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Review #1, by foreverlikeafoolMeet The Potters: Meet The Potters

20th March 2009:
Round two should be the sequel! XD
I love the Evans-Potter family

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Review #2, by foreverlikeafoolDelicate: Call Me Mum

20th March 2009:
amazing, fantastic, splendid, marvelous, and all those wonderful adjectives that I can't think of because I can't get over how GREAT this story is!

It was addicting and I haven't done anything but read it since I've started.

I love Rose, and all of her little quirks and imperfections that make her such an excellently developed character.

I love how you wrote this; the voice is just wonderful. It's hilarious and I've laughed so many times, and it's light but a great read.

And also, I think I'm hooked on secondgeneration now(:

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Review #3, by foreverlikeafoolDelicate: I'm Not You

19th March 2009:
I adore this fic; it's hilarious and the voice is great and I'm going to leave a longer review when I finish, but I'm hooked, so I can't stop. @___@

Still, the confusion with her parents? So funny(x Sex addicts, rofl.

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Review #4, by foreverlikeafoolConventional Wisdom: Itís Just One Plethora of Misunderstandings - Chapter Five

17th March 2009:
This is incredibly captivating; more so than you would believe!

I dislike Sophie; stupid blond bitch. >D And I love Mara already.

Update soon?(:

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! And I'm glad that your dislike for Sophie is nearly as high as mine. It's nice to be on the same level of hatred with my readers. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by foreverlikeafoolIn The Middle Of The Night: When Taking Your Locks

17th March 2009:
I love this, really(: I love the whole Remus/Ella relationship; she so obviously likes him but he's kind of really oblivious, and it's just so adorably awkward.

Update soon please?(:

Author's Response: I really suck at updating right now, due to a suddenly hectic life, but I'm working on it, I swear. I'm glad you like the story! Thanks for reviewing! :]

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