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Review #1, by kellyhpThe Magical Dursley: Chapter 9-A Talk with Uncle Vernon

21st June 2012:
hope to god her memory can be fixed i'll have cry for dudley if it cant and jess

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Review #2, by kellyhpMissing Mummy: St Mungos

20th August 2011:
NO THAT YOUNG MAN BETTER CHANGE IS MIND or i think he'll find his son james unable to forgive him and the rest of the weasley family plus hermione an if he don't change it mind i don't think i could stand it its heart breaking as it is so please please update

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Review #3, by kellyhpMissing Mummy: Staying Put

24th October 2010:
why do i have a funny feeling its from ron saying he took the kids or somthing

Author's Response: What, and hold them as hostages until Hermione comes back to him?? LOL, that would be funny, and a bit mean. :)

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Review #4, by kellyhpMissing Mummy: Judgement Day

19th October 2010:

He's free

next chapter please i just have one thing say though
why you have leave us with serach a mean cliffy :'(

Author's Response: I know :( but I had originally finished it on an even meaner cliffy, but I took pity and I couldn't finish the chapter with it, so voila! It's the one that it was left with :)

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Review #5, by kellyhpMissing Mummy: Another Day In Azkaban

26th September 2010:
great chapter i just have say one thing and i'm sure you'll get this alot GET HARRY OUT OF THERE BEFORE SOMEBODY REALLY DOES KILL HIM ok thats it hope to see the next one soon :)

Author's Response: hehehe.
Yea, I've gotten that a few times now with this chapter. I will try and post soon.

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Review #6, by kellyhpHarry Potter and the Hall of the Founders: Reginald

12th July 2010:
great chapter i'm curious is sirius in the founders hall then or what and is james going give dumbledore a piece of his mind while he visits hogwarts

hope to see a new chapter soon

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Review #7, by kellyhpMissing Mummy: Accusations

12th June 2010:
at least answer one thing does this have a happy ending or not or please get hermione come forward and say why harry attacked ron hope theres going be some happiness soon i cant take much more tragedy:'(

Author's Response: Okay, so you don't think it's all gloomy. Yes, it does have a happy ending, well it's not sugar-coated happiness, but...ummm... lets just say it's a nice ending. :)

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Review #8, by kellyhpLiving a Lie.: Chapter 13: What Next?

29th May 2010:
good chapter i know you'll just say no but no harm trying cant you bring izzy back to life by some miracle please :'(why you have kill izzy anyway why not either bellatrix or a nameless fighter


Author's Response: Thanks. I am so sorry I can't bring Izzy back, it was the plot of the story, I wasn't expecting her to be as popular as she was.

Bellatrix won't get of scott free with what she done, you'll see what happens to her in a later chapter.

Thanks for the review, and I'm sorry again for killing off Isobella.

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Review #9, by kellyhpMissing Mummy: Azkaban

25th May 2010:
i'm sure alot people are thinking it so im going have ask who's the kid and if you would be so kind and GET HARRY OUT OF THERE lol

Author's Response: the kid is an oc, he's not going to be anyone you know :)
I'm sorry to say he's going to be there for a bit longer. lol
thanks for reviewing

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Review #10, by kellyhpLiving a Lie.: Chapter 12: The Fight

22nd May 2010:
i'm not even sure i can continue to read this story its to heart breaking only time will tell

Author's Response: Awk I'm sorry you feel that way, there are a few more heartbreaking things to come, but there will be a happy ending.

I hope you can keep reading, thanks for reviewing

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Review #11, by kellyhpWhat If?: Remus' Pleading

24th January 2010:
i love your story iactually read it on fanfiction i defiantly glad i reg with both lol

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Review #12, by kellyhpMissing Mummy: Bracelet

16th January 2010:
i hate to say it i never gave rolf a thought great chapter i was starting to worry it was somthing todo with ron :(

Author's Response: awe, I know- I felt terrible because I actually started out with this story with my heart already loving him as a person, but then he contorted into what he is now. :( pity.
Ron is going to play another big role in later chapters, he's not in the clear just yet.
thanks for reviewing.

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Review #13, by kellyhpLiving a Lie.: Chapter 7: Future on the Edge

13th January 2010:
im curious why thoughs names for the twins im not against them im just wondering what got you think of thoughs great chapter hope all the kids pull through and i bet little jay will end up having night mares after this i bet seeing his son like that brought back memories of his time at dursleys i prosume and obviously he a father now when will the next chapter be up i was half expecting padfoot go for his cuz throat when he saw her touchering little jay hope to see another chapter up real soon

Author's Response: This chapter surrounds Harry's angst. I really wanted to focus on that. His world is crumbling and the chapter was about him, but don't worry they shall get their revenge.

I wanted some weird baby names for the kids because they already have a muggle baby name for James, so I wanted names that were wizard-like. So that both of their cultures are incorporated. I got them form a baby name generator I found on google.

Thanks for reading and reviewing. Look out for more shocks and surprises coming soon.

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Review #14, by kellyhpPetunia's Change: Pick-Up From the Train Station

12th January 2010:
great chapter so all i ask ad hope that the next chapters soon


Author's Response: oh thanks =] the next chapter will be up very soon. Thanks for viewing

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Review #15, by kellyhpLiving a Lie.: Chapter 6: The Aftermath

6th December 2009:
all i ask is please dont make us wait long periods of time theres been a few times when i thought you have given up on this story. but great chapter

Author's Response: I am really sorry for making you wait so long, but I genuinelly had a lot going on in my personal life, which was affecting my work, I hopefully will have the next chapter up after Christmas, as I have another story waiting validation, plus I don't want to rush the chapter.

Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #16, by kellyhpBenjy Weasley: The news

23rd September 2009:
great story so far hope you wont leave it hangin i would really like to see this completed

Author's Response: No, rl is just keeping me busy but I'm going to work on the story right now. Thanks for the review.

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Review #17, by kellyhpHarry Potter and the Winters After the War: See You On Sunday - Part 1

3rd September 2009:
great chapter cant wait for part 2 glad ginny finally understood why harry hasnt been tellin her much

Author's Response: kellyhp,

Thanks for the review. Sometimes it takes outsiders pointing things out for us to see what is right in front of us. Ginny's family did this for her just now. Hopfully it will make a difference.

Until next time.


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Review #18, by kellyhpMissing Mummy: Home Sweet Home?

18th August 2009:
great chapter i was nearly in tears im guessing lily can sense ginny :) please dont leave us hanging i want harry get the kids back quickly please please give harry is family back cause i mean if the kids thought harry would hurt them again why did they run to him like that

Author's Response: awe, now. I can't tell you whats going on- that would just be silly of me, to give away the plot. =p
They aren't just going to hand the kids back over to him, yes they ran to him- but kids don't hold grudges against people.
I'll update as quickly as I can. =]

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Review #19, by kellyhpMissing Mummy: Unveiled Secrets

3rd August 2009:
harry better win and im sure he will heal and learn to love lilly with lunas help and surport but i have a question. was it really harry that hurt the kids or what? cause what luna said about the kids causing trouble and wantin go bk to harry. i know you prob wont answer me though lol if harry loses im never readin again

lol just kiddin i will update soon

Author's Response: Lol, you got the part about not answering your question right, but it will be answered in later chapters.
I am trying to update as quickly as possible.

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Review #20, by kellyhpHarry Potter and the Winters After the War: New Ideas and Some Help

20th July 2009:
great chapter hope harry comes bk all 1 piece

Author's Response: kellyhp,

Thanks. You'll find out soon.


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Review #21, by kellyhpFound Again: One Summer's Evening

15th July 2009:
great chapter to be honest i dont think i could do a better job lol wish i cud but there will be no luck

Author's Response: Ahh I'm sure you could! Thanks though! xxx

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Review #22, by kellyhpHarry Potter and the Winters After the War: The Note

12th July 2009:
great chapter cant wait for the next chapter to come hope it comes real soon.

Author's Response: kellyhp,

Thanks. I\\\'m glad you\\\'re enjoying the story.

Until next week ...


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Review #23, by kellyhpLiving a Lie.: Chapter 5: World News

26th June 2009:
WOOHOO lol cant wait for the next chapter hope its soon i'm glad you were able do this chapter bee waiting for ages any ideas when your next chapter will be up or not?

Author's Response: Hey thanks for the review. Glad you liked the chapter :)

I haven't started the next chapter, but I've got the whole plot of the story written so hopefully things will run a lot smoother. I have two other chapters for my other stories to be validated, so depending on the queue's I would say about two-three weeks.
Sorry if that disappointed you :(

Thanks for the review :)

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Review #24, by kellyhpThe End of the Beginning-The Beginning of the End: The First Night!

13th June 2009:
great chapter hope theres more soon

Author's Response: Dear Kelly,

I see that you've reached the end of the story so far. I hope that you enjoyed each of the chapters. I'm working on the next chapter now but I don't know if I'll get it in before the validation team's vacation. Stay with me there's a lot more to come. I've said it before, I intend to bring this story at least to the point of Harry and Ginny on the Hogwarts express platform to see their children off.

As always, Until next time,


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Review #25, by kellyhpHarry Potter and the Winters After the War: Celebrations and Doubt

30th May 2009:
harry seems to be losing his tempter a lot i'd have thought ginny would have liserned though o well hope theres a new chapter soon

Author's Response: kellyhp,

Thanks for reading and for the review.

Harry is definately having a rough time of it at the moment, and you're right Ginny isn't helping.

The next chapter should be up in a few days, so until next time.


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