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Review #1, by awesome247A Quick Story Before Bed: A Qiuck Story Before Bed

20th July 2011:
Aww! This is so cute! Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to read and review it!! Glad you enjoyed!

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Review #2, by awesome247Hero: Childhood Games

19th July 2011:
I love it! This is amazing and so incredibly cute! I cannot WAIT to read more. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I've got the next chapter about half way done, so hopefully it won't be too long before it's up. :)

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Review #3, by awesome247About Last Night: Forget About This

7th July 2011:
This is really good! I'll be looking forward to reading more!

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Review #4, by awesome247Sirius Deception: Sirius deception

19th June 2011:
Aww! This brought tears to my eyes! Really well done!

Author's Response: thank-you for the review!! :')
I'm so glad you enjoyed it :D

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Review #5, by awesome247Prefect selection: Meeting with the Headmaster

16th May 2011:
Wow, this is really creative! I loved it, great job.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind words!
I'm glad you liked it and took the time to let me know!

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Review #6, by awesome247Happily Ever After: Or is it...?

13th May 2011:
Aww! This is so cute. I loved it. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! ^_^ I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #7, by awesome247Hidden in the Wizarding World: A Dudley Dursley Story: Chapter 11: The Epilogue

28th April 2011:
Nice ending. Good way to wrap up the story!

Author's Response: Thanks. I still wasn't sure about this epilogue, so this means a lot.

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Review #8, by awesome247Within The Heart Of The Battle: Educational Decree No. 30

28th April 2011:
I really like your story, especially the parts from Snape's point of view. I can't wait to read more, update soon!

Author's Response: Aw thanks! Thanks for taking the time to read and review! There is another chapter written which is off to the beta shortly so please feel free to keep an eye out for the updates, should be here within a week!

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Review #9, by awesome247Are You Pregnant?: Assistant to the Head Auror.

6th April 2011:
This was so funny! Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!-

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Review #10, by awesome247Just a Kiss: Just a Kiss

6th April 2011:
So cute! I really enjoyed it. Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #11, by awesome247The Weasley Twins Meet the Marauders: Chapter One

5th April 2011:
I've always wondered how Fred and George found out, and I think that your story was really great! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you like the story :)
- Marauding Phoenix -

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Review #12, by awesome247Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Concussed Duck: Pipedream

2nd April 2011:
I'm not swearing to this, but I think that the house used for Sherlock Holmes' house in the new(ish) movie is the same one used for Grimmauld place. I could be wrong though...

Author's Response: Oh my giddy goat! Are you SIRIUS? Urgh. Stupid Potter. Wish they would get their own sets and stop stealing lovely Sherlocks!

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Review #13, by awesome247New Leaf to Turn: Chapter 7: We're Off to See the Wizard

30th March 2011:
Yeah! I was waiting for Teddy to show up! Can't wait to read more.

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Review #14, by awesome247You lost a brother: You lost a brother

28th March 2011:
This is so bittersweet. I love it. Great job!

Author's Response: Wow that means a lot! Thank you!


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Review #15, by awesome247Neville's discovery: Neville's discovery

28th March 2011:
Aww! I like this story so much, Neville rocks!

Author's Response: Thank you for the feedback. It helps a lot :)

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Review #16, by awesome247Padfoot and Prongs' top pick-up lines: Padfoot and Prongs' top pick-up lines

23rd March 2011:
Love it! That was so funny!

Author's Response: Yay thank you, I'm really glad you liked it :D.

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #17, by awesome247Hidden in the Wizarding World: A Dudley Dursley Story: Chapter 4: Dumbledore's Muggle Army

21st March 2011:
Keep updating! I love this story.

Author's Response: Thanks :D I'll add another chapter as soon as the next chapter of my other story gets validated

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Review #18, by awesome247Starving Artists: Operation Hippogriff is Go!

9th March 2011:
Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Good stuff! Thanks for reviewing (:

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Review #19, by awesome247While You Were Sleeping: While You Were Sleeping

8th March 2011:
Aww! Its so... so... bittersweet, I guess. I think thats the word I'm looking for. Anyways, wonderful job!

Author's Response: I agree with the word bittersweet, I think that sort of sums everything up. But thanks for the review!

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Review #20, by awesome247The Art of Breathing.: Endings.

3rd March 2011:
Oh my gosh, this is the hardest I have ever cried after reading anything. I swear. You have an absolutely amazing talent, and I wish that I could fill several pages with a review for you, but I cant, because It's like, eleven at night and I still havent even started my homework. But really, superb job!

Author's Response: Thank you so very much! I appreciate this review all the same and ack, I'm so honoured that you read and review this story and thank you so very much for being part of this story :)

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Review #21, by awesome247Explorers: Explorers

2nd March 2011:
Oh my gosh, this was friggin hilarious! Amazingly fabulous job!

Author's Response: Haha... I'm glad you liked it so much! Thank you lots and lots for another lovely review!

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Review #22, by awesome247Wondering: Wondering

2nd March 2011:
I really like it! Crabbe is sort of just one of those characters that everyone seems to forget about, and I'm glad that you gave him his own story.

Author's Response: I completely agree with you. Crabbe is one of those characters who just kinda fits into the background, and then jumps out when you least expect him to (like in the last book, where he took me completely by surprise and started attacking the trio. I mean... what?) so he's often pushed to the back of the reader's mind. I'm very happy that you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #23, by awesome247Forget Me Not.: if you could go back in time, what would you change?

27th February 2011:
Aww! So sweet. I love it!

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Review #24, by awesome247:

27th February 2011:
Aww! This actually put tears in my eyes! It was so incredibly cute/sad/awesome! Great job!

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Review #25, by awesome247Where Your Treasure Is: Hermione's Arrival

27th February 2011:
I love it! Sorry for the short review, but I should be getting to some of that homework stuff...

Author's Response: Thank you! lol I know the feeling, that's what I should be doing right now too :P

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