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Review #1, by Canary in the MineThank You: You Did It Anyway

14th October 2015:
I saw your status on the forums and was so interested by Lily/Regulus! Also, I never knew that Regulus was younger than Sirius! Shows how much I know/paid attention to the Marauders :P 2nd POV is one of my favorites and I find that usually they're super poetic elevated language that takes me awhile to read through and understand. I love the way you wrote this and the story you told and how you told it ^_^ The slow progression was perfect and I loved how you described everything and made it very canon and realistic to me. I got really into it even knowing what would have to happen and still felt my eyes water a bit when it ended :c Overall I really, really liked this! I need to read more Regulus now :P


Author's Response: Hi, Mali!

Haha, yes Regulus is indeed younger than Sirius :p Second POV is one of my favourites as well (to read, that is). I love the poetry behind it. Thanks so so much for the compliments. I wanted the slow progression because, if Lily were to truly feel something for Regulus, I didn't see it happening fast. It was delicate and secretive and needed time. I almost made myself cry as well.

Thanks so so much!! And everyone needs to read and write more Regulus :p

- Leigh xxx

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Review #2, by Canary in the Minebloom.: bloom

12th October 2015:
Honestly, it's really hard for me to read fanfic nowadays, I try to stick with really short sentimental pieces whenever I get the urge. However, I was roaming on the forums and came across your post on the LGBTQA thread and was really interested on how you portrayed someone who's pansexual and having seen you around TDA, I decided to check it out.

That being said, I teared up after reading it and for a second I wasn't even sure why. Was it for her loss, the aimlessness that was a constant in her life, the hole she felt, curing the disease that killed her daughter? Mostly, I think it was just how easily I could put myself in her shoes and that made the whole story feel a lot more real at the end.

I'm in love with the way that this was written from beginning to end. I love how flippant she seems about how she is roaming through life, being with who she pleases as she pleases, etc. in the beginning. It really solidified her personality for me and made it easier to understand why she did things throughout the piece. I also loved how you didn't focus on the morality of her choices and made it impossible for me to judge her for them. Cheating on her husband, sleeping with a married man - it was like teenaged Poppy, roaming as she pleased to whomever she did and I couldn't hate her for it. That was a big thing for me too - I didn't excuse it because of the loss she endured or the pain she felt, I just kind of accepted it as who she was - not necessarily grounded in the morality of it all - and it didn't have a negative impact on me despite my strong moral standards on cheating :P

I really like reading and being able to understand a character's motivation for things and feeling like I'm apart of that drive - if that makes sense. It's like being on the sidelines, cheering them on and hoping they pass that finish line because I want it for them as well. For a second, I was scared that she wouldn't find the cure and that she became a healer to make her life about it until she did. I'm glad it didn't pan out that way :P

I'm realizing now that I'm super rambly and my thoughts could be coming off wrong so I'm sorry in advance! I have nothing but good feelings towards this one shot, I'm really in love with it.

I love the restlessness and how you portrayed it perfectly. Knowing how it feels and not being able to put it into words, I love seeing it unfold in front of me and being able to realize that hey, I totally get that.

Okay, I'm going to try to end this now. I really loved everything about this. I love how strong of a character you created in a one-shot and how you've left a lasting impression on me of who Poppy really is that I won't be able to shake. I love the language and the realness to everything you wrote - nothing felt forced or unrealistic to me. I love how it ended, I didn't feel like this was unfinished or needed more. One of the best things I've read in awhile. I like how you could've been really artsy fartsy with this, with super poetic language (I honestly expected that from the summary) but I was really pleasantly surprised with the bluntness and glad that you wrote it like this. I'm done now. Thank you for writing this ^_^


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Review #3, by Canary in the MineCaught in a Web: Chapter 20

12th September 2011:
I honestly can't explain how amazing this story is. The relationship between the two, as well as the characters is just...beyond amazing. Seb and Molly are just brilliant - especially Seb! His characterization is Honestly, I can't tell you how much I love this story - just me leaving a review should be saying something! Anyhow, regardless of your writer's block, this chapter was just as amazing as the first nineteen! Gosh, I can't even put my thoughts on this to words so you'll just have to pretend to understand what I'm thinking, okay? :P

Author's Response: Wow, wow, wow. I really have very little to say to this! I always find it strange to get compliments on this story. I'm not especially proud of it but it's reviews like these that I go to when I consider just giving up. These reviews and Seb: I do feel very strongly about him and I want to get to that point where people start to understand how he works and how his feelings work in more detail.

Thank you so much for such a lovely review!

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Review #4, by Canary in the MineJust one Kiss! : Aw that's cute!

28th September 2009:
Ello, lovey. Malia from TGS, here for your review.

--I have to say, the idea of this one-shot was so adorable. It was cute and just innocent. I loved it. It was funny and rather good for a first story.

--I completely understand that this is your first, so maybe a few tips? First, have plot. And you did! I mean, sequence of events, cause and effect - all good! Second, weave your characters and dialogue in nicely. It was good in some parts, rocky in others. Sort of think of it all as a natural day occurence ^_^ Just brush up on those skills, and I'm sure you'll get far! Third, begin and end well. A story isn't worth reading if it begins poorly, and ends poorly. I'm glad you seem to understand that! You started it naturally, and ended it that way too! It was just adorable and cute and innocent. Wonderful job!

--Overall, just work on basic skills like grammar and spelling, and just brush up on some of the tips above ^_^ Thank you for requesting! Feel free to come back (:

Author's Response: Hey!
Thank you so much for reviewing my story, I will take the tips and try to improve.

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Review #5, by Canary in the MineBlack Widow: Black Widow

20th September 2009:
Liam, I wish I had your skills.

Right from the beginning, you capture the reader. You set the mood with a sort of horror that gets in the readers head. I adore the way you have Blaise in's so terrifyingly scary. He understands, and she has no problem with that. Your style of writing is amazing and lovely to read.

In fact, I still have shivers ^_^

Amazing job, Liam.

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Review #6, by Canary in the MineMy Heart Burns: My Heart Burns

19th September 2009:
Ello there, Malia from TGS, here to review.

I like the length. It's short enough to leave an imprint (;

The overall piece was very good! I loved how there was an explanation, how you let the reader in on what's going on, but still leave that air of mystery. The flow was good, it wasn't to abrupt or too slow ^_^

CRIT: In the beginning, you start if off alright and all, but it didn't just set the mood with anything that made me glue myself to the page. One sentence in front of the one you have - any sort of sentence or fragment might've really opened up to the reader. Tick...tock...tick...tock. Just something to really reach out and grab the reader ^_^

OVERALL: Gah. I love Rose/Scorpius ships, and you have just defined it in a different way. Although you haven't delved into each character, I see a lot in your writing. Rose seems to be this girl who's unafraid of the circumstances, who is willing to poison someone so efficiently, yet have some sort of regret. Scorpius, in my opinion, seems to be a sort of thoughtful and passionate person. I don't know why, but your writing just seems to scream that he is XD

Anyhow, wonderful peice. Thank you for requesting ^_^

Author's Response: Squee, thank you, Malia, both for the concrit and compliments! I'm glad you liked Rose and Scorpius, and you share my views on both of their characters in this story. I've always liked Scorose, too, and I've always wanted to write one... though I didn't quite expect my first one would involve one killing the other. xD

Thank you, Malia!

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Review #7, by Canary in the MineAs Yet Untouched: As Yet Untouched

19th September 2009:
Hey, Malia here for your review from TGS.

First off, I really loved this piece. The length was perfect, it flowed wonderfully, and the emotion was just amazing. It played like a movie in my mind, perfectly canon, at that.

I loved seeing it all through James' eyes. You captured him wonderfully, and anyone who reads this will see that ^_^

In II, I loved his thoughts. He and Lily were truly to young to have had this happen to them, to be apart of that war. And you just let the reader see that James wasn't as stupid and playful and ignorant; he knew what was going on, and he understood it all.

Overall, the characterizations were just mind-blowing. The flow was impeccably wonderful, the sequence of events really helped this one-shot as a whole. The emotions were amazing. In the end, I felt shivers running down my back. You seem to have captured that well.

I seriously can not find a thing to crit. I adore this piece; it seems so real and just amazing.

Thanks for requesting ^_^ Wonderful job on this (:

Author's Response: Hi Malia! Thanks for your review!

I'm really flattered by all of your comments, and I'm so glad this fic has had the impact I hoped it would. I was going for strong emotions, and I'm glad those came through. I also appreciate your comments on the characterization, as I concentrated a lot on those -- I really wanted to show James in a respectful light, while also acknowledging the funny things that make him endearing and charismatic.

Thanks again for the wonderful review!


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Review #8, by Canary in the MineEscapee: The Wind Changed

6th September 2009:
Ah, I love it. There was not anything to betray the actual character that Rowling conjured. This seemed to play along with it, as if adding some scene that was simply forgotten.

I adored how there was this sort of unsettling feeling, I felt. I was expecting to read something sappy, so unlike Filch, but you surprised me. I adore that, ^_^

I like the 1st POV, here, as it adds something. She sees Argus, and in turn shows us what she sees. I like that.

Your style of writing simply amazes me XD Although, that is not really surprising XD Wonderful job.

Author's Response: aw Malia! thank you so much *hugs* this review has made my day! :D

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Review #9, by Canary in the MineTainted Hearts: Tainted Hearts

6th September 2009:
The emotional distress was amazing. I mean, really?

I loved every bit of this, Dramione's are basically win. I adore how most of this piece is dialogue. You express the emotions through dialogue, at least, more than through motion and silence. I adore that, really, because I can't express emotion through spoken words. Odd, really. Most authors use descriptions to convey a feeling or tone, but you set it with verbal words. That's just amazing ^_^

Other than that, there isn't much to say. I love everything you write, it's always mind blowing XD

Wonderful job, hon. Keep at it?!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you!

Dramione is definitely my guilty pleasure :D And I am a big fan of dialogue, so this was basically my love, haha. Thank you so much for the kind words! You literally blew me away - I'm glad you found the dialogue so powerful, it was the aim seeing as there were so few words to work with :)

Thanks so much! Your reviews are always so kind, thank you!

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Review #10, by Canary in the MineLantern: Paper Stems On Pointless Flowers

6th September 2009:
I love this.

Not only is it practically cannon, but it just seems as if this is how it happened XD Having it in 2nd POV seemed the right way to go. It just seemed so natural and honestly, depressing. I felt as if she were my own mother, not recognizing me, felt as if I were the one, holding pointless flowers...

And I loved how before she passes, she remembers.

Astoria's appearance was amazing. I loved how you tied it all in, and it seemed as if it really happened ^_^

Overall, this was an amazing oneshot; I adored it.

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Review #11, by Canary in the MineMoonlit Silhouettes: Moonlit Silhouettes

6th September 2009:
I adored this.

The feeling throughout it all, I almost BURST wanting to know what was going on. In fact, in the end, I let out a huge breath I hadn't known I'd been holding XD I loved the decsriptions and the way you simply wrote everything XD

The way you started was amazing. You outlined a beautiful scene, full of wonder and mystery, and then softened it, by saying that it wasn't beautiful at all.

I think that's what really got my attention, because from there, it only went higher and higher until finally rushing down.

The last paragraph was an amazing ending, btw. I've real glorious oneshots that end terribly XD but I love the ending here, so YAY ^_^

Anyhow, wonderful job. I loved it (:

Author's Response: :D I wrote this for Ilia's challenge, (obviously) and it had to be 500 words. I was skeptical at first but it turned out beautifully!

Not many have complimented on that line: "But none of it is beautiful." That is perhaps my favorite line. I'm happy you enjoyed it too. I wasn't sure if that line would come across right, and I'm thoroughly glad it did with you.

The last paragraph took some time to write but I'm happy you liked that too. I felt rather clever upon making a reference back to the beginning of the story, and using the moon as a metaphor to their feelings. *Feels poetic* Usually, I'm not so witty!

I'm very pleased you enjoyed it! I'm too lazy to get a banner for it, but maybe one day.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #12, by Canary in the MineRetrograde: The Reunion

23rd August 2009:

I really like it. The obvious sort of tension and emotion there is just amazing. I love the way you brought all of the characters together ^_^

And Ron. I love him, I really do! Leeessshhh! I like the way that everyone else but Ron seems to have happy life you know, with families and all that, and Ron's the one alone and whatnot XD

I also like the fact that Hermione was connected! Like, with Pavarti? I love that. I mean, she's not totally out of the picture, but she's gone.

Anyhow, I can't wait for the second chapter!

Thanks for writing an amazing chapter, hon. ILY!

Author's Response: Malia! I loff you!

Thanks hon! I wanted to give a side of Ron that we haven't seen and I'm not sure if I pulled it off. I hope I have.

I wanted someone in their year to know about Hermione, when Ron asked so Parvati was the one that I could think of at the moment that had some sort of connection with Hermione and would know her secret, but yet would keep it a secret, ya know?

Thanks hun, I'm having difficulties, but hopefully there'll be a second chapter after the queue opens back up! xD

Hehe, your welcome darlin'! ILY 2!

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Review #13, by Canary in the MineVenom: Venom

2nd August 2009:
There really are no words to explain how wonderfully dark, alluring, and seductive this peice is. The characterization and basic plot is just...entrancing. I honestly loved this. Everything was amazingly descriptive, yet mysterious and just deep.

The ending was as powerful as the entire peice which just makes a HUGE impact.

Wonderful job (: 10/10

Author's Response: wow thank you!! you've really understood what i was going for- cheers!! im glad you liked it!!

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Review #14, by Canary in the MineOf Dracos and Drool: Yes... They're Insane.

19th July 2009:
HALLO THARR, THIS DO BE MALIA (FRAGILEWORDS), reviewing from my account ^^

Can I say how much I enjoyed this?! It was funny and cliche, but not horridly so xD I mean, I loved the fact that you had a little audience in the background and that whatever they seemed to do, the reader did with them (: I loved the dialogue and everything about this! It was funny, interesting, and just wonderful to read :D

I adored Draco's character, and even Hermione and Ron's interactions! You completed the challenge wonderfully ^^ I'm in love with this one-shot. I really am xD

I don't think there is anything else to say XD I loved this. This has got to be one of the best Dramione's I've read in a while (; Thank you for making my day!


Author's Response: Yay! I'm so ecstatic that you liked it! Once I saw the word comedy I knew this would be a blast! And it sooo was!

I loved writing this, every second of it. I laughed at my own jokes and it was just wonderful. :) I may even find myself writing other comedies or maybe even a serious Dramione someday. :D

Thank you for giving me the most amazing challenge ever! You're awesome! :D

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Review #15, by Canary in the MineSome Little Mermaid: Some Little Mermaid

13th July 2009:
Okay, I love this so much, that you BETTER make this into a novel. My eyes are tearing for some reason. I think that while this was somewhat fluffy, I think that this has that sort of feel like 'The Wedding' by Nicholas Sparks. It was sweet and I adore the narration. James is just amazing. Your characterization of him was wonderful to read. I loved how it was in his point of view and all, learning to see what he sees, the way he sees it. I loved Lia. She had a small part, but her name is enough. My family calls me Lia all the time, so reading her as a character is just wonderful.

I loved what you did here. The challenge was supposed to be silent, and you just totally did it in an amazing way. Lia was a mute. I would have never thought of it like that, you know. This was creative and special. I loved the feel of this, while I was reading. It was almost light and happy and then, in the end, there's this sort of deep romance and emotion that just makes me want to cry. But I've always been a softie.

I loved how simple it seemed, James' narration. It was as if he were explaining his life to someone, but in a different way I suppose. I loved the scene with James and his father, Harry. It made me smile and all.

Overall, this was a wonderful peice. The emotion, plot, flow, and characterization was just amazing and mind-blowing. I'd love to see you turn this into a novel. To actually go into depth of the entire relationship and all that. It'd be just an amazing companion to this one-shot (:


Author's Response: Malia! Oh my gosh, thank you! Thank you, thank you! I really needed this CC, and this made me feel so much more confident about this story.

Malia, thanks! Wow you really deserved Featured Reviewer at TGS! Look at how much you helped me!

Eep, ILY, dear! Thank you again! Thanks a million!


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Review #16, by Canary in the MineStars' Silent Laughter: One

13th July 2009:
Rin. You've done it. I swear, you have this amazing superfulicious ability to allure the reader with your words and sentence structure. I adore your descriptions and fig-lang, it's just amazing. You totally owned the ability to not have any spoken dialogue. I love it, I really do.

The overall plot here, was just amazing. I like how you had it set in the battle, from a girl's point of view. I understand how she feels in a way, while reading this peice, and I like knowing that a writer could acheive that (:

This was short, but it just seemed perfect. If you were to take out any sentence, word even, I'd think it was incomplete. This was just perfect, really. The overall idea. I mean, a few sentences there, and it almost seemed as if I were watching from a distance.

I love everything about this. The fact that you had a canon character, like Hermione, in this was just amazing.

I also love how in the beginning, it seemed that she didn't care to live, she was ready for death to take over her. But throughout the short peice, she had found the will to live - throughout the pain - and just...lived. I thought that it was nice and comforting to read, you know?

Anyhow, wonderful job. Amazing, spectacular, and jsut overall perfection. I loved it (:


Author's Response: Omigosh! I\\\'m... not quite sure how to respond! I\\\'m flattered. Really, I am. And... not sure what to say now!

Short things are my weakness, really. I just can\\\'t seem to lengthen things. Also, this was written on paper, and I\\\'m sure if you\\\'ve ever written something on paper and then typed it up, you realize it\\\'s shorter than it really was. :)

I\\\'m so, so glad you enjoyed it! Especially coming from an author like you, that means quite a lot. I mean really... I\\\'m just... flattered. Thank you so much! You\\\'ve absolutely made my month.

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Review #17, by Canary in the MinePretty mouth and my gray eyes: Prologue

12th July 2009:
This was just wonderful. The emotion was perfection, and the characters seemed so real. I loved the flow and all, it all just fit. I loved your flashbacks and the dialogue. Your descriptions are just amazing, and really make the story flow better (: I adore this chapter, and I cannot wait for the next (;

Author's Response: Thankyou, I\\\'m glad you liked it :) I\\\'m really trying to add more depth to my stories, so this was a start. The further chapters will still have flashbacks and have basically the same format, except more dialogue. I really love this review because everything I was trying to do, you\\\'ve said I\\\'ve done. So, thankyous for such great feedback! The next chapter isn\\\'t fully written yet, but I know everything that\\\'s going to happen, so it won\\\'t take me long to write, the only problem is finding the time. Thankyous for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #18, by Canary in the MineThe Price Of Freedom: Conspiracy

1st July 2009:

LUL. OMG, the BIZAM!factor was like, P O W E R F U L. The action was amazing, even though it mostly took place in the hospital thing she was at. I'm pretty sure...

ANYWHO, I adore Elle, you know that already. HEY! I was watching Heroes, season two, and there's this girl who reminds me of Elle because she has the same name : D But alsooo, because Elle in Heroes is a sadistic betch. She has the power of electricity or some shiz and she ADORES shocking people. I don't know, but her sick attitude and way of thinking reminds me of Elle in TPOF. I mean, Elle is resourceful, intelligent, bold, and strong. She's like, BEAST! I mean, she's got that power and mind. She's just coolness, man.

Matt just pwns life, you know. I mean, he's smart, too, and he's just THERE. I mean, I don't know what I mean, but Liam, dearest, you totally understand characters. This story pwns life, much more than Matt, tbh.

ACTION, BABY! How come you get to write it, oh so perfectly?! It's not fair, I'm telling you! Just not FAIR >.< But it's okay, because your characters make love to me and make me stuff myself with ice-cream. Which, just to let you know, is a VERY good thing, okay?

And Elle's feelings and emotions are just fantasmical, hon. She just makes me feel what she feels, and you're an amazing writer for accomplishing that.

Alas, I have put off my review thread for you. I must leave and give those people what they requested : D



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Review #19, by Canary in the MineSecrets and Lies: Constricted

27th June 2009:
OMGSQUEE. He makes love to me, he really does. I mean, Joe has that awkward, yet cute, personality that ANYONE would love. And Alicia is SO me. I talk loud, annoyingly, sometimes. I ADORE her already. She's such a cool friend.

I love how Scorpius seems shy and awkward. And I love those little side-thoughts, they make me jizz my pants. Liam, who permitted you to be awesome at writing and decribing yummy boys? Huh? I mean, I'm TERRIBLE at it. But, hey, I mean, duh.

"Well. Hey, Scorpius," he said in a thick American accent. Then, Scorpius gasped inwardly as a smooth hand lifted up his chin to stare into a beautiful, unblemished, pale face. "I'm up here," he reminded him.

That part made me smile. I love how simple it was, yet it seemed so big and caring and all that. I just LOVED it.

It made him feel safe, and his worries seemed unrealistic now, as if nothing else mastered.

That was also somewhat powerful. It decribed how Scorpius' feelings are more than a crush, in a way, and just dominate. I love how his insecurities don't mean much anymore.

The flow and overall wonderfullness of this chapter just makes me squee. Liam, you're an amazing author, and don't you dare forget it.

Author's Response: Aha, i love Joe. He can be confident and awkward, switching seemlessly between them, and that's such a fun part to write in his character, because you never know what he's going to be, even when I sit down to write it, I'm not sure if I'm going to write him as strong or vulnerable ^w^

Ack, I'm so overwhelmed by your compliments that I'm not even going to argue with them anymore xD
That doesn't mean I agree with them, just FYI, just that I won't argue with them ... completely ;]

Ahh, Joe has this kind of ... comforting atmosphere that just makes people feel okay with him. I based that off a trait one of my friends has, so I hope I've done that justice.

Thanks so much, Malia!

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Review #20, by Canary in the MineCentrifuge: I. Rescue

27th June 2009:
Malia from TGS, here with your review.

Sorry, darl, that this is somewhat late. I've been trying to do the QWORLDCUP, getting ready for JulNo, and basically life :P Sorry if this seems somewhat short. I'll review this chapter, and the last ^_^

--FLOW: Your flow was wonderful. There was no real rushing, except for the end, but that was needed, and I just felt like the chapter flowed nicely. The changes throughout the story from POV was nice. I liked reading the scene between Hermione/Ron. I also adored the scene in the Chamber.
--CHARACTERIZATION: You got it! Everyone seemed to have wonderful, and somewhat real/canon, characteristics. I mean, you've got the grieving mother, the sad father, and the confused, yet determined, teens - Rose and Scorpius. Overall, hon, you've got it going on :D


Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! I hear you about the world cup, I've been busy on that as well. Thanks for the opinion on my flow and characterization, those were definitely the two things that made me worried. I'm also glad you liked the changes between the points of view, I don't always like to read stories like that, but I'm really glad it works for my story!

Thanks again! :)

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Review #21, by Canary in the MineSecrets and Lies: Prologue

27th June 2009:
LIAM. OMG, I hate you for totally trying to scare me away from this Dx How...GR, of you!

Anyhow, I think this was fairly awesomeness. I mean, I can totally tell that you've gotten better as a writer, like, awesomely better. From reading your other fics and then reading this chapter, I feel SUPER proud of you. You've like improved so much over the course of a few months. Amazing, much, hon?!

Characterization was done fairly well, hon. I mean, it doesn't make love to me, or whatever, but I can still feel like I want to know more about the Scorpius you created :D

Overall, I WANNA KNOW WHO Joseph Daniel Moore IS! He sounds amazing. But that could be because you have wonderfully ninja-like skills that decribe wonderfully yummy characters, you know?!


Either way, I wish you'll keep this chapter. THEN, people could most definitely see how awesome you get as each chapter goes by. Then, they'll be all like: "OMFG, HE'S FILLED WITH AMAZING SHIZNESS TO THE TOP Of HIS HEAD!" Like I do every few...


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Review #22, by Canary in the MineYou & Me: You & Me

27th June 2009:
Hai, I'm Malia from TGS, here with your review.
--Characterization: You did wonderfully. I couldn't have imagined a better Hermione or Ron. I feel that you simply made them who they were and added on to that. You did a wonderful job, and I quite liked reading Ron's lines :]
--Believability/Flow: I think that you could have taken things much slower. I do feel that the pace you had was okay, but to make it seem more believable, taking things slower would have worked better ^_^ BUT, I do love your last sentence. It made me smile.
--Overall: This was a pretty nice one-shot :P Nice and canon, believable, and just loveable characters. You did a wonderful job, hon!


Author's Response: Ahhh thank you! I'm glad to hear it! I'm always so worried about characterization... everyone just loves them so much I'd be devastated if I got them wrong. Especially Hermione... I'm always so afraid to write her, I'm ESPECIALLY happy you liked her here.

And this was a one-shot, so I did rush things a bit.. I just tried to skip the time, hoping it wouldn't really hurt the story too much. That last sentence seems to be going over really well! I'm glad.

Thanks so very much for your lovely review! :D

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Review #23, by Canary in the MineFlawed Reality: Flawed

26th June 2009:
I swear the emotion and characters and dialogue was just amazing. I mean, Lily's character was well done. She wasn't perfect. And Remus' character has got to be my most favorite Marauder. I love how you have Lily characterize him as the dramatic one. It just fits so nicely. The flow and emotion just sent me to heaven (if there's such a thing).

I mean, you just worked it! I have always adored this ship. Always. And I can honestly say that you pulled it off wonderfully and I am most proud of you, Liam.

Okay, shutting off the normal Malia. WOOT WOOT! Prince Liam, you're fantasmical. I mean, I was like torn from crying and sighing. This was just beyond great! Like, a toilet. You know the flush! I mean, it was a whirlie! I thought, in the beginning, that this would be fluffy. But, then it got sad and terrible for the pairing, all angsty-like. That's the sound of the toilet flushing (shplurshgurrrgggllle!). I mean, I can totally say that you rocked the pairing and I can't wait until you just pwn the other two parts :D

Author's Response: Aww, Malia! You seriously shouldn't feel obliged to read all of my chapters, honestly, although I appreciate that you have been doing so, it means an awful lot to me, and to know you like the story is just awesome to me.

How do you mean she wasn't perfect? As in, she waan't "cliche perfect" or she wasn't perfect as in I could have made her characterisation better somehow?

Yay, you liked Remus! Aha, he was a bit of a challenge to write. In the end I just tried to let the words flow rather than force it, and I fear I may have lost some of his canon character along the way. Rather that than forced writing, though, right?

Aha, I love your random rants xD
Thank you so so much Malia!

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Review #24, by Canary in the MineThe Price Of Freedom: On The Edge: Part Two

26th June 2009:
HOW COULD YOU END IT WITH A BIZAM?! So, I've decided that you're giving all the characters that bedroom personality, because atm, I'm inlove with them all. Like, I'm on the verge of throwing them into my mother's car (shoving them into the super small trunk) and driving off maniacally, in the sooo not creepy way, but in the "OMG!IADOREYOUGUYS!" sort of way, you know?! I'd just have to lock Elle in the bathroom because who knows what'll happen around her...

OVERALL: I'm in love with this and you better keep updating :D I mean the plot and characters are freaking ice cream and rollercoasters! You just pwn my world :D

Author's Response: LOLL, you make me laugh so much, Malia ^.^
BIZAM is officially my new favourite word, I love it.

That's kinda creepy! Aha, I doubt you'll be able to get Elle in the back of a car, I think she'll put up more of a fight than you can handle, dear, no offence intended, of course ;]

Aha, creepy fan stalker girl. ZOMBIE JESUS.

Oh yeah, locking Elle somewhere quiet would be the best thing for her. Actually, idk. I think that would make her very mad. I think if she put her mind to it she could make anything in to a deadly weapon, even cheesecake. BE CAREFUL FRAND.

Aha, aww you're so nice.
Thanks Malia!

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Review #25, by Canary in the MineThe Price Of Freedom: On The Edge: Part One

26th June 2009:

SO, uh, Elle is going maaad. I love the new bit of scariness in her! I mean, I bet she seduced Charlotte to jump out the window, while shooting herself! I BET! Cause we both know that Elle's got those bedroom eyes :D

But I have to say that you're plot is amazing. I mean, you just GET your characters. And you make them seem so real. With Kate doubting Elle and Elle debating on whether or not to shoot Kate and Adam and Adam just about to puke in the back seat, you've just pwned to world.

And Leonard's little bit was just perfection. You seemed to just grow even more perfect in a few sentences. I mean, the emotion and depth there was like, enough to make me forget about Elle making love to the reader for a minute! I mean, FUSHIZNESS, you are way too good for words.

OKAY. ICE CREAM IS BACK. The emotion is like when girls (for some damn reason) shove themselves with ice cream when they're sad. I was really sad. HOW COULD SHE DIE?! (well, Elle probably had something to do with it :P)

I swear, words will not be enough to tell you how sad that part was! It was like, borderline "LIAM!HOWDARETHEEKILLHERANDMAKEMEWANTTOSHOVEICECREAMDOWNMYTHROAT!" But then it was like, "SIGHSHEWASHEADINGTHEREANYWAY!" And then, I was like, "CRYFORCHARLOTTE!"

You're far too amazing.

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