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Review #1, by TadoremoiPolychromatic: You're The Only Place That Feels Like Home

10th May 2009:
sorry, ok, thats enough, but i do...your writing is amazing and this story makes my day.
i wanna hear more about infuriating twitchy WHILE she's on probation, cause she cant do a thing. :D :D
sirius and anna...are the best couple ever.
more about stephen+darren'd be good though.

still, i loved this chapter justlike i loved the other ones..
you're amazing, keep writing. :)

Author's Response: More about Twitchy two chapters from now . . . During graduation. ;D

Oh, and Darren and Stephen will definitely make a come-back. :D Promise. :D

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Review #2, by TadoremoiPolychromatic: I'm Not One For Love Songs, And I Want Everything For You

1st May 2009:

quite siriusly. bahah. ok lame.

i really loved anna's epiphany, well put, but i didn't cotton on to what was happening till halfway through.

otherwise, amazing. next sirius' pov?


Author's Response: Ooo, good - that's good that you didn't really catch on until a little bit in, it probably made a nice explosive exciting thingy when you did.

Next Sirius' POV? Nope, but the one after it is.

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Review #3, by Tadoremoinever again: and so it begins

8th April 2009:
Sorry to tell you that this was actually painful to read. You don't use capitals, proper punctuation or grammar, your tenses are wrong and you often slip into referring to your characters in the third person. I couldn't even bear to read past the first paragraph. I didn't even understand what you were trying to say.

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Review #4, by TadoremoiPolychromatic: Summer Gone/Month of Tears

25th March 2009:
i think you need to redefine stephen a bit more..i kinda forgot who he was.
good good good!

oh and i loved the parting scene between anna and sirius!

Author's Response: Yup. Over the next few chapters, I am going to redefine Stephen. To be honest, he wasn't all that defined in the beginning. I mean, he was your standard friendly, funny character - he didn't really have a distinct personality, though, like everyone else does.

So I'm going to be working on that. :D

Yeah, the parting scene was the one thing in this entire chapter that I didn't hate, so I'm glad that's gone over well. :D

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Review #5, by TadoremoiPolychromatic: All My Walls Come Down

18th March 2009:
yeah looking forward to this next chapter. Some more character definition on Dora'd be good.
btw, I'm actually amy who reviewed the last chapter. I just logged in this time.

xx amy.

Author's Response: Dora won't be in the next chapter, actually, but she will be in the following one for a bit. :D Over the course of the year, she should become a little more developed.

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