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Review #1, by marauder fanaticHow to tame a Marauder: It's all about James

26th October 2009:
I'm seeing a change in the chapters, it's a little unusual. It's cool and I like it, but I also liked the other way. Well, it could just be these two recent chapters, but the scenes are much longer now! Before, there would be about five scenes in a chapter, as far as I can remember. Maybe I'm wrong, If I am, then I stand corrected. But, anyway, lot's more dialogue which is awesome too! =D However, I liked the other method as well because it DID give the chapter a more spacious and make the sequence more of a variety because there were so many little things going on in the chapter. I don't know, maybe it's me, but the first scene was super long in this one! You had three here which is good, not going to lie. I'm just noticing a change, again COULD just be me, probably is.

Anyway, I liked the dialogue and how you had to boys quesiton Laura about dating. I felt like I was in Laura's position, I kept on thinking where the heck is this coming from? I mean, YES, they want to know because of Sirius liking Laura but I was still thinking, it's none of your business! LOL, it was hilarious, I loved that part and found it to be a highlight of the chapter, and of course the Lily and James snogging going around in there too! I was like YES, ONE COUPLE DOWN, ONE TO GO (not counting other romances you might spark up in the future, lol).

I liked this chapter, it was different and interesting. I keep laughing when Laura denies Sirius for help with things, it's just way too funny. I'm like, NO LAURA, WE NEED SOME ACTION BETWEEN YOU TWO.

And OMG, I keep thinking... what'll Severus do when he finds out? Awe... lol, Snape. Tsk, tsk, he seems to have disappeared and then suddenly pops back in at random times like in Chapter 35. Well, good writing skills, as usual, cannot expect anything less from yoU! : D

You keep ending all of the chapters so unexpectedly. It's like, suspense, because we know what's going to happen (Sirius and Laura situation, because there will be one!) however we do not know if there will be any challenges or new things introduced in the way or WHAT THEY ARE, so it's a weird form of suspense that keeps us thinking, oh my God, what's going to happen next? D=


- Ana

Author's Response: Hi again! I do feel spoiled by your reviews.

Okay. I hadn't noticed the scenes were that much longer now. I mean, I know the last chapter was stand alone, but it kinda didn't occur to me about this one as well. And I've had a look through the ones that are coming up and you're looking at probably about 3 separate scenes in each of them (this is a guide only, mind you). However some of those longer scenes are actually two or more scenes which just haven't been broken up but instead work as a continuous narrative. So I guess what I'm saying is that there might be a similar amount of things going on but it doesn't necessarily feel like it. But yes, there are definitely some long scenes going on now. I can't tell you why this might be the case but I think you're right.

I'm very pleased you liked the scene at the breakfast table and yes, Laura was rather baffled as to why they all cared so damn much. I'm glad I got that across. I mean, I definitely put myself in the boys' shoes as I was writing it - it was important for them to hear about the no-distractions rule - but yes, Laura found the whole thing quite confusing.

And, well, Snape. He's very much a minor character at the moment, though if I was writing this from Lily's perspective (something which I did flirt with a while ago) he would crop up a lot more often, and he does have some scenes of his own later on. However, Laura doesn't pay him too much attention at the moment so that's why his appearances are so sporadic. But yes, you do see his reaction to James and Lily getting together in the next chapter.

Anyway, yes, one couple down and one to go. Though I do enjoy torturing my main pair so it might be a little while before their eyes are opened as to how things really stand. And like you said there may or may not be some things which will get in the way before we get to The Snog. I'm saying nothing!!

thanks again, Mel

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Review #2, by marauder fanaticHow to tame a Marauder: Getting to their Heads

26th October 2009:
Good chapter!!! =)
I was away so I didn't get to comment earlier but I am now so yaaay! I was so excited when I saw TWO chapters out! =D I read them both, I was so thrilled. I think that it is awesome you've gotten a trusted author but I really think you were doing perfectly fine by yourself, but, hey I'm sure it's going to do you good! : D
I think that the chapters should come out once a week - I'm only saying this because I read manga online and they usually come out weekly so that would be fair (in my opinion I wish they could come out every night but that's not very reasonable, lol).

Anyway, to the chapter! =D Well, I thought it was a cute chapter to begin with, but I was expecting just a little bit more out of it. I don't know, maybe because I was reading Harry Potter prior to this, and J.K. usually introduces something new in each chapter, and I feel that even though it was the start of the new term, it didn't have enough for a sort of kick-start for a new term. Though, maybe just because it focused a bit on James was why I didn't enjoy it as much, I'm not too sure to be exact. The moments with Sirius are good and everything, especially with him being such a hospitable guy now, and a lot more caring toward Laura (obviously since he likes her) but I'm just really eager for something more between them. I'm not pressuring, and sorry if it seems like I am, I'm just trying to reason out to you why this wasn't one of my better enjoyed chapters.

REMUS. It seems like he changed over the summer or something? I mean, yes, I know Remus can make jokes but I found it a little weird for him to be saying this:

"Calm down, Padfoot," came Remus' measured voice from behind us. "You've had all summer to eye off girls, how about you let these ones be for a while."

YES, I see the Remus-ness in it because of the last part of the sentence, but this is more of a James line. Especially when they KNOW that Sirius likes Laura. Of all people, Remus says it and he is very mature and it doesn't seem like would take a thing like love lightly, so I don't know if you were hinting at something. I keep getting the feeling that Remus likes Laura too, but I could be totally wrong - it could be a Luna/Harry situation or something. Anyway, I just thought that was interesting, and I might've overanalyzed. Plus, Sirius is a player, so I probably just am overanalyzing. Maybe you should just SKIM this paragraph haha.

I like the progress with Lily and James here though, it was good. Even though it didn't actually show them, behind the scenes we know they're getting together and closer. I like the whole James/Lily but I'm SO MUCH MORE of a Laura/Sirius fan, haha, so I'm just really eager. Sorry, I think this must be annoying for you, but I'm just trying to give my opinion. It was a good chapter, well written and described, but I'M just aching and being all whiney for more Laurius. xD LOL!!!

Keep up the excellent work as always!
Good chapter and cute moments with the gang, especially now that they're forming into this big group.


Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for another awesome review!

Okay, I'm the first to admit that this chapter is a bit filler-ish but I was progressing the James/Lily subplot, and so there were things in there that needed to be included. Head boy and girl, that sort of thing, and a few more bits that come up again later on so I needed to introduce them. But it's absolutely fine that you didn't like this chapter as much as some of the others - hey, everyone's different anyway so different people like different things. It's fine with me. :)

As for that Remus line, well yes it could seem a little James-ish (I totally get where you're coming from with that), but I gave it to Remus for a reason - he was giving Sirius a subtle warning that he might be being a bit obvious. In addition, he's the only one of the boys who has a suspicion that it might go both ways with Sirius and Laura so he also wanted to get her reaction. The same thing goes with the blow up doll comment later on. As for whether he likes Laura, well I've had other people ask that question and I'm not telling. Sorry!

Oh, and Sirius isn't a player, not in my fic he's not anyway. You'll notice Remus used the passive "eye off" rather than the active "get off with" (or anything similar) - men are much more visual than women are so there's always checking out going on, and London that summer would have been full of teenaged girls in boob tubes and miniskirts; the difference is whether I had him act on it or not.

And wow, you prefer Sirius/Laura to James/Lily? I'm incredibly flattered. I too am fond of my ship (and I'm thrilled that you've given it a title hahaha) but so many people just love the James/Lily one so much that it does floor me a little to read things like that. But thank you!!!

Oh, and the consensus for chapter updates was about every 5-7 days, so I'll see how I go at keeping to that. No guarantees, mind, but I'll try. :)

cheers, Mel

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Review #3, by marauder fanaticHow to tame a Marauder: Exams

17th October 2009:
This is totally a review for 'Exams' but I'm only putting it in because the whole review of mine for chapter 34 did not get put in! =(
And it wouldn't let me submit another review!
I was finishing off with...

Anyway, this story is just too aosifhsadlfh for proper words!
Another amazing chapter from you once again! : )
Thank you for updating, and please do so again soon.
I'm looking forward to the next one a lot!!!
Keep the FANTASTIC work up

- Ana

Author's Response: Hi again!

Wow, more review? I am feeling spoiled. *blushes*

I'm about to upload the next chapter (and I'm now a TA - WOW!) so you'll see it soon enough. And now I hope that you enjoy it ...

cheers, Mel

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Review #4, by marauder fanaticHow to tame a Marauder: Summer holidays

17th October 2009:
Cute chapter!~
Yes, it was most definitely a filler, but we NEED fillers!
Every story needs fillers, so, oh well, and it was written very well. There was a lot of dialogue which is good and needed in a filler because it keeps the story going faster...I loved how you incorporated Star Wars! I squealed a little when I glanced over that! I'm like, HAZZAHHH! It totally is the year 1977. That was brilliant! Jinkies, you sure you're not some expert historian? It's incredible how you take everything into THOUGHT! There are absolutely no plot holes or errors in your writing *watches in awe*.

She's making it obvious, too. Or, at least, Laura's just intelligent lol and knows somethings going on in Lily's brain.

I loved how you incorporated the Malfoys too! : ) (I bet it's the actual year for them to be marrying but I didn't look into that.) Awesome job, I got all happy when Lucius was mentioned. Haha, the prick! xD

Anyway, another amazing chapter! Looking forward to more Sirius and I have this strange feeling about Lupin. Loony Loopy Lupin...

Author's Response: Hi Ana! Another lovely review, thank you! :D

Ah, I'm glad you picked up on Star Wars. I couldn't find a release date for the UK anywhere but it was out in the US by summer 1977 so I drew a bit of a straw to say the UK had it as well. But yeah, totally right for that time isn't it?

As for the Malfoys, well I have no idea when they got married, I don't think we have that info. But it seemed close enough :)

And Lily. Yes, she's picking up on things. I needed someone to work out how things stand! What she does about it, however (if anything), is another matter entirely.

thanks again, Mel

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Review #5, by marauder fanaticHow to tame a Marauder: Deciding the Quidditch Cup

7th October 2009:
First of all, I'd like to say that I am REALLY sorry for not reviewing your other chapters. (The two previous this one!) I didn't realize how quick they'd come out and I was a bit confused but then it occured to me - DUH! Dobby Award! Did I ever congratulate you on that? If not, I'd just like to apologize for that as well and say that you deserve it, really. Your story is not only addicting but... WELL WRITTEN! I was actually like 'OMGAW-ing' when I saw your story up there. I'm glad that you got recognition like that! I also noticed a lot more people are reviewing now too! xD Guys, it's a pretty awesome story, no?

Anyway, I thought that... leaving off after Beatram's end, I believe the chapter was, next was Laura's sudden little epiphany that she liked Sirius. I thought that chapter was done well - could've been a bit more to it at first is what I thought - but then, after thinking it through, I thought it was great! It was just enough new stuff to get the readers enthusiastic but not too much (considering the curve in the plot/break-up with Beatram/Laura) SO! I applaud you!!! =D

After that was the Hogsmeade trip! (Probably spelt that wrong, but I don't care at the moment. My hands are cold and all clammy because i's freezing! So I'm not bothering with typos) BACK TO YOU! LOL. I loved that chapter! It was completely unexpected and just, awesome! The way you were describing how you did this whole thing because of James somehow having to be headboy without being prefect was really ingenious! It's creative too! But it makes sense at the same time and it's clear you did a thorough investigation of the Marauder era (as I've said before but you just keep me in wonder; total awe). But yeah, and I really liked James' little maturity growth factoring in that chapter - also Sirius NOT being the 'centre' of attention, or at least, the talk of the school. I feel a lot of stuff HAD to do with Sirius (even in J.K's writing) rather than both. It's just a feeling I got whatwith Sirius haughty good looks and all ;) I felt that James deserved something like that! I dunno, I know he really DOES get limelight all the time but this time it was for a noble cause. Haha, anyway, enough of my blabbing.

LOVE this chapter. I think you are completely off when you think there needs to be more dialogue. I thought, WOW, the emotions running were just INCREDIBLE!!! Seriously, I just got a bigger feeling for all the characters - especially the relationship between Sirius and Regulus which I find interesting, Lily's affection for James is on the loose, James' modesty and MATURITY! xD Laura's emotions... but... SIRIUS'!!! I loved the end - when Laura and Charlotte are sitting together and what you wrote about Sirius being distant and avoiding Laura. I thought... this was probably my favourite chapter so far! The emotions in the last scene were enough to wrap up the entire chapter with a GREAT ending - honestly, I thought you did a superb job on the end. It was like a cliffy, but not an OBVIOUS cliff hanger. Emotions, emotions, emotions! That's just me though

Update soon! =)
Please, and thanks for uploading!


Author's Response: Hi Ana!

You know, I saw that I had one review and I thought I'd just have a read but not respond to it just yet (I usually do half a dozen at a time), but this was just such a brilliant one that I had to log on and write something back. Thank you! (But I don't feel like that's enough recognition of what you wrote so double - no, triple that.)

The chapters have been coming up quickly because the queue is SO short at the moment. It's even so short that I'm not loading up one chapter as soon as the last one was validated but waiting a few days so people have a chance to read them. But yeah, at the moment it's about twice a week or something like that. And yes, that Dobby is certainly pushing more readers my way and I'm getting loads more reviews so I'm extremely grateful for that. :D

I'm very pleased you liked Laura's little epiphany. That chapter was very much about getting Bertram out of the way so she could have that realisation, but I couldn't resist throwing that scene with the boys having been in the dorm in there. *grins*

As for Hogsmeade (and you did spell it right), I'm really glad you appreciated my reasoning as for why James got the HB position. Because it seemed odd to me - I was re-reading OotP and Harry got all peeved because Ron got Prefect, until he discovers that his dad wasn't one either - well it occurred to me that he would have assumed his dad was a prefect because he already knew he was Head Boy. So I needed to explain that in a believable way.

And I've had someone else comment about Sirius being the centre of attention in a lot of Marauder fics, and you may be right in that JKR could have made it seem that way without meaning to. But from what's been expressly said about that era, it seems there was a definite pecking order which was James, then Sirius, then Remus, then Peter, so that's what I've tried to maintain throughout this story. Give James his due.

As for this chapter, thank you so much about the lack of dialogue thing! Because that did bother me, as someone else pointed out there was a lot of telling rather than showing. But I wanted to have the Lily/James thing in there to show how that one's developing, as well as Sirius nearly letting it slip at the Quidditch match and then avoiding her afterwards, and this was how it turned out. And I'm SO pleased that you appreciate that, that's just fantastic. *beams, then feels that's not enough so does a little dance around her office*

I'm planning on loading up the next chapter tomorrow sometime so I expect it will be up on the weekend, pending validation of course. (Wow - this has turned into an essay ...)

Thanks again for a simply brilliant review! :D

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Review #6, by marauder fanaticHow to tame a Marauder: Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff

21st September 2009:
I have an idea what's going on! OH, excited for the next chapter, I am =)
You're writing just keeps gettin' better an' better! xD
Thanks for updating. None of your chapters are dull! You know exactly when to end something, and when to pick it up again or when to take breaks from drama etc, etc. Honestly, great job! =) You keep me surprised every time at the end! =D
Please update soon!

Author's Response: Hi Ana! Yet another lovely review, thank you. :) And wow, I keep on surprising you? That's very flattering. I must be better at this than I thought! *beams*

Anyway the next chapter is in the queue as I write and will hopefully be up maybe around the weekend.

cheers, Mel

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Review #7, by marauder fanaticHow to tame a Marauder: Coming of age

4th September 2009:
Wow, that was, once again a very well written chapter! =)
It made my day - and I REALLY mean that. I'm not having a good day! LOL, but my mood was most definitely enlightened as I read this! Yay! Awe, Sirius is just so adorable. I love that part when Laura was picturing Sirius and her 'together' in her head. Haha, I found it amusing! x3 Great job! Your writing just keeps getting better and better and HEY! I liked that it was longer! More to read!!! x)) Thank you!
I'm looking forward for the next chapter!! =DD

Author's Response: Wow, I'm starting to think I love you! *beams* Another lovely review that just made my day. I'm so pleased that you're still enjoying this, it was very much a labour of love to write and it's just lovely that other people like it too. :D

I'll load up the next chapter once I get a bit more time on line, hopefully in the next day or so but this is looking like a bit of a busy weekend so no guarantees. But soon. :)

thanks again, Mel

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Review #8, by marauder fanaticHanging by a Thread: Hanging by a Thread

2nd September 2009:
That was really, really tragic. It was so in character I cannot begin to describe!!! You did an excellent job at grasping all of the characters perfectly, especially Draco. Wow, it's difficult to tell you how in awe I am at this little piece. Awe, poor Malfoys. I had imagined that their life after the second wizarding war would be difficult, and CRUSHING since Lucius dies. Great job, over all! Favouriting! =)!!!

Author's Response: Wow, it's so great to know you liked it and found it in character. ^.^ I have such a hard time sometimes with that, so I'm glad I got it right this time.
Thanks for the great review! :)

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Review #9, by marauder fanaticHow to tame a Marauder: The effects of Hogsmeade

26th August 2009:
Okay, I was giggling very much through out this entire chapter. A) I was listening to 'The Slug Party' from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince soundtrack which is VERY quirky and funny... and it simply added to the whole little romantice spur with Bertram and Laura.
It was SO funny how you described Valentine's Day and how everyone was miserable except for Laura (and Lily and Mary)! I thought - good! Laura is always the one having a plain old day. She deserves the thrill and excitement once in a while -and a MAN, as Mary would say. xD
Excellent job - I thought this chapter was really good. The writing was great - there were a very few amount of sentences I had to read over because they sounded awkward at first, but truthfully speaking here, a superb job over all!!! =D
I am so excited for the next chapter!~ I hope Sirius' attitude keeps gettin' fouler and fouler!! xDD I'm so evil!
But he really needs to get a taste of his own medicine! And plus, he's not being his usual arrogant, cocky, and big-headed self. But... it's why we all love Sirius, right?

- Ana

Author's Response: Hi again Ana! Yet another brilliant review, thank you!! :D

Yes I thought it was about time Laura had a nice Valentines day, she hasn't had much luck with that type of thing so it was a nice change.

And I thought you might pick up on the awkward sentences, but I'm pleased that they didn't detract from the chapter overall. I will continue to try to get them right though so they may get amended ever so slightly in the future. :)

My lips are sealed about Sirius. As you probably guessed they would be. But once the queue re-opens I'll load up the next chapter so you can have a read for yourself how he's reacting to it all.

thanks again for reviewing *grins maniacally*

cheers, Mel

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Review #10, by marauder fanaticHow to tame a Marauder: Werewolves are people, too

22nd August 2009:
Very awesome word choice in here - especially when Viridian was talking; sounded so ... profound. ;]
Anywho, liked this chapter quite a bit - it was eventful and smooth - you had a great flow going on! No choppiness, (I never really find choppiness in your works, anyway!) or dull scenes (I never find those, either). Excellent job, really.
I am completely stoked to read the next chapter - and that BIRTHDAY PARTY. Dun Dun DUN.


- Ana

Author's Response: Wow, thanks marauder fanatic! Another fantastic review! *beams*

I've said to other reviewers that I thought this chapter wasn't quite as strong as the last two but people seem to like it so I'm happy :) And thanks for the compliments about my word choices - I do see choppiness and awkwardness in my work but maybe it's not as bad as I think it is. You can tell me next chapter if you think it works because there are a couple of paragraphs in there I'm not so thrilled with.

As for Sirius, well you don't honestly think I'm going to confirm or deny anything that's coming up in my story do you? Jealous or not jealous, for example. My lips are sealed.

Anyway next chapter is in the queue so hopefully you will like that one as well. Thanks again for the fantastic review, I'm just grinning from ear to ear.

cheers, Mel

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Review #11, by marauder fanaticBewitched: Figuring you out

5th April 2009:
Wonderful work!
You made my bloody day with this! : )
Everything was done really really well ; not going to lie, despite how much I hate Stephanie, I hope she creates some drama between Sirius and Callie just because it's more fun that way! ; )

Anyway, update soon please! It's complete torture when I was reading and then I went to scroll down for more and BLEEP! It ends. T^T

I don't really have any criticism to give out ; it's great, really. I just noticed though that this chapter was a bit of a 'filler' - if you will. As in nothing major happens in this one? I don't know. But I CANNOT wait for the next chapter with the training session!

Author's Response: Thanks you so much! =D
Drama is fun *wicked smile*
Yeah this chapter was a bit of a filler, sorry about that. I'll try not to write anymore! =D

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