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Review #1, by SaritaMalfoy22Off-Limits: Five: Surprises

15th October 2014:
Hey Soph, me again :)

Rose is independent: That is what we learn from this chapter - you said in your Author's Note that it was a bit fillery and it is, but there's no reason why that should not mean it is interesting. Sure enough, there are a lot of facts floating around ready to be plucked out by your readers.

Rose is independent and she shows it often and subtly - she goes swimming in the middle of the day when Teddy is out and doesn't just sit around waiting for him to come back. Back home, she frequents cafes and bookshops alone. The only time you mention her other side is when you drop the Burrow in the mix. Rose, like her father, is family-orientated. She is close with her family, which makes the whole scandal twice as painful.

Dom's appearance proves the closeness of their relationship - her sister is (in Rose's mind) devastated, her mother is furious and her father angry. Yet Dom is still sat with Rose on the sofa eating chocolate. It means more to Rose than anyone else appearing at this point in the story and defines her as a warm person with a good heart, capable of true friendship. She is generally a loyal person, despite the scandal, which doesn't actually represent her as a person. It seems more destiny that this happened than chasing after someone she couldn't have - perhaps Rose was the one destined to be with Teddy after all.

The girls chat, they reminisce and a hole is filled in Rose's life that she didn't realise was so empty. She has her best friend back, right in front of her. She had no idea how much she had missed her, but she really, really did.

Dom's secret was something I had banked on, but that doesn't mean you were predictable, Nevertheless, Rose is quick and ready to accept Dom's news, just as Dom was quick and ready to accept Rose's. This seems like a truly equal friendship, which makes it stronger than most.

Thanks for always replying to my reviews, I like to hear the side of the story that only comes from the author explaining! :)

I can't wait to see more flashbacks - since the main event of the story happened before the narration, flashbacks are our only way to see the events as they unfold, without judgement and time and feelings muddying the waters.

Until next time!

-Sarita x

Author's Response: Hey!

Rose is most definitely independent, much like her mother was too. Yep fillery, but sometimes filler is good because you get fluff and cuteness :) She sure is, Rose is definitely not the girl to sit and wait for Teddy to come home. If she wants to do something/wants something doing she'll do it herself! Rose is family based having grown up with all her cousins, and frequent visits to/stays at the Burrow. Dom's also Vic's sister which makes it even harder, especially as they look similar.

Dom, I love writing Dom no matter what story it is. She's one of my favourite Next Gen girls. I kind of see Dom as the rebel one, with Vic being 'perfect'. Which is why her and Rose became friends, that and them being cousins. Maybe Rose was, maybe she wasn't. Wait and see :D I definitely relate to Rose in missing her best friend right now, as mine is living two hours away and I haven't seen her in two weeks so for Rose not having seen Dom for two months had gotta be tough!

I had thought about making it something else, like her having a one night stand and being pregnant out of wedlock which in my eyes would anger Fleur, but instead I thought this was a better option because obviously Rose was supportive of Scorpius being gay. The two are as thick as thieves so to say!

I always LOVE reading the replies the author gives to the reviews I leave. I'm not sure about flashbacks at the moment, but there may be one or two more to come.

Thank you Sarita!! See you soon.

Sophie xx

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Review #2, by SaritaMalfoy22Off-Limits: Four: Articles

12th October 2014:
Woohoo, you updated :)

Rose starts by declaring her happiness and I can't help but wonder whether it will hold up the whole chapter and it kind of does, although there is scandal involved. Rose is weighing up the pros and cons of being away and finds the price to pay worth it, but she introduces quietly the fact that she is popular back home. Stacey and Gwen, presumably friends from Hogwarts are mentioned as well as James and his girlfriend Evangeline. She misses Dom too, who is painful for her.

Rose, in a perfect imitation of her mother, can't help but think about her situation - she wonders whether Harry and Ginny will come over and her anxiety is implied.

I LOVED THE WEDDING FLASHBACK. You captured everyones nerves wonderfully - Ron's exasperation at his bow tie, Harry's calm paternal care and Teddy's obvious trepidation. George's joke made me smile as well! Even as Teddy walks to the church he knows it's coming to an end. Escape is on his mind, but he just can't make that first move. His reflection on the parents he never knew is sweet and genuine and shows more than anything he could say at this point.

I still can't get to grips with you making Scorpius gay and I kind of hate you for it!! :P But for the story to progress, he has to be out of the picture - the family and Victoire are crowded enough without Scorpius in the way as well.

Teddy has a moment of epiphany when Victoire is walking down the aisle and his feelings are so clear all of a sudden - it doesn't matter that Vic is part Veela, or that they've been together forever - all that matters is that he doesn't love her anymore. He looks to Rose to object to the wedding, desperate to be rescued, but she dutifully averts her gaze, perhaps afraid to look into his eyes and do something rebellious by following her heart!

And then it happens.


He panics, she fumes and they shut themselves away. I would love to see Rose's POV of the wedding at some point just to fill in the blanks here. So exciting!

When Teddy is talking to Vic, he seems to know that she isn't entirely good for him at all - "She was crying now, of course I had ruined her big day and probably her life." He thinks he has ruined her big day first and her life second - is this a hint that she is as vain and superficial as her mother once was?

I thought Victoire's reaction was somewhat strange - she seems angrier about the fact that she's been humiliated rather than devastated that her fiancé doesn't love her any more. Again, I found this to be very telling. She accepts quickly that it is over - that isn't the action of a woman deeply in love. Perhaps Victoire hasn't been entirely truthful herself...?

Back to the present day, and Rose and Teddy are fighting a battle once again - the media finally have the information they wanted and heartstrings are tugged all around.

I thought Rose's sentence at the end was a bit strange - "This was happiness." - The general tone of the chapter was regret, fear, shame and, especially at the end, emotions being brought to the surface - Hermione was crying, Teddy was crying, presumably Andromeda was crying. I don't know, it just struck me as a bit strange that the emotions of the people she loved didn't seem to affect her, but as Rose seems like quite a 'water off a ducks back' happy-go-lucky person, this seems to tie in - she's looking at the bigger picture now - she knows she will eventually get her family back, because they still love her and time will generally heal all wounds.

There were quite a few spelling mistakes, but it didn't distract from the way it read - I can't wait for the next one :D

-Sarita x

Author's Response: Hey!

I know, lol. Updates for this shall be fairly quick so long as I've got so many chapters pre written.

Rose's happiness it varies a lot, especially depending on the moment and what is happening. She misses home more than anything, I mean I stay at my friends house for a night and I miss home, lol. So I feel for Rose so much in that aspect. Rose is most definitely paying the price, more on that in upcoming chapters too! Yep friends from Hogwarts along with Evangeline. Dom, they're best friends of course but she looks like Vic which makes it hard.

Rose is very much like Hermione, but also Ron too!

I LOVED WRITING IT :D In other fics I've written it's been from a bridesmaid point of view never the groom so it was thought at first but then everything came spilling out. Haha we all know how much Ron loved his dress robes for the yule ball :p Each of their little things were just them, and I had to write it, I'm glad you liked them all! Teddy's nerves, I was worried about writing them so I'm glad they came off well.

Haha! Scorpius, I know it killed me doing because you know my love for ScoRose. But there was reasoning to get him out the way as you put it, plus there's a little surprise coming up soon regarding him.

Teddy and his doubts, they've been haunting him since he woke up and now ever thing is real. Especially when Vic is walking down the aisle. YES! He doesn't care for Vic's beauty/looks he doesn't love her any more and so he takes action! Rose knows she must be crazy to ruin the wedding by bringing up her feeling, hence why she doesn't. She still has that worry and guilt because Vic is her cousin.


If I was Teddy I'd be panicking, lol. I think anyone would be!! AS for Vic, she's just been humiliated in front of her friends and family. Oooh maybe one day, lol. There would most certainly be a lot of guilt in Rose's POV, not too mention restraining herself from voicing her opinions.

Exactly! That is most certainly Victoire in this, she is ever much like her mother, like Rose is like hers. The little parallels which don't make the two so different. Victoire, yep she is in fact. She knows that this will be forever the talk of gossip, she already knew things were rocky between the two of them. Maybe she isn't the only one whose been harbouring feelings for someone else, hmmm???

I thought it was when writing it, so don't worry. Everyone's been crying but Rose knows one day things will be right again so she had to live in the moment. The moment in which she is in with Teddy is happy. More on the family coming soon.

Edits shall be done soon, so no fear! Next one is now up :D

Thanks again my lovely!!

- Sophie xx

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Review #3, by SaritaMalfoy22Off-Limits: Three: Consequences

22nd September 2014:
I hardly noticed the transistion from first to third person until it was over - maybe because you titled the third person part and not the first person bit after it. That was my only confusion, it must have been very smooth!

Not much is happening here, but we are given a lot of information. Albus is close to Rose, Hugo isn't really. Dom is close to Rose, but not Vic. There are parallels here which, subconsciously or not, are fun to play with. Hermione is frantic, Ron is just worried and confused.

At this point, Teddy and Rose are just messing around really - they have a big fancy house all to themselves, they don't have to worry about money and they are alone... every teenage dream... except they aren't teenagers.

Rose seems to feel the pull of this before Teddy does - she feels instant remorse for running away, realising perhaps that she isn't a kid playing truant from her Potions class - she is a grown woman running away from the truth. The reason she feels the way she does (i.e. about the family hating her) could possibly be because she hates herself a little bit. It seems that Rose, like Hermione, is a genuinely good, conscious-driven person. The idea of hurting people was her nightmare, but it has happened almost accidentally.

The Scorpius bombshell hit me right in the chest out of nowhere - I would never have guessed! I am staying tuned to see what unfolds there next.

I'm working on a theory here that Dom isn't all she seems. She appears very nonchalant about the whole thing, despite growing up in a Weasley household where family is everything. Perhaps she has a secret of her own and decides that in being supportive of others she will earn herself a bit of good karma when she reveals her own story. Like I said, just a theory! :P

I can't wait to find out what happens next - will Teddy, for all his charms and good heart, be able to lead Rose further down a path of self-loathing, despite her love for him? Or will she run home from the same desperation that made her run away from home? Everything is still to play for, and I'm definitely paying attention to all the little players in this!

Just a quick C.C. "She can't of gone, she was forbidden to leave the house, let alone see that boy." - is meant to read "She can't have gone - probably just a typo :)

Other than that, good job and I will be back to read the next instalment soon!

-Sarita xx

Author's Response: Hey Sarita!

Haha, thanks I think for the last bit? I was worried about having the third bit titled and the end not but I think it worked well.

Nope, again much a filler. Lots of information is coming out in the next few chapters, including a flashback to the wedding in Teddy's POV which was interesting to write! I always see Al and Rose as really close cousins/friends and I love writing them that way. Rose and Hugo are quite different in this, I mean Rose is sort of the poster child before obviously running off with Teddy whilst Hugo is the wild, rebellious one! Same sort of thing with Dom and Vic too, there are most certainly parallels between them even if I don't notice when I write it first time.

Pretty much yes! They are like teenagers running around in a big house with no adults. But technically they are the adults. Rose does feel the pull, she is the one more in close with her feelings which are laid out really, whereas with Teddy his emotions/feelings are close to his chest. Rose is very much like her mother when it comes to her feelings.

Haha, Scorpius! Oh that bombshell was fun to put in, as much as I love ScoRose I had to do it! There's a bit more on that in a future chapter so look out. :p

Hmmm, I'm not saying a lot but you may be a teeny bit correct. Dom isn't what she seems. Perhaps she does :p

Oooh a lot of stuff happens, as for Rose only time will tell whether she'll get a happy ending with Teddy.

Yep, I probably did mean that, oops. It's all been edited now though, thank you :D

See you around soon, I have a review waiting to go on 'Expecting'! Thanks again Sarita!

Soph xx

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Review #4, by SaritaMalfoy22My Brothers and I : I Love Them

15th September 2014:
Hi Emz!

It's weird to be the reviewer instead of the author, but here goes :)

I loved it, it was gripping, intense, convincing and genuinely frightening at points! It was interesting to see Lily so young, and so innocent, and the simple 'I was scared' etc was a nice touch - you don't need too many words cluttering up the place when you're a child - there are easier ways to say everything. It was interesting to see her point of view as she grew up and began to find ways to deal with her experience.

James and Albus (or Jamesy and Alby as she sweetly calls them) are well developed characters at a good age to know to protect their sister and each other. Harry and Ginny are wonderfully portrayed too, fretting and running around and worrying.

It was all soo convincing and like I said, honestly scary through the eyes of a little girl. The lengths the boys go to in order to make her feel safe are really touching, e.g. coming home every week when at Hogwarts, it was a lovely touch.

I have just one question - who were the men? Are we supposed to figure it out (am I being dim?!) haha :)

The only thing I would say about this is to go back over it at some point and correct a few little grammatical errors e.g. they're/their/there, you're/your etc. but other than that it was so gripping.

Well done!

-Sarita x

Author's Response: Hey Sarita!

What you doing here?! This is a twist in the plot!
Not that I'm incredibly glad to see you of course, because I totally am!

Oh my stars! It is so lovely of you to say those things! Thank you!

I think if you're writing about a child they don't need many words to make an impression and I'm sure in a situation like that words would more than likely escape her.

Thank you! I'm quite comfortable writing my version of James and Al but I ALWAYS fret about writing Ginny and Harry! I mean, they are them! I really don't want to mess with that!

I honestly believe that the Potter family would be close. Close enough (and perhaps stupid enough) to risk everything for the CHANCE of saving one another. Therefore in this case the boys silently decided their sister was far more important to save than themselves.

That's the thing... I don't know. They're mean men who are just being mean. They are someone that obviously has been affected by Harry but that's a large amount of people, so really, it could be anyone. They are the embodiment of anyone bad in the world, especially because they picked on innocent little kids.

That sounds like a good plan! I shall do that!

Thank you so much for travelling to my end of the woods!

Emz xxx

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Review #5, by SaritaMalfoy22Azkaban: Prison

15th September 2014:
Wow. I

I've never read a 2nd person fic before. At first, my brain couldn't wrap around the unusual descriptives - 'you' instead of 'he' etc. But once I had, it was amazing. The descriptions were so cold and chilling that it felt like I was actually there in the cell. The memories were so sad that it really did feel like a personal experience, especially Nell and Regulus. I expected him to fall to pieces again at James' death, but he found a person to fight, and a way to fight them, so he did. He doesn't seem to regret any of his decision - like refusing his brother or rooting out Peter - and I love it. He remains strong though Azkaban threatens to break him, and he remembers and realises the price of his incarceration. It was worth it to go after Peter, and deep down I get the feeling that he hasn't given up - won't give up - because he knows that he has to avenge James and Lily, and Nell.

His driving force is vengeance, but he doesn't seem to know what he wants after that. He has no time and very little desire to get his hopes up over Harry, his godson, because it seems so unlikely that he will find a James-replica. No, Sirius' thoughts are firmly on retaliation, on beating the darkness within and without of his prison cell.

A beautiful but harrowing fic, and I loved it.

Thank you!

-Sarita x

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Review #6, by SaritaMalfoy22Off-Limits: Two: Leaving

15th September 2014:
Hey again!

Told you I'd be here!

I like how Dom is reasonable - she knows and understands how her sister is. She realises without really needing to be told how Rose feels, and she figures that Teddy feels the same, risking everything for her.

Teddy comes off a little bit callous sometimes - teasing Rose about 'stealing' him from Victoire, and generally seeming not to care about the girl he had known his entire life and left almost at the altar. Also, he flouts the rules laid down by Hermione and Ron, who would seemingly have been parental figures in his early life. It seems somewhat out of character from what we know of Tonks and Lupin, but we have not seen much of him so far to guess at his inner feelings. My guess is that he uses a good sense of humour and a devil-may-care attitude to mask his true feelings, any regrets and grief for a relationship that didn't work out. It makes for interesting reading - your personification of him makes the reader ask 'what does he think? what is he feeling?' instead of us just knowing straight away - I like it! Perhaps he has hidden depths, perhaps not, but I am interested to see more of him.

Rose, too, seems a bit remorseless - she realises what she has done 'wrong' but doesn't openly address the fact that she 'stole' the fiancé of her cousin. Instead, in a very teenage way, she laments her lost freedom instead of seeing the bigger picture. However, we do see a glint of shame and sadness - she expects Dom, her best friend, to hate her and she is surprised when it turns out not to be the case. She reveals her grief over the situation when Dom's face popping up reminds her so much of Victoire. This is quite telling - is she running from the past or towards the future? She loathes the idea of being known just as the Weasley who stole someone's husband, but she can't see a way past it at this time.

I am so excited to see what happens next. I really want to get under the skins of these characters, find out what they feel, how they see the situation, how they see each other, and whether the relationship will last, or whether they will decide that chemistry is not enough to make up for having to leave, tail between legs. At this point in the story, we have everything to play for, and a lot of players in the game!

See you next time!

P.S. Just a little C.C:

She raised her eyebrows at me as if to say 'answer the question'. "How much did you here?" - Just a typo, it should be 'hear' I think :)

-Sarita x

Author's Response: Hey!

I love Dom a lot in practically every story I write, she's one of my favourite next gen girls and I love exploring her in different ways and personalities such as being shy or a party girl. It's fun! But definitely the two of them have known each other since birth (obviously) so they are clued up on each other even if they don't realise it.

Teddy being a bad boy, I love it. But you're right he definitely is right now. It is a front of sorts, definitely to protect Rose from what he's really thinking about him leaving Vic at the alter and everything else. As for Ron and Hermione, he does regard them highly since they along with Harry, Ginny and Andromeda played a huge part in his life, but he knows Rose won't be able to leave with them not understanding everything. It's hard but he has to do it, in his eyes.

Rose is upset, a lot but like Teddy she doesn't let it show. She's knows she did wrong in falling for him and that she 'stole' him from Vic. Rose is headstrong too which adds more things to her personality, if that makes sense? She doesn't want to let on that she's hurting about everything, Vic is her cousin too. Rose definitely can't see past it right now, she still thinks that she'll be eighty and known as the one who stole her cousin's fiance on their wedding day. Hopefully more of this will get explained in a flashback to the wedding to come in an upcoming chapter.

Chapter three is up in fact so there's more of Rose and Teddy, hehe :D Luckily I have the whole story planned out, 13 chapters in total and I'm writing chapter 8 right now so I'm getting there. I really hope everything shines through and that you do get under their skin because I love writing them especially as this is quite different to what I'm used to writing in a way.

Thank you for pointing that out hun, these two chapters have been recently edited due to a lot of mistakes.

Thanks for reading and reviewing, hun!

-Sophie x

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Review #7, by SaritaMalfoy22Off-Limits: One: Decisions

15th September 2014:
Hey potterfan!

The roles have reversed - now I'm the reviewer and you're the author!

I really liked it - the story description grabbed me straight away - I never thought about a Teddy/Rose pairing because Victoire and Teddy seemed like such a sure thing, but you've burst the bubble on that and I love it.

I thought that maybe her parents' reactions were a bit strong, but seeing as we haven't actually met them yet to see how they bounce off Rose, I will have to wait and wonder!

I like how Rose is a writer, it seems like such a good profession for her, and I also like how she's popular in the muggle and magical world - a nice touch to show that just because she's immersed in the wizarding world every day, it doesn't mean that she is detached from the reality of living without magic.

I like how you subtly crafted Victoire's character in the background almost. She's not fun, like Rose is. I always imagined her quite uptight, which you have personified briefly, but perfectly.

Now all we need is to see what Scorpius is like - was he truly ever going to be a good match for Rose, or did she just want something more? I'm sure we'll find out!

I'm off to read the next chapter now, meet you there!

-Sarita x

Author's Response: Hi!

Haha, I saw the pen name and I was like 'wait I regconise that, then I realised it was you! :D

It wasn't until recently that I had thought of it too, since I am an avid ScoRose shipper (as you know :p) as well as Tedoire.

We all know Ron is a mini drama queen when it comes to some things but still, they have more of voice in chapter three (Which is now up!) in which they are in more, due to having realised Rose has gone. Ron and Rose are pretty similar in my world for this story so it's quite fun to write them together.

I didn't want her having such a common job such as healer, then the thought of her being a writer popped into my head and stuck. It also meant that she was flexible when it came to running away with Teddy as she didn't have to quit or anything. I definitely think Hermione would have told Rose and Hugo all about the muggle world, being muggle-born herself. I certainly think she would educate them about things and that's sort of why I wanted Rose to sell her book there as well, a sort of nod to her mother's heritage.

Victoire, she definitely isn't fun in this story. I like to think she's quite like her mother so drinking and such isn't on her agenda.

Ahh Scorpius, there's something coming that you may not see with him in terms to being a good match for Rose. So wait and see :)

Thank so much for reading and reviewing, hun!

-Sophie x

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Review #8, by SaritaMalfoy22Where My Demons Hide: Where My Demons Hide

6th September 2014:
Hi :)

I liked it - I've never heard the song, but I didn't really need to. I liked the perspective on Remus at this time in his life - I've never really read one in his POV from this time. It was really interesting - you managed to convey his fear of the oncoming battle as well as allowing his good Gryffindor spirit to shine through almost effortlessly - he couldn't leave Harry, he couldn't leave his family and he almost certainly couldn't leave the rest of the Order.

I enjoyed it, well done :)

-Sarita x

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really glad you thought I did a good job of portraying Remus. The song fit perfectly. Thanks for taking the time to review!

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Review #9, by SaritaMalfoy22Cosmic Love: Cosmic Love

5th March 2012:
This is a beautiful story. I love the honesty of feelings and description of detail... especially when you talk about the rain. I love Scorpius and Rose so I love love love this :)
-Sarita x

Author's Response: I'm so glad! I still don't like it :P but I'm happy that you enjoyed it!

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Review #10, by SaritaMalfoy22Similarities and Differences: Nah, I just meddled with it.

4th March 2012:
I love it, I love how cute James is, and how Lily tries to battle her feelings. And of course I love Sirius for his mischievous ways!
-Sarita x

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Review #11, by SaritaMalfoy22:

4th March 2012:
I really liked it, it was a different approach to writing, with the notes. It was cute and naughty at once, and it contained Rose and Scorpius, who I write stories about too -I love them ... and I love this!
-Sarita x

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Review #12, by SaritaMalfoy22Those girls: Flowers

12th November 2010:
Lovely chapter :) sounds like setting the scene for a huge catastrophe :P
-Sarita x

Author's Response: Isn't it always? Haha

So excited for the next chapter!

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Review #13, by SaritaMalfoy22Those girls: Fear

7th November 2010:
Oohhh, interesting chapter, can't wait to
-Sarita x

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Review #14, by SaritaMalfoy22Those girls: That Pain

7th November 2010:
Ahhhaa im so glad you up[dated...twice :)
loved it, can't wait to find out whats going on!
-Sarita x

Author's Response: Haha the next chapter has been submitted but there is a 7 day wait D:

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Review #15, by SaritaMalfoy22Still Delicate: Slightly Deranged

5th October 2010:
Wow, loved it, can't wait to find out more especially about James. Keep it up :)
-Sarita x

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Review #16, by SaritaMalfoy22The Very First Kiss: A Terrible Accident

30th August 2010:
I really loved this chapter :) Can't wait for more, keep it up! :D
-Sarita x

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I will!:D

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Review #17, by SaritaMalfoy22Still Delicate: Turning Tables

18th August 2010:
I don't think it was Daisy's fault and it was nice of Rose to defend her :)
I'm very confused about Scorpius' feelings towards Rose and Daisy though but only time will tell I suppose (:
Keep it up!
-Sarita x

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Review #18, by SaritaMalfoy22Still Delicate: Arrogance

13th August 2010:
OMG theres so much I want to know now :L What's going on with James, what's happened to Aidan, what agreement Rose will settle on, etc etc.
Cant wait for more :D
-Sarita x

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Review #19, by SaritaMalfoy22Still Delicate: Return To Hogwarts

19th July 2010:
Firstly, sorry for your loss. Secondly, amazing chapter (Aidan has me started now) I really loved it, especially the end bit. I can't wait to read on
-Sarita x

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Review #20, by SaritaMalfoy22Those girls: Rejects

21st May 2010:
Awwh I'm so glad you updated, I was getting worried again :L :P
Grr Kim annoys me still...and poor Rose. :( Can't wait for next chapter though still :D
-Sarita x

Author's Response: Yeah I know it. Thank goodness I just finished my Senior Project so I'm sure chapters will be spitting out now that I have an infinite amount of free time.

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Review #21, by SaritaMalfoy22A Pair of Pansies: A Pair of Pansies

29th April 2010:
Oh I loved this soo much! It made me smile; good job! :D
-Sarita x

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #22, by SaritaMalfoy22Still Delicate: Cry And Cry Again

28th April 2010:
OMG soo happy about Jenny and Rose, so sad about Jenny and Al, soo angry at James - though i'm sure theres a reason for his bad behaviour, and Scropius is such a...Squib! Please can you just answer me one thing? Is there a happy ending??!
-Sarita x

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Review #23, by SaritaMalfoy22Still Delicate: Trials and Tribulations

16th April 2010:
OMG this is really really bad :O
She should have let Tom use the information, being too good a person could have changed her life for the worse and Scorpius wasn't exactly playing fair with the Brian thing! :O
Grr i cant wait for the next chapter, at the very least to find out whether I still hate Scorpius.
Great Chapter
-Sarita x

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Review #24, by SaritaMalfoy22Young Love: A New Development

28th March 2010:
Ahaa bless Lily, isnh;'t she sweet:)
Cant wait to read on
-Sarita x

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Review #25, by SaritaMalfoy22Young Love: And So It Continues......

28th March 2010:
Awh thats sweet :) But awkward for Albus and James. It's a shame they aren't really close, but whatever haha.
Can't wait to read on. I bet Rose will interfere :L It seems to be in her nature
-Sarita x

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