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Review #1, by ScarlettBellaThe Game: The Game

17th November 2009:
i like it. i thought it was kinda funny. :) good job!

Author's Response: thankyou thank you THANK YOU! this is so nice of you, so THANKYOU for reviewing!!! glad you liked it. thank you :D

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Review #2, by ScarlettBellaA Spark Ignites: Take No More.

5th November 2009:
Oooh! I love it! You're a great writer, really. Was this your first fanfic?

Author's Response: THANKS YOU!!! You're so freaking sweet OMG! anyway, No It's not I've written more. But This one and all the sequels are my favorites that I've written. These and "Prove It". My other ones aren't that amazing. *Sighs* Anway, Thanks for leaving a review!! *Hugs* -Charly

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Review #3, by ScarlettBella12+ Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature Tutorial: 12+ Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature Tutorial

22nd October 2009:
This is a great tutorial!

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Review #4, by ScarlettBellaDefying Gravity: 27..Love & Loss

22nd October 2009:
It seems you know how to do really great chapter images and banners, do you mind helping me. i have no idea where to start... i mean, i love your fanfic, it is so greaet, i am reading it religiously! :)

hope you can help! thanks.

Author's Response: hmm...start by getting photoshop. if you go to the dark arts website (you can google it to be sure of the addy or look on the forums, I think there's a link, too) there are a lot of tutorials showing you how to do cool things. I don't really have the patience to get technical, but it's helped me a lot with the basics.

Thanks so much! I hope you keep reading!

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Review #5, by ScarlettBellaBehind Your Smile: Choice

16th March 2009:
Oh my gosh. i love your story, its so good. your a really good writer. hope there's more soon! :]

Author's Response: The next update will be up as soon as I finish two one-shots I've been working on. I'm really glad you've enjoyed it so much so far. Thanks for the review! :D

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