitely my favourite part of the chapter!)

And I'm so excited to continue reading and see the progression of Brandon and Al's relationship, and Oscar's reactions to it!

Great job!


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Review #4, by krazyboutharryginnyInvisible in Death: Ghostly Day

21st September 2016:
Hey Rose!

I really liked this because it made Myrtle more sympathetic than she was in the books while still not being an extremely sad angst piece. (Not that I don't also love those - but I'm not always in the mood hahaha)

Poor Myrtle. She really got dealt a bad hand in life. I felt so bad for her all throughout the story. At the same time, with the way it was written, there was definitely a sort of detachment. It didn't stir up any strong emotions, which sounds like a bad thing or a criticism - but it was actually a good thing, because it fit so much better with the tone of a murder mystery. Like reading a Nancy Drew book or something. So I think you did a really fantastic job with that element of the story!

One thing you did that I thought was really interesting was how you had Hagrid also dragged into Olive's nasty prank, and how that led to Myrtle suspecting him of being involved in her murder. Obviously we know that's not true, but I do think it makes sense that in the immediate aftermath of her death she would suspect him of being in cahoots with Olive. (Obviously we also know that Olive didn't kill Myrtle, but again, it makes sense that Myrtle would think that.)

I do have to say, though, that I think the Hagrid thread was dropped a bit abruptly. I would've liked to have seen a bit more of a resolution with that storyline.

Overall, I think you did a great job with this and really captured the feel of a classic murder-mystery story!


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Review #5, by krazyboutharryginnyJulian: Julian

19th September 2016:
Hi Aph!

So I'm here because I'm a sucker for Wolfstar, but beyond that I'm a sucker for stories that explore the darker, grittier parts of the relationship. I saw that this was for the Angsty Boys Love Angsty Boys challenge, so of course I had to read it!

There's just. So much to say about this, because you did so much just within this one-shot. First of all, I really think you captured Remus /perfectly/ - all the bitterness and suppressed anger and resentment that a lot of writers seem to ignore is here at the surface, and handled really really well. He's still so recognizable as Remus, even though we never quite see him like this in canon. It's just all realistic and beyond that, so beautifully executed.

Sirius is far and away my favourite HP character, but you really captured some of the... well, less favourable aspects of his personality. I can't say I agree with /every single thing/ that was said about him - although everything that was said made sense as something that Remus would think about him during this time period - but I did agree with a lot, which is saying something because I'm very picky about his characterization.

What you did with Regulus was amazing - so unique, so well-executed. In most other stories that would have me very taken-aback, but you pulled it off beautifully. So kudos for that!

And finally, as I already mentioned, your actual writing was absolutely stunning. Just poetic enough to elevate the story without making it overly flowery, full of wonderful metaphors - honestly fantastic.

I could keep going on and on about the things I loved about this, but sadly I need to get to bed now :( But brava - you did an amazing job with this piece!


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Review #6, by krazyboutharryginnyThe Blue Ashwinder: The Remedy in the Book

19th September 2016:
Hi Branwen!

This was a really interesting read. I didn't know that you have a medicine obsession! I do have to say though, that it does shine through in your writing here that medicine is something you care about.

The description of the hospital setting, with all of its uncomfortable little details like the too-short stool and overly-bright lights, was really well done and brought the chapter to life.

I really love that you decided to make Scorpius and James good friends in this! I definitely have nothing against Albus and Scorpius (romantically or platonically), but that was different and refreshing - definitely not something I've seen done often.

I also think it's really great that you tied some of Scorpius's positive qualities - that he's deliberate and determined - to his being a Slytherin. Reinforcing the positives of being a Slytherin is something I've seen happening more and more often and I definitely think it's a good thing :)

There's so much I've been left curious about with this first chapter - like, who is Scorpius's girlfriend, and how on earth did she end up in a coma?! Also, of course, I want to know if this cure is going to work and how Scorpius will make it happen.

Hopefully there will be a new chapter of this sometime!


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Review #7, by krazyboutharryginnyJigsaw: Piece #1

19th September 2016:
Hi Sian! IDK how I never left a review on this... but I'm here now!

So first of all, I normally am not the hugest fan of either first person or present tense (although I am currently writing a story in present tense myself haha), but I think both really work here. It didn't read awkwardly at all or pull me out of the story.

I really like that you started out the chapter with that little snippet of what is, presumably, the mystery that Roxanne is going to be investigating. I think that was a really effective way to draw readers in.

Roxanne is great! I love that you have her doing sort of grunt work, because it could be tempting to write it so that her family name landed her a good job - but this is a much more rewarding read, imo. Instead of starting with Roxanne at the top and just focusing solely on the mystery, we get to see her struggle and try to fulfill her ambitions.

I also love Jane and how close she and Roxanne clearly are. And you did a fantastic job with that conversation between the two of them - revealing that there is drama in Roxanne's personal life without telling us all the backstory. You've left me super curious and wanting to read on - which is obviously what one wants to achieve when writing a novel :)

This is a really fantastic first chapter, and I'm really excited to read more!


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Review #8, by krazyboutharryginnyStay: Stay

18th September 2016:
Hey there!

I can't believe this has no reviews. It's pretty short, but so sweet!

The descriptions of Scorpius were particularly well done. The feelings Rose has for him really shone through in your language. There was a sort of warmth and lightness to the way you described him.

There was also a lot of really interesting and creative turns of phrase in this! "Rose thawed out of sleep" and "Scorpius was fighting a losing battle with a grin" were two of the standouts in that area. They really elevated your writing, in my opinion, especially since this is a pretty simple story in terms of plot.

I liked the attention you paid to mannerisms/everyday details in this as well, like Rose going to bite her nails but remembering she was trying to break the habit, and the way she knew all the right places to tickle Scorpius. It really gave me a good sense of both of their personalities as well as the nature of their relationship.

I do wish we'd found out what they'd been fighting about though! :( I've been left pretty curious about that, especially since it was such a big fight and everything. It almost seems a tad unrealistic that Rose couldn't remember what such a big argument had been about... but I'm not sure where you could squeeze that in though :/ so it doesn't really matter.

Overall this was a lovely read, definitely a very sweet story and nicely written! Good work!


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Review #9, by krazyboutharryginnynotes on freefalling.: sunbeams

19th June 2016:
Hi! I'm here for the LGBTQA+ reviewing event!

This is a pairing I had most certainly never considered before, but I was completely sold on it about a quarter of the way in. You really took these two characters and made them your own, made them a little different than how I usually see them portrayed (while keeping Parvati very true to how we see her in the books) and made them characters that I grew very invested in very quickly. Also, I absolutely love Astoria's adoration of Scorpius. It was so... I can't think how to describe it besides "pure". So was her love for Parvati. I feel like "pure" is the word I would choose to describe this entire fic :)

Which brings me to my next point... The way that this story is written is so lovely and vivid and brilliant. There was so much beautiful description, and so many small details that were fit in so naturally and made the entire thing really "pop"! Off the top of my head, one of my favourite examples of this was Astoria ordering strawberry ice cream and picking out the chunks of fruit to give to Scorpius. Also, the emotions were so clear and powerful; you did a really fantastic job of showing them through both dialogue and description.

Basically: I absolutely loved this! Truly fantastic work. Adding to favourites now :)


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Review #10, by krazyboutharryginnyPersephone : Persephone

20th May 2016:
Hello Gabbie! I'm here for our swap! Sorry this is so late.

So I wanted to read this story because I read Sanctuary (which you will be getting a review on ASAP btw!) and I really wanted to read more of your Audrey/Percy.

I always imagined Audrey as a very proper lady, someone pretty similar to the way that Percy was in the books. It never occurred to me that it might be really good for him to marry a woman who wasn't like that. It also never really never occurred to me that he might be quite different after the trauma of the war. So it was really cool to read this (and Sanctuary) where the perfect woman for Percy would be this firecracker with a rough background.

I think you've made Audrey into a really interesting character, and you've also made me care about Percy where, to be honest, I didn't before!

There's a lot of really great stuff in this one-shot. I really loved that you made Audrey and Fleur friends, and that we were given some insight into Fleur's background and relationship with Bill. And I really liked that even though Bill was disapproving of Audrey and the two of them didn't really get along, he was willing to look after her and be gentle with her/nice to her when it counted and she needed it. I think I would have been quite surprised and found it OOC if he hadn't to be honest.

I loved how gentle and sweet the scene at the end was, with Percy and Audrey and their newborn daughter. It was really heartwarming. But I have one bit of CC, which is this - at the beginning, and when she went into labour, Audrey seemed to be at least nervous, even scared. I would've liked to see a bit of a resolution to that, if that makes sense? It's not really mentioned how she actually feels holding her daughter in her arms, you know? So maybe you could add something about that?

Overall, this was a really lovely one-shot with a very refreshing take on these characters! Great work :D


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Review #11, by krazyboutharryginnyTraitorous Hearts: An Unwelcome Visitor

20th May 2016:
Hiya Penny! Here for our swap! :D Sorry I'm a bit late with this!

I'm very impressed with this chapter! Something about the way that it's written is so striking. The descriptions are really vivid, and you've included so many details that really build up the story and make it a lot more engaging. We're given a sense of the current climate of the wizarding world without a whole lot of exposition, and same thing with the atmosphere within the Greengrass home.

You haven't really given us all that much solid information about the specifics of what's going on - Astoria's mother has died, her family's loyalties are in question, Malfoy is a Death Eater, and beyond that we don't really know too much. But you've given us enough, and dropped enough hints, that it draws us in. It's all very intriguing, and I definitely want to know more about the situation.

I briefly mentioned your descriptions, but I wanted to talk about it a bit more. The language you use is just stunning and really goes above and beyond. An example would be how, instead of saying that Lavinia's eyebrows were furrowed, you said that her "frown was a fissure between her eyebrows" - that's such a creative and unusual way to put that, and that sort of description really elevates this chapter.

My favourite part was this:
"It was incredible how a dress could be a political statement--how so much subtle meaning could be worked into the threads and knots of colour that she really just wanted to rip off her back and burn. It was a load of rot, the lot of it.
As far as she was concerned, it was green for Greengrass--that was where her loyalties lay."

And I also loved the bit when Astoria was rude to her House Elf when she would normally have been polite - it was a simple and effective way to build up the atmosphere of Malfoy's visit and even the climate outside the Greengrass home.

Great work, Penny!


Author's Response: Hey Kayla! No worries!

:D Thank you so much for saying that. I work super hard on the descriptions, so it always means a lot to me when they're appreciated. And you just said such kind things, and even pulled out a specific example? How lovely of you! Ooh, and a favorite quote, too. You're spoiling me ;) I'm really fond of that line, too, because it was a fun way to very quickly say a lot about Astoria--she knows how to play the game, but that doesn't mean she likes it. She has her own priorities--her family--and doesn't care a bit about the rest of it. And it was a chance to write in a little peek at the fire and anger under all that steely control she has. I'm just so glad you enjoyed it, because it's one of my favorites, as well.

I'm glad you're intrigued! Since I set out to make this story part Mystery, I really wanted to make sure that the first chapter didn't give away too much, but just dropped hints. This fic is, in large part, about secrets, so I wanted to have it open with that feeling that there's a lot going on under the surface.

Oh, Filly. Astoria's relationship with her House Elf was one of the most important things I knew about her, right at the start. We may not yet know what kind of person Astoria is, but at least we glimpse that she's got a decent side to her. I was a little inspired by Regulus Black's affection for Kreacher. We know that Regulus made a lot of mistakes, but it was Voldemort's misuse of his House Elf that drove him to sacrifice his life to try to bring Voldemort down. And I imagine that there could have been more Purebloods like that. I mean, we really only see a few examples of the House Elf/Pureblood relationships, and it's usually pretty awful, mostly because we only ever see Elves who are matched with pretty terrible people (with the exception of SIrius, whose treatment of Kreacher is terrible, but is also complicated by Kreacher's brainwashed spewing of his abusive late-Mistresses vitriol). But in my headcanon, most Pureblooded kids would be raised at home, rather than sent to a Muggle primary school. I imagine House Elves functioning as tutors and nannies--sort of the governesses of the Wizarding World. Many Purebloods would probably leave for school and grow up to continue to think that House Elves were beneath them, but I think some would hold onto that bond. Astoria is one of those.

But yeah, it would be a *terrible* idea to reveal that you considered your House Elf an equal in the "Magic is Might" era, so Astoria has got to keep that under wraps. Tense times, for sure!

Thanks so much for this super encouraging review, Kayla! I really appreciate it!


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Review #12, by krazyboutharryginnyStranger: 15.5 Years Old

19th May 2016:
Hi Kaitlin! Here for our swap, and also because I've been eager to finish reading this story!

Aw, I really like this chapter! I'm so happy Millicent had the strength to go talk to Madame Pomfrey, even though she wasn't sure how it would turn out. I really like the way you wrote Madame Pomfrey. In the books, she always came across to me as quite brusque, but I always felt that she truly cared about the students in her care. I think that this chapter was a totally realistic portrayal of her.

I'm really relieved that the meeting went so well and that Millicent has some resources now. There's quite a big jump in her age between this chapter and the next, so I'm really eager to continue reading and see how far she gets in that time!

I think what's remarkable about this story is how well it creates sympathy for a character who is presented in the books as unlikeable and sometimes cruel. I say over and over again how awesome a job you do of exploring and expanding minor characters, but I think this is the most exceptional example of that skill.

Another great chapter - wonderful work, Kaitlin!


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Review #13, by krazyboutharryginnyThe Fortunate Ones: Chapter 2

11th May 2016:
Hi Meg! Here for our swap! :)

I can't believe I'm so far behind on this story! I need to catch up as soon as I'm done my Golden Paws reading and voting!

I really liked this chapter! It was so heartbreaking at the beginning, how Mary felt like there must be something wrong with her. It wasn't really surprising, but it was definitely sad. I'm really hoping that these events with Lily will help Mary see that there's nothing wrong with her at all!

I'm actually quite surprised by how much happened between them just in this one chapter! Based on the last chapter and the title, I was expecting a cute, chaste little kiss, maybe as a dare or something! I certainly wasn't expecting this! I'm really wondering where the two of them will go from here, and I'm so eager to keep reading and find out!

Also, omg! Remus and Sirius! Omg. I squealed a little. I love it!

This is another really great chapter, Meg! This story is awesome and I'm enjoying it a lot! :D I'll be back ASAP to continue reading!

Lots of love,

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Review #14, by krazyboutharryginnyThief: Scones And Jam

6th May 2016:

Oh my goodness! I am so proud of you! You did it! This is such a huge accomplishment and it has been truly amazing getting to watch you complete your 100-challenges challenge.

I absolutely love this story, and I think it's a really great one to wrap up your personal challenge with. You're been such a valuable member of Gryffindor house, and really are a true Gryffie, so I think it's awesome that your 100th challenge entry is this story celebrating Gryffindor traits. I've consistently remarked on your talent for taking minor characters and fleshing them out, and it feels really fitting that that's something you've done here. You've also done such an incredible job with description in this story.

I actually think this is one of my favourite stories you've written! I am really, really impressed by this - and by you, and your completion of your amazing goal!

I also just wanted to say thank you so much for being such an amazing friend and housemate. You're honestly an inspiration - it is just fantastic that you managed to accomplish this, and in so little time! You're a wonderful author and an even more wonderful person and I'm looking forward to seeing more from you after this 100 mark!

Lots of love,

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Review #15, by krazyboutharryginnyDetermination: The First Day

4th April 2016:
Hey Kaitlin, here for our swap!

So I know I constantly praise your originality, but it really can't be said enough how incredibly imaginative you are. All your stories are so different and many of them are concepts I've NEVER seen done before. That's certainly the case with this story. There's the basic idea - I don't think I've ever seen a story about the first female Auror before - and then there's the fact that the first female Auror is Neville's grandmother! That is just so wonderful and creative, and this story really highlights your imagination and your knack for fleshing out minor characters.

I think this first chapter is really, really well done. You've got me completely hooked already. The scene at the beginning was particularly well done - I could imagine the chaos perfectly in my mind's eye.

I'm very glad that Augusta is going to have an ally within the department (assuming that Bertram really does have good intentions). Especially after seeing the way she was treated by everyone from the general public to the M.o.M. security guard, it seems like she could use all the friends she can get - although she's certainly very tough, I can't imagine all that negativity and anger towards her would be very good for her mental health :P

There were also some really good details thrown in here, such as the mention of the Minister's discriminatory hiring practices.

I'm so excited to see where you take this! Please let me know as soon as you post a new chapter!



(P.S. Do you need a banner for this? I'd be happy to try to make one, as long as you'd be satisfied with a banner at my current skill level!)

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Review #16, by krazyboutharryginnyA Box of Chocolates: One: In Which Penny Eats Something Strange

3rd April 2016:
Hiya Lizzie! I promised free reviews - sorry it took me a little longer than I expected to get here, but here I am!

Ohhh... I think I know what's going on here. Oh dear! What a mess. I think I'm going to have to read chapter 2 right now and see what happens next tbh :P

So I don't think I've ever read a story from the point of view of a Muggle best friend before. Which isn't necessarily to say that no others exist, just that it's a new thing for me. And I really liked it! I think it definitely provides a really intriguing new angle :)

You already know how much I love Lia, so I don't need to say much about that. But I also really like Penny - she seems like a very good match for Lia, friendship-wise, although we only really see her properly for half of this, as after that she's... uhm. under the influence.

I'm really curious to see where this will go. I'm really just assuming that Penny's under the influence of a love potion, but if I'm right, I wonder whose chocolates those were that contained it and why they had them... Love potions are really horrible, in my opinion, so I wonder what will happen in terms of reactions from whichever two the chocolates didn't belong to (did that make sense?).

Anyways, this is wonderful, Lizzie! It's been way too long since I read something of yours. As usual, your dialogue is witty and entertaining, and your word choice is snappy. Your writing always has such a unique, fun tone!

I'll be back for chapter 2 sometime, hopefully really soon!


Author's Response: Kayla!!

Oh, boy, this story is one giant mess that only gets messier as things go on! Trust me, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully you'll still like this story (and me!) after you read the next chapter!

I'm really glad you liked this so far, though!

There really aren't that many stories written from a Muggle POV, period, but I guess that comes with it all being HP related and all. I think that's why I was so interested in writing this story!

Lia! I'm so glad you like Lia! She's one of my favorites too!

I'm so HAPPY to hear you like Penny too! She's certainly grown on me as I've written her, so I'm glad that comes across in the story!

Yeah, that did make sense, and you're right in that love potions aren't a good thing, at all. So, it's needless to say that the reactions to this aren't going to be positive.
(Oops! Spoilers!)

Aw, thank you! I'm so glad that you liked this story, and THANK YOU for leaving such a lovely review! It really means a lot!

P.S. Sorry if this response is a little weird. It's super late and my brain is fuzzy and I'm on my phone. XD

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Review #17, by krazyboutharryginnyStranger: 15 Years Old

2nd April 2016:
Hi Kaitlin!

So I believe I mentioned this in my last review, but I really like your portrayal of Pansy in this. I love how you've made her a sensitive person and a really good friend, giving her dimension that we don't get to see in the books.

I also really liked that in this chapter you touched on gender roles and made it very clear that what Millicent is feeling goes beyond discomfort with a gender role. That area is where I see a lot of confusion when talking to people who don't really understand this stuff, so I think it was a great idea to include that bit of dialogue.

I'm so happy that Millicent has begun to come to terms with all of this, and has true friends there for support. I hope Madame Pomfrey will be able to help too!

I think you're doing a good job on this so far and approaching it from a way that is accessible for people who might not know much about trans issues, so kudos on that! :D I'm excited for the next chapter and to see where you're going to go with this!



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Review #18, by krazyboutharryginnyColors: Blue

13th March 2016:
Hi Stefi! Thanks for swapping with me :)

So, embarrassing admission - I totally meant to read this when you mentioned it in the review you left for "edges", but I'm just getting around to it right now :( I wish I'd come sooner because this is amazing.

I honestly kept getting the shivers while reading this. The song is obviously so full of metaphors and description, but you really took it and made something new. It's still very descriptive and poetic and full of beautiful metaphors, and it feels true to the song, but it doesn't feel like it's taken the song and copied it, if that makes sense? Like it still feels very original!

I'm very neutral about Scorpius/Rose, but this story had my heart breaking for them. You did an amazing job of pulling me in, even as their situation and relationship deteriorated. I sort of knew it was going to go that way from the start (probably because I know the song) but I was still sucked into the spiral and I was so, so sad at the ending (although I must say that the second last section was the one that inspired the most feelings inside of me. I'm not sure how to describe it, but I could sort of feel the desperation of their situation and I felt kind of desperate too. IDK if that made sense).

So yeah, this is an amazing story, Stefi. It's written so beautifully and there's powerful emotion in your words. Fantastic job!


Author's Response: Hello Kayla!

Thanks for the review. Sorry this response is so late. I'm happy you liked this because I think 'edges' is such a masterpiece.

I'm so happy you thiught this fit well with the song. This song really told a story, you know? It told this really great narrative and I wanted to do that justice. I'm happy to hear that you think I achieved this!

I think the second to last bit was the hardest for me to write too. It was a challenge ti depict drug abuse and addiction in this way. Its very coded language, but I think its clear what drugs they're using and the severity of each one. I really wanted to make the blue potion the really powerful one.

Anyway, thank you again for taking the time to reciew my story! It really means the world to me.


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Review #19, by krazyboutharryginnyLike Fire: Like Fire

10th March 2016:
Hiii Julie! Here for our swap! I'm sorry it took me so long to get here. :(

Okay, so! I absolutely LOVE this. I honestly could not stop smiling all the way through it. Everything about it is just perfect, from characterization to dialogue to tone.

"Best friends move in with each other and end up together" is definitely something I've read before, but this story still felt so fresh and engaging. I think it's probably because you did such an amazing job with your portrayal of the characters and their friendship. Dean and Seamus were both just perfect, and this is kind of a sidenote but I thought you did a great job with Luna too! She can be a hard character to get right, and I'm honestly so intimidated to even try writing her, but you did a great job with her.

The dialogue was funny and endearing and clever. I honestly kept grinning and smiling while reading. Probably my favourite part was right at the end:

“So, if I told you I’m in love with you, you’d say…”
“Well, I sure as hell wouldn’t run out of the bloody room with a pillow in front of my—”

THESE DORKS! omg, I love them. I love this so so much!

Also, good call with the format (switching back and forth between the night before and the morning after). I think that worked out really well!

Thanks so much for the swap, Julie! I'm adding this to my favourites!


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Review #20, by krazyboutharryginnyThe Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One With The Muggle Studies Project

6th March 2016:
Hiii Tammi! Here again for the HPFF Review-a-thon :)

Abigail has such a big crush on James and it's SO cute!

I honestly love James, the way you've written him is great. In lots of stories, James II is kind of a playboy jerk. In this, he's still sort of fun and cheeky and mischievous, but he's not a mean or rude person at all. In fact he is kind and friendly, and his jokes aren't mean. It was so cute how he got so excited about the television and just started rambling on to Abigail.

I kind of said this in my last review, but the view Abigail has of herself makes me so sad. It's not so obvious in this chapter, but her low self-esteem sort of shows at the end when she thinks that James would run away from her if he knew she liked him. She doesn't even consider that maybe he likes her and that he's sort of seeking her out to spend time with her by sitting next to her in class. :(

I think the idea for the Muggle Studies project is brilliant! I'm always interested to see what other authors come up with for things like pranks and class projects and the like, because I'm seriously bad with coming up with that stuff! Great job on that aspect of this chapter :)

You do such a brilliant job on this story, Tammi, and I really enjoy reading it. I'll leave another review ASAP :)


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Review #21, by krazyboutharryginnyThe Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One With The Four Hour Nap

6th March 2016:
Hey Tammi! I'm here to leave a review for the HPFF Review-A-Thon :)

Ugh! I hate Michelle so much, she is such a pain. It really hurts my heart that Abigail thinks she needs to continue being friends with her. I wish she would realize that other people care about her and want to spend time with her. (Like Isabella! I really like Isabella, she's so cute and nice.) But at the same time, her self-esteem is so bad that I can see why she doesn't realize. I'm just so sad for her. :(

LOL at Abigail accidentally napping for 4 hours. I totally do that sometimes, and it really doesn't help at all! It always makes me feel so much more lethargic.

Also, as much as I dislike Michelle, I also sort of feel like I would be the same way about Lucien. Like, I actually agree with what Abigail about what she said about him, but if I were in Michelle's shoes I would probably complain about him all the time :P That probably makes me a bad/annoying person. Oops.

Anyways, I really REALLY love this story and I'm sorry it's taking me so long to review! I will be back asap - maybe even later today, for the review-a-thon!


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Review #22, by krazyboutharryginnyCount the Ways: Chapter 1

11th February 2016:

This story is fantastic! I loved it so much! :D

You have done such a perfect job with Sirius' characterization! Now, we all know that I love to write Sirius, but we also all know that I invariably love to make him suffer (*shakes head at self*). However, you have done an amazing job of capturing his happy side! You got his sense of humour and drama queen personality down to a tee!

Your own wonderful sense of humour really shone through in this, and there were so many lines that made me laugh out loud :D James, Sirius, and Lily were brilliant together, their interactions were just really well done.

Also, your Harry is so good in this. I thought you were very true to his character, and I loved his sassiness (which he was clearly picking up from Sirius ;) ).

And! Diagon Alley Primary School! That's brilliant, honestly, I absolutely love that idea. And Remus as Harry's art teacher - already a brilliant concept!

Speaking of Remus, he was excellent too. I loved his dry line about his desk, and the cheesy "masterpiece in my office" line!

*sighs happily* I love these ridiculous boys (and Lily of course) and you have done such a brilliant job with them - and with this pairing - in this story! :D A+ dialogue, A+ characterization, and A+ internal dialogue from Sirius!

Brilliant work, Tammi!



I had so much fun writing this! So I'm glad that you liked it. I love that you make him suffer, it's so entertaining. :D

He is such a drama queen, I agree.

Harry is so sassy, which he does get from Sirius, you're right.

I think that Diagon Alley primary school is in my headcanon now!

Thank you so so much!!

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Review #23, by krazyboutharryginnyTessellate: The Beginning

10th February 2016:



I saw you posting about this on Twitter, I think, and then just now you posted a link and I was so excited to come check this out! I really like this first chapter and I'm so pumped to see where you go from here.

Lucy is a really unique and interesting character. I loved that you showed us her unusual thought processes (e.g. wanting to do an examination on the physics of Oz's hair). I also loved her obvious crush on Divya Singh. (I really need to read more stories about gay girls because they make my heart sing.)

I thought you did quite a good job introducing the many OCs in this chapter and giving us a sense of their personalities. However, I did find it slightly difficult to keep up with who was being referred to, as there were some switches between first and last names (e.g. Divya Singh sometimes being referred to as "Divya" and other times as "Singh"). I usually managed to figure out which character it was through context clues, but it distracted me and pulled me out of the story while I figured it out. Maybe the first time you introduce each character you could use their first and last name, or be consistent with which one is being used by other characters.

I'm really excited to see further development of all the characters in this, as they all have huge potential. And I'm looking forward to seeing Lucy and Alexandria's relationship develop, too!

Love this!


Author's Response: Hey Kayla, thanks so much for the review!! I'm so glad that you're enjoying the story.

I've been hyping this on twitter a little too much I think...I need to stop doing that. Glad it hasn't disappointed so far though! :)

I'm glad Lucy comes off that way-- I couldn't tell if it was fun/interesting or just annoying to write her like this. Ah her crush on obvious. We'll see where that goes. ;) (Side note: I started this as an entry for the femslash challenge, but then I disappeared into a black hole of homework, and now I've continued the story. I flirted with the idea of switching away from femslash, and then I was like, no, representation is important and why wouldn't Lucy be gay? And here we are.)

Thank you so much for your comments on this!! I really appreciate this feedback and I'm going to go back and edit it a bit to make it easier to follow. I've been thinking about the characters so much that it wasn't something I was thinking about as a reader, or how it would come off.

Thanks again for your enthusiasm! I hope you continue to enjoy it when I get around to writing more of it. :P


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Review #24, by krazyboutharryginnyYou Don't Own Me: Don't

7th February 2016:
Hey Rose, here for our swap.

I hope it's okay that I decided to R&R this story. It has a lot of reviews already, but I saw that it had won first place in a challenge and I really wanted to check it out.

This story is so powerful. It's painful and raw, and it manages to be pretty tasteful in describing horrific abuse, which is quite the accomplishment.

I thought it was really effective how you sort of laid out the abuse cycle early in the story (tension - argument - assault - assuage - comfort) and then, when we actually saw an episode of the abuse take place, you sort of used those parts of the cycle as headers (? I didn't describe that well at all, but yeah).

Your writing was so evocative and I really had an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach while reading this. Especially when Scorpius defended Corbin, to others or himself, even though you could tell he knew in his gut how completely wrong the whole situation was. From what I know, that's very accurate to what actually happens in abusive relationships, but it just was so difficult to read Scorpius going through that.

You did an amazing job of accurately depicting an abusive relationship, especially the isolation aspect (how abusers cut their victims off from friends and family). I was so relieved when Scorpius reached out for help and when Albus immediately responded. I also absolutely adored how Rose insisted on accompanying Albus, and that Harry went too - he may have a bad past with Scorpius' father, but that was something that Harry would absolutely do.

This was a really difficult story, but it had amazing moments of hope, and a such a hopeful ending. You really did such an excellent job on this piece, Rose.


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Review #25, by krazyboutharryginnyStranger: 12 Years Old

3rd February 2016:
Hi again, Kaitlin!

This was another very well-done chapter. Again, I didn't notice anything wrong with the way you talked about trans issues (although, like I said, my experience is limited).

So obviously puberty is kind of a weird time for everyone, but it's clear that Millicent's experience is going beyond that standard weirdness. Also, I'm pretty sure most girls hate something about their bodies and want to change something about the way they look, but again, this goes beyond that (especially with the context of the last chapter).

I really liked that you made Pansy sort of a sympathetic character in this. (Millicent too, of course, but Pansy is someone who is more actively antagonistic in the books.) You really have a knack for taking minor characters and giving them new depth and dimensions. It's something I really, really admire about you!

I think you're doing a fantastic job with this story so far, and it's probably one of my favourite works of yours that I've read. I'm excited to read more!


Author's Response: Hi Kayla!

I'm glad that you think this was ok. You know far more about trans issues than I do.

Puberty is indeed a weird time for most people and I definitely agree that most young women want to change aspects of their figures (which is sad in its own way). I definitely do think that some of what Millie is feeling is teenage angst, but I think there is definitely a deeper feeling of discomfort in her own skin. I think that she's starting to discover that her mind doesn't fit with her body.

In my mind, Pansy wasn't always a jerk. I actually imagine her being quite nice with her fellow Slytherins and Purebloods. I only think she would've been horrible to people she was raised to be prejudiced against.

I'm so thrilled that you like this so far. I promise more updates are coming soon! As of March 31st, this will be on a regular update schedule.

Thanks for all of your support!


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