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Review #1, by UrbanAngelClueless: Truth or Dare

2nd September 2009:
wow...the story is great as far as ive read another chpter soon...this was the first ever fic i read outside the marauders' era and its soh lovely...the grce Scorpius has is just Waoh!!!*big breath exhaled dreamily* hhahah
and yeah i think u should describe Rose more as a pretty girl n all.mayb it'll look good!
xoxgreat story again!

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Review #2, by UrbanAngelFearless: And So, It Begins

29th August 2009:
Omg.i love...i love .i defo love the fast please!i need another chapter soon!
the starting is really good i think n nothings boring in the whole chapter n would it kill you to write more bout Sirius- the love of my life??(;p) gonna promise to be ur regular reviewer if u post soon.n btw why a banner with joe jonas?? he looks girly beside taylor swift...dunno why buh he does...anyways..
who noes he may look good too.
so again.great sarcstically driven start.i love people who write this way without acting awl philosophic n puttin in a load of tough n long meaningful sentences.its so natural n im looking forward to the next chapter!!

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Review #3, by UrbanAngelJealous?: The Only Chapter

5th March 2009:
Wao.i love the story...Bigg Tyme...soh cute!!!
ive started loving ur stories...even though my exams are bout to start,,,i still take out an hour to read the wonderful work...:)

Author's Response: Oh wow! Thank you, that's so flattering.
Yes, i myself get SO distracted on this website i try to ban myself when i have lots of work to do (like now for example.. i SHOULD get back to studying :P)
thanks for reading!

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Review #4, by UrbanAngelMail: The First and the Last

5th March 2009:
Such a nice if a novel is summed up perfectly...i totally love it...Indira ur stories are soh lovely..

Author's Response: Thank you!
You're reviews make me so happy! :P
great to hear

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Review #5, by UrbanAngelPenny.: Over-Thought.

1st March 2009:
hahahah...the last scene is SPECTACULAR.soh very bad fo poor Penny!!hehhe

Author's Response: SPECTACULAR!
Wow! Thank you SO much! i know, it's so embarassing for her! I hope i can finish the next chapter soon! i have a break coming up soon so hopefully i'll write a lot then! :)

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Review #6, by UrbanAngelIn the Minds Of Teenagers: Loving one person so much x2

27th February 2009:
i Love it...oh mie..i want Remus,Sirius,James...all of
im olways readin the story n then daydreamin...Gawd its such a nice story...i love it again...heaps!
please write more soon...:D

Author's Response: Thanks! I know they are ALL so yummy. haha.
I'm working on the chapters one by one so the next one will be out in a little while depending on my work load.
Thanks for the Review!

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