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Review #1, by lupinThe Whisper of Red Roses: Chapter one

14th May 2009:
it is relly good. i love the name suri snape it adds to the story. can't wait till the next chapter

Author's Response: Thanks Lupin, for you review. My third chappie shouldn't be too far away. Im working on it at the moment.

Thanks again. ^_^


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Review #2, by lupinMinerva: Prologue

20th April 2009:
it sounds really interesting so far. can't waite to read some more

Author's Response: xD. Glad you like it. Updates are slower than expected, but coming. Thanks for the review :).

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Review #3, by lupinPhotographic Evidence: Age and Beauty

16th April 2009:
it is realy funny please write more

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Review #4, by lupinThe Whisper of Red Roses: Prologue

14th April 2009:
just returning the favour. i think it is wonderful and you should definatly keep writing

Author's Response: Haha, thank you lupin. This chapter great to write and im on my second chappie. :D


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Review #5, by lupinSurvival: Idea!!

4th April 2009:
the story is good but you should check over your story to make sure it all is correct but otherwise keep up the good work and also i think its good that you put in modern things. good job!

you should make them survive like a nomal person so no magic but one will cheat and the rest is up to you. but do it how you want you dont have to listen.

Author's Response: Okay, thanks for the suggestion.

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Review #6, by lupinRelation To The Enemy: Dumbledore really is losing his marbles

31st March 2009:
i realy like it so far. maybe you could make the chapters a bit longer

Author's Response: Thank you, i'm trying but i just don't want to give things away too soon :)

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Review #7, by lupinBy Order of the Ministry of Magic: Educational Decree No. 8

28th March 2009:
please finish the story i am realy enjoying it and the rating is for the whole chapter i only give a ranking once i've finished all the chapters posted

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm afraid I don't know when the next update will be--my computer was attacked by some nasty stuff, so I need to get it sorted before I can post again. I'm glad you're enjoying this, though, and I'll try not to keep you waiting too much longer!


Hermione :)

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Review #8, by lupinThe Heir to Prince Manor: Not Such A Spoiled Brat

18th March 2009:
this is a funny chapter but also very touching

Author's Response: Aww, thanks a lot.

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Review #9, by lupinThe Heir to Prince Manor: An Unexpected Visitor

18th March 2009:
i enjoyed this chapter

Author's Response: Oh good, hope you like the rest too!

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