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Review #26, by didi4299A Spectral Memory Untouched: "IAN FREAKING HAYES."

3rd July 2009:
i loved it!
totally aweSOME!

Author's Response: hahah!! thanks! you\\\'re totally awesome! see you at the next chapter! thanks again!

~ Danica

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Review #27, by didi4299Switching with Sirius: Remus' Story

9th June 2009:
hey! this is the second time i am reading this story, and i really think that you should finish it. by the way, i noticed that lily in sirius' body never told remus that she sound-proofed the room. just pionting it out ya know? but, other than that, lovie it!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Even though I'm really past the stage of going back to edit this story, I appreciate the pointer. Glad you re-read, that means a lot. And sorry I will not be finishing..

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Review #28, by didi4299Breathing: Congratulate Me. I Am Now In Charge.

30th May 2009:
OH! can't wait 4 next chappie!

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Review #29, by didi4299Such Language: Such Language

22nd May 2009:
i speak hindi. i am from india, and i complement u on it. u did vry well. =][=

Author's Response: Thank you very much. It's good to hear!

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Review #30, by didi4299A Spectral Memory Untouched: "Singles' Acknowledgment-slash-Awareness Day."

15th May 2009:
that is SO sad! i felt like crying! i don't know if i sent a review 4 the last chappie, but i love the story soo much. i have read the first story soo many times! read my stories too, please! and leave a review! i need some!

Author's Response: aw, that's so awesome! you've read subtle touch more than once through? haha. i don't even think I'VE done that. i'm so so glad you enjoy reading my stories!!

sorry for the depression! haha. thanks for reading and reviewing!! and i'll do the same for your story this coming week. promise! i'd do it this weekend, but my sister's graduating college, so we're going to boston.

thanks thanks thanks!!!

~ Danica

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Review #31, by didi4299Hiding Harry?: Hiding??

15th May 2009:
i have read ALL of the series!.

.and u r KILLING ME!
i could not stop laughing through all of the stories! the only time i stopped was when the story ended. then, i started the next story, and began laughing almost like Snape. i saw a couple of typos, but don't let that stop you! i still love you! read my stories!

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Review #32, by didi4299Dear You, : Love, Lily Evans.

8th May 2009:
i really like this story.
but i think you should rename it to either 'hate' or 'i hate you'.
how 'bout?
R&R my story!!

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Review #33, by didi4299A Spectral Memory Untouched: "What? I'm just returning the favor."

1st May 2009:
OH MY GOD! i loved the other story, and now i am loving this!! write the next chapter FAST! btw, i would like it if u R&R my stories. =][=

Author's Response: ahh! thanks!! i'm so glad that you like both stories so far! and i know i know. i'm taking forever with chapter 3. but hang in there!! and i will TRY TRY TRY to get to your stories. hopefully i'll have time to. eventually. haha. thanks thanks thanks!!

~ Danica

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Review #34, by didi4299Marvilous: The Prankster Princesses

28th April 2009:
awesome! when will ur next chappies go up?

Author's Response: As you very well know, I am still in the validation process. And thank you.

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Review #35, by didi4299So You Think You Can Duel: We Know They Can Duel

9th April 2009:
that was amazing! i loved it! write more stories! read mine too please. my name is didi4299. puh-lease read m stories

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Review #36, by didi4299The Problem With Polyjuice: Confusion

5th April 2009:
i don't understand why you wrote 888 a whole bunch of times. i know it shows that you are writing about something else, but why did you use 888???

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Review #37, by didi4299Babysitting For Money: New Tricks

5th April 2009:
what does 7 mean? why did you write it?

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Review #38, by didi4299The Ties That Bind Us: Sorting and Diricawls

27th March 2009:
hey. i abosutly luh-ved this chapter. i hav red the 1st 2 stories b4 this, and i luh-ved- them. i request 4 u 2 read my storiy and review on it. i think it sucks, but my friends keep telling me that it is ah-maz-zing(their words, nit mine.) so i was thinking that because you r such a good riter, u can give me some points and help me bring my self-esteem up. BTW, i an not just saying this. i really mean it. the name if my story it "The Beginning of the End" puh-leze read and review. i am begging u!!

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